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The journal documents Florence Bailey's travel and observations of California, beginning in May. It m ay correspond with a second journal of travel in California dated 1907. Entries are usually dated and include observations of vegetation, birds, possibly interactions and observations of local inhabitants, terrain, geological observations in canyons. Beginning entries appear to be recorded while in motion, and are fragmented in construction. There are sketches of plants. Half of the notebook is blank. Locations mentioned include Santa Ana, via Ogden, Cattle Canyon.

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SIA RU007417

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Florence Merriam Bailey Photograph Collection, circa 1890-1898 and undated

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1 field book

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Smithsonian Institution Archives


Box 1

Continued fr spll bk. trip fr Escondido 2 San Fran. [[line across page]] Came 2 hill t seem'd 2 b n motion - whole surface moving seperatg & coming 2gether as if earthquake cracks & cleavg's b nearer it w a flock of sheep. A vaquero (vah ka'row) - Big burly Mex wi red hkf rd /oat & hat brim over his eyes - walkd slowly along after /em wi dog at his heels. / way / fog comes n betw mt ranges s very singular. On our st / near range w brown fr back o it below / top o / range bk o it w what lkd li cloud dropping into / valley. N a barley fld w a large [[page torn]] [[ustard?]] patch & over /is a [[page torn]] o blkhds w flyg. [[page torn]] [[er?]] along 3 sets o 4 mule teams [[page torn]] [[g?]] plough on side & wi [[page torn]] ridg sidewise on mule [[page torn]] very foolish.
As / grain flds w close 2 / R.R. /re & / plough h furrd betw / fld & / track, S conclud'd t /ey w afd o fire (h since seen a/c o gt loss by fire n wheat flds at 7 Palms or near /re. Pass'd ano/er band o sheep - /re wi heads down keep'g out o sun [[arrow]] /ose on outer row lifted /eir heads as w passed, b / o/ers did x seem 2 notice us. N passing mustard I saw scattd groups o red wings wi bright scarlet epaulets t.n fly'g down - w raisd alm li ruff - lkd very rich & beaut. Spaniard on car. small /in man w very light clo/es wi large squares. He w a slippery [[page torn]] man wi dark olive skin & [[page torn]] moustachios. As he went out he slung a grip over his shoulder. On / outskirts of Santa Ana [[superscript]] [2] [[/superscript]]
[[line across page]] I saw a man ploughing [[boxed]] May 14 [[/boxed]] As w approached S.A. w see a town o eucalyptus spires, & it opens out into a place much li Riverside - full o vineyds, orchards & shade trees. Saw a horse car drawn by a complacent mule horse trickling down / st. Saw ploughing, mowing, & stackd hay, b n sight over / town [[strikethrough]] 2d [[/strikethrough]] snow lay ov / mts. North fr Fullerton f a long [[image: arrow]] distance / air over / mustd w astir wi butterflies (red mostly) /re must h b 1000's o /em. Girl fd by fa/er n Los Angeles depot alone n tears. Said he fd her "n awful pickle." H crossed town all rt b h baggage 2 check & 2 get on train. Said 1/2 pouting 1/2 cryg - girl 5 ft + & stout n proportion o 20 + yrs - "I xpectd 2 b tak [[page torn - taken care?]] o". I /ink it a [[page torn -ruse?]] [[superscript]] [3] [[/superscript]]
bus 2 lk after baggage." H f east 3 - 4 times b did x know eno 2 do t! Said man rude 2 her. I wantd 2 tell her what Fran says - f x man will b unless girl lets him. At L.A. depot I w going n 2 dining room past bar a little ahead o mo/er. Saw wi/out lkg at /em men talkg ag wall & one start 2 come forward. I put nose n air & started frigidly past when he came up 2 take bag etc while we dined - dining room official - nose came down! / girl h weak mouth & fat weak chin & w dressd 2 much f cars. A superficial kindhearted foolish uninterestg girl. N speakg o Pasadena said "I'm sorry I did x take t n. Its one o / sights & I mi just as well"! Said "it made her mad" t she w x taken care o. [[superscript]] [4] [[/superscript]]
Ga paper 2 read & returned later - "/ paper's full o deaths. I wd n't lk at it af f any/ing." Born n San Fran b h l 2 S. Deigo & said 'wd just as soon live /re except f /eater. /re w [[underlined]] x [[/underlined]] /eatre /ere"! H box wi 2 horned toads. Said ga /em meat so as x 2 h 2 kill flies f /em - cd x bear 2 gi /em 2 toads alive. [[underlined]] B [[/underlined]] wore hat turban made o fea/ers - solid & wi sev hummgbds n front! FMo/er met her at San Fran - x Oakland. Plump, yg, fashionable woman wi good heart. Fa/er fat German wi kind b ra/er weak face. X o/er daughter b sev sons - Uncle weak face much li girl. Foolishness xplained. Mo/er talks ab sign n crossg hands & so o marriage o daughter. Pass /ro canons & near mts wi 1000's o yuccas bloomg - all shapes. spindle, brisly, [[superscript]] [5] [[/superscript]
etc. Yellow bells n sunlight beautiful. Xquis flowers - so unique - gt stalks o lux bells. 1000s o /em along / hillsides - dozs n place. /en when we came 2 / desert we fd a most singular growth t / porter declard w cactus. b t lkd & li palms. / desert strtchd far on ei/er side o us, away 2 distant lines o mts. flat stretch . low scattd tufts o green & bunches o sage - brush & scattd ab w / cactus fr 8-20 ft high, n all varieties o grotesque forms, fr straight clubs - / lower part o brown shaggy scales [[image]] & / top a brush o green - 2 perpendic stalks wi crook'd elbows hang'g fr fork on ei/er side, & [[underlined]] trees [[/underlined]] wi branches at all curves & Ls, a singular network o elbows. O/ers r made up o clubs & prongs wi / /ick spike o flowers - whitish n bud [[superscript]] [6] [[/superscript]]
