Diary, 1866 - May 25, 1867

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The diary documents the daily activities of William Healey Dall and his colleagues in the Scientific Corps on the Western Union Telegraph Expedition while in San Francisco, California as well as during their field work in Alaska. Entries are dated from January 1, 1866 to May 25, 1867. First entries describe daily work while in California including writing reports, studying specimens, preparations and acquisition of equipment for field work, personal activities, and weather. Later entries describe travel by ship to Alaska, observed marine life and birds, specimens collected and prepared (including fossils), illustrations of accommodations, personal and professional interactions with local inhabitants and expedition participants including participating Russians, as well as personal impressions. In the middle of the book, miscellaneous lists are included such as a cash account, a list of letters sent, a list of recipients of a copy of Memorial on Bridges to other papers, and synopses of letters of importance.

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Dec 31, 1969

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Dec 31, 1969

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SIA RU007073

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William H. Dall Papers, circa 1839-1858, 1862-1927

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1 diary

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Smithsonian Institution Archives


Box 20 Folder 2

[[Front Cover]]
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] Wm H. Dall. Sci. Corps W.U.T. Exp. San Francisco Jan 1. 1865. [[line]]
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[blank page]]
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] Bancroft's Diary for 1866 - 7 [[line]] Published Annually. [[line]] San Francisco: H. H. Bancroft & Company Booksellers & Stationers. 1866
COUNTING-HOUSE CALENDAR FOR 1866 [[left column]] | Sund. | Mond. | Tues. | Weds. | Thurs. | Frid. | Satur. JANUARY ............ | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25 | 26 | 27 | 28 | 29 | 30 | 31 FEBRUARY .......................................... | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25 | 26 | 27 | 28 MARCH ............................................ | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25 | 26 | 27 | 28 | 29 | 30 | 31 .................................................................. APRIL .... | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25 | 26 | 27 | 28 | 29 | 30 MAY ........................... | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25 | 26 | 27 | 28 | 29 | 30 | 31 JUNE ........................................................ | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25 | 26 | 27 | 28 | 29 | 30 [[end left column]] [[right column]] | Sund. | Mond. | Tues. | Weds. | Thurs. | Frid. | Satur. JULY ...... | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25 | 26 | 27 | 28 | 29 | 30 | 31 AUGUST .................................. | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25 | 26 | 27 | 28 | 29 | 30 | 31 SEPTEMBER ............................................................. | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25 | 26 | 27 | 28 | 29 | 30 OCTOBER ............ | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25 | 26 | 27 | 28 | 29 | 30 | 31 NOVEMBER .......................................... | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25 | 26 | 27 | 28 | 29 | 30 DECEMBER .............................................................. | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25 | 26 | 27 | 28 | 29 | 30 | 31 [[end right column]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] MONDAY, JANUARY 1, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning after breakfast, down town with old Field. Go to Lorquins and get an argonauta for Olga. Stay some time waiting for him & talking with his pretty wife. Back to ship dress, and call on Miss. Coates, Klinkofstrom, De Ro, Masten, leave card at C. L. Lows, Hubbards and Ayres, & Taylors. Call at Mrs Raymonds, Denisons, Hoyts, and Stebbins, not touching liquor during the cruise. Back to dinner, and spend the evening aboard, working over my shells. [[preprinted]] TUESDAY 2 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Go down town with the Captain to the office meeting Mr. Brackett and son on the way. Can't get any money till tomorrow. Go down to Survey Rooms, call on Dr. Kellogg and Steams. At twelve go down to lunch with Stearns meeting Marshall Rand. Afternoon Go down to Brooks & Co. to Schr. Rowe about Garrett, and then to Survey Rooms and up to Stearns office. Leave card on Bolanders, and back to dinner aboard. In the evening walk up with Davison, and go out to Mrs. Bridges and spend the evening with Dayley [[preprinted]] WEDNESDAY 3 [[/preprinted]] Morning, go down town, meet the Capt. & speak about having my room to myself. No money to be got. Speak to the Col. about it. Go down to Dr. Kellogg's and and the Survey Rooms. Down to the vessel to lunch, make some paper tubes. With Glover down town again and back to vessel. Hyde and Starr Pollock are dischar'd and Starr take up again. Evening call on Mrs Brackett. Mr. Ames at the Lows. Both out and go to Mrs de Ros where I pass a very pleasant evening. Back to vessel at 11.
[[preprinted]] THURSDAY, JANUARY 4, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning. Make some tubes in the morning and go down to the office with Field. Into Stearns' office and get Garretts letter. Get files of Bulletin and Atlas for him. Go up and see Dr. Trask and down to office and write to Garrett. Stearns also writes and I take the matter down to Brooks. Go down to see the Fayerway but she has not yet come in. Get paid off and pay Lorquin and Payot. Mrs. Denisons to take dinner pass part of the evening there & part at the consuls. The brig Olga is in, and letters from Mahood & Bush. Law Frost at the office. [[preprinted]] FRIDAY 5 [[/preprinted]] Morning._ _ Work over shells for a little while then down town with Field. Stop at the Russ House meet Hyde and get the dictionary of him, go down to Schmolzes with him and down to Hubbards where I get a letter from mother who does not know of my arrival; at date. Round town on errands about collecting & See Stearns, Brackett at the office. Go out to Mrs. Bridges' in the P.M. dine there and go after dinner to Capt Scammons house and finding him out, to Mr. Lows where I find Ames. Rains. [[preprinted]] SATURDAY 6 [[/preprinted]] Morning work for a little while on shells. Start off down town but am recalled by the captain who wants me to take him to the next meeting of the Cala. Acad. Luckily I shall probably be away. Go to Stearns' office, down to the Fayaway which has arrived, down to Survey Rooms, to tinmans, glass mans, and Bulletin office to find about an article in last nights edition on the Acad. Back to Stearns office and down to vessel where I spend most of the day remaining, and evening, in working over shells & tubes. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] Sunday, January 7, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Get packed up, and dressed for Monterey trip and work on shells a little while. Go down to the Fayaway and find nobody there, about twelve. Find a sailor who says she don't go till tomorrow morning at five oclock. Get into the cabin and leave my traps there. Go up to Bolanders who has given me letters to Dr. Canfield and Mr Brown. Dine and thengo down to Stearns where spend the afternoon back to Bs. sup and go down to the ship wind blowing a southeast gale with rain. [[preprinted]] MONDAY 8 [[/preprinted]] Morning dark rainy and blowing a south east gale. After breakfast walk up town with Jared Norton and trudge down to the Fayaway in the rain and mud. She does not go till the weather changes. Return Bolanders rubber coat, invest in an umbrella & pair of slippers and take it comfortable. Work over tubes in the morning and over shells in the afternoon and evening. Get a large number packed and put away. Toward evening clears up somewhat. Write and work till late. [[preprinted]] TUESDAY 9 [[/preprinted]] Glover wakes me in the morning at five oclock with the news of a fair wind, so I dress and immediately go down in the darkness and mud to Jackson Street wharf where I find the Fayaway lying peaceably. Take breakfast on board and about 8 oclock warp out from the dock and soon pass the heads. The bar was quite smooth and we sailed slowly but pleasantly past point pedro. In a S E by S direction the captain determines to go first to Soquel, and take a load of flour from there to Monterey. Turn in early.
[[page start]] [[preprinted]] WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 10, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Fine morning, light wind; beating past Santa Cruz to Soquel where we arrive about four oclock P.M. Go ashore with the Captain and spend the time in picking up shells on the beach while he goes up to town. About six P.M. Davenports boats come in, and we go aboard again. A heavy cloud bank renders every thing obscure and a South east gale soon begins to blow. After some excitement we get from off a lee shore and beat about in the bay all night. Toward morning, commence to work over to Monterey. [[preprinted]] THURSDAY 11 [[/preprinted]] Morning. turn back toward Soquelle but indication of a southeaster coming on, start again for Monterey, and working over against a head wind at last get anchor down in the harbor which is a poor one open to the North & N.W. After supper go ashore, on a wretched wharf, meet Dr Callaghan who directs me to D. Canfields where I introduce myself and go up with him to Mrs Carvers who doesn't take boarders, and then to Mr. Harris' hotel where I shall stay over one trip. Aboard in the evening again with Capt Josslyn & sleep there. [[preprinted]] FRIDAY 12 [[/preprinted]] Get things together to go ashore in the morning. Write a note to Stearns to be sent by the captain. Wait for the schooner to haul up to the wharf. After dinner there, go up to Harris' Hotel where I leave my traps and look around and then go up to Dr Caufields, who goes out onto the rocks with me and we obtain a sack full of shells of various kinds nothing very rare. Leave my shells with him, dine at the hotel and spend the evening at his office. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] SATURDAY, JANUARY 13, 1866 [[/PREPRINTED]] Morning get breakfast, and put on my trappingsand start off on the Salinas beach, or rather the beach some 18 miles long extending from Monterey to the Salinas river. Go about five miles when it begins to rain, and I turn back & reach the Hotel just in time for dinner. Get wet, kept dry myself before a fire of the old fashioned kind. Spend the afternoon drying myself and packing up my shells. Get yesterdeays collections from the Dr. and after dinner go up to his office. [[preprinted]] SUNDAY 14 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Start early for Ceypress Point beach. Start up several flocks of the painted Quail. Follow a rude trail leading by an old sawmill now in ruins and following the cañon to the sea, arrive at the beach at last. Very rocky, and covered with dea Haliotis. Go up to Cypress Point but don't strike the island, although finding a few snails on the mainland. Start home late and am overtaken by darkness. Keep to the trail some distance and then lose it, when I have a hard tug through the brush, two miles, to town where I arrive about 8 oclock perfectly used up. [[preprinted]] MONDAY 15 [[/preprinted]] Morning. look over the shells obtained in yesterdays expedition and find to my disgust that nearly all the more delicate and rare ones were smashed getting through the bushes. Go out and get a lot of the rare lichen "Leonora Fecunda" for Bolander and Zuckerman. Back to dinner, after dinner go out and get more moss and some good shells which some what relieves my disgust at the meagre luck so far. Dr Caufield comes in and after some talk go up to his office with him and pass the evening.
[[preprinted]] TUESDAY, JANUARY 16, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning clear and fine work over the Pachypomas. Boil them, and extract them from the shell, succeed very well. Get on my things and start out. Stop at Dr. Canfields. Go down on the beach Just beyond the whalers camp and take notes on a Cala. Gray whale. whose remains lay stretched on the rocks. Get a good lot of small shells. Back to lunch and out again in the same locality doing very well. Back to dinner and clean up. Evening up to Mrs. O'Neals with Brittain. [[preprinted]] WEDNESDAY 17 [[/preprinted]] Raining hard all day, no chance to work outdoors. Pick out some of the small shells and proceed to sort them. Mrs. Harris makes me a present of two fine Bulimi from the Society Islands & makes me an addition of two species to my list Give Brittain some notes on the Expedition for his paper. Stage comes in from San Jose in the afternoon, no news. In the evening go up to Dr. Canfields and read the new Harpers Monthly and back to the Hotel. Talk with Brittain and Walker the school master, and turn in. [[preprinted]] THURSDAY 18 [[/preprinted]] Morning raining again fit to split. This makes bad work with my collecting. Pack up my Pachypomas for transportation Put on my rubber blanket and in spite of the rain go up to the Doctors. down to the Post-Office with him and then down upon the beach where the tide being high a bitter wind and occasional bursts of rain making it very uncomfortable. Work all the afternoon getting some good small things. In the evening sort shells. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] FRIDAY, JANUARY 19, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning, rain again. Down on the beach under my rubber blanket and pick up a few shells. After dinner get some grub in a cigar box and under my rubber blanket start off for Cypress Point. Arrive there about five oclock and go out on the island but to my great disappointment find very few snails. About five, pitch my blanket tent fashion, build a roaring fire, and under the shade of the cypress trees, am lulled to sleep by the eternal breakers of Carmel Bay. [[preprinted]] SATURDAY 20 [[/preprinted]] Eat my breakfast. Strike my tent, go over to the island again, and then take the road for home. Have a rainy, wet, nasty walk. Get some apples in town. In the afternoon the U.S.S. Saranae, for Chile comes into the harbor for protection from a southeaster outside. She anchors. Rains like the devil. Go up to the Doctors but find him out. Evening write, talk and turn in early with a big disgust on. [[preprinted]] SUNDAY 21 [[/preprinted]] The same provoking, eternal rain. Go up to Dr. Canfields; find him sorting over some shells which he collected yesterday afternoon on the Town and Lavinas beaches. Look over his shells and pick out a few duplicates which [[strikethrough]] the [[/strikethrough]] I have not obtained. Back to the Hotel to dinner and in the afternoon go up to the Doctors and finish looking over all his shells. Feel symptoms of sore throat. Even'g. Go over to Dr. Blankmans with Brittain and Walker.
[[preprinted]] MONDAY, JANUARY 22, 1866 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Foggy but doesnt rain thank the Lord! Start out about nine and spend all day on the beach. About three oclock start back and go over the Town beach where I find nothing. Have fair success. Back to the Hotel to supper. In the evening Dr. Canfield comes down for a little while. Evening read write and sort over shells and tired enough early to bed. [[preprinted]] TUESDAY 23 [[/preprinted]] Day fair and clear. Start out to the half moon beach and get a few good things. Coming back stop a few minutes with Curtis. After dinner go up to Doctor Canfields where he joins me and we go out to Mussel Point beach beyond the Chinese fisheries and get some good things. Back to dinner. The Vigilance Committee have bills posted all over town. Evening write, sort shells, and read the papers. [[preprinted]] WEDNESDAY 24 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Feel a little rheumatic, and as the weather is damp, the clouds lowering and symptoms of rain approaching. I sit down and write a long letter about Monterey and my doings here enclosing a scrap from the Monterey Gazette. Go up to Doctor Canfields, down to Curtis & post my letter, back to the Doctors and go down to the town beach and get some borers & Pteropods. Back to supper. Evening. Write and sort shells as usual. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] THURSDAY, January 25, 1866 [[/preprinted]] Morning, a most lovely day, clear and bright. Feel better than for several days. After breakfast start off with Mr. Powers to Mussel Point, all the other beaches being occupied with Spanish women and children. Call at Doctor Canfields and finding him out go on. Have good success so much so, that I stay all day, while Powers goes back at one. Mr Little's boy died of diptheria today. Evening read the Boston Advertiser of Watkins and sort shells. [[preprinted]] FRIDAY 26 [[/preprinted]] Morning start off equipped for work. Stop at Dr Canfields borrow his Aulon iron and go down to the beach. See the Fayaway comming in to my great delight. Spend some time on the rocks, come back without much thats new. A whale is brought on to the beach that was worried to death by the killers. Stay on the beach and watch the Portuguese cut him in. Get some baleen, Powers comes down & we go back to supper. Evening. Call on Miss Eloisa Abŕego with Brittain, Walker, and Dwight-Parsons. [[preprinted]] SATURDAY 27 [[/preprinted]] Morning, go up to Dr. Canfields and talk with him about the Antilocapra. He gives me Lucapina and Aplysia. The Fayaway did not haul up to the wharf on account of the roughness of the water. Get letters from Stearns & Mother by Capt. Josslyn. Pack up my shells partly. Go down to Mr. Littles and get a box. Go down on the town beach but find nothing. After supper with Powers, Brittain, and Walker, walk 5 miles down the Salinas beach, build a big fire and come back late.
[[preprinted]] SUNDAY, JANUARY 28, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning fair and clear. Go up to Dr. Canfields get his tenaculum and spend the day cleaning and Packing shells. Powers Brittain and Walker get ready to go to Salinas or Watsonville. Go up to the Courthouse with Walker. They start off about ten A.M. After dinner go down to Dr. Blankmans and spend the evening. Joe gives me two specimens of Calliostoma supragranosa a very rare and beautiful shell one of carpenters new species. Walls is going to do mischief if the old Dr. dont wake up. So go the world. [[preprinted]] MONDAY 29 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Put my boxes of shells aboard the schooner also my old coat & blankets. Pack up to leave tomorrow. Go up to the chinatown beach with Dwight Parsons. Back to dinner with him. After dinner pack up my valise. Go up to Doctor Canfields and remain sometime. Back to supper and in the evening (get Lillies photograph) spend the evening a the old Blankmans. Walls gone to Natividad. [[preprinted]] TUESDAY 30 [[/preprinted]] Morning fair. After breakfast Pack up my things, Pay Harris twenty dollars, take my baggage over to Dr Canfields. Get the antelope paper from him. Go down with my baggage to the schooner. Go aboard, get dinner and about 4 oclock haul off into the bay. About seven Captain Josslyn comes aboard and we set sail for San Francisco. A chinaman three sailors, a farmer with his grain and Lambert the whaling Captain at Monterey, passengers. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] WEDNESDAY, January 31, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning, early off Santa Cruz head, very little wind and cloudy with some rain. Make Point Pedro by dark. No chance of getting in at this rate before Friday. Chinaman curled up, apparently dead. Bunk with the Captain. Turn in early. [[preprinted]] THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 1 [[/preprinted]] Morning cloudy rainy and no wind. Beating of San Francisco North head all day. Don't get in in the daytide and have to wait at anchor on the potatoe patch for the night tide which turns about seven. Lose the small anchor by parting of the chain. Anchor within 200 yards of the dock. Turn in early and sleep soundly. [[preprinted]] FRIDAY 2 [[/preprinted]] Morning, early after breakfast go ashore and up to the Geological Survey Rooms. Meet Low on the steps. Go up to Stearns' office, Telegraph office, Col Bulkleys room who has heard from Baird and gives me the letter to read. B to meet Low, go down and see some magnificent pieces of coral. Pick out a lot from Low. Take baggage up to Geological Rooms. Meet Stearns 2nd at office, up to Lows to lunch, get a lot of letters. Down to office at 3. Down to ship to dine. Ev'g call on Scammon Bolander & Stearn.
[[preprinted]] SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning. Go down town early. Go to the Survey Rooms, unpack shells and wait for Cooper. Look over shells with him and find some interesting things. Stearns, Bolander, Dr. Kellogg & Prof. Whitney come in. At twelve go up to Stearns office and meet Stearns 2nd and put off excursion for a short time. Back to Survey Rooms, work till 4 P.M. when I start for the ship meeting Capt. Scammon by the way. Get down just in time for dinner. Evening rainy, write and arrange room. [[preprinted]] SUNDAY 4 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Dress and go down to the Occidental. Wait some time and see Col. Bulkley and talk over the plans for the coming season, promotion, and whales. Give him Bairds letter and Ounga Island estimates down to church, am invited Thurdsay to Capt. Hoyts. Go down to see Wright, and Whymper. Go up to Mr. Lows and get lunch and corals, send them to the South Park, down aboard, back to Mr Lows to dinner, spend some time there. He goes to church and I go down to the Klinkofströms. Hugh Ritchie is dead. [[preprinted]] MONDAY 5 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Down town with Jared Norton early. Get my hair cut, call at Stearns office and go down to the Survey Rooms. Work away at the shells all day till three o'clock in the afternoon. Stearns came in, and Copper and we discuss shells and Carpenter. Go round to Dr. Kelloggs who goes with me to Mr Laceys who has made up my suit of Vol I and II of Cal. Acad. Sci. except 4 pps and it is at the binders. Meet Laborn and stop at the office and see Whymper. Down to the Gate and in the evening go up with Black. Call at Mrs de Ros and spend the evening. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning. Down town late, meet Capt. Scammon and go to Hubbards and thence to Stearns office after letters. Leave shells at Geological rooms and then up to the Co's. office but the Captain isn't there; back to Survey rooms. Work till a quarter of 4 at shells, Cooper assisting. Stearns came in during the morning. After dinner work at shells till seven and then go up town with Mr. Davison. Go up to George Adams' fathers store and talk with him for some time and then go round to Mrs. Bracketts and spend the remainder of the evening. [[preprinted]] WEDNESDAY 7 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Down town with Jared Norton. Stop at the office, no chance of getting any money. Stop at Stearns office. Go down to Geological Survey Room Condense Canfields Antelope paper. Work over the shells. Chas. Stearns, & R.E.C. come in. Blakes attack will not be published. Up to the office at three. Down to the vessel with Jared Norton After dinner write to mother, up town to Captain Scammons where we pass the evening with Capt Dearborn, talking over matters & things. [[preprinted]] THURSDAY 8 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Dress and go down town. Stop at office no money. Go into Stearns office and borrow $5.00 Down to Survey Rooms. Work all the morning on shells Cooper and Mrs. Cooper come in. About three, start up town. Get bound copy of Cal. Ac. Proc. from the binders. Get a pair of gloves. Walk down to the vessel part way with Laborn. Dress & go up to the captains, and after a short delay .. go out with him and wife to a bridal party of Miss Bullene now Mrs. Whittemore, at Capt Hoyts. Have a jolly good time.
[[preprinted]] FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning down town, stop in at the office. No money to be expected. Slip into Stearns' office and into Dayleys who is out. Down to the survey rooms and work over shells. Dr. Cooper comes in, and we work over some new species for some time. About 3 o'clock go up to town, stop in at office and down to the vessel. After dinner go up a little way with Jno. O. Norton, then to R.E.C. Stearns', and back in the driving mist to Mrs Klinkofströms where I pass the evening. Dr. Frick is dead. Cooper goes to Santa Cruz. [[preprinted]] SATURDAY 10 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Down to the office with Jared Norton. No chance of getting paid off. This infernal humbuggery is outrageous. They are probably waiting for the repeal of the Specific Contract-bill so as to pay us in greenbacks. Down to Stearns office and the Survey rooms where I work with Cooper, Kellogg, Bolander and Prof. Whitney all day. Stearns goes over to Dr. Newcombs but doesn't find him in. Evening, call on Stearns and at Mrs de Ro's, but the girls are away all the evening. [[preprinted]] SUNDAY 11 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Dress and start with Black, and meet the Captain as we go down the wharf. Black goes back with him and I go down to church. Mr Stebbins preaching a very fair sermon on the parable of the scriptures about the ten talents. After church go up to Capt Scammons where we pop corn and then call at Mr. Noyes' where I find Mrs. N. down stairs and much better. Down to Stearns' to dinner. Name some shells and go down to South Park and take tea at the consuls and spend the evening there. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] MONDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning. Down to the office. Chappel gone to Sacramento. Call on Stearns. Down to Hubbards, get a batch of letters, and go down to the Survey office and read them. Among the things in the lot sent from Sitka were two Somateria Vnigra, and 2 Lampronetta Fischeri - both very rare and the last before wanting in the Smithsonian collection. Work on the shells a short time. Cooper, Trask, and Stearns in. Go round to Ayres' and unpack a barrel of fish mostly soft. Go to Col. B. & tell him of Bairds letter. Down to vessel and after dinner go up to Miss Hapgoods and spend the evening. Nabbed on dancing. [[preprinted]] TUESDAY 13 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Down town. Stop at Capt. Scammons and make arrangements about dancing class. down to office no signs of paying off. See Stearns. get letter from P.M.S.S. office from Elliott. See Prof. Whitney about keg and alcohol. Go round town furiously in search of a pair of dancing shoes. Finally get them. Step in to Payots after Russian Grammars; not yet come. Passing the court house am stunned for a little while by a blow in the face, by a board carelessly carried. Go up to the Captain and apply arnica. In the evening escort Miss Hapgood to the Hall & back. Have a good time & learn. x [[preprinted]] WEDNESDAY 14 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Down town. Order straps at Norcrosses. Get keg and alcohol for ayres' fishes. Into Survey rooms and clear away the loose shells which have been laying round for several days. Down to Stearns' to get the letter from the dead letter office which was not forwarded according to agreement by Gamble. See Conway about Kennicotts letters - Down to the Gate to dinner meeting Glover by the way. Evening go up town with Black & Labourn and call on Hubbard and spend the evening.
[[preprinted]] THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning. Down town. Call at Dr Ayres who postpones the fish work till tomorrow. Ride down to the postoffice with him. Go down & stir up the alcohol man. Down to the office of Survey, calling at our office and on Stearns'. Work over Trask's Septosiagon plate, write to Elliott and copy part of the Cal. Acad. Proc. Maj. Williamson comes in. Up town meeting Miss Noyes and down to ship. Evening walk up town with Black, call at Mr. Lows. Ames is out. Call at Mrs Bracketts where they have a dancing party. Go down to Mrs Hapgoods, play euchre and spend evening. [[preprinted]] FRIDAY 16 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Down town and call at the Captains to enquire about the attack on Charley by some ruffian on the bridge. Down to Mission Street Wharf and take a look at the Wright which is refitting magnificently. Lee Walker aboard there. Call at the office, at Stearns office, and write to mother encl. photo of Davison. Go up to Dr. Ayres' to lunch and pass the afternoon in repacking and labelling a barrel of fish which has been standing for nearly ten years. Take dinner there and go down to the Consuls in the Even. [[preprinted]] SATURDAY 17 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Get things together and go down town. Into Stearns office and go down to see Prof. Whitney about fish. At eleven oclock go over to Dr. Newcombs, and meet the Consul on the boat. Spend the morning with the Doctor who gives me Hauleys [[Hon?]] of the Tellinidae. Stearns and Rowell come over. Go back on the 4 oclock boat just catching the cars. Up to Stearns' to dinner and call at Mrs. de Ros and spend an hour in the evening. Down aboard. Read M. Ryans theory of Parallels, a hum! [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning. Dress and go down town. Stop at Mr. Lows for a few minutes and walk down to church with him and Mrs. Low. Mr Ames preaches better than usual. Back to Mr Lows after church with Mrs Low, and meet a Mrs Thornberg. Take lunch there and spend part of the afternoon. Go down to Captain Noyes' to dinner. Mrs. Noyes is much better. Wendte is there. after tea walk down to Taylor Street with him and call on Mrs. Whittemore who is out. Go up to Stearns house and spend the evening there. [[preprinted]] MONDAY 19 [[/preprinted]] Down town, see Norcross about straps, which have been made with no end of mistakes. Down to Hubbard no letters. See man about kegs. Take pamphlets to Whitney Dr. Newcome comes in and examines some shells and selects some from my Monterey collections. Go up to Dr. Ayres' and transfer the fishes into a smaller keg and have it headed up. Take lunch there and calling at Stearns' office down to Survey Rooms. Evening ride out with Mr. & Mrs. Scammon and Mr. Pillsbury to Capt Hoyts to make a party call; and returning call on Mrs. Whittemore and her husband and talk over dancing &c [[preprinted]] TUESDAY 20 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Down to the Captains read paper, call at the Hotel, see Col. Bulkley, give him Sci. outfit list, mention about Kennicotts letters and Conway to him. In to the office, in to see Stearns, down to Survey Rooms and copy in to Acad. Proc. at noon go to lunch with Stearns, see Kellogg about drawings, meet Taylor, go down and see Wendte about Fricks books. Write to Canfield. Get straps at last from Norcross. Ev. Up for Miss Hapgood down to Lunts Hall and dance all the evening. Go home with her having had a good time & down to ship -
[[preprinted]] WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning. After breakfast down with Black to Capt. Scammon's, who is out then down the office where we meet him, and I have a little talk on Company matters. Get an order from the Col. for the microscope and take it down to the Survey rooms. Leave books at Bosquis to be bound. Call on Stearns and go to lunch with him down town. Call on Cutter (out), Dr. Kellogg, see Lancey, call again on Bosqui, down to Survey Rooms. Prof. Whitney goes to Sacramento leaving the key with me. Evening. Call on Capt. Scammon (see Lane of the Behring) Ames at the Consuls and follow them up to Mrs de Ro's. [[preprinted]] THURSDAY 22 [[/preprinted]] Washingtons birthday. At sunrise have the Gate dressed in a full suit of bunting, from bobstay, to spanker boom. Clara Bell & fleet also dressed as far as they had flags. At noon fire a salute when Col. B. & a small party visit the fleet. Down town, call on Lorquin and get a few Mediterranean shells. Call on Basqui and show him my pictures. Down to Survey Rooms and color the plates of my Cal. Acad. Proc. Up to south Park and take the ladies down on board the Gate where we see the boat race. Up to dinner at the Consuls and in the evening go up and call on John Lewis. 865. Mission [[preprinted]] FRIDAY 23 [[/preprinted]] Morning down town with [[Starr?]] Pollock . Call at office, on Stearns and name some shells. Call and get letters at Hubbards. Down to Survey Rooms. Call on Whymper at his room. Out to Capt. Scammons and leave a photo for Capt. Dearborn. Take the Mission cars to to hunt up Dr. Fricks family who have moved in town. Call on Mrs Hoyt and meet Mrs M'Dowell and Mrs Drum who invite me to call at Black Point. Call on Mrs Bridges and then down to dinner aboard. Evening call on Mr. Stebbins, Mrs. Denison and Mrs Taylor & aboard late. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning. Down town early. Stop at the office. Call in at Stearns' office discuss our drunken Presidents speech. Down to Soune and Bacons and make arrangements for printing 100 copies of memorial of Bridges for Mrs. B. Down to Rowland, Walker & Co's to inquire if the Sitka ship has yet arrived and find she is at the Sandwich Islands. Go up to the Survey Rooms, where I find Bolander. Write letters all day. Stearns comes in - Get letter & paper at Hubbards. Evening, go up on the hill and call on the Lows & Mr. Ames. Go down to the Odd fellows library with him and back. [[preprinted]] SUNDAY 25 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Down to church and sit with Capt Noyes. Mr. Stebbins preached a political sermon and a pretty good one, hitting our drunken President pretty hard sometimes. Down to see the Col, who is out. Call at Capt. Scammons and spend a half hour. Round to Capt Noyes, and show Mrs. N. the sketches by Whymper. Up to Mr. Lows to dinner. Mrs Thomberg & her child being there. After dinner go down to the Consuls show them the sketches, and also Capt. Sandman and Miss de Ro, who were there. Aboard early. Today has been a very pleasant day though cloudy. [[preprinted]] MONDAY 26 [[/preprinted]] Morning dress myself, and go down town. Stop at Dr. Ayres'. Find Tommy Newcome there, his mother is quite sick. Get photograph &c of fish. go down to Cols. room to ask about photos, then to office where I find the Captains flag book &c Stop in to see Stearns and down to Survey Rooms. Up to Dr. Ayres pack sundries in box take lunch. Keg to Sam H. down to Survey Rooms, write. Take box to Hubbards. Leave instruments at Captains. Down aboard. Rains. In the evening down to Stearns'; go to Rowells house find him out, return and spend the evening with Stearns.
[[preprinted]] TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning, downtown. Call at Stearns' office and discuss the Presidents course. From there to Towne and Bacons and the Survey Rooms. Work at copying into my Cal, Academys Proceedings and get the vacuum finally filled. Commence copying the plate of the Washington lily. Go round to Towne and Bacons and get the copies of Bridges' memorial which are beautifully printed. Down aboard to dinner. Dress and go up town again for Miss Hapgood and dance all the evening at Lunts. Have a good time but get well tired [[preprinted]] WEDNESDAY 28 [[/preprinted]] Morning. A pelting rain. Go out to Mrs. Bridges and carry the copies of the memorial to her. Down town, see Stearns and go to the Survey Rooms. Call on the Col. speak about Elliott, and leave a copy of the memorial with him. Finish the plate of the lily which makes my volume now complete. Prof. Whitney goes to Sacramento. Work out the lingual ribbon of Octopus punctatus, Gabb. Evening leave note for Ames at Mr Lows call on Mrs. Raymond who is gone to New York, round to Stebbins' whose wife is better. From there to Mrs Hapgood where I spend the remainder of the evening. [[preprinted]] THURSDAY, MARCH 1 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Dress and go down amidships and get out a box of vials. Down town. Meet Laborn and go in to the office with him. In to Stearns' who is busy, and down to the Survey office where I work nearly all day at the Monterey shells. Down to Bosquis and find my books are not done. Back again and then down town. Evening. Call at the Captains and meet Capt Plummer, over to Stearns' to go with him to Bacons and find all out. Call on Mrs. Brackett. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] FRIDAY, MARCH 2, 1866 [[/preprinted]] A beautiful day. Down town, leave boots to be mended, stop at H. Cs. office but don't go in. Down to the Survey Rooms and work all day at a paper on Octopus punctatus. G. for the next meeting of the Academy. Sort over some more of the Monterey shells. Stearns comes in and two or three inquiries are made for Prof. Whitney. Go up to Stearns' to dine coming down get clothes from Chinamen and boot from Jew. Evening go up to the Consuls where I meet Capts. Sandman & Walker, Mrs Walker, Mr. Rowland and the little Walker girl and her father. [[preprinted]] SATURDAY 3 [[/preprinted]] Down town and see the Col. about money and sci. equipment. Call in on Stearns, and go down to Hubbards, expecting a letter from Stimpson but find none returned; work till 3 P.M. on shells. Stearns comes in Down to office, not ready. As per Col's. permission see about having two plant boxes and a dredge made. Down to office, will only pay half what is due me which I wont take. Col. out. Evening. Call at the Occidental, meet Col. Williamson. Down to Mrs. de Ro's without Glover after all. Olga, Charlotte and a friend there. [[preprinted]] SUNDAY 4 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Work over shells. Down to church. Mr. Stebbins preaching. Kings tomb is beautifully decked with flowers it being two years today since he died. A very good sermon. After church down to the Occidental but don't find the Colonel. Down to Capt. Scammon's ; who feels as I do, that matters are approaching a crisis. Up to Mrs. Lows, see Ames and walk down to the Wright and go over her and back to the Lows with him. Down to Capt. Noyes' to dine. Wendte goes East on the 30th to study for the ministry. Down to the Consuls in the evening, Mrs Stahl there.
[[preprinted]] MONDAY, MARCH 5, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning. Work at shells. Down to the Colonel's room but he is not up, and Harry reports him in a savage humor having been roused too early ; so I don't stay. Step in to see Stearns for a few minutes. Down to the Survey Rooms and work over the shells. Legislators in all the morning. Afternoon, meet Bugbee and look over some drawings with him. Meet Mr. Low who speaks of annoyances and offers help. Down to ship but find that they have had dinner early. Go up to Mr. Lous and stay a little while and then down to Acad. meeting where I present a short paper on Octopus punctatus, Gabb. [[preprinted]] TUESDAY 6 [[/preprinted]] Down to the Occidental ; Col. B. gone. Go down with Harry to the office, get permission to have the fishbags made and also net frames and geological hammers. Also get promise of money in afternoon. Call on Stearns, and on Bosqui. Go into Town and Bacons and get an old wood cut. Up to Van Vlecks and get it cut and cleaned. Over to the Survey Rooms and draw fig. of teeth. Lunch with Bosqui. Meet Bugbee. Down to vessel late and don't draw my money. Steamer telegraphed. Evening, go to Lunts with Miss Hapgood and pass a pleasant evening. It's a question if I can afford it again. [[preprinted]] WEDNESDAY 7 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Down to the office and get paid off. Go in & pay Stearns what I have borrowed. Down to Hubbards and get letters and package of books. Down to Survey Rooms and open it. Cut out my drawing of the teeth. Down to Van Vlecks and get proof of it and to Bosquis and get books and leave more to be bound. Call at Mr. Stebbins and see Miss Fisher. Evening. Call at the Consuls about book for Mr. Walker. Call to see Ames who leaves for the country Friday. Call at the Captains and go down and see Bosqui. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] THURSDAY, MARCH 8, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning. Down town stop at the office but find Lewis away sick. Go down to Hubbards office and find a book from the S.I. Go to Mr. Rankins and meet Dr. Stone who has given my parcel to Hubbard & Stebbins. Get desk of S; meet Dr. Stillman there; down to Survey office and write letters. Stearns comes in. Up to Col. B's room, find Capt. Scammon there. Go down to Pillsburgs with him. Up to Hubbards house and get parcel. Evening, over the bridge with Black, out to Mrs. Lewises, down to Mr Lows to see Ames who goes up country tomorrow. Walk down with him and call on Mrs. Stillman. [[preprinted]] FRIDAY 9 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Down town, stop at the office; get some more cloth for fishbags; stop at Stearns office for a short time. Down to the Survey Rooms and write letters. Gates and Alzimora down by the Active. Popes party a fizzle. Call in at Locke and Montagues and see about dredge and seives. Down to the vessel to get pamphlets ready for posting. News that Dr. Fisher goes East by tomorrow steamer. After dinner down town and post letters and down to the Consuls and pass the evening. [[preprinted]] SATURDAY 10 [[/preprinted]] Down town to the office. Dr. F. goes per steamer and the keys of the medicine chest are given to my charge. Call at Stearns office, stop at Bosqui's and at Towne and Bacons. Down to the Survey Rooms and work over Pachy poma. Down to lunch with Stearns and back to office then meet him at T & B's call for Whymper and go out to the Mission and gather wild flowers all the afternoon. Call at Captain Hoyt's stay still dark and by the [[hasscar?]] to Stearns' where I dine and leaving some flowers at the Consuls call on Mrs de Ro.
