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This field book contains paleontological and geological field notes taken in Missouri, Oklahoma, and Iowa from 8 July to 8 August 1968. Cooper describes stratigraphy of sites visited and notes the fossils found in different layers. Various brachiopoda genera and other fossil specimens are noted. Localities include Helbert, Oklahoma, Neosho, Sedalia, and Red Oak in Missouri, and Yellow Spring Creek, Iowa. Other localities are also included.

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Jul 08, 1968

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Aug 08, 1968

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  • Iowa
  • Hulbert
  • Red Oak
  • United States
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  • Missouri
  • Sedalia
  • Neosho
  • Yellow Spring Creek


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SIA RU007318

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G. Arthur Cooper Papers, 1923-1993 and undated

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Box 34 Folder 11

[[left margin]] [[circled]] 1 [[/circled]] [[/left margin]] Arial & Lucile Priest July 8 to August 8, 1968 Trip to Mo & Okla. Left Washington on July 8 at about 9:30 in Ambassador Station Wagan. Stayed in Charleston, W. Va overnight. Trip to Charleston on US 60 a nightmare of curves and hills. From Charleston went to Paducah Kentucky on The 9th of July. Most of way over throughways in beautiful rolling country. From Paducah, Ky we went to Neosho, Missouri on U.S. 60 Through Springfield. Arrived Neosho about 4:PM and put up at Plaza Motel. [[left margin]] Coll. 68-1 [[/left margin]] July 11. Went north on Hy 71 to Tipton Ford Then went down to Shoal Creek and followed road on [[strikethrough]] S [[/strikethrough]] west side of Shoal Creek back to Neosho. Exposures of Keokuk appear in bluffs where creek hugs the hilly country on its west side. We found one good collecting place in a gullied road in NE 1/4 SW 1/4 26-26N-32W about 2 miles S and one mile east of Tipton Ford, Neosho. [[square symbol]]
[[left margin]] [[circled]] 2 [[circled]] 68-2 [[/left margin]] Large quarry in SW 1/4 7-25N-31N about 1 3/4 miles N of courthouse in Neosho. Can be reached by leaving US 60 at bend of road 3/4 mile N of Newtown Limestone here medium gray, fine to coarse grained, general massive with [[strikethrough]] bands [[/strikethrough]] scattered bands of chert which contain the fossils. Chert contains Orthotetes common, Ovatia c, Labriproductus c and Pseudosyriux fairly common. [[left margin]] [[strikethrough]] W [[/strikethrough]] 68-3 [[/left margin]] July 12 Went to Tripoli pits about 1 1/4 miles N of Seneca, Missouri The locality is NW 1/4 NW 1/4 35-25N-34W, 1 1/4 miles NNW of Seneca,[[strikethrough]] M [[/strikethrough]] Seneca (7 1/2') [[square symbol]], Missouri Collected until about 2:30 PM. Came back to Neosho through Wela & Racine. [[left margin]] 68-4 [[/left margin]] July 13. Visited roadside on branch of Jones Creek, SW corner of SE 1/4 34-28N-31W, NE of Fidelity. Here we saw Marginirugus magnus. Went on to quarries at
[[left margin]] [[circled]] 3 [[/circled]] 68-5 [[/left margin]] Carthage (Marble Co.) about one mile N. of the city on road just east of US 71. Collecting very poor. [[left margin]] 68-6 [[/left margin]] Quarry on Section line about 1/4 mile S of NE cor 18 - 25N - 29W 2 1/4 miles ENE of Newtonia. About 10' massive gramular lines followed by gramular ls in thin beds with shaly partings 8-10' Collecting poor. July 14. Left Neosho about 9:00 AM. Went S on US 71 to Anderson, then on Mo. 59 to Noel, and from there west to Vinita where we arrived about 12:30 [[left margin]] 68-7 [[/left margin]] St. Joe limestone in long cut on Mo. 59, on N limit of North Noel, just one mile N of juction Mo 59 and 90 in Noel, Missouri. St. Joe, a bluff of 30 feet of limestone overlying 12 to 20 feet of Chattanooga shale. The St. Joe reminded me of the Lake Valley in color & texture but was harder and more compact and with few fossils.
