Journal of Richard E. Blackwelder, West Indies, vol. 6

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This journal contains field notes documenting Richard Blackwelder's research in Saint Croix, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica from 28 October 1936 to 7 March 1937 to study insects, especially beetles. He also travels to Saint Thomas, Saint John, Mona, Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Cuba during this trip, but he does not collect specimen in these places. This journal contains 152 pages. Blackwelder provides descriptions of flora and fauna of his surrounding environment. He also includes elevations, weather information, and other observations. Abundance of insect genera is noted when applicable. Also, description on how specimens were obtained (ex. in cow dung; rotten fruit) is included. Page 54 contains a list of species on Puerto Rico recorded by Leng and Mitchler. Maps for Saint Croix, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica are included and are annotated to show locations of stations and route taken. Stations visited include station 315-434 (315-344, Saint Croix; 345-359, Puerto Rico; 360-434, Jamaica). Information for station 435 (Montague, Jamaica) and Station 444 (list of specimen received as gifts in West Indies (listed) on pages 125-127. Examples of localities visited on these islands include Pleasant Valley (Saint Croix); El Yunque Peak (Puerto Rico); Mammee River (Jamaica).“General Index” on pages 129-147 and “Index to Insects” on pages 148-152.

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Oct 28, 1936

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Mar 07, 1937

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Richard E. Blackwelder Papers, 1926-1964

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Journal and Field Notes November 1936 - March 1937 St. Croix (St. Thomas) (St. John) Puerto Rico (Mona) (Dominican Rep.) (Haiti) (Cuba) Jamaica
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[blank page]]
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] 1 [[/preprinted]] St. Croix 1. [[margin]] X-28-36 [[/margin]] The S. S. Nerissa arrived at Frederiksted, St. Croix at breakfast time. We were delayed for half an hour while a woman with heart trouble was brought aboard in a stretcher. When we got to the Customs we were passed without any question, and then went up to Merwin's. Mr. Miles Merwin was still on board so we had to wait. There was a tremendous batch of mail for us, including letters from Martha, Ed, a K.M. Fender, Blocker, etc., many catalogs, and about 10 B.B.E.S., 1 Ent. News, etc., etc. Book from Caddy - Green Laurels by D. C. Peattie. Mr. Merwin told us of a private home here where we might stay. The lady, Miss Fleming, is his sister-in-law. He drove us to the house, where we found a rather small room with a fairly high price - $100 a month for the two. We decided to stay, however. We had a nice lunch, and then I went downtown with the chauffeur to unpack the motor. We were interrupted once by a hard shower, but finished in good time. Waited about fifteen minutes for the Chief of Police. He watched me drive around the parkway, and then gave me a free 30-day permit. He was very conscientious but not officious.
[[preprinted]] 2 [[/preprinted]] St. Croix 2. After tea Miss Fleming took us for a drive. We went clear to Christiansted, 15 miles, and found the road good most of the way. In town we stopped to meet a Mr. Beatty. I don't know his position (perhaps mosquito abatement officer), but he is interested in birds, insects, etc. and has collected several other groups. I made a tentative date to come talk to him tomorrow. [[margin]] X-29-36 [[/margin]] We seem to have brought rain with us. We've had showers every hour or two since we came. Spent the day rearranging our room and unpacking. Last night neither of us slept much as the bed is a thin mattress laid on boards. Today we arranged for another bed - smaller but much more comfortable. The morning was so rainy that I phoned to Beatty that I wouldn't come. Then the afternoon was quite fair. We went riding again after tea, circling the town to pass La Grange, a sugar factory in which Miss Fleming has an interest. In the evening we heard on the radio the results of the Literary Digest Poll. Landon led 370+ to 171 in electoral votes (54% of total). People here seem to expect reelection of Roosevelt but aren't in favor of it. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] 3 [[/preprinted]] [[margin]] X-30-36 [[/margin]] Finished unpacking and straightening up. After lunch Mr. Beatty came by and took me out to see some of the country. We went along the bay north of Frederiksted as far as Sprat Hall, then turned east into the mountains. We soon passed a small cocoa grove but I learned that it is entirely neglected and most of the fruit eaten by rats. None is picked. We searched under stones along the stream but found almost nothing. [[underlined]] Station 315. [[/underlined]] One mile northeast of Sprat Hall, St. Croix. A single Carabid under stone along a stream. [[margin]] 1 Bledius [[/margin]] We continued up this road to the dam, where we searched in vain for any beetles. Farther on we stopped to look at some fungus. [[underlined]] Stations 316. [[/underlined]] Pleasant Valley in northwest section of the island. [[margin]] A [[/margin]] From fresh fungi took 132 Staphs (109 red Aleacharinae and 23 black), 1 Scolytid, 3 other Coleoptera, 1 Forficulid, and some fly larvae. [[margin]] B [[/margin]] From under bark on the same post found 1 Astomid and 8 other Coleoptera. We continued up this road to Annaly, and returned to town past Oxford and Little Grange. The vegetation is dense and tropical.
[[preprinted]] 4 [[/preprinted]] Mr. Beatty told me that there has scarcely ever been a visiting naturalist here. They frequently include it ostensibly in studies on Puerto Rico, but actually never get closer than St. Thomas (generally one or two days, between planes!). He has collected in several groups, and has sent in some collections to the U.S.N.M. He knows Danforth, and knows of Wetmore, Bostock, Stejneger, Graf, etc. We got back in time for a very late tea. After tea Miss Fleming suggested another drive. We went by the same route as far as the dam and came back along the same road. [[margin]] X-31-36 [[margin]] Started work on the huge pile of mail. Wrote letters to Kenneth Fender, Bailey and Ed. We also finished straightening up our rooms. I expected to go out after lunch, but a shower or two kept me back. After tea I drew the map on page 15 from the large one of the U.S.C. & G.S. There was a Halloween party at the club, but none of us felt like going. Miss Fleming and Ruth went for a ride, but came back early as Ruth didn't feel well. She has had some indigestion. We still don't sleep any too well, in spite of a soft bed. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] 5 [[/preprinted]] [[margin]]XI-1-36[[margin]] A fine clear day. We overslept so I didn't get started till after nine. Rode eastward along the main road about one mile past Bethlehem, then to the left and north to the north coast road, southeast nearly to Christiansted, and back by the main road. I also followed a road south to the coast, but was stopped by a mud hole. All this took me only till shortly after eleven. After lunch I rode along the coast north of Frederiksted about 2 1/2 miles. Stopped once on a beach but found neither insects nor shells. [[underlined]] Station 317. [[/underlined]] Butler Bay Estate, 2 1/2 miles north of Frederiksted. From dung took 970 Staphs ([[underlined]] Oxyletus[[/underlined]] -958, Paederinae - 3, [[underlined]] Philonthus [[/underlined]] - 9) 52 Sphaeridiinae, 1 small Histerid, 7 [[underlined]] Aphodius [[/underlined]] and 3 ants. Just managed to get home before the rain. Ruth and I worked on stamps after tea. Sorted part of the big lot and catalogued them. In the evening we heard part of a speech that was apparently by Knox - Rep. candidate for Vice-President. It sounded quite good. Roosevelt is now campaigning in New York City. He has to capture at least three of the largest (electoral vote) states in order to win over Landon.
[[preprinted]] 6 [[/preprinted]] St. Croix 6. [[margin]] XI-2-36 [[margin]] Today started out rainy before breakfast. It rained hard several times during the morning, and practically continually all afternoon. The total probably wasn't much over an inch, but the day was raw and cold. Ruth wore a coat all afternoon and was still too cold to be comfortable. This house is wide open of course - nothing but jaulousies over the windows. The following information on St. Croix came from the "Census of Virgin Islands of the U.S. Nov. 1, 1917," loaned to me by Mr. Arthur W. Elliot in St. Kitts. He was one of the enumerators. St. Croix was purchased from Denmark on March 31, 1917, after 75 years of negotiations (started in Lincoln's administration), for $25,000,000. It had been Danish for 245 years, but English has long been the official language. (V.I. have been Danish for 245 yrs.; St. Croix only since 1733). Area 84 sq. mi.; 20 miles long by 1 to 5 miles wide; population in 1917 14,901 (177 to sq. mi.). It is 40 miles south of St. Thomas, from which it is separated by ocean 12,000' - 20,000 deep. It is distinct geographically from the Virgin group, but with them is part of the Leeward group. The northern side is mountainous; the highest hill being Mount Eagle (1164ft.); the southern parts are broad undulating valleys; average rainfall in Christiansted is 47 inches: The Virgin Islands have [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] 7 [[/preprinted]] had over 130 destructive hurricanes. Earthquakes are frequent but seldom do any damage. Most of the forests have been cut down, but mahogany is grown commercially. Noxious reptiles are scarce; birds few; mongoose common; a species of deer fairly common. Finished the letter to Ed. His last letter confirms the previous hint that he will meet us in Jamaica in February. He will come down for the whole month, and we'll rent a car to go collecting. I'll dispose of the motorcycle in Puerto Rico, if possible. The letter to Kenneth Fender was in answer to his, rather naïvely asking me to identify Staphs and outlining "the usual conditions". Had to tell him I couldn't do it now, and also that his conditions weren't particularly attractive. [[margin]] XI-3-36 [[margin]] Today started out dry but the ground is still soaked from last nights rains. I spent the morning typing letters and writing to Martha. In the afternoon I dressed to go out collecting, but it started to rain before I left. So I spent the time taking the radio apart, to try to fix it to use this evening for the election returns. It worked once for a few minutes, but I couldn't start it again or find the trouble.
[[preprinted]] 8 [[/preprinted]] St. Croix 8. We spent the evening from 8 to 1 listening to the election returns on the radio. At first Roosevelt had a substantial lead, but this seemed to grow smaller. Only a small proportion of the votes were in when we went to bed. Miss Fleming is an extreme pessimist sometimes. She was for Landon, but didn't voice a single hope for his election during the whole week. [[margin]] XI-4-36 [[margin]] Last night we had very heavy rains and unusually high winds. In the morning I went to town to mail letters and make reservations at the Bull Line. They weren't sure, and will let us know later. We may be able to take the motorcycle uncrated and use it for one day in St. Thomas. I drew the map on the following page (traced from one loaned me by Mr. Elliot, in the Census). After lunch I went out to try to get to the north coast. I followed the main road and turned off to left beyond Bethlehem as before. The ford at Salt River looked pretty rough so I turned west past Concordia and Lebanon. Came back to the main road by way of Jealousy. Passed a Virgin Islands Company truck stuck on a high center. One of the men told me that the final election results gave every state [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] 9 [[/preprinted]] [[image - "boxed" map of the Virgin Islands, headed: [[underlined]] THE VIRGIN ISLANDS [[/underlined]] Scale:1 inch = 11 3/4 miles Large islands have Roman numerals, I - VI; small have Arabic numerals, 1-23. The international boundary between British and American Virgin Islands is shown. Also shown is a line between islands I & III stating that they are 40 miles apart]] [[underlined]] KEY [[/underlined]] I St. Thomas II St. John III St. Croix IV Tortola V Virgin Gorda VI Anegada 1 Sail Rock 2 Saba I. 3 Savanna I. 4 Cockroach I. 5 Buck I. 6 Frenchman's Cap 7 Hans Lollik Is. 8 Little Tobago I. 9 Tobago I. 10 Yost Van Dyke I. 11 Norman I. 12 Peter I. 13 Salt I. 14 Cooper I. 15 Round Rock 16 Guano I. 17 Great Camanoe I. 18 Dog Is. 19 Seal Dogs 20 Mosquito I. 21 Little Van Dyke I. 22 Necker I. 23 Buck I. 24 Thatch I. 25 Brass Is. 26 Water I.
[[preprinted]] 10 [[/preprinted]] St. Croix 10. but Vermont and Maine to Roosevelt. Landon took only 8 electoral votes. The man said he lost three bottles of Champagne, but I'm told his job depended on Roosevelt's reelection. The V.I. Co. is supposed to be independent, but everyone here is sure it's a government affair. Twice I've seen a [[strikethrough]] D. [[/strikethrough]] U.S.D.I. truck working alongside a V.I. Co. truck. I rode in a light shower and got home in time to miss a heavier rain. [[margin]] XI-5-36 [[/margin]] Rather rainy again. Stayed home; wrote a letter to Martha; and worked over some of the periodicals and [[strikethrough]] d adds [[/strikethrough]] ads. Ruth went bathing at the Club with Miss Fleming. Nothing else to record. [[margin]] XI-6-36 [[/margin]] In the morning went along the coast north of Frederiksted to the end of the road, - Ham Bluff. The road was very wet and muddy, and I had to ford one rocky stream. A brief shower passed over but wasn't serious. [[underlined]] Station 318. [[/underlined]] Mouth of Caledonia River, at Ham Bay. From under bark of a live tree took several Pseudo-scorpions and several myriapods. The banks of the stream yielded nothing, and I could find [[strikethrough]] I [[/strikethrough]] no dryopid larvae in the stream. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] 11 [[/preprinted]] [[underlined]] Station 319. [[/underlined]] Ham Bluff, northwest corner of the island. Under rubbish [['bb' replaces 'ff'; tails are struckthrough]]on the sand found 2 Carabids. Came home without finding other collecting. After lunch set out to go to the south coast in the vicinity of [[strikethrough]] Sat [[/strikethrough]] Great Pond. Went down past Canegarden Estate, but was soon stopped by mud holes. Found a fine pasture at [[underlined]] Station 320. [[/underlined]] 1/2 mile east of Canegarden Estate; 3 miles south of Christiansted, near south coast. Found nothing in dung, but 1 Carabid running in path. After tea I started to make an analysis of the way I've spent the days throughout the trip. Also wrote a letter to Daddy and Mother. In the evening Ruth and I and Miss Fleming and her niece, Betty Currie, played cards (poker). [[margin]] XI-7-36 [[/margin]] Got a late start to go to the north coast. Took the road past Jealousy, Upper Lone, [[insertion]] and [[/insertion]] River Estates. It was quite badly washed out, - probably impassable to a car, but I just managed to get over. The road goes over a pass several hundred feet high, from which I had a fine view of St. Thomas, St. John, Tortola, and Virgin Gorda, and could just see the mountains of Puerto Rico. The road down is very steep, but passable.
[[preprinted]] 12 [[/preprinted]] St. Croix 12. Stopped once on the ascent to inspect dung. [[underlined]] Station 321. [[/underlined]] A short distance above the locality called Parasol (on U.S.C.& G.S. map) on western road through the mountains to north coast. In dung found 3 Staphs (apparently [[underlined]] Actobius [[/underlined]]). The beaches along Cane Bay are narrow and rather rocky. There is considerable drift but very little seaweed. Stopped several times. [[underlined]] Station 322. [[/underlined]] Beach at Cane Bay. 1 Carabid from under drift. This beach has a great many dead sea-urchins. I picked up a few shells and then found several very nice heart-urchins. Followed the road around to Salt River, where I had no trouble with the river crossing. The road was very wet, and though I kept looking for fungus or dung, found nothing. Home for a late tea. Ruth went swimming. Two boats were in this evening, - the SS Burgos, and the SS Ingrid. The former brought Ruth one letter. The SS Mary came to Christiansted and the regular mail came over by bus. None! The SS Catharine which used to be on this service is being rebuilt and the Mary is just a little sub, carrying five or six passengers & no meals! [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] 13 [[/preprinted]] [[margin]] XI-8-36 [[/margin]] While we were in St. Kitts, Mr. Drayton showed us a particularly hard bridge play problem. The solution is rather difficult to remember. The hands are as follows. East= S - none; H - A,4,3,2; C - A,4; D - A,4; South= S - none; H,9,8; C - J,10; D - J,10,9,8; West= S - 5,4,3,2; H - none; C - 3,2; D - 3,2; North= S - none; H - K,Q,J,10; C - K,Q; D - K,Q. Spades are trumps and East must lead. Problem: East and West must win all tricks against any defense. Solution [[circled]] 1 [[/circled]]: East leads H2, South H8, West trumps, North H10. Then West leads trumps, North DQ, East D4, South H9. Then West leads D2, North DK, East DA, South D8. Then East leads HA, South D9, West C2, North HJ. Then East leads H3, South D10, West trumps, North HQ. Then West leads last trump, if North plays HK West wins by entering with the club ace and leading the heart; if North plays CQ, East H4, and then if South play C10 West wins by entering with the club A and leading the C4, but if South plays the DJ West leads the D3 and then the C3 to CA. This is one of three plays depending on North's discard on the trump lead in second round. East must follow suit (if North discards C or D) and West must then lead the same suit again. On the fourth round West discards the other suit. If North discards hearts the game is easily won. 2nd & 3rd discards and 4th lead are most important.
[[preprinted]] 14 [[/preprinted]] St. Croix 14. In the middle of the morning Mr. Beatty and a friend Mr. Seaman came by to invite me to go out for the day. They were just out to rough-it for the day, but were heading first for a bat-cave somewhere near Ham Bay. Ruth got me some sandwiches and bananas while I put on old clothes. We drove along the coast north past Ham Bay to the lighthouse grounds. The light keeper, a Puerto Rican, couldn't tell us where the cave was, so we explored the bluff as far as we could climb. We couldn't find the cave but found a small stream with a swell pool for bathing! We came back to Ham Bay and drove about a quarter of a mile up the stream into Caledonia Valley. Here we ate lunch, and then walked about a mile up the stream to a fall on a tributary on the right side. I tried collecting along the river, but found nothing. Also opened one large termite nest, but failed to find the queen cell. It was not a thriving colony, though quite large. The [[underlined]] Nasutitermes [[/underlined]] here generally build their nests high up in the large forest trees. [[underlined]] Station 323. [[/underlined]] Caledonia Valley, about 1 mile east of Ham Bay. A large spider from a [[strikethrough]] net [[/strikethrough]] web across the pathway. This was the only catch of the day. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] 15 [[/preprinted]] [[image - drawn map of the island of St. Croix; the locations of 'Christiansted' and 'Fredericksted' are labeled on the map, as are collecting points, numbered to correspond with Station numbers in journal narrative ]] [[caption]] [[underlined]] ST. CROIX [[/underlined]] Scale: 1 inch = 2 1/3 miles [[/caption]]
[[preprinted]] 16 [[/preprinted]] St. Croix 16. On the way home Beatty saw a little boy with a slingshot. He stopped the car and took the slingshot away from the boy. The boy didn't seem to be surprised and evidently understood the scolding he got in Spanish. It seems that the Puerto Ricans are death on all birds, and slingshots are confiscated at sight. It was rather hard to reconcile the two feelings, of sympathy for the kid losing his toy, and of indignation at destruction of birds. We came home through town and stopped to get a dish of ice cream. I was more or less introduced to one or two acquaintances - mostly riff-raff who were tight but couldn't be dodged. Had an early supper and a long evening. [[margin]] XI-9-36 [[/margin]] The fine weather of several days ended this morning. The day was overcast and it rained several times. Ruth went to town in the morning but I accomplished little. In the afternoon we worked some on stamps, and after tea Ruth went to the club with Miss Fleming. They played Ping Pong, and found it quite a strenuous game. I wrote letters to Eudonie in St. Lucia, Bottimer, and Don Frizzell. Also the Report for last month. Ruth claims that she has definitely given up her journal. I'm still trying to persuade her to keep it up. She says she's tir [[strikethrough]] ing [[/strikethrough]] ed of the bother. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] 17 [[/preprinted]] [[margin]] XI-10-36 [[/margin]] Typed the letters written last night, and then spent the rest of the morning working on a MS that is a [[strikethrough]] n [[/strikethrough]] discussion review of Schenk & McMasters Procedure in Taxonomy. I don't know whether I would ever try to publish it, but it does me good just to write it out. After lunch I went down to the southwestern peninsula. The road is not passable so I had to walk. Everything seems to be densely covered with brush, traversed by numerous tortuous paths full of waist-high grass. I was unable to find the salt ponds or the beach, but did collect at [[underlined]] Station 324. [[/underlined]] Vicinity of White's Bay, Southwest Cape. From flowers took 5 small beetles. Could find no Staphs in flowers. [[underlined]] Station 325. [[/underlined]] 1/2 mile east of sta. 324; 1/2 mile south of Hannah's Rest estate. From dung (and manure) took 120 Staphs ([[underlined]] Oxytelus [[/underlined]] - 72, Paederinae - 8, [[underlined]] Philonthus [[/underlined]] - 18, [[underlined]] Actobius [[/underlined]] - 17 and 1, [[underlined]] Conosoma [[/underlined]] - 2, Aleocharinae - 2), 1 Carabid, 19 Sphaeridiinae, 4 Histeridae, 15 [[underlined]] Aphodius [[/underlined]], pseudoscorpions, and ants. Finally got back through the brush and swamp to the main road, and then home.