[[start page]] [[preprinted]] SUNDAY, MARCH 11, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning. Dress and go down town early. Meet Pierce on the bridge with a Mr. Loan. Over the hill meet Hubbard with Mr. Kellogg. Going further on meet Dr. Stone, all out enjoying the beautiful morning. Down to the Captains and make a short call there, and then start for church. Meet Mr. Stebbins and walk up with him. Sit in Mr. Lows pew. Have a good sermon. After dinner go up to Stearns' and spend the afternoon. Stay to dinner. Go down with Stearns to Bacons, and on the way meet Wetherbee, Childs, and a friend of his. Call there and then go down to the Consuls, where I meet Mr. & Mrs. [[Imarc?]] + Lottie. [[preprinted]] MONDAY 12 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Early breakfast. Down town call on Col. Bulkley, speak about Rothrock and Elliott. Go up to Dr. Paines he is out, call on Stearns. Go down to the Survey Rooms and work all day copying notes from Coopers book of Carpenters Supplementary Report on the West Coast shells into my interleaved Smithsonian Check list. Stearns comes in and borrows my first Report on the W. C. Shells. After dinner Caldwell comes down with a note from Col. Bulkley. Evening, go up town with Capts Marton and Harding. Call on old Rowell who gives me some shells and after ward on Stearns where I finish the P.M. [[preprinted]] TUESDAY 13 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Show Tectarius coronata which has survived four years drought; to Col. Bulkley and speak to him about Caldwell and reps. to dredges. Call at Stearns office and see Brooks and Van Vleck. Down to Locke & Montagues and see about dredges, &c. Get a side of leather for dredge and meet Dr. Ayres. Ride up to Geolog. office. Go & look for nets and don't find any. Work over Trochiscus Norrissii and prove it to be a trochid & not proboscidean. Down to the vessel and work over some shells. After dinner dress and go up for Miss Hapgood and dance at Lursth all the evn [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] WEDNESDAY, MARCH 14, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Down Town. Step in to the office and into Stearns office Go down to Locke and Montagues but find the foreman out. Go to Henri Payots and look over Dore's Illustrated Bible. Down to Dr. Trasks and borrow his microscope. Leave it at Stearns' and down to L. + M's. again, all out. Leave micr. at Cookes, to lunch with Stearns and down to Post office + Robisons with him. Down to Survey Rooms and work. Up to L. & Ms. + leave orders. Down to the Gate to dine and up town after dinner. Call at Lows, leave pants at Tailors, walk to church with ames. Leave cards at Mrs. Whittemores, call on Mrs Stebbins and on Mrs Taylor. [[preprinted]] THURSDAY 15 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Down to Dr. Ayres' and get sharks jaw. Call at the office and into Stearns' office and down to Hubbards' but the mail is not yet distributed. Down to Locke & Montagues and get bill of seives &c. Go to Survey Rooms and write to Cooper + father. Letters from home tell of the death of Grandma Dall from nervous prostration, the result of a severe fright. Go aboard and dress to go over to Black Point to see Mrs. Gen. M'Dowell, down to the Captains and conclude not to go over. Call at the Noyes', see Mrs. N. + Willie, call on Bolandea who is out, on Miss Hapgood, also out. Go out to Mrs Lewises and spend part of the evening, meet a Miss Abbott there + see her home. [[preprinted]] FRIDAY 16 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Down town with seives &c to Locke and Montagues. Meet the Consul going down town and walk with him part way. Work at the tin shop nearly all day wiring two dredges and leave the boy wiring the third. Down to Hubbards and find nothing, but go down to the Survey Rooms. Write to Mother and Geo. C. Walker. Down to Tel. office find it locked & meeting Stearns go down to dinner with him. After dinner go down to the Consuls and up to Mrs. de Ro's, where I find Charlotte & Olga - and spend the P.M.
[[preprinted]] SATURDAY, MARCH 17, 1866.[[/preprinted]] Morning. Caldwell comes up and reports for duty. Set him at work sorting shell &c. Down town and step into the office see Wright about Caldwell and step into Stearns' office for a few minutes. Down to Locke and Montagues and look over the articles ordered which appear to be all satisfactory and give directions about having them packed. Down to Survey Rooms and work till noon when Stearns comes in and we go to Oakland and call on Dr. Newcomb. Look over shells and stay till 6 oclock Grub at resteraunt and call on Whymper & Hapgoods. [[preprinted]] SUNDAY 18 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Dress, bathe, and start down town with Morse. Go to Mr. Stebbins', where we have an excellent sermon on death and good singing. Walk down with Capt. Noyes' to the P.O. and up first street to the Captains. He is out but soon comes in. While there Dr. Tlouraku comes in and soon after Mrs. Klinkofstrom and Mrs Kochkin. Go up to Capt. Noyes' to dine and meet General Wilson and Wendte who goes East to-morrow. After dinner go over the hill and spend the evening at the Consuls who doesn't go to Alameda. [[preprinted]] MONDAY 19[[/preprinted]] Morning. Down town, leave clothes with Chinaman. Call in to see the Colonel and get promise that Elliott shall be sent right down. Get introduction to Mr. Keith and carte blanche. See Stearns, Locke & Montague & go into Towne & Bacons and get some paper for tubes. See Tommy Newcomb and go into the Survey office and work over Frochiscus nomissii &c. Into Bosquis and get books which have been bound. Up town meet Stearns. Evening go to Academy meeting and speak of Coopers collections at Santa Cruz & N. Cronkhiteii &c. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] TUESDAY, MARCH 20, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning. Down town, into the office, down to Locke and Montagues. Get bill of Hardware. Dredge is charged at extortionate rates. Down to Keith's with the list of drugs &c. Go into Hubbards and find him out. Up to Survey office, meet Dr. Newcomb. Baron Reichthoven has returned. To lunch with Dr. Newcomb and up to Stearns office. Down to the Oakland boat with the Dr. and up to Survey office. Write to Dr. Cooper. Down to Stearns' office and out to Mrs Bridges with Prof Henrys letter. Work over shells with Dora. dine there and in evening up with Miss Hapgood to Lunts [[preprinted]] WEDNESDAY 21 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Dress, pack up shells &c, for for identification at Dr. Newcombs. Down town after seeing Caldwell and giving him some work for the coming few days. Go to Stearns' office, see Uncle Jim Laidlay and Mr. Tilton. Meet Stearns and go to Hubbards office & get the parcel in which my coat &c came, and then down to Keiths where we talk over the list of articles and smile. By the 11.°15' boat, to Oakland and meet Wicker in the cars. Arrive at Dr. Newcombs meet a Mrs. Corson, and spend the remainder of the day and evening looking over & naming shells. [[preprinted]] THURSDAY 22 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Cloudy and dull. After break fast spend most of the morning looking over shells with the Doctor identifying and naming them, especially Achatinellas. In the afternoon the Doctor goes out and leaves me to the shells and books. Evening Tom comes home and after dinner go over the garden and look at the promising plants roses and gladioli. Go over with the Doctor to Prof. W [[superscript underlined]] m [[/superscript underlined]] P. Blakes where we see a lot of shells from Japan &c. spend part of the evening and then return to the Doctors.
[[preprinted]] FRIDAY, MARCH 23, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning. Doctor Newcomb called off at four o'clock by a case of protracted labor, 18 miles away. Work over the shells by my self, look over the duplicates and identify many of them. Lunch with Mrs. N. and when the Doctor comes back take a short ride with him. Box arrives from Dr. Cooper with the new snail which is a very handsome one. Doctor is called off to San Leandro and I go into town by the 4.45 boat. Dine with Tommy Newcomb and go up to Whympers room, fix up and go down to the South Park, find O. out, and spend the eving at de Ro's. [[preprinted]] SATURDAY 24 [[/preprinted]] Morning. dress and after breakfast, go over the new ship Nightingale with the boys. She is a fine vessel and well suited for our purposes. Down town with Caldwell, stop at the office and see the Colonel, down to Stearn's office: from there to Hubbard's and Keiths Alcohol secured at $1.75 in bond, tinned & boxed. Cork also obtained. Down to Survey office give Caldwell Carpenter's Rep. to copy. Stearns comes and go to Lorquins, Robisons, and Payots with him. Over to Mr. Lows, to dinner. Evening, go with Mrs. Low, Mrs. Thornberg, & Mr. Low to the new synagogue. [[preprinted]] SUNDAY 25 [[/preprinted]] Morning, dress and up town to the Occidental. Find Col. B. out leave card for him. Round to Mr. Stebbins church meet Glover & Morse and sit in Capt Noyes pew and have a good sermon. After church round to the Cosmopolitan, no orders. Call on Mr & Mrs. Col. Nyde; Up to Capt. Scammons and walk down to the ship with Messrs Hanscoms, Wicker & Wright. Up to Mr. Lows to dine and talk about a trip to Sacramento. After dinner round to the Consuls and round to Dr. Peck church with the girls. Back to Park and ship. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] MONDAY, MARCH 26, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning. Down to Occidental, see the Col. for a minute about medicine chests and then down to the office see Wright about the same. Step into Stearns office who has a letter from Putnam. Into Hubbards get small mail and then to Keiths. Round town about arsenic. See Keith and up to the Survey rooms where we have a very decided shock of earthquake which makes the Baron take up his hat and start for the door. Up to Mr Lows to lunch, down town with Mr. Low. over to the ship and back to his office and down to the Sacramento boat the new "Capital" and leave at four oclock with Prof Whitney, Baron Richthoven, Atwood &c [[preprinted]] TUESDAY 27 [[/preprinted]] Morning Dress about six oclock and go up K street Street to the vicinity of the new Capitol, and to Gov. Lows house where I wait till he comes down. Deliver letters take breakfast and adjourn to his office. Take a note to Senator Porter and go to the Senate Chamber and take a seat by him in the floor. He is an old schoolmate of father's. Talk over Survey &c. See Bugbee. go into Assembly and back to lunch at the Governors. Rec'd letter and take the 2 oclock boat for San Francisco, coming down with Prof Whitney, and [[T?]]. R. Brooks. Arrive in San Francisco about nine oclock. Up to Mr. Low's and over to the vessel [[preprinted]] WEDNESDAY 28 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Get my traps together and with Caldwells help, get most of them into my new quarters in the cabin, Col. Bulkleys old room. See Capt. Sands about the medicine chests. Down with to the office see Col. Bulkley, get permission to buy paper & traps Into Stearns office, down to Hubbards, get parcel from Cooper. Down to Survey Rooms. See Keith about medicine, to Survey Rooms & write. Up to office & to Payots, see Stebbins, over to vessel. Work over traps transferring them and go over to Capt Scammons & call.
[[strikethrough preprinted]] THURSDAY, MARCH 29, 1866 [[/strikethrough preprinted]] see next page Today will be found by accident, written under date April 4. [[line]] WEDNESDAY APRIL 4, 1866 [[line]] Morning, Down town with Caldwell & Black stop at the office. Down to Hubbards after letters then into Keiths and set Caldwell at work again on the medicine chests. Work there myself till 12. Get Books from Towne & Bacon. See Prof. Whitney, Mr. Porter, Mr. Hanks, &c. See Stearns. Evening up to the Captains with Davison and Black. From there to Occidental and spend an hour with Prof. Marcy of Evanston, Ills. and find Smith & Whymper abed. [[strikethrough preprinted]] FRIDAY 30 [[/strikethrough preprinted]] see next page Today will be found by accident under date of April 5. THURSDAY 5th Morning take a boat with Starr & Caldwell and board the Bark Rutgers, and the Onward. get the medicine chest and three Quartermasters boxes. Down town with Caldwell. Stop at office Hubbards & Keiths. Go over the Palmettos chest with Mr. Steele. Over to Whitney's office & down to ship. Hear that Olga has met with a severe accident falling from her horse Up to the house after dinner, find her better. Down to the ship with Harry & up to Whitneys ab't. moving. [[preprinted]] SATURDAY 31 [[/preprinted]] Morning damp and rainy. Down town with Caldwell and send him to look for rattraps and gun. Step into the office, then into the Harbor Commissioners & down to Keiths, from there to Survey Rooms, where I work over Monterey shells. Caldwell reports and Stearns comes in and we post over in the rain to Dr. Newcomb and look over shells & take dinner there. Return at 6.20. Engine delays us by busting. Go up to Whympers room and brush up, and down to the Central Park where I call on Mrs. de Ro and Miss Olga. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] SUNDAY, APRIL 1, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Easter Sunday, Write and work on board the Gate in the early part of the morning. Go aboard the Nightingale. Up town, leave eggs at the Consuls. Call at Mrs. de Ros. Find she is going to ride; and then walk over to Trinity Church where we have Easter Services and only fair singing. Leave before communion and go over to Mr. Lows where I find Ames who preached today. Broach my project of amalgamating the Sacramento River bed. Over to Stearns to dinner, and work over some shells with him. Evening call at the Consuls meet Baron Richthoven and have a very pleasant time. [[preprinted]] MONDAY 2 [[/preprinted]] Morning. work over boxes &c with Starr & Caldwell. Down town to the office, thence to Locke and Montague's, thence to Bradley & Rutofsens and have some photos finished. Thence to Keiths, Towne and Bacon's and the Survey Rooms where I find Colwell. Work a short time on shells. Down to pawnbrokers to look at trap Into Keiths and Stearns office [[By?]] afternoon. Get glasses at [[last?]] meeting. Evening Cala. Academy meets. Call at Botanders find him [[strikethrough]] [[ther? ofer?]] [[/strikethrough]] out of town go down and read Coopers paper, acting as Secretary. Bloomer being away Mr. Crofts USA. was there. [[preprinted]] TUESDAY 3 [[/preprinted]] Morning, Down town with Caldwell. Stop at the office. Wicker compliments me on my work so far. Down to Keiths with books f. wh. I reciept. Get Caldwell to work systematizing the accounts. Work most of the morning there and then into Towne and Bacons and up to see the Prof. and talk about the Cal. Ac. Sci. Back to Keiths. Stearns office up to Lorquins and get some shells. Down Aboard. Evening. Go up to Miss Hapgoods and find her gone to San José. Leave pumps at Keiths and go to the "Sheeps Foot" with Baron & the ladies. [[end page]]
[[preprinted strikethrough]] WEDNESDAY, APRIL 4, 1866 [[/preprinted strikethrough]] see one page back. March 29 Morning. Aboard the Nightingale to see the U.S. Rev. flag hoisted on her for the first time. It was yesterday transferred from the Gate to her. The poor Gate is being stripped of wardroom, fixture, skylights &c for the new flagship. Down town to office, Stearns' office Locke and montagues, Hubbards and Towne & Bacons. Keiths; and down to Langly Crowell &cos, after arsenic. Up to Keith & down to Survey Rooms. Work out the Jaws of H. Dalleana and Dupetit-Thouarsi. Evening. Call at Mr. Lows, round to inquire about taking an M.D; of Dr. Ayres; (which is not impossible) & round to Mrs Taylors (March 30) [[preprinted strikethrough]] THURSDAY 5 [[/preprinted strikethrough]] (see one page back) Morning. Over to Capt. Sands and look over his medicine chest which needs refitting. Up town and report him for disobedience of my orders yesterday in not sending it up. Into Stearns office, down to Keiths and round to the Survey Rooms. Work over eggs till two and then go round to Towne & Bacons. Order paper and then back to Survey Rooms. They have got an appropriation of 22,000 per annum for 4 years. Call at Keiths & down to Ship. Lands chest has gone up at last. Evening go round to Mrs Lewises and with John go and call on the Klinkofstöms [[preprinted]] FRIDAY 6 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Take an inventory of Fishers chest. See the Captain on board the Nightingale. Down town with Caldwell leaving Starr to help Black. Into the office for a moment. Down to Stearns office and discuss Cal. Acad. Sci. Down to Keiths. Towne & Bacons about paper. Prof Whitneys office, see Marcy Up to see Stearns again round looking at rooms & go with Prof. Whitney to Donahoes building and engage rooms. Home to dine with Stearns and go in the evening to the South Park and call at Mrs de Ros [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] SATURDAY, APRIL 7, 1866 [[/preprinted]] Morning. down to the office early with Starr and Caldwell Stop and see the Colonel, no news from Elliott. See a Mr. Frittzs at the office who is detailed for duty with me. Down to Keiths and leave Frittzs, Starr and Caldwell at work there. Down to the Geological Survey Rooms and work for a short time over them. See the Prof. go to meet Stearns, lunch with him and with Mr. Caldwells help we work all the afternoon at moving the Cal. Academy's things into their new and pleasanter quarters. Dine at Stearns' washing at his office and call at the Consuls on my way aboard. Sudden news ab't. Revenue officers in the service being detached again. [[preprinted]] SUNDAY 8 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Long talk with Caldwell, Up to Mrs Ayres and go to hear Dr. Stone with her. Have a very good sermon on the atonement. After church drop two notes for the Alta & Bulletin. Call at Capt. Scammons (out) at Mrs Lows (out) Hubbards (out) and finally on Mrs Noyes where I spend a half hour or two pleasantly afternoon go over with Caldwells Starr Pollocks calling at Caldwells Aunts house on the way. After dinner take the cars and go straight to the vessel and spend the evening writing letters. [[preprinted]] MONDAY 9 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Call at the office, send the boys to Keiths and stop at Stearns office for a few moments; down to Hubbards and Keiths. Get the boys at work on pillboxes &c. Frittzs on inventory. See Dr. Kellogg and get the minerals and plants moved down to the cellar. See Whitney and Stearns at the Rooms and go round again to Keiths and set the boys at bottles. Up to Rooms of Cal. Acad with Whitney & Stearns. Down aboard, find Harry there and in the evening call at the consuls & Mrs de Ro's. [[end page]]
[[preprinted]] TUESDAY, APRIL 10, 1866[[/preprinted]] The steamer sails today, Very hot, & sultry, and a small shock of earthquake in the morning, Down to Keiths stopping at office and Stearns'. Col. B. comes in and goes on a tear about Quartermasters boxes Up to Carpenters with Keith to see about chest. Boys at work on the corking bottles. Feel out of sorts and go up to Geological Rooms and work till late. Down aboard the ship, dress and get ready for dancing class. Go up and take Miss Hapgood into Lunts and pass the evening very pleasantly. [[preprinted]] WEDNESDAY 11 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Take a boat and row round the Palmetto which is carcined over to clean the bottom which is covered with mussels and weed. Get a fine sertularian from her. Down town, stop at the office, get a note from Col. Wicker in relation to the boxes. Down to Keiths and get the boys to work corking bottles &c. Work with Steele over boxes &c. over to Survey Rooms, up to lunch with Bacon Back to Keiths, see Col. W. back to Survey Rooms. Evening call at Mrs de Ro's for a minute. Mrs. Lows. Mr. Hubbard [[superscript]] x [[/superscript]], Mrs. Brackett. [[superscript]] x [[/superscript]], Dr Ayres' [[superscript]] x [[/superscript]] & Whymper. [[preprinted]] THURSDAY 12 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Work over shells for a short time. Down town to the office. Get order from Wicker in regard to purchasing invalid food. Get books at Bancrofts and see Stearns. Into Keiths. Col. B. orders all chests up to Keiths again, and goes on a tear. Order chest for flagship. Over to Survey rooms, find Dr. Newcomb has been there and go up to Stearns office with him & up to New Acad. Rooms. and down to Robisons. Up to Keiths, dine with Stearns and go down to the ship. See Capt Scammon & call on Mrs. Lewis [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] FRIDAY, APRIL 13, 1866 [[/preprinted]] Morning, On board Nightingale to examine storage rooms. Down town to office with Starr and Caldwell. Wright sick! Down to Keiths and find uncertain orders awaiting, which I go up to have, in written form, and meeting the colonel get them arranged. Work over the medicines in the morning. Meet John C. Cremona there. Over to see Dr. Kellogg, and get letters from Hubbard. Down to the Wright with Laboume and see sick Aleut. Down to the vessel, dine with Capt. Scammon. Evening, up town and call at Mrs de Ro's, the Consuls, and Mrs Lows. Fanny Ames is coming out. Low will soon be back from Washn [[preprinted]] SATURDAY 14 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Aboard the Nightingale with swordfishes bone which was found driven through six inches of solid wood in the bottom of the Palmetto. Down town send Starr to pay Lorquin, and Bob to Whitneys office for gold, and to get certificates and go to Keiths. Stop at office, Stearns', and then to Keiths. Prepare medicine for sick Aleut. Go into Bancrofts, look over medical books, into Keiths, up to office, see Laboume Go to Survey Rooms, work over shells a little while, down to Oakland boat, over to see Dr. Newcomb, back by six oclock boat spend evening with Stearns. [[preprinted]] SUNDAY 15 [[/preprinted]] Morning, Over to Flag ship and back to dress for church Wind blows very fresh all day; dust by no means agreeable though very plentiful. Intend to hear Dr. Scudder but finding my self late, go to hear Ames who preaches a sermon on the services of President Lincoln a very good one. after church go up to Stearns' house stay part of the day and dine. Evening, meet Ayres going over the hill & speak again of "M.D." Call on Ames and see Mr. Low who has got back and then down to the Consuls and spend the evening. Olga is better-
[[preprinted]] MONDAY, APRIL 16, 1866 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Down town to office. Send Starr with alcohol to Dr. Kellogg and pants to Geimans. Caldwell to Keiths to prepare Aleuts medicine. Step into Stearns office and see about Academy Rooms. Down to Keiths and work in a state of mental exacerbation, over the Wrights, Rutgers, and Army Medicine chests. About 1°.13' start for the door when the explosion of nitro-glycerine at Wells Fargo's shakes the town. Up to the scene, and back to Keiths where I assist on the wounded for some time. Up to the office; round with Lewis, to Acad. rooms with Stearns and dine with him. Academy meeting in evening. [[preprinted]] TUESDAY 17 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Down town with the boys. Stop at the office. Get order from Wicker about boxes. &c. stop in to see Stearns & his arrival from Damon which dont amount to much. Down to Hubbards, leave note for Hepburn at Faulkner, Bells. Down to Keiths, work on medicine &c. Send Caldwell down to the Wright to see sick Aleut and go to Geimans and to Dr. Kelloggs. Up to Whitneys office and work for a little while. To consuls O.K. relapsed, and down town again. See Stearns. Down to ship dress and go up to Miss Hapgoods, and spend the evening pleasantly at Lunts. [[preprinted]] WEDNESDAY 18 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Steamer sails for Panama. Wright comes alongside the Gate and Bark. Mary Hicks with [[coal?]] alongside Nightingale. See Conlin ab't boxes. Down town to office. Stearns and Keith, Starr objects to carrying a bundle down Montgomery St. so do it my self and after work is over, order him to report to Libby for duty. Work at Survey Rooms and down to ship stopping at Rulofsens by the way. See Mrs. & Miss. Lewis. Spend the evening moving my traps on board the Nightingale pro. tem. [[end page ]] [[start page ]] [[preprinted]] THURSDAY, APRIL 19, 1866 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Down town with Caldwell stop at office and see Stearns who has a tremendous lot of shells, mostly cowries, from Gove. Step into Shultzes, Van Bergens and other liquor dealers and test alcohol which is good. Step into Keiths and set Frittzs at work, rewriting the inventories. Up to Survey Rooms and work a while. Set Caldwell at work moving traps aboard the Nightingale Hepburn comes in and at 3 P.M. go and assist him to move out of the ruins. Call into Stearns' & down to ship. Evening. Talk with the Captain and go up town. Call at the Consuls & Mrs Hapgoods. Olga better [[preprinted]] FRIDAY 20 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Get Carpenter at work in my room. Down to the office with Bob. Stop at Stearns who has another invoice of shells. Leave photograph at Rulofsen cap at Nicholsons, step into Keiths and work over food for invalids &c. Up to Survey Rooms, King back from Arizona all safe. See to Kegs, stencil &c. over to Ks. Down to Stearns & see Hepburn leave shells at Nucleus; down aboard. Evening call with Capt. Scammon & Mrs [[S?]] on Mis Hapgood call on Mrs Brackett. Down to see the Colonel and to Maquires to hear the "Hunchback" with Harry. [[preprinted]] SATURDAY 21 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Down town with Bob C. Stop at the office, another nitroglycerine explosion reported at Panama and fifty lives lost. Stop at Stearns office for a minute. See Col. Bulkley who assures me that Henry Elliott is coming down. Down to Keiths where the new medicine chest has arrived, it is very handsomely made of yellow pine, varnished. Work nearly all day over it making out lists. Down to Survey Rooms work a while. Walk down with Bugbee, and in the evening go up to the Park & call at Mrs. de Ros [[end page]]
[[preprinted]] SUNDAY, APRIL 22, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning. Over to the Gate for [[insertion]] break [[/insertion]] fast, back and dress Sumner Bugbee comes down and I show him over the ship. Walk up to church with him and hear Doctor Scudder preach on John the Baptist. Am introduced to him after service and invited to call. Go round to lunch with Bugbee and stay till about two when I go round to the Nucleus for Mrs & Miss Hapgood. Down to the ship with them and show them around. Up to the cars and leave them. Go to the Park, and call at the Klinkofstroms. Olga better today. Consul & wife unwell. Day very hot & still [[preprinted]] MONDAY 23 [[/preprinted]] Morning, again very hot and sultry. Down to the office early. Meet Ralph Pope at the door of the Nucleus, with Field & Yates. Get a letter from Elliott by him. He thinks of returning home. Mr. Mumford, one of the Directors, is out by yesterdays steamer I suppose to hold the reins here. Down to office, into Stearns office and down to Keiths. Work over Sci. Bill which I want to get finished. Over to Survey Rooms, see Whitney meet Ames, and go up to Stearns office with him Home to dine & spend the evening at Stearns house. [[preprinted]] TUESDAY 24 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Down town with Caldwell. Into office as usual and find nothing. Down town with the Captain meet Whitney, Hubbard and Ames. Into Keiths and spend all day working over Nightingales chest and writing to Baird, Walker and home. Into Nickersons, Rulofsens and Stearns' office and up with him to Academy Rooms and carpenters shop to look at cases &c. Evening. Up to Lunts and have our final blowout. Take Miss H. stay till 11. see her home: and back till two. Davison and Glover are ordered off the Ex. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted] WEDNESDAY, APRIL 25, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning. The vilest of all vile weather, a driving sleet mist, mixed with fog. Capt Scammon talks of resigning his position, on account of annoyances and insulting curtailment of his perogatives. Down town with him. Stop at the office. Speak to Wicker about a post on the Youkon, and am assured of it and of a chance to go to Ks. assistance if unfortunately needed. Down to Stearns', to Keiths & work over letters, over to survey Rooms stay a little while writing. Evening down town. Call at Dr. Ayres and then up to Lows. Lend them some of our Nicaragua birds, have proved to [[be?]] new. the [[time?]] [[preprinted]] THURSDAY 26 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Down town, with Caldwell. Stop in at the office, and snub Foss about Ijams Down to the office, work over Nightingales chest. Write to Miss Cleveland and Miss Merriam Get chest and Sci equipment off. See Dr. Trask and King in the Morning. Up to Academy Rooms things progressing finely. Up to Rulofsens, and to cap mans. Fire on Clementina Street. Evening up to the Consuls, see Mrs. Koshkin and arrange to go over the vessels Sunday afternoon. Meet Olga going home, and call on Miss Ritchie. [[preprinted]] FRIDAY 27 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Take papers to Col. from Capt. Scammon. Down to office, stop at Stearns; into Keiths, set all at work, down to gasman, have tube fitted and put up in Academy Rooms. Into Keiths again; Ijams reports, up to Stearns, meet Woodward who invites us out to his place tomorrow. Down to Acad rooms and rush into see Bugbee, take strawberries with him. Into gas works & fitters. Down to ship. Misses Plumer & other girls there, wild with champagne. Evening up town call at Mrs Stebbins, see Bridge, and call on Miss Hapgood
[[preprinted]] SATURDAY, APRIL 28, 1866 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Down town, stop at office, Get Buttons, pants and step into Stearns for a little while. Feel sick and miserable from reaction of overwork and last nights medicine Down to Keiths, set Ijams and Fritzzs at work. Meet Mr. Bridge, about rice at eleven and show it, through the microscope. Meet Stearns at twelve; go up to Academy Rooms which are progressing finely. Down town to lunch up to Survey Rooms afterwards to Payots. Go out to R. B. Woodards fine place at Mission Dolores. Spend the P.M. there with Stearns. Go over to see Mr. Jas. Towne and take dinner with him. Evening Call on the Consuls family. [[preprinted]] SUNDAY 29 [[/preprinted]] . Morning. Sleep till half past ten. Feel sick and miserable, which is of no great importance as I have almost finished the medical work. Dress and go down town, too late for church go to Mrs Noyes and spend an hour or two. Up to Mrs Lows to lunch. Meet Mrs. Hinckley there. Down to the Consuls, Mrs Kochkin can't go because it rains. Stay awhile and up to Mrs Lows to dinner. Mrs Church is dead. Get some books for my-self, and for the little girl in Donohues Block. Down to South Park again and spend the Evening. The Consul soon moves to Alameda. [[preprinted]] MONDAY 30 [[/preprinted]] . Morning. Get Caldwell at work on shells and go down town. Stop in at office. No news. Down to Steamer Golden Age to bid Miss Hapgood goodbye Meet Mr. Brackett there; and send drawings home. Call on Pillsbury. Up to office, into see Stearns Down to Keiths, see a Mr. Buhler, and give him a note to Col. Wicker, See Hepburn and name some of his shells for him. Back to Keiths, go over bills &c. Evening. Down town with Labourne, call on Miss Abbott, out to Mrs Lewis' (all out) call on Miss Plummer. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] TUESDAY, MAY 1, 1866 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Get Caldwell at work, painting the chest and over shells. Down town to office. Into Stearns' office and down to Hubbards. Pay my Academy dues which amount to eight dollars, which with what I have given previously makes quite a hole in my purse. Down to Keiths work over bills and get them all footed up. Somewhat less than $1850.00 Finish summary, and report and leave it for the Colonel. Down to ship and in evening go out to the Mission and call on Mrs Bridges, who thinks of going to New Zealand. Very cold and raw today [[preprinted]] WEDNESDAY 2 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Clara Bell, went to sea, bound for Petropavlovsk Went down town leaving Caldwell painting chests and cataloguing shells. Into office, in to see Stearns up into Academy Rooms, Hubbards, and Keiths. Finish bills and inventories of medical stores and hand them in to the office. Up to the Survey office and work over Monterey Shills and Coopers letters. See Prof. Whitney who has some new fossils. Down to ship, getting coat and song books by the way. Evening up to the Plummers and take Miss Josie to Lunts where we have a rather dull evening. [[preprinted]] THURSDAY 3 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Down town early. Into office, see Wright abt Sci. outfit. Down to Survey Rooms and work over Dr. Coopers paper on California Helices which I get Ijams to copy and send off. Work over my own paper on Californian shells and get well along with that. Stearns comes in and we compare notes on certain shells. King in most of the day. The mysterious stranger who made an appointment at ten this A.M didn't turn up. Steamer in, & letters. Evening call up to the South Park at No.23.
[[preprinted]] FRIDAY, MAY 4, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning. Get ready medicine for Dwyer. Down town and into office Sign receipt for Scientific outfit in full. Into Stearns' office and talk over matters and things about Academy matters &c. Down to Keiths, inquire as to progress &c and over to Survey Rooms. Work with Ijams all day over Monterey paper. Stearns comes in during the day. Go up to Dr. Kelloggs, see Bloomer See Keith again. Go to Bancrofts. Up to Cosmopolitan, dine with Clarence King, and go to his room in the Pioneer Building and pass the ev. [[preprinted]] SATURDAY 5. [[/preprinted]] Morning. Down town, stop at the office. See Lewis and get some paper from Wright. Stop at Lorquins and get some shells for the Doctor. Stop in to Bradley & Rulofsens and see Whymper. Up to Academy Rooms and look at cases which are now painted Down to Hubbards and get pkge of books from the Smithsonian including Carpenters Reports. Down to Survey Rooms work till two oclock when I start down with Stearns. Stop at Robisons and go over to see Dr. Newcomb who is called off very soon after we get there. Dine & pass eveng at Stearns. [[preprinted]] SUNDAY 6 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Dress and go up town early. [[Joe?]] Lane cutter laying alongside. Col. Bulkley and Mumford are to make the tour of the fleet today. Walk up to Mr Lows neither he nor Ames is yet returned. Down to Stebbins, to get introduction to Macondray. Meet Swain there. Round to church. Stebbins preaches on mans religious opinion as affected by his character. Up to Mrs Lows take lunch. Drive out in the afternoon to the Mission. Back to dinner there. Mrs Low all alone. Pass the evening there [[page end]] [[page start]] [[preprinted]] MONDAY, MAY 7, 1866 [[/preprinted]] Morning raw and disagreeable. Work with Frittzs Caldwell, and Ijams over shells; naming and packing a large number of them. After dinner dress and go up town to Court Room with John Norton who acts as a witness in the Winant oyster case. Go to Payots. Find Chenn has arrived, but is not yet out of the Custom House. Round to Keiths after Dr. Trasks eggs but they can't be found. See Dayley who looks well and hearty. Round to Stearns office where we have a meeting of the California Academy of Natural Sciences. [[preprinted]] TUESDAY 8 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Down town with Frittzs. Meet Mrs. de Ro very unexpectedly on Sutter Street. Stop at the office [[strikethrough]] very unexpectedle [[/strikethrough]] for a moment. See Stearns go round to Academy Rooms for a minute get out a set of plant papers for Miss Richie. Old Fisk comes buzzing about. Down to Survey Rooms See Dr. Horn, who comes back from Arizona with lots of beetles, &c. Write there all day. Talk over Carpenter with Prof. Whitney. Evening, Go up to Mr. Stebbins and get a note to Macondray. Down to Mrs de Ros. Hettie there, Olga & Pussie, all with colds. [[preprinted]] WEDNESDAY 9 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Down town with Frittzs. Stop at office. Chappel got back from B. Columbia Into Stearns office. Down to Mr. Macondrays and arrange about sending box to father. Into Hubbards get letters. Aunt Etta dead! of gastric fever. Look out for Canfields thermometer. See Bloomer, Kellogg & Lancey. Into Survey Rooms. Work all day at Monterey paper & letters. See Jack about thermometer Ashburner down. See Hepburn. Down to dine with Stearns. Down to ship and work over box.
