Field Notes, 1873

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The field book includes descriptions and observations of sites in Alaska during William Dall's work there in 1873. Most of the book is made up of different kinds of lists -- observed birds, birds collected, and species not identified by common name. Latin and common names as used throughout. Sites for which lists of observed species exist include: Attu Island, Kyska Island, Amchitka Island, Saint George, Port Moller, and Pribyloff [Pribilof] Island. Dall also describes rocks and strata observed for Atka and Kyska. Includes sketches of specimens, charts, Aleut terms for Whales, and survey measurements.

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May 17, 1873

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  • Lituya Bay
  • Port Moller
  • Attu Island
  • Atka
  • Aleutian Islands
  • Mulgrave, Port
  • Alaska
  • Kiska Island
  • Pribilof Islands
  • Saint George
  • Amchitka Island


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SIA RU007073

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William H. Dall Papers, circa 1839-1858, 1862-1927

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May 17-18. 1873 Off Sannakh reefs & south of Unimak the water full of the spawn of cod. floating about six inches below the surface. May 31st 1873 Hog Id Capts. Bay appears to be composed principally of porphyrites The shoal water near the south end is a favorite haunt for sponges. June 1. 1873 I found a carabus at the Astronomical station today. See very few birds yet, and those do no appear to be nesting yet. June 4. 1873 Water full of a species of Mysis (no. ) in inconceivable myriads chased by large schools of a small fish (no. ) here called the Launce, which in turn afford a meal for the gulls & whales which we have observed chasing them in large numbers during the last few days. [[end page]] [[start page]] The rocks near the Eider village are lavas, red & black. The shore is shingle - in 25 - 30 fms muddy sand yet a number of marine invertebrates of which only a bullid is recognized as unfamiliar.
[[start page]] June 19, 1873 Chichagoff. Harbor Attu. Mya pike arenaria Buc. cyaneum Lit. Sitkana modiolaria Acmaea pelta Argobuc.. "[[ditto for: Acmaea]] patina [[Placunani.?]] Serripes Laperousii no Chrysod. lyratus many sponges on beach. A small black petrel, gulls, white bodied albatross, white grouse 2 sp. [[Mormon?]], shags, Uria sp. seen. No mice on island. Plect. nivalis & lapponicus, several snipe, [[strikethrough]] Anser Hutchinsii & nigricans. [[/strikethrough]] Rocks have metamorphic slates very hard with some porphyrite intruded much contorted. [[end page]] [[start page]] Attu birds Plectrophanes lapponicus breeds " [[ditto for: Plectrophanes]] nivalis [[strikethrough]] breeds [[/strikethrough]] resident Melospiza insignis resident Anorthura hyemalis var. [[alascesis?]] resident Lagopus [[albus?]] resident Corvus carnivorus resident [[Halaestus?]] leucocephalus resident [[Brachyotus?]] cassini resident [[Mormon?]] cirrhata resident [[Mormon?]] [[corniculata?]] " [[ditto for: resident]] Thalassidroma furcata breeds " [[Ditto for: Thalassidroma]] leachii breeds Tringa sp: breeds Uria comumba resident Lanis [[strikethrough]] [[leucoptern?]] [[/strikethrough]] [[glanciscens?]]resident Rissa? tridaclyla resident Graculus sp. resident Somateria V. - nigra breds Snipe with white body & dark wings. Bernicla nigricans breeds Anser Gambellii - passes Murres plenty - Uria californica [[end page]]