[[preprinted]] 18 [[/preprinted]] St. Croix 18. After dinner we had a call from Dr. and Mrs. Hughes. Before they had been here long, the hospital phoned for the doctor, and he had to leave. He invited me to come and see the hospital, so I went along. We found that two Puerto Ricans had been fighting. One had a small stone cut on his forehead that took 2 stitches. The other had been properly cut up with a razor. First the doctor put in 17 sutures to close a huge gash running from the shoulder down across the chest. When he had finished, the nurse turned the man over and showed a still larger cut running down his back for [[double underlined]] 10 [[/underlined]] inches. It took 23 stitches! Then four more to close a gash on the forehead. 44 sutures altogether. They were of course put in without any anaesthetic, but were obviously painful. The man stood the [[underlined]] two [[/underlined]] hours of "sewing" remarkably well. We got back to the house about midnight, and gave the doctor a glass of beer before he left. Ruth had found several mutual friends in Mexico with Mrs. Hughes. They were there [[strikethrough]] as [[/strikethrough]] at a northern mining town. See Ruth's journal for specific account. This was my first experience in an operating room. I got quite tired of standing. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] 19 [[/preprinted]] [[margin]] XI-11-36 [[/margin]] Rode over to Christiansted to make definite arrangements with the Bull Line agent. He had a reservation for us on the 25th, but was full for the 28th. He said I could take the motor uncrated, for about $8.00, could land in St. Thomas for the day on Sunday. The passage is $10.00 apiece. I finally decided to change the reservation to Dec. 5th. Went up to the hospital to find Beatty. We decided to go out in the afternoon and he invited me to lunch. As I had no collecting things I decided I'd have to come back to Frederiksted, and so I did. Had lunch and changed my clothes, and rode back to Christiansted. We went east along the north coast as far as Southgate Estate, then followed a private "road" down around the Southgate Pond to the beach at [[underlined]] Station 326. [[/underlined]] Beach at Chenay Bay, near Southgate Pond, 3 miles northeast of Christiansted. From under the abundant seaweed took 6 Staphs (all [[underlined]] Cafius [[/underlined]], of three distinct sizes), 26 Carabidae, 18 minute Dryopidae, 3 Byrrhidae, 1 Tenebrionid, larvae, pseudoscorpions, and ants. [[underlined]] Station 327. [[/underlined]] Southgate Estate, about 3 miles east of Christiansted. From dung took 14 Staphs ([[underlined]] Oxythelus [[/underlined]]
[[preprinted]] 20 [[/preprinted]] St. Croix 20. 3, [[underlined]] Philonthus [[/underlined]] -9, Aleocharinae -2), 2 [[underlined]] Tetracha [[/underlined]], 5 Sphaeridiinae, 7 [[underlined]] Aphodius [[/underlined]], and ants. From here we rode southward past Sight Estate and back to Christiansted past Lowry Hill. We stopped at the Ice Cream parlor, but they had only "fruit" ice cream. It was only fair. I got home after dark. Tonight we had been invited (second hand) to a dance, but. Ruth didn't care to go when she has never even met the hostess. Miss Fleming went and got home about 3 A.M. [[margin]] XI-12-36 [[/margin]] Tried to start early to go out again with Beatty, but didn't get to Christiansted till about 10. We went southeast past Lowry Hill to Petronella Estate, then across to Great Pond. [[underlined]] Station 328. [[/underlined]] 1/4 mile north of Great Pond; 4 miles southwest of Christiansted. From dung took 34 Staphs [[underlined]] Oxytelus [[/underlined]]- 10, [[underlined]] Philonthus [[/underlined]] - 19, Lorinota-group - 4, other Aleocharinae - 1), 6 Carabidae, 7 Sphaeridiinae, 1 Histeridae, 13 [[underlined]] Aphodius [[/underlined]], and 1 larva. [[insertion]] Also 1 large Scarabaeid. [[/insertion]] [[underlined]] Station 329. [[/underlined]] Beach at Great Pond Bay; 1/2 mile south of sta. 328. From under seaweed took 1 [[underlined]] Cafius [[/underlined]], 1 Byrrhid, 5 minute beetles, and an ant. At a place just below Lowry Hill, Beatty shot [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] 21 [[/preprinted]] a pair of small Banana Quicks (honey creepers) for me to take to Wetmore. We then went back for lunch at Mr. Beatty's home. This is at Constitution Hill, about 2 miles west of Christiansted. His father was there, and I think his Mother did the cooking specially, though I didn't meet her. We had a very delicious meal. Beatty showed me some books and papers on West Indian birds, and we discussed the use by ornithologists of the word "endemic". They use it to mean [[underlined]] restricted to [[/underlined]] rather than merely [[underlined]] native [[/underlined]]. When we got back to the hospital we skinned the birds, making one complete skin and one complete skeleton. Beatty made the skin, as I haven't had much experience at it. I got home before dark, and met Mr. & Mrs. Albert Fleming. (See Ruth's journal.) [[margin]] XI-13-36 [[/margin]] Friday The Thirteenth. Spent the morning writing letters to Danforth and the Chief of Police in St. Thomas. Also counted the specimens of last three days and brought the Collecting Notes up to date. Worked a little more on the MS. The SS Mary came in at 4 P.M., and we received Second Class mail and a notice of a parcel held in Washington for 3 cents postage!
[[preprinted]] 22 [[/preprinted]] St. Croix 22. [[margin]] XI-14-36 [[/margin]] Tried to telephone Beatty to tell him that I wasn't coming over today. I couldn't reach him, so I went out anyway. I went up the road past Little Grange, Orange Grove, and Two Friends Estates but was finally prevented from continuing by a bad washout. Came back to the coast without finding any place to collect. Decided I had time to go back to Butler Bay, where I had some success before. [[underlined]] Station 330.[[/underlined]] Same as sta. 317. From dung and manure took 688 Staphs ([[underlined]] Oxytelus [[/underlined]] - 528, Paederinae - 14, Xantholininae - 2 small and 2 large, [[underlined]] Philonthus [[/underlined]] - 63, [[underlined]] Conosoma (?) [[/underlined]] 48, Aleocharinae - 28, Lorinota-group - 3), 1 Carabid, 163 Sphaeridiinae, 6 Histerids, 39 [[underlined]] Aphodius [[/underlined]], Forficulids, larvae, ants, mite, and myriapods. This brings the island total to 1968. The minute beetles listed as [[underlined]] Conosoma [[/underlined]] were unusually abundant. Can't tell what they are, but grow more suspicious that they're not Staphylinids. Spent the afternoon counting these. Every day at tea we are given a lot more milk than we use, so we pour it off in a dish and keep it for the kitty. She is jet black and so small that we thought her just a kitten, but are told she's had kittens several times. Like [[end of page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] 23 [[/preprinted]] so many pets down here, she seems to be under-fed and generally ^[[insertion]] slightly [[/insertion]] mistreated. The dog here is exceedingly nervous and cringes on the ground on the least provocation. People don't know enough to train animals, and then expect them to behave themselves of their own accord. !! [[margin]] XI-15-36 [[/margin]] Sunday. Felt rather lazy today. Did some accounts, read several Sciences, and worked on stamps with Ruth. Also worked out a table showing the number of each family of beetle taken on each island. Might include it in my final report of collecting. [[margin]] XI-16-36 [[/margin]] Cant' seem to get out early. Went across to Christiansted, stopped at the hospital to ask Beatty about collecting at Petronella Estate. Made a date for tomorrow, and then rode to [[underlined]] Station 331. [[/underlined]] Petronella Estate, 1 mile east of Great Pond. From dung in a corral took 1256 Staphs ([[underlined]] Oxytelus [[/underlined]] - 1237, Paederinae - 6, Xantholininae - 3, [[underlined]] Philonthus [[/underlined]] - 5, Conosoma (?)- 2, Aleocharinae - 3), 8 Sphaeridiinae, 5 Histerids, 42 [[underlined]] Aphodius [[/underlined]] larvae, ants. This is by far the largest single catch of the trip, and nearly doubles the island total. I thought there were other things mixed with the [[underlined]] Oxytelus [[/underlined]], but couldn't tell while collecting.
[[preprinted]] 24 [[/preprinted]] St. Croix 24. This collecting took me from 10:30 to noon, and I got home at 12:45. It took all afternoon to count these, and my eyes were rather tired when I finished. Ruth did a lot of sorting of stamps, and in the evening I helped her with the duplicates. [[margin]] XI-17-36 [[/margin]] Stayed in this morning, expecting to go out with Beatty after lunch. It rained a little. Wrote a letter to Mother & Daddy, and started an outline of a "book" on principles of classification. Ruth went to town to send off some gifts to her family for Christmas. After lunch I waited till 3 o'clock for Beatty. He finally came and we went to look at a barn heavily infested with bats. [[underlined]] Station 332. [[/underlined]] Wheel of Fortune Estate, 1/2 mile east of Fredericksted. From bat guano on floor of barn took 22 Staphs [[underlined]] (Oxytelus) [[/underlined]], 9 Hydrophilids, larvae, and ants. We then drove back to town, stopped at the ice cream parlor for refreshment, and then explored the road south to the Westend Salt pond. The mosquitoes and sandflies were very bad, so we didn't [[strikethrough]] f [[/strikethrough]] stay. From there back to town and around the circuit about Mars Hill I held a net out for flying things. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] 25 [[/preprinted]] [[underlined]] Station 333. [[/underlined]] Area immediately south of Fredericksted. By holding an open net above the car took 14 Staphs ([[underlined]] Oxytelus [[/underlined]] - 12, Paederinae - 1, Aleocharinae - 1), 1 Carabid, and 3 Hydrophilids. We got back after dark, and Beatty left for home in a light rain, after cleaning a fouled spark plug. I felt very listless in the evening, and as Ruth was sleepy, we went to bed shortly after eight. [[margin]] XI-18-36 [/margin]] Counted specimens taken yesterday, sorted papers, and read some in Liberty and Literary Digest. It rained lightly once or twice. Miss Fleming was ill, and Ruth spent quite a bit of time talking to her. Worked again on the outline of "A Manual of Systematic Entomology." The main headings are: Training & Background, Acquisition of Material, Preparation of Material, Identification, Morphology, Description of New Species, New Names, Revision of Genera or Higher Groups, Classification, Publication, Curatorial Work. Since I have no reference books, I can only put down what I can think of, and can't hope to be complete. I've started a list of references on the subject, - propose a bibliography for each chapter.
[[preprinted]] 26 [[/preprinted]] St. Croix 26. [[margin]] XI-19-36 [[/margin]] Very little to record today. Shortly after breakfast an American destroyer passed going south. We learned that it carried Pres. Roosevelt to the Peace Conference in Buenos Aires. Spent the day reading, doing stamps with Ruth, and thinking about the outline. Made out a list of references to be consulted for it, - 59 from the few periodicals I have here. There are few important references, but numerous short notes. [[margin]] XI-20-36 [[/margin]] Another rather wasted day. Both yesterday and today have been somewhat threatening, but there's been little rain. Not enough for excuse! After tea Ruth and I went for a walk. We went along the main road and circled back to town by way of Concordia and Wheel of Fortune. It was little over 3 miles, took us an hour. Tried to catch something flying; no success. [[underlined]] Station 334. [[/underlined]] 1 mile southeast of Fredericksted; between Concordia and Wheel of Fortune Estates. 1 Carabid running on the road. At the house I found two small insects that were running with a column of ants. They look rather like roaches. Got some of the ants. Spent [[strikethrough]] t [[/strikethrough]] some time also on the drawing for our 1936 Christmas cards. [[end of page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] 27 [[/preprinted]] [[margin]] XI-21-36 [[/margin]] Mail in the morning. Got an answer from the Chief of Police in St. Thomas granting leave to import and ride the motor there for one day. Also got a letter from the [[Sh. S. I. ?]] with check for $1000. Went to Merwins' to pay lighterage bill, and to the P.O. to see if the Money Order from Dominica (refund of part of wheel tax) could be cashed here. It can't, so must be mailed to Washington. Miss Fleming is still ill. She won't follow the doctor's orders or take his medicine. Today she drove to Christiansted to see another doctor! A bishop arrived today, and was welcomed by a parade of school children and nuns. Beatty phoned, and we made arrangements to go out tomorrow for all day. [[margin]] XI-22-36 [[/margin]] Got up early but didn't get away till 8:30. Ruth helped get breakfast and a lunch. I rode across to meet Beatty at home - Constitution Hill. We then came back along the main road, turned off to north, and finally passed Mon Bijou, and arrived near Betsy's Jewel. [[underlined]] Station 335. [[/underlined]] Vicinity of Betsy's Jewel Estate, 1 1/2 miles north of Bethlehem Estate. [[margin]] A [[/margin]] 1 spider from web (male of same species as sta. 323, female). [[margin]] B [[/margin]] From dung took 6 Staphs (
[[preprinted]] 28 [[/preprinted]] St. Croix 28. In the same lot with the spider are some beetles taken several days ago by Beatty, in a large net over the auto, at dusk. 1 [[underlined]] Frogophloeus, [[/underlined]], 1 Sphaeridiinae, 2 Aphodiinae, 2 Scolytids, and 3 other coleoptera. From here we went back and west to vicinity of Jealousy. Found nothing, though we kept a continual lookout for fungus. We then turned south through Lower Love Est. and past Adventure Est. to the south east. [[underlined]] Station 336. [[/underlined]] Envy Estate; South coast about 2 miles west of Krause Lagoon. Under seaweed found 1 [[underlined]] Cafius [[/underlined]] and 1 Carabid. We followed the southern road eastward, watching for fence posts of West Indian birch, as it seems to be the only thing with fungus. [[underlined]] Station 337. [[/underlined]] Roadway near Anguilla Estate, 1/2 mile northeast of Krause Lagoon. From fungus (on dead W.I. birch) took 279 Staphs (reddish Aliocharinae - 269, black same - 10), 5 other coleoptera, 3 hemiptera, and termites, ants, mites, and larvae. As it was now past lunch-time, we went back to Constitution Hill. There Beatty showed me copies of his published notes on St. Croix birds and a joint article on filaria parisites in [[underlined]] lulex fatigans [[/underlined]] (??) with O'Connor of Philadelphia. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] 29 [[/preprinted]] Beatty told me that of all the relief projects in the Virgin Islands only one (Blue Beard's Castle) had any lasting effect. The rest were complete failures (except for the temporary work given). He showed me a few specimens of various animals he has mounted, and some pen and ink drawing. I expressed interest in his technique, and he showed me quite nice paintings of local birds. One of his ink drawings called "Decay" was done in white on a black background (with [[underlined]] black [[/underlined]] ink on [[underlined]] white [[/underlined]] paper), and shows a hollow stump with the bark peeling off, set in a field of long grass. I thought it [[underlined]] very [[/underlined]] good, and would like to [[strikethrough]] know [[strikethrough]] have a copy of it. It is about 6 x 9 inches. We had a very nice dinner, and after some more discussing I started for home. I arrived about 4:15, but found that Ruth had already finished and gone out visiting. She went with Dr. and Mrs. Hughes to visit some Danish people. We were evidently both expected to visit them, but the doctor forgot to deliver the message. I think the pussycat is getting less skinny. We give her a big dish of milk every day, saved from our tea, and sometimes meet scraps from supper. She was quite thin when we came.
[[preprinted]] 30 [[/preprinted]] St. Croix 30. [[left margin]] XI-23-36 [[/left margin]] In the morning counted yesterday's specimens, and typed a manuscript of four pages. The Staphs taken bring the totals to 3547 and 20,200. The manuscript is my Notes on Procedure in Taxonomy. It is [[strikethrough]] in [[/strikethrough]] primarily a review of the book of Schenk & McMasters, with discussion of certain points from the entomological point of view. I intend to keep it till I can show it to Ed, before I consider publishing it. It has about 2500 words, - would fit on about five pages of the Annals. The day was rather sultry, and it rained twice in the afternoon. Spent the afternoon reading and working on stamps. Ruth slept till tea-time. [[left margin]] XI-24-36 [[/left margin]] Weather rather threatening, but little rain fell. Spent the day at home on MS, Liberty, etc. We went to have tea with Dr. and Mrs. Hughes and stayed till six. Mail just before dinner. I got a letter from Bottimer. In the evening started cataloging the paper of Faunel's on American Staphs. [[left margin]] XI-25-36 [[/left margin]] The Nerissa came in from south before breakfast. She left in the middle of the morning, and was replaced by the Ingrid from the north. Ruth went out early with Miss Fleming and I [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] 31 [[/preprinted]] started to collect along the south coast. Just outside of town I met Beatty. He was coming over to send a box to the Museum by the Nerissa. The Furness Line takes things for the Museum free. He had promised to send one of mine at the same time, so I came back here to fix it up. As I left the yard with it, I hit a stone in the gateway and it punctured a hole in the crankcase. Beatty found that the boat had already left, so the boxes will have to wait till next trip. We talked for a long time, on everything from hermit crabs to the prospect of war in Europe, antiaircraft defense, etc., etc. I met a Dr. Gorner (D.D.) who is writing a history of education in St. Croix. He is a Moravian, knew Daddy by name, and studied at Texas. He invited us out to visit them. Spent the afternoon reading and working on stamps with Ruth. We have nearly finished putting in the duplicates. I counted up and found there are nearly 15,000. In the evening I worked on the cards again. It goes so fast that these 100 pages won't last long. This makes me rather anxious to get home so I'll always ^ [[insert]] have [[/insert]] things to do that I'm interested in.
[[preprinted]] 32 [[/preprinted]] St. Croix 32 [[left margin]] XI-26-36 [[/left margin]] Spent the morning writing letters: to Bailey to arrange for a new crankcase and shipping the motorcycle; to the Jamaica Auto Association to find out about renting a car, getting a license, and getting a new tourist membership; and the report for St. Kitts. Thanksgiving Day. Ruth went to the service at the Catholic church, and was gone nearly all morning. In the afternoon we worked some more on stamps. We had dinner here with Miss Fleming, having refused a so-called invitation to a dinner for "Americans" (continentals) in Christiansted. It is generally a drinking party, costs $1.35 apiece. After dinner Mr. Fleming, Albert called, and we sat around talking till after ten. [[left margin]] XI-27-36 [[/left margin]] This was one of those days that passes without leaving any particular impression. I tried to catch up a little on the Liberty's and Literary Digests. It rained a little several times. There was a Furness freighter in from the north, and also the Danish training ship. This is a three-masted schooner (square rigged), and came in under full sail. She was very pretty. Ruth took the camera down to the club, and took two [[underlined]] photos [[/underlined]] of her (the boat). [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] 33 [[/preprinted]] [[left margin]] XI-28-36 [[/left margin]] A busy day. I wrote a letter to Pete Ting, and got out a separate of my thesis for him. At 10 o'clock I walked down town, got some things to wrap up the separate, went to the bank to cash the check from the S.I., and went to the P.O. to mail things. At the bank I learned that Danish West Indies coins were used here until two or three years ago. They still appear, and I got two sets of the available ones. I also got a one-dollar bill of the old larger size. Spent the rest of the morning sorting out things to be sent home from here. There will be quite a lot of things. Also sorted and wrapped up the coins that I'm taking back for Ed and me. In the afternoon put away the beetles from the large vials and jars. Also numbered recent lots. The SS Mary came in. May have mail. Beatty phoned in the evening to find out what time I am going across in the morning. After some trouble we set it for 8-8:30. Ruth got a letter from Mrs. Willis. She is still willing to forward our mail, which is a wonder. Anyone would be entitled to be tired of it by now. Had a little trouble with the kitty tonight. I had to clean up one mess, and pussy had to spend the night outside.
[[preprinted]] 34 [[/preprinted]] St. Croix 34. [[left margin]] XI-29-36 [[/left margin]] Got up a little early in order to catch the eight o'clock bus. It didn't come, and I finally caught one about 9:15. I found Beatty waiting for me near Adventure. He had changed plans somewhat because of two visitors who came from St. Thomas to shoot deer. We drove along the Southern Road a short distance and waited for the others. They had gone up on a brushy knoll with some dogs. I saw something moving in the bushes near us. It turned out to be a young deer. Beatty got out a rifle, but didn't shoot. It was a strange gun, and he didn't get the sights and safety fixed in time. The deer was about 20 yards away. The hunters finally came back, saying they had shot a deer, but that it had disappeared. The dogs were bloody and Beatty thought there was something wrong. So they went back to look again. This time they found it. It turned out that the two hunters have been here since last Wednesday and now killed three deer. There is a 3 month open season, with limit of six deer. Beatty says the deer are increasing, though they were nearly exterminated a year or two ago by night hunting, - now prohibited. We then went back to Constitution Hill, where Beatty and the others cleaned the deer. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] 35 [[/preprinted]] When all of this was finished it was lunch time. We had the usual very good and very generous dinner, except that we also that the company of one of Beatty's sisters. She is quite good-looking and pleasant, and gives no hint of any colored blood, such as is rumoured to be present. Harry shows no signs either. After lunch time we took the hunters down to go aboard the SS Mary for home. They got their two other deer out of storage. The bishop went on the same boat. Then Beatty and I started out for the Salt River and the north coast. We watched for fungus, etc., but found none. [[left margin]] [[circle with 'x' inside]] [[/left margin]] [[Note: Left bracket connecting this and following three lines]] [[underlined]] Station 338 [[/underlined]] (November 1-30, 1936) Frederiksted, St. Croix. Flying to light in the hostel. Several Staphs, Scarabs, Aedemerids, and other beetles, chiefly small. Also ticks. [[underlined]] Station 339. [[/underlined]] West side of Sugar Bay. From dung in the roadway took 290 Staphs ([[underlined]] Orcytelus [[/underlined]] - 259, Paederinae - 2, Xantholininae - 23, [[underlined]] Philonthus [[/underlined]] - 2, Aleocharinae - 4), 10 Sphaeridiinae, 47 [[underlined]] Aphodius [[/underlined]], and several ants. As we didn't have time to get around to Cane Bay, we went down to the beach at
[[preprinted]] 36 [[/preprinted]] St. Croix 36. [[underlined]] Station 340. [[/underlined]] Beach at Greig Hill, west of Sugar Bay. Under seaweed found only one 1 minute beetle. As it was now after five, we put up the large net over the car and started slowly home. We took the road past Fredensfeld and Jealousy, and stopped occasionally to suck up the myriad insects in the aspirators. The collecting was done mostly in the central part of the island, between 5:30 and 6:30. [[underlined]] Station 341. [[/underlined]] Roadways of St. Croix, as outlined above. From the net over the car took 1839 Staphs ([[underlined]] Anyselus [[/underlined]] - 102, other Anyselinae - 67 and 1624, Paederinae - at least 6 species - 27, [[underlined]] Philonthus [[/underlined]] - 1, [[underlined]] Coproporus [[/underlined]] - 3, Aleo-charinae-15), 88 Carabids, 41 Hydrophilids (including water beetles and Sphaeridiinae), Aphodiinae-2, Tenebrionids - 1, and 135 other coleoptera. The tiniest Anyselinae was the most abundant. I don't remember taking it before. The (67) other one is slightly larger but may be the same. These may both be Aleocharinae, as I thought at first. Most of the Paederinae were long, slender, and cylindrica, but seem to be Stilici or related. The [[underlined]] Coproporus [[/underlined]] is the first for the island, - a fine big reddish species. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] 37 [[/preprinted]] [[left margin]] XI-30-36 [[/left margin]] Spent the whole morning counting yesterday's catch. Didn't finish it. After lunch Beatty came by for me, and we went down to the West End Salt Pond to try to catch some young ducks. Beatty has an aviary and wants some company for his one duckling. We went to the small freshwater pond just above the south beach. There were a few ducks, but no young. We then explored the beach, found a good crab but no insects and then started homeward. It was now after five so we put up the net. We went back through village of Camporico, past Concordia and La Grange, and home. Beatty stayed for dinner and we spent the evening talking politics and natural history. [[underlined]] Station 342. [[/underlined]] Byroads south and southeast of Fredericksted. In the net over the car took 78 Staphs ([[underlined]] Anyselus [[/underlined]] - 42, Anyselinae - 9, and tiny - 25, Paederinae - 1 and 1), 2 Carabids, 10 Hydrophids, 2 Aphodiinae, 3 beetles. [[underlined]] Station [[strikethrough]] 2 [[/strikethrough]] 343. [[/underlined]] Eastern ^ [[insert]] end [[/insert]] of the Westend Salt Pond; 2 miles south of Fredericksted. One Chrysomelid and 1 Cantharid from sweeping. This with the last lot from Beatty (next page) brings the total for St. Croix to 6025.