[[preprinted]] THURSDAY, MAY 10, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning. Send Caldwell down town with letters. Lower the bookshelf in my room about two inches to admit my larger books. Put up some hooks &c. Down to office, see Stearns, into Keiths up to Dr Kelloggs & Lanceys. In to Survey Rooms, Ashburner there. Work nearly all day correcting blunders in previous copies of Monterey shell papers. Up with Prof. Whitney to Academy Rooms, and round to printers, get proof &c. Into Keiths, and down to the vessel. Evening, walk up with Black, call at Doctor Ayres' and go round and call on Miss Josie. [[preprinted]] FRIDAY 11 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Work with Ijams (who is a trial!) Frittzs and Caldwell over packing up shells. Get nearly through and after lunch go up town to see about proofs. Go into Keiths, see Cremona, Steele and Rulofsen are off for a tramp in the woods, for a week or two. Up to Dr. Kellogg, get stencil and present bill to Keith. Down to Stearns' office, after going round from Survey office to Towne and Bacon's about proof, and looking at Miss Carmichael's poems. Dine at Stearns' and go up to Whitneys to see about proof with him. Stop at Payots, Keiths & appr. bill of oil at Mrs Ritchies, & ship. [[preprinted]] SATURDAY 12 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Work with the boys till noon on the boxes of shells and get them finished about two oclock. Go up town, stop for the Captain. ride up to Dr. Kelloggs, Cuss the Conductor for carelessness. Step in and see Bloomer. Up to Survey Rooms see King and Gardner. Down to printing office, meet Bugbee and Bacon. Have haircut and go up to Stearns Dine there. Get a letter from Geo. C. Walker, & one to K. insinuating that my vanity makes me untrustworthy. on account of my horse railroad letter. Call at De Ros. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] SUNDAY, MAY 13, 1866 [[/preprinted]] [[pencil addition, top right hand corner]] Major R. Kennicott Died at Nulato R. AM [[/pencil]] Morning. Dress and go up town with John Norton. Up to Stearns house. Write to Geo. C. Walker in reply to his note of Apr. 16. Out by the Sutter St. R.R. to the mission and walk out to Mr. Tiltons house where we go over the establishment grounds &c. Take some lunch, get a fine boquet from Tiltons old garden and come into town to Stearns' where I dine. Evening. Down to Occidental, find the Col. out of town. Up to Lows, Mr Ames & Low both back Steamer not in. Down to Mrs Noyes and spend the evening. Find Mrs & Capt. Gibbes there from Arizona [[preprinted]] MONDAY 14 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Steamer and Dr. Fisher in. Down town stop at office, at occidental and see Col. Bulkley who says somebody has been sent up to take Elliotts place and he thinks he will be down bye & bye. He says not to order boys to report to Dr. Fisher till further orders and authorizes and afterwards approves* my instructions to the captains. See Macondray, Stearns, who gives me a fine pair of oliva porphyria. Down office, See Gabb, Horn, and Brown. Work and write. Round to printers. * Up to Occidental, down to ship. Evening go out to invite Miss Lewis to the foundry dance & meet the Colonel there. [[preprinted]] TUESDAY 15 [[/preprinted]] Morning step into the office and down to Hubbard and Stearns. Get first issue of Chi. Acad. Sci. proceedings very neat. Go to Dr. Painss and have two teeth tinkered. Afterwards Go up to Acad. rooms which look very neatly, now the painting is all done. Shall get books upon the shelves by next meeting. Up to Stearns' to dinner, round to various places for flowers but can't get them. Down to ship, dress and go out to Mrs. Lewis' and take Miss Lewis with John and Miss Whitney to Hanscoms.
[[preprinted]] WEDNESDAY, MAY 16, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning. Down town. Meet Miss de Ro. Stop at the office. See Dr. Fisher and turn over the medical Dept. to him in toto. See Stearns. Shall work tomorrow night on Academy books. Down to Survey Rooms. Collect proofs for the last time. Prof. Whitney, Gabb and Ashburner gone. Dr. Horn, and Baron Richthoven in. At 1.30 go to Alameda to visit the Consuls family with the Baron. Return with a fearful cold. Dine with Bugbee. Go out to Mrs. Bridges with Horn and get Nic. beetles. [[preprinted]] THURSDAY 17 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Set Caldwell at work on small stores Go up town with Capt. Scammon. Meet Jessie de Ro. See Col. Bulkley and get permission to draw paper and pay. See Wright, and Finlay at the office get paper. Up to see Stearns. Down to Survey Rooms write to Walker and Baird, and Sadie. Revise proof. Up to see Stearns again round to Rooms of Acad. Down to Survey Rooms. Caldwell comes down with box of collections. Up to dinner with Stearns. Evening up to Cal. Acad. Rooms with Whitney, Stearns Caldwell and Carpenter and work till ten oclock. [[preprinted]] FRIDAY 18 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Down town with Caldwell. Into office draw pay. Go up and pay Paine. See Stearns and get note from Macondray. Take keys to lockSmith, see Hubbards. To Survey Rooms, work over shells, see Towne & Bacon about new sheet of Cal. Acad. Proc. &c. Draw Pompholyx effusa on wood and take it round to Van Vlecks to be cut. Down to the ship and in the evening go with the Captain and Mrs Scammon to Mr. Vischers, the Prussian Consul and spend the evening looking at pictures. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] SATURDAY, MAY 19, 1866 [[/preprinted]] Down town with Caldwell. Stop at office. See Stearns and conclude to finish up the Academy business if possible. Down to the rooms and go over the locks. Down to [[strikethrough]] Academy [[/strikethrough]] Survey Rooms. Send the boys out on various errands, and start paper on Pompholyx effusa Lea. Rush round frantically after locks and 'scutcheons for Academy cases. Up to the Rooms, Prof. Whitney, Stearns and Hubbard in, get things into pretty good shape. Get Chenn, of Payot In the evening Go Mr Lows, where I spending the evening, call on Mrs de Ro. Back for night at Lows. [[preprinted]] SUNDAY 20 [[/preprinted]] Up to an early breakfast. Letter from Nellie Wilde, Mr. Ames gone to Santa Cruz to stay all summer. His family are not coming out. Down to church, Mr Stebbins preaching on a call of or to the ministry which he don't believe in. Back to Lows to lunch stay all the afternoon and to dinner. After dinner go down to Capt Noyes' Miss Noyes is gone to Santa Cruz. Down to Park but being late, dont call & so down to the bridge meet Capt Scammon & walk over [[preprinted]] MONDAY 21 [[/preprinted]] Down town. Go up to Academy Rooms and overlook Carpenter at his work. Prof Whitney comes in. See Stearns and go and buy chairs and spittoons. See Bacon about my paper on shells. Up to Academy Rooms and write and work all day. Finally get things into as good shape as possible, leave and go up to Stearns' to dinner. Down to meeting at 7.30' and have a full and good one. Present my paper on Pompholinae new sub family of mollusc.
[[preprinted]] TUESDAY, MAY 22, 1866 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Down town with Caldwell, stop at the office. See Wright about Ijams and contracts. Over to Stearns office. Down to Academys Rooms Write out receipts for books rec'd from foreign societies. Then go to Survey Rooms where I work nearly all day at Pompholyx paper Monterey shells, orders and directions for Captains &c &c. Send Caldwell to Mrs Lewis' for fish bags which are not yet done. Down to ship carpenter not yet put up my shelf. Evening walk out with Caldwell and call on Mrs. Lewis. [[preprinted]] WEDNESDAY 23 [[/preprinted]] Morning. See the Captain about chests and have covers made of canvas for them. Give orders about collecting to Wheeler, and Capt. Arthur. Up town with Caldwell, stop at the office see Stearns. Down to old Robisons and take measurements of a porpoise for Capt Scammon Then over to Towne and Bacons about printing. Up to market looking for new plans &c Meet Stearns and go to dinner with him. Up to Survey Rooms write all afternoon. Get letters, gloomy, as usual. Evening walk up with Black. Meet Mr. & Mrs. Low, call on Mrs de Ro [[preprinted]] THURSDAY 24 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Down town with the Captain. Up to the office. Into see Stearns. See Laidlay, and Gove. Down to Survey Rooms, buy $14.00 in greenbacks Work over Pompholyx paper. Take it into Towne and Bacons who agree to set it up in advance of the Academys sheet. Bolander arrived from Marin Co. See Keith. Go home with Bolander and get some snails. Helix infumata &c. Evening up town with Capt. & Mrs. Scammon. Call at Dr. Ayres' for a little while then up to Plummers & see only Marston. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] FRIDAY, MAY 25, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning. Down town with Mrs. Scammon in a hack. The weather is a boisterous South East gale with pouring rain which makes the vessels, including the Jenny Pitts, collier; which is alongside, dance a minuet and grind each other and the wharf, to the tune the old cow died of. Go into the office. See Wright about alcohol. See Stearns. Into Keiths. Down to Survey Rooms Send Caldwell to Mrs. Lewis' after fish bags. Work all day at Survey Rooms on Monterey shells. King has got order for coat at last. Evening go up town and call on Stebbins. [[preprinted]] SATURDAY 26 [[/preprinted]] Morning Fine and clear after the rain. Down town with Caldwell. Step into office see Wright. Stearns and then down to Survey Rooms where I find King. Step down to the clothing office of the U.S.A. with King. Select an overcoat pay $14.50 in greenbacks for it and take it up to Geimans to be lined. Then over to the Oakland boat and go to Dr. Newcombs. Read him the first part of my Monterey paper which he approves of. The good Doctor gives me a lot of shells mostly Succineas. Back to town. Down to ship and up to Mrs. Lows [[preprinted - left margin]] 5 [[/preprinted]] [[preprinted]] SUNDAY 27 [[/preprinted]] where I spend the night. Mrs. Thornberg and little Minnie are there also. Get up early in the morning having got to bed early. Brown bread and beans for breakfast. Over to Alameda to call on the Consul Rains like sixty over there, and get well showered between the caro & the house. Have a good time walk down to the water on the fence. Back by last boat. Up to Mrs Lows. Even'g. Call at Mrs de Ros and then go up to Mrs Ritchie's. Call on the Col. and get his approval of auth. for Capt Scammon drawn up by me
[[preprinted]] MONDAY, MAY 28, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning. Uptown early, step into office, Wright not there See Stearns, down to Hubbards, step into Sacks and see about Canfields hygrometer which has gone down Meet Keith who speaks of alcohol and bichr. of potash. Sent James down to vessel. Go to Towne and Bacons get proof and correct it. Down to ship have the cases marked Nitric Acid. Up town again after lunch. Work all the P.M. on Monterey paper. Go up to dinner at Stearns. Get my orders as I expected and spend the evening writing at the office till 11.30. Call at Occidental. Col out & down to ship. [[preprinted]] TUESDAY 29 [[/preprinted]] Send Caldwell down to Mrs Lewis' for bags, set him to painting boxes and packing Wrights outfit. Up town call at Occidental. Col. away. Step into office, see Stearns. Down to Towne and Bacons with proof. Write with boys on letters, as we shall soon be off. See Whymper and go down to Cooks seeing Moody by the way Get ink at Chy Lungs and go down to work again Hand in final proof. Down to ship calling for the Col. Evening Call on Miss Coates, and Mr. Taylor, and go down to Whitneys office where I write letters till 11. [[preprinted]] WEDNESDAY 30 [[/preprinted]] Morning up town with Capt Scammon. More trouble with the firm of W- Shenanigan & W-. Into office. Write request for barometers and compass take to Occidental. Col. says he will see about it hereafter. See Stearns. Down to Survey Rooms and write all day on the Monterey shells finally finishing the list. Up to Wrights room, he is better and informs me that I am promoted to a first Lieutenancy. Evening. Up to Mrs Lows and read Our Mutual Friends. Stay all night there. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] THURSDAY, MAY 31, 1866 [[/preprinted]] Morning, up early. Ride down after breakfast with Mr. Low to the toll gate. Deliver Sci. outfit to the Wright and go up town. Meet Stebbins by the way. Into office; into Stearns office, down to Macondrays, thence to the Brig Ida Rogers, Capt Norton then back to Macondrays, Towne & Bacons, pay printers bill, down to Survey Rooms, and work all day on Monterey paper. Up to Geimans, round to Stearns' go to dinner with him. After dinner call on Capt Norton who has nothing but Cypraea tigris on hand. Evening get some shells, call on Lorquin, and work till two on shells. [[preprinted]] FRIDAY, JUNE 1 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Up early and down town. Step into the office for a moment, Wright there looking sick. See Stearns for a moment. Down to Towne and Bacons. Up to Hicks' with a book to be bound. Down to Survey Rooms and work then all day over shell paper which is drawing to a close. Up to the office, walk part way with Lewis and Fletcher Down to ship for dinner. Evening. Down town call at tailors about coat. Step into Keiths and see Steele about Evans. Dayley comes in. Work till eleven on shells with Frittzss. [[preprinted]] SATURDAY 2 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Stay at the vessel till I get the paint for my boxes, and start Bob Caldwell on the work. When I see him fairly started, go up town see him fairly started, and go up town. Call at the office, and in Stearns a moment. Into the binders with Sowerbys Manuel. Back to the Survey Rooms with Ijams and work over the shells for [[Cpl?]]. Over with Stearns at two to see Dr Newcomb and back at 5.25. Dine at Stearns' and pass the evening there. Down to ship early
[[preprinted]] SUNDAY, JUNE 3, 1866 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Up town early. Call at Mrs. de Ros and find that Olga is intown. Down to the Occidental. Read the papers, down to the Survey Rooms. Thence to the Paul Pry, the Alameda being disabled. Go to the Consuls and spend the day. Anassof is there and says we go to New Westminister. Kwichpak Anadyr and Petropavlovsk. Have a pleasant time. Jessie & Jeannie there. Back at 5 [[superscript underlined]] 0 [[/superscript underlined]] with Anassof and Dr. Behr. Up to Mrs. Lows. Mr Low. quite unwell Down to Mrs. de Ro's. See Olga. Charlotte, Hettie, and a Mr. Binney. Dancing on the wharf in eveng. [[preprinted]] MONDAY 4 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Get away from the vessel early. Down to office. Col. sends for me in regard to mosses which I give Bolander. Get a permit from Col. Wicker to obtain shot and a gun. Col. agrees to my having the barometers. Wright very sick with typhoid fever. Down to Survey Rooms. Gabb and Hoffman back. Move things into No. 94 for the present. Correct proof sheets of Monterey shells with Frittzs and Ijams. Down to Cranes and order gun, shot &c. Up to Stearns to dinner. Down to Survey Rooms & to Acad. meeting in evening. Very interesting. Home with Behr. [[preprinted]] TUESDAY 5 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Get Bob to painting boxes. Down town with him up to Mr. Lows, who is better. In to office. Wright better. In to see Stearns and down to Survey Rooms. Work all day over shells Caldwell helping. Afternoon. Go to Cosmopolitan and join a select dinner party of six in a private saloon, with Prof. Whitney, Gabb, King, Gardner & Hoffman. King goes away early tomorrow. Up to Survey office and write after dinner. Call on Mrs. Brackett. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] WEDNESDAY, JUNE 6, 1866 [[/preprinted]] Palmetto sailed. Petrop. 6 A.M. Morning. Down town early, leave books and bottles at Survey Rooms. Up to Stearns and to the office, get a barometer and go down to Lazard Freres and get a half a dozen shirts. Down to Survey Rooms and work packing up and getting ready to start. Write regular circular. Down to to [[L?]] [[int?]] & [[Socks?]] [[Shirts?]], & Pack everything away. Get nearly through. Work over shells of Gabbs collecting. Pack & send carpenters box (no.14) Evening. Call at Mrs. de Ros, find Father, Scott, Olga, Jessie and Lottie there. Some row among them. [[preprinted]] THURSDAY 7 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Set Bob to painting the chests brown give plan of flag to Agness. Get bundle and trudge up town, leaving painter at work in my room. Go to Mrs. Taylors. Send Bob to Mrs. Gormers with socks. Down to Stearns. leave cards with him. Up to office, get barometers. Down to Survey Rooms. Do up pamphlets papers &c write letter to Carpenter and send circulars to a number of others. Work over barometers with Gardner Down to Stearns' office, up to dinner with him and spend the evening giving him notes for check list of W. C. Shells. Rutgers sailed Sound & Pl. Bay. [[preprinted]] FRIDAY 8 [[/preprinted]] Morning. speak to Capt. about lock on armory door. Down town, stop at office, in to see Stearns. Down to Survey Rooms. Write all day Send many letters & papers, see list. Up to Town and Bacons. go round to Hubbards lunch a Hoases with Bacon. Rains. Up to office. See Col. Who says I can have compass and thermometer. Down & write at Survey Rooms. Up to C.L. Lows to dinner. Do up MSS. for last. Evening go to Post office. Acad Rooms & write.
[[preprinted]] SATURDAY, JUNE 9, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning. Go aboard the Onward and see the sick sailors. Down town, stop at office for a few [[strikethrough]] days [[/strikethrough]] minutes. In to see Stearns. Uncle Jim Laidlay in. Down to Academy Rooms and Survey Rooms. See Frittzos and Ijams there, set Frittzos at liberty, pack up remainder of shells. In to lunch with Stearns & meet Bartlett and Warren. Up to Payots, order J. Gwyn Jeffreys new book, Pfeiffers new supplements and Agassiz' Nomenclator, bound heavily. Over to Dr. Newcombs and spend the afternoon. Back by late boat stop at Survey Rooms and call on Lows but all out - [[preprinted]] SUNDAY 10 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Dress and go over to Alameda, Paul Pry late, Stop at Encinal and with Count Anasof go to the Consuls. Anasof promises to leave orders with the Ispravnik of Kamchatka, to assist me in every way possible Asks in return for the notes of the Sci. Corps! which he will get?! Olga, Charlotte, Jenny, a Mr Diesenbaum [[?]] there [[strikethrough]] [[tris?]] [[/strikethrough]] Back at 5[[superscript]] of [[/superscript]] 5°. Go up town, meet Mr. & Mrs. Low and Miss Edith King. Up to the Noyes then down to church; with Mr & Mrs Low, Mr. Macondray, Mr. Merrill & ladies, round to Mr. Stebbins and stay awhile, then up to Mrs Lows and spend the night. [[preprinted]] MONDAY 11 [[/preprinted]] Morning, breakfast and go down to ship. Set Bob to work; down to the office. Ijams there, and says that Dr. Fisher ordered him to report to Evans. See Wicker about it. Go up and see the Col. get thermometers and compass and order for Ijams to return. See him, Lewis, get instruments. Down to Survey Rooms. Meet Mrs Low, and accept her invitation to meet Miss King at her house this evening. Find the Governor there and spend the evening stay all night. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] TUESDAY, JUNE 12, 1866 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Breakfast and then down to the ship leave written instructions for Caldwell to work over packing Sci. Stores for the voyage. Down to the office for a few minutes into Harbor Commissioners Room, Laidlay there Stearns & Tilton gone to Ballenas. Down to Survey Rooms, draw up description of [[underlined]] Helix chersinella [[/underlined]], for which Gabb makes me a drawing. Take it Round to Keiths with it. Evening out to Mrs. Bridges, down to ship. Call on Capt. Noyes and find Miss Lizzie out. Call on the Lewises. [[preprinted]] WEDNESDAY 13 [[/preprinted]] Morning, wait at the ship till ten o'clock. Mrs Low and Miss King come down. We show them over the vessel. After inspecting it, ride over with them by the mission and down town to the Occidental. Then to see Dayley, arrange to go out to Mrs. Bridges tomorrow to dine. Down to Survey Rooms, bid the Professor and Gardener goodbye. Get Telegram from Baird that the Chi. Acad. Sci. is burnt out. My books & collections are probably gone up the spout, with it. Get book from Towne & Bacons. Evening call on Mrs. de Ro, Peter Sather there and Olga. Peter is a little softy. [[preprinted]] THURSDAY 14 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Send Bob down with shot to exchange. Down town early with pants which I leave at Hagars. Call in at office, into see Laidlay for a moment. Into Hubbards, no letters. Into Hicks and get book. Down to Survey Rooms, meet Caldwell, send boxes &c. down to the ship. Work writing letters and talking with Gabb till five o'clock. Then down to Dayleys office, meet him and ride out to tenth street and make a farewell call on Mrs. Bridges. Dine and play whist till 11 & return
[[preprinted]] FRIDAY, JUNE 15, 1866 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Down town; into office for a moment. Into See Stearns. Only an hour and a half at Ballenas but with fair success. The commissioners made him a present of $150.00 just before he left; to pay expenses. Down to Survey Rooms where I write letters most of the day. Up to Stearns office in the afternoon. Down to ship dress and passing the tailors get my pants and change them. Go up to Mr. Macondrays where I dine and spend the evening. Have some pleasant singing & music [[preprinted]] SATURDAY 16 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Down town. Stop at office and to see Stearns. Down to Survey Rooms and write letters till one. Down to Merchants Exhcange and meet Gove. Down in his buggy to Fort Point with him. Look over the Fort and at some 20 inch Dalhgrens just arrived. Down to the rocky beach and get well wet with the surfspray. Come back to town dine at Stearns' and look over shells with him. Walk down town, Go and call on Miss Plummer, see Capt Marston and in the evening up to Mrs Lows and stay there all night. [[preprinted]] SUNDAY 17 [[/preprinted]] Morning walk down to church, with Edith King, and sit in the Norrisses pew. Mr & Mrs. Low not making theire appearance, walk home with her. Stay at Mrs Lows to lunch and in the afternoon go down to Capt. Noyes and stay to dinner. Go down to Wrights room and see him, Whymper and Field. Wright is better through very weak. Talk with Whymper about spending the winter. Evening to church with Mr Low and call on Mrs Norris [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] MONDAY, JUNE 18, 1866. [[/preprinted]] After breakfast and reading the last Eastern papers go down town with Edith. War seems imminent in Europe and the clearest headed men look pale at the prospect of a panic even here. Dickson DeWolf, Macondray & Co & other old firms are reported to be in a weak condition. See Whymper. Stop at office; Chappell as [[prouty?]] as ever. See Stearns, and go down to Survey Rooms and write all day. Col. Jewett is in town. Dine with Stearns and in evening go down to Academy meeting, and propose resolutions of sympathy for Chi. Acad. Sci. To ship [[preprinted]] TUESDAY 19 [[/[preprinted]] Morning after breakfast over in boat with Ijams to the foot of the third Street. Onward goes tomorrow A.M. Up town call at office. into Stearns office. send down packages to the ship. See Dayley at Harbor Commissioners office Down to Survey Rooms. Receive and answer Coopers rather discontented effusion. Up to Stearns, and show it to him Back and write a copy. Evening, make a ballot box for the Academy. Go up to Mrs de Ros find the girls away. Go up to Mrs Lows, spending the evening down to ship. [[preprinted]] WEDNESDAY 20. [[/preprinted]] Morning. Have Sci. stores moved out of port brig. Go to Pillsburys and get hasps & padlock. In to see Stearns and down (to lunch) with him. Meet Col. Jewett and go round to the Cosmopolitan with him. Down to Survey Rooms, send two barometers down to the ship and take one to office. & Sacks for repairs. Down to Survey Rooms & write and up to see Stearns who goes to Ballenas tomorrow. Evening to Onward, up town & talk with the Captain. Sands left, call on Mrs de Ro, up to see Col with [[mass?]] of-
Onward sailed [[preprinted]] THURSDAY, JUNE 21, 1866 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Send Caldwell down town with telegram. Down town early. See Anasof, and set time for meeting. Down to office, in Harbors Commissioners office, take down notifications and copy. Into Keiths, down to Survey Rooms. Write to Prof. Whitney. Copy for Mining Press and take it to their office. Down to North Point and go aboard the Shubrick. Stay all the afternoon and to dinner. Ashore with Davison, look up sword and meet Anasof. Stop till eight at Mrs. de Ros go to concert which is a bilk, go back and pass the even'g. [[preprinted]] FRIDAY 22 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Down town on a butchers cart with Caldwell. Go to office for a minute, up into Harbor Com's rooms read paper and down to Survey Rooms. Work over Coopers list set. Caldwell copying and write orders for Elliott. Up to see the Colonel get orders signed and back to Survey Rooms. Work till proof comes in from Press office, correct it and then down to ship. Mr. Walker discharged. He has not found it healthy, bucking against the Sci. Corps. Ev. down town with the Captain, call on the Raymonds. [[preprinted]] SATURDAY 23 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Down town. Every body at the office very busy fitting out the Wright for her departure Down to Survey Rooms write to Miss Merriam. At Noon over to oakland and call on Dr. Newcomb Pass the afternoon there and take dinner there Over to town and down to the wharf just in time to see the Wright off for Petropavlovak. Up to Mrs. Lows and spend the night there. Don't see Miss King. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] SUNDAY, JUNE 24, 1866. [[/preprinted]] After a sound nights sleep come down to breakfast in the morning. Over to Alameda by the eleven oclock boat. See Olga & Jennie taking over letters from Lottie. Find Sumner Bugbee there. Dine and pass the afternoon and back at five. Leave letter and grass at Miss Ritchies and letter with Jessie. Meet Major Williamson and General Simpson at Mrs Ritches. Ink on side o'rat up to Mrs Lows and spend the evening & night [[preprinted]] MONDAY 25 [[/preprinted]] Morning down to the wharf after breakfast. Things as usual. Up town into office see Scott into see Stearns down to lunch with him. Up to Survey Rooms which are closed. Round town looking for a swordbelt Up to see Scott and finally (buy a belt for 2.50) get some money. Down to ship after dinner call on the Captain. Walk up town with him and Glover & Norton. Call at Norcrosses' look at sword, then on Miss Lewis, meet Chappel & go to Judge Thompson with the girls and back again. [[preprinted]] TUESDAY 26 [[/preprinted]] Morning. See Capt. Scammon about medecines. Dress my feet and hobble up town call at office. See Stearns. Go about town in search of gloves and drawers which last. cost me 5.50 a pair. Out to Captain Haybo in the Mission. Copy Croquet dimensions and stay to dinner. Bid them goodbye and call on Edith King at Mrs Norris' on my way down to the ship.
[[preprinted]] WEDNESDAY, JUNE 27, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning. Down town. Get knife at Prices, look up [[nkdfs?]] and get a half dozen. Down to office see Stearns. Down to Survey Rooms spend a good part of the day writing letters. Evening up town, get sword at Norcrosses and go up to Mrs Lows and spend the night. [[preprinted]] THURSDAY 28 [[/preprinted]] Morning. After breakfast set to work and write letters most of the morning. Down to office find a letter from Cooper containing some shells. See Stearns and down to dinner with him. Down to Survey Rooms and work a little while then down town buy a pair of shoes and down to dinner aboard. Evening, up town, Call on Mrs. de Ro, play Whist and down to ship. [[preprinted]] FRIDAY 29 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Down town late, Wilder alongside & preparations making for hoisting her aboard. Into office, see Stearns, and down to Hubbards See shells from Cape St Lucas. Down to Survey Rooms. up again, see Hubbard & Stearns and up to Lorquins to find Col. Jewett. Walk around town with him and then down to Ship. Evening uptown with Bowne, Ashcom, Black. Call on Miss Lewis find Chappell there, call on Mrs Norris & see Fillmore [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] SATURDAY, JUNE 30, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning. Dress and down town. Call at the office, and on, Stearns. Over to Oakland after lunch with Stearns. See Dr. Newcomb and Col. Jewett. Look over shells & get Photo of Col. Go over with Voy and look at his fossils. Into town with Stearns and go up to his house to dinner. After dinner read and dose and finally go down to Mr. Lows and stay all night. Mr Low feeling unwell. [[preprinted]] SUNDAY, JULY 1 [[/preprinted]] Morning down early. Mr. Low not well. But he came down to breakfast. Down to Occidental Mumford away. Down to Church Mr. Stebbins preaches on forgiveness. Very dull but good singing. After church have hair cut. Down to Occidental Mumford not there. Afternoon write to Mumford and to Mrs. Kennicott. Evening. Go down to Mrs. de Ros, see D. and Ch. then down to the ship Mr Low better. They have got the Wilder on [[&c?]]. See Dr. Ayres at noon. [[preprinted]] MONDAY 2 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Down town and see Dr. Ayres. get books and ride down to Acad. Rooms with him. Up to see Stearns and leave note for Mumford. Down to Survey Rooms See Col. Jewett., write, and up to Stearns office. Go up town with him to dinner. Down to Academy meeting which is large and interesting. Dr. Hillebrand there. He saw my father in Calcutta. Go and get a cup of coffee with Behr, Hillebrand &c after meeting.
[[preprinted]] TUESDAY, JULY 3, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning. Watch the transportation of the little Steamer Wilder on deck of the Nightingale. Down town with Caldwell. Stop at the Occidental, no telegram from Baird yet about fire. Send Caldwell to see about skates and foils. See Price about skates. Into office, letter from Elliot See Stearns, down to Survey Rooms. See Col. Jewett and Dr. Newcomb. Lunch with them & Stearns. Up to Acad. Rooms. Write all the P.M. See Stearns and write notes to S.I. &c. Down to ship and in evening call on the Plummers. See Marston. [[preprinted]] WEDNESDAY 4 [[/preprinted]] Up town with the Captain at 8. A.M. No one at the office. Wait till half past nine and go round to the Occidental, where all the U.S. Army, Navy and Revenue Officers were congregated. Finally, take a carriage and ride in the procession from Filbert to fifth on Howard and up to Metropolitan Theatre where we have an eloquent oration from Dr. A.L. Stone. then up to Mr. Lows to dinner, and afterwards down to Mrs de Ro's. Walk with Charles, Olga, Sather & Lottie, to 7th st. Call on Miss King, and on Mr. Taylor on way back [[preprinted]] THURSDAY 5 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Set Caldwell at work indexing the Mazatlan Shells. Down town. Into office see Chappell and Wright. Into Stearns office and down to lunch with him and Tommy Newcomb. Round to see Hubbard and arrange about letters. Down to Survey Rooms See Dr Hillebrand and up to Academy Rooms. Write abstract for Mining Press. up to Stearns office. Down to ship stopping for books at Dr. Ayres' by the way. Evening down town and get Bulkleys money order after much search [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] FRIDAY, JULY 6, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning. Move shelf in my room and put up books &c. Down town. Into see Chappell and present order which brings him round. Into Stearns and down to Hubbards where I find letters from home & Baird. Down to Survey Rooms and read them. Write home in answer to mothers grumblings. Down to Liddles & get foils for Coale in Petropavlovsk. Up to Chappell who puts me off till tomorrow. Down to dinner at Mr. Lows and meet Mrs Thornburgh and Minnie. Evening. Call on Stebbins & see Pierce [[preprinted]] SATURDAY 7 [[/preprinted]] Down to office early. Get $189.00 advance from Chappell. Pay Stearns on a/c 1000 Pay Capt Scammon &c. Go round making purchases. See Prof. Whitney. Lunch with Jewett and Stearns. Down aboard. Caldwell detached through Fishers machinations. Order him to report. Dine aboard. Evening make purchases. Call at Mrs Lewises and on Mrs Low where I take a bath and spend the night [[preprinted]] SUNDAY 8 [[/preprinted]] After breakfast write. To church with Mr. and Mrs. Low. Send a protest to Col. Wicker. Lunch at Mrs Lows. Afternoon. Down to ship with Mr Low. Libbey is to be my room mate. After fixing up my rooms for a new inmate, go up town. Call on Crates and Denison, bid Van Tassel goodbye. Call on Capt. Noyes', bid all goodbye. Dine at Mr. Lows. Evening Call on de Ros. Norris' Masten's, Stearns, and back to bed at Mrs Lows.
[[preprinted]] MONDAY, JULY 9, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning; down to office. order to report on board at 4 P.M. Get books at Choynskis. Into Stearns' office down town, get books at Bancrofts, see Prof. Whitney, buy greenbacks, into Stearns'; down and bid the girls goodbye. Up town, get lunch. Up on to Kearny Street get some lace collars. Down to office. Meet Wright and get a raking from Wicker on account of protest. bid Harbor Commissioners goodbye Stop at Denisons, get Coates's letter and down aboard. Haul out into the stream at 6.15. G Gate sailed- [[preprinted]] TUESDAY 10 [[/preprinted]] Everything disorganized and demoralized as usual at the start. Lay all day in Mission Cove at Anchor. In the morning set books and things to rights, nail up leathers for tools and writing materials. Afternoon. Mr. Davison from the Shubrick with corporal and a file of marines comes aboard to look after deserters from the army but find none. Some questions raised at the Custom House about clearance, and in the doubt, Captain S. decides to clear, which detains us till tomorrow noon. Everybody pretty mellow. [[preprinted]] WEDNESDAY 11 [[/preprinted]] Still at anchor. Day one of the finest of the year. Stirring news from Europe and Cuba. War seems every where on the rampage. About noon tug Lookout comes along side. Anchor away and leave berth at 1.30'. Drop the tug about 3 P.M. and make sail under the stiff breeze SW by S. Glover comes aboard from the Shubrick and goes out to the head with us. A good many sea sick men but feel pretty well my self. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] THURSDAY, JULY 12, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Weather rough. overcast all day, wind cold W by N. Course mostly W.S.W. Feel mean all day, lay low and read a little. Everything as might be expected wet, dirty and nasty. Landsmen lying round like so many pigs many of them sick, all of them uncomfortable Kelsey and Libbey placed in general charge Ship doing well average six knots. Sea of a very dark blue. [[preprinted]] FRIDAY 13 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Rough and all day is ditto to yesterday. Read the True History of a little Ragamuffin by John Greenwood and find it very stupid, but little interesting in the story, no strong connection in the plot, details diffuse but poorly worked out. Course W by S. We are as far west as when a week out last year, and as far north as when eleven days out. Turn in early; dreaming all night of Medford and old times [[preprinted - left margin]] 6 [[/preprinted]] [[preprinted]] SATURDAY 14 [[/preprinted]] Morning, calmer. All hands in consequence fell better, and a grand rush to the breakfast table. Get trawl net bent and nearly rigged for fishing. Try it off the stern for a few minutes and get the Hyalea. Crab. Vetella. floating pumice with Bryozoans &c of last years. The cold northerly winds have driven these animals to the southward which accounts for their scarcity. Play whist and euchre till ten oclock with Alley, Smith & Jerry N.
