Brasil 1976, 2

ID: SIA Acc. 12-005

Creator: Calderon, Cleofé E.

Form/Genre: Fieldbook record

Date: 1976

Citation: Cleofe E. Calderon field books, 1967-1981 and undated, from the Department of Botany

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This field book contains a specimen list of botanical specimens, mainly bamboo, collected from 21 April to 1 May 1976. Calderon records taxonomic names of specimens, temperatures, altitude / elevation, when a photo is taken, flowering, and inflorescence. Collector numbers 2381-2407 are included in this volume. Calderon collects specimens in Una and other localities. Label or catalog card with taxonomic name of a specimen, location, elevation, date, and description of specimens is also included.

Date Range


Start Date

Apr 21, 1976

End Date

May 01, 1976

Access Information

At least 24 hours advance notice is recommended to consult this collection. Contact the Department of Botany at 202-633-0920 to make an appointment.


  • Plants
  • Botany


  • Brazil
  • Una
  • Bahia


  • Fieldbook record
  • Field notes

Accession #

SIA Acc. 12-005

Collection name

Cleofe E. Calderon field books, 1967-1981 and undated, from the Department of Botany

Physical Description

1 field book

Physical Location

National Museum of Natural History (U.S.). Main Library

Brasil 1976 #2
Anomochloa marantoidea Brongniart Bahia, Brazil Mun. de Una. Elev 180-190 m. Dark, humid forest on steep, rocky slope of mixed, rich soil. Very large trees and abundant Marantaceae, Rutaceae, and many ferns in the understory. Also common a small [[underlined]] Olyra {{/underlined]] sp. (CEC et al. 2382), [[underlined]] Pharus [[/underlined]] sp., etc. Forming thick, large clumps, mature plants up to 80 cm tall; near the edge of forest, in slightly distrubed areas, plants shorter and in smaller clumps. Graceful dark green, thin leaves with sheath wide open, flat, all in one plane (Iris type). Each new plant develops in right angles to the previous. 21 April 1976 Cleofe E. Calderon, Talmon S. Santos, and Lyselson B de Oliveira 2381
[[underlined]]Anomochloa marantoidea[[/underlined]] Brongniart BAHIA, BRAZIL Mun. de Una. Elev. 180-190 m. Dark, humid forest on steep, rocky slope of mixed, rich soil. Very large trees and abundant Marantaceae, Rutaceae, and many ferns in the understory. Also common a small [[underlined]]Olyra[[/underlined]] sp. (CEC et al. 2382), [[underlined]]Pharus[[/underlined]] sp., etc. Forming thick, large clumps, mature plants up to 80 cm tall; near the edge of forest, in slightly distrubed areas, plants shorter and in smaller clumps. Graceful dark green, thin leaves with sheath wide open, flat, all in one plane (Iris type). Each new plant develops in right angles to the previous. 21 April 1976 Cleofé E. Calderón, Talmón S. Santos, and Lyselson B. de Oliveira 2381 [[footnote]]Collected under the auspices of the Smithsonian Institution, National Geographic Society, and Centro de Pesquisas do Cacau (CEPLAC)[[/footnote]]
2381 April 21, 1976 [[good guess]] Graminae [[?]] ? n.s. ? 50 Km NW of [[good guess]] Urro city _ to [[?]] con strade velha de [[?]] a Rio Branco - 35 Km 3) Strade de Sao Jose to Macuco a [[?]], 9 km from Br 101 _ (175 m [[?]]) alt. s. m. alt. 180-190 m. Photo B & W roll #31 (1 to 20) with tripode [[?]] often [[?]]: roll # 32 pen 1 to 28 += ([[?]]) with tripode
Humid forest on sharp slope, lower part next to road with cocau plants, widely sparse and shaded with several of the native tree of the forest. Large stones & rocky afterwards on the slope. Many fern Marantaceas, muchas - growing scattered among those plants, and in some flores with [[Olyra?]] sp. Rather small to medium plants [[nodes?]] the cocau but a little farther up on the forest (untuched) with [[end page]] [[start page]] no cocau clump layer and much more vigorous up to .80 cm (+ 60 70-75. mostly). In a big, large old clum we saw a large inflores. The rest of the clum with old, passed inflores. Beatiful dark green leaves Marantacea type +/- rounded, cordate at base, large lanceolate Petiole very long with a sort of articulation with the sheath Sheath flat, opened wide Planes type, thin edges
Many cross vein visible on leaf blades and bracts of spikelet- Infloreset born in axil? of one small leave [[strikethrough]] with small blade. Infl. large spike? or spiket?. Bracts green herbaceous, and ! coming out [[strikethrough]] throng the side a single style partially covers by a kind of tube [[strikethrough? or image?]] Style [[parere?]] with very short stigmatic [[pores?]]. Old inflr [[strikethrough]] show [[end page]] [[start page]] very ! large bract persistent on a rachis? empty and with a "something" at the base. Leaves with a thicker elbow or articulation at base of petiole and top of sheath Some flora in forest also large Marantaceae and [[strikethrough]] [[cover?]] a large Rutacea ([[Talon?]] colected). Very large and tall trees. The clump with flower growing near a huge Ficus
