Palmer Peninsula (Antarctica) Survey, 1962-1963 : diary, November 24, 1962 - March 10, 1963 (2 of 2)

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The second diary documents Waldo L. Schmitt's work during the Palmer Peninsula (Antarctica) Survey, 1962-1963. Covers dates November 24, 1962 - March 10, 1963. Diary includes copies of drafts of correspondence, expenses and meteorological data. Contains data tables through out the diary. Some include dates, time of day, latitude and longitude positions and quantities of observed(?) including seals and penguins. Others have air and water temperatures measured three times a day, wind speed and direction, and observed wildlife. Several of copied correspondence are to his wife Alvina S. Schmitt (Mrs. Waldo LaSalle). Dated journal entries include pasted inserts detailing itinerary (embarkation information including latitude and longitude). Notes discuss collecting and fieldwork, water temperatures, weather, accommodations, birds observed, participants and crew members, icebergs sighted, bases visited, and fish trapped. He includes lists of summer staff of some of the sites. Includes hand drawn maps. Locations visited include Port Arthur Island, Anvers Island, Galindez Island, Argentine Island, and Hope Bay.

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Oct 24, 1962

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Mar 10, 1964

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SIA RU007231

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Waldo L. Schmitt Papers, 1907-1978

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Smithsonian Institution Archives


Box 114

[[front cover]] [[in red pencil]] [[double underlined]] Antarctic 1962-63 [[/double underlined]] [[/in red pencil]] [[preprinted]] RECORD 7530-222-3525 FEDERAL SUPPLY SERVICE (GPO) [[/preprinted]]
Man who runs sonar (or one [[strike through]])[[/strike through]] of them) asked me if I had a book on fish sounds. Wish I had. Navy should have such things about. Also text of oceanog. so boys would know where their taking of bathythermograph readings "heads-in". All the get how to operate instruments, but ultimate use, or usefulness of operations or of data seems never to imparted to them. [[line]] [[insertion, circled]] Groove in msp handles to be 1/4 inch deep 9/16 wide. [[/insertion, circled]] Poblette rigged fish lines, hooks and leaders, floats of tin cans and [[insertion]] red [[/insertion]] painted wooden blocks and buoy lines. Wts for [[underlined]] for traps. [[/underlined]] A busy helpful and resourceful man. Had his men paint cans blue and number them for bottom samples. [[double line]] [[underlined]] Speckled tern look up in Museum [[/underlined]] [[in orange]] [[boxed text]] Income tax deduct 2.00 a day [[/boxed text]] Jan 5-31, Feb 1-28; Mar 1- [[/orange]] [[line across page]] [[margin, orange 'doodle]] 14 in vulpo Encyclopedia of Knots and Fancy Rope Work by Raoul Graumont and John H. Hensel; Cornell Maritime Press (4th edit) 1952, Cambridge, Md. [[line across page]] !!November: Atlantic [[insertion]] 1962- [[/insertion]] 105 Anniv. Issue p. 70, [[insertion]] Arnold Tonynbee [[/insertion]] "The Mayan Mystery grew enough in 3 mos to work in temples other 9] was it hard won. [[right margin, vertical line]] Tikal p. 71 says "hard won surplus"!! [[/margin]] [[line across page]] Photographic Office - Commander - U.S. Naval Support Force - Antartica - Room 2020, Bldg "D" 6th and Independence Av. S.W., Wash 25, D.C. OX-6-7164 or OX 6-7146 Code 11 and XT 6-7146. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[underlined]] To get: [[/underlined]] Chart 6639 H.O Climatology of McMurdo Sound U.S. Navy Weather Research Facility Building R48, U.S. Naval Air Station Norfolk 1l, Va. N.W.R.F 16-1261-052, Dec. 1961 [[double line]] [[top right corner]] Waldo L. Schmitt U.S. National Museum Washington 25, D.C. [[checkerboard drawing]] His Book [[/drawing]] [[/top right corner]] Technical Rept. Seasonal Oceanographic Studies in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica. Willis [[insertion]] L. [[/insertion]] Tressler 11 August 1962; $1.20 T.R. - 125, U.S. Navy Hydrographic Office, Washington D.C. [[double line]] H.O Publ. No. 705 Oceanog. Atlas of the Polar Seas Pt. I, Antarctica, 1957 (reprinted 1958) U.S. Navy Hydrographic [[underlined]] Office, Wash. D.C. $2.50 [[/underlined]] [[double line]] Naval Research [Reviews] [[underlined]] Supt. Doc. $1.50 per yr. [[/underlined]] [[double line]] "Alert" No. 2. "Freedom and you" [[boxed text]] Dept of Defence [[/boxed]] "Facts for the armed forces" Armed Forces Information (booklet with film) FFIF 120) Fault should have definition of [[underlined] proleteriat [[/underlined]] and any others? ? [[underlined]] Not in dictionary printed before 19 [[/underlined]] [[line]] H.O. 130 old superseded edit. has key to birds [[boxed text]] Guillermo Mann Fischer Jorge Alvina Walker - [[underlined]] Walterio Looser Revista Marina No 137, Marzo Abril 1947 p.p. 201-217 [[insertion, boxed text]] 150 ways to play solitaire Alphonse Moyse Jr. U.S. Play Card Co [[/boxed text]] [[boxed text]] Electronics man Rogers wants talk to Berg [[line across box]] Frisbie writer who married and settled dawn in Tuamotus| Book true and realistic descriptions of Polynesian sea farm life [[/boxed text]] [[underlined] Early wants Sci Amer. article [[/underlined]] Burk has standing etc. Gave off hand erroneous statemen about air field at Hope Id mention with "authority and conviction that [[strikethrough]] That [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion, circled]] it [[/insertion]] was a mile longer or mile and some dis [[line across page]] Handbooks of fauna [[three horizontal lines]] || DSIR [[double underlined]] 2 recent hand books [[/double underlined]] [[left margin, written vertically, bottom to top]] (Hexamethylenamine- tetramine) "Hexamine" = Hexamethylenamine N.F. (C6H12F4) F.W. 138.194 [[/left margin]]
Books to get: [[underlined]] see Woznikowski [[/underlined]] marked 12/6 Geo. Allen & Unwin Ltd London [[underlined]] 1963 [[/underlined]] Continental Cans Miller ^[[insertion]] [[circled]] Perrin [[/circled]] [[/insertion]] and ^[[insertion]] [[circled]] Ruth [[/circled]] [[/insertion]] Willock (Allen & Unwin) pp. 76 & 78 particularly [[double line]] "Is it good English [[strikethrough]] " [[/strikethrough]] and like matters by John O'London 2/6 [[double line]] [[underlined]] Lots of Limericks [[/underlined]] Louis Untermeyer (W.H.Allen London, 1962 [[double line]] Sea Swallow" Vol.10, 1957 p 18-19 [[double line]] N.Z. Journal Science Vol. 4, No. 3, 1961, pp. 664-68 Miller, R.G. "Notothenid Fishes from Cape Hallett ..." [[double line]] Whats New in Magic by Walter B. Gibson. Hanover House, Garden City, N.Y. 1956, © [[double line]] A Treasury of British Humor, edit by Morris Bishop. Coward-McCann Inc. New York © 1942 In it see particularly The Birdikin Family by Archibald Marshall & Soaked in Seaweed by Stephen Leacock. [[right margin, vertically, bottom to top]] Frisbie [[underlined]] South Seas [[/underlined]] [[double underlined]] Tuamotus [[/double underlined]] [[/right margin]] [[boxed text]] New Yorker Sept.29, 1962 | Antiques & walking st. Line [[/boxed text]] [[circled]] Oct 6 1962 Coffee from helicopter to mt. climbers 25¢ [[/circled]] [[boxed text, between { & }]] Return to the Wild by Norman Carr. 1962 © E.P.Dutton & Co. Inc. [[/boxed text]] [[underlined]] June 30/62 Peace Corps [[/underlined]] [[text in three columns]] [[column 1]] November Atlantic 105 Anniversary Issue p.70 - Arnold Toynbee The Mayan Mystery - Tikal - p.71 Hard won surplus was\n't? ater all ^ [[/column 1]] [[column 2]] Whats wrong with vocational schools People in trades make as good and often better living than [[double underlined]]av. clerk. [[/underlined]] or white white collar worker. [[/column 2]] [[vertical line separating column 2 from column 3]] [[column 3]] [[circled]] Aug 62 Readers Digest [[circled]] from Fortune [[/circled]] Negros in America [[/circled]] All time M.L.King has devoted to testing law should be devoted to raising level, what a greater crusade it would be. [[line across column 3]] Note struck in above article is fine suggestion, but needs to be driven hove, realistically & practically [[line]] [[/column 3]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[insertion, in blue]] These letters are but few that were written; carbons on tablets should be inserted in this book for notes contained in then. [[/insertion]] Dec,4-62 Dear Stummy, Here we still are, I hardly know what to write. In the hotel they moved me to a single room on the second floor a bother because I'll only be here another day or two. Tomorrow or the next day I move in with Jack Crowell at Eddie Goodall's place. I did not go out Sunday with Jack because I wanted to see the Museum director G.A. Turbot, and a Dr Stonehouse who has been up on the Palmer Peninsula where we are going or expect to go. Stonehouse was due last night at 5 oclock but did not return on the plane. I had thought he was on vacation but he's down at McMurdo. [[line]] The weather is/as I wrote before. The present is the more rainy season and though its summer we get temperatures in the low 40's at night, and in the low 60's (63⁰) at midday if the sky clears by then and the sun comes out./// There is no heat in these rooms or this hotel except the hot water tap and a fireplace in some of the rooms. There was one in the double room we had but none in the cubicle I am in now. /// I am sitting here writing on my lap because there is no table and bureau top is too high, wearing my heavy blue shirt. On bed [[strikethrough]] d [[/strikethrough]] I have besides sheet, two thin blankets and 2 spreads white, and red one. Yes, I am plenty warm, but at that the room is colder than out of doors, at least when I go out after breakfast. The other reason I have not yet moved out of hotel is that Eddie Goodalls place is way out by the airport and the busses that go by his place run 45 mins apart in busy - rush hours - and 1.10 mins
[[Circled]] Dec. 24 [[/circled]] 1962 Weddell spelled Waddle 1200 70[[degree symbol]] 26 7'S 174 [[degree symbol]] 40E 3 seals 1230 70 26. 7S 174 40 E 2 seals 1430 1 seal 0115 4 seal [[circled]] Dec. 25 [[/circled]] 0115 68 16 178 52 4 seals [[line across page]] [[circled]] Jan. 7, 1963 [[/circled]] 1430 50 36S 173 44W 6-10 penguins 1522 50 40 173 40W. 6-10 whales 1 whale [[circled]] Jan 12 [[/circled]] 1910 68 [[degree symbol]] 10'S 120[[degree symbol]] 50W. 2 penguins 20-24 2005 68 06.1 120 04W 2 Adelies 2054 68 03 119 40 c 1 Emperor peng. 1300 67 14S 113 50W 1 Weddell Sea 1555 67 46 114 07 1 seal [[circled]] 13 Jan [[/circled]] 2200 66[[degree symbol]] 50S 110[[degree symbol]] 20'W. 1 seal 0835 66 10 3 110 10.3 1 seal 0850 66 10 13S 110 10.3W 3 seals [[circled]] 14 Jan [[/circled]] 1615 67 26S 107 20W 1 killer 1430 67 26 93 37W 1 seal 0210 67 26 93 37 3 penguins [[circled]] Jan 16 [[/circled]] 1537 69 10 59 30W 1 Emperor peng. [[circled]] Jan 17 [[/circled]] 0755 66 57.5S 72 37.8 1 seal 1042 67 00 71 35 1 seal [[circled]] 18 Jan [[/circled]] 11 11 67 00S 71 35W. 1 leopard seal 11 12 """""[[dittos for: 67 00S 71 35W]] [[circled]]27 Jan [[/circled]] 1640 65 04S 63 52W. [[arrow pointing to right]] {5 seals {12 penguins {3 whales 2300 [[line across page]] 2 penguins 28 Jan 1411 1 ([[Lt j4 Beam)?]] [[End Page]] [[Start Page]] apart during day. Most of yesterday I spent in the public Library here checking up on Antarctic animal & biology literature. I want to go back at least another day to check over some of the reports of earlier expeditions.I had intended doing this at home and would have done so except for that darn moving. I hate to think of what I have awaiting me back at Museum. Too bad that mail is going to be so little and far between. Now take this one. If I send it home Thelma will have to forward it, but at that it will just about reach you when you get to California. ///There is nothing much else to write a-bout. Here at this hotel the meat is mutton most all the time but they do have a fish course and now and then pork and chicken, of course eggs for breakfast almost smothered in bacon strips, not crisp fried either. I try to have them bring me only one strip, but they seem incapable of doing it, or just won't from force of habit.// The hot tea at 7 a.m served in room is not so bad - in a fairly cold room. However the water runs hot and that's a comfort. Maybe at Eddie's place over the week end I'l have a table to write on. Next week if we still are here I shall try to get in a little collecting. I'd hate to be here a couple of weeks and not have a New Zealand crab for the Museum collection, but nothing is handy, and the few "tools" I brought are so tied up in warehouse at airport that I can't well get at them. They are also too well packed to undo for fooling around here. /// Also I am afraid I'll have to let Christmas buying go over. the sending is the chief problem after trying to think of what to buy. I do hope you are keeping "weller," getting over that too worried spell. It will be nice to see Barb and the kids again. Lots of love girl first to you and then the rest - from the old man - Waldo
Dec. [[underlined]] 1962 [[/underlined]] [[page is divided into 3 main columns]] [[first column]] [[heading]] [[underlined]] Air [[/underlined]] [[/heading]] [[4 sub columns, values separated by |]] [[headings]] Jan.5.| Max | Min | Av. | [[/headings]] 15 | 29.2/ | 17.5/ | 23.4 | 16 | 27.9 | 17.3 | 22.5 | 17 | 23.2 | 16.5 | 19.9 | 18 | 23.0 | 17.5 | 19.9 | 19 | 28.9 | 19.0 | 21.6 | 20 | 28.0 | 21.8 | 24.8 | 21 | 33.2 | 22.6 | 28.4 | 22 | 34.6 | 27.2 | 31.1 | 23 | 37.8 | 29.6 | 32.2 | 24 | 35.0 | 29.0 | 31.5 | 25 | 40.5 | 34.5 | 36.8 | 26 | 43.2 | 38.1 | 40.8 | 27 | 49.5 | 41.4 | 46.2 | 28 | 53,0 | 49.5 | 50.7 | 29 | 56.0 | 53.2 | 54.6 | [[line across page]] [[underlined]] For month [[/underlined]] | 56.0 | 12.5 | 27.8 | [[/first column]] [[second column]] [[heading]] sea [[/heading]] [[3 sub columns, values separated by |]] [[headings]] Max. | Min. | Av | [[/headings]] 29 | 29 | 29 | 29 | 29 | 29 | """[[dittos for: 29 | 29 | 29 |]] 29 | 28 | 28 | 28 | 28 | 28 | 29. | 28. | | 32. | 30. | 30. | 33 | 33 | 33 | 33 | 32 | 33 | 32 | 32 | 32 | 34 | 32 | 33.5 | 42, | 37 | 39 | 47 | 42 | 44 | 48 | 47 | 48 | 56 | 55 | 56 | [[line across page]] [[/second column]] [[third column]] [[heading]] Wind (knots) [[/heading]] [[3 sub columns, values separated by |]] | direct | [[headings]] Av.| | Peak | | Prevailn| [[/headings]] | N | | 9 | "[[ditto for: N]] | 18 | | N.N.W | | 9.4 | E | 19 | | SE | | 19 | ESE. | 37 | | SE | | 35.3 | "[[ditto for: SE]] | 50 | | E | | 11 | "[[ditto for: E]] | 26 | | N | | 8.3 | N.N.E | 13 | | N.N.W | | 8.1 | "[[ditto for: N.N.W]] | 15 | | N.N.W | | 4 | Northerly | 10 | | N | | 7 | S | 16 | | N.N.E | | 29.1 | "[[ditto for: N.N.E]] | 53 | | N | | 33 | N.W | 42 | | W.S.W | | 17 | West | 22 | | W.N.W | | 24 | W. | 33 | | W | | 23.2 | "[[ditto for: W]] | 27 | | SSW | | 10.5 | "[[ditto for: SSW]] | 14 | [[line across page]] 14.0 | | 50.0 | [[/third column]] [[Table, with data in four columns, fields separated by |]] [[headings]] [[underlined]] Time | Lat | Long [[/underlined]] |[[blank]]| [[/headings]] [[circled]] 14 Dec [[/circled]] 0640 | 77°22' S | 165°43'E | approx. 100 Adelies | 1020 | 77 00S | 165 40E | 2 killer whales | 1020 | """"""[[dittos for: 77 00 S | 165 40E]] | 57 penguins | [[circled]] 20 Dec [[/circled]] 1235 | | | | [[line above and below]] 100 Weddell seals basking [[/line above and below]] [[circled]] 23 Dec [[/circled]] 0000 | 77 22 S | 165 43 E |1 killer whale | 0337 | 77 2 | 165 43 E | """[[dittos for: 1 killer whale]] | 0540 | 76° 40' S | 166° 43' E | 3 ""[[dittos for: killer whale]]s | 0630 | 75° 40 S | 167° 20' E | 4 ""[[dittos for: killer whales]] | 0920 | | | | 2 ""[[dittos for: killer whales]] | 1645 | 74 32 | 171 27 | Finback whale 2000 | 73 42S | 173 15.5 E. | 2 killer | 2040 | 73 30S | 173 51 E | 2 whale | 2240 | 73 30 | 174 40 | 2 killer | 2320 | 73 30 | 174 40 | 1 killer | [[/table]] [[bottom right corner]] go to preceeding page [[double line]] [[/bottom right corner]] [[margin note, written vertically, bottom to top]] For month No. & [[f?]]obs with precipitation 116 [/margin note]] [[end page]] [[start page]] 15.XII.62 Dear Stummy, Here we are in Antarctica at McMurdo. A bright and sunny day; there are puddles of water, ice-edged to be sure in the streets (such as they are of volcanic ash largely; and no colder than a crisp winter day at home; maybe a little more crisp about [[strikethrough]] 17°[[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] 15° [[/insertion]] this early a.m and now at 8p.m it is 18°, the same as at noon. We are in the "land of the mid-night sun. The sun is high in the heavans, and as bright as the clearest day at home at mid-day. Oh! yes from the shore as far out as you can see a sheet of snow covered ice over which the tractors plough back and forth hauling supplies from the ice - airfield where the planes land about 3 miles from the Station proper. /// Quite a place and honestly it doesn't feel as cold as the thermometer has it. We sleep two
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] In about an 8x8 room, one cot above the other bunk bed style with a fair sided [[bedsi?]] locker, one ceiling lamp, & one chair. The sleeping accommodations are quite primative - the meals on the other hand quite lavish - meat twice a day, and a hot plate of beans on the side at lunch and dinner [[strikethrough]] [[?]] [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] to [[/insertion]] day. Dessert at lunch today was bread pudding with raisins; at dinner a square of chocholate cake with white icing. The coffee seems quite good. Canned milk does not stand up well, tends to separate they say, and so Proam is used instead. We have to walk about half a block, or is it a block to the toilet facilities. There are no showers - "sponge baths" are what serves here. I got about 4 hrs sleep on the plane and am beginning to feel sort of dopy. Tomorrow the mail goes out so I shall try to send this and a few cards. A pretty one to each of you in Coronado.
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[blank page]]
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] /// Gee Stummy, I should have sent you out to Barb's before I left. Please don't feel apprehensive about money matters or Barb, or me either things will work out alright. I believe I get $12 a day per d for the days we are not either on a ship or at this station. Of course I [[Had?]] pay the hotel, but I shall get the per diem which will more than offset it. Then I should get the $1,800 on top of that. It will more than cover all the bills and some besides, and that is not taking the "pay" checks into account. Stop worrying. It looks as though I shall come through alive to plague you the rest of our days. And don't worry about Barb until you see for yourself this time out there. Too bad about Ruth. To think after all these busy years that she had to run into this trouble what ever it is. ||| The Seiglers sent me a ^ [[insertion]] Xmas [[/insertion]] card! Be good Stummy we aren't going to be so badly off. I'll check over those taxes when I get back Lots of love girl and then some Waldo
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] Dec. 16, 62 Dear Stummy, Today we had snow - a brief flurry this a.m. a bit of a let up and then with lunch more through the rest of the afternoon and supper perhaps till 7 or 8 // I got off a number of Xmas cards including one to Dick. [[line across page]] This was an earlier letter, [[strikethrough]] beyond [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] Before [[/insertion]] the unfinished one above. The part that got carboned read as follows "You may not think that I know what I am doing, but we are utterly dependent on the Navy. Today I want to get Xmas cards; its finally come to the point where I get them, or not. The question is to whom to send them and how many. If as the bunch here is doing I would get U.S. stamps on them which we can do from here out, but there is the thought that folks would expect N.Z.stamps. - That decision I wont make till I get cards written /// As ^ [[insertion]] is [[/insertion]] always the case, we are having unusual weather, the summer has suddenly descended upon us - after all the cool weather I have been complaining about in the 40s and 50's - day before yesterday was in mid 80°s and yesterday it was over 90°! Believe it or not, today, the temperature is back more to normal summer temperature. When its cool here its delightful, when its chilly, not so good! [When its hot, it is pretty hot & uncomfortable, you want to move along.