[[preprinted]] SUNDAY, JULY 15, 1866 [[/preprinted]] Morning misty with patches of sunshine. Hugh Le Gare died of delirium tremens last night at a quarter to twelve. All hands in full dress uniform at ten; at half past, assemble around the body, swed up in canvass with 144 lbs of shot and covered with the American flag. Finlay read the Burial service at Sea and he was launched into the sea in lat 33. long. 136°.20' or thereabouts. Course due West, [[underlined]] true [[/underlined]]. Wind light. Muster at eleven. Orders issued for the Government of the men on board both land & marine Evening read Clarkes Mind in Nature. [[preprinted]] MONDAY 16 [[/preprinted]] Morning, fine, sunny and calm, such days would make a nation lotus eaters. Trawl over the stern; but few captures in comparison with last years. Obtain a Heteropod, probably an Oxygyrus and getting him under the microscope work for two hours with a degree of success, at the anatomy and form. Get two more in the P.M. also two living Preumodermons, which last I make a sketch of and put in water over night. Evening have singing & dancing on deck. Kelsey dances a jig, Grob sings Der docter Isambart, have a break down &c. &c. [[preprinted]] TUESDAY 17 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Get drawing materials together and make colored sketches of the Preumodermon and Oxygyrus with great care, which take me nearly all day. In the afternoon Capt Kelsey hauls up a little Onchyoteuthis in the net, dead but perfect. This is a very interesting addition to the collection. Evening, write up notes &c. We are more than a thousand miles from Frisco by our track and about seven or eight hundred in an air line. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] WEDNESDAY, JULY 18, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning. Orders issued assigning every one to his place at meals and at the wardroom table. Work over Kelsey's little squid which is either an Ommastrephes or an Onychoteuthis or something new. It is probably a new species anyhow. Finish the drawing with great care. It is one of the best I have made in regards to exact accuracy. Look over the chart with the captain. Course N.W. by W 1/2 W. We are about 1000 miles from San Francisco in a direct line. Evening, boxing on deck. &c. Open Catalogue & write up notes. [[preprinted]] THURSDAY 19 [[/preprinted]] Cloudy. Sea smooth, with a seven knot wind. Schuyler my assistant busy with the index of the Mazatlan shells, and myself with the index for my volume of pamphlets. These keep us steady at work all day. Catch a large number of Salpoe in the trawl but nothing else. Evening read Ines Maillepré de Maillepré, a sensation novel of the silliest kind but a relief after hard dull work all day. We go straight to Plover Bay, and from thence to the Youkon. [preprinted]] FRIDAY 20 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Calm misty and hot. The ship for a half hour in the morning stood perfectly still in the glassy water without a ripple on its surface except those made by swarms of tiny Hyaleas like bees swimming just at or below the surface. We captured four enormous Salps ten inches long who took advantage of the momentary calm to rise to the surface. Make a colored sketch of one and write on index all day. Evening. Dancing on deck
[[preprinted]] SATURDAY, JULY 21, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning. Black quite sick. Get a new salp quite soft bodied and spend some time in making a sketch of him under the microscope. The muscular and circulatory systems are beautifully evident. Make a drawing of the large Salpa obtained yesterday. Read the Wandering Jew for the first time and find little satisfaction in its prurient delirium of plot and mad unreality. [[preprinted]] SUNDAY 22 [[/preprinted]] Morning, get a fine though small Carinaria in the net and also a new Pteropod which I find no genus for in the books. It is like Cleodora but without shell and very large. Wright objects to my wearing a sword. Talk it over with the Captain and concluded to let it go till I see the Colonel at Plover Bay. Feel unwell, take some medicine. Our grub is extremely vile worse by far than last year. P.M. sketch the soft salp in colors [[preprinted]] MONDAY 23 [[/preprinted]] Morning cloudy, quiet Course N by E. Nothing in the net in particular Black better. Feel sick and miserable from medicine P.M. Make a colored drawing of my new Pteropod in the morning get bottles out of Starboard Brig with Schuylers help. P.M. Finish Sans Merci by author of Guy Livingston whose style is very pedantical to say the least and the novel not over good. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] TUESDAY, JULY 24, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Wind high vessel rolling so heavily that the only chance for any comfort is in keeping low in the bunk and reading Get Armadale by Collins & return Sans Merci, the author of which evidently is an imitator of Kingsley but with a pedanical flavor which is entirely foreign to that [[...]] [[rest of text obscured by added paper with pencil note - see next page for full text]] [[note written in pencil]] Roy. Inst Gt. Brit Quart Journ Lit Sci. Arts [[/note]] [[/rest of text obscured by pencil note - see next page for full text]] [[...]] Dickens but with even less of originality. P.M. Wind rising again. Nail up straps for clothes to prevent their wearing out by chafing with the motion of ship
[[preprinted]] SATURDAY, JULY 21, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning. Black quite sick. Get a new salp quite soft bodied and spend some time in making a sketch of him under the microscope. The muscular and circulatory systems are beautifully evident. Make a drawing of the large Salpa obtained yesterday. Read the Wandering Jew for the first time and find little satisfaction in its prurient delirium of plot and mad unreality. [[preprinted]] SUNDAY 22 [[/preprinted]] Morning, get a fine though small Carinaria in the net and also a new Pteropod which I find no genus for in the books. It is like Cleodora but without shell and very large. Wright objects to my wearing a sword. Talk it over with the Captain and conclude to let it go till I see the Colonel at Plover Bay. Feel unwell, take some medicine. Our grub is extremely vile worse by far than last year. P.M. sketch the soft salp in colors [[preprinted]] MONDAY 23 [[/preprinted]] Morning cloudy, quiet Course N by E. Nothing in the net in particular Black better. Feel sick and miserable from medicine P.M. Make a colored drawing of my new Pteropod in the morning get bottles out of Starboard Brig with Schuylers help. P.M. Finish Sans Merci by author of Guy Livingston whose style is very pedantical to say the least and the novel not over good. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] TUESDAY, JULY 24, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Wind high vessel rolling so heavily that the only chance for any comfort is in keeping low in the bunk and reading Get Armadale by Collins & return Sans Merci, the author of which evidently is an imitator of Kingsley but with a pedanical flavor which is entirely foreign to that healthy [[underlined]] English [[/underlined]] writer. The old ship makes a great deal of water. They pump her out every two hours. [[preprinted]] WEDNESDAY 25 [[/preprinted]] Second edition of yesterday. Sit with Black who is worse again. Read Uncle Silas a very fair sensation novel by Lefann. It has a very well managed murder and a hypocritical old opium eater with an unheard of disease. Ryder wants a pair a shoulder straps I must try and find my old ones tomorrow. [[preprinted]] THURSDAY 26 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Sea declining somewhat. Tacking all day Wind gone down a good deal. Make drawing of Carinaria. Finish Uncle Silas " and return it. Finish My Novel by Bulwer. Bulwer seems to affect the style of Sterne and Thackeray very much as Wilkie Collins does Dickens but with even less of originality. P.M. Wind rising again. Nail up straps for clothes to prevent their wearing out by chafing with the motion of ship
Roy. Inst Gt. Brit Quart Journ Lit Sci. Arts
Zool. Ill. 1st Sec. 1820 - 23 3 vols 2nd " [[Ditto for: Sec.]] 1829 - 33 " " [[Dittos for: 3 vols]]
[[preprinted]] FRIDAY, JULY 27, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning. Wind and weather somewhat moderated. Spend the greater part of the day in looking over trunk, draws, and bunk, sorting and arranging letters, Schuyler writing fill up letter book and so forth. Wind changes for the better a little. Wright is meditating mischief, I think as he has not been unusually friendly. I hope he may not be able to interfere with my plans for the winter. It is watch and prey, on board this craft, all the time. [[preprinted]] SATURDAY 28 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Wind a little better and our course is nearly due west. Still too rough to do any trawling. In Morning write up and finish index to book of Pamphlets. Schyler writing on index. P.M. Put soldering irons in order for use. Look over boxes fore and aft and finally find straps for Ryder. Catalogue label and pack collections made up to this time except the large salpae. Call on Captain Scammon in the P.M. 750 miles from Ounimak [[preprinted]] SUNDAY 29 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Nearly on our course. Morning muster as usual, wind raw and disagreeable Spend nearly all day in writing Report for Kennicott of 16 pages, copy it and after dinner go on deck and throw over the net and catch a lot of soft Salpae and one large Jelly Fish. See a number of the latter which are surrounded by a grey fringe, like Zygodactyla Agassiz. Does the old doctor desire to remain at Petropaulski and therefore object to my being there? Is this whats in the wind [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] MONDAY, JULY 30, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning. Wind better fair but not much of it. Go on our course with studding sails set Get Nothing in the net. Spend most of the day arranging and copying letters papers &c for Report to Kennicott. get nearly through After dinner have two quadrilles, a Virginia reel, and a polka; to Klinefelters violin, Ryder guitar, Engineers banjo and accordeon and Schuylers castanets. Have some very good exercise and fun. Evening, have a long confab with the Captain on general topics [[preprinted]] TUESDAY 31 [[/preprinted]] On our course as yesterday in dampness and quiet. Vessel rolling rapidly. Write to Ellen Wilde and father, do up Kennicotts papers, Commence reading Tom Burke of "Ours". Dine by invitation of Wright in the cabin with Capt. Scammon wife, child, Chappel and Wright. [[preprinted]] WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 1 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Write letter to Miss Merriam. Turn in and read. Day disagreeable, calm rolling rainy. foggy.
[[preprinted]] THURSDAY, AUGUST 2, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Duff day. Catch a new Pteropod, a clio, and spend the day making drawings &c of it. Dancing in the evening and rain. Very calm and still all day. [[preprinted]] FRIDAY 3 [[/preprinted]] Morning, close and foggy. We are within a few miles of land but cannot make it out and dare not go ahead for fear of accidents. Toward evening, haveing been reading Levers novel of Barrington and working over Reigen Catalogue index all day, start to rig up fishline for Schuyler. Come to an anchor in 43 fms after sounding 60 and 57. All hands fishing and catching codfish of the same kind as those last year. Black brings me in alive a pretty little seabird of a genus unknown to me. [[pencil insertion]] young Mormon arctiens [[/pencil]] [[preprinted]] SATURDAY 4 [[/preprinted]] Morning, am waked up early by Ashcom and go on deck, get hold of a sculpin some one caught and some curious things from the inside of the cod. About 8 o'clock pass through the fog raising and sun coming out gust long enough while the islands except Ougamok were wrapped in fog only the shore lines being visible. Fog fall again. Skin Blacks bird, & get some more soundings. Evening perfectly calm. Sing & write up log. Now in Behring Sea. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] SUNDAY, AUGUST 5, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning. Calm and foggy. Get some curious crabs a Limacina, some sand shrimps and jelly fish in the net. Whales very plenty one fellow sailing round and round the vessel spouting and diving. Muster as usual at half past ten. A great deal of kelp floating past. Afternoon make tracing of Starrs map of N. Pacific and color one of them. After dinner promenade the deck till late in the evening. Pass finally through the Ounimak Pass by night [[preprinted]] MONDAY 6 [[/preprinted]] Morning, making seven knots for a little while. Dull and cloudy. Spend all day reinforcing and mending two pair heavy drawers. Evening Dance on deck two cotillions, color maps of Behring Sea & N. Pacific. [[preprinted]] TUESDAY 7 [[/preprinted]] Still sailing quietly along as before. After breakfast work on maps and finish them. After lunch write on index to Carpenters Mazatlan shells. Walk on deck getting ready for pot. Ask for 50 fms 2 in rope for dredging and a lead line. Trouble brewing between O.D. and C. Spend a good part of the evening in the cabin. Evening rainy and wet. We are about four hundred and fifty miles from Plover Bay and could easily reach it with a smart breeze in two days.
[[pre-printed]] WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 8, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning, weather still quiet. Write in the index of Mazatlan Catalogue, revise Schuylers M.S.S. and give the better part of the P.M. to packing up various loose traps which have been lying round loose for some time. In the after noon the clouds clear away, and an eight knot breeze springs up, greatly to the the delight of every body. Look over some of the outfit and find it in good order. [[preprinted]] THURSDAY 9 [[/preprinted]] Duff day. Morning breeze died away again and our fond hopes are dashed. Work all day with Schuyler, forward, arranging the boxes in the amidships room, getting out outfit for collecting &c. Get a 22 fathom lead line and fifty fathoms of two inch rope from the ship. Fitt up the dredge with Scotts help for use. Pack up collections so far. Make ready for collecting when we arrive at Plover Bay which may now be in the course of a day or two. [[preprinted]] FRIDAY 10 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Finish working amidships get out shot &c. Fix shot pouch. Look over the measurements of the porpoise from San Francisco Bay. Put up and Catalogue some specimens P.M. Work over Conrads paper on the cala shells Wind slackens off, becomes headwind and commences to rain. Write on list of figures of Conrads plates and turn in early. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] SATURDAY, AUGUST 11, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning. Get a little sparrow from Capt Scammon that flew aboard last night and died in the cage during. Succeed in making a tolerable skin of it. Write nearly all day on index to Reigen Catalogue and finish A. & B. A breeze springs up and carries us along about 8 knots for a while. Listen to yarns of the Telegraphers, and go below. Not dark till eleven P.M. we are 130 miles from [[strikethrough]] St Law [[/strikethrough]] Plover Bay and about 60 from St. Lawrence Island. [[preprinted]] SUNDAY 12 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Wind ahead again, St. Lawrence Id. in sight. Morning muster as usual. Write a little and read "Half a Million of money." About noon wind dies away and we are directly opposite the island on which in the higher portions large patches of snow are visible. A canoe load of the natives, twelve in number come off, two papooses 3 women and seven men but with out anything to trade except a small bunch of fish which is secured for Scientific purposes. Evening beating toward Plover Bay 100 miles off. Much betting on it. [[preprinted]] MONDAY 13 [[/preprinted]] Morning. A furore for betting pervades the entire ship with very few exceptions. I, contrary to my usual custom, have ventured enough loose change to give a little excitement to the time of arrival. The day alternates fog and clear sky, a brisk breeze and a dead calm. Catalogue all specimens on hand not already done write on index & errata of Reigen Catalogue. In the P.M. Cape Chukotsky is quite visible. Sausage skin aggravates me awfully, with his easy insolence about [[brush.?]]
[[preprinted]] TUESDAY, AUGUST 14, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning, a moderate breeze takes us slowly but surely toward our destined port. About one o'clock the huts at the outlet of Lake Moore are visible at twenty minutes of four we are within the heads of Plover Bay. A vessel within, is almost unanimously decided to be the Golden Gate, but my decision made from the looks alone, of her masts, as far as I could see her, that it was not; proves upon our anchoring at 14 minutes of six, to be correct. It is the Rutgers, one day in, Puget Sound July, 8th. The [[steam?]] has not been here. Come out of bets 50 ¢ ahead. [[preprinted]] WEDNESDAY 15 [[/preprinted]] Rainy and foggy in the extreme. At work all day in getting the Wade overboard which is done at 4.30 P.M. Nocum comes aboard. Smith brings me a skull and other valuable collections from Puget Sound. Spend most of the day arranging them & packing & cataloguing them. Put a lot of flowers in press. Capt. Scammon and Major Wright take the barge up to Emma Harbor and over to the spit on an exploring party. Eskimo aboard nearly all day. Get the brush from, and furnish arsenic to, the Doctor. Get powder and flask from the gunner. [[preprinted]] THURSDAY 16 [[/preprinted]] Foggy and rainy in the morning. All hands posting ashore, however, am notified early, by the Captain, that I must be ready to go with him on an expedition in the barge. Get ready and although it rains, make soundings along the line of the spit and go up to Emma Harbor where we dine, (and blow up a can of meat) meet Kelsey & Charley, & take them back in a tremendous rain seven miles, without any kind of shelter. Evening press flowers & grasses collected during the day [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] FRIDAY, AUGUST 17, 1866 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Major Wright, Libby, Lemon, Jared Norton, Noekum and the Captain, start off to the head of the Bay to make explorations toward Penkegu Gulf. I choose to remain behind, because I do not wish it to be thought that I regard my own pleasure more than the work of collecting. Get the skiff and go ashore with Ashcom and Schuyler over the hill through the ravine round the lake and halfway over Bald Head and back reaching the ship about five, well tired out, but with a good many things worth having beside the tramp. [[preprinted]] SATURDAY 18 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Go ashore with Kelsey and Charley Scammon after snipe on the spit. Get one hundred and eleven, beside a good many specimens of flowers & bones. Black & Bowne get back from spending the night in an Indian hut with nothing to eat. The Wright arrives about 6 P.M. the Colonel on board. Work stopped on the steamers Feel blue all day. Bowne insolent, Charley S. shirks work after volunteering, spill arsenic & cut my self, boys steal the little brandy I have left after giving them each a drink, & leave me to clean gun after shooting with my gun shot &c all day. [[preprinted]] SUNDAY 19 [[/preprinted]] Morning, dull and drizzly. Capt. Scammon gets back about 4 P.M. bringing me a large number of specimens including two small seals. Muster at eleven in the pouring rain P.M. after working over Collections all day go over to Str Wright and dine with Whymper Col. says in substance. You and W. may stay up all winter, if you like, you had better go over to St. Michaels and see Kennicott before deciding on the side you will remain on.
[[preprinted]] MONDAY, AUGUST 20, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning thick and cloudy. Ryder & Whymper go ashore to take photographs. Doctor Fisher and Kelsey go a gunning. Find that in consequence of improper soldering my gun is unfit for use, the catch loop being loose. Work all day over collections, cut up, for boiling the bones. two leopard seals; a very nasty Job. Get specimens in room nearly ready for packing away. Get ready for going up the Bay with Steamer tomorrow. [[preprinted]] TUESDAY [[pencil boxed]] 21 [[/pencil boxed]] [[/preprinted]] My birthday. ^[[insertion in pencil]] 21st [[/insertion]] Morning. Get room ready for return of Libby. Packup some few things for excursion which may last over night. Start on board the steamer after lunch, for the head of the Bay, about 12. [[superscript]] h [[/superscript]] 20' Reach the point where we find the party who have found an easy path to Penkegu Gulf with a divide of only five or 600 ft. and have not found any practicable route to Cape Spanberg. Visit all the small bays and returning, arrive at our anchorage about 6. [[superscript]] h [[/superscript]] 30'. Spend the evening with Laborne, Bush, Whymper, Lewis and Nunez and sleep in Whympers stateroom on the floor. [[preprinted]] WEDNESDAY 22 [[/preprinted]] Morning. fair and cold. thermometer 43, a slight fire in the partition between the Galley and the smoke stack. Write up log. About noon go aboard Nightingale with Nicolai, when she drops down, much nearer the Wright. Pack a bread box nearly full of collections made up to the present time. P.M. Go over to the sand spit follow it round and meet an old indian who show me the mangled remains of several sick men murdered by their relations, and I get several poor & one good skull. Dancing on board in the evening. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] THURSDAY, AUGUST 23, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning. Lemon, Libby, Norton and Nockum with another Indian go off for another exploring expedition Work over the seal bones all the morning, and get them both clean by two P.M. Steamer takes us in tow Just after lunch and we proceed slowly up the bay to the harbor, whence a defile extends to Penkegu Gulf. Go ashore late in the afternoon, an get photos of ships &c. Am taken in one group. Capt. Kelsey has his house 12 x 18 already started. The Rutgers came up yesterday. Pick up specular iron ore much mixed with quartz, and a wolf skull. [[preprinted]] FRIDAY 24 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Spend most of my time aboard, working over collections, numbering and naming plants skulls mosses &c. About noon the first telegraph pole in E. Siberian Division is raised with the American and Company flag on it and a national salute from the flagship; and the station is named after Capt. Kelsey. In the afternoon Geo Dow & Ash go over to a neighboring hill & see a vessel at the heads. [[superscript underlined]] Str [[/superscript underlined]] Wright goes down to see if it is the Gate. Collect on shore & get back, 19 in dingy. [[preprinted]] SATURDAY 25 [[/preprinted]] Early in the morning go on to the island off the Cove which has been named after Maj. Chappel. Wright comes back as we cross in the dingy, and has found only a trading brig outside the heads. Get quite a collection of shells on the island which has some soil, and quite a growth of grass upon it. Come back about noon in time for lunch, work over collections in the after noon and pack my first box, pretty full, in the evening. Shall fill it up soon and get it out of the way.
[[preprinted]] SUNDAY. AUGUST 26, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning. Col. B. aboard. Take a bath and get ready for dress parade. All hands from the Wright on board. Ryder takes a photograph of the Land Service and then of the Marine Service, and finally, one, of the pioneers of last year, which included me. Go on board the Wright with Whymper & [[?]] and take lunch and remain till dinner and arrange to ascend the mountain with Bush and Lewis tomorrow. Come back, find Libby & Party back with a clear road found for the wire to a Bay south of Spanberg. Evening with Kelsey & Capt Scammon. Beautiful night. [[preprinted]] MONDAY. 27 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Get a boat and go over to the Steamer. Find Lewis ready to ascend the mountain but Bush backs out. We get a boat and ascend 1723+ ft. by barometer being met by a perpendicular crumbling wall of rock forming the peak of the mountain 300 ft. above our level. We named it Danger Peak an appelation well deserved. Go up at 10. [[superscript]] h [[/superscript]] 30" [superscript]] A.M. [[/superscript]] and get down by 4. [[superscript]] h [[/superscript]] P.M. Go aboard the Wright which has returned [[strikethrough]] s [[/strikethrough]] towing the Golden Gate. all aboard well. Dine there. see Wicker & go aboard Nightingale. Spend the evening with Capt. Scammon. [[preprinted]] TUESDAY 28 [[/preprinted]] Actual corrected height ascended 1732.29+ feet. Morning feet a little stiff & sore but not so much as might be expected. Day clear and delightfully bracing though cool. In the morning work over arranging plants & packing away specimens. Take gun over to the Wright which lays alongside & coals all day. P.M. Work over Rabbits skull and have a fight on the question of ownership of collections with Grob, in which I totally back down that pig-headed Dutchman. Evening. Skin bird. Ryder back. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 29, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning, busy till noon in packing up & labelling specimens. Afternoon go ashore on the island, calling at the Gate for Rob. Caldwell. Get a good many plants and return to dinner. Go aboard the Steamer which is still coaling and stay a while. Come back and put up the days collections. Have more trouble with Bowne on the collection business, which is very disagreeable, but what can be expected of a fellow who has no ideas outside of a ship & a brothel [[preprinted]] Thursday 30 [[/preprinted]] Day clear and fine. Continue my fight for the order in regard to collections with a fair prospect of success, although most of the pack are extremely offended at the idea. Go over to the island and have a picture of the whale's skull taken with myself in full working habit. Ryder takes Lewis, Norton & Kudin surveying. In the afternoon go over on the mainland, along the line and over the house at Kelsey station. Get a few fine mosses. Davis, Black, Klinefelder [[Allee?]] and Libby over at the same time. Back at 5 P.M. [[preprinted]] FRIDAY [[/preprinted]] Major Wright informs me that the Colonel has decided not to issue the desired order in regard to collections. This result is due to the exertions of the Major & his gang. Pack up and nail up boxes of specimens. Write up notes. Wright hauls off some distance. Wicker & the Colonel aboard of us about noon. Capt. Scammon unwell. 3 blue pills. After noon write to Kennicott, finish up several odd jobs, Capt. Harding. brings me an otolithe from the whale Ryder photographed.
[[preprinted]] SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 1866 [[//preprinted]] Morning damp, foggy & rainy with a strong northeast wind. Colonel Bulkley comes aboard and says that the Nightingale will arrive at St. Michaels before the steamer, so I retain my letters &c and go over and copy sketch of upper Harbor, make sketches of mountains &c. take lunch, return, finish drawing of Ctenophora. Go down in the cabin Wright and Chappel away. Dine with Captain and Mrs. Scammon with Black and in the evening talk over the fracas with Bowne preliminary to some amicable arrangement. [[preprinted]] SUNDAY 2 [[/preprinted]] Morning misty but afterwards fair. No muster or inspection Smith and a party from the whaling brig Victoria which lost her rudder in the Arctic Ocean & now lies at anchor in the lower Bay preparatory to wintering here; come up and spend a part of the day. Dry plants & papers, skin snipe & pack up & put away everything in the false idea that the Wright goes to St. Michaels tomorrow, but on Smiths authority find that she only will carry down some lumber for the steamers & return Whymper will stay at Michaelovsky [[Ev.?]] with Capt S. [[preprinted]] MONDAY 3 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Go aboard the Wright with the dingy & Everett Smith and about ten oclock start out of Seal cove and go down the Bay with lumber for the little steamers. Go ashore at the little spit and Ryder takes some pictures of the steamers & cook tent. Back to lunch and then in Nockums canoe with Laborn Lewis &c go over to see them kill an old man which they wont do while we are there. Back. Go aboard Nightingale spend evening cleaning and fixing up my gun. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning. Day fine, clear and lovely. Get permission from the Colonel and about half past ten start with a boat and four men from the Wright. Lewis & Gerry Norton as passengers and Lemon as assistant; to measure Mount Kennicott with the barometer. Make the ascent in two hours, find the height to be 2348. ft 3 inches above mean low tide level. Stay up about two hours, come down in one hour, get back to a late dinner not very tired. Evening in the [[overwrite]] Capt [[/overwrite]] Cabin [[preprinted]] WEDNESDAY 5 [[/preprinted]] Morning, cloudy, cold. Spend the greater part of it putting my gun in order and cleaning it. Toward noon Snub our Fouché of an adjutant. After lunch go aboard the Wright with Kadin, stay awhile return to Nightingale; Col. B. considers it best to remain on the Nightingale and go over to St. Michaels in her. Leave pkge of letters for Kennicott with Whymper who will stay at St. M all winter. Back with Westenhal who is transferred to the L.S. Evening. Transfers of men to Rutgers, Golden Gate &c. create some bustle & excitement than usual. [[preprinted]] THURSDAY 6 [[/preprinted]] Morning. All bustle and hurry. 2 M stores going on board Rutgers and Gate, and men transferred from one vessel to another. Foss and a number of men from the Gate come aboard. Libby goes on board Rutgers, also Kadin Cox, Havan and other, Mr. Ritchie from the Gate is to be my roommate for the future Rutgers will go to Grantley Harbor, Libby in charge of men to be left there. Gate for Anadyr Capt Dick Bush in charge. Caldwell goes on the R.
[[preprinted]] FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning, wind blowing hard and fresh in puffs. Make arrangements with Preston & Westenhal to ascend and measure Danger Peake. but wind blowing so that the barometer will not keep steady aboard and start in boat to go to Wright for tripod & Westenhal and ashore. Get tripod but find Westy busy, and go ashore leaving Preston to watch the lower station while I ascend alone the craggy peak which I accomplish successfully about two hours going up and one coming [[strikethrough]] g [[/strikethrough]] down, a very hard climb with a heavy load. Height 2179.5 ft. true. [[preprinted]] SATURDAY 8 [[/preprinted]] Morning snowing hard, decks covered, hills and gullies quite white. No chance of getting boots, it appears although I have cut my only pair to pieces on the mountain. Work over small chart of Plover Bay repairing proportional dividers &c. Give letter for W.W. Robinson at Anadyr to Finlay. Get another mountain thermometer from Lewis. Get an unfinished flag from Agnes our Quartermaster and set to work all the evening sewing on stars. Feet a little blue. Odds heavy, but never say die. Nearly four weeks laying, all but idle, in this desolate port. [[preprinted]] SUNDAY 9 [[/preprinted]] Morning, cold and wet without cessation snowing lightly No inspection. Getting ready to leave. About eleven a gun fired to order all hands to be ready for sea but the wind suddenly dying away we remain at anchor with the chain short. A yellowish white gull circling about the vessel at 3. 7' P.M. weigh anchor and start down the bay Col. Bulkley aboard at seven thirty anchor near the spit in lower harbor. Weather thick. Wind light, ahead. Work on flag most of the afternoon and evening. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning. Accept an invitation from Capt. Scammon and go aboard whaling brig Victoria with Col. Bulkley. Capt. & Mrs. Scammon & the baby. Dr. Fisher, Covert, Wicker, Capt. Patterson & Ryder, to hold a survey on her and inspect Capt Fishes ingenious substitute for the rudder wrenched off by the pack-ice in the Arctic Sea. Ryder takes a photograph of it, we have a punch of alcohol cum capsicum, leave for the little steamers then for the Wright who goes up after the Rutgers & Gate which come sailing down about 1 P.M. [[preprinted]] TUESDAY 11 [[/preprinted]] During the evening a strong breeze springs up from the Northward which increased to a gale and about 12 P.M. our anchor commenced to drag and we narrowly escaped running down the brig Victoria before the second anchor was holding. All day following, wet, blowy, and disagreeable. Pack away some collections skin four birds shot by Everett Smith. Nunez and Tripp aboard in P.M. Turn in early. wind abating. Rutgers sailed at 6.35 for Gr. Hav. [[preprinted]] WEDNESDAY 12 [[/preprinted]] Still lying here idle with the precious time flying by. the hilltops white with snow, and no vessel or word yet sent to the American side where we were expected in May. The Golden Gate with the little steamer [[Wales? Wade?]] in tow is towed out by the Wright enroute for Anadyr at 8 P.M. Bush in command. Nockum is given one of the two remaining stoves, and two or three thousand feet of lumber out of our scanty supply. Smith aboard in the evening.
[[preprinted]] THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 1866 [[/preprinted]] Manuella, Brig & Trader, Capt Redfield arrives about 1. Morning. worrying and fretting all day, about trifling annoyances from Fisher and others. It gives me some real comfort occasionally to have him insult me, because of the intense enmity I feel, for him on account of the thousand little nothings which I have to bear continually It then seems to give some real ground for a feeling of which I am ashamed. At 12 M. Steamer Wright sails for Michaelovski with Str. Wilder in tow Later go ashore in Capt Fishes boat & get some more skulls Evening Capts Redfield & Fish of Manuella & Victoria brigs aboard & have a dance. Grob paints flag. [[preprinted]] FRIDAY 14 [[/preprinted]] Morning. No signs of getting off yet. Ryder takes a picture of Aylesburg Scammon in sailor clothes with Grobs eagle and the american flag in the background. Mr. Ritchie is introduced to officers & crew as masters mate and one of the officers of the flagship Nightingale. In the morning pack a box of specimens & close it, label & catalogue and write up notes on specimens, start in again on index of Mazatlan shells; getting Foss to help me. Get a tracing of Grobs picture containing Mt Kennicott which I hand over to Whymper for a sketch. [[preprinted]] Saturday 15 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Day fine but windy. Get a young Mormon arcticus, which was caught some time since by Dr. Fisher, but which died from improper food. Spend part of the morning skinning it. The Doctor is greatly disgusted when informed that it has fallen into my hands. Write on index to Mazatlan Shells Get Foss to writing in the afternoon. Finish C. Get a scow load of coal ashore making 68 tons in all. Evening. Walk the deck with Mr. Ritchie till 9 and then go below. Write, and read Moliere and turn in [[end page]] [[start page]] [[pencil insertion strikethrough]] Wright arrived [[/pencil insertion strikethrough]] [[preprinted]] SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 1866. [[/preprinted]] An excitement in the Bay. Early in the morning three humpback whales, a bull cow & calf, enter the bay. Redfield and Fish start in pursuit, Redfields boat is stove and Tripp is knocked overboard two or three times and gets his leg jammed in the coil, but after being dragged six or eight miles out to sea finally gets fast to the cow and kills the calf. The Manuella goes down to get the dead whale & cut him in. Capt. S. goes part way but returns without getting any measurements as the whales are too far off. Day most lovely and evening the same. [[pencil insertion]] Wright arrived at St. Michaels [[/pencil insertion]] [[preprinted]] MONDAY 17 [[/preprinted]] Idle all the morning, walking the deck. Day fine clear and beautiful. Shortly after lunch Capt Fish of the Victoria comes up from the Manuella and offers a chance for me to go down and see the humpback cut in which I gladly accept and taking my blankets go down in the whaleboat with Mr. Merrill, anchor and chain, but find the brig far out and the whale cut in, but get some notes and standing in for the Bay pass a pleasant evening & night aboard the brig [[preprinted]] TUESDAY 18 [[/preprinted]] Morning breakfast aboard the brig and find it has been snowing in the night and the hills are looking hoary. At anchor in the Bay. Get some barnacles from the whales throat Capt. S. baby & Grob come aboard & I return to Nightingale. Apologise to Maj. Wright for going off without notifying him. Make sketch of barnacle, write letters send by Capt. Redfield. Drop up the Bay so as to get free of the spit. Try & clean the fresh skull & even'g with the Capts & in Cabin.
[[preprinted]] WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Day disagreeable, cold, raw and wet. Everybody has a bad cold. In the morning; Pack up and away specimens of various kinds put a good many things to rights for sea: Redfield trying out. Bark Evelyn Wood arrives in the afternoon from Victoria with material and letters. Get one from Aunt Sarah. News that the Atlantic cable has been working well a month and of peace in Europe. Stand out across the Bay, wear round and drop back again for want of wind & down mudhooks. [[preprinted]] THURSDAY 20 [[/preprinted]] Weather wet and disagreeable. Soon after breakfast weigh anchor and stand across the Bay. About half past nine A.M. stand out to sea, weather foggy; en route for St. Michaels. After getting out blows hard with a headbeat sea, which makes almost every body, myself included feel a little qualmish, and one or two are right sick. Finish drawing of barnacles, go aft and read papers which came by the Evelyn Wood which waits for the Wright at Plover Bay. Read Reveries of a Bachelor and lay low, all the afternoon and evening. Night stormy [[preprinted]] FRIDAY 21 [[/preprinted]] Morning little winds. Foggy and wet off St. Lawrence Id bearing N.E. twenty miles. Pace the deck for exercise and air, study a little Greek Copy some verses. Read some more papers. Get a picture from Whymper of Mt. Kennicott. Dress Blacks shoulder, take time for Mr. Norton. Weather much calmer but winds light and baffling. Get the cabinsteward to cut my hair and feel much more comfortable after the operation. Capt Scammon unwell. Called down to see him in evening [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Day disagreeable rainy and snowing. Wind fair and fresh. Vessel pitching about a good deal. Spend most of the day over Index to Mazatlan shells. Evening clears up, wind freshens and take in sail. [[preprinted]] SUNDAY 23 [[/preprinted]] Hard snow and hail storm at intervals during the day. Write on Index to Mazatlan Shells. Capt. Scammon unwell again; remain some little time with him and take lunch in the cabin. Afternoon write, and read the "Initials" which describes the queerest young lady, and the most remarkable young man that I ever read of. We are drawing near St. Michaels, I hope to find all is well. Much depends on the events of the next few days both as regards myself and Kennicott and the Expedition. Land seen at 11 P.M. [[preprinted]] MONDAY 24 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Land on all sides in sight. Capes Darby and Denbigh, Egg Island, Stuart Island, Island of St Michaels and the mainland and ranges of volcanic hills in the distance. Towards noon make out the fort and the Steamer, and send off a boat to make soundings SE of Egg Island which returns with 6 fathoms. Send a boat with Chappel, & Ritchie in it ashore. Come to and anchor in a driving show storm SE of Paichnoi Id. Evening Capt Scammon quite unwell, sit with him, and write on Index.