[[underline]] FAA [[/strikethrough]]: 1 vial with leaf blade, petiole articulation and sheath. Living plant colected abundant [[end page]] [[start page]] April 21, 1976 2382 Olyra sp. Same loc. as [[Aronodle?]] In lower part of slope as the [[cover?]] in rocky humid slope under 2e forest with cacao. not [[strikethrough]] [[illegible]] [[/strikethrough]] much abundant in this part. with fern and Marantaceae and
[[Arenech?]]. [[Lowell?]] Olyra, [[pretty?]] some layer up to .75 +/- in flower, typical inflor of Olyra, 1 or 2 - some old with 4 or 5. Growing in +/- small [[strikethrough]] clump Photo: no _ late 3 vials: 2 FAA flowers & leaves 1 [[socket?]] [[end page]] [[start page]] 2383 April 21 2283 [[Plans?]] Same loc. & date [[Lcorece?]][[possibly misspelled Ixorece]] in shady & rocky slope with fern,[[Marant.?]] (colect nine) and Olyra 2 [[Aronoelloe?]]_ 2 [[ferines?]] only I forgot about plans, no foto no FAA -
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] 2384 April 22, 1976 Merotachy [[Mer?]]. de [[strikethrough]] [[Mena?]] 39 KM de [[Mena?]] [[strade?]] San Jose - [[Mena?]]- Alt 200m. FAA_: 2 vials buds & leaves (1 very wide) Photo B.&W. [[underline]] roll 31- from 20 to end. Ekta.[[underline]][[Kodak Ektrachrome color film]] few from roll 32 Kodacrome [[underline]][[Kodachrome color film]]: roll 33 from 1 to 22 [[image of arrow pointing to lower left corner]]
[[slanted line divided into segments with a number in each segment as follows:] .70 - 2 - 2 - 2 - 2 - 2 - 2 - 2 X .35 - 2 [[column of text and numbers written to right of line with segments and numbers as follows:]] internodes .48" .34 .30 .32 .35 2 cm. 3 cm Merotachy, beautiful in forest,humid on hilly[[strikethrough]] area. New culms on both sides of road, +/- top of hill where the road goes. Culms abundant in forest of tall trees. Climbing but +/- erect in lower & medium [[end page]] [[start page]] part. 1.5. up to 3 cm. in old ones diameter Culm green with white band on nodes [[strikethrough]] Surface smooth below but [[anferous?]] higher up. thin wall ([[notes?]] inside) Culm sheath band falling very [[sore?]] thick very shiny inside light golden color, outside [[pubescen?]], [short?]], a little [[anferous?]]. Blade relexe Leaves small, narrow with long, strait white oval setae [[image of leaf?]] Nodes not prominent
with many, many branches. [[paranches?]] colected internodes 4 [[end page]] [[start page]] April 22, 1976 2385 Atractanthe cardinalis? in in flower. [[Men?]] de [[Mura?]]. [[estrade?]] [[Mura?]]- San Jose, 34 Km [[strikethrough]] of [[Mura?]] N.W.[[arrow pointing to "34 km" in line above]] Alt. 175 m. no photo. Remains of humid forest partially cut down, with mixed, rich, soil. Clim-bing bamboo. At present most of the plants dry because of past flowering,
still a few shoots with green leaves and fork flowers. Culms solid surface asperous. Culm sheath persistent bracts and prophylla at base of branches very well developed, red or redish ocher color. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[blank page]]
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[blank page]]
April 23, 1976 2386 [[Barbura?]] gualue? flor Men Mua, estada San José - Mua. 36 Km N.W from Mua (from connection with road 21 Km) Alt. 200 m. s. m. Black & White: roll 34 from 6 +/- to end. ([[finera?]] de [[San José?]]) & 35. from 1 to 10 +/- roll 32: 3 to 6. Kodachrome: roll 33 from 22 to end. Ektechrome 36 (1 to 52) Bl. & white 35 from 1 to - [[strikethrough]] 10 +/- FAA.: 1 large w.m. buds. 1 ver. w. m. & 1 w. m : flowers 1 50 cc leaves. (4 FAA) [[image of arrow pointing to lower right corner of page]]
1 (120) Boug. flowers 1 (120) 3:1 [[garranchus?]]-culms pieces living plant. diam: 3.5 cm [[strikethrough]] near base a 2mm. 3cm - 2cm [[strikethrough]] farther up. up to 1.5 near the top 1.30 _ 2 _ 2 11.30 m for ca _ 2 new culm. _ 2 Beautiful [[guadua?]]? or _ 2 _ +/- dense clum at [[strikethrough]] edge of forest where they were clearing In flower, many [[end page]] [[start page]] flower and also many new culms. Not seen very tall, erect plants most of them, [[?]] new culm bending or crawling, probably because trees were cut? Thick culms, old ones up to 3.5, [[strikethrough]] smooth or slightly [[anferous?]] below node. Culm solid or almost so in lower part of culm and in upper thin branches otherwise very thick walls, small [[bohe?]] in [[clutes?]].