[[preprinted]] 38 [[/preprinted]] St. Croix 38. [[left margin]] XII-1-36 [[/left margin]] Mr. Beatty put up the net over the car one evening last week, near Cristiansted. He reported that the tiny Staphs were abundant from 5:30 to 6:30, and the larger ones most plentiful from 6:00 to 7:30. None were taken after 8:00. This is [[underlined]] Station 344. [[/underlined]] Roads between Christiansted and Constitution Hill estate. From net over car (Beatty) took 265 Staphs Prisstinae - 1, [[underlined]] Oncytelus [[/underlined]] - 100 Oncytelinae - 25 and 111 minute, Paederinae - 7 and 1, Xantholiminae - 1, [[underlined]] Philonthus [[/underlined]] - 2, [[underlined]] Coproporus [[/underlined]] - 3, Lorinota - group - 13, other Aleocharinae - 1), 5 Carabids, 25 Hydrophilids, 1 Cocinellid, 1 Bostrychid, 4 Aphodiinae, 11 beetles. Went to town to the Bull Line to arrange for the motorcycle. The SS Mary will be in Christiansted tomorrow, so I arranged with Merwin's to have a truck stop for the motor to take it across. After lunch the agent phoned to say that the boat was coming to Fredericksted. That will make it much easier. [[left margin]] XI-2-36 [[/left margin]] At nine o'clock coasted and pushed the motor down to the pier. Filled out six blanks at the Customs House, and the loaded the motor (with spare wheel tied alongside into the lighter. I went out with them and saw that it was properly loaded on the Mary. She is a messy tub! [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] 39 [[/preprinted]] Got back in time for lunch. After an early tea we drove to Christiansted with Miss Fleming. Shopped around and stopped for ice cream. Saw Beatty, - he's coming across in the morning. On the way home we stopped at the Ag. Exp. Station. Mr. Olson was there. He worked on our radio, but wouldn't take any payment. [left margin]] XII-3-36 [[/left margin]] In the morning Beatty came by. There had been several cases of malaria in one district, and he was looking for mosquitoes. He says they were Puerto Ricans - probably came over with it their blood. He brought us a large sea urchin, oblong and very concave beneath, - sort of a sand-dollar bloated and hanging down at the sides. Last night when we got home we found two large Riker mounts on our table. One had a 2 1/4 inch Scarab, and the other a large tailless whip-scorpion. There was also a note from a Mr. Norris N. Nichols, (director??) of the Ag. Exp. Station. He asked that I identify the specimens and call or phone. Beatty says he has the name of the whip-scorpion, so I'll refer Norris to him. The Scarab, Beatty has never seen here before, and doubts if it's St. Crucian? at all. Spent the rest of the day packing four boxes of [[underlined]] junk [[/underlined]] to send home. [[end page]]
[[preprinted]] 40 [[/preprinted]] St. Croix 40. [[left margin]] XI-4-36 [[/left margin]] Started packing in earnest. The Bull Line says that the SS Mary will be a day late again, but will come to Fredericksted on Saturday (when we can put our baggage aboard) and leave from Christiansted on Sunday. That means we will not have any time in St. Thomas. I went to town to send off the four packages, and mail two bird skeletons (Banana quicks or Honey creepers, [[underlined]] Coerula. [[/underlined]]) to Dr. Westmore. The Furness agents consented to send the boxes to the Museum free. Just a slight graft. [[strikethrough]] [[?]] [[/strikethrough]] !!! [[left margin]] XI-5-36 [[/left margin]] Finished packing the trunk and dunnage bag and four other bags in the morning. We find we have space to spare, because of the things we sent home. After lunch we went to call on the Hughes to say goodbye, and then I went to the Bull Line office to get our tickets and arrange our baggage. The SS Mary came in about 4:15 and the porters came for our bags and delivered them on board, bringing back a receipt. They tried to wangle double payment, but didn't get it, so they went away sore. Miss Fleming had a party for some relations that arrived on the boat. In the evening we went down to the Country Club to a dance. Mr. & Mrs. Nichols had phoned to invite us. [[end page]] [[start page]] St. Croix 41, final. [[preprinted]] 41 [[/preprinted]] About seven couples showed up, but they seemed more interested in the bar than the dance floor. The orchestra was unspeakable. Mr. Nichols was quite pleasant, and when we left said he'd write to Lee in Mayaguez that we are coming. We found out tonight that Miss Fleming has been thinking that our $100 a month rate was actually $25 a week. Not very logical, I'm afraid, in face of the way we arranged it. It would make twelve dollars difference, so we agreed to split the difference with her. A gift, I think! [[left margin]] XII-6-36 [[/left margin]] Finished the small remaining amount of packing and spent an hour or two copying into the Field Notes. Right after lunch we started for Christiansted. I gave Isaac, the chauffeur, the taxi-driver's cap that I've carried all the trip without using. In Christiansted we met Harry Beatty who had come down to see us off. He took some photos of himself and me and of Ruth and me with his car nicknamed The Phantom. We went aboard the Mary right away and sailed at 2:45. Harry gave me another vial of Staphs from the net over the car. We spent the four-hour voyage lying down as the boat is rather unsteady.
[[preprinted]] 42 [[/preprinted]] St. Thomas 1, final. St. John 1, final. [[left margin]] XI-6-36 (cont.) [[/left margin]] We arrived at St. Thomas about 6:30 P.M., but after dark. We took a taxi up to the 1829 Hotel (Taylor's), and were surprised to find the hotel crowded. There was scarcely a place for us to eat, but we sat with Mr. Taylor, and had a nice dinner and a pleasant talk. The influx of various sorts of Federal agencies has created a minor boom, all hotels nearly full. Kruger's Hotel is closed temporarily, but the same people have a nice restaurant. From the Census of the V.I. took the following data: Area sq. mi.; population - 10,1919 (1917); highest point-West Mountain, 1549 ft. Also the following for [[underlined]] St. John [[/underlined]]: Area - 20 sq. mi; population 959 (1917); chief industry -cattle raising; no roads. The Pocket Guide to the W.I. adds: 3 miles east of St. Thomas, under which municipality it is controlled. First settled by Danes about 1716, and in days of sugar supported 3,000 whites and 2500 slaves. "Bay leaf" tree ([[underlined]] Pimenta acris [[/underlined]] is also cultivated. We sailed from St. Thomas at 11:30 P.M. [[end page]] [[start page]] Puerto Rico 1. [[preprinted]] 43 [[/preprinted]] [[left margin]] XII-7-36 [[/left margin]] Arrived at San Juan, Puerto Rico about 8 A.M. In spite of the very bad stories we have heard concerning the Customs inspections, we had little difficulty, although we had to open each bag. We took a bus into town and went to the Aquarium Restaurant for breakfast. We then set out to find a place to live. First we went back to the Olimpo Court Apts, where we stayed last year. Mr. Antmeyer had a room for us, so we decided to stay. The rates have gone up from $9 to $10 a week. There is a new Miramar Tavern at the back, where we can get meals for $12 a week apiece. We went back to town and stopped off at Bailey's Motor Service. We found it has moved. Mrs. Bailey was there and recognized us, but told us that Mr. Bailey died very suddenly a short time before. (I judge about three weeks). This was very sad news; Mrs. Bailey must have been very much stricken. She seems to be carrying on the business; of course, she did most of the "business" end of it before. She told us that she had great difficulty about the motorcycle and had been unable to gain possession of it, - even under bond. Together we went to the Customs, and
[[preprinted]] 44 [[/preprinted]] Puerto Rico 2. by declaring it as baggage, we got it in our $200 allowance. The truck came for it, and we got it out just before noon. I then went with the truck to take our baggage to the Apts., and then Ruth and I rode home with Mrs. Bailey. We had lunch here at the Tavern, and liked it. In the afternoon we went to town again, chiefly because there was nothing else to do. We went to the Post Office and left a note to stop forwarding mail to St. Croix. We then went to the Department of Automobiles to get my license extended. Had to go ^ [[insert]] and [[/insert]] buy two $1 stamps, and stood in line about half an hour. Finally got the license, and then came home. Had dinner at the tavern, and decided to make arrangements for a week's board there. [[left margin]] XII-8-36 [[/left margin]] To town in the morning to cash check at bank and get Travelers Cheques. At the Post Office we got letters from EB, the MacCoy's, and two of stamps from the British islands. We also got a package of 2nd class, with 2 Sciences. & a Renista. Also a card & several separates from [[Lin ?]] Gressitt. I tried to find the Horn Line, but walked clear out to Bailey's without finding it. In the afternoon we tried to plan what we're going to do. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] 45 [[/preprinted]] [[left margin]] XII-9-36 [[/left margin]] Spent the morning at the garage. Had the motor reassembled by noon, but left it there for a few more adjustments. In the afternoon, got it running better than for a long time, - by putting on a new carburetor. The bill for these parts & repairs was $54.54. Ruth spent the morning getting a permanent. After I got home I started drawing the plate for our Christmas cards. It is a map of the W.I. in black, showing our route. [[left margin]] XII-10-36 [[/left margin]] Went to town to see about getting the cards made. One photo place wanted $2 for negative and $5 per 100 for postcards. A photolithography place offered to make a zinc etching for $2.62, and a printer would print on cards (furnished with envelopes) for 4. a 100. We decided on the latter. I can use the map in my report, by routing out the greeting. Found a laundry where they will dye my riding breeches. They're not worn out, but are getting rather messy looking. I finally did find the Horn Line. They do not carry passengers from San Juan, but can take us from C. Trujillo on January 6th. As there is a Porto Rico Line boat to there on the 4th, that seems the best way to go. The combined fare is $51 to Kingston each. Seems very high.
[[preprinted]] 46 [[/preprinted]] Puerto Rico 4. [[left margin]] XII-11-36 [[/ left margin]] Finished the drawing for the Christmas cards and took it to the engravers. Went to the Horn Line to make reservations, - they have to write to C. Trujillo for them. Wrote letters to Wetmore, Gressitt, and Linsley. Went for a short ride to see how the motor works, and got several drops of oil spattered on my ankle. they came from the exhaust and burned a blister. The mechanic at the garage thought there was too much oil in the crankcase. On the radio we learned of the acceptance by Parliament of [[strikethrough]] the [[/strikethrough]] King Edward VIII's abdication. Now it will be King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. [[left margin]] XII-12-36 [[/left margin]] Wrote a letter to Daddy and Mother. They are staying over in England for a few weeks or months, to get a little real rest. Went to Bailey's to see about selling the motor, but have been unable to meet any of the prospects. Spent some time on the charts of how I've spent the days during the trip, and completed the list of locality labels up to date. After dinner we took the bus to town to see the movie "San Francisco". We enjoyed it very much. Jeanette McDonald has a good voice, though not up to Grace Moore's. The earthquake was well done. showed the new bridges. [[/end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] 47 [[/preprinted]] [[left margin]] XII-13-36 [[/left margin]] Sunday. We have decided to have our breakfasts and lunches here in our room. We can save about $20.00 in three weeks. Our landlady will provide dishes and an electric stove for $2 a month. Wrote letters to Baltimer and ^ [[insert]] to [[/insert]] the American Consul in C Trujillo (Santo Domingo) to announce our stopover in January. Don't remember anything else. (This is really being written on the 18th, from notes taken more or less on time!). [[left margin]] XII-14-36 [[/left margin]] Went out in the morning to visit Wolcott at the Insular Experiment Station at Rio Piedras. I found him in, and spent several hours discussing his Insectae Boringuensis, the southern islands, H.E. Bon, the entomological situation in P.R., etc. He presented me with a copy of the very large Ins. Bor., which is a new edition of his previous Ins. Portoricensis. He also loaned me all the Staphs from the collection, and wishes returned not necessarily the same ones, but a set of the common [[underlined]] Puerto Rican [[/underlined]] species. He would also be glad to receive a list of species from PR. as soon as I have it, -- i.e., before publication. I went to see a prospect for the motorcycle, but it turned out to be a cheap prospect!
[[preprinted]] 48 [[/preprinted]] Puerto Rico 6. Got a letter from Ed, giving dis date of sailing and other plans. He says reservations are hard to get. So I wrote him Air Mail to try to get ones for us with his, and wrote also to the United Fruit Co. in Jamaica for same. [[left margin]] XII-15-36 [[/left margin]] We started eating at home today. I like it, but its more trouble for Ruth. A man came to see about the motor, but I'm afraid he's not a good prospect either. He wants only the motor itself, - no sidecar. Went to the P.O. for mail and stamps. Ruth got it all, several letters & Christmas cards. We went to town for dinner. Ate at the Aquarium again, but were somewhat disappointed. The American trade seems to be gone. [[left margin]] XII -16-36 [[/left margin]] Got my riding breeches from the dyers. They seem to be allright. Rode out through Bayamon to the highway bridge near Toa Alta. [[underlined]] Station 345 [[/underlined]] Same as station 45 (volume II); a pasture along the Rio Plata just below Toa Alta. From dung and manure took 733 Staphs ([[underlined]] Oxytelus [[/underlined]]- 553, Paederinae - 5 and 7, Xantholininae - 3 and 4 and 2, [[underlined] Philonthus [[/underlined]] - 56, Aleorharinae - 103), 1 Carabid, 113 Sphaeridiinae, 5 Histerids, 18 [[underlined] Aphodius [[/underlined]], [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] 49 [[/preprinted]] 19 1/3 mm. beetles, and 64 other coleoptera. There were several species of [[underlined]] Philonthus [[/underlined]] and several of the Aleocharinae. Three of the Xantholininae were the very large ones found here before. This place is 24 kilometers west of San Juan. It seemed like a long hard ride. I must be very much out of practice. As Mayaguay is about 180 kil., I'll have to get some practice before I take that trip [[strikethrough]] h [[/strikethrough]]. Felt rather tired in the afternoon, especially after counting the catch. After tea, I took the etching for our Christmas cards from the engravers to the printers. I worked some on a projected bookplate (taking advantage of the low cast of etchings here). This company will make half-tones for the same price as line cuts. We had dinner here at the Miramar Tavern. [[left margin]] XII-17-36 [[/left margin]] We went out through Bayamon, turned south, passed towns of Naranjito and Comerio, but turned east through Cidra, to Caguas, and back home through Rio Piedras. This road from Bayamon nearly to Cidra is one of the most scenic I've seen in the island. It is real mountain country with a good paved road and fine vegetation. I found only one place to collect.
[[preprinted]] 50 [[/preprinted stamp]] Puerto Rico 8. [[underlined]] Station 346. [[/underlined]] About 10 kilometers south of Bayamon, on road to Naranjito junction. From dung along the river took only 4 [[underlined]] Aphodius [[/underlined]]. The edge of the stream yielded nothing, perhaps because it was soaking wet from recent rains. In the afternoon rested from the rather strenuous 100 kil. (60 miles) of the morning. The road back from Caguas tempts speed and is therefore extra tiring. We started addressing the envelopes for the Christmas cards. Had all three meals at home. In the evening we went to the movies, but as the projection and sound reproduction were bad, it was rather tiring. [[left margin]] XII-18-36 [[/left margin]] Started out in the direction of El Yunque, without any definite plans. As soon as I got out of town I could see that it was exceptionally clear over the mountains. So I decided to go to the peak and try to do a little collecting in the fine weather. Arrived at the trail about 10:30. Near the bottom found some fresh stumps with loose [[strikethrough]] l [[/strikethrough]] chips. [[underlined]] Station 347. [[/underlined]] Virtually the same as sta. 58 (Volume II); [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] 51 [[/preprinted]] El Yunque Peak, elevation 2000 feet, near the [[left margin]] A [[/left margin]] foot of the peak trail. From under wet chips on fresh stumps took 9 Staphs (Piestinae flat - 1, and Aleocharinae - 8, several species), 4 hemispherical beetles, [[left margin]] B [[/left margin]] and 1 myriapod. From under bark took 3 small beetles. [[underlined]] Station 348. [[underlined]] El Yunque Peak, elevation about 3100 feet, along [[left margin]] A [[/left margin]] the main trail. From under stones along a small stream took only 1 Aleocharniae and 1 [[left margin]] B [[/left margin]] small roach. [[strikethrough]] From [[/strikethrough]] In a clump of small fungi found [[strikethrough]] only 1 tiny Scolytid.[[/strikethrough]] (Sta. 350) no insects. I followed the trail on up to the top of the peak, from which there is a magnificent view. The trail is very well made and well drained, and not steep. I noticed that the forest on the lower half of the climb is half and half some tall scraggly trees and wild palms, whereas on the upper half, there are only the palms, covered with hundreds of orchids. There are a few flowering plants, but I had no sweeping or beating net. From the peak I could see El Toro, higher than El Yunque, St. Thomas, Vieques I., Culebra Il, San Juan, Caguas, and all the eastern end of the island. El Yunque is 3496 feet high.
[[preprinted]] 52 [[/preprinted]] Puerto Rico 10. Coming down I paced the distance and found it to be 4800 paces (about 2 1/2 miles). I went to the Restaurant (El Yunque Tavern) for lunch, but found it rather expensive ($1.00). It took me about 1 1/2 hours to go up, and about 3/4 to come down. As I started home I stopped at [[underlined]] Station 349. [[/underlined]] Luquillo forest at base of El Yunque, at elevation of about [[strikethrough]] 2000 [[/strikethrough]] 1500 feet; on main road. One blue Chrysomelid flying. And [[underlined]] Station 350. [[/underlined]] 1/2 mile south of Mameyes, in Luquillo National Forest area. Fungus on a fence post yielded only one tiny Scolytid. E. about 200 feet. On the way home I turned off to the north on a road which crosses the marshes and comes into San Juan near the Condado Hotel. After tea I went to town to get the Christmas cards from the printers. Then to get the necessary stamps. The cards show a map of the West Indies (smaller islands exaggerated) with our route and a greeting "card." When I got home I found that the printing was rather carelessly done, with numerous smudges and too little ink. [[end page]] [[start Page]] [[preprinted]] 53 [[/preprinted]] [[left margin]] XII-19-36 [[/left margin]][[strikethrough]] Went to town e [[/strikethrough]] Spent the morning addressing and stamping Christmas cards, and took them down to the Post Office just before twelve. We sent about 130 of them. Twice as many as last year, and really more than necessary. In the afternoon I began to have a light but sharp pain in my stomach-region. I had the same, one of the first nights in Puerto Rico. I went to dinner with Ruth at the Tavern, but ate little. During the evening I wasn't troubled, but I was awakened by the pain about 11 P.M. I lay on my back, and it gradually subsided, till I could sleep somewhat restlessly. [[left margin]] XII-20-36 [[/left margin]] Had planned to ride to Mayaguez today, but thought better of it. Felt fairly good all morning, but had some pain all afternoon. Finished cataloging the Walcott's Insectae Boringuensis. It has half a dozen Staphs not listed by Leg & Mutchler. I don't know whether they were in Walcott's Insectae Portoricensis. Drew the map on page 55 from one of the Forest Service maps. I rather expect the red lines to be mostly concentrated in the east end, as it doesn't seem likely that I'll get across more than once, - and that time chiefly to see Danforth before he leaves for the other islands.