[[underlined]] Great Kyska Harbor [[/underlined]] - √ Lobipes hyperboreus breeds √ [[strikethrough]] Pelidna maritima [[/strikethrough]] " [[Ditto for: breeds]] Snipe like Attu sp √ Anorthura hyemalis " [[Ditto for: breeds]] resident √ Leucosticte greseinucha " [[Ditto for: breeds]] " [[Ditto for: resident]] √ Plect. lapponicus breeds [[strikethrough]] " [[Ditto for: resident]] [[/strikethrough]] √ " [[Ditto for: Plect.]] nivalis " [[Ditto for: breeds " [[Ditto for: resident]] √ Lagopus albus. " [[ditto for: breeds]] " [[ditto for: resident]] √ Haliaetus leucocephalus " [[ditto for: resident]] √ Falco gyrfalcon breeds ? √ Larus glaucescens " [[ditto for: breeds]] resident √ Phaleris antiquus " [[ditto for: breeds]] " [[ditto for: resident]] √ Mormon corniculata " [[ditto for: breeds]] " [[ditto for: resident]] √ " [[ditto for: Mormon]] cirrhata " [[ditto for: breeds]] " [[ditto for: resident]] √ Uria columba " [[ditto for: breeds]] " [[ditto for: resident]] √ Melospiza insignis? " [[ditto for: breeds]] " [[ditto for: resident]] √ Corvus carnivorus " [[ditto for: breeds]] " [[ditto for: resident]] √ Brachyotus Cassini " [[ditto for: breeds]] " [[ditto for: resident]] √ Thalassidroma furcata " [[ditto for: breeds]] √ " [[ditto for: Thalassidroma]] Leachii " [[ditto for: breeds]] √ Somateria V. nigra " [[ditto for: breeds]] √ Harelda glacialis " [[ditto for: breeds]] √ Colymbus torquatus " [[ditto for: breeds]]? √ Graculus sp. resident √ Murres. Uria californica " [[ditto for: resident]] √ Nettion carolinensis breeds √ Haematopus niger. " [[ditto for: breeds]] √ Brenta nigricans " [[ditto for: breeds]] √ Rissa tridactyla [[end page]] [[start page]] note that birds on ids where no rats or foxes build on shore rather than in islets as far as observed Common umbelliferāe found in all islands. Fritillaria also no monks hood seen at Attu or Kyska. Chrysodomus liratus two dead much worn (? from cods stomach) found at Kyska, none at Attu. [[image - pencil sketch of a cut away of landscape.]] [[drawing labels]] syenite sds porphyrite W Shore Little Kyska [[/drawing labels]] Coarse conglomerate about Kyska Harbor. Some of upper layers running into volcanic breccia, all materials volcanic but arranged by water, broken through by greenish eruptive porphyrites, some of which reach a height of 500 ft and topped by a syenitic rock eruptive, 300 ft thick in places & on W shore Little Kyska roughly crystalline in 5 sided prisms 100 ft long no evident dip. Sdstone 500 ft thick in general about level
[[start page]] except where disturbed by injected porphyrite. At Attu rocks principally metamorphic quartzites much broken up & contorted, no sandstones [[strikethrough]] or porphyrites [[/strikethrough]] noticed. At Kyska most of common Unalashka sponges seen but not common and poor specimens. Placum unvoria [[?]] and rarely Argotuccinum [[?]] found here. [[end page]]
[[top margin]] x seen or killed at Adakh [[/margin]] Amchitka Id. --Constantine Harbor-- Birds seen & collected Colymbus torquatus, abundant. √ Nettion carolinensis - breeds x√ Uria columba " [[Ditto for: breeds]] x√ Mormon cirrhatus " [[Ditto for: breeds]] x√ Mormon corniculatus " [[Ditto for: breeds]] √ Ombria psittacula " [[Ditto for: breeds]] √ [[strikethrough]] a small gray hawk [[/strikethrough]] x√ a hawk like Kyska sp. gyrfalcon? [[gyrfalcon is written in ink over pencil]] x√ Larus glaucescens √ Anorthura var Alascensis " [[ditto for: breeds]] √ Plectrophanes nivalis " [[ditto for: breeds]] x√ [[strikethrough]] Finch like [[/strikethrough]] M. insignis √ Snipe like Kyska sp. [[insertion]] T. maritima [[/insertion]] x√ Lagopus albus breeds √ Thalassidroma Leachii x√ Graculus bicristatus x abund Haematopus niger. x√ Stercorarius sp. x√ Harelda glacialis √ Colymbus septentrionalis breeds x√ Corvus carnivorus √ Phaleris cristatella √ Sterna macrura √ Mergus serrator x√ Somateria V nigra x(√ Adakh. Plect. lapponicus) √x Uria californica [[end page]] [[start page]] See Placunanomia on beach and get a small shell of which I dont know the genus, as well as Cancellaria circumcincta The rocks here are metamorphic or eruptive, the east side of the harbor consisting of low bluffs of a dark colored crystalline rock with enclosed black crystals no bedding and bluffs not over 60 feet high. The west side appears to be of a highly metamorphosed conglomerate, in similar low bluffs. Chry. liratus rare Argobuccinum not common New mesalia-like scalaria. Painted buccinum Argobuc. abundant.