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[page rotated 90° to left]] [[preprinted, clipping from shipboard newsletter]] [[underlined]] NEWSBREAKER USS STATEN ISLAND AGB-5 A SPECIAL EDITION 3 FEBRUARY 1963 [[/underlined]] EXTRA! EXTRA! EXTRA SPECIAL! EXTRA! EXTRA! Just in case you've missed some of the news we've been making on this cruise, here's a recapitulation, based on the Situation Reports of CTG 43.1 (Cdr Price Lewis). If you desire, you may keep this as your record of the Palmer Peninsula trip. [[/preprinted]]
[[preprinted, newsletter clipping]] FROM: CTU 43.1.1 TO: COMNAVSUPPFOR ANTARCTICA 5 Jan -- Embarked in STATEN ISLAND. Posit 43-35.7S 173-02.0E. Broke Pennant in STATEN ISLAND 042123Z. Departed Port Lyttelton 042200Z. Enroute Palmer Peninsula with USARP party on board. 5 Jan -- Posit 46-57.5S 179-10.9E. SOA 14.0. Course 126 for point 60S 150W. Will make decision whether to continue course to edge of pack ice or change to proceed in more easterly direction based on future weather. [[/preprinted]] [[end page]] [[start page]] Saturday 5 [[strikethrough]] X[[/strikethrough]] I 63 Quite a skip here to January 5, 1963. This day we cast loose from the dock at about 10[[underlined]]30[[/underlined]] Clear warm day, moved slowly along, while stb. launch came along side to be hoisted [[strikethrough]] abored [[/strikethrough]] aboard. // There had been a host of visitors aboard. Eddie Goodale and Jack Crowell went up to Captains Quarters, may be for pictures when Tom Berg shanghaied me to get customs declaration filled out, about 3d one Ive done since coming to N.Z. // If pictures were taken I missed out; If not I missed out. /// After lunch the skipper had us in for a staff conference about man power needed for our various operations // Some 7 or 8 men will be asisting, or rather taking over the collection of specimens// This being Sat. and tomorrow Sunday the Engineer Mr. Cunningham said see me Monday morn which I shall// Jack Crowell said temperatures down below must have been nearer a hundred, I guess he was right alright. Today by comparison it is rather wonderful. - Sky is grey; sea is msdache some white caps; good wind; spray is flying; too chilly for ^ [[insertion]] the [[/insertion]] kaki shirt, I have one Towells and room service are furnished but not soap. McMurdo furnishes soap or at least it was around, and in plenty
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] In the crews lounge or library (quite an assortment of books including encyclopedia American [[line across page]] College "students" Ph.D.'s afloat. Two men are supposed to be on duty each operation or separate phase of work. Often (or at least at times only one is around; and that one goes down to wake his relief; then without waiting to see that the awakened man gets up and onto the job goes off to bed [[strikethrough]] d [[/strikethrough]]. [Its inconceivable]. [[margin, short diagonal lines extending down paragraph]] Expensive gear is being towed behind, needs competent watch and attention, yet when ship stops or changes course, [[experi?]] gear (or magnetometer) is endangered & then lost, and guy in charge of it blames the bridge for not notifying him of change - "they did not tell me." [[/margin]] Seems as though an alert man would realize change of course, absence of engine vibrations would sense at least some change requiring instrument care or retrieval. Much the same happens when wind direction dial in lab fails to register; student is aghast, I don't know what's wrong, I can't get wind direction or
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] force - a practical or experienced man could look outside or even through port & form an estimate as any old sea dog knows. [Now I know why Coast guards & others are trained in sailing ships - to get practical experience - and to be able to form personal creditable and accurate determinations of wind, weather & sea conditions. It would seem that any college textbook-oceanographer should serve an internship at Coast guard Acad (however limited before being entrusted with valuable expensive [[strikethrough]] di [[/strikethrough]] and hard to replace gear & instruments Nobody would let doctors fresh out of college operate on you, unless had interns experience, yet these Ph.D's are turned loose [[strikethrough]] wh [[/strikethrough]] without
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] any first hand real practical [[know?]] of sea, & when balled ^[[insertion]] informed or set right [[/insertion]] out by one who knows the sea they resent it because man has had no college training & that man is [[removed?]] [[strikethrough]] and is[[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] but [[/insertion]] is needed more than ever to "teach" those guys things they need to know, but don't, and what's worse feel they know better because of textbook knowledge & the degree they have, a Ph.D. never made a man out of what wasn't. // A sense of responsibility seems lacking, they lose a valuable pc. of gear, too often the attitude is "what the hell", cost did not come visibly or appreciably out of their personal pocket. [[line across page]] [like Kennedy spending - never worked - day in his life]. Whats a deficit to him. [[line across page]] Instead of man on duty with gadgets going down to wake next man on duty there should
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] be a quarter master to do the awakening & see that man is [[strikethrough]] get [[/strikethrough]] on the job. That is where having [[supp?]] is so valuable, there there is discipline, authority, and accountability (responsibility) is [[strikethrough]] d [[/strikethrough]] required & enforced. In spite of many men involved, [[strikethrough]] wh [[/strikethrough]] we may often think more than necessary, at least each man knows [[strikethrough]] h [[/strikethrough]] what is expected of him & that he is personally held responsible for his assignment & its successful discharge. There is too much harping on getting a civilian operating force (could be if Capt. is right man & crew is under his authority & has discipline & responsibility expected of navy personnel. [[line across page]] Then in all this shortcutting of burdensome tasks by machinery (electronic gadets) who know when [[insertion]] results [[/insertion]] really
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] are correct & accurate? How often calibrated? & checked. [[circled]] Jan 6 - Sunday Surf temp. in a tin spring [[top?]] can, water dredged up [[underlined]] can [[/underlined]] on deck in high wind, & thermometer stuck in it for a while & then pulled out & read in open air. [[/circled]] [[double line]] Friedman - worked till 11 oclock at night readying things for him. Next day charged his men 50[[superscript, underlined]] 000 [[/superscript, underlined]] gear bouy line not rigged right, in face of storm, in a.m put it over after argument with Jack, when Jack left scene to go forward [[box with XXXXXX]] [[line across page]] Crary did same thing off Greenland lost bouy late at night in face of bad weather. [[line across page]] [[margin, vertical { extending down by paragraph]] Isacc Kidd Trawl. said they know how to handle gear & when it came to [[insertion]] a [[/insertion]] showdown did not. & [[underlined]] lost it, [[/underlined]] expensive gear. [[/margin]] Lamont Lab turned over buoy rig with gadgets but was not in real working order for N.S.F. Eltanin to develop & perfect (sort of putting one over).
1963 [[page is divided into 3 columns, separated by vertical lines]] [[first column]] [[heading]] [[underlined]] Air Temperature [[/underlined]] [[4 sub columns, values separated by |]] [[headings]] Jan.5.| Max. | Min. | Av. | [[/headings]] [[arrow from Jan. 5]] | 60.2 | 56.8 | 58.7 | 6th | 57.2 | 51.0 | 53.1 | 7th | 56.0 | 50.0 | 52.8 | 8th | 50.2 | 42.4 | 47.5 | 9th | 41.2 | 36.4 | 37.9 | 10 | 38.0 | 33.0 | 35.3 | 11 | 35.8 | 31.8 | 32.8 | 12 | 34.8 | 31.0 | 32.4 | 13 | 34.6 | 30.2 | 32.4 | 14 | 35.4 | 31.5 | 33.8 | 15 | 34.8 | 31.5 | 33.1 | 16 | 36.4 | 32.8 | 34.3 | 17 | 37.8 | 33.8 | 35.4 | 18 | 33.0 | 31.0 | 32.2 | 19 | 35.4 | 32.3 | 33.4 | 20 | 38.0 | 22.5 | 34.8 | 21 | 34.5 | 31.4 | 33.0 | 22 | 38.1 | 31.2 | 34.9 | 23 | 46.2 | 33.1 | 38.1 | 24 | 36.0 | 31.1 | 32.7 | 25 | 39.4 | 31.0 | 34.0 | 26 | 42.0 | 34.8 | 37.0 | 27 | 37.0 | 29.6 | 32.0 | 28 | 36.0 | 29.0 | 31.5 | 29 | 32.0 | 28.8 | 30.2 | 30 | 35.0 | 30.5 | 32.4 | 31 | 41.0 | 31.0 | 33.6 | [[line across page]] For month | 60.2 | 25.8 | 36.6 [[/first column]] [[second column]] [[heading]] [[underlined]] Sea Temp. [[/underlined]] [[3 sub columns, values separated by |]] [[headings]] Max. | Min. | Av. | [[/headings]] 62 | 57 | 59 | 57 | 53 | 54 | 54 | 48 | 51 | 48 | 44 | 46 | 43 | 39 | 40 | 38 | 32 | 34 | 32 | 31 | 31 | 31 | 29 | 30 | 30 | 29 | 30 | 32 | 30 | 30 | 31 | 30 | 31 | 31 | 29 | 31 | 33 | 31 | 32 | 33 | 30 | 31 | 30 | 30 | 30 | 34 | 30 | 32 | 35 | 31 | 33 | 34 | 31 | 33 | 35 | 32 | 33 | 34 | 34 | 34 | 34 | 33 | 34 | 34 | 32 | 33 | 33 | 32 | 32 | 32 | 31 | 31 | 32 | 31 | 32 | 31 | 31 | 31 | 33 | 31 | 31 | [[/second column]] [[third column]] [[heading]] Wind (knots) [[3 sub columns, values separated by |]] [[headings]] Av. | & (Prevailing Direction). | Peak. | [[/headings]] [[insertion, by arrow, from following page]] Direction on top of Peak gust prevailing below [[/insertion]] 23 |(N.E.) | 26 | 11.1 |(E.N.E) | 18 | 17 | (N.W) | 25 | 24 | N.W | 30 | |W.N.W| | 21 | S | 29 | | S | | 23 | S.W | | 23 |W.N.W| 35 | | SSW | | 16 | W.SW| 24 | | N | | 21 | N. | 30 | | W | | 17.4 |W.N.W| 27 | |W.N.W| | 22 | do[[ditto for: W.N.W]] | 29 | | NN.E | | 20 | do[[ditto for: NN.E]] | 32 | | W | | 25.8 | W | 35 | | W. | | 21 | W | 34 | | NE | | 22.5 | "[[ditto for: NE]] | 41 | ES.E | | [[strikethrough]] [[?]] [[/strikethrough]] 4 | E | 12 | W.S.W | | 5 | S.E. | 11 | | W.S.W | | 9.9 | "[[ditto for: W.S.W]] | 18 | | N.E | | 15 | NNE | 30 | | N.E | | 19 | E | 63 | S.W | | 17.2 | "[[ditto for: S.W]] | 34 | | E.N.E | | 6 | Var. | 25 | | N.E | | 9 | SSE | 21 | | S.W | | 11.8 | "[[ditto for: S.W]] | 20 | S.W | | 5 | var | 10 | | S | | 9 | SSW | 18 | | W.S.W | | 6.8 | "[[ditto for: W.S.W.]] | 14 | | SSW | | 5 | S | 9 | [[/third column]] [[line across page]] 15.1 Miles steamed in Jan. 4235.0 miles [[circled]] No. mammals sighted 42 [[/circled]] For Feb. Mammal record see page facing Feb 1 /1963 [[margin note, written vertically from bottom to top]] No. of obs. with precipitation. 187 [[/margin note]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 1 [[circled]] Sunday Jan. 6. 1963. [[insertion, clipping from ship's bulletin]] 6 JAN -- Posit 50-11.8S 174-37.3W. SOA 13.5 kts. Enroute Palmer Peninsula. [[/insertion]] Here we are bowling along at great rate [[underlined]] 14 [[/underlined]] knots, slightly over cast weather, trace of white caps, some slight spray coming over, and an invgoraTing breeze, and stimulating temperature. The roll of ship is slight no more today at least than on a Hancock yacht. No one could ask for safer traveling (or better meals) The temperature here the morning after leaving Christchurch is 59⁰, water temp 50.9⁰. At 4 p.m. as most of the day it is, and has been most glorious weather, for sun, not too cold wind, easy sea with waves of only one and two feet in height you might just as well be cruising the coast of California. What is the air temperature there no higher. There is little to do aboard. Rearranging things. Tomorrow we have a session with the engineer a Mr. Cunningham to get traps in shape, to build perhaps a dredge, and to fix up a piece of pipe for taking bottom samples, and oh! yes a rack to have a few Berlese funnels in which one dries out land and bird nest debris to recover any insects that may be hiding in it.
1963 [[page is divided into 3 main columns, separated initially by vertical lines]] [[first column]] [[heading]] [[underlined]] Air Temp [[/underlined]] [[/heading]] [[4 sub columns, values separated initially by vertical lines; here by |]] [[headings]] [[blank]] | Max | Min | Av | [[/headings]] Feb 1 | 37 | 32.5 | 34.1 | 2 | 39.2 | 34.1 | 36.6 | 3 | 41.2 | 35.1 | 38.3 | 4 | 39.5 | 35.2 | 37.3 | 5 | 44.0 | 36.0 | 38.8 | 6 | 40.0 | 32.0 | 36.2 | 7 | 37.0 | 34.5 | 35.3 | 8 | 38.0 | 33.5 | 36.0 | 9 | 42.0 | 34.9 | 38.5 | 10 | 37.2 | 31.2 | 34.4 | 11 | 36.0 | 31.2 | 33.3 | 12 | 39.4 | 32.6 | 35.8 | 13 | 38.1 | 33.8 | 35.9 | 14 | 37.0 | 31.3 | 33.8 | 15 | 32.4 | 29.0 | 30.5 | 16 | 34.6 | 25.0 | 29.2 | 17 | 35.0 | 24.3 | 28.0 | 18 | 32.8 | 28.0 | 30.8 | 19 | 34.0 | 27.2 | 30.4 | 20 | 36.0 | 30.0 | 33.7 | 21 | 37.7 | 33.0 | 34.5 | 22 | 36.6 | 31.9 | 34.8 | 23 | 34.2 | 30.9 | 32.8 | 24 | 36.5 | 31.0 | 33.6 | 25 | 37.0 | 33.0 | 35.1 | 26 | 38.6 | 31.4 | 34.3 | 27 | 37.4 | 34.0 | 36.0 | 28 | 33.4 | 28.0 | 32.7 | [[line across page]] For month | 44.0 | 24.3 | 34.3 | [[/first column]] [[second column]] [[heading]] Sea Temp [[/heading]] [[3 sub columns, values separated initially by vertical lines, here by |]] [[headings]] Max. | Min | Av. | [[/headings]] 33 | 32 | 32 | 35 | 33 | 33 | 35 | 33 | 34 | 34 | 34 | 34 | 34 | 34 | 34 | 37 | 34 | 34 | 36 | 35 | 35 | 35 | 33 | 34 | 36 | 34 | 34 | 35 | 34 | 34 | 34 | 33 | 33 | 36 | 34 | 35 | 35 | 35 | 35 | 36 | 31 | 34 | 32 | 30 | 32 | 31 | 30 | 30.5 | 31 | 30 | 30 | 31 | 29 | 30 | 30 | 29 | 30 | 32 | 30 | 31 | 32 | 31 | 32 | 34 | 31 | 33 | 35 | 33 | 34 | 35 | 35 | 35 | 35 | 32 | 33 | 35 | 34 | 34 | 34 | 33 | 34 | 34 | 33 | 34 | [[/second column]] [[third column]] [[heading]] Wind [[/heading]] [[3 sub columns, values separated by |]] | Prevail Direc | [[headings]] Av | ^ | Peak | | peak direc. | [[/headings]] | E | | [[strikethrough]] 32 [[/strikethrough]] 5 | E | 10 | | var. | | 2.2 | N. | 9 | | var | | [[circled]] . [[/circled]] 8 | SSE | 5 | | EN.E | | 1 | "[[ditto for: EN.E]] | 12 | | NN.W | | 8.6 | "[[ditto for: NN.W]] | 18 | | N.E | | 8 | N.E | 30 | S | | 10 | E | 27 | var. | | 10.2 | W.S.W | 23 | SW | | 8 | SSW | 20 | var | | 2 | S | 10 | var | | 4.8 | N.E | 29 | | W.N.W | | 11 | "[[ditto for: W.N.W]] | 19 | | W.N.W | | 11 | "[[ditto for: W.N.W]] | 31 | | ESE | | 8 | W | 20 | | SSE | | 19 | "[[ditto for: SSE]] | 32 | | S | | 12 | SSW | 21 | | N.E | | 8 | EN.E | 18 | | SSW | | 20 | "[[ditto for: SSW]] | 33 | | NNE | | 17 | "[[ditto for: NNE]] | 28 | | N | | 18.3 | N.NE | 38 | N | | 22 | N.E | 47 | | Northerly | | 16 | ENE | 30 | | NNW | | 8.1 | "[[ditto for: NNW]] | 16 | N.E | | 7 | "[[ditto for: N.E]] | | | W.N.W | | 12 | W | 30 | | E | | 35.5 | "[[ditto for: E]] | 44 | N.W. | | 24 | W.S.W. | 43 | | W | | 17 | SSW | 25 | [[/third column]] [[line across page]] Miles steamed in Feb. 1536.7 [[circled]] 165 mammals sighted [[/circled]] Max Wind 36 AV 10.95 [[margin note, written vertically, bottom to top]] No. of obs. with precip. 265 [[/margin note]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 2 [[/circled]] I mentioned meals – Breakfast choice of fruit juices, cold cereals, eggs, [[insertion]] any style [[/insertion]] ham and bacon, steak, waffles, hot cakes, honey or syrup, toast, coffee and while it last fresh milk 3 x a day; tea also, and I suppose cocoa if you ask for it. Two meals there were canned peaches for deseret and for last nights dinner N.Z. ice cream. Oh! yeas above was mostly about breakfast, lunch you may have soup, sandwiches of various kinds including hamburger, steak also. Dinner meat again – chicken one nite. This Sunday morning had homemade coffee cake (cinnamon cake), and other day delicious hot, glazed rolls. One could not fare better anywhere. McMurdo was plentiful, a bit more in the rough and ready style but good an varied; here with more finish and table cloths, linen napkins instead of paper Spent quite a bit of time bird watching. It is a treat to see the albatrosses soaring high and low after the ship, and faster too; going [[insertion]] coming [[/insertion]] alongside they zoom ahead with the greatest of ease. I thought they did not light on the water; but when the garbage goes over they seem readily to do it. Cape-pigeons are about in limited
March [[page is divided into 3 columns, separated by vertical lines]] [[first column]] [[heading]] Air [[/heading]] [[4 sub columns, values separated by |]] [[headings]] [[blank]] | Max | Min | Av | [[/headings]] 1 | 34.6 | 27.4 | 30.9 | 2 | 34.4 | 30.1 | 32.3 | 3 | 36.0 | 29.7 | 32 8 | 4 | 32.0 | 24.2 | 28.7 | 5 | 26.8 | 23.4 | 25.6 | 6 | 36.1 | 24.8 | 31.9 | 7.| 41.2 | 33.0 | 37.4 | 8)| 51.0 | 41.8 | 46 1 | 9.| 56.0 | 50.0 | 52.7 | [[/first column]] [[second column]] [[heading]] Sea [[3 sub columns, values separated by |]] [[headings]] Max | Mi | Av | [[/headings]] 35 | 31 | 33 | 33 | 32 | 33 | 35 | 33 | 33 | 34 | 32 | 33 | 32 | 31 | 31 | 37 | 32 | 35 | 45 | 37 | 41 | 48 | 45 | 46 | 54 | 48 | 51 | [[/second column]] [[third column]] [[heading]] Wind [[/heading]] [[3 sub columns, values separated by |]] | Prevail direct | [[headings]] Av | | Peak | | peak diret. | [[/headings]] | S.W | | 9.7 | SSW | 25 | | Mostly NW | | 3 | EN.E | 16 | | Northly | | 23 | N.E | 45 | | EN.E | | 13 | S [[strikethrough]] ENE [[/strikethrough]] | 20 | | ENE | | 21 | "[[ditto for: ENE]] | 36 | | Easterly | | 12 | E.S.E | 25 | | SSW | | 21.6 | SSW | 29 | | N.W | | 30 | NN.W | 53 | | N.W | | 28 | NN.W. | 44 | [[line across page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 3 [[/circled]] numbers - half a dozen albatrosses to every cape pigeon or two. Jack said he saw a small petrel of another species, but did not know what it is. Our room is now cooler, really comfortable. We each have a large double width steel locker, a bureau type of desk with three big drawers below and two (side by each) smaller ones above, and a flat top with raised margin for storing things above. The safe in my desk as in Captain McDonald’s we've left to the young ensigns I guess, or may be lieutenants who had to vacate for us. That’s the only bad feature of the deal. Capt. Mac is photoing this and that all day; is doing a Nat’l Geographic Mag. story of the trip. So we may see some of our doings in print some day. /// For the first time, I attended the movies on board, Sunday matinee, a western followed by the "Untouchabeles" /// Coffee is available at all hours in the wardroom where we eat; I believe I heard that in that room 10 gallons a day are put away, including that drunk at meal times In the wardroom, there are two seatings ^[[insertion, circled]] one [[/insertion]] of 14 the first with
[[insertion, bulletin clipping]] 7 JAN -- Embarked in STATEN ISLAND. Posit 53-15.2S 167-37.0W. SOA 13.7. [[/insertion]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 4 [[/circled]] Which I am and a second of 16. Jack Crowell and Comdr. Lewis in charge of this task force chow with the Capt., Jack representing the N.S.F. Capt. McDonald and I the two “hired” (so to speak) consultants eat in wardroom with the executive officer. The C.P.Os have the coziest mess of all. Think of it there are some 200 men and officers aboard! Here tonight about 9-30 there is more of a roll to this ship which as all ice breakers is supposed to have a bad one. So far so good – but we have been enjoying exceptionally fine weather // [[red line across page, morphing into box around following text]] Monday Jan 7/63 [[/red line]] At lunch time the Capt. came down and told helicopter pilots he would like them to take off at about 2pm for a flight around the ship, for getting photographs. They did take off about 2:30 first the little 2 bladed one with floats and then the bigger [[insertion]] larger [[/insertion]] one – (3 bladed). On return smaller one had to “wait” about till larger one was housed. /// Blue lights flash inside and out on deck; one is then not supposed to open any of the doors with a result that you are either shut in or out of your room except by rather round about path up and down several “ladders”. Operation safely completed about 4 p.m. I
[[blank page]] [[start page]] [[end page]] [[circled]] 5 [[/circled]] suggested to Leonard, the navy photog that he take the blue & white flag that is raised half way when copters are taking off & all way when they land.(?) I did, and also man in asbestos suit who stands by in case of accident; boat [[strikethrough]] chre [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] crew [[/insertion]] is also in launch in readiness to be lowered if need be. Saw Mr. Cunningham in charge of engineering dept. re traps, and stand for funnels. [[line]] One blue light did not flash, but nobody noticed. /// [[line]] January 7, 196 [[strikethrough]] 2[[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] 3 [[/insertion]] Monday. Crossing the International Date line 2 days in succession are Monday the 7th This today is the second Monday. Warm outside 52° and before and during part of breakfast period a light rain stopped about 7 a.m (bed 6:30 and 7:00) Birds seem to be only the wandering albatross, younger and intermediate stages but still great birds. Yesterday fornoon saw at least one giant petrel among the albatrosses may have been more, probably were. [[line across page]] Position Monday Jan. 7, 1963 (1st) 50°10'S. 175°30'W. [[in box]] Distance run [[/in box]] Monday Jan. 7, 1963 (2nd. [[underlined]] Lat 53°15.25'/167°37'.00(W) [[/underlined]] [[in box]] 07/0800 52°50' 171°00' [[/in box]] 60[[underlined]] S [[/underlined]] - 150 [[underlined]] W [[/underlined]] distance = [[underlined]] 673 [[/underlined]] m
[[circled]] 6 [[/circled]] Jan. 7, 1963 (2nd ). At 6 tonight at close of first table seating, they stopped ship to try out a winch that had been overhauled during the day. Tom Berg told me of it just before supper and I was quite unready for it. In first place poorly rigged net one I picked up at McMurdo was told wasn’t being used and that I could have it. It was fairly coarse mesh. Anyway bosun's mate would not trust [[strikethrough]] clip [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] snap [[/insertion]] hook and tied line onto net bridles. There were only 2, & Jack rove on the third. / Anyway we got it over the stern made a five minute tow and got a surprising number of copepod^[[insertion]] o [[/insertion]]; one small one, brilliant red there were several, rest seemed all one species. /// Is station 1, Jan 7, 63 (2nd) lat. 54°,05’ Long. 165°42’. Surface, 5 mins. Net. [[insertion]] [[clipping from bulletin]] 8 JAN -- Posit 56-29.2S 160-13.0W. SOA 13.5. [[/insertion]] Jan 8 Tuesday We are moving along approaching halfway to first landing, or rather site to be investigated Port Arthur ^-nvers ID. The sea is getting up this morning – and got worse this afternoon. Spray is coming over in gusts, over starboard side and we
[[circled]] 7 [[/circled]] Keep to the inside passages [[strikethrough]] that [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] which [[/insertion]] means going up and down ladders (stairways to you) from one compartment to another from main deck to one just below where our (McDonald’s and my room is. There are watertight doors to go through but nothing like those on our deck, those you have to step thru only about 4 ft high and what? 2 feet? wide. To deck below ours there are 3 to 4 foot square hatches securely bolted down, with [[strikethrough]] e [[/strikethrough]] a circular hatch perhaps two feet in diameter through which the men having business lower down in the ship "slip" /// The roll is considerable Jack & I had a coffee in Captain’s cabin with Commander Lewis after looking over charts and channels leading around Anvers I. Capt. is up in bridge deck where you certainly get full effect of rolling. Had to hold coffee cups off the table. /// In the wardroom where we eat they put a rubber mat like expanded metal lath on the table; nothing then slipped but for our chairs there were cloth belts that fastened to metal loops along edge (below top) of table.