54 Puerto Rico 12. [[top of page]] The following species are recorded from Puerto Rico by Long & Mutchler: [[Column 1 of 2]] Ancaeus exiguus Er. Lispinus attenuatus Er. laticollis Er. Thoracophorus denticollis Er. Amalium pedicularium Er. Trogophloeus aridus Duval Luluipes Er. Holotrochus cylindrus Er. volvulus Er. Pinophilus flavipes Er. latipes Grav. Stilicopsis exigua Er. Lithocharis dorealis Er. achracea (Grav.) posticata Er. Scopaeus fasciatellus Er. pygmaeus Er. [[column 2/2]] Cryptopbium albipes Er. fulmipes Er. Paederominus lustratlis Er. Philonthus alumnus Er. havaniensis Cast. humilis Er. Belonuchus gagates Er. Xantholinus attenuctus Er. Cilea hepatica E.r rutilus Er. pulchellus Er. Erchomus piceus E.r apicalis Er. mitidulus Er. Corpoporus terminalis Er. Balitobius obscurus Er. Hoplandria terminata Er. [[bottom of page]] Also from Wolcott's Ins. Barinquensis, 1936: [[column 1/2]] Piestus erythropus Er. Trogophloeus aequalis Duval Palaminus lengi Notm. parvipennis Notm. bifidus Notm. scitulus Notm. pusillus Notm. [[column 2/2]] Palaminus grandriollis Notm. procerus Notm. insularis Cam. Erchomus rutilus Shp. Coproporus rutilus (Shp.) Gyrophaena sp. Aleochara n. sp. [[number 48 is written in bottom right corner of page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] 55 [[image, full page: map of Puerto Rico, scale: 1 inch=12 miles]] [[end page]]
56 Puerto Rico 14. XI-21-36 In the morning went to Bailey's to get the sidecar. I didn't need it but shouldn't leave it there any longer. We had to replace the ball-joint nut that was broken last year, and it took us till noon to finish. Light rains in the afternoon, but before 4 o'clock I went to town to get mail. It was practically all Christmas cards. I had an unpleasant encounter with a Puerto Rican driv-ing on teh wrong side of the street, which ended with my showing my license to a puzzled po-liceman, and many loud words from the man, who claimed to be driving inspector. Ruth's letters from her family contained two checks for Christmas, which she insists are half mine. So I sent an order to Sherman for some books that I want. All three meals today we had at home. But after dinner we both felt like going out, so we went to see "Devil's Squadron." Quite good. XII-22-36 The water was turned off this morning, except for a trickle downstairs. All day we waited for it to be fixed in vain. There was barely enough for drinking. I took the sidecar off this morning since it is a nuisance when only half parked. [[end page]] [[start page]] 57 After an early lunch I started for El Yunque. I rode slowly as my stomach is not very well used to digesting en route. The sky was rather cloudy when I reached the trails (2000 ft.), but it was dry. I started sweeping along a trail, but stopped again at the fresh stumps. [[underline]] Station 351. [[/underline]] Same as station 347 (and sta. 58), El Yunque, 2000 ft. A. From under wet rubbish on stumps took 49 Staphs (3 spp. of Piestinae-2 and 1 and 9, [[underline]] Philonthus [[/underline]] -6, 3 spp. of Aleocharinae- 17 and 12 and 2), 1 Carabid, 7 Hydrophilids, 2 Bostrychids, 1 Anthribid (?), 7 other caleoptera, and forficielids, ants, and larvae. 2 of the Piestinae are the same type as from the old cocoa pads; 1 is same as sta. 347, 9 are very flat with large heads, very distinct. The 6 [[underline]] Philonthus [[/underline]] looked exactly like Crytobii. One of the Aleocharinae is very distinct from any I've taken before. I was interrupted once by rain, but used my canvas to keep dry, and went back to work. B. The rain spoiled the sweeping, which had netted: 1 Lampyroid, several tiny weevils, a few tree-hoppers, and many small spiders. I then followed the road over the pass (15 kil [[strikethrough]] ) [[/strikethrough]] from Mameyes), and down the south side to the present end, about 5 kilometers farther. [[end page]]
58 Puerto Rico 16. [[underline]] Station 352. [[/underline]] 1 kilometer south of the pass on El Yunque road; about 16 kils. south of Mameyes. From under dead bark took a single Scolytid. Thick moss yielded nothing, though perhaps if I used a sieve I could find something. Came home same way as before, but spotted a place near town where the net might catch things over the road at dusk. Planned to leave for Mayaquez early in the morning, to come back the same day. XII-23-36 Just about six o'clock this morning it started to rain. So I gave up the plan of going to Maya-quez, and by nine it was permanently clear! Since it's a four hour trip, I need all day. Ruth and I wen tot town at ten. We went to the Horn Line agents, found that our reservations won't be settled for another day or two; went to the New York & Puerto Rico LIne to make sure that there is a boat to C. Trujillo at the right time; then to the office of the s.s. inspector, to ask if there is no way of tetting on the Horn boat here in San Juan. There is a chance,and I am to call back tomorrow. We went to teh Bank to cash checks; then some errands. The water is still off today. [[end page]] [[start page]] 59 Spent the afternoon on these notes, sorting specimens, and reaidn gform Beatties' "Green Laurels." We had dinner at the Miramar, and went to the movies to see "Don't Turn 'Em Loose," an expose of the parole system. Good. XII-24-36 In the morning went back to the office of Mr. Thompson, the steamboat inspector. He told me that the S.S. Claus Horn was partly licensed, but that the Captain had gotten peeved and had refused to go on. Therefore there was no possibility of boarding her here. He said also that under a recent ruling, we would not be able to take the East Asiatic's boat from St. Thomas. He suggested the Pan-American Air-ways, which has just established a direct ser-vice to Jamaica. After consulting the chief immigration officer we concluded that I am probably entitled to the 25% discount for all Federal employees. This would bring the fare down from $95 to $71. He also told me of a Swedish cruiseship (from New York) that may go from here to Jamaica sometime in January. I'll have to check up on all of these on Monday. Going by air would be fun, but it involves a good deal of trouble with baggage. Most of it would have to be sent by boat weeks ahead.
60 Puerot Rico 18. After lunch went collecting along a by-road south of Bayamon. This is the same road that Mills took me along last year. [[underline]] Station 353 [[/underline]] About 10 kilometers south of Bayamon (by road). a. From under stones along a stream took 2 Aleo-charinae. b. From dung took 305 Staphs ([[underline]] Anyselus [[/underline]]-274, [[underline]] Platystethus [[/underline]]-1, Paederinae- 2 and 8, Xantho-lininae-6, [[underline]] Philonthus [[/underline]] -9, Aleocharinae-5), 133 Hydrophilidae, 150 Sphaeridiinae, 2 Histerids, 47 [[underline]] Aphodius [[/underline]], and 21 other coleoptera, etc. This was about the end of the road, which is unpaved but in good condition. It is a relief after the busy main roads and the type of Puerto Ricans who infest them. We had dinner in our room and went to bed early. XII-25-36 Christmas Day. I had planned to go to Mayaquez in spite of the holiday, but decided not to. Reasons: (1) Didn't know how to find Danforth; (2) weather was threatening; and (3) Ruth rather wanted me to stay home. The weather did its best to justify itself,-raining several times in the morning, and staying unsettled all day. I hope I don't miss Danforth, after all this delay. [[end page]] [[start page]] 61 We had decided not to give each other any gifts, or at least not to exceed one dollar. So I gave Ruth a bottle of Coty's Paris perfume that she had wanted (and a bathrobe delivered weeks ago), and she gave me a new typewriter ribbon, some thumb tacks, a bottle of Fitch's shampoo, and a copy of Astounding Stories. From the money sent us by the Mac Coy's I have already ordered some books from Sherman, and we have planned to pay for a trip up El Yunque. We spent the morning check over Ruth's stamps, and most of the afternoon I read to Ruth, as she wasn't feeling very well. We had dinner at the Miramar (good turkey!) and went to bed early to get an early start tomorrow. XII-26-36 Managed to get away by 7:30, just as the sun was rising. The first hour the scenery was exception-ally fine, with thin streamers of clouds across the sky, and I was again impressed by the small rocky hills that rise in clusters from the cave-cornered lowlands. These are erosion remnants of limestone, and full of caves. One had a hole clear through. I followed the same route as last year, through Bayamon, Vega Alta, Vega Baja, Manati Arecido, Camuy, Quebradillas, Isabela, and Aquadilla, arriving at Mayaquez in 4 hours.
[[preprinted]] 62 [[/preprinted]] Puerto Rico 20. Just west of Quebradillas the road dips down suddnely into the canyon of the Guajataca River. It then follwos up a side canyon where the engineers did a beautiful bit of roadwork. Instead of blasting out a roadway on one side of the narrow gully, they built the road up the center of it, dividing the stream (if and when) into two parts, with the road built up on concrete sidewalls. It would be fatal to run off the edge, but the scenery is very tropical and unusual. This is the place of which Wolcott told me, - it is supposed to be particularly fine collecting. When I reached Mayaquez. I went to Oakley's office at the Exp. Station. He was there, and rather surprised to see me. He took me over to Danforth's, where I stayed about two hours. Danforth is having trouble with boats too. The S. S. Baralt is not yet licensed at American ports. He is going to Sada, Guadeloupe and its dependencies (Desirade, Petite Terre, Marie Galante, Les Saintes), St. Vincent and the Grenadines (Bequia, Cannouan, Mayaro, Union, Balliceaux, Bettowia, Mustique), and perhaps Barbados and others incidentally. Also Montserrat. He expects to be gone about seven months in all. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] 63 [[/preprinted]] Danforth has a small menagerie in his house and garden. He has a pet monkey from St. Kitts, a small parrot from Cuba, a tame mongoose from P.R., turtles from Barbuda, Canada, etc., etc. He showed me a copy of his latest book on the birds of P.R., all in Spanish. He said he had recently received my [[underline]] Tachyporus [[/underline]] paper from the Museum. Oakley then took me up to his place to get some lunch. Mrs. Oakley was there, said she had received both our Christmas cards (1935 and 1936), and regretted that Ruth hadn't come with me. She asked me to invite her to come over and stay several days with them. Oakley told me of a place near San Antonia at the northwest corner of the island were there is a small deposit of what he calls "peat." He said it was alive with Staphs when he was there last, and he gave me three vials of Staphs (3spp., 27+15+20) from there. (Danforth says the place is brackish or slat, therefore can't be peat.) Oakley also says he has sent in quite a few Staphs since I was here. Ed has returned identifications of some. Both Oakley and Danforth suggested that I come back for several days, and they would take me out collecting. We could stay at the Oakleys'.
[[preprinted]] 64 [[/preprinted]] Puerto Rico 22. The large Scarab which Oakley picked up in the path the day we collected near Yanco (page 11, vol. II) last year has since been determined by Ed as a new species of [[underline]] Heterogomphus.[[/underline]] I didn't manage to get away until 4:30, so I tried to make extra good time to keep Ruth from worrying. he sun set about 6 o'clock, and I had about two hours ride in the dark. Made it again in just four hours. I had brought over three Air Mail letters, so I had to go to town to mail them. I was pretty tired, so went to bed right after dinner. About 1:30 A.M. we were awakened by someone violently trying to unlock our door which bolts on the inside. I got up and received the apologies of a somewhat inebriated couple who couldn't find the right apartment! Danforth told me of a Mr. Smyth in the Insular dept. of agriculture, who knows the collecting places and is a keen collector. He think he would be glad to take me out to El Yunque. He lives next door to us, but won't be back from the States till January 3rd. Oakley has just received notice of transfer to Guam. he expects to leave in March. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] 65 [[/preprinted]] XII-27-36 My muscles were much too sore today to do much. Ruth has something wrong with her stomach, so I "cooked" lunch and dinner. In the morning I brought this journal up to date, and in the afternoon I read and played cribbage with Ruth. Just after tea, and for two hours, we had a hard thundershower. Our room leaks badly, and we had to pull one bed into th middle of the room. Will sleep that way tonight, just in case! Today was Sunday. XI-28-36 went to town in the morning [[strikethrough]] to [[/strikethrough]] in spite of the rain to find out about our passage to Jamaica. At the Secion de Truism of the Insular Government I found a good Tourist Bureau in charge of Mr. F. J. Richardson. He was able to tell me that the SS Kungsholon, a large tourist steamer, is passing here on January 10th and will stop at Jamaica (after Trinidad, La Guaira, Curacao, and Cristobal). He gave me some descriptive folders on Puerto Rico and several maps. He also made arrangements for a car to take us to El Yunque for a whole day for $12. I then went to Behn Bors., the agents for the Kungsholin, and oufnd that the fare for the 8-day trip is $130. That is rather high, but it would be a swell trip and sort of a vacation as well.
[[stamped]] 66 [[/stamp]] Puerto Rico 24. [[double underline]] 1936 [[/underline After lunch Ruth and I decided that we would put the extra money from sale of the motorcycle, and some Christmas money, in and go by the Kungsholm. I went to town again and stopped at Bailey's to see if there was anything more on the sale of the motor. The prospect won't be back till January 4th, so I'll have to wait. I then made reservations with Behn Bros., and cancelled the ones with the Horn Line. We got quite a bit of mail today. I got letters from Ed, Wetmore, [[Voris ? Varis ?]]; also two Sciences and two Ward's Bulletins. Several Christmas cards, etc. We had bot lunch and dinner at the Miramar, but Ruth's stomach troubles don't seem to be over yet. She lost lots of sleep last night. [[margin]] XII-29-36 [[/margin]] Still rainy today, but with all the water outside, we had none inside. From noon on there wasn't even drinking water. I spent the morning emptying vials and putting away specimens. After lunch I wrote a note to Oakley to say we wouldn't be there for the New Year's Eve party. Ruth was still not well and practically stayed in bed all day again. I put away specimens again in the evening; and wished for some more drinking water. Our room leaked again a little bit. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[double underline]] 1937 [[/underline]] [[margin]] XII-30-36 [[/margin]] Still raining. Had occasional thunder showers today. I spent the morning writing reports for October and November and a long letter to Ed. Ruth is feeling fairly well again. We spent most of the afternoon checking the stamps she has - in the new catalog. Just before dinner we got an invitation to the New Year's Party at the PR. Exp. Station in Mayaguez. We have already written that we can't go. [[margin]] XII-31-36 [[/margin]] Still rainy. I wrote letters to W.M. Mann, Alex. Bierig, and Mother. After lunch Ruth and I went to town. Found extra heavy traffic, and the banks closed. I bought a pair of trousers for collecting. The celebrating seems to be rather sporadic, except on the radio. An astrologer predicts many exceedingly regrettable happenings in 1937. [[margin]] I-1-37 [[/margin]] New Year's Day. It differed from yesterday only in date. The rain continued practically all day, without letting the sun out. This island is supposed to average 5 days a year without sun. This week we've had several. I spent the morning putting away specimens; but haven't finished. I started the permanent list of entomologists I have met. I expect to add to it all new ones I meet in the future. The list totals about 150 now.
[[stamped]] 68 [[/stamp]] Puerto Rico 26. [[margin]] I-2-37 [[/margin]] The rain is well on its way to beat the forty days and forty nights record. The barometer moved over to Fair at noon, but we had only about fifteen minutes of sunshine. It rained hard all afternoon and evening. In the morning I wrote letters to Oakley and Danforth to say we would go to Mayaguez on Monday if the rain stopped. I took them to the P.O. and sent them Special Delivery. I went to the bank to cash some Traveler's Cheques, and then to Behn Bros. to get our ss. tickets. Then I went to the Railway Station to find out the time of trains. The ticket man was at lunch (10:45!), so I'll have to come back tomorrow. Ruth went to town in the afternoon in spite of the rain. We're both getting very tired of being couped up here so long. [[margin]] I-3-37 [[/margin]] Sunday. Wedding Anniversary. This is the seventh day and eighth night ^[[of]] continual rain. One hundred and seventy-three hours, with only two ten-minute glimpses of the sun in that time - on the first and sixth days. As usual we stayed in the whole day, trying to decide if we should go to Mayaguez tomorrow. Since we heard yesterday that this rain is restricted to this end of the island, and [[end page]] [[stamped]] 69 [[/stamp]] Mayaguez is dry, we decided to go across on the [[underline]] noon [[/underline]] train, not the 7AM. one. I spent several hours copying the first part of Ruth's journal (Jamaica-1935) into one of these notebooks to make it confirm with the series. She will then put this year's Jamaica in the same volume, and also the combined index. Her series will then be in [[strikethrough]]six [[/strikethrough]] ^[[five]] volumes. My journal will be finished with the Index - Volume 7, and my Field Notes will run into Volume 2. I wrote a letter to the American Consul in Cuidad Trujillo - another one, to say we're [[underline]] not [[/underline]] coming! [[margin]] I-4-37 [[/margin]] To town early to telegraph to Oakley that we would be on the [[underline]] afternoon [[/underline]] train. Then I went to Mr. Thompson's office to tell him of our decision to go on the SS Kungsholm. Then I stopped at Mrs. Bailey's to leave a message for the man who may buy the motor. She wanted me to bring the motor to leave with her, but after trying vainly for half an hour to attach the sidecar alone, I gave it up. We had lunch at the Miramar at twelve, and took the bus down to the Station. The train was about fifteen minutes late in starting, and was rather full at first.
[[stamped]] 70 [[/stamp]] Puerto Rico 28. We took a long time getting through the various stations in the suburbs, but finally got around the bay and among the little conical and knobby hills of limestone. The rain had stopped again, but it was pretty cloudy. Every river seemed to be extra full of water and many fields were flooded. At one place the tracks were under water for a thousand feet or so, and the train sent out a spray on either side. Just after we passed Quebradillas, we crossed several deep arroyos, on bridges, then dipped down into a larger one. There were tow tunnels, separated by a fine bridge. this is really the most interesting part of the trip. It was getting dark when we reached Isabela, and we were over an hour late at Mayaguez. Oakley was waiting for us at the station, and Mrs. Oakley had dinner waiting for us at the house. Mr. Danforth came in just as we were starting dinner, and he stayed for a little while to make plans for going collecting tomorrow. We learned that there has been quite a lot of rain here lately, but not the steady rain of San Juan. Even so it ^[[is]] abnormal for this time of year, which is supposed to be the dry season. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[stamped]] 71 [[/stamp]] [[margin]] I-5-37 [[/margin]] We had breakfast at 7:30, and then I went with Oakley to meet Danforth. Oakley decided he couldn't go collecting with us, so we took along Danforth's Puerto Rican assistant. We wen t southeast to San German, south to Lajas, and then eastward to the Guanica Lake - or lagoon, a fresh water lake. We stopped at a marshy posture at kilometer 17. [[underline]] Station 354. [[/underline]] [[light pencil]] A [[/pencil]] A marshy pasture near kilometer 17 on road from San German to Guanica. From dung took 322 Staphs ([[underline]] Oxytelus [[/underline]] - 106, [[underline]] Pinophilus [[/underline]] - 5, Paederinae - 31, Xantholininae - 1 and 2, [[underline]] Philonthus [[/underline]] - 91, Aleocharinae - 1 and 10), 2 Carabids, 21 Sphaeridiinae, 9 Histeridae, 32 [[underline]] Aphodius [[/underline]], 6 Scarabaeids, 5 other Coleoptera, ants, mites, etc. At kilometer 20, we turned north to the west end of the Guanica Lagoon. We then followed its south bank, looking for mud-banks. [[underline]] Station 355. [[/underline]] [[light pencil]] B C (manure) [[/pencil]] About the middle of the south side of Guanica Lake. [[margin]] A [[/margin]] From the mud banks and from under rubbish took 20 Staphs. (Oxytelinae - 18, Paederinae - 1, Aleocharinae - 1), 5 Carabids, 2 [[underline]] Cicindela [[/underline]], 1 Chrysomelid, and 4 Forficulids. The [[underline]] Cicindelas [[/underline]] were flying, the Chrysomelid jumping. [[margin]] B [[/margin]] From horse manure took 11 Staphs (Aleochara - 2, Lorinota-group - 1, other Aleocharinae - 7 and 1).