[[symbol for male]] Length 6 ft Girth in front of dorsal 3 ft. 9 in " [[ditto for: Girth]]behind flippers 2 ft 2 in " [[ditto for: Girth]]at anus 2 ft 3 1/2 1 Nib to corner of mouth 3 in 1/2 2 "" [[dittos for: Nib to]] eye center 7 in "" [[dittos for: Nib to]] ear 9 1/2 in 3 "" [[dittos for: Nib to]] ant flip edge 11 4 post 14 5 Middle line ant corner do.[[ditto]] perp. 5 √ Eye to spout hole "[[ditto for perp.]] 4 in √ Nib """[[dittos for: to spout hole]] Long 9 in between centers trans flip 5 1/2 [[image - sketch of a U shaped line rotated 45 degrees counter clockwise from vertical and labeled A at the top left terminus, B at the bottom middle and C and the top right terminus]] √ A B 8 in √ C B 5 3/4 √ A C 3 3/4 6 Nib to white color 2 ft 3 1/2 in 7 Spouthole to ant ft of dorsal 18 1/2 in [[image - sketch of dorsal fin, appears to be a mountain shaped line over a horizontal line - triangle shape. Horizontal line is labelled A at left terminus, B at right terminus and label C is midway. Mountain shaped line has label D at peak which is midway]] [[following three lines are to the right of the dorsal fin sketch:]] DB 7 1/2 in CD 6 in AB 10 1/2 in √ nib to ant end genital slit 3 ft 7 in √ length of slit 3 in √ do [[ditto for: length]] to anus 4 1/4 √ Anus " [[ditto for: to]] notch of flukes 22 3/4 √ Breadth of " [[ditto for: flukes]] AB 18 1/2 in [[image - sketch of sea mammal tail flippers or flukes - porpoise from next page?. Label A is at end of left fluke. Label B is at end of right fluke. Label C is placed where flukes come together. Label D is placed where flukes join body]] [[following two lines are placed to the right of the sketch:]] CD 5 1/4 BD 11 in [[end page]] [[start page]] narrowest pt of tail [[strikethrough]] [[?]] [[/strikethrough]] 1 3/4 in height at do [[ditto]] 3 1/2 in length of eye 3/4 in width of spout hole 1 7/8 in upper edge of white to level of back 7 3/4 End of white behind anus 6 in 18 in long on belly Porpoise killed out of a school of five or six in Adakh Straits Aug.13.73 width of head at inner corners of jaws 5 1/2 in do [[ditto for: width]] of mouth same place 4 3/4 in do [[ditto for: width]] of head at front flippers 8 1/2 in Depth at 1 ft before flukes 10 in [[strikethrough]] do [[ditto for: depth]] at an end of keel [[/strikethrough]] = widest part of keel do [[ditto for: depth]] at 8 in before flukes 7 1/2 in navel 7 1/2 in before ant end of slit [[image - sketch of the front portion of a porpoise. The head of the porpoise is heading down to the bottom of the page. sketch includes mouth, eye, spout hole and two flippers. Text on page partly written over the sketch]]
[[start page]] Bay of Islands Adakh North part of the island near shore, apparently conglomerate and coarse sandstone, above of a reddish color like the burnt volcanic material seen elsewhere - near anchorage rocks trend NE & SW dipping in general to the NE. Metamorphic rocks for the most part with here & there frothy black lava of a basatic appearance but coarsely perforated like buhrstone. [[end page]] [[opposite page is blank]]
Cervicals, seven, soldered Thoracic bearing ribs 14. (one lost?} 12 true ribs (pairs 4 pairs floating ribs [[the following text is bracketed by a vertical line on left side of page with the label:]] Out of [[tul? tnl? tail?]] { 41 vertebrae following + [[3?]]2 = 73 { 14 chevron + 16 = 30 chevron { 16 caudal vertebrae without { chevron bones = 46 in all { C7 [[10?]] [[limb?]] 41 - C. 46 [[/bracketed text]] 7 + 14? + 73 = 94 or 5 [[image - drawing of bones of sea mammal/porpoise pectoral fin, with small additional drawing. Small additional drawing label:]] terminal caudal Strike another of this sp in Lat 50 N Lon 155 W Oct. 21. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[image - left profile drawing of sea mammal/porpoise with separate detail front drawing of tail/tail flukes.]] Drawing labels: [[near dorsal fin, which is marked with a dotted line:]] 5 very faint [[rugosities?]] Eye blackish on right side extra Teeth 18/25 visible (23/27 in all small, spade shaped Color in general black, except white patch which is faintly streaked with very faint blk lines especially in the median line below
Atka - the beds of stratified rocks on the north side of Nazan Bay on examination prove to be highly altered beds of conglomerate or breccia composed solely of volcanic materials nearly level, dipping slightly to the NW, and at least 500 feet in thickness. A more compact greenish flinty metamorphic rock with a similar dip but more contorted and intersected by dykes in many places is the material of which the south shores and islets enclosing the harbor are composed. On the Korovinsky Bay side the North shore is composed of coarse volcanic breccia in nearly horizontal layers, dipping slightly to the [[strikethrough]] NWE [[/strikethrough]] Northeast and rising 1000 ft in height, above layers of ashes & solfataric clays, & cinders on the south side there is also a conglomerate composed principally however of porphyritic pebbles more or less rounded, and capped in the easter portion with the columnar syenite observed on little Kyska. Here on the beach are found fragments of silicified wood and other pieces converted into [[end page]] [[start page]] [[image - drawing depicting land mass, left side marked with 'b' and vertical lines. Right side marked with 'a' and lightly drawn loops.]] [[labels on drawing]] b columnar syenite a congolomerate [[/labels]]
lignite. The latter seems very scarce and these remains though not found in place appear to come from the upper surface of the conglomerate between it & the soil, holding a similar position to the fossil wood beds at Coal Harbor. The solfataras are on the W side of Klucheffskaia Volcano Koni & Sarycheff volcanoes appear to have no existence but to be duplications of Klucheffskaria and Korovin. The springs throw out but little water some are composed of mud & others are empty but steam issues forth with a roaring sound They deposit white, red blue & gray clays. The grass grows close to the hot water but not more luxuriantly there than elsewhere. The water contains sulphur & lime. The Russians formerly had a bath & dwelling house for invalids here Temp 164° Fahr. The ground around them is a coarse gravel of ashes & cinders purely volcanic. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[blank page]]
Aleut whale names Mungeeduk - large humpback Aliàmuk small " [[ditto for: humpback]] Cheédūk B Davidsoni Agamákhchik Finback Keegánagalūs Grampus Chickagalŭk Bowhead Kulámŭkh Right whale Oomwólikh Sulphurbottom A'galūkh Orca Agadikhukh Sperm Kudahtīkh Phocaena Alālŭkh Puffing Pig - Alukh a whale any sp. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[image - drawing of whale with tall dorsal fin, Orca?]]