[[left margin]] [[circled]] 4 [[/circled]] 68-8 [[/left margin]] Low, long hill on south side Frisco RR showing about 15' - 20' of flaky, crumbly shale capped by thin bedded limestone. The latter disintegrates and sheds slabs and loose fossils over the surface. Locality in Fayetteville shale, NW 1/4 11-25N-21E, 8 miles E and 3 miles N of Vinita, Craig County, Oklahoma. [[left margin]] 68-9 [[/left margin]] Small pit in SE cor SE 1/4 16-25N-21E, 5 miles E and one miles N of Vinita, one mile N of US 60, Craig Co., Oklahoma. Pit in irregularly slabby limestone with shaly seams that crumble and shed fossils. Called Hindsville in 1955. [[left margin]] 68-10 [[/left margin]] July 15. Vicinity of Vinita, Okla Fayettevile NE 1/4 11-25N-21E, 6 1/2 miles E and 2 1/2 miles N of Vinita, Craig County, Oklahoma Low bluffs with washes in shaly Fayetteville. [[underlined]] Inflatia [[/underlined]], Orthotetes common. [[left margin]] 68-11 [[/left margin]] Small pit in about SE 1/4 SW 1/4 16-25N-21E, Craig Co, Oklahoma. Fossils few. Some beds as 68-9 but fossil bed under water in the pit.
[[left margin]] [[circled]] 5 [[/circled]] 68-12 [[/left margin]] Road cut on Okla Hy 82, 1/4 mile south of junction with US 60. Mostly dark shale with think band of ls about 5' up. Chonctes and Inflatia. Above the thin ls is more black shale 8' ± capped by about one foot of limestone containing [[underlined]] Inflatia [[/underlined]] and Orthotetes. Outcrop in field above 0.15 mile W of road and 100 yards E of road. Sec 27-25N-21E. [[left margin]] 68-13 [[/left margin]] Large pit in hard massive coarse calcarenite, white to light gray with short bands up to 8". Large [[underlined]] Symigothyris [[/underlined]] and large productid seen. Fossils very scarce. Lithologically unlike Fayetteville and is probably an inlier of Boone. [[left margin]] 68-14 [[/left margin]] SW cor. 32-25N-21E. About 3 mi E and 2 miles S of Vinita. A variety of limestones from a water-filled pit. Diaphragmus common. Lower Fayetteville.
July 16. [[left margin]] 68-15 [[/left margin]] Spent entire day east of Adair at locality in NE 1/4 7- 22N-20E, 3 1/2 miles E and 2 1/4 miles south of Adair, Mayes County. Here a low hill has washes on the east side. Dark shale about 5' thick is followed by a foot or two of limestone Above the ls. is more shale, 5 or 6' followed by another limestone. The top limestone abounds in [[underline]] cluflatia [[/underline]] Collecting was just as good this day as when I was here with Bob Main in 1955. July 17 [[left margin]] 68-16 [[/left margin]] MacCurda locality- Some uncertainty exists as to the exact locality because the road and Salina Creek are in the wrong position The road is actually north of the Creek which Puts The locality in the SW 1/4 SE 1/4 11-21N-21E not in section 12 as MacCurda gives it. The best description of the location is on Salina-Kenwood Road, 2.3 miles west of Kenwood, Salina Twp., Mayes County, Oklahoma.