[[Culm?]] sheath thicker, strong [[?]], [[string?]] [[?]]. Light beige, [[outside?]] . [[?]] [[?]] little [[?]] blade range to 1/2 half or short of whole [[?]] no [[?]] from blade & sheath. [[drawing of a small square with a triangle on top]]. From outside. Very strong marked [[?]] zone with 2 ridge [[drawing of a square]] and [[?]] [[?]]. One bud x [[?]] well above longer ridge in the middle of 2_. Each give one [[fork?]] repeated (very noticeable) [[end page]] [[start page]] at same end [[underline]]one[[/underline]] refine [[?]] (sometimes 2) in upper woods. [[?]] [[?]] [[?]] [[?]] [[?]] [[?]] very well below leaf [[?]] large, [[?]], [[strikethrough]] [[ ? ]] [[/strikethrough]] broad blades [[?]] white [[strikethrough]] [[?]] [[/strikethrough]] [[?]] and [[?]]. Many, very [[?]] [[Sph.]] very thick and damp. May in [[?]] 6 large purple [[?]] [[?]] +- [[strikethrough]] [[?]] [[/strikethrough]] mostly [[flowers?]] also purple. Culm sheath [[deciduous?]] easily.
it does not look like [[Guadua?]] from here. More of the type of [[Alvimia?]]. Culms green with [[underscore]]not[[/underscore]] wide white [[?]] at the nodes Many branches [[first?]] flowers were dried and dead [[end page]] [[start page]] 2387 April 23 Merotachy, Y. Mun. to Mura, road from Mura to San Jose to Macuco, 19 km NW [[strikethrough]] of [[/strikethrough]] [[Colonia de?]] Mura of 30 from Mura Alt.: 125 m Abundant in forest rot very humid? On [[smooth?]] slopes and at edge of forest. +- large [[clums?]], +- this culms no more than 1.5 com +- [[fragile?]], thin walls. only
smooth, bluish green Not [[underlined]] ridge at node not hairs, [[?]] line of rest of sheath. Sheath of [[medium?]] no of branches, not many and rather thick (relatively 11.45 one measured but can be taller. [[slanted line divided into segments with the following numbers:]] - 1.45 - 2 - 2 - 2 x [[rames?]] 2 - 2 - [[end page]] [[start page]] Leaves very dark green glabrous, [[encabrous?]] on edges. No oval setae or inconspicous Culm sheath / very few found dried +/- small, very smooth when green, with [[strikethrough?]] lines, darker above Rather large blade wide and reflexed Very short oval setae A little of white powder on new [[strikethrough]] culms. Water [[wide?]] internodes fragil, hollow Living plant not colected
FAA, 2 vials few bud, leaves Photo: B.&W. roll no 35 from 10+/- to [[strikethrough]] 16 [[/strikethrough]] - 14 Ektachr. roll no 36 from [[strikethrough]] 5 to 10 [[/strikethrough]] ^[[6 - 13]]± [[garrauchos?]] [[colated?]] living plant no [[end page]] [[start page]] April 23 2388 Pharus [[Men Mua?]], road from [[Mua?]] to Sao Jose to [[Mocuco?]], _ _ _ ^[[19]] Km N.W of ^[[lake ?]][[Mua?]]. ^[[Alt. 125 m]] Few clums [[notered?]] near edge of forest trail on ^[[?]] forest on smooth slope. [[strikethrough]] a few photos B.&W & Ektachrome rolls 35 y 36.
2389 - [[Atrootachy?]]? 2390 Meretachy [[graso?]] 2391 - [[Bronchae?]]. [[oroze?]] flower 2392 " long infl. white flor. 2393 " pequeno en [[fruto?]] 2394 " long [[ritotype?]] leaves 2395 [[Febrates?]] [[end page]] [[start page]] Criciuma asymetrica 2389 April24, 1976 [[strikethrough]] or Atractanthe? asymetrica - [[Mun.?]] de [[Mua?]], [[Etrade?]] [[Mua?]] Olivacea Portal, 12 Km N of [[Mua?]] city. ([[brote?]] Km 21 a el Fajendo de [[Cloris?]] [[?]] Moto [[Piris?]] Alt. 75 m. Criciuma nv: [[strikethrough?]] [[menfevlga?]] Bl. & W. roll 35 [[underline]] from 16 or 17 to end. Ektochrome: roll 36 [[underline]] from 10 to ? (don't remember) [[cover?]] stop shooting +/- at 20. roll. 37: [[Branches?]] [[naroje?]] y 1 [[Blanco?]] flores chicos y
3e hojas larger flor orquidea.) - Very abundant, dominant in some places in the forest, in other places in asociation with Merotachy ([[sword?]] leaf) Climbing, crawling, all over the trees or ground. Culm curved, bending or decumben, erect only when climbing [[strikethrough]] thin or medium very hard and flexible solid [[underline]] , very hard, (no Atract. struc-ture seen) In some [[end page]] [[start page]] young culms can be seen all over [[renculas?]]bundles In some main branches high up in plant a little hole seen in the middle. Very [[strikethrough]] smooth surface all the way even top. Does not produce branches very low and when start to produce, it [[strikethrough]] does [[strikethrough]] not [[strikethrough]] in every single node [[arrow pointing to right edge of page]] - .27-.37 cm longitud of internodes diameter culm .1 cm
but sometimes no [[to?]] [[?]] for [[raining?]] - One thicker branch [[segmented?]] at base [[high?]] above [[lower?]] ridge of [[nodal?]] zone - Back of [[culm?]]) and +- marked [[upper?]] ridge, base of sheath remains when it falls on [[node?]] [[?]] well [[?]], [[Main?]] [[branch?]] produce one on each side and only in few [[?]], old mature culms [[strikethrough]] [[tip?]] [[/strikethrough]] middle high can produce 2 or 3 on each or one side [[end page]] [[start page]] 2 to 15 cm. up to 20 or more without [[?]] climbing very tall tree. [[ diagonal line from mid left to top middle, marked in 9 segments of 2 except for the fourth segment which is marked as .46, and the final segment which is noted as .70 ]] [[horizontal line running across page]] Main branch extend very long and only on top. [[Produce?]] 3 thin branches with the leaf comple-ment. [[?]] sheath [[underlined]] very [[/underlined]] persistant. In [[?]] [[?]] [[rotten?]] on [[?]] High in branches. [[?]] falls on [[remaining?]] [[?]] by development
