POBSP, Field Notes, Huber, volume 58

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Volume 58 includes journals, catalogs and species accounts of work completed for the Pacific Ocean Biological Survey Program, 1963-1966. Includes a mixture of typed and hand written materials. 1) is the journal and catalog of Lawrence Huber from Southern Island Cruise [SIC] #3, October -November 1963. Details daily work, life aboard ship, participants, collecting specimens, and notes on island census. Locations include islands of Howland, Baker, Enderbury, Hull [Orona], Sidney, Samoa, and Phoenix [Rawaki]. Includes several pages of copies of hand drawn maps with notes, and some original hand written notes and sketches. This is followed by list of species and quantity of birds on each island, and catalog ordered by date. 2) is the journal and catalog of Huber for SIC #4, February-March 1964. Includes McKean, Pago Pago, Jarvis, and Washington Island. Catalog includes rats. 3) is the journal and catalog of Huber for SIC #5, June-August 1964, in the main Hawaiian islands. Includes notes on fish collecting. Covers collecting at sea and additionally includes islands Palmyra and Christmas [Kiritimati]. Includes summary of collecting by date. 4) is Huber's journal and catalog from the Gilbert and Marshall Islands, October-November 1964. Catalog includes field number, date, island, type of bird, color, measurements, weight, and sometimes additional physical characteristics. 5) is Huber's journal and catalog for the Main Hawaiian Islands, August 1964- April 1965. Includes hand drawn maps. Locations include islands of Maui, Kauai, and Oahu. 6) Huber's journal for work in Wake Island. Includes descriptions of bird colonies and their makeup with references to local land marks like LORAN station, and observed courting. Includes maps with extensive notes about bird locations. Locations include Peale and Wilkes island. 7) is Huber's journal and catalog for FFS from Midway and Hawaiian Leewards, July 1965. Includes Eastern Island, French Frigate Shoals,. Catalog includes number, date, island, species, physical characteristics, and some measurements. 8) is Huber's journal from Wake Island, June-August 1966. Like other journals, includes descriptions of variety of bird populations (adults, chicks, and nests) on the island, as well as collecting activities. 9) is Huber's miscellaneous catalogues, 1965-1967. Specimens are from across the Pacific Islands. Includes fish catalog from poisoning collection method. Entries are listed by island, then organized by drum. Specimens are listed by common name. Followed by invertebrates catalog, which details a description of the environment where found. Additionally there is a short Herpatology catalog. This is followed by a catalog of bird specimens with specimen number, date, island, type of bird, sex, weight, measurements, and additional physical descriptions usually relating to sexual organs.

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Sep 30, 1963

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Jul 31, 1966

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  • United States
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  • Wake Island
  • Baker Island
  • Enderbury Atoll
  • Orona
  • Marshall Islands
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  • Gilbert Islands
  • McKean Atoll; McKean Island


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SIA RU000245

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National Museum of Natural History, Pacific Ocean Biological Survey Program, records, circa 1961-1973, with data from 1923

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1 field book

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National Museum of Natural History (U.S.). Division of Birds


Volume 58