Pinnoctopus [[male symbol]]? Total length 7 ft 7 Body to collar 1 ft 4 " " [[Dittos for: Body to]] base of arms 8 1/2 base arms to [[right?]] of web 1 ft 3 1/2 " [[Ditto for: base]] 1st (funnel) pair Mouth to tip 5 ft 4 2nd pair 5 ft 10 3rd 5 ft 8 4th 5 ft 9 Cups on 1st pair (right)[[+? x?]] 101. " " " " [[Dittos for: Cups on 1st pair]] left 300 " " [[Dittos for: Cups on]] 2nd " [[Ditto for: pair]] 178 " " [[Dittos for: Cups on]] 3rd " [[Ditto for: pair]] 178 4th 188 largest suckers 2 in in diam near edge web. Funnel long 4 diam 2 1/2 - 1 [[end page]] [[start page]] [[Only one line of words on this page - located halfway down the page and lined up with the previous page line entry "Cups on 1st pair....":]] a groove extends to middle of web
J. McK. Thompson reports √ Cygnus americanus 3 killed at Sannakh in September √ Philacte canagica winters abund √ ditto Steller's eider
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[blank page]]
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[blank page]]
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] Sitka Boschniakia glabra dead in woods Cabbages in bloom, abundant
Lituya Bay Titmouse May 15 Yellow bird Sandpiper do [[ditto]] black breast. Tardus nacrius Passerculus savanna = sandwiche Melospiza insignis Brownbacked thrush Dark sandpiper Blackbreasted plover Cormorant Crow Kittiwake Larus glaucescens Mormon corniculatus " [[ditto for: Mormon]] cirrhatus Hirundo bicolor. Blackbird = magpie? White winged coot Old squaw Diver Uria columba Brant (flying over.) Strepsilas interpies Aegialitis semipalmatus Sciurus hudsoninus Actodromus Bairdii Pachypoma comes as far north as Nasse River [[end page]] [[start page]] Sitka flying squirrel Arctomys pruinosus Sheep Goat Black & brown bear blk & gray wolf Furseal Otter. Marten. Mink. Ermine. ---------------------------- Lituya Bay rocks bottom of syenite & granite quite massive & unstratified next mica slates stratified next clay slate with poor foss then conglomerate ? miocene -- Stratified rocks dip to NW from 75° to 15° No signs of glaciation in the main basin.
Port Mulgrave Strepsilas interpres Aegialitis semiplamatus Gull Raven Hawk Brant - Actodromas Bairdii " [[ditto for Actodromas]] minutilla Himndo bicolor ? Y Crow - Eagle - Bubo birginianus - Swans
Port Etches Hirundo horcorum Brant Turdus Pallasi? Wagtail Shag White winged coots Rissa 3 dactyla Larus glaucesens Melospize insignis [[strikethrough]] Corvus caurinus ?? [[/strikethrough]] [[strikethrough]] Swans [[/strikethrough]] Eagles Turdus naevius
Middleton Id Hirundo bicolor Haematopus niger Larus glaucescens " [[ditto for: Larus]] brachyrhynchus Rissa 3 dactyla. Brant - young just out Mormon cirrhatus eggs fresh Diomedea brachyura. Graculus Bairdii Melospiza insignis Stercorarius slate color. Eider duck, breeding skunk cabbage leaf 4 ft long two broad stalk 4 1/2 in wide Saxidomus common squalidus Desh Mytilus Cal. Sponges. Tapis staminea [[end page]] [[start page]] [[blank page]]
[[Paragraphs lines/brackets in left margin on both pages, and a vertical line down the middle of each paragraph. Last paragraph has an x through it]] Kodiak Charitanoff Rock off twins (C.S.H.Ch) Str Hutchinson struck on it 1869. Rock four miles East by N from middle pt of Marmot Id. Anchorage on west side in small bay, 22 fms water in the strait. This & Afognak open before the chart allows it when coming from the eastward Anchorage & settlement in Alitak Bay Native name Akhiyak Kaguyuk settlement in bay west of 2 headed cape & anchorage there - Alsentia on C S Ch. Id of 2 headed cape longer to SW than on chart. Point W of it about 3 miles long. No anchorage about the Trinity Ids Old Harbor no settlement now New 3 saints Bay = salmon fishery one settlement East & another W of it No Id of St Stephen seen on three occasions No anchorage from ^[[insertion]] except in Kukak B. [[/insertion]] Cape Douglas to Takli Id. Good anchorage there where Russian ves- [[end page]] [[start page]] [[top margin]] Coal in peninsula [[underlined]] (good) [[/underlined]] W of Takli Id [[/margin]] -sels used to lie and goods from Katmai received by bidarra. Very calm between Ugak Id & Kadiak - reef off SW end of Ugak three miles Seal rocks N of Marmot Id have a long reef extending NE five miles & shoal water further Uganuk Bay - Many islands on west shore, tolerable anchorage behind them & a settlem Many rocks & little water in Sitkalidak Strait. Not enter large vessels E side small bay in Northern Strait good anchorage on East side in 5 fms not so far in as Russian [[anchor symbol]] Straight between Govorutik Id & Afognak shoal & rocky but Urania went through [[strikethrough]] Maksutoff in Steamer Constantine spent 28 days searching in vain for Pamplona Rock.[[/strikethrough]]