/ey lkd fr / cars - at / tip o / green brush (li prolongd pine needles) / grotesque forms o / branches seem'd as if / wood or pulp, whatr /ey r made o - w so weak it cd x support a perpendic or ord branch. [[image- drawing of forked cactus with flowers]] move this rt fork 2 left 2 make narrow V /se stump lkg figs seen ab / sage brush dott'g / long stretch o desert & seen ag / far mts on wh a blk cloud /ro wh / sun w draw'g water. Unique landscape. Man on cars selling big blk Cal cherries. N mid o desert we came 2 a big church wi high spire - Lancaster - x 2 doz houses - desolate - wind blowg dust n sts - aspens shiverg - x cultiv - sage brush alm 2 door o church. Only bird I saw close eno 2 identify on / desert w a meadow [[superscript]] [7] [[/superscript]]
Going up 2ward / Loop it grew cold & n / moonlight ag a white cloud / mts lkd alm white & wi / gruesome cactus forms & / loneliness it made a dreary picture. We saw little o / Loop as / moon w mostly hidden. /ey say t / engineer w discouraged - cd get x faster, when his son suggestd t he come [[underlined]] under [[/underlined]] / road, & t he took up / idea & carried it out. As we w going /ro / most dangerous part / surgeon o / [[symbol- division]] came along & by tellg us n solemn tones o / serious accidents t h happd /re & along / route. Ab girl burned 2 dea/, & o/er cheerful details. Odd char. retired broken down Oakland M.D. gone into speculation - 1000s o acres o cheap land - h 80,000 n one tract f sale & position o surgeon o [[symbol- division]]. Intrs'g 2 see professional airs - ordering porter [[superscript]] [8] [[/superscript]]
2 get pillow f yg lady who s sick - certain profess. consciousness t s very amus'g. Talks w profess solemn tone & turns sentences as if fr a book. X [[underlined]] pugnacious [[/underlined]] nose. f x-2-b-putdown /ick set stubby member - a li / bull dog order. Wife finer grain & wi fresh bright kindly face. Puckers mou/ when leavg case 2 husb - wifely pride: "he will know what 2 do!" Talks ab west seemg uncivlzd 2 easteners & [[a/c?]] what s 2 b done wi what h b done. /ick crop of brown hair touched wi gray, long scraggly beard. High cheek bones, ra/er broad forehd, eyes deep set & kindly, b gi 2 lkg [[underlined]] x-at-u [[/underlined]], fr selfcons sake /an any/ing else - a /otfulness fo descriminating terms, admir'g own eloquence etc. An Amer. who pushes his way /ro / wld, wi success. O/er man on train genuine metal. Old patriarch o giant mind n [[superscript]] [9] [[/superscript]]
appearance. Big head wi high forehd fringd wi white hair - short white beard encircling all face - whole head set w white hair. Much furrowed face wi strong features. [[image - pen sketch of man's face]] Lines o /ot carvg fr wrinkles by eye up ad 2 forehd lines. Gray meditative eyes, stout nose & mou/ t fr being merely firm, n /at s reduced 2 line wi puckery " " lines fr upper lip - a balancing judicial mouth. A look n eyes as if solving philos problems. Mi b old judge or philos. Woman wi him - daughter perhaps - blk hair fat & 30 - big brow b unscarred by /o't - fair & simple as bland mg - abs contrast. He x pure reason phil - humor lines & human interest shows 2 much n face. 2 Salv army lunatics on train were sing - o/er pray g - bo/ on way [[superscript]] [10] [[/superscript]]
2 asylum. Comments o passengers nclind 2 b harsh. Got 2 Lathrop n time f brkfast - supper at Mohave - Bridal couple on train walkg at La/op. Pretty yg woman & spirituelle yg husb w light-blue eyes & li hair. Beaut xpress w talkg 2 her - period o idealization. Playful stage wi each o/er. li children 2ge/er. As near S. Fran seem 2 grow older - prob ab 2 begin life n earnest - leaving behd some/ing takg up serious life - b 2ge/er - t gi beauty. Mrs Winaut, bright, happy, wholesome, plump little woman. Country + interestg - i.e. +richer n trees [[insertion]] ^ & water [[/insertion]] /an far/er south. San Joaquin Valley rich. Wheat fields fr after Loop till partly /ro rng. Go rd 2 Benicia by [[fery?]] & so 2 Oakland. & S.F. Mustard brighter yellow north /an now at south. [[subscript]] [11] [[/subscript]]
801 Leavenworth St. San Francisco May 29 / time h passd rapidly since we came here. I spent / 1st week doing necessary shopp'g etc. & getting Twin Oaks schedules & Auk paper done. W much disapptd [[strikethrough]] w [[/strikethrough]] x being able 2 see Mr. Bryant & his collection f it left a number o ?s unansd. By studyg Cooper's Bds o Calif, & Baird Brown & Ridgway, & Cones Bds o / N.W. I got / most I cd / t w eminently unsatisf ty U apprect / newness o / field when u try 2 find any/ing on a given bd. Helen came wi Uncle Wallace a wk ago & shard my room till yesterdy when fa/er took her back 2 Oakland. / mg she got here I took her down & we lk'd /ro / Aud. plates - how few western bds r n /em! - [[superscript]] [12] [[/superscript]]
& left her n / library while we went 2 / Raymond & Maitcomb offices 2 sign our tickets. Took her fr /er /ro Drasdorfi, Morris & Kennedy's picture store where we saw a beaut de Haas - a dark threatng sky, toss'g a boat & a sudden gleam - a pa/ o warm red light on / water fr a break n / clouds t shows / dead yellow sun a buoy \ catches / light n / foregd +d strength 2 / effect - a good devise f lit. Went /ro Deakins beaut store & w shown /ro picture gallery n / rear. Saw picture by Dotti_ a noble wi / peasant he b md_ x gt idea b faces well charactzd & [[underlined]] textures [[/underlined]] remarkable. [[?]] sketches b sketchg n / Santa Cruz Mts. Artistic drawl Lack o verve, b high forehd. hair [[superscript]] [13] [[/superscript]]
li H's clear gray eyes & sensitive face. Says docs x li 2 paint gutters - x li realism o day. N P.M we went wi Fa/er 2 Pavillion & / dog show - saw noble burly mastiffs - St Bernard, & beaut Irish setters. Helen went up 2 dogs fearlessly x matter how wildly /ey w barkg & jumpg 2 get out. Esquimaux dog wi wolfish yelps - hoppd up wi fore ft. pulled down by chain. Dog - setter - ga H [[insertion]] ^ [[rfed?]] [[/insertion]] paw - kind gentle eyes. Boys sittg wi /ir dogs. Men & woman trottg /ier dogs rd circle si sawdust f inspect o [[insertion]] ^ judge [[/insertion]] dwarf-humpback lame - queer bus. of men. Faces o men & boys hard li horse men. Hens, geese, turkeys, pigeons etc & o 2 uproar. Next day - Friday mg - we [[superscript]] [14] [[/superscript]]