of branches - Culm sheath very smooth few oval [[?]] no [[hairs?]], no [[callous?]] [[outer?]] leaf blade reflexed rather long and +- persistant falling rather late (seen [[strikethrough]] [[?]] [[/strikethrough]] several in [[?]] [[even?]] [[dry?]] - Leaf complement rather large. Blades [[?]] narrow [[?]] with [[Underscore]] [[orimetric?]] [[unit?]] [[?]] [[/underscore]] [[?]] +- top, white but not very dense [[end page]] [[start page]] We did not find bud in developing state. Many thin or thick new culms or new [[dominant?]] branches [[?]] [[land?]] to [[?]] sheath and only 1 bud small few about [[?]] when growing. ? This [[?]] is estimate by abundant for [[seed?]] [[within?]] beautiful [[mata litoranea?]] of sandy soil. [[strikethrough]] [[?]] [[/strikethrough]] with many [[palms?]] "[[?]]" [[Ateleia?]] ? [[Junipere?]] Also seen [[energy?]]
[[Brodiaea?]] very pretty - In some places Atractan-tha cardinalis and 2 Merotachys, one thin leaves and other thick leaves. It is hard to say what it is. It does not look really like Atrantantha - [[?]] [[Athroostrachys?]]? FAA: [[underline]]: 2 vials: bud and pieces of culm and leaves in [[another?]] [[[garrorlus?]] and pieces of culms. Living plant: colected [[end page]] [[start page]] 2390 done later - Merotachys next day - 2391 [[Brodiaea?]] [[underline]] Vriesea det. [[bob?]] Very [[?]] on trees closed [[del?]] [[aire?]], not very large plants - in medium or low altitud of trees. Leaves rather thin and soft. Beautiful large infl bright [[strikethrough]] orange-red color. Living plant colect. Ektachr. foto taken roll #37
Guzmania det. [[Bob.?]] [[Brochiaceae?]] 2392 same loc. & date On trees like the others long infl with small white flowers (Ektocr. photo) [[underline]] roll 37 (living plant colected) also very small of it 2393 Another prety [[Brochiacea?]] rather small with fruits. no photo living plant colected [[end page]] [[start page]] 2394 [[Brochiaceae?]] Rather large, long leaves with stripes, green violet, and white beatiful big inflor bracts original color - Ektochr. taken. roll 37 living plant.
2335 Ichnanthus [[in blue ink, presumably written afterwards]] drepanophyllus Mez det [[M. Stieser?]] Same loc. lower on edge of trail in forest [[sandy?]] soil. [[remote?]] [[between?]]. Forest of [[?]] and [[bamboo?]] ([[Absolutely?]]?) FAA: 2 vials flowers 2 leaves no photo_ [[end page]] [[start page]] 2390 April 25, 1976 Merotachy [[Men.?]] de Mura, 37 Km NW of Mure, 3.5 Km from entrance to [[Fojente?]] Sao Jose on road Une-Sao Jose to Macuco. Alt.: 200 m. [[lower?]] on edge of forest, Humid forest on smooth slope of hilly region. Beautiful Merotachy, of bright dark green and purple. Culms rather
this not more than 1.5 cm in diameter, very smooth, green. very fragile when young. Thin wall at maturity. nodes not prominent at all, a ridge at anodal region. A little left over of sheath at node. Bud compl. star X 3 or probably 1 at the very beginning but not seen. 3 bud develop 3 branches,4-5 only in very old seen some with several but not every. Branches thick, with [[end page]] [[start page]] several bracts at base 3.5 - or [[?]] Buds, and branch at iniciation of dark violet color, There is a "scart" [[strikethrough]] or [[strikethrough]] marc at base of each branch on the "[[sheah?]]" [[drawing of bottomless triangle with 3 dashes on each side]]. A few core seen where branches rebranch. They give a bud and branch near base of 1e branch. [[inverted V with lines emanating out of top - drawing of a plant?]] (colected). Culm sheath green with striations and +/- purple on top with reflexed leaf
Pale beige when dried falling. [[over?]]. Leaf blades of foliage large, thick, smooth. Olyra type with petiole and [[base?]]. pretty violet, dark color. +/- Dense but small [[clums?]] Culm arching and bending over vegetation [[diagonal line divided into segments with numbers:]] X [[fir?]] 1 - 2 - 2 - [[ramos?]] X 1.5 - 2 - [[text written to right of diagonal line:]] 8.5 m. or [1e?]] Thick branches but not thick nodes. [[end page]] [[start page]] FAA: 2 vials leav. & buds. [[garroules?]] colect. culm pieces colected Photo: [[strikethrough]] B&W. roll 38. [[entero?]] Ekto. roll 37. 1/2 +/- from 16 +/- to end. internodes: +/- 29-38 cm long.
