Field notebooks, 1928-1931 : Woodbridge and Occoquan, 1931

ID: SIA RU007342

Creator: Eike, James W.

Form/Genre: Fieldbook record

Date: 1931

Citation: James W. Eike papers, 1927, 1950-1983

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This field book contains field notes on note cards taken from 28 August to 13 December 1931. Notes document birds observed in Woodbridge and Occoquan in Virginia. A note dated 1985 from Mrs. James Eike (Claire Eike) about the provenance of the field notes is included.

Date Range


Start Date

Aug 23, 1931

End Date

Dec 13, 1931

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  • Bird watching
  • Animals
  • Bird watchers
  • Birds
  • Ornithology


  • Woodbridge
  • United States
  • Occoquan
  • Virginia


  • Fieldbook record
  • Field notes

Accession #

SIA RU007342

Collection name

James W. Eike papers, 1927, 1950-1983

Physical Description

1 field book

Physical Location

Smithsonian Institution Archives


Box 1 Folder 4 Envelope 1

[[preprinted]] Mrs. James W. Eike 6207 Newman Road Fairfax, Virginia 22030 [[/preprinted]] October 2 - 1985 Dear Yu Lee: These old records surfaced from a carton of miscellaneous items. I am sending them to you to tuck in one of the boxes. Fred Scott said once he'd like to get his hands on Jim's old records. Jim was going to Georgetown Univ class "32, but the notes appear to be taken in Woodbridge and Occuquan. I had intended writing to you before this to tell you that I am pleased at the interest of the VSO. If the records ever serve a purpose, and the VSO wonders what to do with them, there is always a home here, or with Susan. Susan Eike Spalding will probably always live in her mountain home. Her address is in the list of members. Best wishes Claire
L. E Lennox, [[Livery?]] Willie II III 456 4 5 880 I II III | | | 2 1 4 P Jimiz R Biehn D Shue Lunt Layton Neff M Hart
1931 Woodbridge - Occuquan area
Aug. 28, 1931 Fri [[strikethrough]] Heard [[underlined]] white-eyed vireo [[/underlined]] over in gully, when coming back from paper-box. Heard [[underlined]] Redstart [[/underlined]] & [[underlined]] Killdeers [[/underlined]]. Beside Pond - Heard chickadees - with them were two Downy Woodpeckers, Some nuthatches, quite a number of Pine Warblers, & [[underlined]] at least [[/underlined]] one [[underlined]] Chestnut [[/underlined]] -sided Warbler. Pine w's. were all thru trees. Peewee calling Female M. yellowthro [?] in bushes over [[/strikethrough]]
stream, by II old muskrat lead & pool. Another peewee on dead top of a Maple near dark pool & Big Maple [[strikethrough]] Cardinal Chipping near Big Maple in Marsh [[underline]] Oven bird [[/underlined]] in young beech across stream from Big Maple. Young Female Cardinal in Bushes under Big Maple. In [[strikethrough]] bushes [[/strikethrough]] [[written in]]alders[[/written in]] under Maple - Ovenbird & Immature Carolina Wren. In bushes where Cardinal was - Northern Water Thrush - noticeably smaller than Louis. [[/strikethrough]] Buffy line over eye &
III similar paler wash on [[strikethrough]] under parts - liberally streaked - pumped tail continually - very tame. Hear Hooded W. singing down in woods beside Marsh. Several Peewees now calling - Flock of swallows high over marsh. wide - square cut tail - circling. a few swifts seem to be with them. [[/strikethrough]] Male Summer Tanager calling in young oak over road - another bird I couldn't
IV [[strikethrough]] see. He's now calling in a hickory tree. Great Crested Flycatcher calling constantly near pond. [[underlined]] Yellow-throated [[/underlined]] Warbler in pine beside pond - also [[underlined]] Ches-sided [[/underlined]] w. At this end of pond - at opening to path - Yellowthroated vireo - Chestnut-sided W. [[/strikethrough]] [[underlined]] Yellowthr. W. [[/underlined]] Many chickadees & nuth.
V [[strikethrough]] One Chickadee seemed prettier than others - much whiter on sides of face - pinkish - chestnut wash on sides - black more clean-cut. Titmouse singing. Female or male Sc. Tanager Titmice calling & singing. Several Red-eyed vireos in top of trees near old Mill. In pines over & [[/strikethrough]] beside the path to the house, [[overwritten ]] from [[/overwritten]] near the pond -