[[circled]] 8 [[/circled]] run through the arms of ones chair the belt keeps chair from sliding or falling away from table when it rolls, or from tipping over with you in it. Lunch we got by with handsomely. Dinner may be more of a problem. I am trying to eat less to keep from getting too fat and lazy - but the coffee one consumes is “frightful”. Did I not say earlier that someone said in wardroom it was 10 gallons a day? I had had a cup in wardroom just before Captain took us up to his cabin. And then did not like to pass up his offer to have one with him - second cup in quick succession it was this afternoon. [[line across page]] A different bird showed up today, but I did not run to risk getting field glasses wet down so let it ride. /// Did I mention that we put a townet over that I had picked up at McMurdo over? We got a vial full of copepods - at least two kinds - and everybody aboard was awfully interested from Captain down Dr. offered use of his 'scope when I first came aboard; but he said with engines going, & ship vibration it would be impossible to see anything he’s right. First time at anchor we’ll have a demonstration. We have two quite sick then aboard one
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 8 [[/circled]] run through the arms of ones chair the belt keeps chair from sliding or falling away from table when it rolls, or from tipping over with you in it. Lunch we got by with handsomely. Dinner may be more of a problem. I am trying to eat less to keep from getting too fat and lazy - but the coffee one consumes is “frightful”. Did I not say earlier that someone said in wardroom it was 10 gallons a day? I had had a cup in wardroom just before Captain took us up to his cabin. And then did not like to pass up his offer to have one with him - second cup in quick succession it was this afternoon. [[line across page]] A different bird showed up today, but I did not run to risk getting field glasses wet down so let it ride. /// Did I mention that we put a townet over what I had picked up at McMurdo over? We got a vial full of copepods - at least two kinds - and everybody aboard was awfully interested from Captain down Dr. offered use of his 'scope when I first came aboard; but he said with engines going, & ship vibration it would be impossible to see anything he’s right. First time at anchor we’ll have a demonstration. We have two quite sick men aboard one
[[circled]] 9 [[/circled]] with a severly ulcerated (abscessed I mean) throat, other with some other infection. Both with high fever. Poor devils with all this motion. /// So far I am getting along, but have my fingers crossed - should be [[strikethrough]] [[?]] [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] knocking [[/insertion]] on wood I guess. /// Jan 9/63 Wed. [[insertion]] [[clipping]] 9 JAN -- Posit 59-44.1S 150-53.6W. SOA 14.0 kts. Enroute Palmer Peninsula [[/clipping]] [[/insertion]] Last nite on going to bed moved clocks (and I my watch) forward an hour [[strikethrough]] on [[/strikethrough]] Up at 5:45; breakfast at [[double underlined]]6:30 [[/double underlined]] Out on deck till 9 a.m. then to room; located barber shop. Made few notes re McMurdo. At one oclock Mr. Leonard Navy phot. wants picture of me [[line down to circled text]]pouring water through plankton net we used yesterday. He was busy taking the bathy thermograph [[circled]] raising and lowering [[/circled]] ^[[insertion]] and rais. [[/insertion]] that he did not get the plankton net episode but wants it in his picture series. So, we shall have to pose for it today. The bathy thermograph is a torpedo shaped gadget towed astern which registers the temperature from surface to bottom on a gold plated pc. glass - a curve on a depth scale
[[insertion, clipping from ship's bulletin]] 10 JAN -- Posit 62-46.4S 142-06.7W. SOA 13.7 kts. First berg sighted 62-24S 144-20W Have passed about 50 small bergs since. [[/insertion]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 10 [[/circled]] Here we are – Thursday Jan 10, 1963. 5 p.m. It got pretty rough yesterday, ditto today, ship was rolling from 20-25- to 30 degrees. Had one roll of 38⁰. There may have been a worse one or two last night. But everything is going well regardless, the spray is leaping and falling aboard in great sheet. The wind is fierce and cold - 33⁰ with ice bergs going by off and on. Jack Crowell tells me at one time 11 were in sight mid afternoon. I was culling through the British Admiralty sailing directions yesterday and today because there was not much else you could do and that was something I did not get to do before I started. At 4:30 quite a spectacular, through smaller berg went by; at one time looked like a monument or temple on a platform. [[image: sketch of block on platform]] I missed sun shining on it while running for camera; the pilot house to which I occasionally resort is high up and way [[insertion in box]] forward [[/insertion]] and in bad weather we have lots of inside ladders to climb. The rocking back forth (the rolling is a nuisance but not too bad.
[[circled]] 11 [[/circled]] Jan 10 contd. 11 1963 There has been a steady procession of icebergs past us both sides all day long We do not have gear or time to stop them. Some are the typical table top (flat-top type) characteristic of Antarchi Bergs, others pinnacled and often only irregular masses of ice. [[line across page]] [[insertion, newsletter clipping]] 11 JAN -- Posit 65-31.8S 133-26.0W. SOA 12.0 kts. Small belts of pack ice at 64-48S 134-00W. Proceeding in open water on course 130 deg T. 170 bergs last 24 hrs. [[/insertion]] Jan 11- 1963 -Friday- Inspection of quarters this [[strikethrough]] morning [[/strikethrough]] noon at 1:30 p.m. // All morning were passing through ice patches, larger and smaller pcs, and, few ice burgs going by all day - quite a sight, snow off and on decks have patches of it here tonite at 10 p.m. Really it is 11 oclock because we moved our clocks ahead another hours. I failed to do it last nite, and thinking I had an hour to spare went out on the deck to watch the ice go by. [[insertion]] and so missed breakfast [[/insertion]] To tell the truth, we are passing the ice, but it is [[strikethrough]] [[whit?]] [[/strikethrough]] what seems to be going by. Through these mile, hours of drifting ice they steer by the engines first one & then the other, or, one faster than the other instead of with the wheel. Now an then there is a real bump or
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 12 [[/circled]] [[boxed]] Friday - Jan 11 - 63 [[/boxed]] Thump as we strike one of the larger pcs. of floating ice; some must be 20 or 30 feet square (or in extent). // All morning every body was photoing bergs, one seemed to be more soil than ice. ~ one could almost imagine people living on it. Another tall originally tubular one had a great arch or natural bridge in it a pretty sight. I put on my "long johns" as Jack calls them this morning. That now obviates the putting on & taking off of heavier clothing every time you step out of doors temperature is like McMurdo ±, 35° this afternoon. We are back in the all-nite sun area again, though you can't see much of it in the heavily over cast sky. /// Tonite we have been out just about 8 days and have a couple of more to go. This overcast weather Capt McDonald says is the rule in Palmer land one day of sun in 3 or more days. Also fixed up an account of my life, a sort of "whos who" for the once a week ship's paper. One of the Jr. Lts run's the paper had has interviewed each one of us civilians aboard. I'll try to get an extra copy or two, (just for ducks?)
[[insertion, newsletter clipping]] 12 JAN -- Posit 67-48.0S 124-59.0W. SOA 11.9 kts. Reached area of 5/10 ice coverage at 67-48S 126-42W. Proceeding east through edge of pack. Block and small bergs sighted, mostly northern edge of pack. [[/insertion]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 13 [[/circled]] Saturday Jan 12/63 Running through ice cakes all day. Ship bucks, and trembles as she hits and overrides them. Most of day heavily overcast, snow flurries too, one [[strikethrough]] then [[/strikethrough]] after another. One full of sharp ice crystals that stung the face, one crystal struck me on the eye ball, a sharp sting. Now and then an iceberg of considerable size. As I write this at 9 p.m. the ship is still climbing upon ice-pans and shuddering as they break ^[[insertion]] to [[/insertion]] either side and she plows on again. All this is done at half speed sometimes less, which will slow up the whole trip, but Mar. 15 is still the day we leave Palmerland for Valparaiso. [[line]] [[circled]] 7 pm [[/circled]] While up in piolothouse with glasses saw a snow petrel dive into the water - go completely under and come out again and fly on. could not see what it might have had in bill - imagined it had - but it did go in water; just before that it skimmed water to pick up something and got half wet. Then at 8 p.m. a black headed petrel flew by, under parts grey or white, [[strikethrough]] bill [[/strikethrough]] black it seemed. Most of day heavily overcast visibility poor. had [[underlined]] sun [[/underlined]] though for 2-3 hours in mid afternoon. Temp at 8:30 32°F.
[[insertion, clipping from ship's bulletin]] 13 JAN -- Posit 67-14.5S 122-14.0W. SOA 10.7 kts. Proceeding through edge of pack. 0 to 5/10 coverage. 5 to 20 ft thick block and small floe, heavy snow cover. 70 bergs. [[/insertion]] dozen snow petrels Birds feeding on ice shelf of berg [[circled]] Ice berg [[/circled, with line leading to insertion point]] All around ^[[insertion]] on [[circled text]] [[/insertion]] at noon till 2 p.m. Blue streaks in iceberg stratified but helicopters out From 1:30 [[underline]] a.m. [[/underline]] to 2:45 p.c. bread an 4th 1/2 cup coffee [[strikethrough]] [[?]] [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] for midday meal missed end of brunch [[/insertion]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 14 [[/circled]] Sun. Jan 13/63 Sunday we have brunch 8 to 11 a.m, and dinner at regular time 5:20. It was a bright sunny day till mid afternoon. Temp. was up to 35, though with clouds, and a real heavy but of short duration snow fall the temp. quickly dropped to -32[[degree symbol]]. About noon we steamed around (all sides) a large snow white stratified berg. 85 or more feet highest part (can calculate size from this I guess) Everybody photo'd it, capt included. This was while helicopters were both put in the air to scout the ice fields We were still among the floating ice cakes and small bergs; plenty of ice in all directions interspersed with not two wide space of water with sparse masses (cakes and fragments) of ice. The fantastic shapes that these eroding masses of ice (cakes that is) too was amazing. chunks from 2 to 3 feet up to 6,8,10 feet long or square, or half as wide. One looked like the Fran & Ollie characters another like a huge bear with most realistic head, a swan, a camel, various birds and animals all caught ones eye, as characteristic of the animal sug-
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 15 [[/circled]] Sun. Jan 13/63 cont'd gested as if it had been sculpted to order. A few like a mushroom, or pedistal table, almost any thing in any line, human, animal, inanimate object was there to see and conjecture about. These were all fragments of 7 to 8 foot thick ice. This evenings ice cakes were thinner, newly formed ice after the heavier moved out to sea. The evening sun at 8 hung in a leaden sky, over the ice strewn waters. Hope it turns out. I'm leary of all my sea & ice shots. Hope I've hit exposure right. Largest berg in dim distance, in late cloudy afternoon was 1 1/2 miles long! the 85 foot one was maybe a little shorter. We also saw a ^[[insertion]] 3/4 [[/insertion]] mile long one 65 feet high. These were the big rectangular, tubular ones for which the Antarctic seas are renowned. Remind me of the 1926 trip to [[strikethrough]] She [[/strikethrough]] South Shetlands where I saw a still larger one, but do not remember ever seeing so/many cakes, pans (or patches) of ice on that trip. Miles & miles of ice, Helicopters flew out 20 miles and reported that it looked that we would soon be free of it but isn't this the third day (Friday, Sat. & Sunday) we male miles Frid--- Sat.---, Sun.-----
[[insertion, clippings from ship's bulletin]] 14 JAN -- Posit 67-25.8S 101-19.9W SOA 12.5 Ice coverage 0 to 5/10, 110 bergs last 24 hours. 15 JAN -- Posit 67-30.8S 92-14.0W. SOA 13.-kts. Proceeding along edge of pack. 2 year ice 9/10 coverage 10 to 30 ft thick. Enroute directly for Palmer Peninsula from edge of ice field. At 67-33S 93-16W. [[/insertion]] Photos of icebergs on Jan 15, last 2 or 3 at least 8 p.m. others during day which after sunlight ones was heavily over cast and snowy and as dark (or as light as it is at midnight) as midnight is when clear at McMurdo [[circled]] light is as when clear [[strikethrough]] like [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] at [[/insertion]] McMurdo again [[/circled]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 15 [[/circled]] Jan. [[underlined]] 14 Monday [[/underlined]] Bright clear just few clouds in sky, floating ice- lots of bergs round about. Could be anywhere on high seas except ships in place of bergs - sea of the best in looks behavior & apparent temperature// Of course the morning was too nice to continue about lunch time the clouds began to gather, by mid afternoon the "usual" (so it seems everyday) the leaden sky took over and scattered flakes of snow blew about, and with obscuring of sun it got raw cold and chilly, [[line]] Antarctic petral flew about, and silver grey ("fulmar") passed at rather widely spaced intervals// Saw an ice berg estimated to be over a 100, possibly 187 feet high. After passing the ice "pack", or drifting broken ice patches, spent most of late afternoon evening, night and this morning [[in box]] Jan. 15 Tuesday [[/in box]] [[line across page]] on fairly calm open see with icebergs of various heights and sizes from small to immense, mile long or more,at any time when visibility was good could count over a dozen in sight at one time. Jack said he saw 3 whales, or the same fellow blow 3 times about 4 p.m. but visibility shrank to nothing about that time too
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 16 [[/circled]] [[underlined]] January 15, 1963 [[/underlined]] Jan 15 at 2000HRs Position 67° 31'S} 90° 30'W} More ice. Up at 5:30 this a.m. went wheel house, and then had breakfast at [[strikethrough]] at [[/strikethrough]] 7a.m./ Down to write this and most of preceeding page. Discussion of McMurdo (McMudo) Archie Nash said.) See Mc.M. notes too. This has been a more cloudy day than usual, tho we had a smidgin of sun in the morning, except for icebergs, a dozen or more in sight all the time we ran on a smooth sea when suddenly a tough mass of ice - broken ice field I do not know how large showed up. After a while of working through it Capt turned back to go around it so that by 4 p.m. we were [[in the clear again?]]. There was no getting to [[Peter the first?]] Id as had been planned by the Captain, a visit really beyond the scope of our present mission. at 5:00 the Capt. called us in for a conference to line up (organize [[strikethrough]] d [[/strikethrough]]) our shore visits to the different possible sites. Lasted through first dinner session so, I ate at second table. Snows off and on, and I suppose through the night. It will now be Friday before we get to Anvers Island the first and on paper the [[strikethrough]] best [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] most [[/insertion]] promising site. Also our departure date from this end of the world is now March 6. Every time we turn around it is a day less for survey
[[insertion, clipping from ship's bulletin]] 16 JAN -- Posit 66-28.0S 79-39.0W. SOA 13.0 kts. 90 bergs. Enroute Palmer Peninsula. [[/insertion]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 16 [[/circled]] [[underlined]] Wednesday Jan. 16/63[[/underlined]] Temp this a.m 8 a.m. 35° Quite clear warm following sea, good wind from aft. following sea/ sooty Albatross ? Silvergreys [[insertion]] 6-8 [[/insertion]] numerous cape pigeon one or two while I was on deck, and several snow petrels. Walked about a bit. Looked after fish lines, leaders etc for Poblette Dredge is too big. I asked for 2/3's size [[line across page]] Not so bright in afternoon as usual started clouding up. Get to Anvers Id area tomorrow nite. I.// Tom Berg wishes to climb mountains - would jeopardize whole trip if something happened Phil Smith put him on, but he is former Wisconsin man. [[line across page]] Helicopter pilot gave us briefing on survival gear Mae West Vests, floats [[insertion]] & rig [[/insertion]] for hoisting us aboard flares, life raft on which we sit in plane, and how to behave when hits water, or crashes on [[underlined]] land [[/underlined]]. [[line across page]] A note on 15th Jan. Leonard undertook to photo penguin plate in Alexander Oceanic Birds some of bergs photo'd should definite wind sculpturing, like dunes in New Zealand, [[underlined]] Indiana, or Arizona? [[/underlined]] (These last wind sculpture rocks, canyons I have only seen in pictures Mr. Cunningham Chief Eng will fix water pipe for tow net
[[insertion, clipping from ship's bulletin]] 17 JAN -- SOA 12.0 kts. Arrived Adelaide Island. Conducted air recon west side south to British base. No ice. Marguerite Bay for 15 miles. To south. In view good ice condition intend recon Marguerite Bay including visit British base, U.S. hut at Stonington. As low passes will proceed to north with improving weather. [[/insertion]] [[underlined]] Fossil Bluff [[/underlined]] is 500 miles south of Adelaide Id. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 17 [[/circled]] Jan 17 Thurday '63 This morning 7:30 (up at 7 hour late for me, an ice free sea as of the moment no ice berg in sight; temperature 36° Now at 9:30 its 37°. Our weather man Malin[[strikethrough]] k [[/strikethrough]] oski, "Ski" they call him says in by N. End of Adelaide Id toward which we are heading to make our first land fall/at base of Antactic Pen. we shall be running into bad weather ^ [[insertion]] and [[/insertion]] snow and meet up with ice. He said, also radar showed an ice berg up ahead. On deck there is great activity looking over boat stores. One has to be prepared for eventualities, if you get wreck, smashed in inshore ice, and/or bad weather descends you may be on your own for several days, till storm blows out, visibility comes back. In a so called white out you are lost completely, - impossible to see where you are going [[strikethrough]] and [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] or [[/insertion]] should be going. Poble[[strikethrough]] tte [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] Poblete [[/insertion]] has traps all rigged ready to go. Shall be putting out 3 traps first time around. Right now depth is about 250 fms are rapidly getting onto continental shelf. On reaching [[strikethrough]] [[th]] [[/strikethrough]] 100 fm line we turned out a bit running down toward [[strikethrough]] Adelaide Ba [[/strikethrough]] Maguretie Bay.
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 18 [[/circled]] [[underlined]] Thursday Jan 17/63 -cont'd- [[/underlined]] The helicopters took off at and returned in highwind @ .Larger machine had difficulty in landing on the rolling ship after deck where helicopters rest was titling from side to side in a rather forbidding fashion. After about the 4th try the men on deck manage to get chocks under wheels and attach several stays or guys. Deck has [[underlined]] look [[/underlined]] of eyes hinged in pockets for securing them. On the third try the helicopter almost slipped backward into the sea. as the men in ^[[insertion]] [[circled]] face of [[/circled]] [[/insertion]] the wind and ships motion could not make contact with the plane fast enough. The two flight over the deck before amounted to little more than "passes" Wind was up to 32 knots at the time or better. Now 6-20 p.m it is blowing harder and snowing. Capt "Mac" thinks it will be too windy for work in and about Margurite Bay, the place we are heading for this minute. Helicopters found the Bay practically ice free so that [[insertion]] s [[/insertion]] where we head first I went to laundry to get shirt then laundry - and did the ship roll, at least 40[[degree symbol]], now at 10 p.m. they have changed to another less rolling course. Things ^[[insertion]] small including wash [[hash?]] [[/insertion]] were all over the deck, laundry in laundry room too, and quite a bit if water came through cracks in ill fitting outer doors. Ships "library" (crews lounge) was just about awash.
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 19 [[/circled]] [[overwritten]] Jan. 17/63 cont'd [[/overwritten]] The Antarctic low causing this gale and high waves with spray virtually blowing over the ship travel around the Antarctic Continent, clock-wise, where we are west to east, one after the other. We sort of came into this one and want to let it get ahead of us. So it proved, [[?]] [[?]] tracks rest of the way to the ^[[insertion]] West [[/insertion]] and toward the Peninsula. But there is always another low coming along. Hope I can get a copy of todays weather map as drafted aboard based on radio information from the other Antarctic stations behind us of McMurdo is the principal one/// The laundry was a shambles, I picked up a lot of stuff to keep it from getting west from water [[strikethrough]] s [[/strikethrough]] running back and forth on deck. It must have been from one of their machines. With the changed course we at least can get some sleep. No I haven't even felt squeamish yet, got my fingers crossed tho.[[Line across page]] Friday, 18th The roll last nite went to 43[[degree symbol]] / toward bed time roll stopped. Down below decks Capt Mac thought the quieter running was due to change of course, but it turned out the next morning that we were [[strikethough]] [[im?]] [[/strikethrough]] in an ice field far as you see any
[[insertion, clipping from ship's bulletin]] 18 JAN -- Hove to in edge of pack 20 miles southwest of Adelaide Island in low visibility for 12 hrs. Landed at "T" British base. Made photo survey of area. Proceeding to anchorage one mile off southern tip Adelaide Island. USARP and beach recon party to work area and consult with British expedition members. Intend remain at anchorage one day to meet requirements USARP reps. [[/insertion]] Almost lost helicopter over side with roll of ship. A bit previously went astray because of poor visibility - got headed in direction opposite from one it was supposed to take on ice seals penguins - 43° roll - broken ice. [[underlined]] Heliopter [[/underlined]] over again on recon [[underlined]] 4:30 to 5 p.m. [[/underlined]] [[insertion, clipping from ship's bulletin]] 19 Jan -- Anchored 1 mile south west of British base on southern tip Adelaide Island. Conducted survey. Obtained much additional information on general area from members of British expedition. Underway at 192330Z. Proceeding in open water to Rothera Point, Adelaide Island for site survey that area. Reported as having aircraft landing area on ice piedmont accessible from beach. [[/insertion]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 18 [[/circled]] Friday 18th 63 direction. There were seals scattered about, Crab eaters the capt [[insertion]] Mac [[/insertion]] says. He also saw one leopard seal which he describes as being ever so much larger than the others and with a head and neck suggestive of a dinosaur. Seal holes we saw - but they seemed too small for a seal to emerge. Only once did I see a group of 6 or 8 with a couple of smaller individuals (not pups but certainly younger than most of those we saw. Though cloudy, foggy, snowy they would be lying on side - almost belly up - as the Capt said enjoying the sun - certainly it looked as though they might be basking in the sun. ^[[insertion]] [[circled]] non existant [[/circled]] [[/insertion]]. One could see where it was. Weddell seals he tells me we have not yet ^[[insertion]] been [[/insertion]] seen. [[line across page, in orange]] [[circled]] Jan 19, Saturday 1963 [[/circled]] Yesterday evening we put out our traps, but what a time we had doing it. [[strikethrough]] Couple of [[/strikethrough]] An English man came out from Adelaide Main Base [[insertion]] Base [[circled]] T [[/circled]] [[/insertion]] - a Comdr. Dixon leaving Art Nash behind. Then their boat came out to get him, and we who were ahead - in boat to sound out a shallow place to drop traps 3 to five fms were recalled to follow Eng. men's boat in to ascertain landing at Avian Id for the morrow. Well we waited couple of hours for them to leave the Staten Id. and then we had engine
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 19 [[/circled]] Jan 19 1963 Saturday and could not follow closely. They just disapeared from sight but did come back after a time. Then we set traps and it was near midnight (11 oclock plus clocks moved up an [[strikethrough]] d [[/strikethrough]] hour, so it was 2 p.m. before I got to bed after pickling townet haul. Up at 5.55 to get dressed and breakfast [[insertion]] Then [[/insertion] to go ashore at 7 a.m. Spent 1 hr at[[strikethrough]] n [[/strikethrough]] vian Id working over rocks close to shore debris from under them and lichens on rocks over and above them. Next hour ashore we spent at main base Adelaide I While there climed to top of beacon hill & there got a few more lichens, and some of dead [[strikethrough]] sl [[/strikethrough]] limpet shells, one had a lot of dead serpulid tubes on it. Would like to get live ones. Also some lichens at base of flag pole. [[line across page]] Ice is moving in around ship this afternoon; while we were ashore they had to shift position of ship, without hoisting anchor to avoid one berg that was drifting down on ship we are moving, to see another possible site here at 3 or 4 so we have to pick up traps at 2 p.m. (which is 25 mins away) [[line]]
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 20 [[/circled]] [[circled]] Jan. 19/63 [[/circled]] [[underlined]] Stopped making carbons fm here on [[/underlined]] Avian Id. approaches require particular navigation, place is itself a rich area but water supply & [[strikethrough]] indeed shipservicing [[/strikethrough]] would be a problem now use bergy-bits tent colony, & on rocks Penguins close at hand but undoubtedly would become harrassed by presence of many people is now survey camp. Limited level area - plenty of rock upon which to build. Avian Id. Birds: Skuas [[insertion]] Dard [[/insertion]] cormorants, [[insertion]] Blue shags [[/insertion]] Dominican gulls; Adelies all nesting. Traps: Starfish, ^[[insertion]] [[circled]] 2 sp. [[/circled]] [[/insertion]] [[strikethrough]] sipuncilids [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] nemerteans [[/insertion]], amphipods, Main base like wise rocky excellent for building, as result of which have. Its proximity to Avian Id gives them plenty of [[strikethrough]] time [[/strikethrough]] opportunity to study bird life large colony of shags, Dominican gulls Skuas and Adelies {freshwater {pond wih [[Branchniedtu?]] {[[strikethrough] alg [[/strikethrough]] mosses and lichens in [[strikethrough]] profus [[/strikethrough]] {considerable abundance {Good building excellent in case of one {man weather shack, and generator {house new.