July 18 Adair & Spavinaw [[left margin]] 68-17 [[/left margin]] Locality with abundant Hustedia This is 1.45 miles West of the SW corner Sec. 32-23N-20E and about 0.4 mile north of the road, about the NW 1/4 SE 1/4 31-23N-20E. Here are Avonia, Hustedia and Reticulariina common. Mayes County. [[left margin]] 68-18 [[/left margin]] Is a small Butte 1/4 mile E of 68-17, up. Fayetteville, NE 1/4 SE 1/4 31-23N-20E. Very poorly fossiliferous Spavinaw [[left margin]] 68-19 [[/left margin]] Warsaw chert on the east side [[strikethrough]]USz [[/strikethrough]] Oklahoma by 20, 1.2 miles by road. S of Spavinaw Creek bridge and 2.3 miles S of the center of Spavinaw by road. The locality is on the steep hill rising from the river and is at about the crest of the hill. Probably SW 1/4 15-22N-21E although the sec, Tp and R. are somewhat uncertain. Collecting not good but Spinfer of large size fairly common. ^[[5 1/2 line between secs. 15 & 16, on east side road (Hy20).]]
July 19 Moved from Vinita to Muskogee. Reached Muskogee at lunch time- went out to Braggs Mtn section and worked on Fayetteville but were rained out. [[margin]] 68-20 [[/margin]] Fayetteville (lower), about SE1/4 NW1/4 21-15N-20E, on Okalahoma Hy 10, just above base of hill [[strikeout]]ac?[[strikeout]] about 75' on big loop of hy. up Braggs Mtn., Muskogee Co., Hulbert [square symbol]], Okla July 20 [[margin]] 68-21 [[/margin]] Spent day along Oklahoma Hy 10 Center N line of SW1/4 NW1/4 36-13N-20E [[strikeout]]one[[strikeout]] on branch of Cedar Creek, one mile NE of Cedar Creek School, about 3 miles NW of Gore, Webbers Falls [[square symbol]], Oklahoma [[margin]] 68-22 [[/margin]] Specimen in sandstone at bend of road on top of hill overlooking Greenleaf Lake on road about 0.2 mile N of SW cor 11-13N-20E, about 0.6 mile SW of bridge over Greenleaf Creek, Webbers Falls [[square symbol]], Okla. [[margin]] 68-23 [[/margin]] Upper Fayetteville, on Okla 10, at south end big loop of hy
About NW 1/4 SW 1/4 21-15N-20E on east side road in big cut., Hulbert [[square symbol]], Okla. [[left margin]] 68-24 [[/left margin]] Moorefield [[strikethrough]] shale [[/strikethrough]] formation, Bluff & field above bluff, on west side road on S side bridge NE 1/4 SE 1/4 19-15N-20E, Hulbert [[square symbol]], Oklahoma, 0.6 mile S of Okla Hy 10. Shaly Moorefield with abundant productids. July 21. [[left margin]] 68-25 [[/left margin]] Along branch of Bayou Manard in Creek bed, NW 1/4 NE 1/4 18-15N-21E, One mile S of US 62, between Crossland Hill and Red Berry Mtn., Cherokee Co., Oklahoma 68-25A - Bed with Spirifer common. 68-25B - Bed with small Inflatia-like productid 68-25C - Bed with Leiorhynchus 68-25D - Bed with abundant Linoproductus 68-25E - Lower bed with Moorfieldella 68-25F - Upper " " " [[Ditto for: bed with Moorfieldella]]
July 22 Qualls [[margin]]68-26[[/margin]] East on US 62 to Burnt Cabin Road, south on B.C. road past Zeb store to Qualls. Locality on bank of a stream in a small clearing 1 1/2 miles N and 1 1/2 miles east of Qualls, about 0.4 miles east of the SW corner sec 29-15N-22E. Collecting on south side of road. Listed as Hindsville but may be basal Fayetteville. Good cgl with chert boulders in stream bed. Possible Mayes collecting locality on NE side of big loop at center E line 9-15N-21E. July 23 Traveled from Muskogee to Sedalia. Took most of day. July 24 [[margin]]68-27[[/margin]] Went to Sweeney Quarry which is 600 paces NE along RR tracks at road crossing in SE cor. SW 1/4 SE 1/4 4-46N-19W, about 2 miles NE of Clifton City, Cooper County, Missouri.