[[Paragraphs on first page have lines/brackets in left margin, and puts an x with a vertical line down the middle of this page until last paragraph]] [[strikethrough]] A northerly set between Cape Cleare & the Barren Ids.[[/strikethrough]] No anchorage in Kamishak Bay - many rocks - to be avoided. a Rock awash half way between the north end of Shaws Id and the south end of Augustine Id. At Iliamna portage - a good small bay well sheltered & with good anchorage. All the bays north of this on the w side of Cook's Inlet, shoal & no anchorage - mostly dry at low water. No anchorage about Kalgin Island. Very strong tides between E & W Forelands and above in the bay. South by West from the North Foreland clears the rocky bank which is larger than on the chart. Vessels can ascend the Knik River & carry six fms 15 miles from the entrance No anchorage at Katmai except very exposed & [[strikethrough]] shoal [[/strikethrough]] rocky roadstead for Northerly & westerly winds. No anchorage in Cold Bay [[end page]] [[start page]] Port Wrangel the next good harbor. Do not attempt passage between Sutwik Id & the main - full of rocks. Anchorage in Sukoom Bay near settlement is not good much exposed & rocky - esp. in E-ly wind More Ids & rocks in Semidi Group than are laid down. Good anchorage north of Tuliumnit Pt. or anywhere about Chignik Bay. Good anchorage N of Mitrofania Id & the bays North of it Also Kuprianoff Strait. Also Beaver Bay N of Unga From Portage Bay to river falling into Port Muller in 3 hours by natives Small id in strait & pt west of Dolgoi Id near Belkofsky dry at low water - a bar between -
[[A line through the middle of all copy on left-hand page -- may be strikethrough?]] Capt Hewitt A rock nearly in mid channel between rocks 1st outside of Chagafka Cove & end of Woody Id A little nearer Woody Id - breaks in heavy NW weather at WNW probably 3 fms on it. Confirms rock NE of of Round [[lumpy?]] Rock. Course for inner Harbor. Keep the Company's building on the wharf well open with a little bluff point just east of it in the starboard hand going in. Woollys very badly in inner harbor - good holding ground. ROcks off Marmot Id = whales? Dogs on Chirikoff Id - Copper silver &c at Iliamna [[end page]] [[start page]] Kadiak Crows - 13 nests on one small tree Malina or Raspberry Strait a few about St Paul, winter geese. Elsewhere only Yakutat, Eider & other ducks Thrushes Shags Gulls Kittiwakes Natives believe ravens hatch out in their crops. Hirundo horreorum Nuphar [[admeta? ]].
Chignik Bay Bluffs horizontal tertiary sandstones slates & conglomerate 500 feet thick with fossil leaves & very thin layers of lignite Natica russa Standella falcata astarte like Semidi sp Cardium blandum "[[ditto for: Cardium]] Nuttallii Tellina alternidentata Mya praecisa Turtonia minuta Black Margarita Litorina sitkana & tenebrosa. Macoma solidula " [[ditto for: Macoma]] nasuta Common " [[ditto for: Macoma]] small white thin smooth Chry. liratus Argobuccinum Limpets very large Naked mollusk Purpura septentrionalis Bread sponges yellow [[end page]] [[start page]] [[blank page]]
Chiachi Ids. Notes on Cypripedium guttatum Smith. Stem 2 or 3 leaves, hirsute 6 - 15 in high. Flower 1 or rarely 2. Leaves 2 - 4 in long, hirsute finely below smooth above. A single small bract at the base of the ovary. 