April 25 2396 [[added later in blue ink]] [[Moniocaulon hirsute?]] [[strikethrough]] Tesoro - guedua ([[logirfi?]] - [[alote?]]) Men Mera, 41 Km N.W of Mera city, Fajeda Sao Jose, +/- 2 Km from road Mure - Sao Jose to Mecuco. Alt. 160-170 m In forest and few along cut made for small road to Fajede. Beautiful big [[taboco?]] probably up to 20-25 meters. Culm growing widely [[space?]] +/- [[?]] 1 to 2 m. [[end page]] [[start page]] apart. One rizome colected and from 2 "close" together. Thick culm. hollow thick walls green with with wax or hairs. Culm sheath [[underline]] ! in [[strikethrough]] old new culm (thick one) start with blades up and then bent downwards In young shoots and main axis [[strikethrough]] culm born on node of culm they are straight. (up) Covers by
brown hairs, [[spring?]] when [[young?]] they fall or they mature. In mature culm sheath [[persist?]] long look bad, thicker shrink, fibrous at base, and blade reflexed, showing long [[white?]] [[angle?]] [[?]]. One thick main axis, repeated at base. [[One?]] ridge of it or very low? on [[?]] one 1, 2 or 3 very thin branches [[?]] base. Very prominent central [[end page]] [[start page]] extend long, on every node. Branch primordia [[?]], [[cover?]] by long brachts and [[prophylls]], persistent long. Leaves thin, delicate narrow [[glabrous?]] - Culm sheath. green and white (wax?) pretty and [[?]] hairs on top branch. [[strikethrough]]?[[/strikethrough]] Nodes well marked, black or [[dark?]] we of band [[strikethrough]]? [[/strikethrough]] on lower ridge (+- like [[?]])
Culm sheath very hard to remove, they are thick fibrous between epidermis [[?]] thick, mature ones +- up 4 cm? no[[?]] [[underscore]] Photo B [[/underscore]] &W: roll 39_ from 1 to end (rhizome on ground also [[underscore]]Ektach[[/underscore]]: roll 40 from 1-to-end rhizome on road also) [[underscore]]FAA[[/underscore]]: 2V_ One bud (few) to leaf. pieces [[underscore]]Culms[[/underscore]] & [[sprouts?]] [[underscore]] Rhizome [[/underscore]] colected; Size one [[intern?]] with 2 culms. [[underscore]] Living plant ? [[/underscore]] _ Culm very erect when [[thicker?]] [[?]], bending on top - climbing when full developed. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[ written in faint blue at the top of the page]] K, MO, NY, P, LE, B, F, G, W April 26 2397 Atractanthe rodiate Men de Mure, [[Etrode?]] de Portal, or Une 1 Oliverge, 28 Km N of [[Uvo?]] city. [[In pencil]] [[?]] rio Maroiu Alt. 55 m. [[?]] Rhizome collected 2. Culm [[section?]]. branch [[complement?]] +- living plant FAA: 2 large flores - 1. leaves & culms. 1. [[?]]. large - 1 medium with 3:1 IFAA Buds ([[strikethrough]] 6 [[/strikethrough]] 7 vials!) [[in pencil]] 1/.45 alc. with bees & flies on flowers
Diagonal line from middle left to top right, in 11 sections labelled "2", except for third section marked as "77". Above "77" section is labelled "first branches". Top is labelled "end" 16.77 [[strikethrough]] [[?]][[/strikethrough]] Plant measured 16.77 m, probably up to 20 m. [[strikethrough]][[?]][[/strikethrough]] Culm thin, .1 cm Internode: 97 .98, 62, 63 97; Rather larger at base [[end page]] [[start page]] Abundant in forest [["mata litoranea"?]], [[strikethrough]][[?]] [[/strikethrough]], low type of forest [[strikethrough]][[in?]] [[/strikethrough]] with white sand soil near the areas (They say it's very near from here Not very tall trees, some big [[?]] areas terrestrial Climbing bamboo, Culm +/- decumbens at long part, then climbing or over veget. It forms rather large clum but "clean", no [[?]] [[Drawing of plant]] Culms solid rather hard, thin, no more than 1 cm in diam. at base
surface very smooth light green at lower altitude, lightly mottled on the dark green cilindrical (not oval like the other Atracthanthe Base of culm (old ones without sheath? not new. Every node with a bud. Sometimes, rather large (not develop in lower part, _+ from 4 to 5 cm starts producing branches. & Bud complement of 3, some with clear central dominant In other, upper, thin branches, not only [end page] [start page] 3 or 4 +/- equal- Culm sheath falling from young culm with developping branches rather easy Culm leaf on new culm very smooth green, tied, glabrous no hairs at base? no callous on back. [[underlined]] No leaf blade developed! [[/underlined]] only a rudiment erect sometimes even hard to see. Bud developing [[?]] Nodal region: lower ridge [[underlined]] not prominent or marked conspicuously [[underlined]]