July 25 [[left margin, in pencil]] 68-28 [[/left margin]] [[margin]]68-28[[/margin]] To Browns Station - Drove roads NW of station and saw several localities with good exposures but few fossils. Collected a few specimens in stream NW 1/4 NE 1/4 29-50N-12W, 3 1/2 miles NW of Browns Station, Sturgeon (15') [[square symbol]], Neo. [[left margin]] 68-29 [[/left margin]] After collected in quarry 1/4 mile south of Easley, SW cor SW 1/4 NE 1/4 3-46N-13W, Columbia [[square symbol]], Missouri. Just S of the quarry a road goes up to a second opening and mine in the limestone. Just at top of road we collected Chouteau fossils. July 26. co [[left margin]] 68-30 [[/left margin]] Old U.S. 65, 5 miles N of Sedalia, Mo. [[left margin]] ok [[/left margin]] 3.9 miles N of junction with highway HH. [[left margin]] 68-31 [[/left margin]] Collect Sedalia by Bowsher - loose fossils & fossils in chert, on each side of the road one mile E of the junction of Mo 52 and US 65, and 3 miles West of Cole
Camp, Mo, adjoining corners of sections 28, 29, 32, 33-43N-21W, Benton County Missouri. [[left margin]]68-32[[/left margin]] Probably Kaysinger Bluff of Moore (called Kiesinger). South end of bluff forming a sharp point where overlook of Kaysinger Dam is located southwest of Warsaw, Benton Co. Missouri Check topographic map. [[left margin]] 68-33 [[/left margin]] South end of bluff with overlook of Kaysinger Dam but 30 or more feet below the preceding. July 27 Left Sedalia arrived Pella, Ia about 1:30 PM. Went S of Pella and collected Pella beds from [[left margin]] 68-34 [[/left margin]] old quarry on line between secs. 34 and 35, 0.4 mile N of SE cor 34, 76N-18W, about 4 miles south of south side of Pella, Iowa.
[[left margin]] 68-35 [[/left margin]] Large pit in Pella beds NW 1/4, SE 1/4 22-76N-18W, about 2 miles S of south side of Pella, Iowa. July 28 [[left margin]] 68-36 [[/left margin]] Sargents Bros. Qy, Peru Ladore shale with Teguliferina about 1 mile West Peru, Iowa [[margin]] 68-37, 38, 39 [[/margin]] Hy 92 Just east of Middle River 2 miles E Stanzel, N of Hy, [[margin]] 68-40 [[/margin]] Cherryvale shale? (check), 0.8 mile N of Hogback bridge (covered), over North River, July 29 [[margin]] 68-41 [[/margin]] Qy on E side US 169, just south of south line of Winterset, Madison Co., Iowa Dekalb ls. Fusulines. [[left margin]] 68-42 [[/left margin]] Brennan Tp. NE 1/4 27-73N-38W, 1 mile NNW of Stennett, Montgomery Co., Ia Enteletes = 68-42
68-43 Linoproductus beds. 68-44 Rice-agate HY 48 about 4.2 miles N of Red Oak, turn E at transformer station on paved road from Junction with US 34. 68-45 0.8 mile S of US 34 in Plattesmouth, turn E, follow road 3.3 miles Wellerella beds 68-46 Linoproductus beds same as 68-45 68-47 Beil same loc as [[circled]]45[[circled]] 68-48 Jones Point, [[above]]E of [[above]] Union, Nebraska on Mo. R. 68-49 From a quarry on the Missouri River about one mile south of Plattsmouth, Nebraska Donated by Amel Priest 68-50 Paint Creek, Columbia, Illinois. Presented by Amel Priest
July 30 [[left margin]] 68-51 [[/left margin]] On Iowa 220, 1/2 mile West of Middle Amana, Iowa Independence Shale Middle Amana [[Pencil]] [[left margin]] 68-52 [[/left margin]] Independence - Qy 2.1 miles by road SE of Schellsburg, Ia Picture taken [[left margin]] 68-53 [[/left margin]] About 1.4 miles SE of Vinton Go out 13 st and follow pavement Qy west of road. Pictures taken [[left margin]] 68-54 Benton 6V-71 [[/left margin]] Roadside 1/4 mile S of Ia 283 on Benton Co. HY V-71, 1/2 mile E of E end of Brandon, Ia [[left margin]] 68-55 [[/left margin]] Independence - Qy 1 mile N of east edge of Brandon (Ia 283), Ia July 31 Quarry at Vinton [[left margin]]68-56[[/left margin]] Spirifer beds [[left margin]]68-57[[/left margin]] Reusselaudia beds [[left margin]]68-58[[/left margin]] Topmost beds.