VI [[strikethrough]] One Black & white warbler, One Yellowthroated W., Many pine warblers, Several (at least) Chestnut-sided W's., A Yellow-thr vireo, & some chickadees, also a few peewees calling. A Red-eyed vireo in the group too. By Persimmon trees - some field Sparrows, & titmice. [[/strikethrough]]
Aug. 29, 193[[written over]]0[/written over]]1 - Sat. Adult Bald Eagle flying over lot in direction of Bubbe's [[strikethrough]] House. Pine warblers in pines. Nuthatches calling. Hummingbird in top of pines on hill above pond. Summer Tanager calling in Hollow near Castle Woods. Redeyed vireo in oaks back of Dark Pool - on hill. Blue-gray Gnatcatcher calling in marsh (upper). Hooded Warbler calling on laurel [[strikethrough]] hill [[/strikethrough]] bank across falls. [[/strikethrough]] Just across outlet,
II at little pool were two [[strikethrough]] or more [[underline]] phoebes [[/underline]]. As I walked up to the pool a male Redstart flew up to a limb about a foot from my face, & almost broke his neck flying quickly to a perch a yard or so away. A female Black & white warbler sat tamely on a limb over the pool, preening her wet plumage [[/strikethrough]] after a bath. Saw a bird several times that looked [[strikethrough]] like [[/strikethrough]] more like a female Black-
III Red-breasted nuthatcher calling, Pair of large sliders up in [[strikethrough]] little pool where I saw large eel ("Eel Pool") One larger than other, both swimming slowly about. Small flock of field sparrows out in garden, on fence line near blackberries. [[/strikethrough]]
[[blank page]]
[[strikethrough]] Aug. 30, 1931 - Sun. [[double underline]] 14th. Snake [[/double underline]] Killed 2 1/2 ft. water snake beside & partly under a large rock beside the large pool in the Castle Woods. The bullet nearly tore its head off - the first Super-X I've ever shot - a long rifle. I used a second to help finish it, & my ears ached. Saw squirrel near here. Seen today - [[/strikethrough]] Field Sparrows - Pine W's
II yellowthroated vireo. [[strikethrough]] Yellowthroated W. Hooded W. singing. Chickadees + titmice. Two flocks of nighthawks - each containing 15 or twenty birds. [[line]] Aug. 31, 1931 - Mon. Black & White W. Redeyed Vireo. Downies. Peewees. Male Scarlet Tanager - with one streak of red left between legs. [[/strikethrough]]
III [[strikethrough]] burnian than the one I saw the other day. Smaller, & more yellow below - also seemed to have a crown patch; no stripes on sides; I couldn't see it [[overwrite him]] well. [Had white in tail, also. Also a [[underline]] chestnut - sided [[/underline]] W. here, & another male Redstart, a number of chickadees & titmice & one nuthatch. Also a female downy, Down near pike pool - flock of Robins & one female Downy. [[/strikethrough]]
[[blank page]]
I [[strikethrough]] Sept. 1, 1931 - Tues. Went hunting about 8 O'clock - Got two squirrels with one shot out of hickory tree in marsh along stream up back of Dark Pool. Only saw one, shot it, & one dropped on each side of tree. Had to shoot one a second [[/strikethrough]] time - Male & Female. Black + White Warbler Hooded W. Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher. Red-eyed vireos.
[[start page]] II Yellowthroated [[strikethrough]]vireo[[/strikethrough]] Warbler. Pine Warbler Redstart. Brown Thrasher Carolina Wrens. Chickadees. Titmice. Nuthatches. Peewees Downies (2) Field Sparrows. Sept. 2, 1931 - Nighthawks over Woodbridge. Sept. 3, 1931, In Hunting Creek at Alex.- White Herons (Immature Little Blue) seemed larger - one buff color, leaned [[?]] over. All large [[end page]]
III ? 8/31/31 - contd?? Oven bird flew up [[strikethrough]] out of laurels, & a male Hooded W. came up too. I called & they came up to about 10 ft. of me, very curious. The flycatcher came back - & lit beside the ovenbird - the Hooded W. lit beside the flycatcher, & then chased him by steps down thru the woods - flycatcher slightly larger than W. [[/strikethrough]] Another ovenbird farther down path. Also young wood-
[[start page]] IV thrush in same place - chipped - + adult came hopping across path + led it on into bushes Oven bird kept near young thrush. It flew up on limb of laurel - Oven bird lit about 1ft. away. Thrush has only stub tail Hooded Warbler singing up behind me where I just saw him. Three Salamanders on mushroom. [[end page]]