[[insertion, clipping from ship's bulletin]] 20 JAN -- Anchored 1 mile northeast Rothera Point, Adelaide Island 67-34.0S 68-05.3W. Conducted geologic, biologic and engineering survey Rothera Point area Sounded and plotted approaches, anchorage Located islands and rocks in area, aerial photo coverage of sea approaches and site area obtained. Located and marked boat landing. Made five mile traverse up ice piedmont taking slope measurements of possible aircraft landing site and approaches. All USARP base survey requirements area golf completed. Northern half of Marguerite Bay still nearly ice free. Making geologic collection flights to anchorage and Leonie Islands while en-route out Marguerite Bay plus flight to British base. Proceeding to Anvers Island [[/insertion]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[some text on this page obscured by news clipping]] [[circled]] 21 [[/circled]] Jan 19 & 20 / 63 Site rock too uneven cannot conceive much shelter for small boats. Proximity to good air po[[o overwrites a]]rt ^[[insertion, circled]] is always [[/insertion, circled]] a great asset Wonderful lot of material for Giant [[?]] mosses lichens [[strikethrough]] above on top of Becon [[/strikethrough]] [[?]] from rocks above penguin [[?]] [[circled]] 3sp. in Tom Berg moss [[/circled]] [[double line across page]] [[insertion, news clipping]] If You're Seeking The Untrammeled, Here's the Chance They've finally done it - opened up the Antarctic to tourists. Veteran explorer Capt. Finn Ronne of nearby Maryland will lead the first Antarctic expedition for tourists into the deep-freeze on a tour announced by Lindblad Travel, Inc., of New York. Departure by Avianca jet from New York will be Jan. 11, and if you're really interested in getting away from it all, space is limited. Passengers will board the Argentine Navy's 50-passenger motorship Lapataia at Buenos Aires and head for Tierra del Fuego, southernmost city in the world, and a number of scientific stations in the Antarctic. Round trip prices range from $2,800 to $3,000 - and that includes parka with hood, pants, boots and mittens. Lindblad Travel, Inc., No. 1 East 53rd St., New York, has details. [[/insertion]] Jan 20/ [[underlined]] 1963 [[/underlined]] thena Pt. [[circled]] Adelaide Id. [[/circled]] As building site is [[insertion]] seems [[/insertion]] excellent large [[?]] open ground in saddle between [[?]] hill and mountains. a ridge to forms back ground. [[?]] anding is a bit rough had to [[?]] [[underlined]] holds [[/underlined]] in to about 4 feet con- [[?]] ated snow (ice?) crystals) to get [[?]] rface, landing craft was needed (indispensable)[[insertion, in blue crayon]] From poin [[/insertion]] Birds: [[underlined]] Terns Antarctic [[/underlined]] (Arctic) nesting, eggs, chicks, and noisy Tom Berg got pictures close up of terns Terns,,\\ Jack remarked had bright red feet and bills, just like Arctic he said {What is Antarctic tern. Color description fits. Ornithologists have made sep. specie? This bird is breeding here. Thomas had an interesting experience
[[insertion, clipping from ship's bulletin]] 20 JAN -- Anchored 1 mile northeast Rothera Point, Adelaide Island 67-34.0S 68-05.3W. Conducted geologic, biologic and engineering survey Rothera Point area Sounded and plotted approaches, anchorage Located islands and rocks in area, aerial photo coverage of sea approaches and site area obtained. Located and marked boat landing. Made five mile traverse up ice piedmont taking slope measurements of possible aircraft landing site and approaches. All USARP base survey requirements area golf completed. Northern half of Marguerite Bay still nearly ice free. Making geologic collection flights to anchorage and Leonie Islands while en-route out Marguerite Bay plus flight to British base. Proceeding to Anvers Island [[/insertion]] [[reverse of inserted newspaper clipping - for text see previous page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 21 [[/circled]] Jan 19 & 20 /63 Site rock too uneven cannot conceive much shelter for small boats. Proximity to good air po[[o overwrites a]]rt ^[[insertion, circled]] is always [[/insertion, circled]] a great asset Wonderful lot of material for Giant [[?]] mosses lichens [[strikethrough]] above on top of Becon Hill [[/strikethrough]] taken from rocks above penguin rookery [[circled]] 3sp. in Tom Berg moss [[/circled]] [[double line across page]] Jan 20/ [[underlined]] 1963 [[/underlined]] Rothera Pt. [[circled]] Adelaide Id. [[/circled]] As building site is [[insertion]] seems [[/insertion]] excellent large area open ground in saddle between rocky hill and mountains. a ridge to right forms back ground. [[margin, in blue crayon]] seals again seen going to & From poin [[/margin]] Landing is a bit rough had to cut toe [[underlined]] holds [[/underlined]] in to about 4 feet consolidated snow (ice?) crystals) to get on surface, landing craft was needed (indispensible) Birds: [[underlined]] Terns Antarctic [[/underlined]] (Arctic) nesting, eggs, chicks, and noisy Tom Berg got pictures close up of terns Terns,,\\ Jack remarked had bright red feet and bills, just like Arctic he said {What is Antarctic tern. Color description fits. Ornithologists have made sep. specie? This bird is breeding here. Thomas had an interesting experience
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 22 [[/circled]] with Skuas. When he dodged they even flew lower, young were bit afraid but older ones Throwing rocks seems to deter them. [[underlined]] [[insertion]] Adelie [[/insertion]] Penguins [[/underlined]] are scattered about said he saw what looked like a penguin rookery but deserted; just a few birds about [[boxed text]] perhaps 2-3 dozen 30-40? in all [[/boxed text]] [[strikethrough]] [[?]] [[/strikethrough]] We saw 2-3 here and there on ice cakes, compared with dozens on small bergs off "Adelaide" & Avian Id. I recall being asked about a gull that flew by, I believe it was here, it was a dominican gull (so plentiful at Avian Id.) [[line across page]] We left suddenly and unexpectedly neither I nor men concerned with them got out after traps which were ordered in. I was not asked or consulted Had planned a second tow net hawl. ^[[insertion of circled text from above line]] [[circled]] would like know reason why [[/circled]] [[/insertion]] Was it to get away for Tom Burkes flight to Jenny Id. if we had gone later he might not have been permitted to make
[[insertion, clipping from ship's bulletin]] 21 JAN -- SOA 9.4 kts. Departed Marguerite Bay for Anvers Island 202300Z. Conducted geologic collection flight to Jenny Island. Picked up outgoing mail from British base. Proceeding to Arthur Harbor, Anvers Island for site survey that area. ETA 221400Z. [[/insertion]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 23 [[/circled]] [[insertion]] He did not tell me , he forgot he said /// didnt have time/// [[/insertion]] it. Should he not have cleared going with Jack Crowell. He had been getting me lichens and mosses but this time did not said he had no time but pilot said if he had known I wanted them would have gotten them. Tom just forgot is kindest way to look at it but I was as disappointed as [[double underlined]] Hell! [[/double underlined]] [[insertion, goes up right margin]] should have said that forgot whether true or not.[[/insertion]] One chance in a life time. He brought back a piece of rock in plastic bag & could have put moss in with it said that [[strikethrough]] the [[/strikethrough]] it was plentiful there. [[line across page]] Jan 20+/21/63 Spent most of last evening and today getting samples of moss Tom Berg's collections for me, and mine, run through Berlese funnels have a lot, if not wonderful stuff hope that I can continue to get some specimens this way. Traps are not coming through as I had hoped though I am getting ^[[insertion]] few [[/insertion]] bits of small stuff. My
[[insertion, printed clipping from ship's bulletin]] 22 JAN -- Anchored 500 yeards north of Bonaparte Point, Arthur Harbor, Anvers Island. Anchored in Arthur Harbor, Anvers Island 221500Z. Conducted preliminary survey, starting detailed survey. Remain same area. [[/insertion]] [[end page]] [[start page]] Tuesday Jan 22/1963[[circled]] 24 [[/circled]] Got away at eleven o'clock, took 2-3 pictures coming into Arthur Hb. Beautiful place; finally got away in boat assigned to me at 11 a.m. and [[strikethrough]] then [[/strikethrough]] had to wait till then 10 mins while cook made up 8 lunches for boat crew and canister of coffee then made a tow net haul on way to find seal for bait came up upon one on little ice cake, and Mr. Thompson shot it through head Boys hopped over & skinned it Poblette wanted skin & I the skull. then tied it alongside & set traps after adding piece seal meat. made another tow net haul 5 mins [[surf?]] at 2p.m. [[insertion]] got two tiny [[lines]] euphausids [[lines]] ? [[/insertion]] wind got up as we took our seal back to ship. [[line across page]] [[underlined in blue crayon]] Got seal cut [[/underlined]] up and in large can skull was badly shattered, brain fell out. Cook (chief steward of our mess came aft for a piece of meat, & gave me a pc for dinner it was [[underlined]] excellent [[/underlined]] I must get a pc of the liver, which [[underlined]] Jack took up to cabin [[/underlined]]. [[margin note, written vertically from bottom to top]] [[underlined]] (2 traps in 20 fms ±) [[/underlined]] [[image - triangle]] and square put pc. seal meat in each) [[/margin note]]
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 25 [[/circled]] Jan 22/63 Jack brought me 2 pc. sea weed and several live limpets, yellow lichen & rock & encrusted black on peeled off a rock, pc of grass, & dirt which I should run through funnel. [[strikethrough]] [[?]] [[/strikethrough]] On way back from setting traps in 20± fms, the wind began to increase in force and sure enough about supper time wind began to increase (reached [[underlined]] 61 [[/underlined]] knots [[insertion, circled]] 63 [[/insertion]] (miles an hour) The second willi-wah" in my life; first was in [[strikethrough]] Can [[/strikethrough]] Bay, Alaska during 1940 crab investig. Staten Id dragged anchore & Capt kept moving ship forward to ease strain on anchor which was said to be dragging, first wind "blew" on one side and then on other. Was exciting & especially Put trap over a [[insertion]] large winch [[/insertion]] cable, ice berg came by, if wire had not been under ship would have lost it. Then ^[[insertion, circled]] that [[/insertion]] 2 1/2 hr. williwah came up. Ship moved out to sea about time it was over, Art & Tom with boat crew were caught ashore Had erected tent there.
[[insertion, clipping from ship's bulletin]] 23 JAN -- Anchored 500 yeards north of Bonaparte Point, Arthur Harbor, Anvers Island. Conducted detailed survey northern part of the Arthur Harbor area. Put to sea during night due to heavy weather with 60 knot winds. Returned to anchorage 231300Z. continued work. Ran survey to ice piedmont approach from land. Plan conduct survey souther part of Harbor area. [[/insertion]] ^[[Willy Wah evening of 22nd [[triple underlined]] January [[/triple underlined]] ]] ^[[Arthur Hbr. No Gentoos; 3 chinstraps otherwise all Adelies]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[top right corner of page has been cut out. Visible text from next page follows]] inghold. Jan.22/23/63 [[circled]] 26 [[/circled]] I asked for air [[?]] [[/visible text]] Wildlife Survey ANVERS ISLAND AREA January, 1963 T. Berg Anvers Island- British Base Arthur Harbor Skua Giant Petrel Artic Tern ^[[Torgeston Id. = [[underlined]] Adelies [[/underlined]] ]] Bonaparte Point Giant Petrel Litchfield Island Adelie penguin Giant Petrel Skua Halfway Island Adelie penguin Humble Island Adelie penguin Giant Petrel Skua ADELA[[strikethrough]]D[[/strikethrough]]IDE ISLAND AREA Avian Island Adelie penguin Blue-eyed shags Giant Petrels Skua Gull Cape Rotherea Arctic Tern ^[[With Lockroy, Gentoos [[vertical line on left side of paragraph]] Come in predominant till Chinstraps take [[underlined]] over [[/underlined]] [[/vertical line]] [[underlined]] Many colonies [[/underlined]], could not identify because could not spare time to scout them or weather & ice conditions did not permit.]]
[[piece of clipping seen from previous page]] 23 JAN- Anchored [[?]] Bona[[?]] [[end page]] [[start page]] Adelies Arthur Hbr. last stronghold. [[circled]] 26 [[/circled]] Jan. 22/23/63 see how it is: tonite I asked for air flight in a.m., and was told [[insertion]] [[underlined]] ship [[/underlined]] [[/insertion]] had plans for plane, so I said I'd forgo - flight yet I did not get the flight I understood or misunderstood that I was to have here. Tom Burke has flown about everywhere & had a general survey of all the outlying island arranged for himself before I heard anything about it He & Lewis have been working hand in glove. Short cutting "Jack." Also I was allowed to hunt for Bonapart PT areas (without success it was) had no chart only hearsay . [[line across page]] Jan. 23 Two things made me sore as Hell missing or not getting mosses from Jenny Id.; and not getting a general survey flight over the Port Arthur, adjacent Id. area [[empty box figure]] [[line across page]] The birds I can only report what has been seen by others [[insertion]] Tom gave me promised list on Feb 26-63 [[/insertion]] Most of the Islands have bird rookeries on them, not otherwise identified, I regret that I did not see Cape Monaco area. It has
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 27 [[/circled]] what I wanted to see. I cannot give first priority to flying other than first day & that I didn't get. [[strikethrough]] T [[/strikethrough]] Officers & Third [[?]] got [[strikethrough]] he [[/strikethrough]]and Tom Berg monopolized helos [[lines across page]] [[margin, vertical line and extended {]] Malloy saw 3 chin strap penguins near hut at Eng Base. I saw many skuas & Dominican gulls. [[strikethrough]] wh [[/strikethrough]] had at least 12 fish in traps & 2 caught over side. Capt says he saw giant petrel over by Bonapart PT area & Jack Crowell an albatross(?) [[/margin, vertical line and extended {]] [[lines across page]] [[margin, vertical wavy line]] Skua gulls I saw every where [[strikethrough]] ab [[/strikethrough]] and especially thick in pools above hut base at Anvers Id, also many Dominican [[underlined]] gulls. [[/underlined]] [[strikethrough]] didnt visited penguin rookery and [[/strikethrough]] would asume that a chin strap ^[[insertion]] rookery was about [[/insertion]] was there [[strikethrough]] by [[/strikethrough]] Malloy reported [[insertion]] seeing 3 [[/insertion]] Terns I did not see in plenty but they must be there [[/margin, vertical wavy line]] [[line across page]]
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 28 [[/circled]] Wed. Jan. 23/63 Official temperature on ship was 44°F but it certainly felt warmer ashore. We all guessed it closer to 50° than that. This a.m. barometer was lowest of trip 28.03 I was told. 2 Whales, very large seen in morning from w.h. Got away at 8:45. missed taking wind sculptured ice berg [[image]] regular chess man yesterday as we passed to put traps down today after the willy-wa it was a needle point, narrow pyramid [[image]] Had fish in our traps and a few other oddities, a mollusk, parasitic isopod, on ship, a scorpion fish and the big eyed large mouth feet inches long were taken over the side, also a compound ascidian, and [[strikethrough]] sipunculid [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] nemertean [[/insertion]], another one or two was seen at surface by Jack. Now as I think of it could they have been disloged by fishing activities? Lacking boat without davit, did not dredge. Returned to ship 1:30 to get location of Bonapart[[insertion]]e[[/insertion]] Point from chart as had none after that we went over to look at it but lost half hour or more while malfunctioning boat radio was tinkered with. [[strikethrough]] Then [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] After looking for sites described by Carr, [[strikethrough]] we [[?]] [[/strikethrough]] [[/insertion]] went over to penguin rookery for Stevens and got a few [[strikethrough]] bi [[/strikethrough]] diverse [[by?]] very profuse lichens, clumps of soil and grass, also a few of purplish ^ [[insertion]] coated [[/insertion]] pebbles to [[margin note, written vertically, bottom to top]] Ship was worried about us yesterday as wind was getting up and radio not working) Wind blew out ice, an advantage [[/margin]]
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]]29[[/circled]] Jan. 23/63 see if color had any significance After traps proceeded to "hut base" was here from [[circled]] 11 [[/circled]] to [[circled]] 1 [[/circled]] oclock, [[strike]] looked at lake got some stream material, and from pools on top of bluff behind hut, [[strikethrough]] wl [[/strikethrough]] the lake seemed to have not much life [[strikethrough]] as [[/strikethrough]] and as compared with pools had no vegetation, [[strikethrough]] they [[/strikethrough]] pools were [[strikethrough]] were [[/strikethrough]] choked with it. [[margin note]] from 26, 8ms has heck of time pulling traps [[/margin note]] [ After getting away from ship at about [[strikethrough]] two [[/strikethrough]] 2 p.m. spent next hour looking for Bonapart Potent sites, set out one trap. in to me not favorable place. in supposed Bonapart point site "fjord". at 3[[underline]]pm[[/underline]] went to Adelie penguin rookery on TOrgeston Id.