2 anterior sepals slightly separated at the tips, light green with streaks of maroon on edges Posterior sepal large overhanging with the outer side waxen white the edges and occasionally the nerves touched with dark claret color. Inner side dark maroon slightly mottled with light yellow near the base of insertion and there thickly set with fine stiff outward pointing hairs Petals small and hirsute at the base like the last, then widening and again attenuating toward the tip which is enlarged rounded and patulous like the "tail" of a butterfly. Whitish at the base then white mottled with dark maroon and with a conspicuous white spot on the rounded end, edged with [[end page]] [[start page]] grows on wet hillsides exposed to the sun - maroon. Lip large, pocket shaped, narrow at the insertion, the inner edges folding over one another in front of the column and with a narrow white reflexed edge nearly all round. Median line behind & below indented forming a raphe which is raised on the inner side and thickly covered with strong thickset hairs pointing toward the base of the column. Reflexed portion of the lip pure white. interior whitish. Outside claret color more or less mottled with greenish white on the lines of nervation Column stout, foursided at the base, rounded above stigmatic part hoof shaped rounded on the edge & with a keel behind. Two small rounded short hornlike stamens bear each a 2 celled anther of very gummy pollen keeled below rounded in two kidney shaped lobes above incurved, & notched in front - golden yellow behind above & below white in front and dotted with specks of maroon column greenish white. Note flies
Chiachi Ids Note well made grouse nest 11 eggs & nest of magpie young fledged, roofed over & lined, of sticks in bushes. [[strikethrough]] See yellow bird. [[/strikethrough]] [[strikethrough]] brown finch. [[/strikethrough]] [[strikethrough]] Mel. insignis [[/strikethrough]] Pass. sandwichensis gull eagle coots shags magpies grouse [[strikethrough]] [[Seiurus aurocapillus]] [[/strikethough]] Zonotrichia coronata Myiodioctes pusillus [[end page]] [[start page]] Rocks Miocene sandstones and conglomerates, some a breccia of sharp small fragments, in places with vegetable remains and often much metamorphosed & everywhere greatly contorted - core, sienite outflows of reddish lava & burnt sandstones & conglomerates in great masses in some localities
[[Table with 3 columns follows, [[|]] used to mark breaks between separate columns; note that not all fields are filled in at each entry:]] [[no column name given]] [[|]] Angle [[|]] Bears [[|]] 0 1 [[|]] 1 Middle cove [[|]] 0.0 [[|]] S31 1/4 2 Pt [[|]] 11.16 [[|]] 42 1/4 3 W end Id [[|]] 15.50 [[|]] 47 4 E "[[ditto for: end]] Id [[|]] 24.43 [[|]] 56 5 Pt [[|]] 31.15 [[|]] 62 1/4 6 Begin. lowland [[|]] [[|]] [[85 ?]] 7 Rks. [[|]] [[|]] 109 8 Pt [[|]] 80.45 [[|]] 111 9 Pt & rocks [[|]] 91.16 [[|]] 122 [[strikethrough]] 9a Pt [[/strikethrough]] 10 end hills behind lowland [[|]] [[|]] 131 1/2 10a Pt [[|]] 130.00 [[|]] N341 11 end shore bluffs N349 12 N end Id [[|]] 137.46 [[|]] 349 13 [[Top?]] Id & m. river [[|]] 151.43 [[|]]2 3/4 14 S end Id & sharp Pk [[|]] 160.59 [[|]] 12 15 E Hd Bay & next Head 1 [[|]] 199.18 [[|]] 50 16 N end id [[|]] 178.40 [[|]] 17 S "[[ditto for: end]] id [[|]] 200.29 [[|]] 51 1/2 18 [[blank line]] 19 NE end Mitroph [[|]] 208.20 [[|]] 59 20 Cave Mitroph [[|]] [[|]] 61 21a [[|]] 216. [[|]] 67.1/2 21 NW pt "[[ditto for: Mitroph]] [[|]] 218.16 [[|]] 22 N edge Id & ⊙ rk [[|] 221.52 [[|]] 72 1/2 23 S " " [[dittos for: edge Id]] [[|]] 234.34 [[|]] 85 1/4 24 SW end Mitroph [[|]] 239.30 [[|]] 90 25 "[[ditto for: SW]] Hd anchor. [[|]] 230.42 [[|]] 81 1/3 26 Pt Id. [[|]] 227.38 [[|]] 78 1/2 27 Astr. Δ. Vert.-11°.13'. [[|]] 251.58 [[|]] S253 28 Pt of beach -8°.25. [[|]] 233.37 [[|]] S 264 1/2 29 Pk 3°.17'.30 [[|]] 243.53 [[|]] N 94 3/4 30 Pk 15°.00'. [[|]] 290.50 [[|]] S 322 31 Δ on hill. 72 LC [[|]] 122.30 [[|]] N 333 1/2 vert 6°. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[image - map with form lines (approximate contours) marked with numbers 1 - 30 and small triangle, presumably corresponding to table on facing page]]
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[blank page]]
To last Δ 61(2LC) S62W 280°.30 Rks (7) 326°.16' S107 2/3 (6) 305.00 S81 1/2 8 328.36 N290 9 339.41 S121. 10a 19.50 N341 1/2 11 28.35 [[strikethrough]] 348 [[/strikethrough]] 349 1/3 spit 342.34 N304 spit Id 26.05 348 N Bluff 32 41 354 1/2 S " [[ditto for: Bluff]] 53.30 15 sm Id N 85.36 47 S 92.06 53 1/2 Edge Pt 109.12 70 3/4 EHd Harb 90.17 52 Rk off Id 113.33 75 N pt " [[ditto for: Id]] 120.80 82 W " " [[dittos for: pt Id]] 127.05 88 1/2 N W Mitroph 150.00 91 1/2 S pk. 157.43 99 N pk. 184.10 146 N E [[Mili]] 98.47 60 1/2 [[Ast?]] Δ 118.25 S260 [[line across entire page]] 1st pt Δ 2nd Pt ESE 3rd SSE Δ on beach SW by S end beach S by W [[Inner?]] rks NW by W [[image - small drawing]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[image - page is filled with hand drawn sketches of several landscape views. Second from top/bound edge of page is marked with a triangle, and compass directions ESE and SSE]]