went down 2 Leibers where Fa/er got me a sealskin sack & muff. /en nto Shievrs where man lkd scornful when I askd ware - o royal Worcester: /en on 3d st cars out 2 Silver St kindergarden A large buildg gi by Crocker 2 his daughter who gi rent o $50 a month 2 / school. It s / best n / city - 43 here & n Oakland. / down stairs room s large & full o open windows. A dado o pictures, animals, children etc ag / terra cotta paper makes cheerful - x high art - b room full o pictures o / kind children enjoy. Children tot 2 march on black line 2 music - sing song ab keep'g hd up, toes out, etc & teachers scattd along line keep orderly & speak 2 /ose t forget - alw kindly - [[superscript]] [15] [[/superscript]]
"xcuse me, dear" on going n front. "Willie, will u please do _ _ _, etc. Atmosphere o love & kdness. Hour o play constantly learning, b unconsciously & ventg 2 energies 2 prepare f work. One child suggests barnyd game n wh li girl wi ringlets prim, wi mo/erly air s old hen, & sprds wings over little chickens One child 2 yrs old. One, mo/er so cruel - n red stockgs - warned t child wd b taken away. All very poor. Study n heredity 2 see varieties o face & char stamped bef 6-8 yrs. Baby n pink & white li [[Gusset?]] - little [[Juvess?]] wi blk eyes & hair - b out - now eager - awed little face listn'g 2 teacher. A Little darlng takes active part n game - Sweet gentle faces - hard - dull - intellig - all kinds. One boy [[subscript]] [16] [[/subscript]]
markd none & big intell eyes - full o mischief - holds paper - teacher tells 2 put down - holds out 2 o/er child 2 see - n barnyd as doves turkeys [[insertion]] heads going [[/insertion]] lambs, turtles etc run out & back, he comes bk backwds - original child - h 2 b taken out bef we go. Superintd teacher went 2 ygest class - says must know [[underlined]] hats [[/underlined]] - if one brimless one mistaken gter - alrm - ndig - /ere 2 forget [[underlined]] names [[/underlined]]. Teaches 2 count by sticks - accuracy - alertness - table n front o little bunches & squares wi cut in lines - child - one stick ly'g down - how many cuts n stick? Put o/er stick standg up fo st end etc [[superscript]] [[3r?]] [[/superscript]] table - /ere 4 = box - what put n? Cherries h great [[nm?]] x Candy - prob 2 dear f /re poor little lots - one says bass drum - [[superscript]] [17] [[/superscript]]
ano/er play horse, etc. room f /inkg & orig. Weaving, pictures pricked & sewd, house - Gd mo/ers as [[boy h?]] b visitg " [[Ditto for: mo/ers]] - out of blocks. Up stairs rooms - all child seem happy. Gt work n modelling sandclay. N P.M. went wi Min E 2 lk at photographs wi Helen at Vickovry's - Soule's plates. Pretty girl n gray wi persian neck & cuff. Sweet face blk hair - blue gray eyes. Asks politely 2 come n af. H got shoes [[superscript]] 6 - [[/superscript]] - fair b shrewd [[?]] - /em 2 Dr Bs. H sees beauty "[[insertion]] mo/erly benign [[/insertion]] queenly" face Satd P.M. 2 Dr. B's & I 2 Grant Ave. chinese store - 2 big Jap. lanterns over door, under awning. Sing Fat & Yokohama mcnt stores on 1st block o chinatown. [[Austin?]] 5 [[cent symbol]]. [[?]] drapd wi rosettd red hang'gs [[subscript]] [18] [[/subscript]]
Sunday Dr B's ag. Monday /re 2 lunch. H out 2 [[Santeo?]] Heights & bk n time f lunch. Tuesday mg pack & Dr Potter calls. P.M. got wddg present f E. & later H 2 library 2 show what want 2 read f work & /en 2 ferry. Fa/er take 2 Oakland. Wednesday mg. pack /ngs etc. & P.M. start f home. [[underlined]] May 30. Sacramento. [[/underlined]] Left S.F on / 4 P.M. boat for Oakld. A band o ^ [[insertion]] brown [[/insertion]] smoke lay over [[strikethrough]] 0 [[/strikethrough]] / bay & / sky w gray so t / water lkd a dull green. We crossd on / Benicia ferry boat f / 3d time. / ferry h 4 tracks & will hold ab 16 long cars, / size o pullmans. A barn swallow flew over / boat as we crossd. Going up / ^ [[insertion]] broad [[/insertion]] valley we passd a no. o song sps. on / lowest board & Bef we crossd [[overwritten]] we [[/overwritten]] I heard & saw a no. o small bds twittg & flyg on / bank /o't /ey w yellow bds b cd x tell. [19]
heard o / [[found?]] some sing'g, & one fly'g n wi a tilting rush till it alm upset - lit so suddenly. A song o one came n / window, - wi old famil sweetness. On / brown hillside at / rt lives o haycocks - brown dots. li pins on a cushion - fr / river up. Our last view o water on our left w o glisten'g crystal fr / settg sun. Over / low rollg hills on / west 1st a brill yellow. 2 bright 2 bear - /en a dead gold ag wh / dark green oaks on / hills showd n contrast; which across / [[image]] valley ^ [[insertion]] a saltmarsh here [[/insertion]] / far mt peaks [[image - drawn mountain profile]] w cov'd wi rosy glow Red wings flew ab / marsh & one lit on a fence post ^ [[insertion]] ab / reeds [[/insertion]] near / train - what hands epilats he h! - & stay'd /re till we h gone Passing /ro / marsh we h a beaut chang'g picture. / westn [[subscript]] [20] [[/subscript]]
hills made a low regl horizon broken by one ^ [[insertion]] low [[/insertion]] volcano-shaped cone & 2 peaks [[image: profile of two peaks]] on / higher level. / sun set over / mts, wh grew mistier & + purple - a gold sunset n varyg shades - & / ^ [[insertion]] waving [[/insertion]] marsh glow w dark [[underlined]] warm [[/underlined]] green. A frog chorus ga richness 2 / picture, & breaks u / marsh n wh / sunset w reflectd n gold & orange fringes & flats ag / green marsh grass ga variety & gt beauty - li light on / buoy post n de Haas forigd. / color o / water w singly strong - now metallic blue - /en a dark green - Red wings flew over / marsh & a swallow flew obliquely up ag / gold sunset. / changes n / sky w interestg. It maintaind one genl. [[underlined]] form [[/underlined]] char. /ro out. Close over / mt [[subscript]] [21] [[/subscript]]