72 Puerto Rico 30. [[underline]] Station 356 [[/underline]] D 1/2 mile east of station 355; south side of Guamia Lake. From dung on very damp ground at lake edge took 5 Stapho (Xantholininae- [[strike]] 2app [[/strike]] 1 and 1, [[underline]] Philonthus [[/underline]] -1, Aleocharinal-2), 2 [[underline]] Aphodius [[/underline]] , 2 other coleoptera, ants, bugs, larva. From here we continued on this backroad till we joined a main road between Guanica and Ensenada. The latter is the most American town in Puerto Rico. It is the home of the employees at the Guanica Central, the largest sugar factory in the island. (until recently, largest in the world). We went through Ensenada to a beach beyond. [[underline]] Station 357 [[/underline]] E F Beach near the mouth of Guanica Bay, west side. [[margin]] A [[/margin]] From under seaweed took 3 Staphs (Aleocharinae), 1 Carabid, 3 Anthicids, 1 Cistelid, 1 Dryopid, 24 weevils, [[margin]] B [[/margin]] 13 col., 9 Forfics. From dung took 4 Staphs ([[underline]] Any-Selus [[/underline]] -3, [[underline]] Philonthus [[/underline]] -1). We came back through Ensenada, where we stopped at the typical American department store for some Coca Cola and then by the direct road home. At dinner there was company, , Mr + Mrs. Lee. He is director of the Station. Both of them are from the San Francisco Bay region of California. They were for some time in Hawaii and the Philippines. So there could hardly have been picked [[end page]] [[start page]] 73 a more congenial bunch. We talked of football, the Bishop Museum, Guam, transportation in the West Indies, specialists in the Bureau of Entomology, coooperation with the British West Indian agricultural organizations (if any!), etc., etc. About none o'clock Danforth came by for me, and I excused myself. We went over to his house to look at this specimens of Staphylinidae. He was kind enough to allow me to borrow all the specimens in his own and the University's collections. These numbered 140, all but one from Puerto Rico. We planned to go collectiong again in the morning and when I got home I found that the Lees' had left. We got to bed about twelve. [[margin]] I-6-37 [[/margin]] Slept so soundly last night that we didn't wake up till eight-thirty. Danforth came by before breakfast, so had to wait. He has his assistant, Ramon with him again. Oakley begged off again, partly because he doesn't like Ramon. We went out east (?) of the Station to the College Farm. It was raining lightly but we went anyway. [[underline]] Station 358 [[/underline]] G HIJ large About 1 mile east of Mayaguez, on the College Farm. [[margin]] A [[/margin]] From decaying grapefruits took 24 Staphs ( 2 spp. of Aleocharinae - 8 and 16), 15 Nitidulids, ants. [[margin]] B [[/margin]] From under bark of dead logs took 189 Staphs
74 Puerto Rico 32. (Piestinae 5 spp., - 26 and 11 and 1 and 2 and 1, Paedrinae -1, 3 spp. of Aleocharinae-12 and 1 and 134), 1 Pselaphidae [[strike]] w [[/strike]] 4 Brenthidae, 1 Platypodidae, 5 Scolytidae. [[margin]] c [[/margin]] From fresh fungi took 3988 Staphs (Paederinae-1), Aleocharinae-3857 and 9 and [[insert]] and 1 [[/insert]] and 120, mantid, ants, and larvae. Then we returned to the Station and I talked with Oakley at his office till eleven thirty. He gave me two more vials of Staphs, one taken in vicinity of Mayaguez, situation unknown; the other taken from rotten wood, Mayaguez, Nov. 1935. He also gave me two Scarabs which the thinks are new, but which were immature when he found them. In the cage where he put them to darken and harden, they died, apparently from the inclosed larval parasites. They were not more than 18 hours before put into alcohol. We had lunch with the Oakleys' and then had to hurry to the train. I am to write to Oakley as we know when we arrive back in Washington, and then he'll let us know when he will be passing through. I forgot to records a rapture made last night. [[underline]] Station 359. [[/underline]] College of Agriculture, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. Flying to light at night - 1 Cerambycidae ([[underline]]Chlorida[[/underline]]) We had an uneventful trip home. [[end page]] [[start page]] 75 [[margin]]I-7-37[[/margin]] No milk delivered this morning so we had to have breakfast at the tavern. When we both set to work at assembling things for packing. I took the bus down to Bailey's, where I learned that the Cuban prospect has decided he doesn't want the motor. I came back with a mechanic to help me put on the sidecar, and then after lunch went back to the garage to meet another man who said he would call in the afternoon. At six he still hadn't come, so I went home. Spent the evening counting specimens taken at Mayagiig. Didn't quite finish. [[margin]]I-8-37[[/margin]] Went to town early to mail a box of Staphs that Danforth loaned, and two rolls of maps. As the latter would have cost several dollars apiece, I went up to the quarantine office, where Mr. Avery gave me two franks. Then I went to the Dept. of Interior to license the motorcycle. This cost nearly twenty dollars. Spent the afternoon bathing miscellaneous things. Bought 1/2 a gallon of alcohol (they are allowed by law to sell only denatured, except by doctor's prescription) and filled the tank that is nearly full, to send home. We did the december accounts and were both amazed and chagrined at how much we spent. [[end page]]
76 Puerto Rico 34. [[margin]]I-9-37[[/margin]] Our last whole day in Puerto Rico. I went to town to arrange with Behn Bros. about going aboard to Kingshohn. I left our forwarding address at the post office and got a batch of mail that was sent before Christmas. One was from Harry Beatty, the Jamaica Auto Ass'n, etc. After lunch I took the motor to bailey's and left the spare parts and tools. Mrs. Bailey says it won't be any trouble, sand she will try to sell it for whatever they can be gotten. Spent the rest of the day packing. Sent off a box and 1 alcohol tank of specimens by Express. [[margin]]I-10-37[[/margin]] Finished the packing in the morning. The truck came for the baggage at eleven-thirty, - Mr. Antmeyer had arranged for it, and we went down to the bus. When we got to the pier we were told that the boat hadn't even come into the harbour but had gone to St. Thomas instead. Behn Bros. office was closed. We phoned Mr. Gonzalez; he said he had tried to reach us by phone earlier in the morning, but that now nothing could be done till tomorrow morning. We went back to the Alimpo Court with the baggage, and had lunch at the Miamar. Then I set out to find the Behn's. Both of the [[end page]] [[start page]] brothers are abroad, and the treasurer was away for the day. So I had to give it up. At four o'clock we went to town on the bus, had some ice cream for tea, and walked around a bit. Came home by the streetcar,via Condado and the long route around. For dinner we went down to the Aquarium, thereby saving enough for a movie - The General Died at Dawn. It was rather good. This is really the first bit of trouble we've had with the boat on the trip. We might have been forewarned, since we had heard that this boat did this same thing last trip. If we had known early enough, they could have put us ones to St. Thomas by plane to catch the boat there. [[margin]]I-11-37[[/margin]] Went to town early - to Mr. Richardson's office (Oficina de Turcimo) where I was told that the Kingshohn was coming back - to Behn Bros. where I walked while the cabled St. Thomas. The answer said that the boat had left for Trinidad last night - so office of Mr. Thompson who thought we were entitled to expenses till we leave - to customs House to find Mr. Richardson - back to Tourist Bureau to write application for refund - to Behn Bros. where I found that the whole [[end page]]
[[stamped]] 78 [[/stamp]] Puerto Rico 36. trouble was caused by a late telegram - got money refunded - to Pan-American Airways to make reservations on plane, leaving Wednesday-13th - then home. After lunch went to office of Mr. Bennett (Immigration Inspector) to get a certificate [[strikethrough]] of [[/strikethrough]] stating I'm a Federal employee so can get 25% reduction in plane fare - referred to the executive Secretary, representative of Secy. of State in Washington - to La Fortaleza where found the Sec'y away but Mr. [[M ?]] Ashford acting. He was exceedingly kind, dictated the necessary letter, and took me in to meet the acting governor - Menendez Ramos. He is a Puerto Rican, - I forgot to tell him that we met his sister-in-law I St. Croix - to the PAA again to see if reservations verified from Miami office. Was told no reservations but a chance still. Next plane is the 20th. - Tried to get the Puerto Rican Express to ship our baggage to Jamaica - not interested. This will be or biggest problem as the plane can't take our truck and the Horn Line boat sails on the 2nd of February. After dinner we went to a movie - it was Sing Baby Sing. Better than I expected. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[stamped]] 79 [[/stamp]] [[margin]] I-12-37 [[/margin]] Went down early to the PAA. They had not yet heard further about the reservations. Got some wrapping materials and came to pack things to send to Jamaica and Washington in order to lessen the baggage we must take by plane. At noon they still hadn't heard. At 3 o'clock Ruth and I went down to mail five parcels (4 mailing tubes) to Jamaica ($2.52). There was a large tourist boat in - the Statendam, we think. Since the PAA still had no word, we made reservations for the plane on the 20th. At dinner time we went to town again to eat at the Aquarium. Even including the bus fares we saved 45 cents. [[margin]] I-13-37 [[/margin]] It looks as though it might be hard to keep amused this week. I thought perhaps the library at the Rio Piedras Experiment Station had some books on entomology, so we rode out there to see. Wolcott had left for Brasil, but Otero, the librarian, was quite helpful. All the entomology books are in Wolcott's office, and they include complete sets of several periodicals. I decided to come back later when I can spend more time. It will at least help to pass the time.
[[stamped]] 80 [[/stamp]] Puerto Rico 38. We spent the afternoon unpacking and rearranging so that we can send the trunk home instead of to Jamaica. After dinner we went to a movie, - say We went to College. [[margin]] I-14-37 [[/margin]] More packing and planning. I got out the microscope and the bottle of Staphs taken from fungus at Mayaguez (page 74), and spent several hours counting them. There were at least five species and 398 specimens. this is more than twice as many as the next largest catch, and brings the totals to 5700 and 28,400. We went to the Pan-American Airways office and found we have a reservation on the 20th. Also, if we buy tickets from here to Kingston (total expense $156.00) [[underline]] and [[/underline]] from Kingston to Miami (total expense $215.00), we are allowed 88 pounds of baggage instead of 66. This saves us about $10. As the fare on the Columbian Line is $135 apiece from Kingston to New York, the plane is practically no more expensive (to Washington). Drew the map of Jamaica on page 113. [[margin]] I-15-37 [[/margin]] Went to town again, chiefly to help pass the time. Ruth did some errands and I went to the P.A.A. We had decided to take the through ticket to Miami. I was told however that the letter I got from Mr. Ashford was not sufficient to get us the [[end page]] [[start page]] [[stamped]] 81 [[/stamp]] government discount of 25%. However, they seem certain that a refund will be easy to get if we can later prove we're entitled to it. I didn't have enough money for the full rate. I went to arrange for the shipment of the trunk to Washington, as we can't take it by plane. I spent some time going over the indexes for these journals, so they'll be all ready for putting in vol. VII. Mr. McDermott, the manager of the Miramar Tavern, was rather seriously hurt trying to bring a child down from the Boy Scout Camp on El Yunque. The mud was so deep he scarcely got out. His back is sprained and he can scarcely get out of bed. We had heard that El Yunque had over 40 inches of rain that one rainy week, and the highway was completely washed away for some distance. Mr. McDermott's mother has offered to take us up there if it stops raining. [[margin]] I-16-37 [[/margin]] Spent most of the day on the indexes. They were much in need of segregation, etc. Went to town and got our tickets, and we now find ourselves nearly broke. We will just be able to get along in Jamaica (perhaps!) if we cash one of our own checks for all there is in our account - about $225. The refund is partly to blame, - and high living costs here. Navy party at the Miramar for dinner.
[[preprinted]] 82 [[/preprinted]] Puerto Rico 40. I-17-37 Sunday. Packing occupied nearly all our time. We have several more bundles to send home, and the two tanks to go to Jamaica. We are managing to get along with the dunnage bag, and have put the radio in the trunk so that we can have the box to take on in plane. Wrote a letter to Mrs. Willis telling about the trunk and our mail notice. Finished the revision of the journal indexes. I-18-37 Finished packing the trunk and sent it off. We packed the suitcases except for the last few things and weighed them. The results showed us with about $20 worth of excess baggage! In the afternoon we took two packages of books (stamp catalog and journals) and two tanks to be mailed to Jamacia. These cost $4.16, but one tank was too heavy and had to go by freight on the Horn Line. The minimum bill of lading was $5.10. Awfully high. We went to Padin's for ice cream at tea-time. In the evening I started the index for this volume of the journal. (This ink is Skrip Washable Blue. I don't like the color, but Ruth couldn't get the Permanent Royal Blue that I prefer.). Our packing is so nearly finished that we find time dragging. We're even finished all our magazines to save weight. [[end left page]] [[start right page]] [[preprinted]] 83 [[/preprinted]] I-19-37 Our last day here. We went to town to mail three more packages home, cash our last Travelers Cheque, and pay the Express on the trunk ($9.57). I stopped at Bailey's to give her the ownership certificate of the motor. She says she has had one offer, but turned it down because it was for time payments, which means no payments after the down payment! Ruth didn't feel very well. She spent the afternoon writing letters, and I started a recapitulation of our whole trip. From Mrs. McDermott we learned that they have given up El Yunque Tavern. It was too expensive even before the recent slides. About tea time the P.A.A. office phoned that the plane will be late tomorrow. Probably 10 A.M. I-20-37 Got up about seven, had breakfast at the Tavern, said goodbye to Mrs. McDermott, and sat down to wait. The P.A.A. office phoned that the plane would leave about 11:15, but I asked that the car come for us so we could wait at the airport. We arrived there about ten o'clock, saw the landing of the clipper from Miami, and with its crew took off at about 12:30 P.M. We had had to wait for the other plane, which had been delayed so long by
[[preprinted]] 84 [[/preprinted]] Puerto Rico 42, final. Mona Island 1, final. headwinds (and etc?) that it had stayed overnight in Port-au-Prince. I enjoyed the take-off and was very much interested in the limestone country from the air. The tiny hills are so steep that they would be very difficult to climb, and they were crowded together so closely that most of the spaces between were undrained sinks. For quite a distance this country seemed quite uninhabited and I saw no roads for many miles. Later it opens out into plain with the hills arranged into ridges. All the paths and cart tracks seem to follow ridges. We left Puerto Rico over Aquadilla, after passing through several banks of clouds. Just after leaving Puerto Rico behind, we passed close to Mona Island. This is a dependency of Puerto Rico and appears to be uninhabited. It is surrounded by reegs, and is densely forested. Danforth told me that it can be visited only by an expedition carrying all its food and supplies and [[underline]] most [[/underline]] of its water. [[end left page]] [[start right page]] Rep. Dominicana 1, final. [[preprinted]] 85 [[/preprinted]] We flew over the southeastern peninsula of Hispaniola for nearly an hour. The eastern part is densely forested and has no signs of habitation except on the coast. Later there is much cane and quite modern looking towns. About 2:15 we landed at San Pedro de Macoris. We had to go ashore, where we were treated to coffee. I had already eaten a candy bar, but no food had been served. The take-off seemed a little rougher and the flying over the land also. As soon as we were up the Purser brought us the lunches that were put aboard in San Juan. Ruth ate hers, but my stomach was too upset, and I spent the rest of the trip laying down. I didn't say that our plane was a two-motor 10-passenger Commodore flying boat, with a cruising speed of 100 miles per hour. From San-Juan there were two other passengers, but one of these got off at San Pedro. Ciudad Trujillo was on Ruth's side, so I didn't see it. We passed over Bari, and the Lago de Enriquillo, and landed in Port-au-Prince about 4:30 (5:30 Puerto Rico time).
[[preprinted]] 86 [[/preprinted]] Haiti 1. Because of the delay of the plane at San Juan, the P.A.A. agent at Port-au-Prince assured us that they wold pay our hotel bills. We had our choice of hotels and of course picked the Sans Souci. Mr. Woolley no longer represents any of the hotels, but there was a young German named Silbermann who was a sort of contact man for the San Souci. He took us up to the hotel, where we were given a nice corner suite-sitting room, bedroom, and bath. As we had had practically nothing since breakfast, we asked for tea, and got it. About 6:00 we sent a card up to Mr. Barnes, who had been resting. He came down soon, quite surprised to see us, but very cordial. He is much the same as usual, hasn't been playing much cribbage lately, but says that business has been fairly good and should be better soon. He told us that Mr. Barker has gone to Washington to the Bureau of Plant Industry (cotton investigations). Audant is still at the Service Technique, and there've been no "obvious" naturalists in Haiti since we left. The trip from San Pedro had left our stomachs feeling a little unsettled, so we had a rather light dinner. [[end left page]] [[start right page]] Haiti 2, final. [[preprinted]] 87 [[/preprinted]] After dinner we met Mr. Matson whom Ruth had met the year before while I was away. He is connected with the telephone companies in both Haiti and the Dominican Republic. We discussed the toll bridges in the D.R., the new 1/4 size Washington monument created at the 1 year anniversary of the change of name of the capital to Cuidad Trujillo. He said the roads across are in fairly good shape, but still no bridges in Haiti. He told us that the Spanish government had placed orders for the complete reorganization and rebuilding of their telephone system just before the rebellion started. Of course the men had to be recalled and the job abandoned. We met Mrs. Barnes for the first time. She is not much like "Ralph" - rather sophisticated. We went to bed early as the plane is scheduled for an early departure tomorrow. I-21-37 We were called at 5 A.M. and were down to breakfast at 5:30. Mr. Barnes came down to see us off. The P.A.A. agent came by for us himself, and the plane left on time at 6:30. We saw little of Haiti, but did get a good view of the desert surface of Gonave Island. It is very forbidding.
88 Cuba 1, Final We landed at Santiago, Cuba at 9 A.M. after a very smooth trip. We landed in a large bay practically cut off from the sea. The landing place was the poorest we've seen, with no place to sit down and no accommodations. We learned that we were to change crews again, and were to have many more passengers. The ship from Jamaica arrived in about 1/2 an hour, and we took off almost immediately with a total of 15 passengers in a 10 pass. plane! We were much annoyed, but by being the first on and very stubborn I managed to have a place to lie down - though none to sit up. I was quite cramped by the time the trip was over. The other passengers were mostly young boys of Spanish and German appearance. The change of crews here was the result of our plane being late. It should have been returning from Jamaica today, but the other one was sent from Miami to take its place. Our previous crew took the new plane back to Puerto Rico, and the new crew took our plane to Jamaica and then to Miami. Thus the "new" plane was such disliked for ours on this particular route. [[end page]] [[start page]] Jamaica 1 89 We landed at Harbour Head, Jamaica just before twelve o'clock, passed through the immigration and customs formalities automatically (except for $2.50 apiece landing fare, and were brought to town by a taxi paid for by P.A.A. We went to the South Camp Road Hotel, as before, and asked for an early lunch. We both felt a little upset, and I had a slight headache, but we decided to go to town after lunch to see Miss Nixon at the Jamaica Automobile Association. She told us of a private family where we might stay for 3 guineas a week apiece, and we arranged for her to take us there tomorrow. She told us that motor cars are hard to rent, as the demand is high - usual price £6.10 per week. They had a large batch of mail for us, but it seems to be a trifle old, There should be some more within a few days. We were much surprised to have to sign a check for tea (3/-), and are likewise getting rather disgusted with the service. It seems to be all concentrated in the dining room. Ruth went to call on the Magnus's. They can take us (all three) and will charge 5/10/- for two and 3 guineas for the third per week. We will look first at Miss Nixon's place. [[end page]]
[[stamped]] 90 [[/stamp]] Jamaica 2. [[margin]] I-22-37 [[/margin]] I went to ton to talk with Miss Nixon some more about the car. Then I stopped at Nathan's to buy some socks. At twelve Miss Nixon came by for us, and took us to the home of Mrs. Wooler, near Cross Roads. She takes guests and has room for all three of us. We liked the place, but told her we would let her know later. Rates 5/-/-, and 3 guineas for Ed. In the afternoon we decided to try to visit Mrs. Bovell to find out if there is a chance to stay at Derry part of the time. We got a taxi and rode out to Caymanas. We finally found that Mrs. Bovell and Marjorie were in town, so we had to come back - unhelped. Since we knew we couldn't stay longer at the South Camp Road Hotel, we decided we would have to go to the Magnus's, at least temporarily. This only took a few minutes to accomplish. The mail we received yesterday included letters from Ed, Wetmore, Sherman, Martha, and Mother. I got one Annals, one Pan-Pacific Ent., one BBES., three Sciences, and from Sherman the copy of Arribalzaga's "Los [[Estafilinos ?]] de Buenos Aires." [[margin]] I-23-37 [[/margin]] to town to see Mr. Masterton, owner of a large garage. He thinks that by Monday he can find me a small car to buy for £15 to £20, or one to rent for [[end page]] [[start page]] [[stamped]] 91 [[/stamp]] £12 per month. Just before noon Marjorie Bovell came by to see us, and took us downtown to see Mrs. Bovell. We discussed the possibility of going to Derry, and made tentative plans for later. In the afternoon Ruth went to call on Mrs. Wooler. I spent the afternoon reading, but after dinner I wrote and mailed an Air Mail letter to Dr. Wetmore asking another $100 advance. [[margin]] I-24-37 [[/margin]] Sunday. A very dull day. Read most of the time. We went to the movies after dinner to see "Tudor Rose", a British film. I didn't like it because it depended on a knowledge of [[strikethrough]] British [[/strikethrough]] ^[[English]] history. [[margin]] I-25-37 [[/margin]] I went to town to get my driver's license and see Mr. Masterton about a car. He had a touring car Fiat that seemed the best thing - to rent at £3 a week (plus £2 insurance for total). He is replacing a spring. He will be responsible for all repairs, greasing, licensing, etc. At five o'clock I went down and got the car. It has a 4-speed transmission, etc., but runs very well. After dinner we rode out to Hope Gardens to see the Edwards. Found that they have moved, and finally located their new house, - nearer town. We stayed only a few minutes as they were ready for dinner. Then we rode out to Harbour Head and back "just for the ride".
[[stamped]] 92 [[/stamp]] [[margin]] I-26-37 [[/margin]] Went to see Mr. Masterton and he gave me a written statement of his responsibility for the Fiat. then to the United Fruit Co. to find out when the ss. Quirigua is due tomorrow. At the pier I made sure we would be able to drive in to get the baggage. Then I bought some voile and heavy wire to make a net to go over the car. Spent the rest of the day making the net and the frame. At 6 o'clock we went for a ride out to Constant Springs and back. today has been [[underline]] very [[/underline]] war. In the evening we went to the Gaieties Theatre to see WE Three. It wasn't so bad! [[margin]] I-27-37 [[/margin]] Spent the morning packing, and left the Magnus's right after lunch. Came over to Mrs. Wooler's and deposited our baggage, then went to town to do an errand or two before the boat arrived. When the Quirigua came in at three o'clock, Ed was watching from the rail. We got him through the Customs without any trouble, and came back to the house. We were certainly glad to see Ed, and tongues had little rest. He had part of two days in Havana, met Bierig, and saw quite a bit of the city and surrounding country. He had brought mail for us, including letters from Lois and Ruth and Grandma B., several Sciences, one Ent. News, and a letter from Sanderson. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[stamped]] 93 [[/stamp]] [[margin]] I-28-37 [[/margin]] Ed and I went to townin the morning to buy some jars for traps, alcohol, a pocket knife, etc. Then we went out to Hope Gardens where we found Mr. Edwards rather busy and promised to come back after lunch. About two o'clock we went to the laboratory, saw part of the collections, and then went to call of Mr. Barnes, the Director of Agriculture. then we walked through the orchid house, and started back for Kingston. We were caught in one of the hardest rains I've seen. Sometimes the curbs were actually invisible because there was so much water in the streets. We got some mail from Auto Ass'n. (the first batch I sent from Puerto Rico - not in very good shape), and "limped" to the garage to have the water cleaned from the spark plugs. [[margin]] [[strikethrough]] I-2 [[/strikethrough]] [[/margin]] In the evening Ed got out his flashlight and we found a few insects in the yard and two Black Widows under the house. [[margin]] I-29-37 [[/margin]] My Birthday. Ruth had persuaded us not to take a long trip, and she had some gifts on the breakfast table. We went to town for Ed to have a new suit fitted. After lunch we went to the Ferry River, where we collected under bark (large roaches, tailless whip-scorpion, etc.), and set out three jars baited with molasses as trips. Came home for tea. - ice cream and a real birthday cake!