[[preprinted clipping]] 24 Jan -- Anchored 500 yeards north of Bonaparte Point, Arthur, Anvers Island. Conducted detailed survey southern part of Arthur Harbor area, approaches to ice piedmont, and outlying islands. Weather permitting plan to complete survey Arthur Harbor area 251800Z and proceed to Port Lockroy. [[/preprinted]] [[circled]] 14 XII. 65 This I [[strikethrough]] am sure [[/strikethrough]] is where we got the giant kelp [[/circled]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 30 [[/circled]] Jan. 24/63 [[circled]] Paid mess Jan 5-31 $56.00 [[/circled]] A busy day. tried to get off at 8.15, was nearer 8:30 [[insertion]] or 9 [[/insertion]] before we got away to pick up trap set into Bonaparte Inlet in 4 fms. It was stuck and a small berg that had blown into inlet may have wedged it tight to bottom. We worked over it quite a while without success and then [[strikethrough]] hea [[/strikethrough]] landed party on Pt site area to walk around & view sites and birds. Few birds, one of few seal (would all desert if buildings were constructed) one of roughest rockiest places imaginable. Inlet too narrow, and no wider than ice cliff to left going in is high. We returned to ship for lunch & before going for traps at 2 p.m. ^[[insertion, line bringing text from lower paragraph]] Had to ferry shore (survey) party to inlet & transfer those there to another point at head of inlet. headed for trap site of Id. On way photo'd ice berg with "arch." [[/insertion]] Got too rough to pull them so we went back to Bonaparte Inlet. ^ [[insertion, line bringing test from final paragraph]] Here we again tackled trap we could not lift in a.m.; & [[insertion]] in p.m. [[/insertion]] after an hour's work [[strikethrough]] got [[/strikethrough]] and many tosses of grapnel got a much crushed trap aboard. [[/insertion]]
[[insertion, clipping]] 25 JAN -- Anchored one mile east of Lecuyer Point, Port Lockroy, Wiencke Island. Completed detailed engineering survey of southern part of Arthur Harbor including Bonaparte Point area. Message report to follow. Completed biologic survey. Conducted geologic survey of Humble Island. Proceeded to Wiencke Island. Plan to conduct preliminary survey of Port Lockroy area. [[/insertion]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 31 [[/circled]] It had let out fish if any, but yielded a considerable number of amphipods a [[strikethrough]] sipunculid [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] nemertean [[/insertion]], sea urchin size of a [[strikethrough]] quarter nearly [[/strikethrough]] nick [[insertion]] e [[/insertion]] l [[strikethrough]] e [[/strikethrough]] (diam) just about. Got a bunch of sea weeds off a rock, & a clump of huge sea squirts, acidians. [[circled]] Jan. 25/63 [[/circled]] [[underlined]] Sta 8/63 [[/underlined]] Today was calmer - but snowing. we got off about 8:20 to [[strikethrough]] put [[/strikethrough]] pick up our traps over by Janus Id. where it was too rough yesterday. In the two we got a total of 88 Notothenid fishes, 40-50 were passed over, as there were no takers, kept largest [[insertion]] ca 14 1/2 inches [[/insertion]] & smallest and some intermediates; put [[insertion]] wrapped [[/insertion]] in freezer made townet haul. [[boxed text]] While we were out put over drum for dredging and scooped a bunch of mud & mollusks, & worms, (narcotized these with chlorotonë.) Kept me busy all afternoon; did labeling after supper [[/boxed text]] [[left margin, written sideways]] Dredge haul # [[/left margin]] [[arrow down from boxed text]] 20-X-67 note This This must be Sta. 9 Jan. 26
[[insertion, preprinted clipping]] 26 JAN -- Anchored 500 yards west of Lecuyer Point, Port Lockroy, Wiencke Island. Completed geologic and engineering survey and commenced biolocic survey Port Lockroy area. Made helo reconnaissance of ice peidmonts and obtained ice cores. Visited Chilean station Yelcho. ^[[circled *]] Plan to complete biologic work Port Lockroy and commence survey Dannebrog and Argentine Islands. [[/insertion]] [[circled]] * [[/circled]] at South Bay Doumer I Comorants on way at Priest Id Cormorants in Lockroy too [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 32 [[/circled]] Saturday Jan 26th/63 [[underlined]] Port Lockroy [[/underlined Flight out 8:45 ret. around 10 saw general area [[insertion]] sat [[/insertion]] opposite door of helo. Colonies are generally small, (limited nos bird shoes, mukluck, shoes, ^[[insertion]] tried on suit, [[insertion]] booby [[/insertion]] shoes[[/insertion]] mukluks, lunch. After lunch to Base A wandered through building, collected bit of moss among rocks leading from landing (not pier) no birds nesting, or nowhere anywhere near. [[line]] {House wet [[insertion]] on floor [[/insertion]] & damp inside [[line across page]] Birds seen this day terns [[insertion]] sheath-bills [[/insertion]] at least once ditto skua [[underlined in red]] Penguin Gentoos [[/underlined in red]] Cormorants, [[insertion]] island of [[/insertion]] Dominican ducks considerable number Jack said he saw number of Wilsons Petrels. [[line across page]] ( Opportunities for bird sites very limited in contrast to Arthur Hbr. [[red line across page]]
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 33 [[/circled]] Jan. 26 [[left margin, vertical wavy line]] This eve at 7:30 returned [[strikethrough]] clian [[/strikethrough]] chilean Lt. to his Base [[insertion]] "Yelcho" on South Bay. [[/insertion]] A type huts snug & weather tight, with [[reditube?]] on one side, [[circled]] creme de menth Liquor glass of it [[/circled]] [[Egupting?]] sunset. Mt. in [[strikethrough]] wool [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] cotton [[/insertion]] "batting" it seemed way the one of several mts was covered in part with cloud that on it alone hung surprisingly low [[/left margin, vertical wavy line]] Beautiful channel with land at end [[underlined]] blue flash [[/underlined]] as sun caught edge of iceberg [[underlined]] missed flash [[/underlined]] [[insertion, in blue crayon]] Priest Id shags on way to Yelcho [[/insertion]]
[[insertion, clipping]] 27 JAN -- Completed survey Port Lockroy area. Underway for Argentine Islands 271900Z. Helo recon over Charcot Bay, Wauwerman and northern Dannebrog Islands shows no suitable site. ETA Argentine Islands 280800Z. Intend recon and possible survey there. [[/insertion]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 34 [[/circled]] Jan 27, 1963 Sunday Boat trip to Dorian Bay. There is a sheltered boat anchorage below "Refugio [[s?]]" Hut. But we did not discover channel (I yelled [[insertion]] a [[/insertion]] skirt shore" [[strikethrough]] ) [[/strikethrough]] but it was not heeded. >[[insertion, from below]] Left at 8:20 a.m were back at ship at - 9:30 dropped Capt ^[[insertion]] Mac [[/insertion]] & Mr. Crowell ^[[insertion]] at ship [[/insertion]] and went on to pick up traps. [[margin]] [[circled *]] [[/margin]] got [[underlined, in red]] 7 fish (Notothenids) [[/underlined]] and a tremendous host of [[strikethrough]] sipunculid [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] nemertean [[/insertion]] worms "rove" all through trap meshes. [Lost them all boys did not take bottles out of bag, amphipods lost too. [[line across page]] [[underlined, in red]] Gentoo penguins on rocks. [[/underlined]] [[strikethrough]] Stopped ti [[/strikethrough]] After traps were lifted and ^[[insertion]] [[circled]] before [[/circled]] [[/insertion]] returned to ship when back to point where [[strikethrough]] sha [[/strikethrough]] small berg was being calved off. Hope got a good shot at begining of a berg! [[margin]] [[circled *]] [[/margin]] [[margin, extended {]] This jar and amphipod one were left in my bag which "boys" took over (took charge of) and when I went ashore on 28 [[strikethrough]] got to [[/strikethrough]] lid of quart jar got broken. Then I scrubbed out mess with [[tooth?]] brush. see [[insertion]] also [[/insertion]] p.35 re this [[/margin, extended {]] [[line]] [[margin note]] 29 28 27 [[/margin]]
[[insertion, clipping]] 28 JAN -- Anchored 3/4 miles south of Petermann Island. Conducted preliminary survey Pleneau Island and made helo recon islands south including Argentine Islands. Visited British station Argentine Islands. [[/insertion]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 35 [[/circled]] [[circled]] Sundy 27 - Mon 28th Jan The mountains are fantastic as are the bergs. [[/circled]] The Le Maier Channel through which we passed to spent the night floating about at 242 fms. no anchorage. drifting about this Monday morning in absolutely placid water. beautiful reflections. Many ice bergs fancy shapes all sizes [[image: = & church spire]] one almost spire like [[insertion]] Ship [[/insertion]] Floating around over deep hole in Le Muire channel. Fantastic mountains with heads in clouds a great deal of time/// [[line across page]] Jan 28 1967 [[insertion]] [[arrow up in margin from margin text]] [[double underlined]] Jan 28 [[/underlined]] Weddell seal [[/insertion]] Capt. [[Mesch?]] told me of boat trip to id with [[underlined, in red]] gentoo penguin rookery [[/underlined]] ^[[insertion]] [[circled]] Pleneau Id [[/circled]] [[/insertion]] was to leave at 9:55a.m which gave me about 15 mins to get ready. I grabbed my green ruck sack that I'd let boys take care of and so [[strikethrough]] got [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] had [[/insertion]] 2 bottles from last fish trap haul that had not been taken out in bag when I went ashore naturally a quart jar of [[strikethrough]] sipunculids [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] nemertean [[/insertion]] was one & I had to scrub out the bag when I got back from shore. After lunch similar hurry to get off in helicopter at 1:15 for flight over Argentine Ids. saw place ^[[insertion]] [[circled]] & refugio there [[/circled]] [[/insertion]] where Charcot wintered over in Pourqui Pas, and English Base, with supply ship "Shakleton" lying off side. [[line across page]] [[margin]] Petermann Id |||| [[/margin]] Over glacier and Penguin rookeries there were a number; Thomas said he had seen a [[underlined, in red]] single [[/underlined]] Adlie among all the Gentoos this a.m. //[[underlined, in red]] Gentoos near shore Adlies farther away. [[/underlined]] Birds numerous Skuas: most of them with head lighter grayer than rest of body. Dominican gulls very plentiful. One rockface had a lot of [[strikethrough]] [[?]] [[/strikethrough]] terns circling around it. [[boxed text]] Birds of many ids. [[line]] [[strikethrough]] [[Fish]] [[/strikethrough]] No traps set townet hauls meager
^[[29 Jan -- Anchored 2 miles north of Argentine Islands. Conducted survey Petermann Island. Proceeded to Argentine Islands. USARP party visited British station Argentine Islands.]] Argentine Ids. Jan 29/1963 (Summer staff, 1962-63 E. C. Chinn (Base Leader, statistician) F. B. Potts (Senior Met. [[circled asterisk]] C. P. Kimber (Met. Radio Sonde) A. Gläser (Met. R/S Glacial) A. Mack (Met R/S) J?) I Vichersstaff (Ionospherice) C. Slater ("""[[dittos for: Ionospherice]]) C. Davies (Physicist) A. Thorne Middleton (Cook) [Photo] A. Reece (Carpenter) C. Wade (Wireless Op.) T. Tallis (Diesel Mech.) R. Lewis (Scientific GH) (?6H) [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 36 [[/circled]] Jan. 29/63 Tuesday [[underlined]] Galindez Id [[/underlined]] Twenty nine degrees this a.m. (29° F.) ^[[at 5 a.m ]] was 30 an hour before. skuas and ^[[black backed]] gulls mostly standing on one leg. some sitting down, a few with both legs down, one or two flapping and soaring about. ^[[in margin]] on ice berg by ships on ice berg [[underlined]]close by [[/underlined]][[/in margin]] [[line across page]] This days orders: move to Argentine Ids at 1300. ^[[slip of paper with list of names, as per facing page]] Argentine Islands Jan. 29/ Jan 29. [[line]] (Summer 1962-3) E.CHINN (Base leader/Statistician) F.B.Potts (Senior Met.) * C.P.Kimber (Met. Radio/Sonds) A.Shärer (Met RS/Glacial) A.Mack (Met. R/S) I. Vickerstaff (Ionospheric) C. Slater (- "[[ditto for: Ionospheric]] -) C. Davies (Physicist) A. Thorne-Middleton)(book) A. Reece (Carpenter) C. Wade (Wireless Op.) T. Tallis (Diesel Mech.) R. Lewis (Scientific Off)]] overcast [[image - steps?]] Got ashore 8:30 boat, and ret'd ship at 11 just in time for lunch. Did [[obscured by slip of paper]] sited the British Base here. [[obscured]]feet long-28 wide houses everything [[obscured]]rage and generator house which [[obscured]] "hum dinger". Met Chinn, Lewis, and [[obscured]] Lewis a bird list as follows: [[obscured]]ull (resident) [[obscured]] (breed) [[obscured]] tailed? (breed) [[obscured]] - (visitor) appear in bad weather several to half dozen [[obscured]](winter visitor) [[obscured]]trel (Breed) [[obscured]]l (breeds locally) [[obscured]]Comorant (breed) [[obscured]]uins. = [[circled]] Jalour Is; [[Peterman Id?]] Petermens [[/circled]] [[obscured]] Casuals, Chin strap, once an Emperor Fish Lamprey & sardine type . fish. [[right edge of page]] [[boxed text]] E. Chinn 55. St Clements Avenue Leigh-on-sea Essex England [[/boxed text]] [[boxed text]] Birdman F.Boyd Potts 110 Brackensdale Ave. Kingsway, Derby, U.K. [[/boxed text]] [[line across page]] [[three columns]] [[column 1]] R.E.J. Lewis Home Farm Rowsham Aylesbury, Bucks during 1964 [[/column 1]] [[column 2]] British Antarctic Survey Argentine Ids. Via, Stanley, Falkland Islands [[/column 2]] [[column 3]] [[strikethrough]] [[?]] [[/strikethrough]] Second in command has for [[seper?]] rooms 1 per [[/column 3]]
[[insertion, preprinted]] 29 JAN---Anchored 2 miles north of Argentine Islands. Conducted survey Petermann Island. Proceeded to Argentine Islands. USARP party visited British station Argentine Islands. [[/preprinted]] Argentine Ids. Jan 29/1963 (summ E.C. Chinn (Base Leader, statistician) F.B. Potts (Senior Met. [[circled asterisk]] C.P. Kimber (Met. Radio Sonde) A.[[strike]] C [[/strike]] Gluser (Met. R/S Glacial) A. Mack (Met R/S) J?) I Vichersstaff (Ionospherice) C. Slater ("""[[dittos for: Ionospherice]]) C. Davies (Physicist) A. Thorne Middleton (Cook) [Photo] A. Reece (Carpenter) C. Wade (Wireless Op.) T. Tallis (Diesel Mech.) R. Lewis (Scientific GH) (?6H) [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 36 [[/circled]] Jan. 29/63 Tuesday [[underlined]] Galindez Id [[/underlined]] Twenty nine degrees this a.m. (29° F. [[insertion]] at 5 a.m [[/insertion]]) was 30 an hour before. skuas and [[insertion]] black backed [[/insertion]] gulls mostly standing on one leg. some sitting down, a few with both legs down, one or two flapping and soaring about. [[margin]] on ice berg by ship [[insertion, with arrow]] [[underlined]] on ice berg close by [[/underlined]] [[/insertion]] [[/margin]] [[line across page]] This days orders: move to Argentine Ids at 1300. overcast [[image - stairs]] Got ashore 8:30 boat, and ret'd to ship at 11 just in time for lunch. Did no collecting. Visited the British Base here. Building 128 feet long - 28 wide houses everything but general storage and generator house which Jack says is a "hum dinger". Met Chinn, Lewis, and Potts, got from Lewis a bird list as follows: Dominican Gull (resident) Great Skuas (breed) [[line]] Tern [Antarctic? [[insertion]] Swallow tailed? [[/insertion]] (breed) [[line]] Giant Petrel (visitor) appear in bad weather several to half dozen Sheath bill (winter /visitor) Wilson's Petrel (Breed) Snow Petrel (breeds locally Blue-eyed Comorant (breed) Adelie Penguins =[[circled]] Valour Is; Peterman Petermens [[/circled]] Gentoo "[[ditto for: penguins]] [[line]] Casuals, Chin strap, once an Emperor Fish Lamprey & sardine type. fish. [[right edge of page]] [[boxed text]] E. Chinn 55. St Clements Avenue Leigh-on-sea Essex [[underlined]] England [[/underlined]] [[/boxed text]] [[circled]] Birdman [[/circled]] [[boxed text]] F.Boyd Potts 110 Brackensdale Ave. Kingsway, Derby, U.K. [[/boxed text]] [[line across page]] [[three columns]] [[column 1]] R.E.J. Lewis Home Farm Rowsham Aylesbury, Bucks during 1964 [[/column 1]] [[column 2]] British Antarctic Survey Argentine Ids. Via, Stanley, Falkland Islands [[/column 2]] [[column 3]] [[strikethrough]] [[?]] [[/strikethrough]] Second in command has for seper rooms 1 per [[/column 3]]
[insertion, clipping]] 30 JAN -- Anchored 2 miles northwest of Argentine Islands. Conduction biologic and geologic survey Argentine Islands to meet USARP requirements. Site data available. Well established United Kingdom station here. Plan to complete work Argentine Islands and proceed to Paradise Harbor on Danco Coast. [[/insertion]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] p.37 [[/circled]] [[double underlined]] Jan 30/63 [[/underlined]] Temp. 31. Barometer 28.97 Light snow, though heaviest fall (it [[strikethrough]] see [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] looks [[/insertion]]) weve had on this trip. Sky very grey visibility poor, (helo's may not fly). Greenland Cruiser slated to go to Green Id. where ^[[insertion]] [[circled]] 4 acre [[/circled]] [[/insertion]] patch of vegetation is. Snowed half day but by mid afternoon there was quite a strip of blue & sunshine. Just about dinner time a [[strikethrough]] gr [[/strikethrough]] pretty good sized berg floated down along side ship, bunch of gulls aboard it & skuas Missed shot that Leonard got of their flying ^[[insertion]] off berg [[/insertion]] toward fan-tail as garbage was dropped in chute. In a.m about 10 went ashore with skipper - landed him & party set trap, & went ashore for mosses, got a few baked them till midnight. Had another drink toward 11, & ret'd to ship for late lunch. Capt. invited English ^[[insertion]] Base personel [[/insertion]] over again for movies. to bed at 1:05a.m. up at 5:30 & bed 6:30 on 31. The two dredge hauls this day netted, crinoid. gasteropod, worms... From anchor ascidians on stalks. [[line across page]] [[boxed text]] [[double underlined]] (Jan 29 (cont'd)) The Base group came off last nite for movies. Olmstead director and [[blank]] ass't direct. had dinner with Capt. to which I was invited at last minute, on poor information by messenger. I got dressed for 8 oclock dinner and it was at 1800 (6 p.m) usual Capts dinner hr. I was told in Wardroom & it was in Cabin. [[line]] After movies 3 reels & 1/2 over after 10 British group stayed till near midnight, everybody had couple of rounds of coffee. [[line]]
[[insertion, clipping]] 31 JAN -- Conducted biologic geologic surveys Argentine Islands, Anagram Island, Jalor Island, Green Island, and Cape Tuxen. Enroute Paradise Harbor. Plan to conduct site survey Paradise Harbor area. [[/insertion]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 38 [[/circled]] Jan. 31/63 [[underlined]] Thursday [[/underlined]] Bed at 1:05 up at 5:30 bathe, [[?]] day 6:30 boy [[strikethrough]] a [[/strikethrough]] wakens me. Bright & sunny; clear space water Go Argent. Base for trap. - Kimber tries yesterday give me Fish trap got nothing; tow/net moderately [[insertion]] (rich) [[/insertion]] green Boys got seal heads for teeth. Shores [[/strikethrough]] fairly [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] quite [[/insertion]] bare of vegetation and life ≡ Bright sunny warm day the kind that makes you want to idle around longer in a place. Britishers eat seal & penguin meat (and I guess eggs): Shackleton came in to pick up a man with hernia. We might have taken him [[strikethrough]] but [[/strikethrough]] and gotten him back sooner , but it might have been out of order in as much as his own vessel [[insertion]] Eng. that is [[/insertion]] turned back for him. [I pay-(reward cook) with 4[[underline]]80[[/underline]] candy for loan of neg & then I accidentally find Berg with two prints! I think he should have asked me. I surely would not have refused [[insertion]] [[boxed]] and then he tried to say it wasn't the same. [[/boxed]] [[/insertion]] [[boxed]] Customs mate cut me out of picture with Admiral Jenny Id did not [[line]]] get moss [[/boxed]] Passed up moss on Green Id. because Jack on an ice reconnaissance flight reported much of id snow covered description I take it is like peterman Id, which at this time had very little bare rock and that largely bird rookery occuppied. Mos[[overwritten]] t [[/overwritten]]s fauna essentially the same? Ash Gressitt. [[line]] After fish trap tifting [[strikethrough]] @ lo [[strikethrough]] bet. 9 & 19 ret'd to ship. However made our goodbyes to Base staff & to lab boat. What we returning at 10 am way back made second more or less successful tow net haul the trap by the way was empty except for a number of worms & few amphipod (1/4 inch) mesh
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 39 [[/circled]] After returning to ship and changing shoes, socks and [[insertion]] dux [[/insertion]] ducks bac clothing we were told that the Green land cruiser was going to take Commadore down to the Green Id. a visit I had wanted and forewent because Jack reported bad ice conditions.///We got away at about 11 a.m. and went to penguins colony on "Valour" Id near by. [[margin]] [[between red lines]] Adelie [[/between red lines]] [[/margin]] Picked up a sack of moss. [[strikethrough]] & f [[/strikethrough]] Then we went over to Cape Tuxen [Had to quit this scribble as it was about 2p.m. cook turns out his morning baking and had hot donuts coming out of the hot grease at this time] The green lush mosses on the N. side of the Cape were something to see, great "ball" of them and smaller tufts - close together but with grooves and crevices between - like walking, or rather on the uphill up the mountainous rock that forms the Cape, on feather pillows a feel I have not had since walking on the Alaska tundras about Chisnik.] Puddles of melt [[insertion]] ing [[/insertion]] water, lot of moss in bottom of one seemed to have no "insect" life in it at least in sample dried in funnel. - Beautiful view of mts. - moved over to Green Id about which we had "heard" so much via British Admiralty "Coast" Pilot. Greenland cruiser trip was something! Skuas dived at me on Green Id in Berthelot Ids. Saw 20-30 [[strikethrough]] or perhaps 40 shags [[/strikethrough]] sitting on water in a close group when we swung around to get picture all dived and [[strikethrough]] swa [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] then [[/insertion]] upped and flew off. Was a close huddle.
Cape Tuxen [[left margin, extended [ ]] In afternoon at dip net length saw sea urchin, of species of which we have frags. was seen on rocks [[/margin]] To [[strikethrough]] cl [[/strikethrough]] Mammals & Birds [[double underlined]] Feb. 16, [[/underlined]] 1963 5 Whales seen so far (Killers) 1 Emperor/penguin 4 Weddell seals 1 Whale, 1 whale, 8 whales [[line across page]] [[insertion, clipping]] 1 Feb -- Arrived Paradise Harbor 011600Z. Conducted scientific survey. Visited Chilean station Gabriel Gonzalez Videla. Continue survey Paradise Harbor area. [[/insertion]] [[end page]] [start page]] [[circled]] 40 [[/circled]] Feb. 1 - Feb.1/63 # Spent night in channel off West side Wienc[[strikethrough]] h [[/strikethrough]]ke [[insertion]] wiencke [[/insertion]] Id. moved over to Paradise Hbr before and during noon, seeking anchorage in general vicinity of Chilean Base [[strikethrough]] H [[/strikethrough]]here, Gabriel Gonzalez Videlia. were told at 1 p.m that we would have boat to set fish trap & make townet haul at 2 p.m. [[insertion]] Got off at [[double underlined]] 2:40 [[/underlined]] Given boat at 1 p.m but was 2:40 before we got off [[/insertion]] Bay has ice cliffs round about and at this time seems to have little room for birds (colonies) on what there is in way of exposed ground. Nice & quiet as a mill pond in side (within shelter of) round about still, if not always ice covered island. [[left margin extended bracket]] From cracks in glaciers bergs seem ready to calve off at any moment. ? ? [[/bracket]] [[line across page]] of the 3 species of Penguins said to be here we [[left margin, vertical wavy line]] saw 2 today, Chin-strap and Gentoo. Both on island where Chilean Base is located It does rob penguins of ground; sites like that are wherever a bird colony is located Rich tow net haul, all dense green [[/margin]] Wilson's Stormy Petrel in some numbers Shag colony, & dominican gulls are about in numbers. Got large jelly-fish that is Greenland crurser did, in bucket, said they saw smaller ones near shore.