August 1 Sent off 4 bundles from Independence. Left Independence & visited with Furnish & Glenister at Iowa City, where we obtained some maps. Visited locality in Quasqueton. Solon member [[left margin]] 68-59 [[/left margin]] Road cut NW 1/4 28-88N-8W, 0.15 mile W of bridge over Pine Creek, about 2 1/2 miles by road NW of Quasqueton Buchanan Co., Iowa Went to Burlington August 2 [[left margin]] 68-60 [[/left margin]] Starrs Cave, SE 1/4 NW 1/4 19-70N-2W, 2 miles N of West end of Burlington, Des Moines County Iowa. Lowest beds collected are Prospect Hill siltstone =68-60 [[left margin]] 68-61 [[/left margin]] Starrs Cave Formation at Starrs Cave [[left margin]] 68-62 [[/left margin]] Wassonville member at Starrs Cave.
[[left margin]] 68-63 [[/left margin]]. English River Siltstone, Yellow Spring Creek tributary, West of Center line sec. 34 to center sec 35-71N-2W, Des Moines Co, Kingston [[square symbol]], Iowa [[left margin]] 68-64 [[/left margin]]. Same locality as above but Starrs Cave formation (oolite) [[left margin]] 68-65. Check this on Oakville [[square symbol]] [[/left margin]]. Weaver Quarry, NE cor 26-72N-2W, about 3 miles N of Kingston, just SW of junction of Iowa Hy 99 and county Hy X. Cedar Fork Member of Burlington across Dolbee Crk from cemetery August 3. [[left margin]] 68-66 [/left margin]]. Kaser Quarry, SE 1/4 1, 71N-4W, Des Moines Co., 2 1/2 miles S and 4 1/2 miles W of Mediopolis, Ia. Cedar Fork Member. [[left margin]] 68-67 [[/left margin]]. Wassonville Mem. of Hampton Fm. Kaser Quarry as above In afternoon returned to Weaver Quarry.
August 4. [[margin]] 68-68 [[/margin]] Old Qy SE 1/4 SE 1/49-69N-4W, about 3 miles NW of Augusta, on Skunk Creek road. Keokuk [[margin]] 68-69 [[/margin]] Raids Qy, 1/2 mile SE of Augusta, Ia. SE 1/4NW1/4 25-69N-4W, Lee Co., Burlington, mostly Cedar Fork August 5 [[margin]] 68-70 [[/margin]] Qy 0.8 mile N of Ely, Iowa [[margin]] 68-71 [[/margin]] Old Qy on West edge of Solon, Iowa August 6. [[margin]] 68-72 [[/margin]] Dundee Quarry 2 1/2 mile SW of Sylvania [[margin]] 68-73 [[/margin]] Silica " " " " [[Ditto for: 2 1/2 mi SW of Sylvania]] Ohio Stopped at Quarry for 2 1/2 hrs Stayed overnight at Elyria August 7 Elyria to home - reached at