[[preprinted]] TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning stormy. About noon Wright gets up steam to get off to us. Write letters, feel a feverish anxiety for which I cannnot account, to see Kennicott. About four P.M the Steamer comes up and anchors under the lee of the island About 5 P.M. a boat with Ennis, Ketchum and the Colonel comes alongside, and brings the awful news of Kennicotts death, sudden and unexpected, due in great measure to Ennis' double dealing and bullying for which God forgive him. It happened May [[strikethrough]] [[?]] [[/strikethrough]] 13 at Nulato in the morning. Charley Pease will go home with the remains. I loved him [[preprinted]] WEDNESDAY 26 [[/preprinted]] better than any one else in the world. He loved me, trusted me and stood by me like a man and gave me confidence in myself which has carried me through many trials, and will with God's help, carry me through many more. Morning Wright sails for Grantley Harbor. The Colonel just before leaving makes me Surgeon of the District from Conway to the Straits. After consulting Wright as to the best course, pitch in and make out requisitions, and deliver them to the Doctor. Up till 1 A.M. writing circular letters &c an get through a really astonishing amount of work. [[preprinted]] THURSDAY 27 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Set Schuyler at work over the brigs amidships and Foss over the medicines; and go ashore in the Wilder. See Pease and talk over things with him, help him pack up and go on board with him. Find that Dr. Fisher has put up a criminally small supply of medicines and given me an unauthorized order which I return endorsed, as such, where upon he grossly insults me. My hands are tied however and by Major Wrights advice I make a Report on it for the Colonel Ev. Write. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Rainy. wet. Go below and break out Amidships brig Get boxes &c ready for shipment ashore. Send Schuyler ashore to tally off boxes. Get things up from below, amidships and get almost every thing onto the lighter or scow. Pack up private things. Get a painted sack from Capt Scammon who is quite sick. Mrs S. puts up a box for Whymper and I, with 8 or ten bottles of assorted liquor some sardines &c A storm comes up and prevents us from getting ashore. Buy Ritchies watch and give him mine. Get Dyer to [[underlined]] buy [[/underlined]] a pair of dental forceps from Fisher and pay him 5.00 for them. 3 inches of snow. [[preprinted]] SATURDAY 29 [[/preprinted]] Blowing hard all day from the north, which winds always blows the water out of the bay through the "canal". The vessel soon begins and keeps on all day and nearly all night a thumping on the bottom which was luckily of soft black mud. Go down in the cabin and write. Every one feels nervous and troubled about the vessel. Capt. Scammon no better. Turn in early to get a good nights rest. Sergei Stepanoff in factor in charge of Fort St Michael and is an old soldier, of unbridled passions. [[preprinted]] SUNDAY 30 [[/preprinted]] Morning snowing hard. Soon clears off clear & cold. Bannister, Pease, Grönberg and Elia come aboard for good. Major Kennicotts body in a coffin made at Nulato, is brought aboard. Write a protest against leaving syphilitic men here and get a blowing up from Wright for it. Damn these double faced hounds. About 2 o'clock get in to the scow with baggage and are towed ashore by the Wilder. Get my things upon the bank and into B's room. Even'g Down to Ketchums tent. Fisher drunk as a fool sleeps in my room all night. Stepanoff has just raped the only virtuous girl in the fort.
[[pencil note added at top of page]] NB Fisher steals Geo Adams norka parkie that morning [[/pencil note]] [[preprinted]] MONDAY, OCTOBER 1, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning wake up with a bad cold. Fly round all day and get out equipment, to go on the steamer to Unalakleek. Spend the day in making a careful selection as this will probably be the only chance to get things up. The Russian Barkis is leaky and they load down the steamer and all the small boats and try to get ready to sail tonight. Nightingale sails for Plover Bay about noon. Find that they can't get away tonight. Evening go into Ennis' & Bean's Room, and turn in early. Dyer, Lebarge, Ennis, Whymper, & others will go up tomorrow. [[preprinted]] TUESDAY 2 [[/preprinted]] All hands busy in the morning getting things into the Wilder. Pay Chappel in the launch, gets off first. Then Adams with the bidarrá, loaded with flour. The Steamer starts towing a small boat but strikes a rock in the middle of the harbor. Great excitement for a short time but finally get her off and she is soon out of sight . Get medicines out of Stepanoffs chest. Get the goods out of the cookhouse with the help of two Indians, up to Bannisters room. Evening talk over explorations of Youkon mouth with Bean & turn in [[preprinted]] WEDNESDAY [[/preprinted]] Morning clear and cold. Ketchum and I in Ennis' room which we moved into as soon as he got away. spend the greater part of the day packing up things for journey to Unalakleek. Leaky barkis was got ashore last night, and was calked & pitched today and in the evening put afloat. Get things packed and in evening write up memoranda &c. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] THURSDAY, OCTOBER 4, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning get up late. Get Parkie which has been sewed up and pay a piece of soap for it. Write orders & letters to Caldwell at Grantley Harbor. Expect steamer which doesn't come and we think that they have probably concluded to beache her for the winter. Weather cloudy and cold. Get a pair of winter boots about 15 inches long. Make up a cap, out of an old visor, my Glengarry, and a company button. Grub consists of bacon hams, beans, Russian bread, and tea, particularly tea. Every body has a bad cold. Life dull but comfortable. [[preprinted]] FRIDAY 5 [[/preprinted]] Cold with a north wind and no chance of getting off a boat to Unalakleet. Lay abed in morning for want of something else to do. The bed consists of a wild reindeer hide with the hair on and with one end sewn into a kind of bag to put the feet in. On top of that my blankets and over all Bannister's shawl so that I am fixed off very gay. Ketchum occupies the opp. corner, at one side of the room is the stove and the other K's desk. Walls dark red with a gray line near the ceiling. Got boxes up from cookhouse. [[image - pen sketch of layout of room with beds, desk and stove]] [[preprinted]] SATURDAY 6 [[/preprinted]] Russian Sunday everybody drunk. Morning gray, with a little snow. The stove that warms the room is of a peculiar construction. A frame of beams is first laid and filled with volcanic gravel then lava blocks with one layer of brick above. A sort of oven is then built with brick & lava and an arrangement in the chimney by which all draft up can be instantly checked, a fire is made and the bricks heated the fire is put out the draft stopped and the stove will heat the room all day. [[image - pen sketch of profile view of stove showing layout and construction as described above]] [[image labelled with name for stove:]] Peechka
[[preprinted]] MONDAY, OCTOBER 7, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning a copious fall of snow. Read The Doctors Wife, Sir Jaspers Tenant and some odd copies of Punch. In the afternoon a bidarrá with Indians and letters from Unalakleet saying that they had arrived, all but Adams who proably had put into Ulukowitch on account of rough weather. Ther. 9° Fahr. no chance of building winter quarters because the ground is solid and now covered with snow. They want all hands & supplies to go up as soon as possible; the turrets of the Russian fort are being fitted up for their accommodation no dogs bought or sledges or rabbitskin blankets yet. [[preprinted]] MONDAY 8 [[/preprinted]] Morning clear and fine, about 8 oclock the wind changes to fair, (about N.W.W. ) and we get ready to start. Westdahl in the small bidarrá first then Ketchum & myself in the larger b. then another new b. with Indians then Smith was to start but don't know if he got off. Westdahl kept too far out. We started about noon and reached Iglutowit about 8 P.M. We were hauled ashore and went into the casine which is half underground where we got chi and treat the Indians to chi & biscuit, which they return by giving us a gong concert and a dance of four or five, keeping as accurate time to the gongs but rather tedious from being a continual repetition. Sleep very well. [[preprinted]] TUESDAY 9 [[/preprinted]] Morning wind adverse to our going on. Go out and have a look at the Indian huts which are built of large logs, half underground, a long entrance stopped with a bear skin; a space in the centre for a fire place, a hole above covered with a gut skin shirt to let light in and smoke out. Some logs 2ft in diam. Seal oil lamps with sphagnum wicks to light up at night. P.M. A note by an Indian saying Westdahl has put in to a little Bay on account of rough weather, wet everything and got two holes in his bidarrà. Send four Indians to mend canoe. &c but hear nothing from him today. Wind strong & bad [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 10, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning. The mouth of the little cove white with foam. Wind N. quite strong. Breakfast on beef stock soup, bread, chi, and bacon. Carry our sugar in a dirty pillowcase! No news from Westdahl. Indians turn us out of the casino to enjoy a bath in urine which is all they ever take showing a natural aversion to everything clean. Spend an hour in the tent of an Indian who has a blue cologne bottle stopper thrust through his lower lip. In the evening the smell of hartshorn entirely overpowering. Note from Westdahl saying he & Smith have met and they are all right. He keeps two of our Indians. Sleep poorly on account of the stink. One of our bidarràs cut. [[preprinted]] THURSDAY 11 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Wind [[underlined]] natumk [[/underlined]]! About 8 o'clock get our traps together, and although the Indians object to starting, as we are one man short to each boat, saying [[underlined]] asiuhuk, mickyrusnik [[/underlined]], we push off. See the two other boats come round the south point just as we go round the north one. One Indian goes ashore for water, and as we nearly stove the boat while waiting we give him fits when he gets back. Pass Golsover, at Taponica commence to track along shore, but taking a good breeze make a bee line for Unalakleet. Bother about an hour in the ice outside but get in about eleven P.M. and get a cup of chi, and our cargo ashore. [[preprinted]] FRIDAY 12 [[/preprinted]] Slept in a Russian bed or rather bunk, he having obeyed the Gospel injunction. More cockroaches than would fill a 40 gallon cask. Breakfast with Smith on board the Wilder which is hauled up on the shore. Take a walk round with Whymper to the Indian village. As unromantic a place as one could well imagine, mostly under ground and filth in plenty everywhere. In the afternoon move all my traps out into a tent in the open ground; raise a flagpole and the scientific flag. Buy a pair of winter boots for 10 bullets and 3 caps. Buy a deer skin for 60¢ to sleep on. Sleep well but rather cold Ther. 8° 1 pr. blankets & 2 skins
[[underlined]] Russian Sunday [[/underlined]] [[preprinted]] SATURDAY, OCTOBER 13, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning. Waked by Capt Smiths boy Tommy who says "cooshit'' and go down to the steamer for grub. We have a small but select mess there and the grub is highly preferable to that at the fort. Get a beautiful grouse which I lay aside to skin. Boys at work hauling up the Wilder. Put up some medicine for little Marcia who is Andreas daughter. Look over the medicine chest and find some of the things frozen. Take in into andreas room. P.M. Dyer in my tent trying to make arrangements for making boots. Westdahl & Smiths bidarràs arrive about 4 P.M. all right. Westdahl sleeps in my tent with me. Very cold and piercing wind blows at night but sleep quite comfortably. Dogs howling all night. [[preprinted]] SUNDAY 14 [[/preprinted]] Morning very cold and windy. Go into the fort and dress and down to the steamer. This is the last day that we shall eat on board of her as the stove is to be taken up to the fort where we shall get our grub henceforth. Ennis and Ketchum will mess with Andrea and we shall mess in the bakehouse and the men in the new loghouse. Dyer working over [[strikethrough]] e [[/strikethrough]] his requisition. Some of the Iglelut chiefs down here and we measure out powder lead and caps to them in order that they may shoot reindeer for us when we get to Nulato. The are much finer looking men than the Mahlemuts [[image - pencil sketch on left side of page showing Fort layout that Dall mentions above.]] [[preprinted]] MONDAY 15 [[/preprinted]] Morning, go into the fort to dress and breakfast. Rolls, bacon and tea - Get out barometer and find 1406 is + .018 to 1536. Set up 1406 and repack the other. Weather mild. Help Dyer on his calculations. Get out alcohol for Francis and get 200 bullets from him. Bullets, shot, cotton drill, powder and percussion caps, needles and old clothes will take any man through this country. Beads are of no account. Afternoon take a fine steam bath feel clean and comfortable, wander round without any thing particular to do till supper time. After supper read George Duke or the Captain of the Vulture by Mrs Braddon and top off with a few chapters of good Shirley. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning blowy. Help Dyer to get out Nulato stores. Get a light parkie of Ostraskoi for $4.00 on a/c. The light adult deerskins generally of a gray brown color, white on the belly, are called neédress. The young fawns of a pleasant red brown and grey white are called wíperote. The tame deerskins generally pied, white, brown, and gray, are called comellóny. There are no tame deer on the American side but on the Asiatic side, especially in the Anadyr District, the richer chiefs have herds sometimes reaching, according to report, the number of 20,000. After noon, put the Nulato stores into Andreas little storehouse, read and smoke. Westdahl goes into the [preprinted]] WEDNESDAY 17 [[/preprinted]] house to sleep being terrified by the cold weather. I do not think the thermometer has been above 28° since we slept there, though it may have been at noon, a tin dipper of water, frozen hard the first night has since remained so. We have four Indian servants here who have been christend by the most ridiculous names. Maguffin, Lunchy, Isaac and Gin, of whom Lunchy is by far the best, and a very useful man. A most beautiful day and evening. Get Ennis Whymper, Andrea, Ketchum and Francis into the tent and treat them to some of Mrs. Scammons old Jamaica, which is a good thing to stimulate their affectionate feelings, and promote the milk of human [[preprinted]] THURSDAY 18 [[/preprinted]] kindness. Morning after a very comfortable night, find my self snowed in but on getting out find it to be merely a drift, of a foot or two deep made by the wind and snow in the night. Lay around and do nothing all day. snowing and blowing hard. P.M. Write to Bean at St. Michaels asking him to send up some alcohol, birds egg boxes, arsenic and Plaster of Paris for Sci. purposes and also a box of fine sporting powder, a barkis is to go down tomorrow morning and I may be able to get up such an addition to our stores as will be desirable. Weather quite warm and snow thawing every where
[[preprinted]] FRIDAY, OCTOBER 19, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning. Weather still warm and thawing. Breakfast early and Adams in charge of barkis with Clark, Thomas, Wilson, Wood, Foss and Fitzgerald started out of the river towards St. Michaels but the tide being very low they have to return, not being able to get out. Get the snow away from round my tent and take the barometrical observations in the morning. Evening Foss comes in and in the course of conversation stated that he had seem me buying furs of the Indians and paying extravagant prices therefore. I gave him the lie direct, and refusing to retract, apologise or fight he tells me he is going to punch my head when he gets a convenient opportunity, at which point the matter rests. [[preprinted]] SATURDAY 20 [[/preprinted]] Russian Sunday. Last night serenaded Tommy Denison in our new quarters with his girl. Morning. Calm, clear and beautiful. Get out a can of milk and treat the boys. Get all hands into the tent and administer a little of the milk of human kindness. Last year Charley Pease killed a wolf by poisoning him and following the tracks shot the dead body and skinning him reported that he had shot him which raised his reputation immensely among the Russians. Evening. Serenade Francis and his wife in Ketchums tent. read "A Mystery." and turn in. Night very cold about zero and a high wind blowing thr tent. [[preprinted]] SUNDAY 21 [[/preprinted]] Lay round all day and do next to nothing. No bath and nothing doing. Variation of the compass 28°.30' Easterly according to Westdahl. Monday 22 Morning look over all my things and get out a sketch book. Make a sketch of the fort. Afternoon make arrangements with Ennis to have Lt. Smith act as Surgeon here while I am absent. Caldwell at Grantley Harbor and myself at Nulato. Get all the boys into the tent and have a regular jollification finishing [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] MONDAY, OCTOBER 22, 1866. [[/preprinted]] up all the liquor and wine I had on hand. We then adjourned to the house where Jay produced a bottle of claret and we all went down to the Indian dance in the village. On coming back to turn in, on striking a light, find that a five gallon keg containing Rum, Medical Stores has been abstracted during our absence. Rout out half the Indian town, search the constructors house and finally conclude to let it go till morning and turn in as no signs of it were to be found. [[preprinted]] TUESDAY 23 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Strong grounds of suspicion exist against Foss and Fitz-gerald as the thieves of the the liquor as follows. Foss was to my knowledge the only man who knew of its existence. He and Fitzgerald were seen lurking around the tent while we were in the house. They volunteered to get water, a thing unheard of and returned without any, and were the only members of the party. Mike however came in with the keg nearly empty having been left leaking on the river bank last night in the fright of the thieves. Divide the remainder about six quarts and turn over to Smith his portion. Get a cap of norka from Annah, and make ready for an early start. [[preprinted]] WEDNESDAY 24 [[/preprinted]] Doubts of the Ulúkook River being frozen, above; So we do not start just yet. Get all my shot out of the tent and put it in one of the small Russian towers both of which are being fitted up for the accommodation of our party. Look over our large box and arrange the contents for a speedy transmission to Nulato. Move my bedding into the room vacated by the boys in the fort. Clarence Smith sick. Afternoon take a walk up the beach toward Besborough Island, with Ketchum. Evening have a regale of jam and hot bread and nuts from Jay Chappel.
[[preprinted]] THURSDAY, OCTOBER 25, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning. Pack box for transportation. Ther. 5.°+ Get medical stores ready for transportation. Appoint Fred. M. Smith Acting Asst. Surg. during my absence and order Caldwell to send him such stores as he may require. Take Breakfast and dinner in our new house or turret which is lined with atené skins and very comfortable though rather small. Denison, Dyer, W.W. & E.E. Smith in one, and Chappel, F.M. Smith, G. Adams, and Westdahl in the other with Macintyre the cook. Evening write. [[preprinted]] FRIDAY 26 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Capt. Ketchum concludes to start up the river to New or First Ulukook although it is to be feared that the river is not fully frozen over. Hakerrin, one of the Russians, makes a row because Francis and his wife are to occupy a bunk in the casine, but Andrea pitches into him and licks him and is going to send him down to the redoubt tomorrow. Go and take a bath and pass an hour or two packing up and in the turret with Dyer, W.W. Smith and Denison. Sleep with Whymper in the Casine. [[preprinted]] SATURDAY 27 [[/preprinted]] Morning rush about and get everything ready for a start. Get four sleds and load them. Cant get enough dogs and go down into the Indian village and seize all we can lay our hands on. One old woman howls dismally and afterwards cuts her dog loose but we get him again and start about 11, with a cheer and one gun from the fort. Break our sled runner and stop for tea & mend it. Go on but are stopped by darkness and open water, and camp on the high bank with a good fire and take chi. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] SUNDAY, OCTOBER 28, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning. Up early, have a grateful meal of tea, bacon and biscuit. Thermometer -6˚. Four of the dogs have gnawed their harness and decamped. We have no dog feed so they feel pretty ravenous. Have a hard mornings work only 3 dogs and over five hundred pounds on the sled, so that I have to push the sled pretty much all the way. Arrive at New Ulukook about noon. Unload the sled into a vacant house and go across the river to [[Amilcars?]] house where we get dinner, tea, bacon and biscuit and spread our blankets, smoke, write, and turn in. [[preprinted]] MONDAY 29 [[/preprinted]] After a long nights rest, wake a good deal refreshed though rather stiff. Get chi, boiled ham and biscuit for breakfast and feel bully. Take a walk up the river about four miles with Francis to a place where the Indians catch fish in summer. Find many open places in the ice and return. Mike and Pickett leave about 8 AM with dogs & sleds for Unalakleet. Will return immediately with another load. Get a beginning of a vocabulary of Ingaleet words. Make a few sketches of the house and Indians. [[Chiyalook?]] brings in some partridges. Have a telegraph stew of alené and other sundries for dinner which is superfine. [[preprinted]] TUESDAY 30 [[/preprinted]] Sleep well. After breakfast go over to summer house and repack some boxes for shipment to Nulato. Walk down the river a mile or two with Francis, and look into some old deserted Indian huts which are lined with the most beautiful lichens and mosses. There is quite a growth of spruce, alder and birch over the country here. Back in the house and take chi. About four PM. Mike and Pickett, Foss, and Chase with five sleds come up from Unalakleet with loads containing everything of ours remaining at that place, of ours. Have a tiptop supper and all sleep at [[Amilcars?]]
[[preprinted]] Wednesday, October 31, 1866 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Write to Dyer, have breakfast and send all the sleds back with Foss & Chase. Keep nine dogs, to go up to Nulato with the light Ingaleet sleds. Weather very mild and thawing fast in the morning but about noon changes to cold again. Go over with Mike and Francis and get out some molasses. Let the dogs out of the Indian house where they have been shut up to prevent their following the returning sleds. Weather renders the prospect of moving on to Old Ulukook and Nulato rather distant. Whymper and Francis have a great discussion about the relative merits of rice and beans, as an article of food. [[preprinted]] Thursday, November 1 [[/preprinted]] Weather still warm and snowing fast. Ingechook and Amilcar go out shooting. Find the dogs are not all here some nine of them having left for Unalakleet. Propose to Ketchum to start tomorrow morning and walk down to Unalakleet (25 miles) and get the dogs. Francis insists on going too. Make arrangements with Lofka, an indian from Nulato to go up to Nuclukayet. Tell all the Indians to bring out their fish (dried) for dog feed and Ketchum intends to buy all they can spare for our dogs this winter. [[preprinted]] Friday 2 [[/preprinted]] A fine day, but warm. Start at a quarter to nine with Francis to walk to Unalakleet. Walking good but wet and we have to bank it, part of the way. Start my old five-mile-swing, and arrive at Unalakleet at 2.10 P.M. just in time for a hot steam bath and a good dinner. Walking down on the frozen river is a good deal longer that going over land, but we had no snow shoes and it was much harder to walk through deep snow 15 miles than on ice 25 miles. Sleep in Adams bunk he being gone with bidarra to St. M. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] Saturday, November 3, 1866 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Warm and unpleasant. Francis does not feel like going up today and the ice is very bad, so I conclude to wait till tomorrow. Dine with Andrea. give him some shot, buy a pair of boots $1.00. write to Joe Pierce at Plover Bay as there is a slight chance that some of the Indians may cross the strait this winter. Go down to the dance in the evening, to the manes of a dead man in which some six or 8 friends dance in costume, and a vast quantity of edibles consumed and things given away. [[preprinted]] Sunday 4 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Therm. 16°, a strong northeast wind blowing with snow in blinding clouds. Notwithstanding the opposition (sensible enough too), of all all hands, I start off about half past ten, alone for Unalakleet where I arrive cold, wet and tired about 6 P.M. an hour and a half after dark The feeling which urged me off, as usual proved to have a foundation. To my astonishment I find a note from Ketchum who started yesterday for old Ulukook and sent another train today which I have missed. Only Ingechook here. Chi, dry, & turn in [[preprinted]] Monday 5 [[/preprinted]] Get Ingechook to go over to Ulukook with a note to Capt. Ketchum in case he has not gone, asking for orders &c. If he is there I will take a sled & dog from here and go over there, if not I will take a sled down to Unalakleet with my blankets &c - and wait till Dyer comes up and come with him Cook my breakfast and go over and get some flour sugar &c from the store house. Francis arrives about 4 P.M. Ingechook soon after with a note from Ketchum saying that he leaves Old Ulukuk tomorrow morning
[[preprinted]] TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 1866 [[/preprinted]] Morning, Have some salmon trout that Capt. K. sent down for breakfast. Get traps together to leave with Ingechook some to come down tomorrow. Go over and look into the store house and find that most of the bacon, flour, tea, and dried apples are still there. Start down about eleven with Francis for Unalakleet and arrive there about five p.m. The ice being very smooth and glairy made the travelling very hard and we were only too glad to get into the fort. Chi with Andrea, cards in the evening and turn in early Fred Smiths woman (11 years old) sleeps with him in our quar's. [[preprinted]] WEDNESDAY 7 [[/preprinted]] Morning up early having slept little, but feeling a little stiff from the effects of my tramp. Adams and the bidarra are not returned. It is very doubtful if he will be able to get back before the ice forms. Weather still warm. Therm. 18 & 20. Ingechook does not make his appearance with the things from Ulukook. Read & lie round all day. Magoffin troubled with orchitis. At a recent dance in the Mahlemut casine the evil spirit was driven away by eight or nine men with contangs of food with they raised in the air to every point of the compass uttering at the time a hissing noise. [[preprinted]] THURSDAY 8 [[/preprinted]] Morning, clear and fine. Therm. 18, and barometer rising. Nothing from Ingechook, or Adams. The days are very short now, and growing shorter. Light at nine o'clock and dark at half past four. At a dance in honor of a dead man the other day the relatives executed a dance and gave away presents. They were dressed in buckskin drawers, boots, and gut shirts. The women with their hair braided and with feathers in it the men with fillets & feathers, the women holding long feathers tipped with bunches of alêné hair. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 1866. [[/preprinted]] This dance consisted much of the usual motions of the dance, but one of the old men went through the motions of picking berries, hunting the reindeer, going in a bidarrá after seal, spearing the walrus, &c &c, or rather was supposed to go through them for I could see very little in his movements except the usual gesticulations. Afternoon. Bath as usual. Ingechook, Matfay Amilcar two sled dogs & Francis & my own Inds come down from Ulukuk today. Ketchum should be at Hontog on the Kwithpak today. Even. Play seven up with Andrea. Read Lionhearted a sickly novel by Mrs Gray. Nakuluk Peechuk & the infant charivarid. [[preprinted]] SATURDAY 10 [[/preprinted]] Russian Sunday. Morning Clear and fine Therm. 10. Dyer proposes to leave for the Ulukuk to push over the goods to Old Ulukook, day after tomorrow. Pay Dyer on a/c 50 [[%?]] for Matfay, who has sold his bidarrá to Ketchum. Constructors getting up a theatrical performance, with local hits. They had one when I was away and I came in as usual for my share of the jokes. Write a song on our astronomer for the performance. Our quarters in the boofkas are getting to resemble the Roman "Fornices". It is too bad, but cannot last long. Even'g. Cards with Andrea &c. [[preprinted]] SATURDAY 11 [[/preprinted]] Morning, Wind blowing hard. Ther. 18. Morning write smoke and read the "fourth of Shakespeare" a very poor attempt at a novel. Get the Russian chart of Zagoskin from Westdahl and go to work making a hurried tracing of it. Get ready to start for Ulukuk tomorrow. Afternoon, work on map. Evening. Have a theatrical entertainment got up by the boys in the casan, Nigger minstrels, local hits, songs. Rhoderik Dhu by C.C. Smith and Foss; Schuyler, Haining, Clark, Denison, and Geo Dow appeared. Afterwards, finish maps, chi & turn in.
[[preprinted]] MONDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning, get up early, get blanket & traps into shape, tea with andrea and start off at ten oclock, two Malemut sleds, 4 dogs in my sled and five in Dyers, two Indians, Shugeluk and New Years, Dyer and Francis. Westdahl does not go but Smith (E.E.) goes up a few miles. Run before the dogs for a couple of hours, making two parrenos' and arriving at New Ulukuk at two P.M. Get the dogs fed and tied up and my things into Amilcars house and get tea ready Have some Wakne or Ulukuk trout for supper. [[preprinted]] TUESDAY 13 [[preprinted]] Morning. Breakfast, pack up, load one Mahlemut, and one Ingaleet sled, and start at half past ten for Old Ulukuk. The place we have just left is called Iktigalik or New Ulukook. Leave the river above the bend and make a parrenos crossing two small lakes, and then the river &c till we arrive at T'soh, half way. 1.15 a deserted Indian village of two huts then by a long parrenos to the river just below the Old Ulukook, which is kept open through the severest winter by thermal springs in the riverbed. Stay at Amilcars house chi, olémé & backfat for tea. [[preprinted]] WEDNESDAY 14 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Lee Francis, Shugelook and New Years off early with three sleds, and good teams of dogs. Two of our dogs off in the night. Buy a good pair of snowshoes from Ivan for a knife. Doctor up some of the Indians who are sick. Dyer buys some fine oleine or river trout from the Indians. The Ingaleets have only four villages; Holtog and one on the Youkon, besides these. They now number about 100 although similar tribes with the same language are found farther east. Evening brings Francis back with three teams and heavy loads of goods [[end Page]] [[start Page]] [[preprinted]] THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning. Feed the dogs, get the broken sled of Matfays mended and start about half past ten with empty sled for Iktiglik. Pass N'tsoh about noon and get into New Ulukuk about half past one. Get tea, feed the dogs well look over the stores and talk to Ingichuk to get his dogs tomorrow. At first he refuses but - Amilcar agrees to wait - till tomorrow and by telling him that there are plenty of [[oléné?]] at Ulukuk I induce him to come and get Amilcars old sled for the next days trip. Chi, and turn in [[preprinted]] FRIDAY 16 [[/preprinted]] Morning early rouse the boys get chi, catch, and harness the dogs and load the sled taking everything from the storehouse except some dog feed. Start about half past eight, pass N'tsoh about 11°.15' and arrive at Ulukuk about noon, put up the goods and repair sleds. Get news from Ketchum's party by and Indian who brings a worn out dog & a sled from Solnasopka and says Ketchum left for Nulato with 3 sleds. Send back the old man and a sled for Amilcar, and a boy to Unalakleet for Francis who has sold his concertina to Lofka for two dogs. Sleep opposite, after chi & olémé. [[preprinted]] SATURDAY 17 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Dyer concludes to wait till tomorrow morning for Mike and the dogs who are due today. Write up journal, get out knife for Ivan who doesn't like it being old and worn, and through some little mismanagement of Dyers he gets mad and the bargain is off. A big crowd in all day, Lofka, Ingichuk, Ivan, Sammac. Amilcar arrives late the old Mahlemut having let the dogs get loose and two get away to Unalaklete. His wife and a lot more Indians all in together. Move our beds up close and get ready for Joe to go down tomorrow morning with some fish.
[[preprinted]] SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning. Get dogs together. Joe buys a lot of fish to take down to Unalakleet. Ivan goes off and sends word that he makes me a present of the snowshoes, which necessitates my giving him a big present or flinging them in his face if he won't take it. Joe leaves with the four Indians for Iktigalik. The old woman sends back the payment for the skin I got the other night as she wants drill, which I have not got. In the afternoon cross the river and scout for Mike but no signs of that gentleman or the teams. It is very stupid staying in an Indian house with nothing to do but eat, drink, and sleep and the days only 4 hours long. [[preprinted]] MONDAY 19 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Thermometer ten below zero. Breakfast about ten A.M. soon after daybreak. Do nothing, vigorously all day. Afternoon, go out for a short walk but find it cold and windy and come back. Pay the old woman for the skin. No signs of Mike. Sleep cold. Ivan gets back from Iktiglik and kills a deer by the way. There are about four inhabited houses here and in the summer all the Indians go down to Iktigalik on account of the musquitoes. and to catch fish for winter consumption and for the dogs. [[preprinted]] TUESDAY 20 [[/preprinted]] Morning 8 below zero. After breakfast fix up our beds and go out for a walk toward Iktigalik and get cones of the spruce and tamerack. Give Amilcar some caps and he goes out and kills six beautiful black grouse. The boy arrives from Unalakleet with Francis' concertina and other things. Ivan sends in some fresh deer meat and I make a telegraph stew for supper. Make arrangements in case Mike doesn't get here tomorrow to get three dogs & a sled and push a load of flour to Ivans Barrabora. Anything rather than idleness. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Early in the morning hear the dogs howling and the Indians sing out that Mike is coming. Get the kettle on, dress, and rush out to find six sleds, two Russians and Mike, three days from Nulato. Had hard work to get through, having to break the road and on arriving at Holtog, were out of grub, but coming back all was lovely and road OK. Ketchum sends word for me to come on but for Francis to wait for another trip which is very provoking, for him. No fresh fish or meat at Nulato. The Russians go on to Unalakleet and we look over stores & grub for the trip. Get some little fish for science get snowshoes of Ivan & give him 10 balls & caps & promise knife. [[preprinted]] THURSDAY 22 [[/preprinted]] 30 miles Morning up early, give Francis messages for Unalakleet load the sleds, buy fish for ourselves & Francis, start away about noon for Gesolnasopka, six sleds, six Indians and Mike besides myself. Go for about two miles through light spruce and hackmetack woods then along open rolling plains intersected by creeks to the end of the Ulukuk mountains where we strike the woods and river at Pleasant Bluff (Gesolnasopka) where we stop at six P.M. for tea and three bags packed by Ketchum on his up trip. River and hillside woods then till we strike a small river, cache the sleds and walk a half mile to Ivan's Barrábora where we take a [[preprinted]] FRIDAY 23 [[/preprinted]] 23 miles good cup of tea, bacon & biscuit & molasses, about midnight thermometer 11 below zero. Sleep under Mikes rabbit skin with him, quite warm. Morning, tea, feed dogs, load sleds and off through the valley, along hillsides sparsely wooded with spruce, and alder bushes, up and down some bad hills, along the river on the ice occasionally, and about dark strike an open place about six miles long just beyond Beaver Lake, strong north wind 6 below zero and snow from the ground blowing a blinding sheet. After a hard struggle pass it and stop at an old camp of Ketchums, with
[[preprinted]] SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 24 [[/preprinted]] 15 miles only one tree for shelter. Put the sleds and a piece of drill around the camp to keep off the wind and snow, Drink tea, one side of the hand burning & the other freezing. Sleep about 10PM. About 4AM Old Ivan; (who killed the Russian bidarshik in 1852, with a knife at Nulato) comes along and shortly afterward we break camp and start for Holtog. A magnificent fair of mock suns lasting nearly all day (six hours) attracted attention. Go down across Little River. [[image - drawing with six suns over mountains]] Have a very pleasant comfortable camp and sleep warm and comfortable with Mike. [[preprinted]] SUNDAY 25 [[/preprinted]] 12 miles Morning. Off at six and passing over some high hills get a good glimpse of the Youkon covered with a broad sheet of snowy ice. Arrive at Holtog about four P.M. a very strong wind on the river renders it too bad to venture further. The Youkon is about three miles wide here and with about four to two feet of ice on it, but still open in places. Holtog consists of three houses on the right bank and five on the left bank. The one we went into was the best Indian house I have yet seen. The old woman sold us some grouse and Mike made a splendid stew. All the men away. [[preprinted]] MONDAY 26 [[/preprinted]] 22 miles Make an early start and make good time on the ice which however is very rough and with from 18 to 6 inches of snow on it. The river at one place is about six miles broad but generally about three miles. The right bank is high and with bold bluffs and rolling hills sparsely wooded, the left low, and thickly wooded with out a hill of any kind in sight. About six P.M. reach Alexofs Barrábora, on the right bank about 15 miles from Nulato. Get some good tea and grub and sleep sound Therm. 32 below zero. House small and very smoky. [[End Page]] [[Start Page]] [[preprinted]] TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 1866. [[/preprinted]] 15 miles Morning make an early start for Nulato. Leave about 6 A.M. arrive near the supposed coal vein at noon. Stop and examine it. Coal good but covered with snow and a strong probability that it is only a "pocket" not a true continuous seam. Start on. Therm. 28 below zero. Freeze my cheeks and nose a little as there is some wind in our faces. Start ahead & arrive at the fort at Nulato about an hour ahead of the dogs and bring the news of the quickest trip to Ulukuk & back ever made with loads. Quarters A1. Evening take a good bath and food as I had suspected that I am lousy; from sleeping in the [[preprinted]] WEDNESDAY 28 [[/preprinted]] Indian camps & houses for nearly a month without a bath or change of clothes. We have pushed our dog sleds 120 miles or so in five days with the thermometer always below zero and generally windy weather. Get the bidarshik drunk which is the surest way of getting into his good graces, and turn in. Morning. 18 below zero Get boxes open &c &c. Mike preparing to go down tomorrow for another load. Larriown a rascally Koyoukun indian in in the course of the day. Grouse and reindeer meat. Coffee and Russian bread for our two meals. [[preprinted]] THURSDAY 29 [[/preprinted]] Morning. up very early in order to help Mike off. Pickett goes down with him. He gets off about six o'clock with five sleds. Open boxes and begin to get settled. Thermometer 36 below zero. Clear & cold. Partridges and reindeer meat for dinner. Peter, the son of old Ivan whom we met coming up, cooks and takes care of things generally. The quarters are roomy and comfortable, a big Russian oven to keep us warm and a wide shelf for us to sleep on. Ivan in in the course of the day. Evening write to Bean who is sick, read a bad novel by Mrs. Gore and turn in.