Gonzalez Videla {[[underlined]] Presidente Gabriel Gonzalez Videla [[/underlined]] Air Force Base since 1951 Bryde & Lemaire Island offer wind shelter ^[[insertion]] and protection from high seas [[/insertion]] for base "(Lenton) =)" The strong tidal current flowing in area prevents ice from forming even in the winter months. [[left margin, circled]] Poor Anchorage in 45 fms [[/left margin]] [[arrow to right]] Vessels have to be on alert for danger from large ice bergs which tend to drif through straight [[double underlined]] Note. [[/double underlined]] Would not icebergs large or high enough to damage [[canto?]] lever, get stranded before the could reach or damage station? [[three horizontal lines in margin]] Get Bogdanovich Rept. 1959-60 [[insertion, clipping]] 2 FEB -- Anchored in Paradise Harbor on Danco Coast. Conducted scientific survey Paradise Harbor area. Visited Chilean ship PILOTO PARDO with Chilean Minister of Defense, Chief of Naval Operations, and other dignitaries embarked. Made aerial photos base area. Complete survey Paradise Harbor area. Routine maintenance ship, boats, and helicopters. ------ Excerpts from future SITREPS will be published in the Plan of the Day each day. [[/insertion]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 41 [[/circled]] [[underlined]] Saturday [[/underlined]] Feb 2/63 {✓ [[underlined]] 36° This am. smooth as glass see wind 4 knot [[/underlined]] {light current, still a bright day. [[insertion arrow leading from text below]] Chilean minister of war visits Base leaders were over yesterday [[insertion]] as guests of [[/insertion]] [[strikethrough]] to [[/strikethrough]] Capt for Lunch > sheep & chickens & stacks of hay. {At 11 p.m. tried electric light off gangway hung down for Chilean visitors, after 6 mins, or was it 7 took it up as no movement of any sort was visible in water. [[line]] [[left margin]] a.m. [[extended {, connecting all remaining lines of text]] [[arrow indicating bracketed text moves to spot higher on page]] [[/left margin]] Left at 8:30 am. [[insertion]] After 1st [[underlined]] set at Chilean Base [[/underlined]] [[/insertion]] picked up traps, went to Cormorant rookery, saw them, and Gentoos and chin-strap penguin colonies. [[image --mountains--]] De Briere Pt [[left margin]] a.m. { [[/left margin]] "Jack" picked up a dead snow petrel [[insertion, with line]] measured 14 5/8 long tip bill to mid-tail hinder margin [[/insertion]], though Poblette wrapped it up for freezing it stunk so to high heaven that I had to discard it. Despite stink it had died of poison washed in water from [[blank space with underline]]; was dead for some little time? any way I cut it open and in gizzard [[strikethrough]] fr [[/strikethrough]] and\or oesph found what looked like little shrimp-head. [[insertion]] pt. carpace & rostrum [[/insertion]] Shall check [[line across page]]
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 42 [[/circled]] [[double underlined]] Sunday, [[/underlined]] Feb. 3 Rainy day, most of day [[insertion, by line from below]] Got soaking wet; my red coat was dripping. [[/insertion]] Warm again, and seas as smooth as glass in this area. This a.m. started at 9:05, [insertion]] Actually got away at [[double underlined]] 10 a.m. [[/underlined]] [[/insertion]] were to have started at 8:30 for Chilean Base to pick up Director* and 2nd in command. Hugo Alvarez Pino [[margin, extended {]] ^[[insertion]] shore boat of evening before [[/insertion]] Boat was 17 hrs up on rock [[insertion]] till high [[/insertion]] tide this evening at 7 p.m. got off around 6 p.m. [[/margin, extended {]] [[double line]] We had engin trouble at Chilean Base (Videla) and and so were delayed in getting to cormorant rookery. There we landed at a very poor place and Leonard had a fall with his camera but said he got a few good shots. Water boat point with sheep & chickens [[line]] On Base penguins seem to hang on because no other place in Bay for them to go 11:30 ret'd to Chilean Base from to pick up photos Leonard left for names at Chilean Bay. At 2 p.m. went back to [[strikethrough]] pick up [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] set [[/insertion// Bond off rocks after Sat nites party, movies aboard 1st; & ret'd men to base later [[line across page]] [[insertion, paper pasted in]] [[boxed text]] Patera ^[[insertion]] [[circled]] locality? [[/circled]] [[/insertion]] for Adelies [[strikethrough]] Go with Berg to Green Id [[/strikethrough]] [[/insertion, paper pasted in]]
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] p. 43 [[/circled]] [[double underlined]] Feb. 4. Monday [[/underlined]] Paradise Bay Another warm day, but ushered in with heavy fog, just about a white out. Toward 3 p.m it lifted enough to get our traps down by the Argentine Base. [[strikethrough]] This [[/strikethrough]] Sunday made 2nd nite that they were down, as perhaps that is why we got 17, all told, saved 7 all - No tethonid fishes, as before. In the a.m. got spec. overhauled as fog sus [[insertion, by arrow, block of text from lower down page]] pended all activities, made list of animals collected for Doty; specimens out for photog. Since trip for traps was cancelled asked for dredge haul. got stuck, unstuck it with line & shackle. Huge rock & many smaller stones in dredge, large one dented wire screen, expanded metal. At [[strikethrough]] 04:15 [[/strikethrough]] 16:15 under way for Danco. [[/insertion]] perhaps one acre of building site ground here as compared with 10,000 covered with ice and snow. One in 10,000 ^[[insertion]] ice or snow [[/insertion]] free land for site. Argentine base here (Paradise Bay) is partly snow covered, & up to 6 feet around boat house concrete pier etc. saltwater cement = friable, but still usable. [[underlined]] can walk up hill behind [[/underlined]] But still why not 3-4 story building against cliff [[image: drawing of potential building site and layout, with captions "Dorm, Lab, Mess & stores" and arrows from labels "platform & boat hoist]] storage lower floor or oil tank on present building site. (could be filled & emptied by pipe lines and so be under snow. part time or lease [[enclosed text, multiple outlines]] moss two lots one very wet on headland [[watery?]] copper ore was gotten [[/enclosed text]] [[insertion]] seals off Bryde Id [[/insertion]]
[[underlined]] Feb 5. [[/underlined]] Port Arthur site - humanistics as contrasted to or compared with logistics. Feb. 5th thought. [[line across page]] I got off at 1:15 and retired by three x[[insertion of block of text from lower on page, linked by line]] (what I wear aboard) Had just gotten into dry ship board togs and was putting on ship board shoes when Capt. personally came down & invited me to go ashore with Commodore who had just ret'd from his chosen site, on Couverville Id. We landed on far side where was natural harbor with breakwater across head of that bay or inlet. where we landed and walked around s. end of Id, partly was snow and rookeries to far side facing Anchorage. I got my "good" "tan" shoes thoroughly soaked only time I've had [[double underlined]] wet [[/double underlined]] feet so far on this trip. We were not vouchsafed time to get as far as Cape Anna, but did scout quite thoroughly without getting ashore. Cape Spiggot [[strikethrough]] t [[/strikethrough]] would but for birds make a grand station site. [[left margin, line above and below]] Adelies? I did not see any [[/left margin]] Couverville Id where Jack landed also had fine cliff face, but foot and area that could be used for station thickly occupied by [[underlined, in red]] Gentoos [[/underlined]]. Was told there were a few Gentoos among them widely ranging. (flying birds) are omnipresent everywhere. Penguins give distinction to the areas. [[circled]] Gentoos [[/circled]] [[line taking text to upper portion of page - see earlier insertion]] [[boxed text]] Float Lab. [[/boxed]] hydraulic press for cans etc. honey bucket solved and trash catcher boat auxiliary. [[line]] No sooner than I saw McMurdo and some of wants [[insertion]] needs [[/insertion]] Argentine Building and pier heavily snow drifted. [[line across page]] [[circled]] * [[/circled]] [[underlined]] Argentine Base at Paradise Hbr. 3 or 4 story house against cliff face [[/underlined]] cantilever to hoist boat [[strikethrough]] do [[/strikethrough]] by building against cliff avoid ice troubles, small boats could be hoisted. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] p. 44 [[/circled]] [[underlined]] Feb. 5-63 [[/underlined]] [[boxed text]] Feb 4 @ 1615 Underway for Danco 2000 anchored off Danco [[/boxed text]] Feb 4 [[arrow to left to boxed text]] Told Capt. Mac that we were half way through our survey, as regards "certain" areas (outlined in Lenton Report. [[line across page]] Capt came in to ask me just as I got back on Couverville Id. [[insertion, by line to text lower down page]] from Nunatak Negro chinstrap penguin colonies. Greatest little hikers of all [[/insertion]] Saw Commador's [[strikethrough]] e [[/strikethrough]] site bet [[underlined, in red]] 3:30 [[/underlined]] and [[underlined, in red]] 5:30 [[/underlined]] p.m. Afternoon 1:15 (plus wait) to [[circled]] * [[/circled]] Nunatak Negro (Argentine) chart) Saw Chinstrap penguins climb mt 938 feet high, climb snow up saddle both sides to ridge at top (of saddle) on which numerous birds have nest sites saw one, just [[underlined, in red]] one Gentoo among [[/underlined]] those nesting on shore. Cape Spigott (why so named) [[line to insertion above]] Mac's estimate was 100,000 birds [[line across page]] [[left margin, vertical wavy line]] Wright made an a.m. dredge haul in 41 fms [[insertion]] off Danco Id. [[/insertion]] and an afternoon one at second anchorage of the day off Errera Id. anchorage. Archie Nash picked up a fish at one. @ 6 inch silver sided. Found abandoned boat on Islet took sample of dirt in lower corner, longitudinally [[image: line drawing of boat labeled by arrow "in corner where bottom meets sides"]] Made a.m. townet haul. - Poblete, [[line across page]] I was glad to see the Commodore is so enthusiastic about [[line from this text to paragraph on facing page that describes Couverville Id. trip]]
[[underlined]] all in caps [[/underlined]] Inscription on [[insertion]] 2 story [[/insertion]] building [[insertion]] with stairway to gallery [[/insertion]] - Melchior (Argentine) Base = "Les Eclaireurs" ventosas Rivas Primero [[insertion]] 1°[[/insertion]] Viage de Turismo 22/1/58 [[line across page]] I asked Capt. Mac to photo this for Roger. [[line across page]] [[end page] [[start page]] [[circled]] 45 [[/circled]] Feb. 6/63 Wednesday [[circled]] Melchior [[/circled]] Are we (is U.S.A.R.P.) financing thesis work for students? We were to have had a recon flight over the Melchior Ids. but heavy rain fog etc. precluded flying. Instead, at 10 we put off with shore party for Argentine Base here on Gamma Id. Here as at " " [[dittos for: Argentine Base]] on Paradise Bay quite a bit of snow about, it covered piers of a former radio tower with a 50 foot ice (+ snow cliff) After landing [[insertion]] [the] [[/insertion]] shore group, ^[[insertion]] [[I (we)] [[/insertion]] set fish traps in 5 & 11 fms. off point [[strikethrough]] caring [[/strikethrough]] carrying radio tower, then made a tow net haul with netted us one copepod (plus apparently nothing discernible more). Were recalled to ship at 10.50 or so to carry out our steel drum dredge for a haul back to ship. This as with previous ones by Bosn Wright was rich, varied, and quite different. Yellow nudibranch, a lot of ascidians including a number of purplish-black parchment skinned specimens, a number of worms, clams one large nereid, and a good sized globular sponge, (1/3 is being dried, 2/3's frozen. Dominican gulls Wilsons storm petrel [[strikethrough]] Pe [[/strikethrough]] Giant petrel, brown phase [[boxed text]] On building ashore record of Argentine excursion on which Roger Eisenger went to Antarctic. [[/boxed text]] Afternoon put all pints and odd jars in plastic bags and in turn put these in gallon jars rece'd from Eng. "N". base Argentine Ids Base. Really ready to start over also got two qts formalin; and by bagging [[strikethrough]] got [[/strikethrough]] obtained about 2 gals more formalin solution for use on spec's to be collected yet.
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [circled]] 46 [[/circled]] Feb. 7/63 Thursday [[circled]] Melchior anchorage to Left ship at 6:30 pulled traps at 6:45 ret. to ship at 7:05. / rainy overcast ice covered ids [[/circled]] This morning up at 5:30 to get fish traps from 7 and 11 fms. (2 fish in latter). 20 in 7 fm trap in channel by station [[insertion]] 7 fms [[/insertion]] Fish ranged from 14 1/2 to 11 long; all but two were turned over to [[strikethrough]] We let slip [[/strikethrough]] mess steward's for cooking; several of us had a portion for lunch. In afternoon we skirted [[strikethrough]] to [[/strikethrough]] north & eastern shores of Anvers Id. as in [[insertion]] the [[/insertion]] Melchior [[insertion]] Ids [[/insertion]] which, we steamed about after getting back traps and shore party, every where there were striking [[insertion]] & characteristic [[/insertion]] ice cliffs, ice caps over all islands. Very few open rock spaces. They [[strikethrough]] [[?]] [[/strikethrough]] were even limited at the Argentine base here. There was snow between the buildings - getting from the landing & stairway beyond the freight landing mine to seaward. Above shoreway was a two story building. On the way back to Lockroy where we were to anchor for the night, we entered (went in quite aways, and steamed out again) Bays. [[underlined]] Saw seals [[/underlined]] & a few birds and whale [[strikethrough]] orca [[/strikethrough]] (orca) 2nd (Plantation) Bay [[strikethrough]] ) [[/strikethrough]] ident by [[Svel?]] ___. Only one or two patches of bare rock any where & what there was supported each a few birds More storm petrels about than other places though a few dominican gulls, skuas number, & a few terns & I believe a [[underlined]] giant petrel, [[/underlined]] & [[underlined]] occassional [[/underlined]] snow petrels. [[margin]] Jack is always telling me what I miss not being on deck all time, but I am often here when he is not besides I can't look after spec.s, & be on deck too, lot of time goes [[strikethrough]] to [[/strikethrough]] in consultation, also ans. crew questions. [[/margin]]
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 47 [[/circled]] Feb. 8 Friday [[margin, extended {]] Awakened at 6:00 Breakfast 6:30 Temp. 34, overcast rainy, s. wind 4 knots presaajes good. [[/margin]] Sounding out boat channel, Dorian Bay, was in order but Jack who arranged this did not seem to [want] want to be bothered by a shore party when Mac spoke of going, but when Berg & Dain showed up he took all three. I staid behind, because there would be the matter of landing them and getting them off again. This Dorian Bay business was the result of my saying that we had no business leaving area without knowing what [[strikethrough]] she [[/strikethrough]] depth of boat channel to "basin" at head of Bay was. That that would be one of questions asked of us when we got back to Wash. As a result we returned to Dorian Bay (anchored in Lockroy) just to do this job, and Jack seemed to prefer to do it alone, so I stayed back. Also I suggested that he take two extra men in addition to boat crew to help with sounding And his answer was that boat crew could do a little hand lining without any extra help. - So that was that -. Campbell told them as boat pulled away that they might run into a bit of wind around the point. The Chilean Lt. has no cold weather clothes, so I offered to share mine with him. We'll see.
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 48 [[/circled]] [[ boxed text in right corner]] Feb 8/63 Friday Cont'd. [[/boxed]] This afternoon after we had moved from Lockroy to Wilhemina Bay past Cape Anna Helicopters took off on two survey rounds Capt Mac on First, and on on his return for [[insertion]] fuel [[/insertion]] Jack Cro- jumped at Chance to go - Saw an [[insertion]] ice [[/insertion]] cliff fall in water. Makes me think of what would happen in Bonapart Inlet. should that 80 foot ^[[insertion]] ice [[/insertion]] cliff drop into 80 foot wide inlet. Goodbye boat. / [[line]] [[right margin, extended )]] We are anchoring in Sven Foyn Hbr. tonite (for the night?) [[/right margin]] [[ Right facing arrow and horizontal line across page]] Wide open space, old whaling station Jack says as many as 18 ships in here at a time. Still old tanks and mooring rings and chains about and one wreck of a sizeable ship. We got [[strikethrough]] ashore [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] our [[/insertion]] boat to set fish traps at [[blank]] p.m. & set one over by shag rookery, last point of rock [[strikethrough]] before [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] marking [[/insertion]] cove with wreck went almost up to it, pictures in the dark! sunset too, (too many shots) got back to ship after setting trap at 9--,p.m. making a tow net haul that produced two krill; [[insertion]] 1st [[/insertion]] dredge haul was an empty one; 2nd very fruitful.
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 49 [[/circled]] Feb. 9/63 [[underlined]] Saturday [[/underlined]] Clear, bright sunny, 38ºF Beautiful place in fair weather at 8:15 go to look at sites. / All kinds of mix up. We did not get cruiser, just utility boat, and too many people. I do not know what Dain's business to take precedence [[circled]] * [[/circled]] over me to look at [[strikethrough]] trap [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] Lab sites, even Tom Berg for that matter! What comes first here - Berg, the passenger given an opportunity to join the trip, or the three for whom the trip was arranged with the Navy? Why should Dain & Berg go to inspect sites for Biol. Stu. ahead of me, if I insist that I go it puts me in bad light, but do Dain & Berg say they'll step aside that S. can go? [[strikethrough]] I [[/strikethrough]] Geol. seems to take precedence over all else./ Anyway one of landing craft had to give up its engine to Greenland cruiser so [[strikethrough]] site party [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] whale boat party [[/insertion]] could have landing craft. site party went in utility launch but why could not bone (souvenir) hunt go out some other, unoccupied time! However getting dredge haul made, made up for lot else; good haul. [[line]] /// As luck would have it Jack asked me if I wanted to fly this afternoon (Sat 2 p.m. +) but except for glorious sight seeing trip I saw no point Tis all beautiful, really glorious from the air - sea a deep cobalt blue, the sky light azure [[strikethrough]] ( [[/strikethrough]] sky (blue eyes (steel blue eyes). White caps over the sea, a brisk stimulating wind. Little stronger than than the helo pilots care to takle. Bright
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 50 [[/circled]] sun,contrasting light on the mainland coast ice cliffs as far as the eye can reach and farthre to north and south illumininea and more than spotlighted. Where is this wide world can there be a more glorious day. Temperatures from a low of [[insertion, circled]] 35 [[/insertion]] at 6:00 a.m. to a high of -, [[insertion]] 44 in mid afternoon [[/insertion]] and in the breeze - [[insertion]] 42 [[/insertion]] ºF [[strikethrough]] again [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] of [[/insertion]] tonite, at 9 p.m. That 42 felt icy cold, we were heading right into a S.W. wind. I had to pull the ear covers of my cap down as the rt ear felt as cold as ice. But at 4-5 p.m you would not believe that as Jack and I stood on the lea side of the wheel (pilot) house that the sun on the side of the structure made it feel warm to the hand and that a thermometer is a shielded shelter beside us registered 54ºF. It has [[insertion]] (Thermom) [[/insertion]] on the sunny side of the ship, but it hand slatted shutters. Yes it was warm sunshine and I did not [[insertion]] need to [[/insertion]] have any outer garments on had me "chaille" (? spelling) shirt on that cotton [[insertion]] (looks like wool) [[/insertion]] one furnished us, and a cotton ([[strikethrough]] v [[/strikethrough]] T)-shirt) under that. [[line]] The ship after spending yesterday and [[right margin, extended )]] first half of today (Feb.9) in Sven Foyn Hbr. moved out at about 3 p.m. [[/right margin]] Commodore gave [[strikethrough]] might [[/strikethrough]] me photo charts he used during his recon flights on which he marked extensive plant growth, penguin colonies large & small & shags. Too far up to see [[strikethrough]] k [[/strikethrough]] kinds.
Sunday Feb. 10-63 Salvesen Bay in a.m hove too for repairs to Greenland cruiser, utility boat oil line and shifting engine from landing craft to cruiser. Saw quite a shag rookery to right side of Salvesen Bay headed in more then half bird sitting up on snow slope [[strikethrough]] [[/strikethrough]] above rookery [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 51 [[/circled]] Feb. 10-63 Sunday Spent last night floating around in Salvensen Bay on rt side of which going in was quite a shag colony on rocks and as at Sven Foyn Hbr. more than half total number were sitting about on snow above bare rock on which it seemed much lesser number were standing or resting. // Lots of ice, firery sun set, Cruised about before evening Auguste Id. & Cobelescu Id. latter quite a bird hang out [[double line]] [[circled]] Brialmint Cove? [[/circled]] [[arrow down to text]] This a.m. about half day locating anchorage 200 fms deep for most part. Alcock Id. 319 elevat, crowded to top with Penguins which I assume are chin straps because of their high climbing, as with those on Cape Spigot [[strikethrough, in blue]] t [[/strikethrough]] Other sites too with many birds; many sites Jack reports on ret. from 1 1/2 hrs helo flight. Commodore sent me small tuft of grass, which he hastily picked up on [[in blue]] // [[/in blue]] Set traps, & [[underlined, in blue]] Doty shot seal [[/underlined]] [[in blue]] / [[/in blue]] Captain wants 5lb. liver [[extended }, right side of text]] Kidneys and 10lbs Tenderloin [[/extended }]] [[extended {, left side of text]] Cut open seal [[underlined]] 2 gal [[/underlined]] whitish shrimp [[/extended {]] [[extended {, left side of text]] [[underlined]] 1 gal [[/underlined]] reddish [[/strikethrough]] (wred) [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] shrim [[/insertion]] [[underlined]] quite [[/underlined]] distinct.[[/extended {]] [[extended {, left side of text]] 1 Wilson's storm petrel, many 2 Dominican gulls 3 Terns 5 [[strikethrough]] snow [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] Sheath [[/insertion]] petrels 4 Skuas [[/extended {]] / Crab eater seal [[boxed text]] Has characteristic teeth [[/boxed text]] /Krill between Ice Cakes no /tow though too much broken ice!