[[start page]] V In woods near Gnatc. [[?]] point - Male Hooded W. flashed by & started singing in laurels - when I answered he kept on singing constantly. Peewee. Pine Warbler in oak. Chestnut-sided W. (Female) in oak - eating blue-gr.worm. Male Sc. Tanager in same Oak - little streak of red left between legs. Female Bl.& Wh. W. on laurel 1 ft. above [[end page]]
[[start page]] VI ground-now hunting all thru laurels, going to ground after something. Ovenbird nearby. Chickadees in trees overhead + around me. Titmouse on limb. Another " [[titmouse]] in tree. Two Bl.+Wh. W's now here. Hairy Woodpecker hammering slowly. Chestnut sided Warbler in Locust tree near fallss[[?]] Pine W. in Pine beside locust. Bl.+Wh.W. in young Maple under locust. [[end page]]
[[start page]] VII Another red Salamander at base of big fallen tree near locust. [[underline]]Yellow billed[[/underline]] [[strikethrough]]call[[/strikethrough]] Cuckoo calling in woods close by. Another red salamander on open ground near first three. Only red one of first three still visible by mushroom. Oven bird below falls in alder tree over honeysuckle - Goldfinches in trees beside pond singing. [[end page]]
[[start page]] VIII Chestnut sided W. + Bl.+ Wh.W. in oaks beside pond, adjoining big black oak. [[underline]]Nighthawks - 4-over [[/underline] house + field - [[arrow directing this next sentence above the sentence about Nighthawks]] Pair of Indigo Buntings [[end page]]
[[start page]] Sept. 5, 1931 - Sat. [[strikethrough]]went to Brent's Camp[[/strikethrough]] Saw male Summer Tanager in top of old wild Cherry tree, fly catching. Heard Catbird. Sept. 5, 1931 - Sun. Went to Brent's Camp. Saw Osprey -- one wood Duck going from woods out towards river. One kingfisher. Saw two Black-Crowned Night Herons [[end page]]
[[start page]] II fly from usual clump of trees. Another one flew up out of marsh [[marshs?]] nearby, carrying an eel! Many Bobolinks. Brent says yellowlegs are here. Some sort of sandpiper here - stilt? Four Wood Ducks going from river back to marsh.[[some kind of scribble at end of line?]] Sept. 7 1931 - Mon. Catbird calling.
[[start page]] III Mourning Doves near Dark Pool-flying about [[x?]] Wood Thrush up near tree with Downy nest hole. Black-poll W. in a tree nearby. Now three Black-poll W's, hunting thru trees - also two Woodthrushes here. Killed [[double underline]]16th.[[writeover 17th]] Snake[[/double underline]] - 2 1/2 or 3ft water snake, Near Persimmon trees, Pine Warbler singing + [[end page]]
[[start page]] hunting thru trees. [[strikethrough]] Also a few blackpoll warblers, [[underline]]several[[/underline]] Red-Breasted nuthatches, a pair of Downies, one [[underline]]parula[[/underline]] W., + titmice + Chickadees. [[/strikethrough]]
[[start page]] Sept. 9, 1931 - Wed. On hill over pond - [[strikethrough]] four fairly large Warblers light grey underneath + darker on top - pair of light wingbars - darker wash on throat --- Cooper's Hawk flying so high above pond he is merely an unidentifiable speck without the glasses, Red-eyed vireos fussing near dark pool, [[/strikethrough]] Pine Warblers singing near [[strikethrough]]pond[[/strikethrough]] marsh, in woods beside by tulip [[end page]]
[[start page]] II tree broken by lightning Several peewees here also - at least a youngster being fed by ^(one) adult[[strikethrough]]s[[/strikethrough]]. Pair of pine w's, fighting often - one immature, Adult brightly colored. Chickadees calling, Scarlet Tanager calling + [["prewit"?]]. Phoebes. At house this A.M. one Catbird - Young male [[strikethrough]]scarlet Tanager[[/strikethrough]] [[underline]]Hooded[[/underline]] Warbler - only an [[end page]]
[[start page]] III edging of hood. Several [[underline]]Brown[[/underline]] Thrashers "chucking" [[strikethrough]]near t[[/strikethrough]] in garden near barn. Went into woods back of chicken houses at noon, having heard chickadees calling a great deal. Many birds were in the tall oak that bends over at the top, + has limbs growing [[end page]]