line a band o delicate light, unbroken xcept by delicate lining Ab /is a broad band o cloud chang'g wi every instant, & / hills deepening n blue haze - / mt boundg band w wheat s oftener heard o /an seen - by me - a [[underlined]] sea [[/underlined]] o light. / pecul. effect o distance gi by smooth surface o water. / upper [[insertion]] ^ cloud [[/insertion]] band at 1st h form - seem'd 2 [[underlined]] round out [[/underlined]], grow'g fr yell bel 2 alm ochraceous ab. (Black pigs [[strikethrough]] n [[/strikethrough]] - feed'g w scatt'd over / marsh [[strikethrough]] ) [[/strikethrough]] & cows later on.) / broad band broke into furry lower edge o orange. Ab /is trail'g gray cloud streamers rose. / orange fur fringe turn'd 2 [[underlined]] rose [[/underlined]] bordg a [[underlined]] gray [[/underlined]] cloud band - wi a delicate rose line /ro / middle. / rose edg'g chang'd 2 buff tossing cloud. / lower band o light by /is time h changd 2 / ethereal [[subscript]] [22] [[/subscript]]
green wi gold lines. On our rt we passd vineyds wi grape sprays stretchg up airily, & /en /ro yg orchards. On / left we came 2 a sage green grain fld at / end o wh a dark eucalyptus grove stood ag / sky - a band o alm white light wi edg'g o orange close over / mt horizon line . / cloud band by /is time w dark ab / white band, & w grad by larg solid form & breakg up dull [[underlined]] rose brown [[/underlined]] touchg off / gray. Dark gaind on us as we neared Sacramento & I saw stars n / sky on raisg my curtain as we got nto / station We w side track'd f / night & it w so hot we h much tossg bef sleep & I [[insertion]] h [[/insertion]] only a sheet & shawl over my flannel night dress all night. Woke at 4.10 & w out ab 6.30 wi fa/er after listng 2 / bds [[subscript]] [23] [[/subscript]] [[left margin]] / porter said "/re is x particlar way 2 [[dine?]] on /se cars" when [[/left margin]] [[right margin]] askd 2 make bed wi head fr engine [[/right margin]]
[[Specimen of pressed leaf]]
nside as long as my patience lasted. Kept hearg fr him & woke, a jumble o songs - among wh a warbler - prob. 1) [[underlined]] D. celata lutescens [[/underlined]] & 2) [[underlined]] Habia melanocephala [[/underlined]] predominatd. I hd [[underlined]] H. wi. [[/underlined]] wondergly at 1st. b on recog / robin shy then I soon recognzd him. Fortunately I fd on going out t a /icket o willows, /is [[image: arrow, points to space where leaf was once taped]] & syc borderd a (slow, /ey call it [[insertion]] [[image: arrow]] & a foot bridge [[/insertion]] passd so close 2 / trees I saw a no. o bds. [[underlined]] Spinus psaltria [[/underlined]] w sittg on a telegraph wire as we passd 2 / bridge & leand over 2 scrape his bill or attend 2 o/er details o his toilet so t I h a good lk, /ro my glass, [24]
o his blk cap. Nos. o [[symbol?]] [[underlined]] petrochilidon lunifrons [[/underlined]] w fly'g ab, over / water & ab / old buildings. 3 [[superscript]] 5 [[/superscript]] [[underlined]] wild geese [[/underlined]] n a wedge flew n.w. & presently 2 + went over n / same gnrl direction. N / big syc on / bank o / water w full o very active warblers who took time 2 sing /o /ey w desperately rushd f brkfast, starved I shd /ink by / way /ey chasd af fr tree 2 tree fly'g off every time past as I got my glass on /em. One I /ot h white wing bars, & yell breast & dark [[insertion]] dark [[/insertion]] green or olive back. I made out one [[superscript]] 6. [[/superscript]] [[underlined]] D. aestiva marconi [[/underlined]] by / "obsolete brwn streaks" on / sides & /ot I w sure o a [[underlined]] D. [[a. l. ?]] / way o flutterg hummingbd fashion nder leaves w true 2 my I.D. exper. N / midst o / dense green a dead sapling reachd up - [[superscript]] [25] [[/superscript]]
as bare as a [[hop?]] pole, & /is w used by a dear little [[superscript]] 7) [[/superscript]] [[underlined]] Melospiza fasciata [[/underlined]] heermanii (?) f a singing post. Ag & ag it came bk after flyg down among / willows, each time /owg up its head & sing'g w / sunlight wi/in a rod or 2 o where people w passg on / bridge. It sat very straight & / sunlight fell - on its breast or down its back as it sat facing one way or / o/er. It must h flown up 1/2 a doz times as we stood /re. Ano/er song came out o / denser lower /icket - & I quite missd / old hand-tied-up ask refuse ga/g darkey who came up as out o / sluggish malarial /iket by a mt - trail. / bd must h b [[superscript]] 8) [[/superscript]] [[underlined]] Turdus [[ronalischkas?]] [[/underlined]] its song w so li our house hermit. It h 3 phrases o / same genl char. b wi much less richness [[superscript]] [26] [[/superscript]]
an echo o one beaut song. Heard a discordant note & saw a [[superscript]] 8) [[/superscript]] [[underlined]] Tyrannus verticalis [[/underlined]] fly over. Saw also, what I took 2 b [[superscript]] 9) [[/superscript]] [[underlined]] Sayornis phoebe [[/underlined]] [[superscript]] 10) [[/superscript]] Saw a [[underlined]] Caspodacus [[/underlined]] (frontalis mexicanus ?) on a - telegraph wire I /ink. [[superscript]] 11) [[/superscript]] [[underlined]] Passer domesticus [[/underlined]] building mud - prob n swallows old nests ab trimmings o capitol, & [[superscript]] 12 [[/superscript]] [[underlined]] Scolecophagus cyanocaphalus [[/underlined]] walkg ab wi oscillatg hd pickg [[strikethrough]] f [[/strikethrough]] worms fr / lawn. Workmen crossg bridge wi pails fa/er asks pop - some say 50,000, o/ers 30, & some doubt t. Req'g 2 use glass [[?]] n spectacle. Fa/er made it easier by ga/er'g statistics. After breakfast went n st car / seats facing & wi change box swnig on pulleys driver pulls bk n for/ f face /o middle o top o car / 2 capitol. Improving [[subscript]] [27] [[/subscript]]