[[underlined, in red]] Brail mont Cove [[/underlined]] Penguins on Alcock Id. = chin-straps [[line]] Capt Mac says ^[[insertion]] in numbers [[/insertion]] must exceed Cape Hallet's 300,000 [[line across page]] Here at least equal too Cape Cruzier's 250,000. [[line across page]] Id is 319 feet high and chin-straps are at least 300 feet in air here close to 900 at Cape Spiggott, which [[strikethrough]] 988 [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] is [[/insertion]] 938 feet at highest point. Brailmont [[insertion]] cove off Hughes Bay [[/insertion]] wonderful place for birds & seals at hand is Cayley Glacier and [[strikethrough]] sav [[/strikethrough]] severall other tremendous ice rivers constanatly calving off bergs ^[[insertion]] of [[/insertion]] all sizes. Makes for difficult for handling small boats. 200 fms in greater part, but no room [[strikethrough]] f [[/strikethrough]] small boats [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 52 [[/circled]] Feb. 11, 1963 at anchor Brailmont [[strikethrough]] Bay [[/strikethrough]] Cove Overcast, snowing; 31ºF. light variable winds Not a promising day, for flying but its set for 8:45 & Capt Mac & I [[strikethrough]] , [[/strikethrough]] are sitting in our room in flight clothes Booby suit awaiting our call. The snow is in off-and-on flurries, heavy and light and the visibility beyond anything in the immediate vicinity is nil. Visibility got so low that flight was called off. I did not know it for when they kept postponing it from time to time I laid down on bunk in Flysuit and fell asleep woke up after a while and found Mac's suit on chair. He had been waiting too for flight. So I started to take mine off when Tom Berg came down & informed me that utility boat was taking a shore party to Alcock Id. where we were to go this aft, and picking up traps expedition. Well that trip did not get off till about 10 p.m or even later, so I stayed behind. They had more than a load at that./// Once in awhile we get a day like this. There are bergs of all sizes, shapes, and colors about, some of the all dirtiest yet; so dirty look like rocky [[strikethrough]] ilsl [[/strikethrough]] islets or reefs, high & low. No place for station because of bergs, bergy bits, and growlers. Berg was waiting with Capt. Mac to go [[strikethrough]] [?] [?] boat [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] on helicopter [[/insertion]] but weather was too thick [[left margin, blue vertical line]] [[underlined, in blue]] Seals [[/underlined]] in Brailmont cove, all crab eaters, one [[insertion]] , [[/insertion]] rarely two, to an\ice, rock; but perhaps a hundred or two with in half hours running about in launch. [[/left margin, vertical blue line]] [[written vertically in left margin, bottom to top]] Berg mention to Capt that I did not want to fly but I had just come from Larsen who said he would help me dress if I took off what I had on -
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 53 [[/circled]] [[underlined in left margin]] See U.S pilot [[/underlined in left margin]] [[underlined in red]] Check on krill distr. & occurrence! [[underlined in red]] [[margin]] 1963 [[underlined]] 26 [[/underlined]] [[circled]] 37 [[/circled]] [[/margin]] This run to Deception Id is replay of my [[insertion]] 19 [[/insertion]] 26 trip from Falkland long swells but not so high, lacked ice bergs, but wind weather, rain & while caps (much) the same. To think to see Port Foster again after all these years? [[partial line across page]] [[underlined in red]] Feb 12-63 [[/underlined in red]] Tuesday Same familiar profile, Bold headland to [[strikethrough]] left, [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] right. [[/insertion]] U shaped notch - and entrance with sloping flat topped island to left. [[image: 7 small horizontal lines getting smaller from top to bottom ]] Heavy fog, snow flurries - no you see it now you don't - Thick weather and uncertain. We could not get ashore as [[insertion]] - [[/insertion]] water shoaled too rapidly as we approached the steep-to appearing beach, besides Captain in gig with Commodore & Jack was using only pier available here. His party and we kept away are going ashore though at 1:30. To boneyard and [[image: graduated diagonal lines]] grave yard. Did townet haul - usual green [[strikethrough]] algal [[/strikethrough]] mass of algal material - how does it measure as to productivity of the sea. [[insertion]] [[underlined in red]] No copepods needed where krill abounds? I ask you. [[/underlined in red]] [[/insertion]] Albatross and perhaps giant petrel, snow petrel, ^[[insertion]] skuas, [[/insertion]] the forgoing few in number, cape pigeons by the 50 or 100 as compared with thousand of bygone days. [[strikethrough]] [[10?]] [[/strikethrough]] 5 or more penguin colonies on outside slopes of
Pedro Aguire Cerd (Chilean Air Force Base) Pendulum Cove. Destacamento Naval Decepcion Bahia Primero de Mayo, Port Foster Since 47 [[end page]] [[start page]] [[image: round almost handcuffed shaped drawing, of Deception Island, with open end at bottom, and marks at 4 locations. At top left notation "40,000 [[?capa]] chinstraps" At top right, "Macaronis" with arrow pointing to location on island. At bottom right, "250,000 Chinstraps", and at bottom left, "200 Chinstraps above boat [[circled]] wrecked [[/circled]] " Also noted, "S.E.Point" at bottom right, and island to bottom left labeled "Isla 50,000 [[underlined]] chinstraps [[/underlined]] ]] [[text to right of image]] Observations made by scientists at Deception Island Chilean Station "Pres. Pedro Aguirre Cerda" reported by: Lt. Sepulveda [[underlined]] Feb. 12, 1963 [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] Deception Island Penguins: [[/underlined]] [[insertion, in blue, line top and bottom]] seal? [[/insertion]] Are found only on outside parts of crater walls of island. Occasionally found inside crater, but never more than in groups of 10. Always are [[underlined]] Chinstraps [[/underlined]] There are 250,000 Chinstraps on outer side of/rim of crater; very few colonies of, not more that 10 to each on inside Gentoos, with white on head above and between eyes are very few Adelies, with black head, very few Macaroni, with tuft of feathers on head ^ [[insertion, circled]] only one [[/insertion]]
[[circled]] Feb. 13 [[/circled]] [[circled]] T.B wants flight he gets it. I ask for trip around Bay (Foster Hbr) and am allowed but 1 hr. [[/circled]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 54 [[/circled]] [[underlined]] Deception Island [[/underlined]] [[double underlined]] Feb. 12. 1963 [[/double underlined]] Falkland Ids Dependecies Rept. Deception Id. Deception I, Ornithological Rept. for [[underlined]] 1962 [[/underlined]] by C. F. Kyte Birds. Giant Petrel is about all year Cape Pigeon most of year except from 11 Aug. to 8 Sept. Sterna vittata La [[strikethrough]] u [[/strikethrough]] rus dominicus (is not resident) Pagodroma nivea, snow petrel Blue-eyed shag Skua lonnbegii Wilson petrel Sheath-bill, Chionis alba [[insertion, boxed text in blue]] Grave yard most depressing place [[/insertion]] Gentoo, Pyosceles papua (occassional or touring parties Adelies, single ones with Gentoo tourists Macaroni 3 pairs nesting in Chinstrap rookery [[insertion]] (Touring Parties) [[/insertion]] --> Chin-straps most numerous, first arrivals 1962 on Oct. 21, at Baily Head Rookery Two members of station staff went over on Bailey Head to await returne/On 25th were returning at rate of two a minute by evening [[strikethrough]] th [[/strikethrough]] 5 to 10,000 birds had arrived. Highest rate of arrival was on 26 & 27th by 28th there were over 50-70,000 birds in residence. [[insertion, left margin]] [[underlined]] (C.F. Kyte 1962 [[/underlined]] [[triple underlined]] rept to Falklands [[/triple underlined]] [[/insertion]] Three pairs macaroni penguins nesting among Chin-Straps. At Chilean Base a macaroni was caught and held for pet to take to Chile, tethered to a long string was feeding, healthy and apparently happy. [[line across page]] Among the 250 - [[strikethrough]] 3 [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] 4 [[/insertion]] 00,000 [[strikethrough]] Chinstraps [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] Penguins [[/insertion]] on Deception 98% or better are Chinstraps 1% or better Gentoo's 1/10 of 1% Adelies [[lines]] and ^[[insertion]] lastly [[/insertion]] few macaronis [[lines]]
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 54 [[/circled]] Deception Id. Feb 13, 1963 [[insertion]] [[circled]] Yankee Hbr [[/circled]] [[/insertion]] \\[[underlined]] Greenwich Id [[/underlined]]// We were rushed away from here, given an hr. to pick up traps so they could go to Greenwich Id to lay over in order to make Hope Bay in a.m. the next day. [[line across page]] [[underlined, in red]] Anchored off Yankee Hbr [[/underlined]] [[insertion]] Greenwich Id. [[/insertion]] discovered by Palmer in . Rather thick sheet of broken bits of ice ± consolidated to extent of keeping us off bluff forefoot which was penguin area, almost wholly gentoos in all only three chinstraps were seen and at widely separated places. Helo frightened them out of their skins, Poor devils rushed back and forth first one way & then reverse as Helo circled. Lots of building land, but I would say no real boat shelter and ice cliffs near enough/to keep supplying bay width ice. This up on far right hand corner of Bay. Spit is of [[insertion]] water worm [[/insertion]] rounded rocks for most part twice size of fist, to coarse gravel, all tossed up as if sand in a sand dune but this is a stone dune some miles long. and widening from [[insertion]] outward [[/insertion]] tip to where it joins land this is more coarse sand. Bits of moss at rare intervals, some on one of [[insertion]] very few [[/insertion]] large rock sticking up/on "dune" surface. [[image: two humps, denoting "dune"]] This is in valleys and ridges, windrows of stones, tide rises high and in storms waters must rush over whole of this "rampart". I question adviseability of getting caught in here. What is holding ground for anchors. Water shoals up toward spit and land making [[insertion]] made [[/insertion]] it difficult for LSCV. to land us
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 55 [[/circled]] Feb 12-13 [[underlined]] Deception Id Feb 13th [[/underlined]] dry shod. // The hour vouchsafed us at [[strikethrough]] Palmer| [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] Deception [[/insertion]] Id [[strikethrough]] tho [[/strikethrough]] made first a tow through flock of cape pigeons, [[margin]] sitting on water [[/margin]] because first they were picking so[[strikethrough]] ming [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] mething [[/insertion]] out of water with bills, but later were further from ship and not feeding so far as I could make out. Landed on shore for pc. red pumice landing difficult (try after try) Picked second trap 35 fish all told. Largest yet 21 inches. 35 fish in all. [[diagonal line, with directional arrow at each end, leading from date at top of page to following text]] Yankee Hbr. [[circled]] 13 [[/circled]] th- [[strikethrough]] 14t' [[/strikethrough]]
"Poseyo belleza, sin varidad; fuerza, sin insolensolencia; /valentia sin ferocidad, y todas las virtudes del hombre, /sin sus vicios. Este elogio, que seria adulacion sin significado si fuera escrito sobre las cenizas humanas, es/simplemente un justo homenaje a la memoria un perro/polar. J.H.T 29 VII 962 In lounge, Argentine Hope Bay Station: [[line across page]] [[margin, vertical wavy line]] Sargento Ay Kurzmann Oscar Segurolo 934 Villa Sarmiento Huedo Buenos Aires Capitan Jorge Garciá Nacion 432 San Nicolas Buenos Aires Teniente 1[[superscript]] c [[/superscript]] Oscar Sosa Custro Barros 2235 Benos Aires [[line across page]] [[/margin, vertical wavy line]] At British Stu learned that: Adelies, Gentoo, Chinstraps 8, Dominican gulls, Sheathbill = resident; Snow Petrel occasional; [[strikethrough]] sk [[/strikethrough]] Shags, one or two Skuas, Terns by lake; few Wilson Petrels Funity-Fullmar [[insertion]] and [[/insertion]] Giant Petrel as visitors At Youngs Point one finds Silver grey petrel Vorter Id Adelies; Emperors at Robertson Id. ((Maysa, URFEO, L.P. Industria Argentina)) [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 56 [[/circled]] Hope Bay Feb. 14-63 8.45a.m. is flight time. Tops of mounts in dark dark ceiling but below that is blue sky to be seen and plenty of ice cliffs as per usual. Larsen say we shall fly. We flew about Argentine & British Bases which are quite close together. at 12:30 we went ashore first to Brit. Base, couldn't land water too shallow the landed at Argentine Base to walk over to British one chinstrap through [[insertion]] out [[/insertion]] year Adelies (?) [[underlined]] Gentoo, Dominican gulls, Sheath Bill, (Snow) petrel occ(?), (Shags [[/underlined]] one or two,) Skuas, (Wilson's petrel Dominican gull Fundy - Fullmar(?) Giant Petrel (Chinstraps 8) [[line across page]] Youngs Point Silver grey petrel Vortes ID Adelies Emperors at Robertson Penisula. [[line across page]] Mays. ORFEO L.P. Industria Argentina. [[line across page]] Barbequed roast beef & salad, coffee [[strikethrough]] [?] [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] and [[/insertion]] a light sour wine that tasted a bit like cider The Captain in charge got too much of it and acted high (over fraternal) and later fell of the tractor, which by the way just before careened down the trail, as I thought much too close I know now the trouble I was walking with some of the others close to ^[[insertion]] tractor [[/insertion]] trail and heard the racket it made sounded just like ^[[insertion]] one of [[/insertion]] the helicopters over head, - They are in the air every day, and most of the day so I paid the noise no mind. Today I first became aware what was what about that part of yesterday [[strikethrough]] afternoon [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] evening [[/insertion]] it was bet. 6 an 7 then I was just missed by that tractor when Capt. Mentschar said to me I hear you were almost
[[blank page] [[end page]] [start page]] [[circled]] 57 [[\circled]] run down by the tractor yesterday! (This is being written on the afternoon of the 15th.) We got into Hope Bay in early a.m. And as requested got a copter flight over area. This took till noon. After lunch went ashore with Capt. Mac. to see bases & ask a few questions; he about charts boat harbors and shelters; ice conditions etc I about birds. We both got something and enjoyed seeing British Base, at whose landing there was not enough water to get in as tide was fairly low; so we landed at Argentine Base where they have a nice landing being improved.
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 58 [[/circled]] Cold enough or so it feels, to freeze a "brass monkey" Stars are out tonite quite clear, instead of usual overcast Made Seymour Id @ ^[[insertion]] Feb. 15th Friday. [[/insertion]] 3 p.m. For a time it looked as though helicopter flight would not be made high winds. However Berg got ashore & Jack went along brought back some fossil shell matrices & sea weed from shore latter had nothing in it. Commodore also brought some weed plus sand sample for Art. & red over-lay on stream bed [[strikethrough]] d [[/strikethrough]] sand. Two dredge hauls were made while lying to in ice, both similar, and though not a wealth of material did net us some unique things. Pebbles, gravel small rocks and sand interlaced with fine worm tubes Ice conditions bad, & the Tubular Bergs immense, and in all directions one after the other. Left Seymour at Feb 16th >> [[underlined in red]] All rest of day and nite through ice one [[/underlined]] [[circled]] Feb 16 1963 [[/circled]] [[margin, vertical wavy line]] patch this a.m. ^[[insertion]] [[circled]] Feb 16th [[/circled]] [[/insertion]] almost solid missed taking picture of an long tubular iceberg alongside of which we steamed; it was floating in a big ice field; beyond open water, and now at 8 am. bumping ice cakes again. // was straightening out specimens and bottom samples when I missed that ice-sheet, iceberg photo. Have to put small stuff in plastic bags. [[/margin, vertical wavy line]] Is this just "imagination", or a true paradox. The ice free Ids seem to have sea-ice and bergs about them to a greater extent than the ice and snow covered islands about which the sea is reativley free of ice.
[[circled]] 1 [[/circled]] Rodolpho Merlino (Mecanico de Armianmento Castelli 5712, Carapachay (Bs.Ar) Argentina [[circled]] 2 [[/circled]] Neri [[strikethrough]] Vagar [[/strikethrough]] Nazario Diaz Meterodologista Ecudaor, 927, (Meteodologista Rosario (Santa Fe) Argentina [[circled]] 3 [[/circled]] Jorge A. Martinez Obispo San Alberto 3414 Capital Federal; Argentina) [[circled]] 4 [[/circled]] Jorge A[[strikethrough]] B [[/strikethrough]]eras [[insertion]] Aberas [[/insertion]] Turi (Mecanico de Avion) Espora 618 Ramos [[strikethrough]] Media [[/strikethrough]] Mejio Argentina. [[circled]] 5 [[/circled]] {Oscar Pacheco (Mecanico de Radia) {Jose In[[underlined]] genieros [[/underlined]] 974 {Villa Maria - Cordoba, Argentina. [[circled]] 7 [[/circled]] Mauricio Anddrada (Mecanico motoristo) Corvalan 368 Capital Federal, Argentina [[circled]] 8 [[/circled]] Juan Carlos Villarroel (Cocinero) Calle 4 No. 215 Barrio Mendoza - Rosario, Argentina crevasse = grieto, small crack as we have it too "fisura" [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 59 [[/circled]] [[underlined]] Feb. 16. Saturday 1963 [[/underlined]] After bucking ice all forenoon, got chance at going ashore at Argentine Base here on the ice shelf. It is a more or less motorized group with 5 snow cats and a host of sledges and supplies and materials (lumber for building a I permanent station 17 miles farther inland on this ice shelf). About present one crevasses are forming they took us out to one nearby & tied a rope on the first man in case he got too close & slipped. Crevasse did not show except as a depression in the snow - had an ominous feel just looking at it. [[strikethrough]] ThiNe [[/strikethrough]] This was several hundred yards away. There was a smaller ^[[insertion]] crevasse [[/insertion]] one close by the houses by probing; the one man showed it to us. [[strikethrough]] I went as den [[/strikethrough]] We were invited into one of the trailer units divided into 3 rooms. We all sat around a tine 10 foot square room, They passed a bottle containing. I believe a liquor that was likorice, (like creme de Cácoa.) and then handed me a strong cup of coffee, with plenty of sugar. We were ashore scarcely an hour. [[line across page]] [[boxed text]] Jack and I stayed behind while rest of party [[insertion]] [[circled]] in Bell helo [[/circled]][[/insertion]] [[underlined]] Comdr. Lewis, Capt. McDonald, Archie Nash [[/underlined]], Interperatere. [[/boxed text]] Of the Argentinos only Merlino spoke a bit of English [[strikethrough]] and [[/strikethrough]] so I had to try my very poor Spanish on them, they were appreciative - thats when drinks and coffee came out, and Merlino even [[insertion]] wanted [[/insertion]] gave me 2 choc. bars [[strikethrough]] his [[/strikethrough]] and his Spanish English Book, I declined one of the bars
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 60 [[/circled]] Feb.16 [[insertion]] & 17th [[/insertion]] contd. and also he book, saying I had one too aboard the Staten Id. // The trailer such as it was was aluminum sided and (at least as yet not insulated, but certainly was warm. The a.m. has ushered in with a 24°F temp that did go up by afternoon. Had hoped for a "drag" [[insertion]] dredge haul [[/insertion]] but ice conditions were against it even while lying of [[strikethrough]] seym [[/strikethrough]] ice shelf. [[double line]] [[left margin]] Bio [[/left margin]] [[left margin, vertical wavy line]] They say that birds are very few. [[insertion, in blue]] 2 dog teams [[/insertion]] We saw a number of [[underlined, in blue]] Weddel seals [[/underlined]], lying singely on the ice while steamin toward Robertson Id., and way back, headed for Cape Longing, I saw about 3 or 4 swimming in the water. {From the wheel house Mr.Camplell told me that they saw a single [[underlined, in blue]] Emperor penguin [[/underlined]] [[/left margin, vertical wavy line]] during forenoon, and at lunch time Jack and I from porthole saw two groups of Adelies on ice cake. [[line across page]] Feb. 17th a relatively quiet day, but for 9-10 [[left margin, vertical wavy line]] oclock dredge haul; and last of moss from Yankee Hbr. got rock samples, into [[insertion]] ess [[/insertion]] crate in locker in room, have not yet gotten at dry samples; copied temperature records in this book saw quite number of seals yesterday, here and there basking on ice cakes, of medium size, [[strikethrough]] Few penguins going by [[/strikethrough]] on ice cakes where headed.
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 61 [[/circled]] Feb 18/63 9:45 = [[underlined]] 8 fms [[/underlined]] This a.m. various small groups [[underlined, in blue]] of penguins [[/underlined]] [[insertion, line to text]] Jack saw one group of 15 [[/insertion]] going by Jack saw several shags. Comdr says small penguin colony on S.E. end near or on strait bet. this id., Seymour, and Snow Hill. [[margin]] [[underlined, in blue]] gentoos [[/underlined]] [[/margin]] This Seymour is quite free of snow except last night's and this a.m.'s flurries, on brown hills as ^[[insertion]] light [[/insertion]] snow at home in streaks (reminded me of 1913 Snow in Berkeley Hills when closed schools for the day. What about thermal activity. [[line across page]] Last night to bed at 1:30 cleaned up and labeled stuff obtained in 20 fm. dredge haul over side at 20 fm anchorage. [[line]] Worms, sea urchins, sea cucumbers or ascidians again [[line]] Wealth of ascidians if chordates went in to vertebrates why would this not be the place [[line]] Have been under way since seven and at nine:45 are approaching N end (at N.E. end) of Seymour [ [[underlined]] 9:55 a.m ship anchored [[/underlined]] {Why not undertake drilling on all promising ids. [[double line]] At 10.25 Jack came in and strongly advised me against going ashore because of "our" lack of heed of ice conditions and lack of knowledge of the often changeable weather hereabouts. I acceeded to his admonition particularly as he is our superior in the change of command concerned with the civilian personnel aboard.
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 62 [[/circled]] Feb.18 1963 (cont'd) Archie Nash, Berg, and Leonard photo went ashore in LSCV, but without suceess, because of shoal water boat could not get closer than 50 yds from shore shallow mud flats. There was talk of putting over fish traps but there was too much [[strikethrough]] ice [[/strikethrough]] drifting ice; any way as yesterday the morning was fogg and had even more light snow, at least more remained on the bridge deck Any way we finally got starte to round from Eastside of [[strikethrough]] Seymour [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] Snow Hill [[/insertion]]where we were anchore to the west, going around Seymour because we could not go through narrow and the too shallow and not [[strikethrough]] too [[/strikethrough]] wide [[strikethrough]] bay [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] strait [[/insertion]] does not admit vessells of our size. The weather did not improve all day [[strikethrough]] though [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] As [[/insertion]] snow stopped, wind got up. and at supper time was blowing a 2-40 gale almost. White Caps, and a chilly cold wind, I should say piercing chilled you to the bone; the temperature was still reasonable @ [[blank]] but the wind [[strikethrough]] was [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] made [[/insertion]] you feel that the cold was biting. [[line across page]] Today we all felt cold the temperature at 9 p.m. was [[strikethrough]] 28.9 [[/strikethrough]] 29.8 (nearly 30º) and the wind 27 knots. We would never have noticed the 30º temperature had it not been for the wind; it just sort of blew through you. [[line]] We had anchored last night off east side (toward N. end) of Snow Hill Island
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 63 [[/circled]] and had planned that trip ashore ^[[insertion]] at Seymour [[/insertion]] [[strikethrough]] that [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] in which [[/insertion]] I did not participate. It returned about 11:45 or so and ship got underway to make its way round [[insertion]] N. end of [[/insertion]] Seymour Island & there after a long menovoring got into difficulties shoal, water 10 fms. (from bottom ships propellers churned up mud. The ship had quite a time getting back into deeper and safer water, deep enough to swing about at anchor, without hitting anything in these uncharted or little charted waters. [[line across page]] Feb. 19, '63 { Boat called for 8:30 got off at 9; lost an hour seeking a landing on Seymour shallow water well out from beach; Jack suggested (I had too [[strikethrough]] ) [[/strikethrough]] go up to stranded ice cake; it was ice shelf along side of which we tied up and walked ashore. Most barren [[strikethrough]] l [[/strikethrough]] place; just soil on which nothing grew although later when Commodore went ashore with Berg, and got some nice fossils wood & perhaps a bone (Tom thought fossil penguin) Commodore got some lichens of scanty appearance on far side of high ridge which we did not climb in a.m We went south, as did Jack and Capt. Mac Berg went north & got next to nothing He took Doty's best little ammonite without as much as by your leave.
[[double underlined]] 19th [[/underlined]] During the forenoon at Seymour, bet 10 & 12. We had great difficulty in landing till Jack suggested pulling up along ice shelf/or large stranded cake/ The island is barren and desolate looking; practically no birds Berg saw one, Capt. Mac 5 lonesome looking one; saw a moulted beaten up dead one; and in a gulley [[strikethrough]] with [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] a [[/insertion]] skeleton of dead crab eater with considerable of the hide still about. There is a big valley down the middle of N. end where a muddy stream bed in bottom. No Vegetat of any kind, though when Tom Berg and Commodore went ashore in late evening on the [[blank space]] [[strikethrough]] a [[/strikethrough]] piece of lichen commodore putt in his pocket to bring back was just too crumbled for retreval from pocket Berg picked out best of Doty's ammonites, but I believe I have/an incomplete one of about same size. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 64 [[/circled]] Feb. 19/63 [[circled]] Seymour [[/circled]] Just take [[?]] brushed it + [?] - (Se[?]) ./. If one of his men had coll. something I desired I'd at least ask for it, and not just pick it up and keep it is like fish at lunch; offer him a piece (offer to share & he dumps whole of it on his place. I got quite a few fossil shells , & ammonites [[strikethrough]] and [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] we [[/insertion]] found a dead young crab eater seal skeleton in rill above beach go 3 molars and two canines out of piece (1/2 = one mandible) No end of real-estate for building, not much boat shelter, & virtually no birds ^[[insertion]] In a.m. [[/insertion]] Capt Mac saw 5 penquins, Bert 1. Nr. other birds about in air over, or on island. [[boxed entry]] Lost our trap at 10 p.m. [[/boxed entry]] [was put on starboard side to avoid drain [Port side was probably too much work passing net forward I was too "bad" weather to run recreation parties ashore but Berg and Commodore went! Regardless It was weather too that led us to pass up Snow Hill Id. yet for Geol. it was O.K.? That 19th handling was something./ On Seymour plenty of real-estate probably suitable for all the building you might want to have and air runways too, but very soft and muddy place, where did all silt come from and breccia? But absolutely barren in all directions though Berg and Commsdore said the got but could not find in pockets the little bits they collected. Why were they not put in a [[insertion]] little [[/insertion]] bag or plastic bag of which Berg had plenty
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 65 [[/circled]] Feb 20, 1963. [[circled]] Welchness [[/circled]] [[strikethrough]] After trials landed [[insertion]] about 1:00 oclock [[/insertion]] at base of Cape or Point Welchness, [[insertion]] party [[/insertion]] had to wade couple of inlets were due back at 11:45 had brief spell ashore [[/strikethrough]] In LCVP with traps and tow nets put survey party ashore, about 10:05 [[insertion]] a.m. they [[/insertion]] were due back at 11:45. took us with fish traps tow net haul and some soundings Mr. Thomas felt necessary, about full time to return to take off shore party did not get lunch till after 12 (usual time 11:20) and then had to rush to get off on one o'clock boat to get ashore in afternoon, stayed till 4. [[left margin, line around text]] Took of WT on second set of Seymour Id. haul & since not used [[/left margin]] Wright made a meager dredge haul. [[strikethrough]] also [[/strikethrough]] Was awaiting me at 12. & then in afternoon made a second (both at anchorage) // Ayalu, Doty, Poblete & I walked across spit to extreme end where ice meets beach & back while Jack who had preceeded us walked along by the beach, Ice on both sides of spit, [[underlined]] lee as well as windward [[/underlined]] Dead seals on land; Saw adult & immature skuas together (only 2 I saw) terns, Domincan gulls, Gentoo penguins; no nests though
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 66 [[/circled]] Feb. 21, 1963 [[underlined]] Anchored 1 mile N. Welchness Point. [[/underlined]] [[circled]] [[line above and below]] 2 traps lost [[/circled]] It was intended to get underway this a.m. for West side of Trinity Peninsula, but overnight quite a wind sprang up, bringing in the ice over my traps. set out yesterday morning; it was blowing 30 knots white caps and swells with it, so our 7:00 a.m. detail [[strikethrough]] to [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] could [not] [[/insertion]] go in and pick up traps./ was put [[strikethrough]] over [[/strikethrough]] off for 2-3 hours to wait out weather for better or worse. By eleven most of clouds had [[strikethrough]] drifted [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] blown [[/insertion]] by, clear sky and sunshine through the over head break shone down & we cruised back and forth [[strikethrough]] e [[/strikethrough]] among the bergs & ice (with some difficulty) seeking the floats. But to no avail. They did not want me to go with them, but how could I stay back if any danger was involved. Gee, I hated to loose these traps. Then at one oclock we got underway for other side of peninsula. I looked up my penguin records and asked it we might look/into Supiros Bay [[strikethrough]] and [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] for [[/insertion]] the penguin rookery said to be there and on the [[insertion]] rock [[/insertion]] head land forming north end of Bay there was plenty evidence of their presence. on the two rocky islands in ^[[insertion]] or near [[/insertion]] mouth of Bay were colonies of [[circled]] Gentoos [[/circled]] but when I look at heights on the head land on which the colonies (brown excrement patches) rose I thought they must be chin straps which in my experience are the greatest and [[underlined]] highest [[/underlined]] climbers; there was quite a group of then on the adjacent ice high up too. (Commodore during early afternoon had gone over Seymour & Welchnes penguin evidence (of colonies) brought his telescope [[strikethrough]] along [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] up on [[/insertion]] bridge for identifying penguins on island as we steamed in the Bay, But fog set in and with poor visibility we left without [[continued along right margin]] identifying the high up species. [[left margin]] We got underway after lying-to a while for Alcock Id Hughes Bay [[/left margin]]
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 67 [[/circled]] Feb.22, George Washington's Birthday Today at home [[underlined]] bargain [[/underlined]] sales [[right margin, wavy line on left side of text]] people sleep before stres all night [[/right margin]] Rain last night this a.m. heavily [[underlined]] overcast. [[/underlined]] Headed for Alcock Id. will get there around 12 noon. [[line across page]] /Jack Tells me we almost ran onto a shoal going back to Alcock Id. A heavily overcast day, dull grey, rain with [[insertion]] [[circled]] an [[/circled]] [[/insertion]] occasional snow flurry. [[line to edge of page]] Plastic bagged a lot of bottled things. Feb. 23, 1963. Saturday Nasty day all yesterday - carried over into this a.m. Had a great iceberg descend upon our bow bump and engines running woke me up around 5 oclock. [[line]] Spring Point ^[[insertion]] black & white rock with dark spots [[/insertion]] bright green with mosses and lichen yellow & orange lichens [[boxed text]] Capt Mac tells me that [[/boxed text]] [[line across page]] [[boxed text]] Shoals & rocks [[/boxed text]] [[red line above and below]] Feb. 23/ [[circled]] Alcock Id [[/circled]] [[/red underline]] Got ashore [[strikethrough]] on [[/strikethrough]] islet, practically part of Alcock. Chin straps, sheath bills, cape pigeons. Giant Petrels (fide Mac), Skuas. Got ashore for an hour 9:30 to 10:30 Picked up trap 1 fish lots of amphipods bits of red also Dredge haul; gravel, {[[boxed text]] only bit of mud [[/boxed text]] In afternoon heavy snowfall, enough for men to engage in snow balling one another [[boxed text]] 3 p.m. or so? [[/boxed text]]
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 68 [[/circled]] [[circled]] Feb. 24th [[/circled]] up at 4 am. [[insertion]] in LCSV [[/insertion]] at 5 a.m [insertion]] Sunday [[/insertion]] in LCSV had some trouble finding landing at Spring Point - sort of rough ground yet there was a place for the Bell to land. is bird free though most of adjacen ids & islets have penguins ice conditions [[left margin, extended {]] Got [[underlined]] grass [[/underlined]] in fruit, [[insertion]] with seeds [[/insertion]], said to be unusual; also some sea-weed and moss & few lichens. Terns, Skuas, Black Backed gulls penguin sp on isl[[strikethrough]] et [[/strikethrough]] [[underlined]] and [[/underlined]] offshore undetermine because of ice [[/left margin]] conditions and need to get back to ship for 9: a.m. departure up coast. // Capt Mac is flying begining 9.10 a.m. over land the discovery of which is credited (by Americans) to Palmer. >Got underway @ [[blank space]] for Mikkelson Hbr. where there is an Argentine refugio on little Islet, on which are Gentoo penguins. Skottsberg Cape forms N.W. end of Bay on its outer side & way on top [[left margin, blue vertical line]] of cliffs there Chinstrap penguins, which when [[underlined, in red]] helicopter frightened them started jumping off 50-100 foot high cliff on top of which they lived. [[/left margin]] Many Black backed gulls no end at Spring Point, [[/underlined]] about ship in Harbor many Wilson's storm Petrels. [[left margin note, in red]] shell on - shore photo'd [[/left margin]] The sunshine we enjoyed at spring point for a couple of hours 5:30 or 6 a.m. til 9, when we returned to ship, did not last long mists made visibility low, helicopters had to return, and for a time quite heavy snow flurries.