[[stamped]] 94 [[/stamp]] Jamaica 6. In the evening Ed and I chased fireflies in the lot behind the house. WE got about eight, with two make black widows and myriapods. We also got a large series of some 1/4" beetle on posts. [[underline]] Station 360. [[/underline]] Right bank of Ferry River, 1/2 mile above highway [[margin]] A [[/margin]] (7 miles west of Kingston). From dung took 8 Staphs ([[underline]] Oxytelus [[/underline]] - 2, Paederinae - 1, Aleocharinae - 5), etc. From now on all [[underline]] other [[/underline]] insects will be put with those taken by Ed, and won't be listed here. [[margin]] B = Fungus [[underline]] 79 Staphs [[/underline]] [[/margin]] About five o'clock we all went for a ride up to the Gyrinid locality above Gordon Town. Ed got some water beetles, and we put the net up over the car for the whole trip back home. [[underline]] Station 361. [[/underline]] Roads between Gordon Town and Half Way Tree, in vicinity of Hope Gardens, Kingston. From the net over the car at dusk took [[space left to be filled in]] Staphs, etc., etc. [[margin]] I-30-37 [[/margin]] took our lunch and spent the day by circling the eastern end of the island. We wen t across to Annotto Bay, through Port Antonia, John Crow Mts., and Morant Bay. [[underline]] Station 362. [[/underline]] Just east of Annotto Bay along road to Port Antonio. Sweeping along road and stream. (Staphs ??) [[underline]] Station 363. [[/underline]] Near Hope Bay, on main road to Port Antonio. From [[end page]] [[start page]] [[stamped]] 95 [[/stamp]] [[margin]] A [[/margin]] fresh fungus took [[space left to be filled in]] Staphs. Ed collected also [[margin]] B [[/margin]] in dung. [[underline]] 364. [[/underline]] Same as sta. [[pencil]] 9 [[strikethrough]] and [[/pencil, / strikethrough]] (vol. I); near Friendship Valley, 5 miles west of Manchioneal. Sweeping: took the first [[underline]] Stenus [[/underline]] of the trip. [[underline]] Station 365. [[/underline]] Same as sta. 8 (vol. I); 1 mile south of Manchioneal. Sweeping. We found the collecting poor at sta. 364 and 365, tho we did take a great many small spiders, etc. Ed's watch stopped for one hour, so we were later than we thought (8:45) getting home. The top speed of the Fiat is about 33 mph. [[margin]] I-31-37 [[/margin]] Sunday. Spent the morning talking and planning After dinner (noon) we all rode out to the traps at Ferry River, found very little, and then drove up to the Bovell's for tea. then we went to keep a date with the Edward's for a cocktail party. This was at "The Pagoda", on top of a steep ridge about [[strikethrough]] two [[/strikethrough]] ^[[one]] mile east of Stony Hill. We stayed till after dark, and got home for a buffet supper. [[underline]] Station 366. [[/underline]] "The Pagoda" (elev. 2000 ft.) on ridge one mile south of Stony Hill. Lampyrids flying. No Staphs. In the evening Ed and I went collecting again in
the neighbouring fields. Took Tenebrionids, Lampyrids, a scorpion, centipedes, etc. No Staphs. Went to town in the morning to do errands and get mail. I got a check from Dr. Netmore and a letter from Daddy and Mother. In the afternoon Ed and I went back to the locality above Gordon Town. Station 367. 1/2 mile (by road) above Gordon Town on Mavis Bank road; Sweeping. Station 368. 2 mile (by road) above Gordon Town on Mavis Bank road. Sweeping and stream. (edge) Started early to cross the island to Roaring River Falls. Went through Spanish Town, Bog Walk, Ewarton, Moneague, Fern Gully, and Ocho Rios. Ran into thick fog near Bog Walk. Stopped first at Station 369. Same as sta. 12 (Vol. I); about 4 miles (by road)south. east of Moneague. Dung, fungus, fruit. Station 370. About 2 miles north of Moneague on road to Ocho Rios. Under bark took 17 staphs, etc. Station 371. Fern Gully, between Moneague and Ocho Rios. Sifting rubbish. We had planned to try collect dryopids at the Roaring River Falls, but found it unsuitable. We ate our lunch, and then tried sweeping and beating. Station 372. Roaring River Falls, parish of St. Anns. Beating and sweeping melted 10 staphs, etc., etc. Came home by same route but put the net over the car. It was light nearly all the way home. Station 373. Road between Roaring River and Fern Gully (label as Ocho Rios). From net over car took staphs; etc. Station 374. Road through Fern Gully. From net over car took 38 staphs; etc. Station 375. Road between Fern Gully and Ewarton (label as Moneague). From net over car took staphs; etc. Station 376. Road between Ewarton and Spanish Town (label as Bog Walk). From net over car took staphs; etc. Station 377. Road between Spanish Town and Half Way Tree. From net over car took 2482 staphs; etc. These catches increased in size, the last one containing probably 3000 or 4000 staphs alone. We did little in the evening except label these and put them away.
[[preprinted]] 98 [[/preprinted]] Jamaica 10. [[left margin]] II-3-37 [[/left margin]] In the morning we went to town to get Ed's mail from the Consulate, a cutlass for Ed, etc. [[insert]] 42 [[image: cent symbol]] !]] [[/insert]] After lunch Ruth went with us to Jerry River. [[underline]] Station 378. [[/underline]] Same as sta. 360. From under bark took Staphs, [[underline]] Passalus [[/underline]], Tenebrionids, etc. We also caught a few fish in the river. [[underline]] Station 379. [[/underline]] Rio Cobre at Caymanas Estates; 10 miles west of Kingston. Along sandy bank took [[insert]] 11 [[/insert]] Staphs; also Ciindelids, Carobids, etc., etc. [[insert]] Label as Kingston [[/insert]] We then followed a road north from Spanish Town toward Sligoville. We spotted several places to set up the light and screen. [[underline]] Station 380. [[/underline]] Road between Sligoville and Spanish Town. From net over the car took --- Staphs; etc. In the evening Ed and I went out after fireflies. [[underline]] Station 381. [[/underline]] Pasture and brush at Hope Gardens, above Kingston. Too 2 spp. of fireflies, a luminous [[underline]] (Pyrophorus) [[/underline]] larva, and several [[underline]] Palaminus. [[/underline]] We got home after eleven and found the front door locked. Luckily Ruth hadn't locked our outside door so we got in that way. She had gone to sleep with the light on. [[end left page]] [[start right page]] [[preprinted]] 99 [[/preprinted]] II-4-37 After breakfast we decided to take a lunch and go up to Newcastle. The weather looked threatening. We went to Gordon Town and then up a very crooked but not at all steep road for about ten miles. It started to rain shortly before we reached Newcastle, so we turned back. [[underline]] Station 382. [[/underline]] A small stream, 12 1/2 miles (by road) from Kingston on [[left margin]] A.B [[/left margin]] the Newcastle road. [[insert]] A [[/insert]] Water-beetles; under [[insert]] B [[/insert]] bark, - [[insert]] +1[[/insert]] Staphs (Piestinae), etc. [[insert]] Label as Gordon Tn. [[/insert]] [[underline]] Station 383. [[/underline]] A small stream, 12 miles (by road) from [[insert]] [[image: up arrow pointing to above insert (Label as Gordon Tn.)]] also [[/insert]] Kingston on [[left margin]] [[underline]] 34 Staphs [[/underline]] A [[/left margin]] the Newcastle road. From fresh chips on stumps [[left margin]] B [[/left margin]] took Staphs, etc. Also banana stem. We had lunch on the road and came back in the rain, until we reached Gordon Town. [[underline]] Station 384. [[/underline]] Mammee River, 1 mile above Papine and Hope Gardens. Dryopids; and 1 Staph (probably flying). Near juntion with Hope River. [[insert]] Label Gordon Tn [[/insert]] [[left margin]] II-5-37 [[/left margin]] To town in the morning to call on Mr. Little, the American Consul, leave a tire to be fixed, etc., etc. Then we went to Hope Gardens to look over the insect collection, and also the orchids. After lunch Ed and I took our dinner to Hope Gardens to set up the gasoline lantern and white sheet.
[[preprinted]] 100 [[/preprinted]] Jamaica 12. [[underline]] Station 385. [[/underline]] Pasture at northeast corner of Hope Gardens, Kingston. [[left margin]] A, B, C [[/left margin]] Lantern [[insert]] A [[/insert]] and sheet; fireflies flying [[insert]] B [[/insert]]; on fresh stump [[insert]] C [[/insert]] and under chips [[insert]] C [[/insert]]. The lantern attracted few beetles (a Chrysomelid, [[underline]] Ligyrus, Platypus, [[/underline]] an [[insert]] aberrant Scophylid [[/insert]] but many [[left margin]] D [[/left margin]] leafhoppers. [[underline] Chlorida festeva [[/underline]] on log. Also sweeping [[insert]] D [[/insert]] - Cacanillids. When we got home we found we'd [[insert]] forgotten [[/insert]] our keys, so we had to wait for the others who went to a movie. [[left margin]] II-6-37 [[/left margin]] Took our lunch and got a rather late start for Bath in St. Thomas. Our first stop was at [[underline]] Station 386. [[/underline]] On coast 23 miles east of Kingston [[insert]] Label Morant Bay [[/insert]], Near White Horses. [[left margin]] A [[/left margin]] From bark and chips of recently felled tree (called "Budge Gum" by natives - perhaps a corruption of [[underline]] Bursera gummifera [[/underline]] - Tropic birch). [[left margin]] [[underline]] 10 Staphs [[/underline]] [[/left margin]] Minute beetles, including brown weevils. [[strikethrough]] This bottle apparently lost. [[/strikethrough]] [[insert]] Found again! [[/insert]] In same vicinity [[left margin]] B [[/left margin]] took several Bruchids from a flowering tree, [[insert]] (Cordia gerascanthoides) [[/insert]] and [[left margin]] C [[/left margin]] several yellow weevils on a flowering acacia. Also [[left margin]] D [[/left margin]] under drift on the beach - several [[underline]] Phaleria, [[/underline]] the brown and black beetles found on all the other islands. [[underline]] Station 387. [[/underline]] Near Bath in St. Thomas, at foot of Cuna Cuna Pass trail. [[left margin]] A [[/left margin]] From fungus [[underline]] (Hydnum) [[/underline]] took 385 Staphs, etc. From base [[left margin]] B [[/left margin]] of cocoanut leaf Ed took myriapods and a red frog. One bee and one wasp were from net over the car on the coast road. [[end left page]] [[start right page]] [[preprinted]] 101 [[/preprinted]] [[underline]] Station 388. [[/underline]] 2 miles by road from Bath in St. Thomas on the Cuna Cuna [[left margin]] A [[/left margin]] Pass road (trail). Spiders from a twenty square foot colonial web. Also two Tenebriomids and several Nitidulids [[left margin]] B [[/left margin]] from banana stem. We are lunch here and then returned to Bath and followed the road eastward about 2 miles. [[underline]] Station 389. [[/underline]] 12 miles east of Bath in St. Thomas; at bridge over Indian Cony R. near junction with Plantain Garden River. Eight [[left margin]] A [[/left margin]] large and three small Cerambycids on trunk of a cut tree (cotton tree). From under back and [[left margin]] B [[/left margin]] under chips took numerous Staphs and other small beetles - an beetles and myriapods respectively. The two small Cerambs were taken beating the dead leaves and smaller branches. On the way home, after agreeing to return to this last locality, we put up the net over the car. [[underline]] Station 390. [[/underline]] Between Bath and Morant Bay. From net over car took Staphs and many other beetles and flies. [[underline]] Station 391. [[/underline]] Between Morant Bay and Kingston. From net over car took Staphs, a small Cerambycid, several fine weevils, Heterocerids, an Elaterid, many Bostrychids and Scolybids, etc., etc.
[[preprinted]] 102 [[/preprinted]] Jamaica 14. [[left margin]] II-7-37 [[/left margin]] Sunday. A day of rest. We wrote up journals and labelled and packed specimens. Also went for a short ride. Prepared for a trip tomorrow. [[left margin]] II-8-37 [[/left margin]] Got away at 8:30 to return to the Bath region. At Port Morant we stopped for gas, and asked the attendant where we could get some green coconuts. He directed us to Clifton Hill Estate. We met a lady name Pengally, who gave us nine large nuts and said she had heard of us from Mr. Wooler. When we reached our collecting place we found a bunch of blacks loading bananas, but they didn't bother us much. [[underline]] Station 392. [[/underline]] [[left margin]] A [[/left margin]] Same as sta. 389, (Both in St. Thomas). On the big [[insert]] cotton tree [[/insert]] log we found 11 of the large Cerambycids and 2 [[underline]] Chaliolepidius silbermanni. [[/underline]] [[left margin]] B [[/left margin]] From under bark of large chips took 4 [[underline]] Passalus [[/underline]], many Ceramb. larvae, and myriopods. From bark of logs (EAC cotton and some other tree mixed; REB - cotton tree only) Took hundreds of small weeivls, [[insert]] 149+ [[/insert]] Staphs, Scolytids Histerids, etc., etc. From a small [[left margin]] C [[/left margin]] pile of dung I took Staphs, and Sphaeridiinae, [[left margin]] D [[/left margin]] From under stones at the edge of the stream (in the shallow water) [[insert]] we [[/insert]] took about 50 tiny Dryopids and 4 [[underline]] Eubrianan [[/underline]] or Psephinid larvae (water pennies), [[left margin]] E [[/left margin]] and on the bank [[insert]] 13 [[/insert]] Staphs, Carabids, etc. From a [[left margin]] F [[/left margin]] very rotten log I took two shiny balck Rutelinae [[end left page]] [[start right page]] [[preprinted]] 103 [[/preprinted]] [[underline]] Macraspis tetradacyla [[/underline]] [[insert]] (with pupal skins) [[/insert]], several very large wireworms (?), and many myriapods. Ed took in the upper end of the log 8 Rhyssodids, pseudoscorpions, and 3 pale green rouches. With the beating net [[left margin]] G [[/left margin]] along the river I took 1 [[underline]] Lagochirus araneiformis [[/underline]], 2 of a tiny Cermb., several Chrysomelids, [[underline]] Enochormus ritchii, Brachyacantha bistripoustulata, [[/underline]], bugs, etc. [[left margin]] H [[/left margin]] After dark I took 6 Lampyrids and 1 [[underline]] Pyrophorus. [[/underline]] Another of the latter flew into the car later. At the sheet and lantern we took 2 [[underline]] Cyclocephala signata, 1 Ligyrus Surmulosus, [[/underline]] 1 Lampyrid, [[underline]] Playtpus [[/underline]], Scolysids, 1 Hydrophilid, small pale weevils, leafhopers, Colydiids, Phalacrid, Throseid, 1 [[insert]] (5) [[/insert]] Staph, bugs, etc. The large tree from which we took the Cerambycids, Elaterids, and most of the bark things was a silk cotton tree. The lower fifteen feet of the trunk had been cut up into lumber, leaving a large pile of chips and debris. The remaining butt was about 5 feet in diameter. As things stopped coming to the light about 8:30, we packed up and came home. [[left margin]] II-9-37 [[/left margin]] Last night a Mr. Nethersole who lives on the Hermitage Dam Road, brought down a jar with over a dozen nice Scarabs. They had come to the lights; so we arranged to call at his house tonight. Spent the day packing yesterday's
[[preprinted]] 104 [[/preprinted]] Jamaica 16. catch, and reading and reading. About 8 P.M. we drove up to the house and spent an hour and a half collecting at lights. [[underlined]] Station 393. [[/underlined]] Home of Mr. Nethersole on south side of Ram's Horn Ridge, 2/4 mile east of Stony Hill. Took searabs, Coccinellids, lacewings, bugs, etc. etc., at light. [[left margin]] II-10-37 [[/left margin]] Another day of rest - or inactivity. We went to town for mail, and then went to sign the book at Government House (King's House). After tea Ed and I took a lunch and went up the Hermitage Dam road to try the lantern and sheet. [[underlined]] Station 394. [[/underlined]] South side of Ram's Horn Ridge, 1/2 mile east of Stony Hill. The light attracted several small Searabs, 1 lerambycid, and many bugs. We caught also a good series of two species of fireflies. On the way home we put up the net over car. [[underlined]] Station 395. [[/underlined]] Road between Stony Hill and Half Way Tree, Kingston. From the net over the car took Staphs, etc., etc. We also stopped for fireflies at [[underlined]] Station 396. [[/underlined]] About half way between Stony Hill and [[strikethrough]] Half Way Tree, [[/strikethrough]] Constant Spring a small river flat. Took several types of fireflies and one large luminous [[strikethrough]] Elet [[/strikethrough]] [[underlined]] Pyrophorus [[/underlined]] (peenie) [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] 105 [[/preprinted]] [[left margin]] II-11-37 [[/left margin]] Mrs. Bonell has invited us to Derry for the weekend, so today was spent doing errands and packing. Just before tea Ed and I went up to Hope Gardens to have a more thorough look at the collection. After tea we joined in for a game of badminton. After dinner we went to call on the Edwards: The subjects of conversation and remarks about Ed's visit I am going to discuss in the first part of Volume 7 (which see). [[left margin]] II-12-37 [[/left margin]] At nine o'clock we set out with a carfull of baggage to meet Mrs. Bonell at Mendes Pen, near Old Harbour: As we arrived we had a puncture, but quickly changed the tire. Then Ed changed over to Mrs. Bonell's car, and we followed them to a place on Milk River, past Four [[strikethrough]] Roads [[/strikethrough]] Paths and Tollgate, where we ate lunch. Then we followed up Figurary Gully and along a side road to Kensworth Estate, near Newport. This is a (?) utrus estate belonging to the Bonell's. If we like it better than Derry, we can stay there for as long as we wish. We had Tea here, and then went on to Derry by way of Mandeville. After dinner we played a little bagatelle, caught a few [[underlined]] Pyrophorus [[/underlined]] that came in to light, and went to bed very early. The beds are springless, but we may be able to get used to them.
[[preprinted]] 106 [[/preprinted]] Jamaica 18. [[left margin]] II-13-37 [[/left margin]] I forgot to mention she misses Savarian. They seemed just the same as on my last trip, and pleased to have us come. Ruth and Ed and I went out after breakfast to collect, but had rather poor luck. [[underlined]] Station 397. [[/underlined]] Along trail just south of Derry Estate, 4 miles ^ [[insert]] south - [[/insert]] east [[left margin]] A [[/left margin]] of Balaclava, in parish of Manchester. In termisaria found one queen, etc., but no guests. In the [[left margin]] B [[/left margin]] same carton Ed took some large red ants. From dung Ruth and I took 392 Staphs, [[underlined]] Aphodius [[/underlined]] , [[underlined]] Oniticellus [[/underlined]], [[left margin]] C [[/left margin]] Sphaeridiinae, etc. From under stones Ed took 3 Carabids and several snapping ants. After lunch we drove down to the foot of the hill north of the house to a small pond. [[underlined]] Station 398. [[/underlined]] [[left margin]] A [[/left margin]] 1/2 mile northwest of Derry. From mud at edge of pond Ruth and I took Staphs, Carabids, etc. [[left margin]] B [[/left margin]] In one termitarium we took a queen, etc.; in another [[left margin]] C [[/left margin]] just the smaller castes. In logs Ed took [[underlined]] Passalies [[/underlined]] , adults & larvae, and roaches. From very dry [[left margin]] D [[/left margin]] dung Ed took 1 Tenebrionid and some ants. [[left margin]] E [[/left margin]] From roffee flowers we took 2 Coccinellids, & 2 others. At tea time Marjorie Bonell came up from Kingston with a Miss Jones from Barbados. We set up [[left margin]] F [[/left margin]] the sheet and left the lantern and then dinner. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] 107 [[/preprinted]] We stayed out for several hours but took only 3 [[underlined]] Cuclocephala [[/underlined]], 3 tiny Lampyrids, 2 [[underlined]] Pyrophorus [[/underlined]], many bugs, etc. The peenies were caught flying. [[left margin]] II-14-37 [[/left margin]] Ruth and Marjorie joined us this morning and brought a lunch. We went to "Oxford River" at [[underlined]] Station 399. [[/underlined]] One Eye River (locally "Oxford" River) 3 miles northeast of Balaclava, parish of Manchester; at highway bridge. [[left margin]] A [[/left margin]] From under stones, logs, rubbish, and banana stems ^ [[insert]] in the water [[/insert]] took 17 Staphs, about 100 Dryopids of 3 (?) species. [[left margin]] B [[/left margin]] Sweeping yielded only 6 Cocinellids, 1 Staph, bugs, spider. [[left margin]] C [[/left margin]] Osand bank C at river edge (put in with Dryopids) took 2 Staphs. from dung D [[left margin]] D [[/left margin]] Ruth took 8 Staphs, 2 [[underlined]] Phanaeus [[/underlined]] , 10 [[underlined]] Omiticellus [[/underlined]] , [[underlined]] Aphadius [[/underlined]] , 1 Forficulid, etc. A short distance up the road is the Oxford Cave. We ate lunch there but had no lights to explore. We then drove on along the edge of the Cockpit Country to Troy - a crossroads. [[underlined]] Station 400. [[/underlined]] Troy (crossroads) on Hectors River in southern Trelawney parish. Sweeping yielded 1 Coccinellid, 1 [[underlined]] Metamasius [[/underlined]] , many leafhoppers, bugs, and spiders. After dinner we drove down to [[underlined]] Station 401. [[/underlined]] 1/2 mile north of Derry, along parochial road. [[underlined]] Pyrophorus [[/underlined]] and Lampyrids flying. (a fine large new species of latter).