[[start page]] IV down low. Here I saw the first Blackburnian W. I have ever identified positively, tho I thot I saw a female last week. A beautiffully colored male was here, his colors fairly blazing as he hunted. [[strikethrough]] His mate[[/strikethrough]] A female was nearby. [[end page]]
[[start page]] V [[strikethrough]]A[[/strikethrough]] I saw at least one more female. There was at least several of the Blackburnians in this group. With them were many [[underline]]Chestnut-sided warblers[[/underline]] - none showing any chestnut. There were quite a few [[underline]]Black-[[/underline]] [[end page]]
[[start page]] VI [[underline]]throated [[strikethrough]]Warbler[[/strikethrough]] Green Warblers [[/underline]], both male + female, the first I've seen this [[strikethrough]]year[[/strikethrough]]fall; they are beautiful birds too. There was one [[underline]]Reds[[/underline]]tart (female) + one [[underline]]Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher[[/underline]], + one [[underline]]Black + Wh. W.[[/underline]] Several [[underline]]Red-eyed[[/underline]] vireos, one [[underline]]YellowThroated vireo[[underline]], one [[end page]]
[[start page]] VII [[underline]]Yellowthroated[[/underline]] Warbler, [[strikethrough]]Sever[[/strikethrough]] a number of [[underline]]Pine Warblers[[/underline]], what seemed to me a number of [[underline]]Blackpoll[[/underline]] Warblers, but probably were ^([[underline]]Bay-breasted[[/underline]]) some other kind, one [[underline]]Parula[[/underline]], at least one pair of [[underline]]Downy woodpeckers[[underline]]. [[end page]]
[[start page]] VIII [[strikethrough]]a[[/strikethrough]]Several birds that seemed to be [[underline]]Philadelphia Vireos[[/underline]]; resembled warblers closely. Scarlet Tanager (Female?) on ground under apple trees, + in trees in front of chicken houses. [[end page]]
[[start page]] I Sept.11, 1931 - Fri. A [[underline]]white-eyed[[/underline]] vireo calling in "Redstart Bottom". Also a female [[underline]]Hooded Warbler[[/underline]] Hunting busily + then preening, in the top of a young tree 15 or 20 feet tall. [[strikethrough]]Redl[[/strikethrough]] Cardinals in bushes, one at least an immature one. Pine Warblers [[end page]]
[[start page]] II singing here + in back of house this A.M., then down hill to pines. Phoebe today. Peewees. [[strikethrough]]Pair of pee[[/strikethrough]] About a week ago I discovered the nest of a chip-sparrow in the outer tip of an upper limb of the walnut tree at the chicken house. Today I saw one young- [[end page]]
[[start page]] III in the plum tree below the walnut tree, against Carl's fence. Three [[underline]]Sparrow[[/underline]] Hawks flew over the Garden this evening near 6 P.M., going toward the orchard. Could only observe the size + their call, "killee, killee, killee", as they played in the air. Some sort of warbler [[end page]]
[[start page]] IV in the wild cherry trees, chipping, same as have been dropping in occasionally for the last week. Seems like Pine W. Cat bird calling today; Brown thrashers calling "sow-what" back of fence by barn. Peewee in garden. Scarlet Tanager (Female?) hunting on ground under apple trees in front of chicken house [[end page]]
[[start page]] V calling all around. [[underline]]Red-breasted nuthatch[[/underline]] in trees on hill over [[underline]]dark pool[[/underline]]. A number of other nuthatches calling all around. Chickadees calling nearby, also kinglets. Bluejay in Big beech on other side of Dark pool giving a perfect imitation of a Hawk. [[underline]]Whi. thr sparrow[[/underline]] still in low growth near holly trees. Female Cardinal at pond, Violets Blooming in [[end page]]
[[start page]] VI little marsh-mint growing here. Little yellow flowers of several kinds blooming. Number of [[double underline]]Juncos[[/double underline]] in pines + bushes at upper end of Crab pond. 4 or 5 in sight at one time x Oct. 22, 1931 - Thrush. Hairy Woodpecker in big oak at edge of young pines, large pine + [[Mac's]] Woods. Nuthatch(Redbr?) [[end page]]
[[start page]] VII calling all thru woods (pines.) 3 or 4 [[underline]]Hermit thrushes[[/underline]] flying about under + in big Black oak down over Hill, then went up beside young pines; Another calling "chup-chup". Many [[underline]]wh. thr[[/underline]]-Sparrow calling all around - I whistled the song, they came from all around, up in pines to about [[end page]]