Pribyloff Ids St Paul. Very bare of mollusks. fragments of Buc. glaciale, & cyaneum Serripes gronlandicum " [[ditto for: Serripes]] Laperousii Placunanomia macroschisma Saxicava arctica (Small & rare) Machaera patula Chry. terebralis [[image - small ladder-like representation]] Crepidula grandis Tellina alternidentata rare Purpura septentriomalis Littorina sitkana & subtenebrosa Mactra falcata Mya truncata & praecisa Pecten common sp. Modiala modiolus Cardium - fine ribbed (blandum?) Acmaea patina or testudinalis Stunted Chy. fornicatus. Helix columbianus? Succinea Planorbis [[end page]] [[start page]] [[blank page]]
Port Moller Rocks ^[[insertion]] Cretaceous [[/insertion]] & Tertiary sandstones overlying porphyrites & intercalated with intrusive basalt which also forms the tops of the mts when not entirely tertiary. Shells Zirphaea Cardium Nuttallii Lacuna & blandum purpura Macoma red inconspicua Shiny like " [[unclear what is being dittoed]] Edulis Natica russa. Machaera patula. Margarita pupilla. Mactra falcata Diplodonta? Chry liratus Birds shags, Mes. polaris gull, num Kittiwakes, num Knobbilled eider. Whitewinged coots. Sterna macrura - num seal. walrus. bear. deer. Wolfs Ermine Sperm. Parryi [[end page]] [[start page]] Hot spring. Sulphur & lime Temp. 157° Fahr
St. George. Astarte Mytilus Saxicava arctica Cardium grönl. Mactra falcata. Pecten Tellina venulosa = alternidentata Macoma sp. Mod. vernicosa. Purpura septentrionialis Crepidula grandis & sp. indet Chry. terebralis Marsenia Acmaea sybaritica. " [[ditto for: Acmaea]] patina. " [[ditto for: Acmaea]] var peramilis Margarita like helicina Scalaria grönl. Rhynchonella Litorina [[end page]] [[start page]] [[blank page]]
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Sandman notes [[Tygoe?]] Id 100 ft high - 4 miles ESE true, breakers in bad weather E Peregrebnoi Id = Wossnessensky Id settlement on NE cove - Islet off N & east heads of this cove. Rock one mile from & between S & E pts Shape incorrect on chart South ends Dolgoi & Poperetchnoy Ids same lat. abt 55°.01' - both bold S of first 1 1/4 miles true a breaker. (Capt Lennan) Same lat ESE true from 2nd another breaker 6 1/3 miles E true from [[last ?]] S by E true from 1st 4 1/2 miles = Johns Rock small islet with a breaker just south of it. E by S true from this, Olga Rock five miles, abt 20 feet high 13 & 15 fms 1/2 mile N & E Sushitnoi Id 100 ft high on the S end gradually [[word "lower" overwritten by word higher ? or vice versa ?]] toward the N. When it bears W.SW true an arch is seen in the S end Saranoy, on the north end a considerable hill, a small do [[ditto for: hill?]] on S end, full of rocks between this and outer Iliasik or Iliakik. Between Poporetchnoi & Peregrebnoi are a considerable number of low rocks The first is high, south cape high & bold [[end page]] [[start page]] [[blank page]]
and apparently no hidden dangers Dolgoi high except in middle, water deep close in, no dangers visible. Goloy high & capes bold except West Cape which makes off in a sand spit with 15-17 fms gray sand within 1/4 mile Outer Iliaksik, two considerable mts connected by high land, south end tapering down a considerable distance The north side more bold except in the strait where is a sand beach The islets to E ward of this Id are low with a reef surrounding them. When bearing SSW true they are all in a line Inner Iliaksik or Iliasik also composed of two mts. connected by low land. The south part is the bigger and higher the S cape high & bluff, the N end slopes down. off the adjacent ends of the 2 Iliasiks are some rocks, one below water on each side but they break except in dead calm. Good [[anchor symbol]] in strait, gray sand. From N end of Inner Iliaksik a long reef extends nearly to the main land with 6 ft [[out it? until?]] & a passage close to the main with 10 ft at low water [[end page]] [[start page]] [[blank page]]