buildg - minature o U.S. cap. dome central fr pillars wi sq. (?) wings on either side. Quite large grounds wi cypresses, cedar, etc. - cypresses clipped. Inside under dome statue o Isabella holdg jewels 2 Columbus f voyage 2 Am. We w shown by guide /ro supreme courts, senate, library, house, etc. / guide said when Fa/er asked him if he w x gettg sick sellg his photo & statue. "X, I've 8 children, wife _ & _ Mother n law _ I'm endowed wi relatives"! Drove 2 trasker art gallery fr /re. Fd it closed b fa/er got n by going 2 / house. / man showed us also /ro / lower part o / house. N / art gall. we saw Church's Andes - / orig - / sky & water & wonderfully [[subscript]] [28] [[/subscript]]
soft & tropical b / trees lk li [[underlined]] chromd [[/underlined]] trees. Its surprisg - sad - 2 see / choice o subjs f paintings _ What [[underlined]] s [[/underlined]] art 2 b belittled 2 n /is way? / C house - partie / parlors - s a [[underlined]] litter [[/underlined]] - o xpressive & some beaut /ings b just what u wd imag a rich unculturd fam wd b. Large wooden & inlaid tables. / one beaut /ing w / orig o Roger's Nidia. Such x quis modelling - Such a beaut sufferg, listeng face " [[ditto for: beaut]] hand o gt delicacy. Its a most beaut /ing. / only fault 2 me s / deafing wind blown. / country fr Sacramento s rich & interg. " [[Ditto for: Sacramento]] s full o trees & a very pretty pleasant lkg town altogether diff fr my idea o / hot Sac. [[subscript]] [27] [[/subscript]]
[[Specimen of three pressed flowers]]
Picked at Cape Horn, Nevada. in the Sierra Nevada Mts.
haycocks light straw color Rich orchards, & trees n / valley. [[insertion]] Saw doves fly & a crow [[/insertion]] Soon went up nto / mts - Sierra Nevada & it grew cooler. [[strikethrough]] at [[/strikethrough]] Passd /ro a tunnel - at 1st saw mts & sky wi man small n foregd just enterg - tunnel n form o horse shoe. We got on far/er - / lands grad disappd & x f large man n mou/ wi dust cloud surrdg him - /en all faded into blkness - a confusing rush o light, puff o smoke & we w out - x b / horse shoe etc / outside of / tunnel. / mts r much / same as on / shortr route, only higher & / gorges deeper. b r only sparsely wdd & so do x it a beauty. We got out at Cape Hove f /o grand, / mist preventd our gettg / full effect o / height. / snow sheds [[image]] no route later 2 very disagreeable [31]
Got glimpses /ro opengs n o Druner Lake - a pretty blue among / mts. /is s below Summit (where snow fall f dinner) & near Truckee "hardest place n U.S" walkd along nder roofs & saw men sittg every where. such sad manner - desperate faces & some [[insertion]] horribly [[/insertion]] hard & disaifectd. Gamble fr night 2 mg & mg 2 night. Indians doing same. Women wi papooses one n dark green [[image]] Calico hkf as sq hung ovr babys face wi 25 [[cent symbol]] pieces fastend 2 corners. Lay side trackd & came on /is mg over desert - 25 mis o it we [[/r?]]. /re dreary sage brush hills & sage & bare sand desert - hot - bleak, horrible. What trouble & sorrow must h b behind emigrants 2 drive /em /o /is. At way stations li Woodward we see groups o [[superscript]] [32] [[/superscript]]
[[landscape orientation]] Inds at stations along / way. One man ly'g on platform. Men standg ab, groups & women sittg cross leggd on / sand - high [[?]]. Men usually wi Am. hats wi some some bright band - yellow, red, purple & one man wi /oat latch o / in bead wk hang'g down on brst. At Elko 2 Ind women sat n front o a store one old, smiling kindly face - o/er fat yg girl - very pretty wi curved Am lips & Am cast 2 features - [[?]] chewg gum. When we came up [[underlined]] en masse [[/underlined]] 2 stare at /em, she pulld magenta silk hkf up ovr her mouth & face & bowd hd over so we cd x see her. [[/landscape orientation]]
Indians - squaws wi red hkfs on heads - straight blk bangs & side hair fram'g faces. Babies & little children playful & cling'g 2 mo/ers skirts - kindly b stupid faces. (^ [[insertion]] Ind [[/insertion]] Boys at Truckee walkg ovr prs o car wheels. Big Ind girl doing it as child east walk stones.) At Humbolt beaut oasis - by irrig & fertilizers. Locusts n bloom & cotton wd (?) trees. Such [[arfuly?]] verdure! Saw [[superscript]] 1) [[/superscript]] robins, 3 big chunked [[superscript]] 2) [[/superscript]] crows walkg ab eatg w/n orchard trees, heard [[superscript]] 3) [[/superscript]] oriole singg & saw fly'g ab b cd x get near eno f species. Heard [[superscript]] 4) [[/superscript]] warblers - prob western yellow. (D aes. M.) & saw [[superscript]] 5) [[/superscript]] b bd n 10 min stop & heard more bds. Went /ro desert o same char till dinner time (5 PM.) i. e. low sage - 6 in + - [[subscript]] [33] [[/subscript]]
blue-purple n shadows - [[scamson?]] sides. Dur'g / day, Friday, whenever we passd a small stream wi willows on / bank - f /re r such at long distances on / desert - bds wd b flyg ab. Saw a no. o bds x puzzled me gtly. Blk & white - markd li Phainopepla only bigger, wi long tails - & one wi white no tail. Saw one [[strikethrough]] pickg at [[/strikethrough]] teasing hawk. [33a]
or bare sand - an occas sink wi buttes ad it or x. B /en we came 2 / Palisades - perpendic cliffs wi gt basins worn n /em - one on archway & smaller holes. A cañon n one place. / rocks, reddish, w v many places cast by yellowish lichens gi warm effect. Saw red wings o [[underlined]] C. cafer [[/underlined]] as it flew ab [[strikethrough]] sur [[/strikthrough]] face o cliff. /ot first h nest n one o / holes of / rock Saw also a [[insertion]] ^ hawk [[/insertion]] bbd. & a dove flew swiftly across face o cliff & /en up, light'g on a ledge o rock where it prob w nest'g. Strange how / least shadow o a suitable place r seizd upon by / bds even n / middle o a desert. How r /eir migrations across it effectd? Do /ey pass over it? If x, how discover /is & Humbolt oasis? [[insertion, left margin]] At sunset we got beaut effect on Mts on st. Snow Mts wi [[/insertion, left margin]] [[insertion, right margin]] warm rose on snow piles on brown rock b ag low [[/insertion, right margin]] [[underlined]] Sat mg [[/underlined]] we brkfastd at 5 by [[subscript]] [34] [[/subscript]]