[[preprinted]] FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning. 32 below zero. Unpack and arrange boxes. Kurilla a good Koyoukun Indian, brings in slats and puts them up on the beams to lay traps & clothes on which saves a great deal of room. Get a box cover scrape it and put [[image - drawing of room layout with stove and table]] up a shelf for my books & traps which I want to get at constantly. Set up the barometer and get out the thermometer & books. Russian Saturday and get a bath. The Bathhouse is better than the one at Unalakleet but today the stones had got nearly cold so the bath was not as good as usual. [[preprinted]] SATURDAY DECEMBER 1 [[/preprinted]] Russian Sunday. Morning 44 below zero clear & calm. Mornings here commence at 10 oclock and evenings at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Skin a small snow bird brought in the other day very much mutilated, by Larriown. Read a mass of rubbish by Reynolds. My own books are mostly at St. Michaels so that I have nothing to read, and very little day light to do it by. Buy the Captains rabbit skin blanket of him. Make Flapjacks for dinner. Petzka goes off on some wild goose chase and when he comes back the Captain discharges him. Begin to keep the Barometrical records. [[preprinted]] SUNDAY 2 [[/preprinted]] Morning 45 below zero, cloudy but calm. Kurilla cooks for us and we get along very well without Peetzka. Clear off the floor, sweep out and get old Zagorsha in and with Kurilla caulk the cracks in the floor with moss as it is very cold for the feet, cover the floor with straw and put down some old blankets over it and make it much more comfortable. In the evening go in to see Ivan the bidarshik, and give him a good pocket knife in exchange for a parki which he made me a present of today [[preprinted]] MONDAY, DECEMBER 3, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning 52 below zero. Day dark & short. Hang up flags to beautify the room. The captain buys a feather bed and I must follow suit for sleeping with nothing but a blanket between you and the bare boards is played out any longer. Mike is probably at Ulukuk. [[preprinted]] TUESDAY 4 [[/preprinted]] Morning 55 below zero, with first an east and then a west wind. Go outside the fort and look about, the whole country seems to be over shadowed by what I should call a frozen mist or haze. put up some more hangings. Get my pillow covered. Have Ivan the bidarshik into dinner. [[preprinted]] WEDNESDAY 5 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Cold and clear. 55 below zero. Do nothing vigorously all day. Mrs. Larriown all day in the house. Gas from the peetchka being secreted too soon gives us all severe head aches & we turn in early. Discuss plans with Capt Ketchum and lay out to go up the Youkon instead of down next summer with Whymper in a bidarra after the ice breaks up which will give me a good opportunity to study the geology of the country between here & Ft Youkon
[[pre-printed]] THURSDAY, DECEMBER 6, 1866. [[/pre-printed]] Morning Still about 55 below. Buy two featherbeds of Ivan and Zagorsha for Powder, shot, & 13 dollars. Read "a Naval Lieutenant" by Armstrong not a bad story, and unpack my bag, and get out some of my shirts, books &c _ and a pair of slippers. At the floor the Thermometer stands at freezing and at the height of my shoulder at 40 so we have cold feet all the time which is very disagreeable. Out of everything but bacon in the way of grub but buy six white fish at night which is very bully indeed. [[pre-printed]] FRIDAY 7 [[/pre-printed]] Morning. a fine warm day only 22 below and so I take the opportunity of getting up my expedition to the coal seam about seven miles below Nulato on the river. Get a small sled and one dog and with Kurilla start down about noon. Run before the dogs all the way and get down in about an hour and a half. Meet Zagorsha and as a heavy snow storm comes in he attempts to persuade me to come back but I conclude to go ahead and risk it. Get a fine camp made and put my big blanket over head to keep off the snow and sleep very warm. [[pre-printed]] SATURDAY 8 [[/pre-printed]] Rise early and get breakfast about three hours before dawn. After breakfast, break camp and go round to the bluff. Explore the seam thoroughly above, below, and on each side and satisfy myself that it is small and will not pay to work. Very few and poor fossils. Start back and break the road for the dog, which was very hard work. Kurilla wants to leave the specimen sack of coal but make him keep it on and push through. Arrive at night quite tired and all hunky. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[pre-printed]] SUNDAY, DECEMBER 9, 1866.[[/pre-printed]] Morning. Still warm thermometer seven above Give Larriown some shot & caps to get me some small birds. In the afternoon two sleds with Yagor & Carpoff two Russians, arrive from St. Michaels with a letter from Dyer & Ennis. Mr. Bean is very ill, disease not stated, has got a woman, Lukeens daughter and wants me to come down (only 260 miles) and see to him. Ennis wants some of our tea & dogs. Stepanoff is down on him and it looks as if he would be out of provisions before spring. [[pre-printed]] MONDAY 10 [[/pre-printed]] Morning. Kurilla goes out after [[corapaskas?]] & rabbits and comes back without any, but a number of rosy crowned finches for me. I skin an Arctic grouse and a ruffed grouse or ptarmigan brought in a day or two ago and Larriown brings me a number of small birds principally tomtits, shrikes and a squirril and a woodpecker. At this rate I shall do very well this winter. much better than dared to hope. I had no idea so many small birds wintered in this country, nor that game was so plenty. [[pre-printed]] TUESDAY 11 [[/pre-printed]] Morning. About ten o'clock the Russians cry out that Mike is coming. Go out and see the trains about two miles off. About half past ten arrives with a load of flour, bacon, tea and ham. Recieve a note from Bean asking me to go down and see him as he has ruptured or strained himself and is confined to his bed. Ennis was to leave for Norton Bay the 10th Dec. Ev. Smith has got a woman and was up at Ulukuk hunting. Francis stopped at the coal mine coming up Evening skin birds
[[preprinted]] WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 12, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning. Yagor & 6 of our dogs and four sleds start off early for Takeitsky, to buy fish. This is a large river running nearly parallel with the Youkon for some twelve hundred miles more or less and emptying about a hundred and fifty miles below Nulato into the Youkon. A Koyoukun chief from Nuklukayet comes down and promises to shoot moose on the river and cache it for us to use during our summer explorations. Hass now going down to Unalakleet. Evening, skin four birds and read. Francis is very sulky because I have been to [[pre-printed]] THURSDAY 13 [[/pre-printed]] the coal mine and examined it. He will probably go down and look at it while he is here. There is some trouble, below, between Ennis & his party. Morning. Make flapjacks & bread with saleratus & cream of Tartar & they both prove rather a failure. The old Koyoukon Tyone in again today. Nothing of any importance occurs. Discuss the tragedy of Nulato in which Bernard was killed by Larriowns brother, also the bidarshik and interpreter at the same time, also 100 Nulatosky burned alive by the Koyoukons and Bernards messenger murdered. The murderer of the bidarshik killed two Indians last fall [[preprinted]] FRIDAY 14 [[/preprinted]] who were out on a hunting expedition with him, for their guns & goods, beat their old mother and threw her on the fire when she reproached him, and afterwards forced her to become his wife. He is now hiding in the mountains and Larriown dares not show his head in the Koyoukon, among the Mahlemuts or at Nuklukahyet. Morning. Still warm. 3 above zero Put up birds clean skeleton of squirrel and visit sick man in the casine. Evening. Old Ivan from below comes in. Take a good hot bath and feel much cleaner for it. Sleds with fish back from Takeitsky [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] SATURDAY, DECEMBER 15, 1866. [[/preprinted]] Morning a little colder. 2 below zero. Old Koyoukun Tyone in with a lot of Indians who hold a council in our room and hold forth at the top of their lungs for an hour or two in a worse than Babelonian dialect. Finally clear out to our great relief. All getting ready for Francis & Picketts trip down tomorrow. They hope to meet Dyer, if not, Pickett will go down to Unalakleet Francis told K. that he expected I would stay away from the coal mine as he told me at Ulukuk that he intended to do so himself; as if I should not carry out the Colonels orders because of his desire to outstrip everyone else! [[preprinted]] SUNDAY 16 [[/preprinted]] Morning. Rise early. Francis, Pickett and Carpoff with some Indians go down the river about 8 A.M. Snowed a little. Get my snow shoes & gun and go out but see no birds. Visit Barnards grave. Killed Feb 16, 1851 by the Koyoukuk Indians. Evening. Old Ivan the Koyoukuk chief whose brother killed him, has a grand blow out to celebrate the ceasing from mourning of his child, who died a year ago. Indians gaily dressed from many parts of the country attend. Dances to four points of the compass and around a feathered pole hung with presents of beads tobacco & wolfskin. Eatables handed round [[preprinted]] MONDAY 17 [[/preprinted]] Morning. A fox gets into Ivans trap and drags it away, gets into an air hole in the Nulato river and is drowned. I make arrangements with him to get the bones of all the foxes wolves & bears he may trap while I am here. A good many Indians in the room in the morning till the Captain gets rampageous & turns them all out. [[Give?]] Larriowns wife a lot of wiperote skins to make miniature dresses of the various tribes for the Smithsonian. Write on vocabularies in the P.M.
[[pre-printed]] TUESDAY, DECEMBER 18, 1866. [[/pre-printed]] Morning ten below zero beautifully clear and cold. Ivan gets another fox in his trap. Several Indians in in the morning, but most of them have gone away. Work on my vocabularies. Kurilla make Whymper a drawing table at the window. Have baked white fish for dinner. [[image - pencil drawing of floor plan]] Ivan and Yagor into dinner. They leave for Nuicargut day after tomorrow to buy ten sable parkies of a chief there. Evening write up notes about the Mahlemuts. Give old Zagorsha 25 musket balls. [[pre-printed]] WEDNESDAY 19 [[/pre-printed]] Morning. After breakfast go out with Kurill and set traps for foxes and rabbits. Set the two fox traps near a dead dog on the river and four small ones in rabbit tracks in the woods. Come back and go into the caseen find the Captain and Mike there then into the house. Fix the door which was full of cracks. Have flapjacks for dinner write up notes after dinner, this do nothing life is very stupid. [[pre-printed]] THURSDAY 20 [[/pre-printed]] Morning. Directly after breakfast go out with Kurilla and look at the traps but find nothing in them. A crow caught in the bidarshiks large fox trap, see some white grouse coming back and point them out to Larriown. Yagor in to dinner and after dinner go to work and skin the crow which is a vile nasty job as it was both lousy and stinking though quite sound. Set the fox to thaw out preparatory to boiling snow in the evening [[end page]] [[start page]] [[pre-printed]] FRIDAY, DECEMBER 21, 1866. [[/pre-printed]] Morning. After breakfast go round to look at the traps but find nothing in them. Back just in time to take a good hot steam bath. Afternoon boil the fox and partly clean the bones. A good many Indian women and Larriown in. Get some reindeer hides and mats to cover the floor. Get two sable bodies for the bones of Larriown who is like the horseleeches daughter never satisfied. Also a good piece of deer meat which is the first w have had for a good while. Snow & growing cold. Sick Russian on hand, first known case of g. in the country [[pre-printed]] SATURDAY 22 [[/pre-printed]] Morning. Reindeer meat for breakfast. Soon after breakfast send Kurill to look at the traps. Get to work and make a brackett for the pole we intend to raise Christmas day. Carpoff arrives with the teams. 4 sleds from Ivans Barrabora bringing everything from below but the keg of molasses which some Indians have tapped and let run over the ground. He has made very quick time, only sleeping twice on the road. Evening, write a Christmas story, and talk over trip up the river next spring. [[pre-printed]] SUNDAY 23 [[/pre-printed]] Morning. Getting colder. 37 below zero and West wind. Skin some white grouse which is very chilly business in this cold room. Make some gingerbread and get some fish from the fish trap where there is a good deal today. Nearly all losh and whitefish. Captain fits off Carpoff for his trip to Kokoyoukuk for grouse & rabbits for food. Evening write on notes about the Mahlemuts.
[[pre-printed]] MONDAY, DECEMBER 24, 1866. [[/pre-printed]] Morning. Warmer and a little snow. Spent most of the day in preparing for Christmas and making four pies two of the native cranberries & two out of some of Mrs. Bridges preserves of strawberry and a strawberry shortcake the first ever made in the country. Evening. Work on my vocabularies of Koyoukunsky, with Kurilla, and write. Captain K has had a hosaker for several days who sews quite well and is small and inoffensive except that she washes in the kettle of various slops [[pre-printed]] TUESDAY 25 [[/pre-printed]] Up early in the morning. After breakfast set to work and make gingerbread, apple dumplings and sauce, which takes nearly all day. After dark get Yagor in and sit down to the best dinner ever eaten in Russian America comprising reindeer & vegetable soup, roast grouse, canned peas tomatoes & lamb chops, dumplings, pies, cheese, coffee tea gingerbread &c &c. After supper smoke and Whymper reads a [[mumery?]] story and I a parcel of doggerel about the little Puritan Mary Carleton, and conclude the day with a milk pouch and conversation. [[pre-printed]] WEDNESDAY 26 [[/pre-printed]] Morning. Quite warm and very pleasant 15 above Get Kurilla out to see the traps who finds the remains of a rabbit in one but he got away leaving much hair and blood behind. Have fish for dinner. Captains hosaker working on my old coat. Write up notes on the Nulato Massacre Evening take the meat off a boiled fox and two sables, a nasty job well over, write and turn in. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[pre-printed]] THURSDAY, DECEMBER 27, 1866. [[/pre-printed]] Morning. Get some small birds from Kurilla and skin them. Read smoke and write up my Indian notes and finally finish them for the present. Take note of the length of the day, which is just three hours, the sun setting at 1.45 and rising at 10.45. Old Créve Glass in during the day. Turn in early. Dyer expected but dont come. [[pre-printed]] FRIDAY 28 [[/pre-printed]] Morning. Mike gets out two telegraph poles for which I have bracketts and insulators ready and we propose to hoist the flags and raise the poles New Years Day if possible. Take a good bath and feel much better for it. These Russian baths are great institutions. After dinner start a map, from a tracing I took of Zagoshkins map at Unalakleet. Get it about half done. Yagor in in the evening. [[pre-printed]] SATURDAY 29 [[/pre-printed]] Morning. Still warm. About ten above zero. Day cloudy & calm. Do nothing all day vigorously. Read Tennyson and catalogue and put away some bird skins. Evening skin two beautiful white grouse, pretty creditably. I have improved a good deal in bird skinning this winter. Go in to the casine and see a dance got up by the rabotniks which is much as usual but more noise and less light and more stamping than ever
[[pre-printed]] SUNDAY, DECEMBER 30, 1866. [[/pre-printed]] Morning. Calm and cloudy. Work on and finish first half of chart of the country. Zagoshkins names are out of date now which is a nuisance. Carpoff arrives with a load of rabbit skins a bag of grouse and some rabbits and a parki and some sables for the Captain. He went to Kokoyoukuk in four days with Antoshka and made a very fair trip. Expect Joe tomorrow, will raise two first telegraph poles New Years day. Squirtsoff has just finished the holes. Evening get a lot of new words in my vocabulary from [[Kuril?]] [[pre-printed]] MONDAY 31 [[/pre-printed]] Morning set to work and make some pies in anticipation of Dyers arrival on New Years day. Get flags poles & bracketts ready for raising. Yagor in to dinner. No signs of Dyer. Evening go into the [[casarme? casarine?) to get out of the way of the Indian women, and clean the bones of two red foxes & two sables. Sit out the old year and drink health happiness & success to the new one and turn in. Plans for the coming year are as follows - start from Nulato when the ice breaks up (about the 25th of May and proceed with the Russians to the Nuklukahyet and hence to Fort Youkon at the junction of the Porcupine & Pelly Rivers; in company with and in charge of a party of four Indians and the artist of the Expedition Mr. Fred'k. Whymper, When arrived remain a week or two and return to Nulato and thence down the Youkon and around by sea to St. Michaels Redoubt to await the coming of the ships about August or September. To remain here till winter after next and then return home for a visit to return to the country if Prof. B. thinks desirable [[end page]] [[start page]] [[pre-printed]] MEMORANDA. [[/pre-printed]] Called on x out. Mrs. Klinkofström. Dec. 31. [[superscript underlined]] '65 [[/superscript underlined]] Jan 1. 4. Feb. 4. 9. 11. 16. 21. 22,2 5. M 2 Mrs. de Ro, Jan. 1. 3. Feb. 5. 10. 17. 21. 22. Mar. 3. 10. 16. 23. 30. Ap 5. 9. Mrs. Hubbard Jan. 1 x. Feb. 14. Ap. 11 x. Went to Oakland. Mrs. Low. Jan. 1x. 3x. 5. Feb. 2. 4. 15. 18. 25. Mar. 5. 8. 14. 24. 25. 29. Mrs. Raymond, Jan.1. Feb 28x. June 22. Miss Bullene, Jan. 1. Feb. 8. 18x. 19. Mar. 14x. Mrs. Denison. Jan. 1. 4. Feb. 23. Mrs. Taylor. Jan. 1x. Feb. 23. Mar. 14. 29. May 29. June 11. July 4. Mrs. Stebbins. Jan. 1. Feb. 23. 28. Mar. 4. April. 27. May 8. 25. July 6 Mr. Ames. Jan. 1x. 3x. 5. F. 2. 15x. 18. 21x. 22. Mar. 9. 14. Ap. 11x. 15. Miss Noyes. Dec. 24. [[superscript underlined]] '65 [[/superscript underlined]] Feb. 11. 18. 25. Mar. 15. April 8. 29. May 13. 20 Mr. Stearns. Eery day at the office and nearly at the house Dr. Ayres. Jan 1x. 12. 13. 16. 26. 29. Mch Apr. 11x. 15x. 25x. May 10x. 23. Dr. Newcomb. Dec 30. [[superscript underlined]] '65 [[/superscript underlined]] Feb. 17. Mar. 17. 21. -2 -3. Apr. 14. May 5 &c Mr. Bacon. Mar. 11. Mr. Towne. Apr. 28. Mrs. Scammon D. 29, [[superscript underlined]] '65 [[/superscript underlined]] 5x. Feb 2. 7. 11. 19. 21. 25. Mar. 1. &c. Mr. Bolander. Dec 30. [[superscript underlined]] '65 [[/superscript underlined]] Jan 7. Feb. 2. Mar 15. 20. Mrs. Bridges, Dec 20. [[superscript underlined]] '65 [[/superscript underlined]] Jan 5. Feb. 23. 28. May. 1. June 12. 14. Mrs. Brackett. Jan. 3.x Feb 6. 15. Mar. 1. Ap. 11x. 20 June 5. Mr. George C. Adams. Feb. 6. Miss King June 26. 29. July 4. Mrs. Hapgood. Feb 12. 15. 20. 27. 28. 6 Mar. 15x. 17. 20. Apr. 10. 17. 19. 27. Mrs. Hoyt. 8. 19. 23. Mar. 10. June 26. Mrs. Lewis 22. Mar 15. Apr. 12. 30x. May. 15. 14. 22. June 12. 26 [[boxed]] 29 [[/boxed]] X Mrs Klinkofström Mar. 4. 9. 11. 16. 18. 25. 30. Ap. 1. 7. 9. 13. 15. 19. 22. 28. Edward Bosqui, Feb. Mar.7. . Mrs. Dr. Stillman. Mar. 8. Miss Susie Coates. May 29. June 11.[29. May 16. 26. June 3. 10 Mr. Childe. Mar. 10. Miss Noyes. June 10x. 12x 17. Rev. J. Rowell. Mar 12. Mrs. Norris. June 17. 26. 29. July. 4 + Mrs Low, Ap. 1. 8x. 11. 13. 25. May 6. 20. 26. 30. June 3. 10. 11. 18 28.6.-1 -4 6 Mrs de Ro. Apr. 18. 21. May 3. 8. 12. 19. 23. 26 June 3. 6. 13. 19x. 20. 21. 29. July 4. Mrs. Ritchie. April 26. May 26. Bugbee. May 16. Miss Plummer. Ap. 30. May 10. 23.x June 16. July 2 Mrs Macondray June 15.
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[blank page]]
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[blank page]]
[[preprinted]] MEMORANDA. [[/preprinted]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] CASH ACCOUNT, JANUARY. [[/preprinted]] [[Four columns with later two columns split in two indicated below by decimal point]] [[preprinted]] Date. Received. Paid. [[/preprinted]] 1 | On hand | 1.00 | 1 | Paid Lorquin | | .50 1 | " [[Ditto for: Paid]] for box | | .25 [[bracket for 3 lines]] 4 5 | Rec'd from W.U.T.Co. | 50.00 | 5 | Paid Lorquin | | 1.50 5 | " [[Ditto for: Paid]] Henri Payot on a/c [[Chenn?]] | | 4.00 [[/bracket]] 5 | " [[Ditto for: Paid]] Hyde for dictionary (two vols) | | 7.00 5 | " [[Ditto for: Paid]] for car tickets 5 | " " [[Dittos for: Paid for]] trowell and wire net | | 1.00 5 | " " [[Dittos for: Paid for]] fruit | | .25 6 | " " [[Dittos for: Paid for]] seives | | 1.00 6 | " " [[Dittos for: Paid for]] can | | .50 8 | " " [[Dittos for: Paid for]] umbrella | | 2.50 8 | " " [[Dittos for: Paid for]] slippers | | 1.50 12 | " " [[Dittos for: Paid for]] shoes | | 4.00 26 | Apples &c | | 1.00 30 | Hotel bill (2 weeks + 4 days) | | 20.00 | On hand | | 5.00 | Total |$51.00 | $51.00 [[double line with slashes]] | Charged to me on Co's Books | | | | $ | 3 doz Photographs | | 4.50 | Vest | | 9.00 | Pantaloons | | 19.50 | Buttons, 2 doz | | 3.00
[preprinted]] CASH ACCOUNT. FEBRUARY. [[/preprinted]] [[Four columns with later two columns split in two indicted below by decimal point]] [[preprinted]] DATE. RECEIVED. PAID. [[/preprinted]] 1. On hand 5.00 2. Paid Jobwagon. .50 3. Cigarboxes. .50 4. Coat buttons. .50 5. Hair cutting. .25 8. Gloves __ 2.00 " [[Ditto for: 8]] Bookbinding 2.50 " [[Ditto for: 8]] Borrowed of Stearns. 5.00 9. Paid washbill 2.25 12. Note paper. .25 13. Borrowed of Capt. Scammon 20.00 13. Paid Lunt _____ for self & lady. 6.00 13. Shoes. 4.00 13. Stockings, (white.) .75 14. Cherry Pectoral 1.00 15 Rep's to boots. .60 17 Fare to Oakland and back. .50 17 Paid Stearns .25 20 Straps. 6.00 22 Paid Lorquin. .50 26 " [[Ditto for: Paid]] for pumice. .15 27 " " [[Ditto for: Paid for]] stamps. .30 28. " " [[Ditto for: Paid for]] cartickets. .30 [[horizontal line]] Totals $30.00 $29.10 [[horizontal line]] Less 29.10 [[horizontal line]] On Hand .90 [[horizontal line]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [preprinted]] CASH ACCOUNT MARCH. [[/preprinted]] [[Four columns with later two columns split in two indicted below by decimal point]] [[preprinted]] DATE. RECEIVED. PAID. [[/preprinted]] 1 On Hand. $0.90 1 Fruit. .20 2 Borrowed of Stearns. 5.00 2 Paid wash bill .75 2 Rep's to boots. 2.00 3 Agassiz' new book _ 1.25 6 Boxwood cutting. .50 7 Rec'd on a/c for Jan. & Feb. $100.00 7 Paid Stearns $10.00, Scammon $20.00 $30.00 7 Paleontology of Cala, Vol. 1. 3.50 7 Towne & Bacon, Printing. 2.50 7 Cartickets 1.50 8 Ames. .25 9 Postage Stamps .50 15. Fare .40 16. Lunch .35 17. Pants, reps & altirations. 2.00 20. Binding, Bosqui 10.00 21 Fare to Oakland .25 23 " [[Ditto for: Fare]] from " [[Ditto for: Oakland]] .25 24 Paid Lorquin 2.00 25 " [[Ditto for: Paid]] boots, .15 26 Rec'd of Mr. Low. 10.00 27. Expenses to, at, and back from Sacramento 3.50 28 Paid Washbill .75 Vest .60, Haircutting .50 &c .75 2.60 29. Eggs &c. .35 30 Cartickets. 1.25 31 Oakland fare & back. .50 Total paid out " " $66.55 [[horizontal line]] " [[ditto for: Total]] rec'd. $115.90 66.55 [[horizontal line]] On hand. $49.35
[[Preprinted]] Cash Account. April [[Preprinted]] [[Four columns with later two columns split in two indicted below by decimal point]] [[preprinted]] DATE. RECEIVED. PAID. [[/preprinted]]. $ [[start page]] 1 On hand $52.50 $ Trinity Church .50 2 Glasses reps &c 1.50 3. Lorquin 1.25 flowers .50 1.75 4. binding 2 vols. Sm'n Miscellanea 4.00 5. Cottonwool .25 7 Flowers .50 9 Fruit .25 11 Boots reps .25 12 Clarkes "Mind in Nature," 2.15 13. From Mrs. Low. 20.00 14 Fare to Oakland and return. .50 16 Lunch. .25 17 " [[Ditto for: Lunch]] .25 18. Boots .75 Locks 1.50 2.25 19. Lunch .20 20 Collars .50 24 Flowers [[superscript]] .50 [[/superscript]] Lunts fees, [[superscript]] 1.00 [[/superscript]] 1.50 26 Rec'd, Parsaparilla & Capt. Scammon 2.00 26 Brushes 1.75 26 Washing .25 26 Reps on Caps. 2.00 27 Photographs 3.00 27 Lunch .85 28 Russian Conversation book & carfar [[superscript]] .25 [[superscript]] 2.75 29 Lunch .10 30 Rec'd of Hepburn 1.50 30 Paid for shoes. 6.00 On hand, 42.70 [[line]] Total $76.00 $76.00 [[end page]] [[start page]] [[Preprinted]] Cash Account. May. [[Preprinted]] [[Four columns with later two columns split in two indicted below by decimal point]] [[preprinted]] Date. Received. Paid. [[/preprinted]] On hand $43.45 $ 1 Paid Academy dues to June 1. 8.00 1 " [[Ditto for: Paid]] for soap. (to Keith, 1 doz Honey.) 3.00 2 " " [[Ditto for: Paid for]] repairs to uniform and music 3.50 3 Lunch .10 4 Bulwers Lost Tales of Miletus 1.10 5. Photo [[superscript underlined]] 100 [[/superscript underlined]] fare to Oakland, [[superscript underlined]] 50 [[/superscript underlined]] lunch [[superscript]] 15 [[/superscript]] 1.65 5. Lorquin, [[superscript] 25. [[/superscript] Stearns, [[superscript] 50 [[/superscript] recd, .50 .25 6. Lunch .10 8. Cigare .50 10. Screwdriver. .50 12. Washing 50¢ & Haircutting 25¢ .75 15. Paid H. Payot for Chems $13.50 boots [[superscript]] 1.25 [[/superscript]] 14.75 16. Fare to Alameda and back .75 17 Drayage on box to Survey Rooms .75 18 Rec'd on a/c, (Mar. & April.) 100.00 18 Paid Paine, note [[superscript]] $25 [[/superscript]] int. [[superscript]] 4.50 [[/superscript]] bill [[superscript]] 5.00 [[/superscript]] 34.50 19 Car tickets 2.00 19 On Acad. a/c Paid per Stearns 8.00 8.00 21 Paid Van Vleck for cut. 2.50 23 Paid Towne & Bacon for printing 3.25 24 Paid for Greenbacks (14.00) 8.90 25 Lunch .50 26 Fares to Alameda and Oakland 2.00 29 Lent to Tryon for books $5.00 4.40 On hand 50.45 [[Line]] Totals: 151.95 151.95 [[Line]]
[[preprinted]] CASH ACCOUNT. JUNE. [[/preprinted]] [[Four columns with later two columns split in two indicted below by decimal point]] [[preprinted]] DATE. RECEIVED. PAID. [[/preprinted]] 1. On hand. $53.00 1. Paid Towne and Bacon for printing 5.00 2. Rec'd of Dr. Newcomb 1.50 2. Fare to Oakland & back .50 3. Lent Black [[superscript]] 5.00 [[/superscript]] Fare to Alameda & return 5.50 4. Lunch .25 6. Paid for six overshirts 15.00 6. " " [[Ditto for: Paid for]] refitting overcoat 4.00 6. " [[Ditto for: Paid]] binder for two vols. 2.75 6. " [[Ditto for: Paid]] for towels 2.50 6. Rec'd of Black 5.00 7. Paid for Mazatlan Mollusca .90 8. " " [[Ditto for: Paid for]] postage stamps .75 9. " [[Ditto for: Paid]] fare to Oakland .50 10. " " " [[Ditto for: Paid fare to]] Alameda & expenses. 1.00 14. " [[Ditto for: Paid]] for binding Mazatlan Cat. 2.50 15. " " " [[Ditto for: Paid for binding]] Conrad Prime &c. 1.25 16. " " [[Ditto for: Paid for]] repairs to pants .65 20. Lunch. 1.00 21. On a/c of sword. 5.00 21. Collars. one box paper. 1.50 24. Expenses and fare to Alameda & Oakland 2.00 25. Rec'd of Chappell for May 50.00 25. Paid for belt 7.50 26. " " [[Ditto for: Paid for]] drawers [superscript underlined]] 10.50 [[/superscript underlined]] & gloves [[superscript]] 3.00 [[/superscript]] 13.50 28. Sword 14.00 28. Knife [[superscript]] 7.00 [[/superscript]] Six silk hkcfs [[superscript]] 7.00 [[/superscript]] 14.00 29. Shoes 4.50 30. Fare to Oakland & Haircutting .75 30. Sundries petty cash 1.20 On hand 1.50 [[line]] Totals 109.50 109.50 [[line]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] CASH ACCOUNT. JULY [[/preprinted]] [[Four columns with later two columns split in two indicted below by decimal point]] [[preprinted]] DATE. RECEIVED. PAID. [[/preprinted]] 1 on hand 1.50 2 apples .25 3 Lunch .25 4 Borrowed of Capt. Scammon 10.00 5 Lunch & bet 1.50 6 Foils [[superscript underlined]] $3.50 [[/superscript underlined]] Fishing lines [[superscript underlined]] $3.00 [[/ superscript underlined]] Locks &c [[superscript underlined]] $2.00 [[/superscript underlined]] 8.50 7 Rec'd on a/c pay to Sept. 1st. 189.00 Paid Capt. Scammon 10.00 " [[Ditto for: Paid]] Stearns for books &c 10.00 " [[Ditto for: Paid]] Acad. dues to July 1 2.00 " [[Ditto for: Paid]] Payot Rec'p't to Stearns 20.00 Razor & strop. 2.25 Hardware, tacks saw &c 1.00 Mag. glass [[superscript underlined]] 1.50 [[/superscript underlined]] lunch [[superscript underlined]].25 [[/ superscript underlined]] change [[superscript]] 5.00 [[/superscript]] 6.75 Boots [[superscript underlined]] 7.00 [[/superscript underlined]] Drugs &c. [[superscript]] 3.50 [[/superscript]] blacking [[superscript]] .50 [[/superscript]] 11.00 Shamois leather [[superscript underlined]] .50 [[/superscript underlined]] Books [[superscript]] 5.00 [[/superscript]] Greenbs [[superscript]] 11.00 [[/superscript]] 16.50 Carpenter [[superscript underlined]] 10.00 [[/superscript underlined]] Collars [[superscript]] 4.00 [[superscript]] socks [[superscript underlined]] 4.00 [[/superscript underlined]] 18.00 Acid [[superscript underlined]] .50 [[/superscript underlined]] Lunch [[superscript underlined]] .50 [[/superscript underlined]] Silesia [[superscript underlined .40 [[/superscript underlined]] 1.40 _____________________________ ----------------------------- [[total received]] [[total paid]] $200.50 $109.40 On hand in halves & quarters 40.00 Due from Black 10.00 On hand in dimes &c 6.00 " " " [[ditto for: On hand in]] gold 42.50 --------------------------------- [[total received]] [[total paid]] 200.50 207.90 By silver on hand 7.40 --------------------------------- 207.90 207.90 --------------------------------- Total on hand & due. $98.50 Lost Aug 13 bet against arr. before 9 P.M. of 14th inst 2.50 Won " " " [[Ditto for: Aug 13 bet]] on arriving at 4 " " [[Ditto for: P.M. of 14th]] 2.50 Won on non arrival of stmr .50 ----------------------------------- ahead .50 $99.00
[[preprinted]] CASH ACCOUNT AUGUST. [[/preprinted]] [[4 columns with later two divided by line represented by decimal point]] [[preprinted]] Date Received Paid [[/preprinted]] On hand in halves. $20.00 " " " [[Dittos for: On hand in]] quarters 20.00 " " " [[Dittos for: On hand in]] double eagles 40.00 Due from Black, Paid Aug 19. 10.00 On hand in dimes 5.00 Rem. on hand 4.00 Sept 19 Paid steward for cutting hair 1.00 September 28 Paid Ritchie for watch 15.00 " [[Ditto for: 28]] Green for skin boots & drill 2.00 " [[Ditto for: 28]] Enclose to R.E.C. Stearns on a/c 20.00 " [[Ditto for: 28]] Pay Dyer for forceps. 5.00 " " [[Ditto for: 28 Pay]] Hop chest for flannel & needles 2.15 30 Lend Woods, (foreman) 2.50 [[horizontal line]] 99.00 47.65 On hand 51.35 99.00 99.00 [[horizontal line]] October On Hand 1. Lent Ketchum 51.10 20.00 12. 1 deerskin .60 14. Rec'd of Woods on a/c 2.49 14. P'd to Co a/c for socks, tobacco, pipe. 3.82 20. On a/c of Co. parkie, boots. November 9 Boots. 1.75 11. Dyer on a/c .50 10. Smith .10 Dec 2 Ketchum for rabbitskin blanket 10.00 " [[Ditto for: Dec]] Whymper lent 8.00 [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] CASH ACCOUNT SEPTEMBER. [[/preprinted]] [[4 columns with later two divided by line represented by decimal point]] [[preprinted]] Date Received Paid [[/preprinted]] Dec. $ 15. Rec'd from Whymper. 3.00 On hand. 6.75 Due from Whymper. 5.00 Drew 10 lbs. Cora Lee tobacco. 6.70 Paid for Russian tobacco 1/2 lb .10 Lent Captain Ketchum previously 20.00 Against which have drawn 14.80 1867 Credit on goatskin parkie 9.00 Jan 22 Beads (paid Ivan) 1.35 Paid for tea to Andrea 1.25 28 " [[Ditto for: Paid]] for drill to Ivan .50 " " [[Ditto for: Paid for]] more beads - small .50 " " [[Ditto for: Paid for]] Yagor for work 2.00 " [[Ditto for: Paid]] Pickett in silver 1.50 Feb 15 Rec'd from Whymper 6.70 Paid Yagor for work .60 April 10 On a/c of Ivan $3.36 from store
[[preprinted]] CASH ACCOUNT, OCTOBER. [[/preprinted]] [[Four columns with later two columns split in two indicted below by decimal point]] [[preprinted]] Date. Received. Paid. [[/preprinted]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] CASH ACCOUNT, NOVEMBER. [[/preprinted]] [[Four columns with later two columns split in two indicted below by decimal point]] [[preprinted]] Date. [[/preprinted]] Washing - [[preprinted]] Received. Paid. [[/preprinted]] Mar. Previously about 5 doz. 22 1 dozen (Loan) .60 Ap 10 9 pieces Loan. .45 May 5 10 " " [[Ditto for: pieces Loan.]] .50 May 22 8 " [[Ditto for: pieces]] .40
[[preprinted]] CASH ACCOUNT. DECEMBER. [[/preprinted]] [[Four columns with later two columns split in two indicted below by decimal point]] [[preprinted]] Date. Received. Paid. [[/preprinted]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[strikethrough preprinted]] Bills Payable [[/strikethrough preprinted]] Letters written in [[preprinted]] January [[/preprinted]] [[Four columns]] [[preprinted]] Date. Name. Dolls. Cts. [[/preprinted]] Jan 4 And. Garrett of. Baird. Torrey. Mother. 24. Sadie. 12 Stearns. Total 5. [[preprinted]] RECEIVABLE. [[/preprinted]] 5 Mother. Nov. 30 (27) Mother and Sadie Dec. 11 (27) Stearns Jan 18 Total 4.