Cape Moss runs out in a sand spit with 12-16 fms 1/4' off shore From thence to Pinnacle Rock, Coast high + bold but temporary [[anchor symbol]] everywhere. At Belkofsky [[anchor symbol]] soundings regular gray sand, good holding ground Belkofsky Cape SW & the Companys shore WNW by compass 10-12 fms a very good place Oleny Id high & peaked running out in some places in NW capes. Off sandspit & North cape temporary [[anchor symbol]] The coast opposite is high, bold & deep close in Lisy Id nowhere over 100 ft high rocks off the north side narrow passage between Oleny & Lisy clear of dangers. Coast from Tonki cape to Tachilnoy very low bottom soundings gray sand & shells. Have seen most of the rocks &c inside dotted circle, positions not certain but all there. At Belkoffsky flood tide runs S ebb north rise abt 6 feet; HW full moon about 12 oclock. Lat 55.0.3 Lon 161.5.7 [[end page]] [[start page]] Can pass close to Johns & Olga Rks on N side. There is a rock which breaks in heavy weather NNE by compass from NE pt Sannak Harbor 1 1/4 miles off
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Notes St. Michaels. Old boathouse in with Stepanoffs house 2 1/4 fms [[superscript]] half tide [[/superscript]] - 600-700 yards off shore. Half way from Sledge Id to Cape Nome a spot of colored water seen. Natives assert that rocks exist there. Reef off elbow of Pt Spencer. The Carlotta struck in 1871 in 13 ft and in 72 Eustace struck outside of this in 9 ft - rocky about 1 3/4 mile off shore. Winter houses on the beach. abeam, running the coast. Shoal near Cape Thompson in 9 ft. Shoal about twelve miles south of Nunivak with 2 1/4 fms on it & 11 fms inside. Shoal said to be to the S-east of St Laurence with about 14 ft out of sight of land. [[strikethrough]] Shoal off [[/strikethrough]] Wainright inlet S point extends further off than charts give say 1 1/2 miles. Several vessels been ashore Dont want to go inside of a line Cape York on with N Head of Port Clarence. Bay here with rocks Brig Pfeil lost here [[end page]] [[start page]] [[image - sketch of shoreline; marks on drawing include 7 8; 2 or L or Z?; B; 0? 2]] [[label on drawing:]] tides 4 ft Sun Golovin anchorage 1/2 mile wide -
Small changeable shoals in mouth of Grantley Harbor, not desirable to go in. narrow entrance. a shoal point making off NW end of Choris Pena, further than the charts give, with shoal water in the bight. anchorage in 2 1/2 - 3 fm Can go ten or 12 miles into Escholtz B further than chart gives & carry 3 fms. Shoal off Pt. Hope with 12 ft. said to be further off shore than charted. In spring a bight in the ice toward [[end page]] [[start page]] [[blank page]]
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Mt Fairweather N. 88 1/2 E A 165° 11' 20" B 11 30 Cape Phipps - high water mark - S 56 1/4 W A 312° 41' 40" B 41 40 Magnetic Mark N. 77 W A 0° 02' 40" B 180 03 00 Mt. St. Elias N 66 5/8 W A 8° 55' 00 B 55' 20" 1st Mountain East N 39 1/2 W A. 37° 38' 00" B. 38 00 2nd Mountain East N 27 W A 49° 58' 20" B 58 40 High Mt still east N. 5 W A 77° 35' 20" B 35 40 do do [[ditto for: High Mt still east]] N. A 76° 58' 20" B 58 [[overwritten 4 [[/overwritten]]20 [[end page]] [[start page]] Observations on Mountains [[strikethrough]] Fairweather[[/strikethrough]]? Mt? A 148° 44' 20" B 44 00 N. 71 3/8 E [[strikethrough]]Fairweather?[[/strikethrough]] Mt? A 161° 33' 00" B 341 32 40 N 84 1/8 E Stet [[strikethrough]] Mountain next East [[/strikethrough]] N 84 1/2 E . 1/4? A 161° 53' 20" B 53 00 Magnetic mark A 0° 02' 00" B 2 20 N 77 1/4 W. Mt St Elias N 66 3/4 W. A 8° 54' 40" B 54 40 Double Zenith distances on Mt St Elias (Vert 0) A B 0 0 0 179. 59. 15 174. 44. 00 6 reps 164. 12. 40 344. 13. 00 6 reps 328. 24. 55 148. 24. 25 6.reps 132. 35. 25 312. 35. 55 6.reps 296. 48. 00 116. 47. 25 6.reps 100. 59. 20 280. 59. 35 6.reps 265. 11. 20 85. 10. 45
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] Verticals on Mt 2nd NE of Mt St. Elias A B 0 0 0 179.59.15 6 reps 163.01.20 343.01.50 [[strikethrough]] 6 reps [[/strikethrough]] 0 0 0 179.59.15 6 reps 163.01.35 343.01.55 Vert on Mt. Fairweather A B 0 0 0 179.59.15 6 172.31.30 352.31.45 0 0 0 179.59.20 6 172.30.25 352.30.45 0 0 0 179.59.15 6 172.31.35 352.32.05
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