[[start page]] VIII 15ft. above ground - up in grass + bushes to 10ft. of me. [[strikethrough]]??[[/strikethrough]] numbers in sight at one time - one brightly colored [[underline]]song sparrow[[/underline]]. Hermit thrushes up in field in bushes - one calling "chup chup", + jerking tail. Mourning dove flying over. [[underline]]Killdeer[[/underline]] calling at dark. Cardinals calling [[end page]]
[[start page]] VII More Kinglets way up near spring (in large [[pipe?]]) where beaten path leads up to white house in clearing - Juncos in bushes on edge of clearing. Back in Bubb's - where road to Aunt Beccy's first crosses black muddy ground - a woodcock jumped from about 3 or 4 feet in front of me - wings whistling + rolling from side to [[end page]]
[[start page]] VIII side - got him in glasses - looked gray - like Wilson's snipe - dropped feet + landed in marsh. Female Purple finch singing very low, and eating berries in dogwood tree. Other similar songs nearby. This seems to be the same as the song I connected with the Ruby-Cr. Kinglet because it seemed very similar to his, + he was the only [[end page]]
[[start page]] IX bird I saw. Killed gray squirrel in hollow from castle woods - 3 shots from 22. [[double underline]]17th (?) sn[[/double underline]]ake. Killed 4 or 5 ft. Black snake at water hole - rattled tail loudly in dry leaves - 3 shots used. Many Juncos + [[underline]]Field[[/underline]] sparrows near persimmon trees. Cooper's Hawk [[end page]]
[[start page]] X flying across Bubb's field to branch. Oct. 29 -- 1931 - Juncos, Kinglets, (Golden crowned). Whi. thr. sparrows Cardinals - near road. Oct. 30, 1931 - Fri. Six Cardinals flying into trees over stream near [[underline]]paper box[[/underline]]..
[[start page]] Number Rate Cong. Dist. aval Service Minority ade [[end page]]
[[start page]] Sept. 27, [[underline]]1931[[/underline]] - Sun. In pines back of Carl's; Chickadees; pine warblers; Field Sparrow, [[underline]]Ruby-Crowned Kinglet[[/underline]] - Downies near pond. Chickadee calling in young pines down over hill. Carolina wren in Redstart bottom - within 2ft. of me - fussed after flying away. [[end page]]
[[start page]] Oct. 4, 1931 - Sun. In back of Chickenhouses - numbers of blackpolls, 1 brown thrasher, chicka-dees - Ruby Cr. Kinglets. Near pond - at entrance to path - Black-Polls - R.C.-Kinglets Chickadees, Pine W. singing, Field Sparrows in [[double underline]]pines[[/double underline]] Up path beside pond Chickadees, titmice, Downy, Cardinal, R.C. Kinglets, Male [[underline]]Bl. thr. Gr. [[/underline]] warbler, singing a whisper song "sweezy, swee, ower, see" often. [[end page]]
[[start page]] II Male [[underline]] parula W.[[/underline]] hunting busily, [[underline]]Pine W.[[/underline]] singing another [[underline]]Bl. thr. Gr. W.[[/underline]] hunting in sycamore. Another Parula W. hunting in maple beside sycamore. Ruby-Cr. Kinglet hunting (+ fussing once) in big birch. Beautiful male [[underline]]Bl. thr. Gr. [[/underline]] W. in same tree. Three [[underline]]pine Warblers [[/underline]] in top of a large pine. Red-Breasted nuthatch in top of pine nearby. [[end page]]
[[start page]] Oct. 18, 1931 - Sun. Ruby-Crowned Kinglet in big cedar near gate of Peggy's garden. In young pines back of Carl's - chickadees + Ruby-Crowned Kinglets. Up path beside pond- near slanting beech- a [[underline]]Myrtle Warbler[[/underline]] is hunting around in a large pine - all alone. In another tree a few yards away a [[double underline]]Hairy[[/ double underline]] woodpecker [[image - hand-drawn symbol for female]] is hammering. [[end page]]
II Another calling in marsh. Female [[underline]] cardinal [[/underline]] just flew from alders in marsh to alders over stream near leaning beech. Robins & sparrows calling. Blue-Jay calling Near the big lightning-broken tulip tree there is a tall Holly tree, & beside it a dogwood tree. In the dogwood tree is at least one [[underline]] yellow [/underline]]-bellied Sapsucker (♀)