[[preprinted]] 108 [[/preprinted]] Jamaica 20. [[left margin]] II-15-39 [[/left margin]] Spent the morning labelling and packing specimens, and writing the journals. After lunch we drove to Balaclava, Maggoty, Newton, and back to Balaclava and Derry. We collected Dryopids in Black River near Appleton, and termites at Maggoty Falls. [[underlined]] Station 402. [[/underlined]] Breadnut Valley Estate, 2 miles south of Maggoty, in parish of St. Elizabeth. From chips on a fresh stump took 34 Staphs and [[underlined]] many [[/underlined]] Nitidulids. [[underlined]] Station 403. [[/underlined]] Road between Newton (crossroad) and Derry by southern [[left margin]] Error. See note on page 110. [[/left margin]] route through Balaclava. From net over the car took Staphs, and many others. After dinner Ed and I caught a few fireflies and [[underlined]] Pyrophorus [[/underlined]] in the yard. [[left margin]] II-16-37 [[/left margin]] Planned to go to Montego Bay and the Maroon Country, and got started about 8:15. We went through Balaclava, Maggoty, Y.S., Catadupa, Mocha, Paint, Montego Bay, Falmouth, Clarks Town, Jackson Town, Ulster Spring, and Troy, back to Derry. [[underlined]] Station 404 [[/underlined]] Highway bridge over Jones River in northwestern St. Elizabeth's parish. Dryopids from under stones. A few Staphs got in by mistake, - they belong in sta. from later in the day. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] 109 [[/preprinted]] [[underlined]] Station 405. [[/underlined]] Highway bridge over Great River, 2 miles south of Catalpa in southern St. James' parish. Dryopids from under stones in the running water. 1 Staph. [[underlined]] Station 406. [[/underlined]] Same as sta. 16, (Vol. 1); halfway between Catadupa and Mocha. Sweeping yield 1 fine black [[underlined]] Stemus [[/underlined]], 1 slender Paederinae; 3 coccinellids, 7 chrysomelids, bugs, flies, ants, etc. A very poor lot! At the same time Ed swept 2 weevils, 2 coccinellids, ants, bugs, etc. 1/4 mile farther on I took with the beating net 3 slender Paederinae, 2 Coccillids, etc., etc. (Combineded) [[underlined]] Station 407. [[/underlined]] Beach 2 miles north of Montego Bay. From under seaweed took 5 Staphs + (1 [[underlined]] Cafius [[/underlined]]), many minute Trichopterygidae, and Forficulids. [[underline]] Station 408. [[/underline]] Roads between Falmouth and [[insert]] (Road is through cave) [[/insert]] Jackson Town (label Clark's Town). From net over car took Staphs (including a small Osoriinae), etc., etc. [[underlined]] Station 409. [[/underlined]] Roads between Jackson Town and Derry (Balaclava) (label as Troy). From net over car through mountains took 2647 Staphs, etc., etc. More of the Osoriinae and more than usual of other small beetles. [[left margin]] Error. See note on page 110. [[/left margin]]
[[preprinted]] 110 [[/preprinted]] Jamaica 22. We have discovered an error in the last three lots taken from the net over the car. The last one was divided between two bottles,a nd one of these was mixed with the first lot (apparently). The vial marked sta. 409 which contains a large ichneumon wasp is the reaining half of that lot. The vial marked station 408 contains many [[underline]] Philonthus [[/underline]] and is properly labelled and segregated. The vial marked sta. 403 is apparently a composite lot with sta. 409. II-17-37 After breakfast we packed the car and started for Kensworth. The Savarian's seemed sorry to see us go. We had a lot of trouble with the engine scarcely having enough power to pull the lightest hills. It took us over three hours to go the 25 miles. After lunch Ruth and I went to Newport for supplies. We caught a few fireflies in the evening, but very little came to the light and sheet on the porch. II-18-37 In the morning Ruth and I drove to Kingston, leaving Ed to collect by himself. We had tinkered with the car till it was running fairly well. As soon as we arrive I took the car to the garage, went to the bank, got mail, etc. Just before tea, I went down to get the car, but found that there are some other things that should be done tomorrow. [[scratched out]] Mr. [[scratched out]] Nethersol brought down another jar full of Scarabs for Ed. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] 111 [[/preprinted]] II-19-37 The garage finally the car fixed up so that it now runs better than ever before. Ruth had done the shopping for food, and had fixed my lunch. I got started about 11 AM. and arrived at Kensworth about 2. Ed had had more success than usual at sweeping, but it was still not very good. After tea we went in search of Bruchids on a Leguminase plant near the house. Found a small series. The light and sheet attracted very little but small moths. Fireflies were moderately common. In the evening Marjorie Borell [[?]] and Mrs. Barbara Nurse arrived for the week-end. We decided to go to Alligator Pond beach tomorrow for a swim. II-20-37 The girls went to Mandeville in the morning, while we started for Alligator Pond Bay to collect. Ed found a succulent (Convohuilacea[[?]]) with leaf-hoppers; he was commissioned to try to find sugarbeet-leaf hoppers in such a place. [[underline]] Station 410. [[/underline]] Beach at Alligator Pond Bay, southwest corner of [["A" written in left margin]] Manchester parish. From dung took [[left blank]] Staphs, [["B" written in left margin]] [[underline]] Aphodius, [[/underline]] Histories, and ants. Beating sea-grape netted several weevils, six Coccinellids of a new sp., ^etc. Found nothing not he beach except shells, but of these I picked up a large number for Ruth. The girls arrived with the lunch, and later
[[preprinted]] 112 [[/preprinted]] Jamaica 24. we went in bathing in the surf and the river. We got home just after dark. [[underline]] Station 411 [[/underline]] Road between Alligator Pond bay and Kensworth, via Cross Keys (labeled as Newport), Manchester parish. From net over car took [[blank space]] Staphs, etc., etc. Spent the evening talking. II-21-37 In the morning I wrote up notes, and collected in dung in the corral below the house. Ed and Marjorie went off ot collect Bruchids and try to identify the host Legiuminassae[[?]]. [[underline]] Station 412 [[/underline]] Kensworth Estate, 2 miles southeast of Newport (10 miles south of Mandeville by road), Manchester parish. [[Left margun: Letter A written , next to a scratched out letter D]] From dung took [[blank space]] Staphs, [[underline]] Aphodius [[/underline]], etc. After a late lunch we spent the time till tea talking and trying to keep warm. There was an occasional rain, and much mist and fog. The girls left after tea. They left us about a bushel of grapefruit and half one of tangerines. [[Left margin: Letter B written next to scratched out letter E]] Before dinner we took the lantern and sheet to set up in a small valley overlooking a sink. [[underline]] Sta. 412 [[/underline]] also. 2 Staphs, a few leafhoppers, quite a few moths, and several fireflies. We were stopped by rain, which fell very lightly but steadily. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] 113 [/preprinted]] [[image: map labelled [[underline]] Jamaica [[/underline]], with the position of various stations given. A key with letters A -D gives the location of several more closely-grouped sites. Scale 1 inch- 17 1/2 miles
[[preprinted]] 114 [[/preprinted]] Jamaica 26. [[left margin]] II-22-37 [[/left margin]] Had breakfast about 8 [[strikethrough]] [[?]] [[/strikethrough]] o'clock and then started for Black River (town) via Mandeville, and Lacovia, and returned by way of Great Pedro Bay and Alligator Pond. Near Lacovia we stopped to open a large termitarium. Found the queen (a very large, dark one) but no guests. Saved the central portion to take home. Stopped on the beach south of Black Bay. [[underlined]] Station 413. [[/underlined]] Beach 1 1/2 miles southeast of Black River (and town) on [[left margin]] A [[/left margin]] Black River Bay. Beating beach-grape yielded six more [[left margin]] B [[/left margin]] of the new Coccinellid. Excrement yielded Staphs, [[underlined]] Aphodius [[/underlined]] , and Histerids. We then followed a by-road to Great Pedro Bay. This turned out to be a fisherman's landing, and was rather a busy place. There seemed no chance for collecting, so we went on to Alligator Pond Bay. Here we took seven more of the Coccinellids and 1 Cerambycid (took 2 sp., at Black River Bay). Then had a swim. On the way home we put up the net over the car again. This is still [[underlined]] Sta. 411. [[/underlined]] We also stopped to give a sixpence to a blind Hindoo beggar who was gesticulating beside the road. He "God-blessed" us [[strikethrough]] [[?]] [[/strikethrough]] gratefully. That crossroad must be an awfully poor place to beg! [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] 115 [[/preprinted]] [[left margin]] II-23-37 [[/left margin]] To Mandeville in the morning to get formalin for the gollywasps (venomous lizards) caught by the yardboy last night. Wrote a letter to Ruth. After lunch we went to look for the old works, but missed them. Collected some more Bruchids. After tea drove again to Mandeville to repair two tires that had deflated. Then we put up the net and drove home by way of Williamsfield, Porus, Toll Gate, and the Milk River. [[underlined]] STation 414. [[/underlined]] Road between Mandeville and Toll Gate via Porus (label as Porus). From net over car took Staphs, etc., etc. A moderate catch. [[underlined]] Station 415 [[/underlined]] Road between Toll Gate and Kensworth Estate via Figurary Gully (label as Milk River). From net over car took 1205 Staphs, etc., etc. Several of these last net catches have included Tachyparinae, as well as Osoriinae, Paederinae, Orayselinae, Philouthi. On the way home we stopped about 1/4 mile south to chase fireflies. Took 3 distinct species + a peenie. [[left margin]] II-24-37 [[/left margin]] Tried to get away early, but were delayed by having to wait for breakfast. We went through Mandeville, Spur Tree, Santa Cruz, Lacovia, Black River, halfway to Savanna-la-mar, back through Middle Quarters, Spur Tree, and across a side road to Newport and home.
[[preprinted]] 116 [[/preprinted]] Jamaica 28. [[underlined]] Station 416. [[/underlined]] A roadside pond about 5 miles west of Black River [[left margin]] + 3 Staphs [[/left margin]] (1 1/2 miles southeast of Scott's Cove). From mud banks took 16 + 119 Staphs (including 2 or 3 black [[underlined]] Stenus [[/underlined]] ), many Carabids, Chrysomelids, Coccinellids, etc. [[underlined]] Station 417. [[/underlined]] Scott's Cove (Seals Cove), 8 miles by road west of Black River. A shallow tidal basin. Collected a lot of live shells, but found no insects. [[underlined]] Station 418. [[/underlined]] Bluefield's Bay, about 10 miles southeast across from Savanna-la-mar. From under seaweed took 3 [[underlined]] Cafius [[/underlined]], many [[underlined]] Phaleria [[/underlined]], and a Carabid. Ed could find none of the new Coccinellid on beach grape. [[underlined]] Station 419. [[/underlined]] 1/2 mile east of Speculation, about 3 miles northwest of Black River. From cow dung took 4 Staphs (Aleocharae), and many [[underlined]] Oniticellus [[/underlined]]. [[underlined]] Station 410. [[/underlined]] 1/2 mile west of Luana, about 3 miles north [[strikethrough]] west [[/strikethrough]] of Black River. From cow dung took numerous Staphs, a few [[underlined]] Oniticellus [[/underlined]], Sphaeridiinae, [[strikethrough]] [[?]] [[/strikethrough]] Aphodius, etc. Ed took a bottle of spiders at this place. Here we had tea and then put up the net. [[underlined]] Station 421. [[/underlined]] Road between Luana and Kensworth, via Lacovia, [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] 117 [[/preprinted]] Santa Cruz, and Spur Tree (label as Santa Cruz). From the net over the car took a huge series of beetles. 2092. Staphs, 3 species of Scarabs besides many [[underlined]] Aphodius [[/underlined]], Cryptophagids, Elaterids, Nitidulids, etc. We were both surprised and pleased to find the Scarabs but can't tell where they were except between Luana and Spur Tree Hill. Practically nothing came in the net beyond Spur Tree. We had tire trouble twice. One of the tires fixed at Mandeville yesterday gave out on the spare rack! Had it fixed in Black River. [[left margin]] II-25-37 [[/left margin]] Spent the forenoon at Kensworth. We went for a walk about the estate, catching Bruchids, etc. Then we investigated one of the sink holes. Found it to be a rock [[strikethrough]] y [[/strikethrough]] walled crevasse at least 30 to 40 feet deep and perhaps 8 feet wide. No water audible. We developed a fine bunch of chiggers. After lunch we went to Alligator Pond again, by way of Mandeville, Spur Tree and Gutters, and the road down the valley. We managed to find one more "paratype" of [[underlined]] Psyllobora [[/underlined]] n. sp., collected some live shells, and went swimming. Just at sunset we put up the net and drove back along the road to Gutters, then a short distance each way along the main road several times and finally home thru Alligator Pond and Cross Keys.
[[preprinted]] 118 [[/preprinted]] Jamaica 80. [[underlined]] Station 422. [[/underlined]] Roads in vicinity of Gutters (Cross roads) and between there and Alligator Pond. (This is on line between the parishes of Manchester & St. Elizabeth.) From the net over the car took Staphs, 6 or 7 small Scarabs, very many Aphodiinae, etc., etc. The Scarabs were taken just at dusk and couldn't be found else. We missed our way going home and came through Newport which is a little longer. [[left margin]] II-2 [[strikethrough]] 2 [[/strikethrough]] 6-37 [[/left margin]] Had some trouble last night just as we reached home. The left front shock absorber got loose and jammed the steering gear. We made a temporary repair and decided not to make the long trip as planned. We went through Mandevile and back to Kingston by the main road. Stopped once to look for Dryapids in Milk River near Porus, but found none. [[underlined]] Station 423. [[/underlined]] Highway 2 miles southeast of Porus, in Clarendon parish. From under chips on fresh stumps took 30 Staphs, Nitidulids, bugs, etc. [[underlined]] Station 424. [[/underlined]] [[left margin]] A [[/left margin]] 1 mile east of May Pen on main road. From mud bank at edge of a small pond took 12 Staphs, Carabids, etc. [[left margin]] B [[/left margin]] Ed took leafhoppers, and [[underlined]] Megilla [[/underlined]] sweeping, and one or two Staphs on the mud. A curious native picked [[/left margin]] C [[/left margin]] up four Chrysomelids for us. From the water we [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] 119 [[/preprinted]] took a vial full of water beetles and bugs. There were Dytiscids, Haliplids, Hydrophilids, Corinids, and Natonetids, at least. We failed to get the largest size of beetle, - about 7/8 of an inch long. [[underlined]] Station 425. [[/underlined]] 3 miles east of May Pen on main road. Another [ [left margin]] A [[/left margin]] pond (this one under trees). Ed took 6 Gyrinids; some [[left margin]] B [[/left margin]] small fish; and 6 Staphs on mud bank. [['B' inserted above previous word]] I took [[left margin]] C [[/left margin]] 468 Staphs from horse manure; also took [[underlined]] Aphodius [[/underlined]], Sphaeridiinae, Histerids, etc. A large lot. We got home in time for dinner, and afterwards went to a move to see "The Ghost [[strikethrough]] Walks Ag [[/strikethrough]] Goes West." [[left margin]] II-27-37 [[/left margin]] Was so sleepy this morning I couldn't do much. We went to town to have the car fixed, and Ed had a chance to ride on a tram! After lunch we went to Hope Gardens but found all the offices closed. Tried to collect on a freshly cut tree, but got only burs for our pains. Spent the rest of the day reading, talking and loafing. [[left margin]] II-28-37 [[/left margin]] Sunday. Set out for return visit to the Bath in St. Thomas locality. On the way we stopped to help a man and his wife patch a tire. We couldn't find any good coconuts along the road, so we stopped at Leith Hall, where the accountant give us six. He [[strikethrough]] is [[/strikethrough]] has been paralyzed for 30 years - Panama Canal - 1907 earthquake, but has will to succeed. 1,000,000 a year!
[[preprinted]] 120 [[/preprinted]] Jamaica 32. [[underlined]] Station 426. [[/underlined]] Same as sta. 389 and sta. 392.; near Bath in St. Thomas. [[left margin]] A [[/left margin]] From the log we took 6 of the large Cerambycids. From [[left margin]] B [[/left margin]] the chips and under bark we took Staphs, Histerids, Tenebrianids, Cassonids, etc., etc. From rocks in [[left margin]] C [[/left margin]] the stream I took Staphs and 18 + - Dryopids. [[left margin]] D [[/left margin]] Sweeping yielded a very small assortment. We then came home by a new road, through Sunning Hill, Trinityville, Cedar Valley. Stopped at [[underlined]] Station 427. [[/underlined]] Clarke's River near junction with Plantain Garden River, parish of St. Thomas. Took 25 dryopids from underside of stones at [[underlined]] edge [[/underlined]] of stream. From here on we put the net over the car. [[underlined]] Station 428. [[/underlined]] Roads between Bath and Lower White Horses, by way of Sunning Hill, Trinityville, and Cedar Hill. From the net over the car took a very large catch: 1734 Staphs, Aphodiinae, and many other small beetles, etc. This trip passed through a large valley of sugar cane. [[left margin]] 111-1-37 [[/left margin]] Right after breakfast we all set out to visit the Bonell's at Caymanas Estates. We met Marjorie at the factory and were showed all around the new plant. It is quite similar to other ones we saw in Barbados and Antigua. Its usual capacity is 35,000 tons of cane per season. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] 121 [[/preprinted]] We then went to watch the cutting of bananas. The cutter cuts into but not through the stem and pulls it over onto him, cutting off the pusoa [[good guess]] as the bunch falls and laying it out flat as he cuts it from the stem. Then he cuts through the stem at 4 ft height, leaving the stump. The whole operation requires about 10 seconds. He is paid 1/- per 100 for cutting! (3/- per 100 for carrying.) Then we went back to the house for lunch. We had called on Mrs. Nurse (Barbara), but she didn't feel like coming to lunch. Mrs. Bonell was very cordial, and we had a pleasant time. We left about three, to take Ed to town for a suit fitting. After dinner we went to the Palace to see "One Rainy Afternoon". It was quite funny. [[left margin]] III-2-37 [[/left margin]] Labelled and packed specimens in the morning and wrote journals. Went to town to Pan - American still no word of our refund; and to Horn Line - boat due on March 4th or 5th. After lunch Ruth went with us to go back to the Trinityville valley. We followed up the left bank of the Yallah's River to Easington bridge. [[underlined]] Station 429. [[/underlined]] Yallah's River at Easington Bridge. Could find only one broke dryopid in the stream. The water was swift but shallow.
[[preprinted]] 122 [[/preprinted]] Jamaica 37. [[underlined]] Station 43 [[strikethrough]] 0 [[/strikethrough]] 1. [[/underlined]] 1 mile west of Bath in St. Thomas, on road to Trinityville. A small pond under a bridge yielded some small Hydrophilids and Dytiscids. [[underlined]] Station 430. [[/underlined]] Near Sunning Hill Farm on road from Bath to Trinityville (3 miles west of Bath in St. Thomas). After dark took 4 or 5 species of Lampyrids and some [[underlined]] Pyrophorus. [[/underlined]] We noticed that one had a decidedly reddish color, but found it was reflection through the mesothorax. We had dinner here but had previously stopped at [[underlined]] Station 432. [[/underlined]] Banana River, 3 miles (by road) west of Cedar Valley on road to Easington. From rocks half buried in the mud of the stream bottom took 9 Dryapids. Ed found a small Hydrophilid in the stream at the base of a small waterfall. [[underlined]] Station 433. [[/underlined]] Road between Bath and station 430. From net over car took Staphs, etc., etc. Instead of coming home the same way we followed down the Morant River to Morant Bay and came home along the coast road. Thirteen miles from town we found three girls with a broken-down car. We delivered a message for them at Up Park Camp barracks. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] 123 [[/preprinted]] [[left margin]] III-3-3 [[strikethrough]] 6 [[/strikethrough]] 7 [[/left margin]] Spent the morning putting away specimens. Went to town to Pan - American and did other errands. PAA has fallen down on refunding our money, and can't seem to straighten it out. We finally drove out to the airport, where we were assured it would be fixed. We also drove a short distance along the new road on the Palisadaes. After dinner we went to the Palace to see Murder on the Bridle Path. It was "feeble". [[left margin]] III-4-37 [[/left margin]] Ed and I set out to take pictures of habitats. Took one termitarium, and found some carrion. [[underlined]] Station 434. [[/underlined]] 6 miles northwest of Kingston on the Spanish Town Road. From beneath a dead dog we took 6 [[underlined]] Creophilus villosus [[/underlined]] and 3 Tenebrionids. We went to Hope Gardens. Mr. Edwards gave Ed a set of maps and promised some alcohol. After lunch we went to town: - Paid for the car, got no satisfaction from PAA, bought a quart of ice cream for tea, and did other errands. The AAA fixed my license and got me an International Driving Pass (good for one year). After tea went to call on some friends of Ed's, by name of Bravo. We stayed only a short time, - it was merely a duty call.
[[preprinted]] 124 [[/preprinted]] Jamaica 36, final. [[left margin]] III-5-37 [[/left margin]] Spent the day doing errands and packing. We paid for the car arranged for the Sank and the Horn Line to be delivered to the J.A.A. and then to Marjorie Bonell, bought a few gifts, got a gallon of alcohol from Mr. Edwards, etc., etc. At six o'clock we went to the Edwards for [[strikethrough]] [[?]] [[/strikethrough]] cocktails. While there we met a Mr. A. W. J. Pomeroy, entomologist. According to his account he has been with USOA, on Miss. with Chicago canal work, at BM, in Africa for 17 years, etc. He has a very high opinion of himself, but gave the impression of having been failure everywhere. Ed had never heard of him. [[left margin]] III-6-37 [[/left margin]] Finished packing and said our goodbyes to the Wooler's before nine. Drove to the pier with the baggage, and then I drove back to the garage. Mr. Masterson sent a chauffeur to take me back to the boat. The T.S.S. Ulua sailed at 10:15 and we skirted the south coast of Jamaica till late afternoon. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] 125 [[/preprinted]] [[left margin]] III-7-37 [[/left margin]] Our first day at sea. Sunday. Ed had bought a copy of "Raffles", and I spent some time reading it. We played shuffle board, quarts, etc., and talked of Pomeroy and other "things". I ate heartily and managed to keep from feeling unsteady. I seem to be very hungry before meals, so I eat a lot. We passed many small islands to starboard [[strikethrough]] yesterday [[/strikethrough]] in the afternoon, but passed off Cuba during the early morning. A radio message from a nearby ship reported exceptionally fair weather ahead of us.