but culm narrowing at base and expanding on back of bud region in usual Atractanthe bulge [[image]] marking a sort of upper ridge Branch complement quite more complicate than other Ats. Start in mid culm one very dominant with very clear, strong segmented base and [[strikethrough]] 2 [[/strikethrough]] 1 on each side, Then each start producing branches but not very many, secondary [END PAGE] [BEGIN PAGE] branches rather thick 2-5? +/- on each side each [[strikethrough]] [[otesrin?]] [[strikethrough]] with a leaf complement- Bud and bracts with prophylla and bracts [[strikethrough]] well [[/strikethrough]] developed but [[underlined]] short [[/underlined]] falling at maturity of plant. Branch complement seen clean of bracts on plant [[strikethrough]] bright [[strikethrough]] green with light line of [[strikethrough]] sides [[/strikethrough]] nodes. Leaf complex rather large with large leaf blades 15-17 [[os?]] + cm x 3.5 cm diam +/- thick smooth, glabrous
Petrole in new leaf? +- yellow, with +- a marked plant flowering beautiful every where and in [[?ful]] sinthesis [[Liflores?]]((spendopibetes??]] forming big balls or heads some really big, plants look like a Christmas tree - [[Tufts?]] at end of leaf complement also seen at nodal region, on new branches giving only heads instead of branches. Also seen in lower nodes of [[end page]] [[start page]] culm just above ground and in a young plant about .50 cm tall- Leaf looks beautiful don't find as simplex like in other [[?]]. [[Style?]] keep growing forming perfect [[spheres?]]. Stamens red - violet and yellow - not sure if they become red after [[?-ing]] or otherwise- Long filament, looping; anthers with opening on top [[image]] - looks like [[underlined]] 6 stamens,? possibly 3
Many bees and flies? visiting flowers. No fruits seen Spikelets dark violet at maturity or brown? [[strikethrough]] small [[/strikethrough]] small ones big 2 green plants don't look like dieing yet? [[underlined]] Photo [[/underlined]] B. & W. roll. 41 entero & 43 up to 28 Ekta - 42 [[41]] entero y +- 11 de 44 some with [[?]] & [[?]] y [[?]]- [[end page]] [[start page]] [[?]] and branch so typical of Ats. [[underlined]] very short [[/underlined]] in this one, pretty colored, violet or coffee color. They do not grow with buds as usual- Leaf blades with bright +- large dot on center of crossvein? or above veins, It can be seen easily with hand lamp and against a lamp. (at [[th-?lus]])-
A. rodiate[[guess]] duplicates sent to: CEPLAC, INAA, in Brazil SI, Argentina. Kiev, Leningrad, Paris Berlin, Canberra (Australia) Pretoria, South Africa, Tokyo and New York. [end page] [start page] 2398 April 26 Ichananthus[[guess]] lancifolius var. lancifolius Mg[[guess]] let M.t. Stieber. Mr & Mrs In low type of [[coastal?]] forest, [[in-?ole]][[litoranea?)]] Very sandy, white soil. In shade, in [[Atisctathe?]] forest, in that spot, many territorial Bromelaicious seen.
Atractantha unaemis April 27, 1976 2399 Atractanthe (log. book [[?]]) [[?Mr]] de Nero 19 km N of Nero on [[?]] Olireues road Alt. 50 m. s. [[?]] [[?]] in this part of the wood, short distant inside the forest. At or near edge mixed with asyn[[?]] and in [[?]] spots with [[?]] (large leaves) soil sandy, mixed [[end page]] [[start page]] top layer sandy but no so much like the Atract. of yesterday then [[?]] bamboo _ family[[guess]] rather [[?unusual]] [[?clues]], [[?]] [[?culms]] or curved on lower part, then bending, [[?]], in Atract. [[?]] send [[underlined]] 1. [[/underlined]] 66 13.16 [[?cm]] [[underlined]] 2 [[/underlined]] total length [[underlined]] 2 [[/underlined]] .46 cm [[underlined]] 2 [[/underlined]] .63 .67 cm inter [[underlined]] 2 [[/underlined]] [[line pointing at *]] nodes, [[?Rothes]] [[underlined]] 1.5 [[/underlined]] short but [[?same]] [[underlined]] 2 [[/underlined]] good in most of [[?]]
Branches [[over-?-ing]] and layering from trees, very pretty like curtains of leaves. Dark solid [[strikethrough]] [[?]] [[/strikethrough]] up to 1 cm cm in diameters, surface green, [[underlined]] asperous [[/underlined]], in almost all the length, from base to end of fronds _ bulbs sheath smooth green or dried beige the old with [[underlined]] well [[/underlined]] [[?]] [[?]] blade, narrow long, reflexed[[guess]]. (al little erect sit top of new shoots _ ferns _ [[underlined]] faint[[guess]] at base [[/underlined]] of culm [[end page]] [[start page]] [[??]] deciduous where branches develop. [[underlined]] Callous [[/underlined]] developed at base of sheath. (or sucker [[??]] - Sheath smooth with fringe of golden hairs all along edge, +/- long oval setae [[underlined]] Nodal [[reg-??]][/underlined] is quite prominent, with the ring of stiff[[guess]] hairs, golden, all around, like eyelashes. They fall when sheath is very old. [[undecipherable sign]] Part of sheath remain on lower ridge of nodal zone, as a "girdle"