[[start page]] III two Robins, a [[double underline]]Hermit[[/double underline]] [[underline]]thrush[[/underline]], and sparrows I couldn't see well enough to identify. Sapsucker, Hermit Thrush + Sparrows back again. Sapsucker flew to another tree with a berry + a Ruby-Cr. Kinglet lit nearby. Pair of Hermit Thrushes now here - on in a little dead tree - the other on a burnt stump below it. [[end page]]
[[start page]] IV Robin [[image - hand-drawn symbol for female]] in tree. Another [[underline]]R.C.[[/underline]] Kinglet in dogwood. Pair of [[underline]]white[[/underline]] [[strikethrough]]crowned[[/strikethrough]] [[underline]]throated Sparrows[[/underline]] - first in Holly - now in dogwood. others calling sleepily nearby - answering those in tree. Kinglet in tree nearby - + in holly tree - probably same one. [[underline]]Brown Creeper[[/underline]] going up slim pine [[underline]]nearby.[[/underline]] [[underline]]Wh. thr.[[/underline]] sparrows [[end page]]
[[start page]] Oct. 24, 1931 - Sat. Killdeer calling. Dozen or more Kinglets in pines down near road - had hunch they were Golden-crowned - but couldn't see them. Chickadees + nuthatches here, also Cardinals. Had to help load corn on wagon. When I finally got back over the hill - I located one Ruby-Crowned Kinglet in the young pines near MacMahon's [[end page]]
[[start page]] II woods. [[underline]]Kinglets[[/underline]] all through trees, all in one tree fussing for some reason, helped by a pair of [[underline]]red-breasted nuthatches[[/underline]], while other nuthathes called nearby. at least three of the [[double underline]]Kinglets[[/double underline]] were [[double underline]]Golden-Crowned[[/double underline]], first I've seen this fall x [[double underline]]Juncos[[/double underline]] [[end page]]
[[start page]] III in bushes. [[underline]]Blue-Jay[[/underline]] flying over. One other bird with Kinglets - resembled some [[strikethrough]]some[[/strikethrough]] sort of Warbler. Small as kinglets almost, seemed to have light striping on side of head. Mockingbirds have been singing all day. [[end page]]
[[blank page]]
[[start page]] Oct. 25, 1931 - Sun. [[underline]]Juncos[[/underline]] chipping back of Carl's. [[underline]]Kinglets[[/underline]] calling in pines - located one - seemed to be [[underline]]Golden-crown[[/underline]]. [[underline]]Nuthatches[[/underline]] calling also - saw one - a [[underline]]Red-breast[[/underline]] up on side of pine eating what seemed to be a large bee. Juncos chipping here - (near pond + old mill). Over stream (now dry) running down hollow to pond a [[underline]]Hermit Thrush[[/underline]] [[end page]]
[[start page]] II is sitting upon the limb of an oak calling "cheep, chop" [[?]]. Above him is a Golden-Crown Kinglet hunting + calling, a flock of Killdeers flies over, calling steadily, sometimes fast, sometimes slow - going over to our field. Robins calling. Crow cawing in marsh, Bluejays calling - Chickadees " [[ditto mark beneath "calling"]] + singing. [[end page]]
[[start page]] III a little [[underline]]Ruby-crown[[/underline]] continually singing a very pretty warbling sont - reminiscent of a [[underline]]purple[[/underline]] finch - Chickadees all about - Blue Jays flying around - many [[?]] Robins - one [[double underline]]Swamp[[/double underline]] Sparrow in alders over stream. One [[underline]] Myrtle Warbler[[/underline]] flies across marsh into Birches here. Many [[underline]]Swamp sparrows[[/underline]] in sight now. [[strikethrough]]Redw[[/strikethrough]] Rusty Blackbird [[end page]]
[[start page]] IV here. Several Cardinals. Three more [[underline]]Myrtle warblers[[/underline]] now close to me - one immature - much streaked - nearest one has all gold spots bright except one on crown which is absent. More [[underline]]Myrtle Warblers[[/underline]] all thru trees farther away. Rusty Blackbird overheard - just flew from dogwood tree - wiping bill off - Tufted titmouse in [[end page]]
V low bushes. Junco in dogwood tree. Dogwood trees filled with Robins - Robins - everywhere - chasing each other steadily. [[double underline]] Purple Finch [[/double underline]] ([[strikethrough]] [[incorrectly drawn symbol]] [[/strikethrough]]) (♂) in dogwood tree, busily eating berries. Several crows flying about. Many Juncos about on ground & in trees.