San Fran time - nearer 6, /re being an hour diff at Salt Lake & ate brkf wi beaut pict 2 lk at. F some reason I h x assoc S.F. wi any o / [[underlined]] beauties [[/underlined]] o a [[sheet?]] o water, b see'g it a deep blue ag / warm red brown low hills f faded bk n to a misty blue range it made a beaut sight, & an exsiting one 2 me when / bds fly'g ab / marshy edges o / lake w & d. /re w mostly red wings & water bds b I saw what must h b a bobolink - blk & white wi white patches on / back - wi a thrill possib only 2 a person who h x seen one f a [[strikethrough]] 16 months [[/strikethrough]] year & a half. At station - Ogden - where we changed f [[blank space]] 2 Denver & Rio Grande (R [[underlined]] i [[/underlined]] o h Grand /ey say x [[underlined]] Reoh Grandee [[/underlined]]) [[superscript]] [35] [[/superscript]]
/n w a squaw wi a papoose n her arms. We askd 2 see / pap b she held / red bandana close on / head o / cradle & said coyly - "w giv me 10 cents"! / frame & shapd li coffin [[image - coffin shape]] & h project - roof over babies head. Its body s wound tightly wi cloth - or prob it s slippd nside a canvas sack t s pastd 2 / frame. Mrs Watson fr Rockford wantd 2 take / baby's pict b as soon as she took her box out o / little lea/er case / squaw turned & walkd off - same as o/er did Friday. Rode near lake most o way fr Ogden 2 S.L. cars lkd li house clean'g - 2 rows dentist chair on left-side & one on rt 1/2 way down & /en change - reverse. [[subscript]] [36] [[/subscript]]
Got 2 Salt Lake & visted till dinner - /en went 2 drive. City wi wide sts - /re fr - irrigation canals. Trees everywhere along sts - locust, maple, poplar etc. Houses wi yards bk fr sts - pretty cottages - 2 front doors = 2 wives? Drove all /ro city & next 2 camp Douglass. Went past Zion's Cooperative Sign n blue wi gilt letters - "Holiness 2 / Lord" & ab / all-seeing eye, an eye chiselld out. Driver says t / Walker farm w orig al Mormons b when gi g tithes over - Church demand'd t - designated - wd x pay - left - so song gotten up - parody o "Mo/er may I go out 2 service". Mo/er may I go out 2 shop Yes, my darling daughter [[subscript]] [37] [[/subscript]]
You may go to / Gt Coöp But don't go nigh / Walkers" [[line across page]] We went past / tithing yard - a large yard enclos'd w a conglomerate wall - cobble stone. People come wi carts & wagons every day 2 bring tithes. House in yard where immigrants r first who come wi/out houses. Drove up 2 temple - only partly done - carvings ovr windows diff phases o moon, & carving o sun. Walls 10 ft thick. Driver - narrow head, white short heard, small bright blue eyes. Used 2 b coachman n Engd. Wit. Puts on ministerial tones & tells us t / temple s 2 b "f / ordinances o / ch, marriages, baptisms, confirmations [[subscript]] [38] [[/subscript]]
etc x f worship" [[insertion]] ^ Driver says begins 40 yrs ago & will b completed (n a low voice, / devil knows when." [[/insertion]] Lakes. neck opposite. circular (turntable) wi brick pillars. pretty lawns & flower beds nside wall. Drove past Brigham Young's grave - x monument - acc [[insertion]] blk [[/insertion]] beam fence n one corner o & green plot - sq melons n fence - green circle wi figs on sides - white slabs flat on gd - sev wives t h died. Saw houses wives lived in. Oppos B. hive & Lion house w Amelia house which w built f favorite - "at [[underlined]] one time [[/underlined]] favorite wife" A hands modern house. After dea/ o B.Y. it w taken by church, as built wi ch money. Entrance 2 B hive etc gateway wi Eagle wi spread wings standg on B. hive. Lion house wi lion on barn [39]
Notice a pretty house wi pleasant grounds - b /is s only part o / missng o /is city o heart ache. Coachman says Eng man n house he points out mrd sister o his wife when she died - says good way 2 do - only [[underlined]] one [[/underlined]] mo/er-n-law. Says mormons marry mo/er & daughter & so x mo/er-n-law ! Driver says alm every ward h bishop & school - 23 [[superscript]] (?) [[/superscript]] wards 21 (?) bishops - /re & / school teaher find out [[increase?]] - keep track o state & [[?]] etc n households & see t tithing s sent n correctly - sort o acquisition committee. Driver says B.Y. pretend'd 2 h got / location f / city by revelation - driver says "an old trapper told him ab it - t w / kind o revelation he h"! [[subscript]] [40] [[/subscript]]
Says he kept people "poor & humble". Whnever a man got 2 much money [[insertion]] Brigham [[/insertion]] /n wd tell him 2 take ano/er wife, & t kept him poor, or if he w a better class /n ord send him on a mission & if his wives w careless & did x pay / tithg he wd count it up wi 10% int, & when he came bk he'd find hims all n a snarl & [[insertion]] if he [[/insertion]] cd x get out o debt 2 ch. [[strikethrough]] o [[/strikethrough]] B wd sieze lands - confiscate 2 church. "Ts / way he got money 2 build houses 2 keep his wives n" - Sarcastically. Quotes Artemus Ward glibly & wi sense o broad humor. B. Y. "a numerous fa/er, an extend'd husband, all / children call him pa & he takes it f granted it s so." [[subscript]] [41] [[/subscript]]
Saw where endowmt house w n corner o tabernacle yd. b x near eno 2 tell any/ing ab it. Formerly used 2 go 2 b seald 2 wives. Driver wed a Morman Woman says ch x agree on / subj & so did x talk ab it. Shows houses all over city where diff wives livd - n better class wives seem 2 h separate houses. Camp Douglass delightful on height over city. barracks on sides o common & officers pretty nice [[strikethrough]] cond [[/strikethrough]] houses picturesque cottages ab. Piazzas wi wives skidl'g. Views down nto valley - over lake & mts beyd beaut. Pickg flowers - "look out f snakes". Driver. "Let 'em rattle"! Went bk 2 hotel & restd till dinner. Sunday [[subscript]] [42] [[/subscript]]