[[preprinted]] 126 [[/preprinted]] [[underlined]] Station 444. [[/underlined]] Specimens received by gift in the West Indies. A. "Caura Valley, Trinidad, B.W.I. Jan. 1, 1936 A.M. Adamson 700." Pres. Jan. 1936. 14 Staphs and 5 larvae. B. "St. Lucia, B.W.I. [[strikethrough]] Among [[/strikethrough]] Cul-del-Sac, Among decomposing trash in canefields. 20 May 1936. H.E. Bon" 17 Staphs C. "Antigua. Trash-heaps. May 1936" H.E. Bon. Pres. May 1936. (2 Staphs) D. "St. Lucia. Vieux Fort. In [[underlined]] undersea [[/underlined]] tunnels in sugarcane. 2.IV.36. H.E. Bon." Pres. May 1936. 6 Staphs E. "San Rafael, Trinidad, B.W.I. Dec. 31, 1935. A.M. Adamson 690." Pres. Jan. 1936. 3 Staphs [[underlined]] (Palamimes) [[/underlined]] F. "San Rafael, Trinidad, B.W.I. Jan. 4, 1936. A.M. Adamson, 606. Pres. Jan. 1936. 1 [[underlined]] Stenus [[/underlined]] G. Various. St. Lucia, B.W.I. Already labelled. 3 Staphs. Pres. May 1936, by H.E. Bon. H. Antigua, McNish Ridge (900' slt.) III-4-37 H E Bon Coll. "among ants on ground" Pres. H E Bon Fall 1937 by mail. I. "In lab 28-XII-36" H E Bon collection. Antigua Sugar Factory, Antigua. Pres. Fall 1937 by mail by H E Bon. J. "Antigua, B.W.I. Crosby's 29-XI-36 H E Bon Among Stones and seaweeds on sandy seashore" Pres. by H E Bon in Fall 1937, by mail. K. "Antigua, B.W.I. Crab Hill. In dung. 18-II-37 H E Bon," Pres by H E Bon in Fall, 1937, by mail. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] 127 [[/preprinted]] L. Antigua, B.W.I. Collin's Woods 15-March-1937 H E Bon in leaf mould and forest debris". Pres. by H E Bon in Fall 1937, by mail. M. "Antigua. Wallings Hill, among decaying forest debris 21-Apr-1937 H E Bon" " [[underlined]] Inga ? lcaurina [[/underlined]] forest in mesophytic (volcanic) district." Pres. by H E Bon in Fall 1937, by mail. N. "Antigua, B.W.I. - Upper Freeman. 2.III.1937. H E Bon. In Polyporus." Pres. by H E Bon in Fall 1937, by mail. O. "Antigua. - Wallings Hill. Among decaying forest debris. 21.Apr.1937. H E Bon." " [[underlined]] Inga laurina [[/underlined]] forest in mesophytii (volcanic) district." Pres by H E Bon in Fall 1937, by mail. P. "Antigua, B.W.I. St Philips Church yard. 22.XI.193 [[strikethrough]] 5 [[/strikethrough]] 6 H E Bon. In large moist Agaric." Pres. by H E Bon in Fall 1937, by mail. Q. Antigua, B.W.I. nr. summit of Boggy Peak, C. 1300' [[strikethrough]] [[?]] [[/strikethrough]] alt. 30 May 1937 H E Bon." "staphylinidae (5 or 6 species) from inside of searlet braexs [[guess]] of a large unknown Heliomia sp. (one of the rarest plants of Antigua) in dense mesophytic woodlands on lee [[guess]] hilltop." Pres. by H E Bon in Fall 1937, by mail. R. "Antigua, B.W.I., Lyons Estate. In - dung. 15 May. 1937. H E Bon. Pres. by H E Bon in Fall 1937, by mail. S. "Antigua, B.W.I., Cades Bay, 20 March 1937. H E Bon. Among sand & debris by stream." Pres. by H E Bon in Fall 1937, by mail. T. "Antigua, B.W.I. Morris Looby's. Estate. 9.III.1937. H E Bon. Alluvial sand by side of stream." Pres. by H E Bon in Fall 1937, by mail. U. "Antigua, B.W.I., nr Mill Hill. 13 Mar.1937. H E Bon. Riverside sand." Pres. by H E Bon in Fall 1937, by mail.
[[preprinted]] 128 [[/preprinted]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] 129 [[/preprinted]] [[underlined]] General Index [[/underlined]] [[left margin]] A [[/left margin]] Adventure Estate 28, 34 Aguadilla 62, 84. Alcohol tanks 75, 76, 82. Alligator Pond 111,112,114,117,118. Anguilla Estate 28. Animals 63. " [[ditto for: Animals]] of St. Croix 7. Annals of the Entomal Society of America 90. Annaly Estate 3. Annatto Bay 94. Appleton 108. Aquarium Restaurant 43,48,77,79. Arecibo 61. Arribalzaga 90. Ashford 78, 80. Aspiratoro 36. Audant 86. Automobiles 32,88,90,91. Axtmeyer 76. [[left margin]] B [[/left margin]] Badminton 105. Bagatelle 105. Baggage 82,83. Bailey 4, 33,43,44,76. Bailey's Motor Service 43,45,46,58,66,69,75,76, 83. Balaclava 106,107,108,109. Balliceaux 62.
[[preprinted]] 130 [[/preprinted]] Bananas 99,101. Banana cutting 121. Banana River 122. Bani 85. Banks 33, 44, 58, 68. Barbados 62, 106. Bark 3, 10 ,51, 58, 73, 93, 96, 98, 99, 100, 101, 102, 120. Barker 86. Barnes 93. Barnes 86,87. Bartsch 4. Bath 100,101,102,119,120,122. Bat guano 24. Bats 24. Battowia 62. Bayamon 48,49,50,60,61. Beaches 5,11,12,19,20,28,36,71,72,100,109,116. Beating 101,103,109,111,114. Beatty 33,34,35,37,38,39,41,76. Behn Brox. 65,66,68,76,77. Bennett 78. Bequia 62. Bethlehem 5,8,27. Betsy's Jewel 27. Bierig 67, 92. Birds 7,21,37,40,63. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] 131 [[/preprinted]] Birthday 93. Bishop Museum 73. Black River 108. Black River (city) 114,115,116,117. Black River Bay 114. Blackwelder, Mr. + Mrs. E 1,11,24,44, " [[ditto for: Blackwelder]], Martha 46,67,90, 96. Blocker 1. Blue Beards' Castle 29. Bluefields' Bay 116. Bog Walk 96,97. Bottimer Bovell 91,91,95,105,106,107,111,112,120,121,124. Box 47. Bravo 123. Breadnut Valley Estate 108. Bull. Brooklyn Entomol. Society 1,90. Bull Insular S.S. Co. 8,19,38,40. Butler Bay Estate 5,22. [[left margin]] C [[/left margin]] Caguas 49,50,51 Caledonia River 10. " [[ditto for: Caledonia]] Valley 14. Camporico Camuy 61. Cane Bay 12,35. Canegarden Estate 11.
[[preprinted]] 132 [[/preprinted]] Cannouan Card tricks Carrion Catadupa Caymanas Estates Cedar Valley Census Chapin Chenay Bay Christiansted Christmas " [[ditto for: Christmas]] cards Cidra Ciudad Trujillo Clarkes River Clarks Town Clifton Hill Estate Cockpit Country Cocoa Coconuts Colombian S.S.Co. Coins Collections of insects Comerio Comordia Condado Hotel [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] 133 [[/preprinted]] Constant Spring Constitution Hill Consuls, American Cribbage Cristobal Cross Roads Cuba Culebra Island Cuna Cuna Pass Curacao Currie Customs + Immigration [[left margin]] D [[/left margin]] Dancing Danforth Danish training ship Deer Derry Desirade Dominica Dominican Republic Drayton Dung [[left margin]] E [[/left margin]] Earthquakes Easington East Asiatic S.S.Co
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[[preprinted]] 136 [[/preprinted]] Gerajataca Guam Guanica " [[ditto for: Guanica]] Bay, " [[ditto for: Guanica]] Central, " [[ditto for: Guanica]] Lake Gutters [[left margin]] H [[/left margin]] Haixi Half Way Tree Halloween Ham Bay Ham Bluff Hannahs Rest Estate Harbour Head Havana Hectors River Hermitage Ram Road Hispaniola Hope Bay Hope Gardens Hope River Horn S.S. Co. Hospital Hoxel Sans Souci Hughes Hunters [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] 137 [[/preprinted]] [[Note: Two inserts on top of page precludes transcribing most of what is written on the page, what is below is what is written on the inserts]] Animals Pets Misc. Insects [[underlined]] Plants [[/underlined]] Fruit Hotels, etc. SS [[?]] etc. Autos Baggage Customs MC Barbers [[Following is what can be read as written on the page}} [[?]]ringuensis [[?]] foricensis [[?]] iculture Association Labo de Euriguillo La Grange Estate
Autos Baggage Customs MC Barbers
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[[preprinted]] 136 [[/preprinted]] Guajataca Guam Guanica " [[ditto for: Guanica]] Bay, " [[ditto for: Guanica]] Central, " [[ditto for: Guanica]] Lake Gutters [[left margin]] H [[/left margin]] Haiti Half Way Tree Halloween Ham Bay Ham Bluff Hannahs Rest Estate Harbour Head Havana Hectors River Hermitage Cam Road Hispaniola Hope Bay Hope Gardens Hope River Horn S.S. Co. Hospital Hotel Sans Souci Hughes Hunters [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] 137 [[/preprinted]] Hurricane [[left margin]] I [[/left margin]] Ice Cream Illness Index to journals Indian Cony River Insectae Borinquensis Insectae Portoricensis Insular Dept. of Agriculture Isabela [[left margin]] J [[/left margin]] Jackson Town Jamaica " [[ditto for: Jamaica]] Automobile Association Jealousy John Crow Mts. Jones River [[left margin]] K [[/left margin]] Kensworth King Edward VIII King George VI Kingston Knox Krause Lagoon Kreuger's Hotel [[left margin]] L [[/left margin]] Laconia Lago de Enriquillo La Grange Estate
[[preprinted]] 138 [[/preprinted]] La Guaira Lajas Landon Lebanon Lee Leeward Islands Leith Hall Leng + Mutchler Les Saintes Liberty Magazine Licenses Light Linsley List of entomologists Literary Digest Magazine Little Little Grange Lizards Log Lower Love Lower White House Lowry Hill Luana [[left margin]] M [[/left margin]] MacCoy Maggoty " [[ditto for: Maggoty]] Falls [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] 139 [[/preprinted]] Magnus Mail Mameyes Mammee River Manati Manchioneal Mandeville Mann Manual of Systematic Entomology Manure Manuscripts Maps Marie Galante Maroon Country Mars Hill Matson Mavis Bank Mayaguez Mayaro May Pen McDermott Mendes Pen Merwin + Co. Mexico Miami
[[preprinted]] 140 [[/preprinted]] Microscope Middle Quarters Milk River Mills Miramar Tavern Mocha Mon Bijou Mona Island Moneague Montego Bay Montserrat Morant Bay Morphology of Col. Fam. Staphylinidae Motorcycle Mt. Eagle Movies Mustique [[left margin]] N [[/left margin]] Naranjito Nathan's Natives Nethersok Net over car Newcastle Newport Newton New Year's Day [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] 141 [[/preprinted]] Nichols Nixon Notes on Procedure in Taxonomy Nurse [[left margin]] O [[/left margin]] Oakley Ocho Rios O'Connor Old Harbour Olimpo Ct. Apt. Olson One Eye River Orange Grove Otero Owrey Oxford Oxford Cave Oxford River [[left margin]] P [[/left margin]] Pagoda Palisadoes Pan-American Airways Pan-Pacific Entomologist Papine Parasol Parish of Clarendon " " [[dittos for: Parish of]] Manchester " " [[dittos for: Parish of]] St. Anns
[[preprinted]] 142 [[/preprinted]] Parish of St. Elizabeth " " [[dittos for: Parish of]] St. James " " [[dittos for: Parish of]] St. Thomas " " [[dittos for: Parish of]] Trelawney Peace Conference Peat Peatie Pengally Petite Terre Petronella Estate Pets Photographs Ping Pond Plantain Garden River Plants Pleasant Valley Pocket Guide to West Indies Point Poker Police Pomeroy Pond Port Antonio Port-au-Prince Port Morant Porto Rico S.S. Co. Porus [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] 143 [[/preprinted]] Procedure in Taxonomy PWA Puerto Rico [[left margin]] Q [[/left margin]] Quebradillas Queen Elizabeth [[left margin]] R [[/left margin]] Radio Ramon Ramos Rams Horn Ridge Rate & Prices Revision of Staph. Subj. Tachyporinae Revista d'Entomologia Richardson Rio Codre Rio Piedras Rio Plata River Estate Roaring River Falls Roosevelt [[left margin]] S [[/left margin]] Saba St. Croix St. john St. Kitts St. Lucia St. Thomas St. Vincent
[[preprinted]] 144 [[/preprinted]] Salt River San Antonio [[strikethrough]] Speculation [[/strikethrough]] (error) Sanderson San German San Juan San Pedro de Macoris Santa Cruz Santiago Santo Domingo Savannah-la-Mar Savarian Schenk & Mr Masters Science Scotts Cove Seals Cove Seaman Sea-urchins Service Technique Shells Sherman Sifting Sight Estate Silbermann Sink holes Sligoville [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] 145 [[/preprinted]] Smithsonian Institution Smyth South Camp Road Hotel Southgate Estate " [[ditto for: Southgate]] Pond Southwest Cape Spanish Town Speculation Sprat Hall Estate Spur Tree S. S. Baralt Burgas Catharine Claus Horn Ingrid Kungsholm Mary Merissa Quirigua Statendam Ulua Stamp collection Stejneger Stones Stony Hill Streams
[[preprinted]] 146 [[/preprinted]] Stumps Sugar Bay Sunning Hill Estate Swedish American S.S. Co. Sweeping Swimming [[left margin]] T [[/left margin]] Taylor Taylor's 1829 Hotel Thompson Ting Toa Alta Toll Gate Tortola Traps Travelers Cheques Trinidad Trinityville Troy Turismo, Secionde Two Friends Estate [[left margin]] U [[/left margin]] Ulster Spring Union United Fruit Co. U.S. National Museum Upper Lone [[left margin]] V [[/left margin]] Vega Alta [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] 147 [[/preprinted]] Vega Baja Vieques Island Virgin Gorda Virgin Islands Virgin Island Company Voris [[left margin]] W [[/left margin]] Ward's Bulletins Weather Wedding anniversary Westend Salt pond West Mountain Wetmore Wheel of Fortune Estate White Horses Whites Bay Williams field Willis Wolcott Wooles Wooley Words [[left margin]] Y [[/left margin]] Yallahs River Yanco Y.S.
[[preprinted]] 148 [[/preprinted]] [[underlined]] Index to' Insects, etc. ' Tailless whip scorpion Pseudoacorpians Scorpions Myriapoda Aearina - Ticks - Mites Arachnida Black Widow Termites Dermaptera - Torficulidae Roaches Lacewings Mantids Heriptera Leafhoppers Treehoppers Coriscidae Notanectidae Hymenoptera Ants [[underlined]] Caleoptera [[/underlined]] Cicindelidae [[underlined]] Tetracha [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] Cicindela [[/underlined]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted] 149 [[/preprinted]] Carabidae Rytiscidae Haliplidae Gyriosidae Hydrophilidae Sphaeridiinae Staphylinidae List of ... Pselaphidae Histeridae Lampyridae Cantharidae Oedemeridae Ostomidae Elateridae [[underlined]] Pyrophorus [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] Chalcolepidius [[/underlined]] Throxcidae Heteroceridae Dascillidae [[underlined]] Eubrianan [[/underlined]] Dryopidae Phalacridae Nitidulidae Anthicidae Calydiidae
[[preprinted]] 150 [[/preprinted]] Bastyechidae Trichopterygidae Cryptophagidae Byrrhidae Caccinellidae [[underlined]] Psyllobora Enochomus Brachyacantha [[/underlined]] Tenebrionidae [[underlined]] Phaleria [[/underlined]] Cistelidae Rhyssodidae Passalidae - [[underlined]] Passalus [[/underlined]] Scarabaeidae Aphodiinae [[underlined]] Aphodius [[/underlined]] Coprinae - [[underlined]] Oniticellus [[/underlined]] Dynastinae - [[underlined]] Heterogomphus [[/underlined]] - [[underlined]] Ligyrus [[/underlined]] - [[underlined]] Ligyrust [[/underlined]] Scarabaeinae - [[underlined] Phanaens [[/underlined]] Melolonthinae - [[underlined]] Cyclocephala [[/underlined]] - [[underlined]] Cyclocephalas [[/underlined]] Rutelinae - [[underlined]] Macraspist [[/underlined]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[preprinted]] 151 [[preprinted]] Cerambycidae [[underlined]] Chlorida Chlorida festera Lagochirus araneiformis [[/underlined]] Chrysomelidae [[underlined]] Megilla [[/underlined]] Bruchidae Curculionidae [[underlined]] Metamasius [[/underlined]] Cossonidae Anthribidae Brenthidae Platypodidae [[underlined]] Platypus [[/underlined]] Scolytidae
[[preprinted]] 152 [[/preprinted]] [[underlined]] Staphylinidae [[/underlined]] Piestinae Oxytelinae [[underlined]] Oxytelus Trogophloeus Platystethus [[/underlined]] Osoriinae Paederinae [[underlined]] Pinophilus [[/underlined]] Cryptobii [[underlined]] Palaminus [[/underlined]] Stilici Steninae - [[underlined]] Stenus [[/underlined]] Xantholininae Staph6y lininae Philonthi [[underlined]] Philonthus Actobius Cafius Creophilus villosus [[/underlined]] Tachyporinae [[underlined]] Coproporus Conosoma [[/underlined]] Aleocharinal Lorinata - group Aleocharae [[end page]] [[start page]] [[blank page]]
[[preprinted]] B&P N [[underlined]] o [[/underlined]] 13536 [[/preprinted]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[Page torn from small spiralled notebook with numbers. More than half covered by a strip of paper placed over the notebook page]] Chapin [[strikethrough]] 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 [[/strikethrough]] CHAP 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 [[strikethrough]] ERCLE Statistical 1 2 3 [[/strikethrough]] HNC PHCANH 267) 421968 267 [[solid line]] [[?]]49 CTHP (15 [[strikethrough]] 80 [[/strikethrough]] 91 [[underlined]] HNC CIPA [[following written middle of page]] 7 9 [[underlined]] 53 47 100 284 79 27 129 26 25 35 [[underlined]] 1205 [[/following written middle of page]] 1580 267 [[underlined]] 11060 9480 316 [[strikethrough]] 0 [[/strikethrough]] 108 [[underlined]] 421968
Prospect jar new wints Asst. Cur. Insects Fair-haired boy WPA workers Morrison's "demise" (also cellar) Motorcycle & canal adventures Food preferences Rase[[guess]] meat, no puddings, Peaches best. Cheeses. Bananas Coconuts Papaya Canned Corn Biol. Surv. - BAI. - Div. Ins. USNM. Sears Roebuck "hope we can keep you at Mus." Hornet stings & adrenalin Religious & leilele [[guess]] Talk with Wetmore about arst. Stone, On[[?]], Bl. Spider man, neuropheroid man Chance of abolishing Div. of Ins. Ident. & Class. in Jaron [[guess]] of museum specialists. Bierig speaks no English [[right bracket connecting this and next line]] Boyhood experiences Tree house of stolen wood Poor district of Springfield, Mass. Father best doctor & good dad Taught code - do best & help others - based on no life after death. Prefers me to any others at his bench Suicide Testing motorcycles & on speedway once Camera lucida vs. projection apparatus Bootimer & Bruchids
Never trust published synonymy History of codes
SPS)PSPSPSR(LNAL PGEG ----- AISP AUES ----- LPUS LGUG ----- PGSR PGEG ----- LR S-G=S S-I-G=A [[symbol for: therefore]] G=zero and A is less than S S x L ends in G S x N ""[[dittos for: ends in]] S S x A ""[[dittos for: ends in]] G Since G=zero S=5 and A=4 L & A are even N x SPS gives 4UES [[symbol for: therefore]] N= 7 or 8 or 9 But N x S=S [[symbol for: therefore]] N is odd [[symbol for: therefore]] N=7 [[strikethrough]] and[P=8 [[/strikethrough]] or 9] E is less than 5 and 4 [[symbol for: therefore]] E = 1,2 or 3 and L = 1, [[underlined]] 2 or 3 [[/underlined]] and not 1 [[written along right hand edge of page, with paper rotated 90 degrees to left]] P L E A S U [[strikethrough]] N [[/strikethrough]] I N G ] 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 ] [[/written along right hand edge]]
[[Page torn from small spiralled notebook]] Chapin [[strikethrough]] 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 [[/strikethrough]] CHAP 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 [[strikethrough]] ERCLE Statistical 1 2 3 [[/strikethrough]] HNC PHCANH 267) 421968 267 [[solid line]] 1549 133[[?]] [[underlined]] 2146 [[strikethrough]] [[?]] [[/strikethrough]] [[underlined]] [[strikethrough]] 2778 [[/strikethrough]] 2136 [[underlined]] 108 CTHP (15 [[strikethrough]] 80 [[/strikethrough]] 91 [[underlined]] HNC CIPA CAAI [[underlined]] HCPN HCAN [[underlined]] CPH [[following written middle of page]] 17 9 [[underlined]] 153 47 400 284 79 27 129 26 25 35 [[underlined]] 1205 [[/following written middle of page]] 1580 267 [[underlined]] 11060 9480 316 [[strikethrough]] 0 [[/strikethrough]] 108 [[underlined]] 421968
[[stamped]] B&PNo 13536 [[/stamped]] [[end page]] [[start page]] text 130 pp (520 names) Index 22 pp. (594 names) 9 words to line
[[blank back cover]]