Letters written [[strikethrough preprinted]] Bills Payable [[/strikethrough]] February [[/preprinted]] [[preprinted]] Date Name. Dolls. Cts [[/preprinted]] 7 | Prof. Baird. Mother 11. Two Valentines. 15. H.W. Elliott. 16 | Mother. Miss Merriam. 19. Ed Commonwealth. 20 | Dr. Canfield 24. Baird. A.M. Edwards. Mother Total 12 " [[Ditto for: Total]] since Jan 1. = 18. [[preprinted]] Receivable. [[/preprinted]] Feb. 2. | (Papers Mother & Collyer) Baird (9647) Jan. 7 Miss Merriam D. [[underlined superscript]] 20 [[/underlined superscript]] 2. | Robt. Collyer Jan 2. Mrs. Kennicott. Dec. 30 Sadie Dec. 28. 2. | Mother Dec. 20 Mother & 8. Jan 9. Henry Elliott Dec. 20. 6. | Prof. Bannister (Jan. 9.) Mrs. Healy. Jan 8. S.C. Clark. Jan 5. 12 | Baird (9697, Jan. 16.) Miss Merriam (Jan. 15.) Grandma Healey (Jan 10) 12 | Aunt Fannie (Dec. 28.) Ed. Cope. (Jan. 7.) Tom Newell (Jan 13) Elliott (J. 16) 13 | H. W. Elliott. (Jan 9) 16. Fredk. Dalley. Vic. 23 | D. Thompson (Jan 27.) A.M. Edwards (Jan 31) Mother (Jan. 21.) 23 | Prof. Baird (Jan 26)9748) Miss Langford (Jan 19.) & pamph. Total 25 " [[Ditto for: Total]] since Jan 1. 29. [[end page]] [[start page]] Letters written [[strikethrough preprinted]] Bills Payable [[/strikethrough]] March [[/preprinted]] [[preprinted]] Date Name. Dolls. Cts [[/preprinted]] 3 | [[strikethrough]] Mother (F.4) Dr. Gould (F. 2nd) [[/strikethrough]] rec'd see below. Mar. 7 | Mother. 197 Prof. Baird 198. Stimpson 199. 9. | Uncle William 200. Grandma Dall 201. Sam. C. Clarke 202 9. | Tommy Newell 203 Rev. S. W. Bush. 204. & 21 pamphlets. 12. | [[V?]] Mother [[underlined]] 204 [[/underlined]] 14th. Dr. Cooper 205. 15. Father (206). 16. Mother 207. 16. | Geo. C. Walker -8. 17. Thompson -9. Mr. Collyer 210. Mrs. 17 | Kennicott -11. Henry Elliott -12. Theobald 213. 20. Dr. Cooper. 28 | Mother. Prof. Baird. Total. 21. " [[Ditto for Total]] since Jan. 1. = 39. [[preprinted]] Receivable. [[/preprinted]] Mar. 3 | Mother (F. 4.) Dr. Gould (F. 2) 7. Prof. Baird (Feb. 3. 9794.) 7 | Prof Baird (Feb. 7. 9836.) Dr. Stimpson (Feb. 9.) Sadie (Feb. 8.) 7 | Grandma Dall (Jan. 30.) Rec'd package of books from S. I. 14. | Dr. Cooper. (Mar. 13.) 15. Mother (Feb. 18.) Mother (Feb 20.) 15 | Prof. Baird (Feb. 15. 9915.) 19. Prof Henry (for Mrs Bridges) 19. | Dr. Cooper.(M. 17.) Dr. J. P. Kirtland (Feb. 21.) 26 | Dr Cooper (M. ) Miss Cleveland (Feb 17) Sillimans Journal 26 | Pamphlet. [[Stm?]]. 27. 28. Dr. Cooper. (M. 26.) Prof Dana [[(F?]] Total. 21 " [[Ditto for: Total]] since Jan. 1 = 50.
[[preprinted]] [[strikethrough]] BILLS PAYABLE. [[/strikethrough]] APRIL [[/preprinted]] [[preprinted]] Date Name Dolls. Cts. [[/preprinted]] Letters written. Ap. 7. Prof. Baird. Dr. J. G. Cooper. 8. Bulletin. Alta. Dr. A. A. Gould. Prof. Dana 8 Mother 24 Mother. Prof. S. F. Baird. Geo. C. Walker 25 Prof Baird 26 Miss Merriam. Miss Cleveland. Total 13 " [[Ditto for: Total]] since Jan 1. 52. [[preprinted]] RECEIVABLE. [[/preprinted]] Ap. 3 Miss Emma L. Hapgood. [[superscript]] (2.) [[/superscript]] 4. Mother (Mar. 7.) Prof. Baird ˅ [[below insertion]] ([[underlined]] Mar 7 [[/underlined]]) [[/below insertion]] " [[Ditto: Ap]] 12 Aunt Sarah. (M. 13.) 13. Lizzie Merriam (Mar. 15) " [[Ditto: Ap]] 13 Sadie (Mar. 18.) 17. Geo. C. Walker (Mar 18) " [[Ditto: Ap]] 23 Prof. Baird (Mar. 25) Ulke, Photos.. Henry Elliott (Mar. 30.) " [[Ditto: Ap]] 24 Mother (Mar. 25.) Total 10 Since Jan 1. 60. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted strikethrough]] BILLS PAYABLE. [[/strikethrough preprinted]] Letters sent [[preprinted]] MAY. [[/preprinted]] [[preprinted]] Date. Name. Dolls. Cts. [[/preprinted]] 2 Dr. Canfield. 3rd. Dr. Cooper. 5th. Baird (receipt 7 Cooper. 7. Baird. 7. Cooper M.S.S. Mother. Sadie 7 Miss Merriam. 9. P.P. Carpenter. Father. Theobald 9 Mother. 13 Geo. C. Walker. 14. Canfield. 17 Mother. Geo. C. Walker. Prof. Baird. 26 Miss Hapgood encl. ph. 28. Canfield encl. paper. &c. 29 Nellie Wilde. Mother. Papers to Stimpson Tryon Gould 29 Boston Soc. Anthony Chicago Acad. Canfield Total 33. Since Jan 1. 85. [[preprinted]] RECEIVABLE [[/preprinted]] 3 Mother (Apr 7.) Miss Merriam (Apr. 9) Father (Feb. 22) 3 A.M. Edwards. (Apr. 4) Prof. Baird. (Apr. 6th) & books. 7 [[strikethrough]] Baird. [[/strikethrough]] Cooper. MSS. 9 Canfield. 7 Mother. (Apr 9.) 12 Geo. C. Walker. (Ap 16) Mother (Apr. 20) 18 Mr. Macondray. 19. Ellen. M Wilde (Ap. 10.) 23 Prof Baird (Ap. 29) Canfield (May 19.) Sadie (ap. 29.) 23 Mother (ap. 29.) 27. Cooper. MSS & letter. Total 17. Since Jan 1. 77.
[[strikethrough preprinted]] Bills Payable [[/strikethrough preprinted]] Letters written [[preprinted]] June. [[/preprinted]] [[preprinted]] Date. Name. Dolls. Cts. [[/preprinted]] 7. P.P. Carpenter Baird, Tryon, & copies of papers 8. Cooper. M.SS. Stimpson MSS. & letter. Gould MSS & letter 8. Tryon MSS & letter. Geo. C. Walker. Horn. Edward 8 Putnam & p. Kirtland & p. Cassin & p. Corr. Sec'y B.S.N.H. 8 Torrey & p. Bannister & p. Bryant & p. Dana & p. 8 Agassiz & p. Wyman & p. Phil. Acad. & p. Scammon 8 Blatchford. Thompson. Binney p. Father Theobald 8 Papers to Verrill. Packard. Stimpson Scudder, Gill 8 Prime. Mason, Gould. Cope. Hyatt. Wm Dall 8 Collyer, Newman. Ellen Wilde. A. [[M.? N.?]] Cleveland. 8 Isaac Lea. N. Orl. Acad. Sci. Libr. Harv. Coll. Foster 8 Morse, Anthony. Bolles. Crosse. Cpr. Dr. Wilson. 8 I. E. Gray. Moquim Sandon. Mother. 15. Baird, 15 Walker, Stimpson. 16. Carpenter. Mother. Tryon. 15 Cooper. 21 [[cross with 4 dots symbol signifying continued below]] [[preprinted]] Receivable. [[/preprinted]] June 2 Prof. Baird, (May 7.) 4. Gill. Journal from Prof Dana 4 Canfield (June 1st.) 5 Mother & Sadie (May 3.) 7 Prof. J. D. Dana (May 10.) 19. Cooper. MSS. 23 Mother (May 21) Mother (May 31) Prof. Baird (May 28 23 Miss Merriam (May 29.) 29 Cooper (June 26) [[cross with four dots linking below list to above]] Written Continued 19 Cooper. 21. Prof. Whitney. 25. Miss Merriam. 29 Carpenter. Putnam, Walker. Gould 29 Baird. Mother. Father 30 Mrs Kennicott. Total Written ^[[insertion]] or sent [[/insertion]] = 79. - of which 30 were papers. since Jan 1. - 164 - Recd - 11 - Since Jan 1. - 88 - [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] Bills Payable. July. [[/preprinted]] [[preprinted]] Date. Name. Dolls. Cts. [[/preprinted]] 1 G. H. Mumford. 3rd. Dr. F. Mueller. 6 Prof S. F. Baird. Mother. G. Walker. 9 Carpenter (via Jewett.) Canfield. 29 Kennicott. 31 Ellen M Wilde. Father. Total 10 Since Jan 1. 174. [[preprinted]] Receivable. [[/preprinted]] 2 H. W. Elliott. (May 24.) C. Prof Baird (June 3 & 10) 6 Mother & Sadie (June 1.) Miss Merriam (June 1) Total 4 Since Jan 1. 92.
[[strikethrough preprinted]] Bills Payable [[/strikethrough preprinted]] letters written [[preprinted]] August [[/preprinted]] [[preprinted]] Date. Name. Dolls. Cts. [[/preprinted]] 2 Miss Merriam. Since Jan. 1. 175. Rec'd " " [[Ditto for: Since Jan.]] 92. [[preprinted]] Receivable. [[/preprinted]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[strikethrough preprinted]] Bills Payable [[/strikethrough preprinted]] Letters written [[preprinted]] September. [[/preprinted]] [[preprinted]] Date. Name. Dolls. Cts. [[/preprinted]] 5 R. Kennicott. Saml Hubbard (per Ryder). 18. C. L. Low. Mother. Stearns & Baird (per Manuella) (and also Merriam, Wilde & father) 25. Miss de Ro. Doctor A. A. Gould. Edith King 26 Geo C. Walker. Prof. Baird. Mother. Bischoff 26 Dr. Fisher | Phil. Acad. Sci. Chi. Acad. Sci. Essex Ins. 26 | Boston Soc N. Hist. Dr Bryant. Prof Dana. 26 | Verrill. Wyman. Putnam. Cope. Prof. Agassiz. 26 | Dr. Torrey. Mr. Collyer. A. Hyatt. J. W. Foster. 27 Hubbard. Baird. Stearns. Chappel. 28. Low. Stearns. Pease. Mrs. Kennicott. J. Y. Scammon. 28 Mr. Mumford. 29 L. Merriam. F. Newell. Since Sept 1st 42. Since Jan 1st 217 Rec'd " " " [[Dittos for: Since Sept 1st]] 4. " " " [[Dittos for: Since Jan 1st]] 96. [[preprinted]] Receivable. [[/preprinted]] 19. (Per Evelyn Wood from Victoria) Aunt Sarah. Je. 18. 27. By way of Fort Youkon enclosed to Kennicott 27 and brought down by Ketchum. Mother 2 27 Mrs. Kennicott 1. Total 4.
[[preprinted strikethrough]] Bills Payable [[/preprinted strikethrough]] Letters written [[preprinted]] October. [[/preprinted]] [[preprinted]] Date Name Dolls. Cts. [[/preprinted text]] Written at 5. | R. Caldwell. Grantley Harb.| Unalakleet. 18 | Jas. M. Bean. St. Michaels.| Unalakleet 31 | Jos. T. Dyer Unalakleet. | New Ulukook. November 30 | Jas. M. Bean Michaelovski | Nulato December 15 | Jas. M. Bean St. Michaels Nulato 14 | F. Westdahl. Unalakleet. Nulato 15 | J. T. Dyer. Unalakleet. Nulato Since Oct 1. 7 Since Jan 1. - 224. - Recd " [[Ditto for: Oct 1.]] 1 " " " [[Ditto for: Since Jan 1.]] - 97. - [[strikethrough]] April 24. Denison. [[/strikethrough]] [[preprinted text]] Receivable [[/preprinted text]] Dec 10 | Jas. M. Bean St. Michaels. Nulato Apr 24 | Denison. Unalakleet Nulato 1867 | Wrote Jan 1 | Father. Mar 6. Mother & Prof Baird _ via Ft. Youkon. April 3 | Denison Unalakleet Nulato. " [[Ditto for: April]] 24 | Denison " [[Ditto for: Unalakleet]] " [[Ditto for: Nulato.]] 24 | Ennis " " [[Ditto for: Unalakleet Nulato.]] [[end page]] [[start page]] Washington June, 30, 1866 To Col. Chas. L. Bulkley, Behring Straits. Dispatch received. The following is a copy of circular from Dr. Stimpson. The Chicago Academy of Sciences was burned at one oclock, the morning of June 7th. The losses are great but by no means such as to affect the utility of the institution, the regular operations of which will be resumed as soon as possible. It is impracticable at the present time to estimate with any degree of accuracy, the damage caused by the fire to the collections and other property of the Institution. As near as now can be ascertained the present condition is as follows. About half the animals and birds, nearly all the skulls &c. will be saved. The extensive collection of birds eggs and nests was entirely destroyed. Fishes and reptiles saved. Insects all destroyed with the exception of the lepidoptera. Dried Crustacea and Echinodermata destroyed. Shells and fossils in great part saved. Very singularly and fortunately the alcoholic collection contained in about two thousand jars has escaped. The Herbarium with the exception of the series of plants of the North Pacific Exploring Expedition has been saved. The library is greatly damaged by water but most of the books will be saved by careful drying and rebinding. The plates of the forthcoming volume of the transactions, twenty in number, were much injured and some of the edition may have to be reprinted. The publication of the volume will not However be greatly delayed. Spencer F. Baird. Asst Secy S.I. rec'd July 10th 1866.
1866. New Years Day finds me in San Francisco quartered on board the bark Golden Gate W. U. Tel. Exp. Jan 9. Sail on the Fayaway (schr.) Capt. Josslyn for Monterey. 11th arrive at Mty. 30th sail for San Francisco. arrive Feb 1. May 2. Clara Bell sailed for Petropavlovsk, and afterward put into Honolulu leaky. June 6th Palmetto sailed for Petropavlovsk. June 8. Rutgers sailed for Puget Sound and Plover Bay. June 1. promoted to a first Lieutenancy. June 21. Onward sailed for Petrop. via Via Victoria. June 23. Col. Bulkley in the Wright sailed for Petropavlovsk direct. July 10. Col. Wicker in the Gate sailed for Plover Bay direct. July 11, at 1.30 P.M. Ship Nightingale sailed for Plover Bay, myself on board. Capt. Scammon in charge. July 8, Rutgers sails from Puget Sound for Plover Bay. Aug 5, Nightingale clears the Ounimak Pass. Aug. 13, Rutgers arrives at Plover Bay Aug. 14. Nightingale anchors in Plover Bay. Aug 18. Wright arrives in [[strikethrough]] Petrop [[/strikethrough]] Plover Bay having been to Petrop. and Anadyr finding all well and prospects sanguine. Aug. 27. Gate arrives at Plover Bay, all well. Sept. 11. Rutgers with Libby, Caldwell and party sail for Grantley Harbor. Sept 12. Golden Gate with Capt. Dick Bush sail for Anadyr River Sept. 13 Steamer Wright sails for St. Michaels. Sept 19 Bark Evelyn Wood arrives at Plover Bay. Sept 20 Nightingale & myself sail for St. Michaels. Sept. 24. Anchor off St. Michaels near Egg Id. Sept 25. Get news of Kennicotts untimely death and am appointed Surgeon in Charge of the Youkon Division, and Chief of Sci. Corps. Sept. 30 go ashore at St. Michaels R. A. Oct. 1 Nightingale sails for Plover Bay. [[end page]] [[start page]] Letters of importance. Synopsis. Prof. S. F. Baird Jan. 7. Per Str. of 10th. Going to Monterey. Not had time to copy notes, about shells given to Dr. N. Hyde disch. Doubts as to the future. Want Gills fish papers, and Carpenters Reps very much, will pay for them if n. Jan 7 Dr. Torrey. do. [[Ditto for: Jan 7]] about Mrs. Bridges book &c going to Monterey. Bothers & happy N.Y. Jan 7 Mother. Enclosing four photos, speaking of Wendte & Monterey trip. Feb 7 Mother. enclosing 4 photos, speaking of ball Monterey and bothers. Feb 7 Prof. Baird. Have been successful in Monterey, shall use leisure on the alcoholic specimens. Ounga unapproachable this year. Have had an interview with the Col. and proposed to take Elliott and Petropaulski by the first vessel. B. uncertain. Elliott independent. Whale jaws disposed of. Made and enclose notes on Cala. Gray whale. Ayres fishes must be sent; shall pick out types. Canfield misanthropic. Can't get Carpenters Reps. Sorry about Chi. Acad. Sci. Please write often. Feb. 19. Ed. Commonwealth. Desiring him to exclude from publication any further communications in regard to the Ex. rec'd from others and purporting to be derived from me. Feb. 24. Prof. Baird. Cal. Acad. oxydised. Bridges plants chilian. Shall write to the Entom. Soc about Mrs. B's beetles. Boxes numbered hitherto & catalogue enclosed. Horns lost on Wright. Shall send Ayres fish by this next steamer. Also notes, drawings, sketches, baleen &c. Haven't heard from Walker or [[Stin?]] Hurry up books. Conway & Wicker fracas. List of outfit handed in and enclosed. Try Ounalaschka but doubt the feasibility this year. Elliott willing. Uncertainty harassing. Enclose Ayres catalogue of fish.
Mar. 7. Mother enlc. photos 25-6-7-9-30- = 2 views Capt. Lautmann, Dearborn, & Bosqui. ? about desk & Dr. Bellows. Don't publish and reasons. Bothers. Mar. 28. Mother enclosing photos of Wendle & Field. Prof. Baird. All going well with outfit, particulars in next. Punch up with the Col. about fine shot. Apr. 8. Mother. Visit to Sacramento. Details of business & M.D. Photos of Fisher, Dow and two of my own. Apr. 7. Prof. Baird. Acknowledge kindness. My appointment as Acting Surgeon & work as such. List of vessels Trouble about Henry Elliott, broken promises &c. Am working at Coopers snails. Mty shells &c. Conifers seeds & Mrs. Bridges. Moving Cal. Acad. Visit to Sacramento and Geol. Survey. Detachment of our Rev. officers. Acad. reps & fish to be sent on to S.I. List of outfit in my next. No news from Chicago. seen Marcy. Olgas accident. Do something for Canfield. " [[Ditto for: Apr.]] 24. Mother. Sorry for sickness in Family. Xn forbearance &c. About desk. About letter to Slack About nitroglycerine explosion. About business on hand Uncle John and medical degree. Six pages " [[Ditto for: Apr.]] 24. Prof. Baird [[superscript]] (Ap. 11.) [[/superscript]] Col. B. says we leave May 1, don't think so, but ready. pledge my self to the work. Ap. 24 unfinished because of explosion. Have heard at last from Walker who complains! of not hearing from me. Enclose bills & Henry Elliotts letter, by R. Pope who returns disgusted with Canadians &c. Comments on Conway & Eillott. Your telegram did the business. Mumford come out. Col's. habits. Sci. is apparently secured & a two years supply. Shall telegraph when we leave? June 15th. " [[Ditto for: Apr.]] 25 Prof. Baird. Have rec'd assurances of a post on the Youkon or a place in a party for rescue of K. if necessary. Davison and Glover ordered off. Carpenters Rep. mutilated. [[end page]] [[start page]] Sent copy of memorial on Bridges to " " " [[Dittos for: Sent copy of]] other papers x √ Prof. Wyman. √ Prof. Bannister.√ Dr. Gould. √ Mother. √ Miss Wilde. √ Mr. Collyer. √ Prof. John Torrey. √ Prof. E. D. Cope. √ Alpheus Hyatt. √ F. W. Putnam. √ A. E. Verrill. √ Prof. Asa Gray. √ Boston Soc. of Nat. Hist. √ Dr. Stimpson √ Grandma Dall. " [[Ditto for: Grandma]] Healey. √ Uncle Austin. Tom Newell Miss Merriam. " [[Ditto for: Miss]] Cleveland. √ Mrs. Kennicott. Miss Anne Newman. √ Mrs. Healy. Theobald. √ Father. √ x Tryon √ Chicago Acad. Sci. √ x Anthony. √ x Library of Harvard College. √ x Phila. Acad. Sci. √ British Museum (Pro. J. E. Gray.) √
Letters of importance. Apr. 26. Geo. C. Walker, Chicago. (24) Details of correspondence with Chicago for this winter. Felt mad because my long letter was unnoticed. Was busy in - [[underlined]] Dec [[/underlined]] - packing S.I. colls & resting. - [[underlined]] Jan [[/underlined]] - Three weeks at Mty. -[[underlined]] Feb [[/underlined]] - working over Mty colls with Cooper. - [[underlined]] Mar [[/underlined]] - on Sci. outfit for 1/66. - [[underlined]] April [[/underlined]] - on Medical work. Fisher expected by next Str. Reasons for not writing. Annoyances, &c. Corres. constantly with Baird. Have carried all my points. Destination & plans for season still? but will write in full before we leave. Enclose copy of Sci. outfit bills. Want shot and gun. If can't get or afford it shall draw on J.Y. Scammon for not more than $50. gold and send note @ 10%. Regard it as important. (25) Have applied to Col. Wicker and rec'd assurances of post on Youkon or position in or com'd'g a party for Ks relief, if doubts exist. Reasons, 1st Mumford, don't appreciate science. Capt S. may resign a/c of his past services. Wrights character. Bs. trouble, is consulting low officers & associates. Anxious about K. Shall be in position to help him as Q.M. Seems the only way to bring the Sci. work out triumphant. Blue prospect but never say die. Excuse illegible letter. Write if possible. Don't be offended at my frankness. May. 8. Prof Baird. Little news. [[Saginaw?]] reports June 15. Hence we are not likely to go sooner. Dr. Horn here & bound East soon. King here. Troubles in Arizona T. Cal. Acad. much improved. Medical work done. Am working on Cal. shells partic. land shells. Also getting my Monterey notes ready for Cpr. He ought to have copies where they can be obtained by students. Ready to pay & he owes it to collectors who have sent him everything to have his works accessible. The Cal. Acad. pd $118.00 for his Latin. = For Engl $146.00. Acad. can't afford his prejudices. He has never sent either copies or types, which were recognizable. Am. worked and Engl. rec'd benefits. Ready to pay but proof or copies only lent are aggravating. Speak for all West [[end page]] [[start page]] coast conchologists not my self. Prof Whitney agrees. not my jealousy. As long as he works as now, there will be plenty of work left for collectors on the ground. Ready & shall help him all I can while disagreeing. Signed a recp't for Sci. outfit. Thanks for pamphlets. Elliott coming Col. says. Regards to Ulke. May 17. Geo. C. Walker enclosing Rep. on Med. Dept. note to Fisher. Orders to Captains, and Directions for collecting. No news. Nothing certain. Rec'd copy of Chi. Acad. Sci. hope for more for K. Ship left for Petropavlovsk. May 17. Baird. Sent the same. Short of S.I instructions for collecting. Little hope of seeing Elliott. Have published & sent or will send notes. Cal. Acad. and what Prof. Whitney, Stearns and my self have done for it. May 29. Baird. More stir in Exp. affairs. Yours of Ap. 9 rec'd. Col. B says he leaves June 3. Doubtfull. He telegraphed East that he and Anassof go to Petropavlovsk direct and thence to Behring Strait. Clara Bell gone. Palmetto and Rutgers nearly ready. Shenanigan in regard to purchases by W. & W. Vessels detained for want of stores. Col. has been very liberal, approved my roving commission of which a copy follows. Shall go on the Nightingale, may go in 3 weeks. Whether Elliott joins me, whether I stay all winter or not and where are questions for time and circumstances to determine. If I find a good collecting ground I may stay all winter. Shall try for two barometers. Wrote to Walker about shot and draft on Scammon. Canf. note enclosed. About Duck and Indian. Further news by mail before we go. Each vessel fitted with Sci. outfit. June 8. Prof. Baird. Lend shells &c by Str. 10th for Cpr. Get off next week. No signs of Elliott. A Bold Stroke for a gun. Prospect of going to Youkon Anadyr & Petropavlovsk. Whitney & survey fare well dinner, very pleasant. Heard from Dana that Brazil party is disbanded. Acad prospering. Ks Rep. encl.
15. Geo. C. Walker. I have rec'd through the kindness of Prof. Baird a telegram stating that a portion of the Academys collection I can only conjecture how large had been destroyed by fire. Tell our friends of the Chicago Academy that this news sad and depressing as it is ^ [[insertion]] for the moment [[/insertion]], will only encourage us to strain every muscle to replace what we might otherwise only have duplicated and ^ [[insertion]] granting us health strength & opportunity [[/insertion]] we shall return heavily laden from the North, expecting to greet a full fledged Phoenix in Chicago! 15. Prof. Baird. Almost the same. (see opp page bottom) 29. " " [[Dittos for: Prof. Baird]] Not yet off. Col. Knox & Anasof left on steamer 23rd. Have sent two telegrams for particulars of fire, but as wire has been down no news ensued. N.Y. Lyceum also gone up. Shan't get off before July 4th. Capt Scammon helping with might and main. Enclose slip from Alta about Chi. Acad. Sci. Col. Jewett here but not strong enough for field work. Should like to make a dash at the Cal shells when I get back. Not many shells up North. Shall do most on botany, fish and bones. Sorry not to have Elliott. Go direct to Youkon mouth & bring up at Petropavlovsk. 28. Geo C. Walker. Enclosing Report of Cal. Ac. meeting & resolutions &c also slip from Alta. Speak of telegrams. Offers of Newcomb and Jewett. Business portion of the Acad. Chi. should be done up brown. Ask for corresponding memberships for Stearns and myself. Notifications to Scammon and Bulkley never sent. July 6. 1866. Prof. Baird. Enclosing copy of Elliotts letter, and of my note to Mr. Mumford. Orders [[end page]] [[start page]] are to report on board Nightingale ready for sea Saturday P.M. Very anxious to get off. Particulars of skull found lately in the auriferous gravel deposites. Shall work hard for the cause. Dr Hillebrand here. Col. Jewett may possibly soon return. Sent orders (see book) to Elliott some weeks since. Grand Ethnological Exhibition in Calcutta 2 years hence. July 9. Watker. Chicago. Off tomorrow. No. news yet rec'd of fire. Dr. Hillebrand has been here & endeavors to interest him and Ferdinand Muller of Australia in the Acad. Fisher and the Caldwell; regards to friends &c. July 8. F.W Wicker. Having been notified that Rob't Caldwell is or will be transferred to the Golden Gate in the capacity of Hospital Steward, notwithstanding the order in Col. Bulkleys own handwriting assigning him to duty with me, and where as another equally competent man (Dixon) remains unemployed; therefore while acquiescing in your decision as required by discipline and good order, I must respectfully protest against any such transfer or change, as unnecessary, unauthorized, and in direct conflict with the wishes and orders of Col. Bulkley as expressed in his letter to me, which I am ready to present for examination at any time. June 15 Prof. Baird. Your telegram rec'd last night, 4 days coming. Have telegraphed for more particulars. Hope as usual it is exaggerated. My own library & coll. have probably gone. It will only nerve us to greater exertions to replace, what before we might only have duplicated. Send Alta slip with a/c of Pope his underscored, also sketch of operculum Amphissa versicolor D. please send Cpr. Also by mail type of H. chersinella Dall. drawing and des. sent Tryon. Geol. Survey all gone into the field. S. Cal oil a small success. Gabb just got back Scammon disgusted. B wants to be the great I AM. I repres. the honor to be gained by ex. Yukon mouth. He is very anxious to rem on Cal. coast & study whales. Ayres not now necessary? No signs of getting off. Have got instruments & hope to measure some [[Kam.?]] volcanoes.
Mar 7. To Prof Baird by Ft. Youkon. What I have done & will try to do & where I am going this summer. Enclose letters to father & mother in one envelope. May 20. Write to Prince Maksutoff by Joe Dylr for orders to the bidarshiks to assist me in collecting. May 21. Write to Capt Everett Smith enclosing map of Nulato and notes on breakup of ice. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[blank page]]
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[blank page]]
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[blank page]]
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] Continued. [[/underlined]] [[line]] Tuesday. January 1. 1897 [[line]] [[pencil]] Morning. No signs of Dyer today. He has probably gone to the Redoubt for another load. After breakfast raise two telegraph poles, bracketts & insulators complete, the first in the country. Fire 36 guns and one gun by the Russians, a small cannon. Raise the U.S. ensign, the Masonic Flag. the Telegraph signal flag and the flag of the Scientific Corps on the first pole which is surmounted by a flagstaff and weather cock - Have tea at noon, put away some specimens, have a good dinner. Yagor invited and after dinner write on notes and diary, read smoke, & turn in [[line]] Wednesday Jan 2nd.[[line]] Quite cold. 22 below zero. Go out in my shirt & drawers without a hat to look at the thermometer, across the yard and come back rather chilly. About Noon Ivan the bidarshik gets back three days this side of [[Newicargut?]] and brings 500 sables. Clean ten rabbit skulls & one skeleton. Catch a crow in the foxtrap [[line]] Thursday Jan 3rd. [[line]] Morning. While still in bed, Dyer and Pickett arrive with empty sleds. They left Unatakleet two days after Christmas, and found two feet of snow over the old track, were obliged to cache almost everything on the road. Ennis was to start Jan 1st. for Ingletalik with most of his men Smith is to explore between Shactolik and Ivans barrabora. E will go on to Grantly Harbor and see Libby who has built 14 miles of line complete & built a station beside his winter quarters. Hear that E intends meddling in the medical affairs of my district & write a sharp letter to him on the subject to send down by Mike who starts, [[pastly? postly?]] [[zafter? &after?]]. Bean is well but acted queerly a-[[/pencil]]
bout sending up my things, refusing to let them go unless I came after them. If these fellows keep meddling in my business they will catch a Tartar. Francis is a bilk. He is going to attempt a survey of a coal mine 300 miles below Contog. I wish him no worse than to be set to mining at the one I looked at upon his own representations that it is good. Turn in early with a bad headache. [[line]] Friday Jan 4. [[line]] Morning. Capt. K. proposes to go down to the Redoubt on business with Mike. Give him letters for Bendeleben and Ennis, and a list of things to bring up from the fort. Get two good white grouse, two woodpecker which I skin & some squirrel skins from Ivan, & and a sable from Pickett. [[line]] Saturday Jan 5. [[line]] Morning mild and snowing. Capt Ketchum, Mike and Carpoff with four sled & indians leave for Unalakleet. Russian Christmas. Skin a raven two grouse & put away a lot of specimens. Evening a dance in the casine. Only Dyer, W. & P. besides my self here. Have a bad ulcerated sore throat & cough. [[line]] Sunday, Jan 6 [[line]] Morning cloudy. Start off with Pickett for the place where the blacksmith cuts the birch. Start on snowshoes across the river two miles and up the opposite bank through the woods three miles through deep snow when not finding any signs of him conclude to turn back which we do and after reaching the river, he overtakes us and has no birch and has broken his sled. Reach the fort in time for a very good dinner to which Ivan and Yagor are invited. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[line]] Monday Jan 7, 1867 [[line]] Morning. Still warm. Read Tennyson and don't fully appreciate In memoriam. Evening work on rabbit bones which smell badly. Turn in early. [[line]] Tuesday Jan 8 [[line]] Morning. Walk down below the Nulato river to find my lapka's and returning find old Yakoutsk has brought them up. Pickett goes out with Kurill to look for birch and finds one tree fit to make the Hudson Bay sleds. Philca brings me in a new and beautiful bird. Evening pack away and catalogue 21 rabbit's bones. Turn in late. [[line]] Wednesday Jan 9. [[line]] Morning. Skin birds and work at Scientific work all day and evening Larriown gets back from Kokoyoukuk. Yagor gives me some wolverine feet. Pickett goes out and brings in a birch for sleds. [[line]] Thursday Jan 10 [[line]] Peetka brings me in eight or ten red birds and I work over them and put away some other specimens. Larriown, the old scoundrel is back from Koyoukuk with his wife and boy. [[line]] Friday Jan 11 [[line]] Larriown in from morning till night, buy a sable from him. Skin birds and work at specimens all day tomorrow is New Years Day of the Russians. Get a bath and set Onilna at making me a norka fire bag. Day cold & snowing. [[line]] Saturday Jan 12 [[line]] Morning. Clear and cold -25. Get my fire bag finished. Evening skin four or five birds. Forty five birds of thirteen species since my arrival. Fine aurora for the second time this winter.