Band complement: one [[prophyl-??]] seen in lower part of culm - Then seen 3 [[seeds?]] [[inside?]] - Branch complement: a central [[??]] separated at base and 2 lateral more or less thicker, (3 branches usually) or 2-(3?) on each side or each [[underlined]] 2nd branch rebranching [[/underlined]] (common) - [[strikethrough]] [[?]] [[/strikethrough]] Branch [[two words indecipherable]] [[strikethrough]] [[?]] [[/strikethrough]] with very well developed [[prophyl-??]] and [[??]], growing with [[end page]] [[start page]] them and [[feritet??]] only when very old dried & roten[[guess]] - leaf complem +- large with quite large leaf blades, wide & long lanceolate leaf +- [[?]] type - very similar to the - [[?]] in flower (2398) but here seem to be thinner, not[[??]] so thicker they are glabrous - no flowers seen -
living plant colected [[?]] y culm [[?lines]] [[?FAA]] - 2 [[nodes?]] [[buds?]] [[?]] and leaves Photo B. W. roll #43 (from 29 end) & roll 45 (1 to 1/2? Ektachrome = roll 44 from 11 or 12 to - 30 +- ? [[strikethrough]] roll 46-47 from 1 to 1/2 +- [[/strikethrough]] [[end page]] [[start page]] April 27, 1976 2400 [[meurtachys??]] [[Mr. de Mine?]], [[Estrada Mie??]] - Oliverça, 20 km N of [[Mine?]] city Alt: 70 m.s.m. Photo B&W. roll. # 45 from 1/2 to end and roll 46 to 15 +- [[?of]] ultimas Ektachr. roll # 44 [[hasta?]] 19 [[forest del fin camino?]] 47 - (1 to 15 +- up to 18 +- forest [[Pic?ole??]] FAA: 2 [[nodes?]] 1 [[buds?]] 1 culm [[fine?]] & leaves [[ganauchous??]] - culm [[?]] living plant [[colect?]].
Delicate bamboo on forest of cortal type "[[?]] [[?]]" - soil [[strikethrough]] sandy but not completely white low type of forest, low and +/- thin or medium trees but dense. with many Piaraba palm. Culm rather thin, fragile hollow, thin walls when very young and lower part of plant smooth, in upper [[strikethrough]] part and in mature plants [[?aqueous]], [[?]] - [[strikethrough]] Nodes not prominent at all. small white sign of leftover sheath. [[end page]] [[start page]] Young culms green and [[?]] [[strikethrough]] in part with white [[?wall]] Bud complement of many buds even when very small. Branch complete: many branches [[strikethrough]] forming a well marked shield, long [[triangle image]] many branches in two very distinct rows, one on the front and one on the back of it Leaves small, delicate narrow with quite abundant white, curly oval setae - [[?level]] sheath a little [[end page]]
[arferous?] when dry. Culms ca. .8 a 10 min. [diagonal line divided into six segments with the following numbers:] [?] x 1 - 2 - 2 10.25 [m?] 1 plant - 2 [adult?] x 1.25 - 2 - [end page] [start page] 2401 Atractanhe cardinalis (seedlings [Mn. Mera?], [Estroda?] de [Mera?] - Olivenca, 3 Km N of [Mera?] city. Abundant around dead plant, in +/- cut and disturbed forest. Bamboo completely [find?] dead [?] seem to have died long ago. Seedling in all stages but [?] large
2402 Atractanthe cardinalis (in flower! [Men?] de [Mero?], [Estroda?] [Meo?] - Olivenca, 5 Km N. of [Mero?] Alt. 55 m. [?]. Flower in male [?], control type of forest +/- sandy soil, +/- low type of trees, lots of [Pianoba?] mixed in [sometime?] with big Merotachy and in other flores with A. asymetrica. Few patches with bamboo still fresh [end page] [start page] and alive. This one blooming and some in [anthers?]. Beautiful! Many already died Atractanthe died after flowering. No fruit found ?. Inflor. terminal to branches with leaf comple-ment. some also axilar to terminal leaves of complement Blade of bract develop in inflor. [leaves?] are in cores like normal leaves. Usually 5-6 spikelet in each [?]. In linear develop
[districhous?]? or [synfodid?] When very well develop look [scofioide?]. Very young or in old dried ones, look [districhous?] like the [strikethrough] [arthecios?] of 1 [sph?] like [Buenos?]. Culm [asferous?], [lija?] solid when some [image of four small circles in a square formation] seen culm sheath [easte?] persistent [folly?] as [remain?] quite [?] big branches. Culm sheath with very thick callous at base of back, long, open side like [tau?] ear [end page] [start page] smooth, with leaf blade reflexed very decidous Bracts and [prophylla?] at base of branches red! Beatiful pink redish or ocre color. [Spk?]. green, long [hirutoy?] Leaves thin, narrow and small. Delicate bamboo, climbing like "[trepadero?] and hanging like drapes from trees. [strikethrough] Very thick roots also showing as canals.
FAA: 2 vial flores. 1 : roots or culm 1 : leaves. [Borg?]. 1. 3:1 = 1 (6 total) rhizome colected [garroche?] y culm [living?] Photo B&W [underlined]. roll. 46 from 18 +/- to end and roll 48 - from 1 to -22 +/- Ektochr [underlined]: roll 47. from 18 +/- to end, and roll 49 from 1 to 27 +/- [end page] [start page] April 28 2403 [Pariancella?] [Men?] de {Mura?]. (30 km. de [Mura?]) Fajenda [strikethrough] Dendaesea Alt. 100 m Scattered on smooth slope in primary forest. (no rocks). [fern?] but not many herbaceous. Plant in [clump?] up to 75-80 cm. large, [vigous?] plant. large leave No oval setae or very few.:1-2. [Inf?]. as