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 69 [[/circled]] Bad weather, overcast snowed toward evening Feb. 25 False Bay, Livingston Id. Chinstraps everywhere (2 places) I looked lonesome little groups of dozen to 20 each, standing around. Bad large boulder beach, with high terrace of heaped up stones & rocks behind 20-30 feet high heaped up by storms, rocks well rounded off must have been rolled back and forth for years. #61-/63 [[in box]] Dredge haul mud with scattering of rocks and coarse gravel [[/in box]] Moved over to Discovery Bay by Chilean Arturo Prat Station - The commodore invited several of them over [and see other side this page] [[image: hand-drawn map, showing Greenwich Id., Discovery Bay, English Straight, Ash Pt. Soberania Bay, Base, Brunfidd St. MacFarlane St. and Yankee Harbor]]
Arturo Prat (Naval Base) [[underlined]] since 1955 [[/underlined]] About [[strikethrough] 6/8 [[/strikethrough]] 4-5 men including a Lt. in charge were brought to ship last night 25th and half dozen of our people went over there, the wind got up so that they were unable to return (our boat was doing the ferrying. The two parties slept in the others bunks [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 70 [[/circled]] Feb. 26 in Discovery Bay, anchored some distance from Prado station (Chile) [[left margin, circled]] # 62/63 [[/left margin]] Dredge haul made about 3 p.m. 31 fms. Lt. Beam checked penguins on inhospitable looking Ash Pt shingle beach (spit) while with survey party, saw about 6 birds 5 gentoos and 1 chin strap. Touring party. Chin straps however predominate on rookeries were seen on these ids. [[left margin, vertical wavy line]] We took survey party (we went with) to Ash Pt hoping to pick up fish traps while they were ashore all we got done was 10 min townet haul, orders by radio were to let fish traps go till later which was done, while I went through mud haul made about time we left ship as we dropped "bucket" for Wright the "Bosun". Was 9:30 befor I got done with it; started on it right after supper first sizeable brachiopod size of nickel about. [[/left margin]]
On flight saw only Ardley Id. Base site not impressed no boat shelter Id is [[underlined]] sub [[/underlined]] - Antarctic & English [[line]] Do not count as in Antarctic or belonging to U.S.A.R.P. Program. [[line]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 71 [[/circled]] Feb. 27 & 28th Feb. 27 This am. Continued the bad weather of yesterday; started in overcast, high winds, white caps - and though the sun came out around noon - its a pretty place hereabouts off [[strikethrough]] Potter Cove [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] Collins Hbr. [[/insertion]] the wind seemed to increase in force the highest today 45 knots (^ [[insertion]] sea [[/insertion]] miles per hour) This is close to running your auto at 52 or 53 (land) miles per hour. Well its just a bit too strong (and waves too violent) to safely launch the boats from the ship and then were you to get them into the water to land on unknown untried beaches. [[line across page]] Feb 28/63 [[margin]] ) [[/margin]] Feb. 28 Up at 4:30 for 5.15 plane flight 1 hr. back at 6:30 to 7. Then expected to go on shore boat, but because wind & weather off again an again gone agin Flanigan [[semi circle line pointing to text on first page]] [[line across page]] 1st shore party was recalled because of fog set in, but went later but only had 15 mins ashore. No other flights Wright put out mud bucket got grand mud haul. [[strikethrough]] lost [[/strikethrough]] : Forest of worms. Till 9:15 cleaning up dredge haul; started before lunch, had all labels to do Jack kindly hauled a bucket of water for me
March 1 Lockroy from. Base A Hut: [[image: sketch showing landscape of Lockroy as seen from Base A Hut. Labeled as follows - "Snow free [[strikethrough]] right [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] left [[/insertion]] arm of Bay Gentoos were all over to top thick before, now only scattered" on upper stretch of land; "Small id" on island in front of large piece of land; "ship" on sketch of ship, to right of land; [[circled text, with arrow leading to right of ship]] "Skuas were as before in numbers on bluff above Hut - Shags on rocky head-land coming in from N. in Neumayer channel on way to anchorage"; "rocks to right" on small island in center; "rocks & islets to right looking out from hut" in bay, center right; "islet = Blackbacked gulls" on larger island, lower right. ]] Arthur Harbor is place for close by Adelie Colonies, but only Adelies. (Which are a well worked over species - because of its presence in McMurdo in such great nos. This numerousness [[insertion]] (abundance) [[/insertion]] is duplicated by Chin straps at Cape Spigott, and at Alcock & I believe up by square Bay = Suspiros on East side Peninsula. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 72 [[/circled]] March 1 Gentoos in Lockroy and Adlies in [[strikethrough]] Port [[/strikethrough]] Arthur Harbor about gone just a scattering about, and lonesome looking ones at that. At Hut [[strikethrough]] point [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] land [[/insertion]] or landing (Base N) saw [[underlined]] penguin [[/underlined]] foot prints in the snow, and up in bluff by ponds [[strikethrough]] at [[/strikethrough]] found dozen or two forlorn looking "Adelies" the makers of the footprints. Arthur Harbor [[lines]] Adelies Weather bad all day rather rough ice had drifted in made landing difficult (much same at Base A) where is snowed whole time) Lake of Base N. Frozen over ditto pools on bluff above Hut, only a dozen or two at most Adelies left [[circled]] * [[/circled]] Skuas still in force but not so many Black backed gulls. Wilson's ^[[insertion]] storm [[/insertion]] petrels? Giant petrels, yes. I did not get desired flight over Arthur Hbr. because of thick weather, Did get another muddy dredge haul, & had partial success with boat dredge , needed weighting. Clamss again, without weight drum did not sink so deep and only got tops of dozen large clam. [[margin, circled]] 67/63 [[/margin]] [[line across page]] [[circled]] * [[/circled]] Before we saw these fellows had to climb bluff, they were sitting on its seaward edge, forlorn looking as H; I had noticed tracks in snow from sea to hut, & hut toward lake and up hill. If I had not gone up to pools would have missed them. [[line]] Got several dozen kill from deck this a.m. where they had been washed or blown also and by heavy ^[[insertion]] sheets [[/insertion]] spray. [[line]] One was swimming about in pocked of water under flush deck handle [[image]]. quite something rest were dead some mashed from being walked on.
[[line]] [[left side of text, vertical wavy line]] Ⓧ no great evidence of rookeries here but fide Lenton [[/vertical wavy line]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 73 [[/circled]] March 2nd, [[strikethrough]] th [[strikethrough]], 3rd Paradise Hbr., March 2nd. Another ^[[insertion]] thick [[/insertion]] bad day, visibility said to be 5 miles Temp. 31°. Much ice yet Navigable. [[line across page]] Mar. 3 [[insertion]] Sunday [[/insertion]] Last night 55 [[strikethrough]] n [[/strikethrough]] knot wind, this a.m. snowing, brief glim [[strikethrough]] ps [[/strikethrough]] mer of sunshine [[strikethrough]] just [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] well [[/insertion]] before noon (perhaps 10:30 oclock when Capt Mac Came down from bridge and said barometer is lowest Ive ever seen 28:12. at about 10:30 to Ⓧ 12 we took survey party ashore, landed them on rocks and then on my insistence boat Pobette, Asala, Doty & I with boat crew went for trap, got six fish ashore [[underlined, in red]] saw 1 Gentoo and 3-4 chin straps on shore in [[/underlined]] Island cove March 4th last n [[/strikethrough]] [[margin, lines top and bottom]] Ardley [[/margin]] (Penguins have gone) Ⓧ must have a lot in season, We got back to ship about 1 p.m. and snow & wind began acting up. Fortunately we had made tow net haul (I hope & believe before - I know we had a "drag" with mud bucket to ship. Ⓧ At 11 oclock it was even lower 28.095 Ski the weatherman aboard said //At 4 oclock order went out to sweep decks, are full of snow I took a couple of pictures of it though I had tried 3 previously I was lucky to insist on getting fish trap back first be-
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 74 [[/circled]] fore we went ashore, and after we had it in and before we could make a tow net haul, we were recalled so that Lt. Beam could go and examine an old wreck in Bay, but wind plus low visibility made "them" cancel that leaving shore party stranded, 7 or 8 of them, including Capt. Mac & Jack Crowell. Had no radio or emergency rations. [and to think I've been going ashore without, and would now have been with rest except for that for me and my "crew" recall to ship. Next time I'll see that I have something, also that tent goes ashore with us. However we have only 3 days more here 4th, 5th, and 6th [[circled]] . [[/circled]] Mac said he saw 1 Black backed gulls 2 Skuas } 3 Gentoos } fledglings 4 Chinstraps } 5 storm petrel 6 Antarctic petrel 7 [[circled]] Mac said he saw one Giant Petrel [[/circled]] Over at Potter's Cove Lenton has also Giant Petrel Sheath Bills [[insertion in blue, underlined]] Seals on Beach [[/insertion in blue, underlined]]
[[in box]]Lost F.W. algae [[/in box]] because I did not look after them, also amphipods in traps twice, + homs too From beach at Potters Cove went back, whole crowd of us in LCVP, [[end page]] [[start page]] Monday, Mar 4, 1963 [[circled]] 75 [[/circled]] Capt. Mac made the flight recon over Potters Cove today at 6am. Arr. in Potters Cove and went over in Helicopter (ferry service) with Poblete after Jack ^[[insert]] & Berg[[/insert]], and survey Part (Nash) had gone on two previous trips. [[line across] Went over to Admiralty Bay where because of a morning dredge haul I skipped the Helicopter flight, [[strikethrough]] but attempted [[/strikethrough]] to go with survey party to [[underline]]Keller [[/underline]]peninsula ate early supper at 4 to 430 (4:45 p.m.) departed for British Base but couldn't get ashore because of brash ice up against shore, set out fish traps nearer ship. [[line across]] Futile attempts to get ashore at Base 6. This nite as I was running through the drum of mud it was 23[[degree symbol]] or 24[[degree symbol]] about the coldest since joining this ship used hot water but when I went at drum which had been hauled some time earlier water standing on top was frozen over & that was salt water! The mud I cast out froze to the rail
[[blank page]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[circled]] 76 [[/circled]] Tuesday, Mar. 5. We did hit a spell of bad weather, this a.m. "they" had a great hesitation about getting survey party ashore to West side [[strikethrough]] Pe [[/strikethrough]] Keller Peninsula, we were unable to land on East side because of [[strikethrough]] 3 heavy [[/strikethrough]] wide belt of heavy ice blocks and cakes blown up to and onto beach tried several times and finally [[strikethrough]] fen[[/strikethrough]] gave it up and returned to ship. after which we dropped fish traps of rocky area ^[[insertion]] to East [[/insertion]] opposite Keller Pensinsula where British Hut is. (left unoccupied after [[circled]] '61 [[/circled]] ( At 4:30 finally made up minds to give up hanging around and start for home [[left margin, extended (]] The blowing, but chiefly the heavy swell caused the water to come over. While at supper 5:30 or 5:40 we were warned (prohibited from going out on deck without special permission as it was too dangerous. We/got underway @ [[blank]] after fooling about all day Fortunately we were [[strikethrough]] alo [[/strikethrough]] permitted to get our fish traps back. But no fish. Few amphipods & a few "worms" (nemertean). Passed Penguin Id. wanted to get picture of it through spray. from ship would have made a picture [[/left margin]] [[left margin, vertical lines]] At 6:30 was blowing quite a bit spray dashed against pilot house windows 64-70 feet above sea level and went right over flying bridge or roof of wheel hous. 6:30 little before to little after saw Penguin Id. and Lions Rump Cape. [[image: line drawing]] no meat but [[bacon and egg?]]
[[page written upside down]] [[underlined]] 2. [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] Weather [[/underlined]] (cont'd): at Adelaide said that ^[[insertion]] current (this season) [[/inserion]] weather was about best in last six years, for this time of year. Birds scattered/ [[insertion]] Adelie [[/insertion]] penguins (Capt Mac says darker and smaller than McMurdo ones [[underlined]] Skua breeding site Dark skua Arctic tern Catharacta lonnbergi Blue Shag = Cormorant [[/underlined]] Phalacrocorax atriceps [[underlined]] Catharacta maccormick: [[/underlined]] [[underlined]] Sterna Paradisea [[/underlined]] [[connected to "Arctic tern" by line]] Thought I saw one Dominican gull 26 X. 62 Examination of [[circled]] L [[/circled]] inguinal region reveals a moderate sized [[circled]] L [[/circled]] inguinal hernia which can be held at the internal ring Kirkpatrick Generally it is true surgical services' recommendation is that inguinal hernia be repaired but not on any emergency basis. Although it is unlikely that the patient will experience complications in the next few months we cannot with assurance say that he will be free of symptoms and complications. [[end page]] [[start page]] [[right side up]] [[circled]] 77 [[circled]] Wedneday March 6 underway for Valpo. The mornings feel colder, though we are dressed the same Mar.7. Thursday. Rough rocky day, a bit of sunshine at mid-day (best swing [[insertion]] roll [[/insertion]] 45°) Mar.8 As rocky as yesterday wind stronger whipping spray off tops of waves and sending it length of ship, and over wheel house could have [[underlined]] put [[/underlined]] them [[double underlined]] in this noon [[/double underlined]] [[boxed]] Mar.9. Beard judging today. (after Bingo) Overcast 52° when I got up, in forenoon 54. [[strikethrough]] now at 12:30 [[/strikethrough]] - Also give out fish prizes Foggy Rain? plenty of spray, cant go out but what glasses need washing before you can see indoors again [["again" written sideways]] [[/boxed]] P 52-55 out in B.V.Ds gave out fish prizes [[underlined]] March 10 [[/underlined]] Sunday 57°
[[page is upside down]] Rothera Point L. Rothera Pt strikingly scenic area Location: Scenically very beautiful Icebergs many and of various sizes, and as elsewhere fantastically beautiful (as plentiful as at British Adelaide Station. Weather: Spring-like, mild and too warm for our manner of dressing With a little exercise, walking and climbing became too warm even in ship- board (dining room) garb. (expanded on P. As to building site: is as we were told by English, superior to their "Adelaide" [[end page]] [[start page]] [[blank page]]
[[in box]] Tow net hauls [[underlined]] 20 [[/underlined]] = 1963 Fish traps set 16 times [[circled]] * [[/circled]] Dredge hauls 30 " [[ditto for: times]] [[underlined]] Ashore for ^[[insertion]] shore [[/insertion]] collecting 28 times [[/underlined]] with loss of nets on 2 occasion = 18 [[|]] [[strikethrough]] 6 [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] 7 [[/insertion]] 4 & 20 [[/in box]] Look up: [[underlined]] Antarctic Treat Ask Stanford. [[/underlined]] Ed. Schafers (Chief, Branch of Exploratory Fishery) Hugh De Witt (Dan Cohen says is man for Antarctic Fish Hand books [[line across page]] [[underlined]] is at Hancock foundation [[/underlined]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[NOTE: Portion of page covered with note; full text of page on following digital page]] [[in box]] 5th 0800 to 6th 0800 [[/in box]] [[in box]] [[double underlined]] Jan 5 [[/double underlined]] [[two columns]] 313 5 317.5 6 315.5 7 302 8 342 9 [[/in box]] [[in box]] Distances run [[double underlined]] 1963 date [[/double underlined]] [[/in box]] [[double underlined]] Weather Summary [[/double underlined]] page [[circled]] 1. [[/circled]][[underlined]] for Jan opposite [[/underlined]] [[{ to left of text]] Ballard Picture of Sunset [[line]] [[/{]] Grove rock (pumice) Deception [[line]] [[in box]] From Tom Jones: Naval Message 02 March 63 [[?]] class for Crowell Palmer Station A, .... Discussions subsequent to Ref. B. ^[[insertion]][[circled]] M1015392 [[/circled]] [[/insertion]] reveal [[that]] first intcrement [sic] of Palmer Sta. can [[pro]]bably established in JWBVZ. Preliminary [[pla]]nning for a 20 man camp going forward A. Will utilize prefabrication con[[cept]] which were [sic] very successful at [[Ei]]ght Sta. B. Unit layout being kept flex[[ible]] so adjustments can be accomplish[[ed]] if necessary and the site permits.. When survey is completed recom[[mend]] that you, Schmitt, McDonald and [[Berg?]] proceed ASAP from first possible port. Advise port and ETA so [[?]] travel can be arranged for all. T.O. Jones [[/in box]] [[overlaying note, writing is upside down]] ① UK STAT Adelaide Is [[line]] ② Rothera Pt Adelaide Is. [[line]] ③ [[/note]]
[[NOTE: portion of page is covered by overlaying note; full text is on previous digital page]] [[in box]] Tow net hauls [[underlined]] 20 [[/underlined]] = 1963 Fish traps set 16 times [[circled]] * [[/circled]] Dredge hauls 30 " [[ditto for: times]] [[underlined]] Ashore for ^[[insertion]] shore [[/insertion]] collecting 28 times [[/underlined]] with loss of nets on 2 occasion = 18 [[|]] [[strikethrough]] 6 [[/strikethrough]] [[insertion]] 7 [[/insertion]] 4 & 20 [[/in box]] Look up: [[underlined]] Antarctic Treat Ask Stanford. [[/underlined]] Ed. Schafers [[?]] Huge DeWitt (Dan [[?]] Antarctic Fish [[?]] [[note taped to page]] [[rotated 90º to right]] [[in box]] Blanche Knoll 1,700 10 a.m. Jan. 21 [[/box]] [[underlined]] ROTHERA [[/underlined]] POINT [[in box]] 10 a.m. Jan. 21 [/box]] [[image - Pen sketch of Map showing legend; Compass direction; Ryder Bay; Stonehouse Bay Also shows distance scale]] [[/note]] [[end page]] [[start page]] [[in box]] 5th 0800 to 6th 0800 [[/in box]] [[in box]] [[double underlined]] Jan 5 [[/double underlined]] [[two columns]] 313 5 317.5 6 315.5 7 302 8 342 9 252 10 245 11 259 12 227.5 13 292 14 271.5 15 312.7 16 206 17 [[/in box]] [[in box]] Distances run [[double underlined]] 1963 date [[/double underlined]] [[/in box]] [[double underlined]] Weather Summary [[/double underlined]] [[underlined]] for Jan opposite [[/underlined]] page [[circled]] 1. [[/circled]] {Ballard Picture of sunset [[line]] Grove rock (pumice) Deception [[line]] [[in box, double outlined]] Mr. Miller: [[/in box]] [[in box]] Photographic Office Commander - U.S. Naval Support Force - Antarctica - Room 2020 Bldg "D" 6th and Independence Ave S.W. Wash. 25, D.C. OX-6-7164} = Code II OX-6-7146} 6-7146 [[/in box]] [[in box]] From Tom Jones: Naval Message 02 March 63 Unclass for Crowell Palmer Station A, .... Discussions subsequent to Ref. B. ^[[insertion]] [[circled]] M1015392 [[/circled]] [[/insertion]] reveal that first intcrement [sic] of Palmer Sta. can probably established in JWBVZ. Preliminary planning for a 20 man camp going forward A. Will utilize prefabrication concept which were [sic] very successful at Eight Sta. B. Unit layout being kept flexible so adjustments can be accomplished if necessary and the site permits 3. When survey is completed recommend that you, Schmitt, McDonald and Berg proceed ASAP from first possible port. Advise port and ETA so all travel can be arranged for all. T.O. Jones [[/in box]]
[[blank back cover]]