[[line]] Sunday Jan 13. [[line]] Morning. Cold -45. Do nothing all day energetically. Evening skin three poor specimens of arctic grouse and go in to the bidarshiks and see his wife, who has an eruption on the groin, of no account. Fine Aurora & very cold [[line]] Monday Jan. 14. [[line]] Very Cold -54. Write up notes and read. Evening skin a woodpecker. Fine Aurora. Whymper makes an abortive attempt to steam some dried apples [[line]] Tuesday. Jan 15 [[line]] Still cold. -46. Morning pack my boxes of bird and fossils. Casine on fire but soon put out Pickett at work on the Fort Youkon sleds. Buy a squirrel of Larriown for 4 bullets & caps. He wants more but concludes to keep what he has got. Somebody ought to knock this old wretch on the head [[line]] Wednesday Jan 16 [[line]] Morning. Milder -24. Bath day. Out of turn as tomorrow is prasnik. Larriown brings in two birds one very badly damaged and I buy some [[rosserm? rosseum?]] orga from Kurilla. Read & write Medical Rep. [[line]] Thursday Jan. 17.[[line]] Morning. Colder -36. Ivan the Tyone gets back from Newicárgut with the news that the Indians are all starving up there, and with 500 sables. Larriown comes in with three sables and asks 2 lbs of shot for them and is of course refused. Somebody will have to pop him over. Skin two birds in the evening, and catalogue them. [[line]] Friday Jan. 18 [[line]] Nothing going on. Write up some notes, see some sick Russians. Get a white grouse and a ruffed ptarmigan. Try the Ft. Youkon sled on the soft snow with moderate success [[end page]] [[start page]] [[line]] Saturday Jan 19 [[line]] Morning. Warmer and signs of a change of weather. Skin two grouse. Write to father. Whymper cuts out a vest. Quite a tailor. Try the sled again. [[line]] Sunday Jan 20 [[line]] Morning warmer and disagreeable -19. Copy part of catalogue of collections. Get two norkas rubbed up to make two more bags. Evening write on catalogue [[line]] Monday Jan 21 [[line]] Morning. Warm. -18. Work on catalogue. Get two new fire bags made and trimmed with beads for presents when the ships come. Even. Get additions to my vocabulary in Koyoukon. [[line]] Tuesday Jan. 22. [[line]] Morning. Colder. Morning, write on catalogue and skin two birds. Give my old parkie sleeves to Yagor to have mittens made of. Get two fine ptarmigan Kurill goes out after a fox but doesn't get him. Won anorka from Pickett on Carpoffs nonarrival [[line]] Wednesday, Jan. 23.[[line]] Moderately warm. Set Onilna at work on a pair of gloves for me. Catalogue two grouse skins and find I have 2185 specimens of 250 species or more since leaving San Francisco this season and 161 specimens of 37 species since arrival here. Find Ivan the Old chief sleeping on my bed and turn him out instanter to the horror of several people [[line]] Thursday Jan 24 [[line]] Growing warmer -17 at night. Get two red bird a female ptarmigan and a three toed woodpeck. Skin them all in the evening. [[Prepare? Propose?]] to go over to [[Tacheitsky? Tackeitsky?]] but can't get any dogs. Bet three norkas that Carpoff dont arrive tomorrow
_____Friday, Jan 25._____ Morning. blowing a strong SW gale and quite warm. 0 to -4 only. Carpoff doesn't come and I win my four norkas. Take a good steam bath, and put away a lot of birds and clean a fox skeleton which I got from Ivan. _____Saturday, Jan 26_____ Morning. The coldest and most uncomfortable day I have yet spent in the country, though only five below zero, but a gale blowing. Buy some drill of Ivan to pay for making the little parkies and get two rabbits to skin from Ivan. Get a nose ornament from Dyer for the Smithsonian. Evening. Yagor in, have dancing and singing and quite a jolly evening. _____Sunday Jan 27._____ Morning. Little Peetka having been out shooting comes in with two of his fingers nearly shot off. Set & dress them, and he bears it like a Trojan. Kurill brings in 3 grouse and a ♀ [[symbol for female]] 3 toed woodpecker which seems to be pretty common about here. Skin two grouse in evening. _____Monday Jan 28 _____ A very bad head ache all day. Clean a foxes bones and try cutting tobacco fine by grinding in an old coffee mill. Onilna furnishes a little parki (Koyoukunsky woman's) for me. Turn in quite sick ______Tuesday Jan 29_____ Quite sick and lie down almost all day. Pack away some collections and catalogue them; get two squirrels and a gray wagtail of Larriown. Onilna finished the Koyoukun parki very well and I have her make a pair of breeches. [[end page]] [[start page]] _____Wednesday Jan. 30._____ Morning a little better but very sore all over particularly the throat. Two sundogs about noon. Joe & Kurilla go after wood as the Russians didn't bring enough. Evening skin two birds in spite of headache & pack a lot of specimens. Onilna in a fit of sulks and don't come in all day. Yagor brings in a pair of the little boots, very pretty and nearly done. _____Thursday Jan 31_____ Morning. Not much better. Carpoff doesn't come & I win two more minkskins on a bet with Pickett. Put away some more specimens, skin two squirrels Get all of my parkies done and dress Peetkas hand again. _____Friday February 1_____ Morning. Cold and disagreeable. A strong West wind makes the house cold all day. About noon the Captain, Mike, Everett Smith & Carpoff arrive with the trains and news from below - Also Ivan from Ulukuk and best of all some reindeer meat. _____Saturday Feb 2_____ Morning. Cold and disagreeable. Make up some brandy out of alcohol & fixens and the Captain gets the Russians drunk. These miserable dogs are the veriest beasts I ever saw. Make some pies. Ennis is probably off for Port Clarence. My letter was delivered. He has drawn all the powder & grub from the redoubt and 3000 lbs flour from Stepanoff. We have got 600 lbs. The crowd have got to work on the line at Unalakleet & have about five miles in hand. Jay Chappel is in charge there. I had a fight with Andrea, was in the wrong of course. He has to Attenmut. Adams from Unalakleet to this place to build. E. has taken most of his trading staff to Libby.
[[line]] Sunday Feb 3 [[line]] Morning. Put away some specimens. Get some Ingaleet words from Ivan; spend most of the day reading Barren Honor, a very poor novel by the author of Guy Livingstone & am extremely poor one by Dumas fils called Annette. Make some dumplings. [[line]] Monday Feb. 4 [[line]] Morning very cold -45. The captain buys Alekoffs barrabora. Al. brings me in two birds which I skin. Spend most of the day reading. [[line]] Tuesday Feb. 5. [[line]] Morning, Indians bring in a snow bird and 2 finches and Smith 3 finches, and in the evening I skin them Pickett pays me two sables for my pants. Dress Peetkas fingers which are very bad and will probably have to come off. Read part of Childe Harold. [[line]] Wednesday Feb. 6 [[line]] Morning very cold -51. Capt K. gives up the Ft Youkon sleds and will have 3 Ingaleet ones made for his Youkon trip. Whymper proposes to take Onilna after Capt K goes up the river and Joe Dyer takes the rabotniks wife away from him [[line]] Thursday Feb. 7 [[line]] Morning clear and cold 40 out with Mike & Captain Smith about a mile up the river to American creek where our post will be built and down to the Nulato R and about a mile up it to look for a good place for the steamer to escape the ice next spring. [[line]] Friday Feb. 8 [[line]] Morning warmer and signs of snow. Larriown & Ivan loafing around all day. Dyer refits Picketts [[hut?]] for himself & girl. Larriowns boy brings in two white crossbills the first of the season. Take a good hot bath. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[line]] Saturday February 9, 1867[[line]] Morning warm about 0 all day. Pack up the specimens obtained here up to this date which fill a hundred pound biscuit box and a small soap box for Captain Smith to take down to Unalakleet. Partly skin three birds and pack away a mouse. [[line]] Sunday February 10 [[line]] Warm & comfortable. Carpoff comes back with 300 lbs on 3 sleds. Took a walk back of the fort with Capt Smith & get a new bird. Larriowns malchiska brings in ten sparrows, Monday, three sparrows & a redheaded woodpecker & Sidorka a redbird. A little excitement at night on account of a supposed plan of Larriown to murder some of our party on their way up the river, which on getting old Ivan in, turns out to be unfounded. Make dumplings which are a failure and give old Ivan a parkie. Got all my crew for the up trip. [[line]] Monday February 11 [[line]] Colder, bar going up very rapidly. Capt Smith, Mike, Pickett & Kurill go down to Woolysatuks on the way to Unalakleet. P. is a bad egg & probably will not go to Ft. Youkon. Evening skin 5 birds and Capt sends David down to tell Mike that he need not engage Ingechuk. Antoshka cooking. [[line]] Tuesday Feb. 12 [[line]] Warm & snowing. Cousin & David in. Skin five or six birds, and catalogue a lot more. [[line]] Wednesday Feb 13 [[line]] Morning. A heavy fall of snow in the night, 8 in. Put away a [[tot? lot?]] of birds & string labels all day. Have some words with Capt K. about the Youkon trip. Anxieties and troubles flood this unfortunate expedition. I would not devote more than one more year to
the work up here for worlds. No one can ever know except myself, the bitterness of being utterly alone and fighting a crowd singlehanded; and a crowd too of men who stick at nothing to advance their own interests. Evening read & make out lists of stores to take up the river. There is no one up here whom I can rely upon as a fast friend in any emergency __________________Thursday Feb. 14,1867_____________ Morning cold again -34. Get two pair bootsoles & take them in to old Yagorsha. Make some biscuits & Whymper makes a pie. Evening work on vocabularies __________________Friday Feb 15,1867._______________ Get a good hot bath. Evening. work over vocabularies with Temoshka getting some Premorska words. __________________Saturday, Feb. 16 ________________ Morning. Ivan's baby sick, no castor oil to give it but get it better at last. Work over vocabularies and finish the Ingaleet. About midnight Ivans child drops dead without a struggle. A proper supply of medicine might have saved its life. Last night the Capt Sacked Onilna for one of her fits of illhumor but as she appears very penitent he agrees to take her on trial once more. __________________Sunday Feb. 17____________________ Morning. Fix my snowshoes according to an idea of my own, and go out to try them about three miles they work very well. Philcar brings in three rabbits __________________Monday Feb. 18____________________ Walk up to the bluff and take angles for a chart of the Nulato River & surroundings. Whymper & Dyer go part way & turn back. Whymper having frozen one of his ears. Coming back stop at Ivans childs grave; a number of Indians down from Koyukuk [[end page]] [[start page]] ______________Tuesday, February 19, 1867____________ Morning. Clear and fine. Go down to the lower point of the Nulato river to take angles for a chart. Come back and make some good gingerbread. Evening work on chart. ______________Wednesday, February 20________________ Morning. Cold and disagreeable. Make some biscuit and get a bird from Peetka already skinned, of last years collecting. Get hold of the horn the Captain brought from Fort Youkon. Write up some notes &c. A baby born to Pasvilkoff; these women are like animals in dropping their young. Evening get some rabbits from old Ivans woman, and skin a grouse David brings in ________________Thursday Feb. 21___________________ Morning snowing & warm. +10. Make some soup which unfortunately gets burnt. Evening skin two birds and add to my vocabulary of Premorska. Ivan the Tyone comes in to find out whether the Americans eat children, on account of a joke played on some of the women here ________________Friday, Feb 22_____________________ Morning. warm and cloudy. bath day & get a good hot bath Dyer makes some bread & gingercakes & Whymper burns them. Have some pea soup. Write to father on a long letter begun sometime ago. Two birds brought in. Washingtons birthday. raise the flags but no powder for a salute. _________________Saturday, Feb. 23_________________ Morning. a little colder. Writing to father. and getting out trading goods. Evening. put away some specimens & skin two birds. Make up some liquor for the Captain who gives Antoshka a drink and rather fuddles him. He goes into the [[casarmé?]] and tumbles against Carpoff who throws him down. The boy runs at him upon getting up, and Carpoff knocked him down and stamped on him [[Honlbna? Honilna?]] came in & K. & Dyer go in and bust him in the snout. Afterwards have a talk with Ivan who refuses to let him sleep [[end page]]
in the casarmé after this, so that the Captain tells him that the whole thing shall be reported to Stepanoff. [[line]] Sunday Feb. 24 [[line]] Morning. Warm & windy. Dyer makes bread. Get out some tobacco from the Russian store Label & put away some specimens. Bad heartburn all day. [[line]] Monday Feb 25 [[line]] Quite unwell with cardalgia. Lay around miserable all day. Send book & letters down by Yagor tomorrow. [[line]] Tuesday Feb 26 [[line]] Finish letter to father. Still miserably bilious all day [[line]] Wednesday Feb 27 [[line]] Go outside the Fort for a little. Ditto to yesterday. 15 gr. calomel. [[line]] Thursday, Feb 28 [[line]] Morning, better. First water in the Nulato River. Go over to the point of the Massacre and take angles for my map come back with Whymper, feeling rather weak. Evening work on map. A chilly south wind & cloudy sky. [[line]] Friday March 1 [[line]] Morning. Start at work on a rough transit instrument for taking angles. Fix a hand on my watch out of the silver wire from a piece of violin string. Take a bath not very comfortable in the outer room as the warm weather sets every thing a dripping. Skin two partridges in evening. Squirtsoffs sister wants me to take her [[line]] Saturday Mar 2 [[line]] Morning, go to work to get out goods for the Captains and my expeditions. About noon Mike and the sleds arrived with the new dogs but without the Indians who are to come up soon. Ennis has left written orders for E.E. Smith to nail bracketts on poles & to report to F. M. Smith. This is a gross outrage on decency Francis [[tozher?]]. Pickett does not go to Fort Youkon. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[line]] Sunday, March 3, 1867 [[line]] Morning. Clean out and take up the deerskin mats. Get out goods for trip. Make dumplings & sauce for dinner. Work on transit. Evening skin a grouse. [[line]] Monday Mar. 4th [[line]] Morning. Make handles to two kettles and finish my transit Ingechook comes up and says that Lofka & Andrea the two men who were to go up country with Capt Ketchum have backed out. Get Peetka & a robotnik from the Russians to take their places. One new sled finished. [[line]] Tuesday Mar. 5th [[line]] Morning. Work over goods. fix lock & hinges on a box for the Captain. Do a lot of odd jobs, get collar & cuffs on a red shirt to wear up the river. May go up four or five days with the Captain & an extra sled to Sakatalontas. Evening magnificent Aurora which moves like clouds. [[line]] Wednesday, Mar. 6th [[line]] Morning. Kurill brings in four birds. Peetka pays me a sable for dressing his hand since he hurt it. Make a huckleberry pudding & sauce. Afternoon take some angles. feed the dogs. write out report for Capt. K. Skin a partridge & turn in [[line]] Thursday Mar 7 [[line]] Morning. Up to the site for our station & lay out the four corners. 100 x 65. [[image - pencil drawing of plan of station building]] Back and work on map and try to get a pair of snowshoes. Evening skin four red birds that Kurill brought in. [[line]] Friday Mar. 8 [[line]] Morning. Have a bath on our own hook. Put away a lot of birds. Write to mother and to Prof Baird. Get authority to sign for the company on out trip for Fort Youkon. Getting medicine and a few scientific stores for Capts trip.
[[line]] Saturday Mar 9. 1867 [[line]] Morning. Skin a partridge & rabbit. All hands out after rabbits. Blacksmith puts the bone on the sleds Takeitsky Indians brings us some grouse & small birds [[line]] Sunday Mar 10. 1867 [[line]] Morning. Load the sleds for starting tomorrow. Spend the day getting things together for the Captains trip. Evening. Skin two woodpeckers. [[line]] Monday Mar. 11th [[line]] Rise early. Capt Ketchum leaves for Fort Youkon ^[[insertion]] 8am. [[insertion]] with Mike Lebarge four sleds, 14 dogs, Peetka, Capsula, David and Stoneman, about 1200 lbs of provisions & trading goods. Give him three rounds of the big cannon & a dozen or two revolver shots. Hoist the U.S. flag. Clean up the room after they are all gone put away a number of specimens. Day dull and cloudy. [[line]] Tuesday March 12th [[line]] Morning. Sort a lot of beads. Afternoon write on vocabularies. Premoska &c. A little scandal on the part of Zagorshas hosaker & Temoshka to enliven the dullness [[line]] Wednesday Mar 13 [[line]] Write up and finish Premoska vocabulary and in afternoon walk over to the island with Whymper take a few angles for my chart and return - [[line]] Thursday Mar 14 [[line]] Work on vocabularies and angles, day snowy and damp [[line]] Friday Mar 15. [[line]] Morning. Take a bath. Work on catalogue of specimens and on the chart. Very dull and moist, river thawing. [[line]] Saturday Mar 16. [[line]] Morning. Finish catalogue (copy) of specimens. Put up paper in my plant presses for future use. Make a hundred small paper bags for insects and mosses in the summer. News that Ketchum is one day beyond Kokoyou ^ [[insertion]] kuk [[/insertion]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[line]] Sunday, March 17th. 1867 [[line]] Morning. Set to work to copy my meteorological observations for the past six months and spend all day at it. Whymper makes some pies. Dull & chilly [[line]] Monday, Mar. 18 [[line]] Morning. Kurilla goes out and brings back three birds a squirrel and a sable which he has shot. In the after noon Zagorsha gets back from Unalakleet bringing the bidarra. No oil, no dog feed no lovtak to mend it with. Grub nearly all out, at Unalakleet only ten shoulders of bacon left. Flour, beans, and vegetables, only, in store. Libby wrote two months ago that his men would be out of grub in six weeks. No reindeer meat at Unalakleet. This is a specimen of what the company has provided for us in a barren wilderness. [[line]] Tuesday, Mar. 19. [[line]] Morning. Skin the sable, Kurilla shot, a long job as the skin sticks very close. After noon skin four birds Yagor arrives but has left his sleds near Coal Bluff. Tagorsha and Yemoshka go after them. Paspilkoff is transferred to our Company and the Russians are nearly out of tea. An eclipse of the moon nearly total about the middle of the evening. [[line]] Wednesday Mar 20 [[line]] Morning. get letters from Caldwell (2) Capt Smith by Yagor. Poor Bendeleben has gone crazy. He calls himself Beaver, and Chief of the Kaviaks. He left Grantley Harbor with a small sled & no dogs or provisions, and an old squaw. This country is the devil for nervous minds. Ennis has got back. Skin eleven birds, and go up on snow shoes to the site of our house to break a road for the black smith to haul logs on. Clears off cold.
1867 [[line]] Thursday, Mar. 21 [[line]] Morning. Work over and label about 20 birds. Go down to the the Nulato River which is very soft; and take angles and go up the various branches for a mile or two each on snowshoes, rather hard work. Evening Yagor in [[line]] Friday Mar. 22 [[line]] Skin a bird and work on chart. take a good hot bath and change everything. PM. work on map [[line]] Saturday Mar. 23 [[line]] Put away a lot of birds and specimens. Work over map and get it nearly done. Onilno and Creve bring down a deer from Koyoukuk of which we get a fore quarter. Arrange to send Antoshka up after rabbits. [[line]] Sunday Mar. 24 [[line]] Snowing hard all day. Work on map. In the after noon go up to the house with Pickett & all the Russians & the blacksmith on snowshoes and haul up two very heavy logs for the foundations. [[line]] Monday Mar 25 [[line]] Still snowing, very mild and warm. Skin 3 birds work over maps all day. Evening clears off and foggy. [[line]] Tuesday Mar 26 [[line]] Morning warm & cloudy. Work on map. After dinner go up with Dyer and Whymper to the house and help the blacksmith with some logs. Back by the bank [[line]] Wednesday Mar 27 [[line]] Morning. Finish map. Cut two telegraph poles and finish trimming them. Skin a very large fish and get two mice. [[line]] Thursday Mar. 28 [[line]] Morning cold and blowing hard. Write up catalogue. Two men down from Koyoukuk with 21 rabbits which we buy. Buy a pair of mittens from Onlino. Fit up Antoshka for trip [[end page]] [[start page]] [[line]] Friday. March 28 1867 [[line]] Morning, a cold snap -40. Send Antoshka and Paspilkoff Malchiska down to Yakoutskalatenik after Joes bidark, to pick up Monday at Woolysatuks barrabora. Go out and cut two telegraph poles, eight inches at the butt, five at the top and 18 ft long, and trim them Back and take a good hot steam bath [[line]] Saturday, March, 30 [[line]] Morning. Warmer, cloudy. Go out and cut-three telegraph poles. Only two more to be cut to make up the mile. Evening write. Ivan has a fit of haematopsis [[line]] Sunday, Mar. 31 [[line]] Morning. Go out with Pickett and the dogs and haul ten telegraph poles to their places. Back to dinner get a new fish and some grouse. Growing milder [[line]] Monday April 1 [[line]] Morning. Go out with Pickett cut two poles and fix on a place for a house. Skin two grouse and get old Lizzies father to work on a pair of snowshoes. [[line]] Tuesday April 2 [[line]] Go up with Kurilla and Pickett and the dogs and haul the remainder of the telegraph poles and cut two more making the mile complete. Arrange to go over to Takitesky with Kurill. Pack Box no 3 and put it ready with a letter to send to Denis on at Unalakleet by old Ivan who goes down tomorrow [[line]] Wednesday April 3 [[line]] Morning. Go up to the house and cut three trees. Get ready to go to Takitesky with Kurill tomorrow Ivan leaves for Unalakleet [[line]] Thursday Apr. 4 [[line]] Left Nulato in a snow storm 9.30 with Whymper & Kurill. Left W. at the fishtraps at 10.15. Met Yagor opposite the coal mine on his way up to Nulato. [[end page]]
April 4, 67. Arrived at Woolysatuks barrabora at 3 P.M. Found it deserted, all hands gone after deer. Take a fish out of the cache to feed the dogs. Styreek who took Dyers letters to Unalakleet arrives and brings me a letter from Ennis. Buy 4 ukali of him for 4 bullets. Arrange to raise Wollysatuks fishtrap tomorrow and if we find enough fish to feed the dogs, go over to the mountains and try and buy some deer meat with him. Sleep in Wollysatuks house. Get 2 grouse out of [[petlays? pettays?]]. [[line]] Friday April 5, 1867 [[line]] Styreek refuses to help open fishtraps and starts off but I will not go on a bare chance without dogfeed. Kurill goes out and kills some small birds and meets some Indians raising the fishtrap who say that they are killing beaver and have got only five so far; that Antoshka got no fish here or at Kaltag as they had none to spare and his dogs must be starving. Monday turned back at Kaltag because grub was giving out. That the Takilisky womans house is two days from here and road obliterated by snow. Having no dog feed I conclude to turn back to Nulato, and get Dyer to send down some fish to Antoshka. Skin an owl and pick up some sable skulls and a squirrel from the cache. [[line]] Saturday April 6 [[line]] Start at 8 am for Nulato. Meet the Takitesky woman near the fishtrap. She left in the night because Yagor wanted to take her little girl for his woman. Give her a dog to bring over 40 grouse some fish and rabbit skins to Nulato and push on arriving at 1.15 PM. Having barked my toes on the way down and the wet snow sticking to my snow shoes I find 40 miles snow shoe travelling no joke. Pickett & his woman start down with fish for An. tomorrow [[end page]] [[start page]] [[line]] Sunday April 7, 1867 [[line]] Pickett starts very early for Kaltag. Put up the specimens I got at Woolysatuks, skin three birds and two squirrels & catalogue everything. Some Indians arrive with rumors of deer from Takitesky direct. The leaving us without grub enough to last till spring by the Company is damnable. If it was a larger party we should have starved, fish will soon giveout The country cannot be depended on for food as the Indians themselves, occasionally die from starvation [[line]] Monday April 8, 1867 [[line]] Pickett comes back with Woolysatuk, Tekunka and a lot of Indians and has secured a lot of reindeer meat which comes in very handy. Tekunka is a bully fellow and may go up with us to Fort Youkon, as Kanosh and Mikaishka seem likely to back out. Give him a lot of buckshot and repair his gun for him, as it has a broken nipple. Give him a new one. Clean some bones &c [[line]] Tuesday April 9 [[line]] Morning. Very warm, everything melting and the house leaking. Skin a rabbit and a grouse Fix up my bed and clean out. Reindeer meat for dinner, and black grouse. Ev. cut up some tobacco [[line]] Wednesday Ap. 10 [[line]] Very warm house leaking like thunder. Antoshka back with bidarra & two birds for me all right. Clear off the top of the house. Woolysatuks malchiska comes up [[line]] Thursday Apr 11 [[line]] Colder. Kurill gets back from his two days trip after reindeer meat. He brings me two owls and a fresh norka skin. Skin two owls, two grouse a shrike, a red crossbill, and a woodpecker. Get 3 small shrews Buy a lot of trading goods from Ivan for up river
[[line]] Friday April 12, 1867 [[line]] Colder. Get a new fish and clean some skulls. Get a steam bath. Afternoon go down to the Nulato River. Get a partridge and some pipestems. It it is light now till nearly nine oclock at night. [[line]] Saturday April 13 [[line]] Clean my reindeer head but the dogs get at it and mutilate it. Skin three grouse and an owl. Joe buys 80 rabbit skins for an old deer hide and 116 for a little russian 20 cent kettle and some tobacco. [[line]] Sunday April 14 [[line]] Skin a crossbill and copy catalogue and barometrical observations afternoon go up to our house and go after birds but see none get alot of spruce cones [[line]] Monday April 15 [[line]] Get my shirt finished, made out of a shawl. Ivan Squirtsoff & the rest have a row over in the casanne. Put away some specimens. Read the Earls Heirs. [[line]]Tuesday April 16[[line]] Morning warm and pleasant. Copy map of Nulato. Get some owls & a little shrike. Go up to the house and round on to the bluff beyond with Whymper. [[line]] Wednesday April 17 [[line]] Skin five or six birds. Go over to the Nulato Bluff and round by the river about six miles on snowshoes see monday and alekoff. Sun sets abut nine oclock. Skin the bidarra and bidark to oil and repair them [[line]] Thursday April 18 [[line]] Morning, skin a squirrel and two grouse. Go down to the Nulato River in the afternoon with F.W, Dyer & his hosaker. Pickett tries a pair of Norweijian snow shoes which work tolerably well. Day cold and windy. It is quite light now till 10 oclock at night. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[line]] Friday April 19, 1867 [[line]] Cold and windy. Catalogue alot of specimens. Get a good stream bath. Go down to the snares with Whymper. [[line]] Saturday April 20 [[line]] Kurill gets back. Brings 86 grouse, some rabbit skins: big owl, a little owl and two black grouse & a woodpecker for me and four norka. Go up to Paspilkoffs with all hands, set some snares and go up the hill. Back and skin the big owl which measures 4 feet across the wings. [[line]] Sunday April 21 [[line]] Skin birds all the morning. After dinner go up to the little River with Whymper, who sketches while I [[promisly?]] for fossils and find a few to my great delight. Win $2.50 on a bet as to a track on the snow which I pronounce fox or dog, and Dyer says is sable. Ev. Ivan in. [[line]] Monday April 22 [[line]] Morning, skin owl and a grouse and go up to the point with Pickett and [[Homtno? Honitno?]] & [[Johuntino? Tohuntino?]]. Got a few more fossils of the same character. [[line]]Tuesday April 23[[line]] Morning, go up to the point and spend all the morning in an almost fruitless search after fossils. Afternoon, go down to Massacre Point and open an indian grave and get a good skull, which I take back and feel quite relieved when it is safely deposited under my bed. As my life might have paid the penalty of discovery. Day very hot. [[line]] Wednesday April 24 [[line]] Skin a bird and put away a lot of specimens. Catalogue all my fossils. Get a fine hawk from Woolysatux who arrives with Ivan bringing a lot of papers & notes from Unalakleet; also Sidorka. Get a box of specimens ready for Pickett who goes down to Unalakleet tomorrow.
[[start page]] [[line]] Thursday April 25. 1867 [[line]] Morning go up and help Paspilkoff get up some heavy logs onto the house. An Indian comes down from Koyoukuk with piece of moose meat. Afternoon skin five birds and two squirrels and get a lot of beetles. Get a good hot steam bath. Pickett starts for Unalakleet with a box of specimens &c with sled [[alone?]] [[line]] Friday. April 26 [[line]] Put away specimens, catalogue them. Write on notes for Prof Baird [[line]] Saturday, April 27 [[line]] Antoshka gets back from Takitesky with some deer meat from [[Tecunka?]] who has killed two deer, and a magnificent white owl for me. A Great Prasnik, Easter of the Russians. Dine with Yagor and the bidarshik. Skin birds in PM. Evening read Not Dead Yet a fair novel [[line]] Sunday April 28 [[line]] Skin birds in morning. Write up catalogue and get a new owl. Have Yagor and Ivan in to dinner Old Marie dies. [[line]] Monday Apr. 29 [[line]] First goose seen. Write to Baird all day. Make a handle to my fan of grouse tail. Ivan tyone makes 2 paddles [[line]] Tuesday Apr. 30 [[line]] Go up and get four logs on to the house for Paspilkoff Get some beetles and explore an old Indian house coming back. Finish report for Baird to May 1st [[line]] Wednesday May 1 [[line]] Skin a small hawk and a snipe. Go out and get some beetles and break my knife. Afternoon fix my cap & havelock [[line]] Thursday May 2 [[line]] Go up and get up six logs for Paspilkoff, in doing which Kurilla gives his fingers a bad jamming. Indians down with a lot of reindeer and moose meat and some bird skins very poor but buy them. Write on vocabularies in afternoon [[end page]] [[start page]] [[line]] Friday, May 3rd, 1867 [[line]] Morning. Kurill kills the first goose of the season, and two ducks. Skin them although very poor specimens. Get a hot bath. Finish Nulatosky vocabulary. Get a sparrow. [[line]] Saturday May 4, 1867 [[line]] Morning put away all my loose traps in a bag, and stow them in the magazine. Pickett arrives from Unalakleet with some bootsoles and ohjoy! two pair of american boots. Letters from Denison and Ennis, the latter as soapy as ever. He brought back my box as his sled broke down and he got up to his neck in water in the Ulukuk River. Vesolia Sopka river also open. Scurvy + gonorhoea raging at Unalakleet, but most fortunately, thousands of deer have made their appearance and they have killed a great many. After noon skin three birds. Ennis writes he has [[5?]] miles of poles up. Smith is gone down with Stepanoff and Francis is tripping to the Redoubt to bring up coal to get the steamer down in spring. [[addition to this day entry written vertically on left margin of entry:]] Birth day dinner with Yagor. [[line]] Sunday May 5, 1867 [[line]] Write up and finish Koyoukun vocabulary. Go up to the house in the morning; the little river is running a torrent and the Nulato River is nearly open. It is quite light now till half past ten oclock at night [[line]] Monday, May 6. [[line]] Write up catalogue and meteorological record. Boil and clean a reindeer skull. Go up and get 6 logs on to the house for Paspilkoff. Get a goose in [[Pill?]] [[line]] Tuesday May 7 [[line]] Skin three geese, two of a new kind which Kurilla shoots two and Antoshka one. Joe & Whymper go to the Nulato River but return without anything It is quite hard work to skin a goose. They are very large [[end page]]
[[line]] Wednesday May 8th,1867 [[line]] Skin a goose and two snowbirds which Kurill brings in Go down to the Nulato River in the afternoon. Write up notes and trace a copy of map of Nulato for Smith [[line]] Thursday May 9th [[line]] Morning. Rain & snow, very chilly. I am afraid that there will be a late breakup this year. Go up to the woods and cut a tree and hew it for a cross to put near where Kennicott died, on the bank below the fort. Work on map and skin a black goose & cut part of an inscription for the cross when it shall be erected [[line]] Friday May 10 [[line]] Work on maps for Dyer. Kurilla gets five geese and a duck. Write up catalogue and notes, get a good hot bath Skin a black goose, put away some specimens. [[line]] Saturday May 11 [[line]] Morning. Skin a goose, and a small snipe and duck which Kurilla gets. Finish inscription for Kennicotts cross. Hacytotantinones brother comes down from Koyoukuk with some reindeer meat. He agrees to go up to Fort Youkon with us. Plenty of geese up there, but doubtful if it will pay to send Kurilla up with us as there is water on both sides of the river along the bank and it is raining hard. [[line]] Sunday May 12 [[line]] Early in the morning Kurilla brings in a brace of geese and a lark the last of which [[overwritten]] he [[/overwritten]] I skin and set aside two geese. Ivan starts to go over to the island when the Nulato River breaks up sending a flood of water up the Youkon and breaking up the ice all along shore nearly half way to the little river. In coming back Ivan gets in, and is paddling about in the water when Paspilkoff sees him and gives the alarm. I hear the row and hearing that Ivan [[end page]] [[start page]] is drowning grab two paddles and make for the beach where Pickett and antoshka are already in one canoe and Aloshka in another, all calling for paddles & the Ruskies running about, like hens when a chicken hawk is around, and doing nothing. They get him out safely, however. Go up to the Nulato with Dyer & Whymper and come back and sit on the roof during the evening. The musquitoes have come, and now farewell to all comfort at night. They are awfully big, and very audacious. Kurill goes over in a birch to the island to shoot all night. A year ago today Tarentof was saved from drowning by the Major. [[line]] Monday, May 13 [[line]] [[vertical lines on either side of text for this entry boxing Monday's entry]] Morning half clear, and rather warm. Skin three ducks and a goose. Kurilla brings in 4 geese and two ducks and a small bird having shot 30 times. Get Paspilkoff to finish cross and Antoshka to dig the hole and in the afternoon put it up about 100 yards from where the Major's body was found a year ago this morning. Antoshka brings in a duck. The inscription, cut by myself on an oak tablet is, In Memory of Robert Kennicott, Naturalist, who died near this place, May 13, 1866, aged thirty. [[line]] Tuesday May 14 [[line]] Morning, got up to the little River which now a roaring torrent. Get a few landshells &c. Dyer and Whymper pace off the poles for the telegraph line. The swallows have come. Afternoon skin diver birds mostly geese and ducks. Kurill brings in ten ducks & geese. Get the bidarra under weigh. Pickett digs 3 holes. The Russian bidarra is finished except putting on the skin. Get some more fossils on the beach and some alder blossoms.
[[line]] Wednesday, May 15, 1867 [[line]] Cleans and finish ten bird skins and skin three small birds. Put away and catalogue a lot of specimens, get out trading goods for trip [[line]] Thursday May 16 [[line]] Morning. go up to the house with Whymper & Dyer and put up 12 telegraph poles. Come down to the house and find Kurill who brings me in six snipe and plover and two white geese, one alive. Get a new duck from Ivan. Write on letter to the prince, catalogue and Met. Record. [[line]] Friday May 17 [[line]] Morning. A little of the ice, opposite the fort goes down stream. Our bidarra skin is being mended It is in very poor condition rotten and old. It will hardly hold together to take us up there. Skin 14 birds in afternoon. Yagor in to tea [[line]] Saturday May 18 [[line]] Morning. Work at packing away things and taking out what we want to leave here till we return. Water in river rapidly rising. Get the bidarra finished, stretched oiled and set up on the cache to dry. Afternoon go up on the bank with all hands and put up the remainder of the mile of poles. Aloshka is going to clear it up [[line]] Sunday May 19 [[line]] Morning go on with packing. Ice on Youkon breaks up and comes floating down without any noise or disturbance about one oclock. Skin 4 birds and put away all my ducks and geese. Get the ridgepole on our new house. Day very warm and pleasant. Ice broke up last year on the 21st of May. The water is rising very rapidly. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[line]] Monday May 20, 1867 [[line]] Morning, sew musquito nets. Finish packing. Skin four birds, get two new kinds of birds. Water very high but ice still stationary. Weather very fine [[line]] Tuesday May 21, 1867 [[line]] Work over maps for myself and Dyer. Skin six birds get a beautiful duck from Woolysatux who arrives with beaver skins and a little meat, from the headwaters of the Nulato River. Ice going down stream well and the water up to the foot of the steps at the bank [[line]] Wednesday May 22, 1867 [[line]] Morning Clear. ice flowing slowly past. Get a sail for our bidarra. Go up and cut some tent pins find two new molluscs and get two new snipe. Yagor and Ivan into dinner. Go up in the woods again after dinner, collect a few insects &c [[line]] Thursday May 23 [[line]] Clear and warm, skin six or eight birds and put away a lot of specimens. Get a water hen Woolysatux goes away tomorrow. Ice nearly gone. The [[casárme?]] has only been built six years on the place of the old one which had all in one building. Ivans house has been built four years and the fence five years Notarme the first bidarshik had the fort north of this at the open place but Serabin moved it down near its present situation. Zagoshkin saw it in the original place. [[line]] Friday May 24 [[line]] Morning. Pack bag for up river. Get a lot of swallows, one new one. Take a good hot bath and skin six birds. Grub all out except what we are to take up the river. Ice nearly all gone. Fix tent in afternoon. Will start in about two days. [[end page]]
[[line]] Saturday, May 25, 1867 [[line]] Put bidarra in water and try it, leaks a little but goes well though a little unsteady. Pack up everything close my catalogue and open a new note book and journal. No Indians here yet but probably be tomorrow or tonight. Close this journal till my return I have made up my mind to go to Fort Youkon and will do it, if [[underlined]] possible. [[/underlined]] [[line across page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[blank page]]
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[[left page]] P.P. Carpenter, Monttreal, C. E. P. O. Box 193 1/2. [[blank page]]
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