P.M. went 2 Tabernacle. /ey w holdg an annual meetg & tab filld - people fr 100 miles away a Mormon man told Fa/er. 2 far our side 2 hear much. b cd see people going n & out - 2 some adv. It w heartsickn'g 2 see / sad faces o / women & / old sad looks o / little girls. I saw only one happy lkg woman n / buildg. /ey h patient compressd b deadly sad xpressions. / men lk'd li ignorant fanatics - stupid, b unmovable - set. One lkd li monkey. Saw one ra/er spiritual lkg yg man. I sat down beside girl o 13 + & when fa/er asked her 2 move up 2 make room f me she lkd surprised & turnd & stared straight at me. Her face w sad - sad gray eyes,[[superscript]] [43] [[/superscript]]
/in patient lips - kept lkg me over dress, gloves. etc - wondering dazed sort o look, b sweet smile when she cot my eye. / seat held 2 girls - ab 13 - a [[insertion]] ^ plain [[/insertion]] woman who lkd as if she w /eir mo/er - some yger child ano/er woman (yger [[insertion]] & prettier [[/insertion]] /an 1st mo/er & I guess'd mo/er o / yger child.) /en man - husb o / 2 as I guess'd Husb calld away & child betw folld so 2 women left sittg side by side. Did x move up - bo/ wi sad eyes. Yger woman less patient - glared at o/er woman as if jealous. Horrible heart ache n city. Preacher talkd li foreigner on class o x. Spiritual, earnest, folld by old Latterday St. white-beardd man told [[subscript]] [44] [[/subscript]] [[vertical, left margin]] Women mostly servant girl class. [[/vertical, left margin]]
[[blank page]]
Left S.L.C. Monday AM at 9.30 A.M. Beaut fertile valley wi quantities o trees. Passd Utah Lake a pretty li green lake. /en nto Wasatch Mts - H an xcell dinner at Provo & /en on into Spanish Fork Cañon where gt deal o red rock wi green o trees picturesque. Sedimentary rock [[image - slanting lines indicating sedimentary rock]] (at L) Bold juttg rocks, & rugged cliffs & peaks. One [[recas?]] log cabin, clear Creek bord'd by trees & willows - pretty fresh b water lk as if over clay - gray. Follg on came out o high broken mts 2 gray wi lower hills & covd wi evergreens. 22 miles beyd / summit I lookd out o / window & [[insertion]] ^ nvoluntarily [[/insertion]] startd up out o / seat at / sight. A giant column o rock rose high ag / sk 570 (?) ft. We stoppd ab 15 min. & w nearly [[superscript]] [46] [[/superscript]]
blown down by / force o / wind t rushed down / canons. Outside, look'g fr o/er points / column w x isolated as it appd. B sedimentary rock [[image - tilted line]] slightly tilted h b worn /ro n places 100s o ft down, & / column w a wall [[image - line drawing indicating wall]] wh h b worn [[insertion]] ^ off ^ abruptly [[/insertion]] at its highest pt - smoothd till / front face w alm ed'g - Alm oppos /is, on / rt a less strikg b wonderful wall o rock projectd - worn n such a way t it left an isolat'd sq castle - li chess castle. Beyd /is / same formation prevaild - Isolated walls o harder rock projecting abruptly as if wedge thrust betw 2 narrow canons. Tremendous force o water! As we went fur/er on / rocks look'd li pictures n / geologies, slightly worn on / top o / sedimentary rock [[subscript]] [47] [[/subscript]]
scallops & [[image - v shape on top of three parallel lines]] etc. / cañon (castle cañon) widen'd out & the bluffs grew lower & fr rock chang'd 2 fine mud deposit. [[image]] At one pt a cone s left isolated n / middle o a cañon [[image - cone shape]] At supper we stopp'd fr / middle o / desert & fd a large hotel - a dining house merely - where /re h b [[underlined]] x [[/underlined]] 3 yrs bef. a yard full o green grass, a fountain etc. Inside a gold fish basin wi little glass globes ad / edge wi flowers n /em pansies etc. We h an xcell meal & a stout old woman n white bustld ad [[strikethrough]] try [[/strikethrough]] waitg on / tables wi real [[underlined]] hostess [[/underlined]] airs - "will u h steak"? "No." "Not any steak" - in rather surprised, aggrievd tones. [[strikethrough]] Its [[/strikethrough]] It's [[underlined]] sirloin steak [[/underlined]] - [[strikethrough]] n [[/strikethrough]] h any sirloin steak? I'll guarantee it." Beaut sunset - red [[narue?]] solid & rose beyd. /is ag / abrupt [[superscript]] [48] [[/superscript]]
buttes. As I went [[strikethrough]] sets [[/strikethrough]] 2 bed / light h fad'd & / light w alm white wi lines o faint gray ag / dark cliffs, while one star shown faintly at an L fr / cliffs. Tuesday A.M. took breakfast at C[[strikethrough]] u [[/strikethrough]]imar'ron & waitd 3 hrs f an observation car t h x b sent on as it o't. Pleasant place - trees (li willows) in Cimarron Creek runng rt bk o station. Delicious alm ice cold water. [[underlined]] D. aestiva marconi [[/underlined]] sing'g freely n trees ab station. An active warbler, flyg ab, & at one time cling'g 2 tree trunk. Heard [[underlined]] Habia melanocephala [[/underlined]] sing & saw it alm loose its balance bobbg over on a twig 2 catch some/ing n / leaves. Saw [[strikethrough]] sev [[/strikethrough]] a b bd. what I took 2 b a yg blue bd. swallows, (prob P. l ) & a robin come 2 her nest n a tree x 2 rods fr / track & x go off as [[superscript]] [49] [[/superscript]]
engine blew off steam. / song o [[underlined]] [[marconie?]] [[/underlined]] s loud, fast lively, b x beaut. twee-whee-whee' whee-he-ha' We walked down / track 2nd blk cañon & on / sand n / creek I got a glimpse o a - sandpiper or some/ing o / kind. We all got nto / observation car - a sort o coverless box wi sides ab 3 ft high. Seats o wd slats n shape o regl car seats. Went rt nto Black Cañon [[strikethrough]] along [[/strikethrough]] by way o / side Cimarron Creek cañon, & folld along & across & back ag over / Gunnison River. / 2 most remark cañons o / trip septd by / Rockies (Marshall Pass) 2 Blk Canon /ro wh / Gunnison flows nto (Grand R. Colorado R) / Gulf o Cal & / o/er. Royal Gorge /ro wk (Arkansas R & Mississ / Gulf o Mexico. bo/ n [[superscript]] [50] [[/superscript]]
Wide gauge being laid f business & passing narrow 2 b kept f tourists.