and [[?]]. Stip[[?]] long, 2 with short str[[?]] foren.[[guess]] FAA: 2 inches reor[[guess]] & ip[[guess]] no photo - (Specimen with very good [[underlined]] rhigone![[guess]] [[/underlined]] [[end page]] [[start page]] April 28 2904 [[underlined]] Planer[[guess]] [[/underlined]] some [[?]]. Traree[[guess]] on fi[[?]] forest, in the Parianella[[guess]] - (2 [[?]]) no photo, no FAA
April 29, 1976 2405 Merotachys (groso) [[Mun?]] de [[Ume?]], Estada [[Ume?]] San Jose de [[Mocura?]]. 18 km de [[Ume?]] y 3 km to [[entroneaneto?]] Alt. 110 m. s. m. Very common species throughout the area, Big robust bamboo, arching and bending over vegetation. Culm +/- up to .2 cm diameter. Hollow but +/- thick walls surface [[strikethrough]] [[suf?]] [[/strikethrough]] asperous [[end page]] [[start page]] scabrous, "lija". mottled green, cover when young by white wax? Culm sheath very thick hard, smooth on the back, a little softer near the edges. Leaf blade not reflexed, broad lanceolate with very thick cartilaginous margin. Nodal region very prominent. Node a thick, wide ring black or very dark Bud complement very big, start .3 >= or 1 very big? the central one
[[strikethrough]] end [[/ strikethrough]] looks dominant, en may complement seen longer or thicker. Bud developing extra(?ngival) at the (?Lep)ing! They [[strike through]]] broke [[/strike through]] breech the sheath through the back and later when growing push the sheath away [[strikethrough]] and [[/strikethrough]] until they fall. Branch complement up to very end of very thick branches. Leaf complement quite large, branches very long, more the a meter, Leaves very [[end page]] [[start page]] broad, [[?Ayro]] type thick, tuft. Branches long at [[base?]] by several thick bracts. Plant up to 11 meters up to 15 meters. [[sketch/picture: diagonal line (with gradations)]] | ^ 2 - 2 - 2 x branches start 1 - 2 - 2 - [[/sketch/picture: diagonal line]] [[underline]] FAA [[/underline]]: 2 vial- 1 very large bud, 1 leaf 2 culm Photo: [[underline]] black and white [[/underline]] roll 48 from 23 to end & roll # 50 (1 to 13 A.) [[underline]]Ektoch: [[/underline]] roll 49 from 28 to end and 51 (from 1 to _9) parrots & [[also fieres no living that,no figure-?]]
.76 cm -.80 cm. long. internodes- +/- 2 cm wide diameter and setae not contiguous few: petiole thicker- [[end page]] [[start page]] K, MO, NY April 29 2406 [?Merotacly] ternata Mun. de [[Nene? Ume?]], estrade [[Nene? Ume?]]- San Jose do [[Mecuis]], 34 Km N.W of [[Nene? Ume?]]-(y 19 km to entrocamento) Altitude 150 m. s. m. Photo black and white roll # 50 (from 14 to end) Ektachrome, roll #51 (from 10 to end) In a [[strikethrough]] old day [[/strikethrough]] disturbed forest [[srikethrough]] side of [[/strikethrough]] road side (forest cut to make the new road)- Many new [[strikethrough]][?cutings] [[/strikethrough]] shoots
[[sketch/picture: diagonal line (with gradations)]] | * 2 - 10 [?meters?] 2 - 2 - 2 * rades itent 2 -- [[/sketch/picture: diagonal line]] internodes: 69,67,66_62 diameters: 1.5-2 cm probably a little taller. ------------------------------------- New culms on the bud developing. [[Coulus?]] thick wall, but hollow. cylindrical, asperous, mottled green [[end page]] [[start page]] Quite long internodes. Blanketing area vegetation forming a dense mass of lianas, bamboo, [[thepadermes?]], etc. [[strikethrough]] Plasone [[/strikethrough]] Buds start with 1 ? Looks like it. Dense [[pophylla?]], with wings, open in center. 3 buds clearly starting Most of the [[long bracts?]] with or top of culm with 3 branches. Many old ones re-branch in complicated fashion. No roots seen. Nodal [[region?]] very pretty with wide white beard.
of soft silky hairs [[strikethrough]] bent sheath [[/strikethrough]] node quite prominent. Culm sheath with reflexed blade. The buds broke or open through the sides, the opening side of sheath Long, long silky oval setae, white. Long new shoot reddish - FAA - 2 vials - [[garrondy?]] culm pieces Very broad, long leaves [[end page]] [[start page]] May 1st 2407 [[strikethrough]] April [[/strikethrough]] [[Diandilyra?]] [[fiprea?]] M. Itabuna. K. de [[Rodorie?]] [[Ilhey?]]. Itabuna - Ave de CEPLAC. under cacao plantation
[[start page]] 5 km N of [[?name]] Atractanthe en flower [[?(fresh)]] [[Drawing of what appears to be on the left a collection of spikey leaves oriented vertically, and on the right there appears to be a drawing of some kind of shrub]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [?] llores de Matos Pires dueno de big [fayende?] in [Mera?] [rejoie?]. 11 or 12 km N of [Mera?] - El [cortuyo?] la entrada una - Olivengo la entrada de ento a la douche "gaucho" [nv?]. [defuadua?] [with?] [Mera?] [refio?] [ype?] area
[[back cover of notebook]]