Colorado. / rock o Blk Canon s sedimentary. t o Royal Gorge volcanic. N Blk cañon / strata s at every [[images depicting rock strata types - L shape, upside-down U shape, two parallel horizontal lines, two parallel vertical lines]] twisted & bent li so much cloth. / mt sides w largely covd wi trees & wi light green t lkd li grass. Swallows flew ab cañon walls 2 high f species b yet x half way up walls (1 - 2000) Terrific heights. awe inspirg cañon. Chipela Falls li Bridal Veil. Run along so close 2 wall o rock seems as if wd strike. Pictures - lkg bk, bold juttg Ls - forward, open'g views wonderful. Curvecauti Needle (1 - 1500 ft) stands [[image - two lines meeting at point]] n entrance o small cañon 2 main one. x as impressive as body o cañon 2 wi. x dignity & grandness end 2 forms. [[strikethrough]] Royal Gorge [[/strikethrough]] Stop at big [[superscript]] [51] [[/strikethrough]]
Gunnison hotel f dinner - [[prob?]] 6 dining houses xcell meals. Leave observ. car & /ro Marshall Pass scenery sit on rear platform. Ladies sick - 2 engines - go ahead on / down grade. Wind bk & forth doubl'g on track snow on Ousay Mt. Grade sometimes 2 11 ft - 2 sick. At summit get out n shed while x [[am'g?]] train & g out o snow shed door 2 lk. 10,852 xtendd view. x [[underlined]] cold [[/underlined]] x much wind. Mts wded /o on E slope 1/2 trees ln blown(?) down. X so [[many?]] up or down as Switzer's trail. Same grd effect only on larger scale - broader & so less impressive. Most interstg 2 me snow sheds. 1st light comg n on st (as we lkd bk) & later (going down / on left. [[superscript]] [52] [[/superscript]]
/ro shed windows squares o light position sunlight as falls on road bed & glitters on rails b br wind 2 gd a distance = broad oblique plank o ghostly light - + li lea/er bands n fraction - [[contently?]] n motion - [[running?]] - curious affect o long rises o /re back /re shed. & ab /o chicks come [[?]] [[kauds?]] o dim sunbeams. /en at turn n road (rather o train at short cnrer) narrow bands o light fr radius. H 19 (?) sheds on way up & [[strikethrough]] 1 [[/strikethrough]] 6 (?) way down. Whistle bef each to warn wkmen. Take hand car aft. Down grade up an upper ride of horseshoe curves. [[image: pen sketch indicating horseshoe curves]] R.R. bed built up. Wave at wkmen - [[askn?]] wi dignity & warmth - [[superscript]] [53] [[/superscript]]
human feelg makes wld kin stop at Salida over night. so calld fo sp. only one spr'g /o mts. College group spoke, Harvd, Princeton wi snow, [[insertion]] all [[/insertion]] higher /an Pikes Peak. Cold [[sword?]] mg & f twice n Leaud Cañon o / Arkansas b x f long. Ride n observ car. Early w cañon volcanic rocks on mts - li granite boulders o coast range - /en masses of lack solified as if can - coold & hard d as came - later Royal Gorge its - grander & sublim /an any /g bef. Sheer faces o granite _ R.R. suspendd fr walls o cañon over [[risze?]]. N P.M. got 2 Col'ds [[spegi?]] /en 2 Mainton P.M. [[?]] 5. Thursday A.M. go 2 [[drive?]] Garden o / Gods & Glen Erie. Enter at balanced rock. wd [[superscript]] [54] [[/superscript]]
sandstone. Valley washed out wi shelves projectg along sides & violatd rocks, masses o rock. etc. left - bright red wi light green o foliage most affectin & d E by white o Pikes Pk - dark dark on sides o mt ranges (evergreens n [[insertion]] ^ low [[/insertion]] lines on sides). & gray masses o limestone n garden. Saw a bd on cathedral spire & hd it sing - lkd small as sp & at 1st /ro glass /ot junco b song & on flight - churwick. Swifts w flyg ab / main gateway & a sp hawk flew out o a hole n / rock (?) callg as if 2 mate. Little pockets n rock prob us'd by smaller swifts etc. Turn'g 2 go 2 Glen Eire past Eagles nest on ledg o gt red rock big one & below 2 rt endless [[superscript]] 55 [[/superscript]]
Saw magpies among / rocks turn tails ( prob wind took & twistd. Cd see blk & white prob bd I saw on desert among willows (?) Glen Erin Pres o [[overwritten]] R [[/overwritten]] D. & R.G. Taste shown w leavg wild - x signs allowd. x one [[let?]] 2 get out o carrg & n gds. Lodge pretty.
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