[[start page]] VI Crows fighting a huge hawk. I only caught a glimpse of him as he flew - underside of great wings was very light - seemed white. Far back up right stream feeding pond - many kinglets - chickadees nuthatches + Bluejays also, (Red-h.) Crawfish - 2 1/2 or 3 in long - way up stream. [[end page]]
[[start page]] [[underline]] Oct. 31, 1931 [[/underline]] Near Road - Juncos, White-throated sparrows, Cardinals, Golden-Crowned Kinglets + Redbreasted Nuthatches. Swamp-sparrows at Flingsin swamp. [[underline]]Wh. thr.[[/underline]] Sparrows singing in occoquan, along river, same as at home. [[horizontal line across page]] By Persimmon trees - Juncos - Kinglets in trees. Juncos + Chickadees [[end page]]
[[start page]] II in alders in center of marsh. Violets + other blue-flowers blooming, Muskrat leads. Goldfinches calling in marsh. Kinglets + Nuthatches over path near Dark Pool. Ruby Crowned Kinglets + Juncos in marsh - in largest willows. Crows flying over - Pair of R.C. Kinglets overhead in big willow. [[end page]]
[[start page]] III Female Junco hunting up side of slanting young willow about 20ft. High -- hopping up trunk, then coming to perpendicular limb + going up it, by means of twigs - picking off insects now + then, apparently - resembled Warbler, only slower. Chickadees, titmice + Juncos beside pond, also pair of Downies in beech tree - male hung upside down from [[end page]]
[[start page]] IV pair of beech-nuts peeking at them like a chickadee. Heard song - down in woods towards old mill, but nearer pond - sounded like person imitating song sparrow song same -- but flat - no expression or music, + no pretty "twists". I was partly concealed in the little "alley" between young pines + alders beside pond where "Tom" [[?]] died. I answered song once or twice + a Song sparrow darted by my legs a few inches away. I let [[end page]]
[[start page]] V in alders nearby, overhanging pond. I whistled a few times more, + a second one came from same place as first, + started a fight on the alders, during which [[strikethrough]]each[[/strikethrough]] they fell in the water twice. Then one lit in little clump of 2 or 3 alders here, + sang very pretty "whisper" song which I answered + other sang up in other alders. First one seemed very [[end page]]
[[start page]] VI tame, finally flying back to alders where other one was. One sang continually - the prettiest sparrow song I have ever heard - on the general order of an ordinary Song Sparrow song - but longer, a seeming unending variety of beautiful twists + queer effects - often reminded me very much of a Redwing's song. [[end page]]
[[start page]] VII No matter how poor my attempts at imitating were it kept singing for several minutes. All was quite for awhile, + I thought they were gone, but I whistled like a white-throat + one ^(of S.S's) dashed by calling "bep bep" + lit in marsh grass, [[end page]]
[[blank page]]
[[start page]] Nov. 1, 1931 -- Sun. Many Juncos at bottom of lot. Only one "slider" out on log today -- numbers were out yesterday + last Sunday. [[double underline]]18th Snake[[/double underline]] Killed 1 1/2 or 2 ft. Banded water Snake - in stream at little bend where I first saw large eel, later eaten by water snake. First bullet, fired as he swam under leaves seemed to stun him - [[end page]]
[[start page]] II Took him out on bark, missed him once + wrecked his head next shot. Each of last shots put hole in ground [[?]] in. or more in diam. + several in. deep. Snake curled from last one for several minutes. In little hollow running up from place where Black Mud is there are Four white-breasted nuthatches and one Redbreasted in sight at one time. "Reddy" stays mostly to [[strikethrough]]large[[/strikethrough]] little limbs - [[end page]]
III "whiteys" follow up & down trunks. Kinglets calling here also. Bluebirds calling faintly somewhere near Number of chickadees & titmice in tangles back of & to left of Dark Pool, Juncos & [[underline]] Golden-Crowned Kniglets [[/underline]] here also.
[[start page]] IV Female "Goldie" with large moth - had another a few seconds later, Juncos in bushes under big Maple in marsh -- Cardinals in laurels across stream. Juncos + [[underline]]Wh.-thr.[[/underline]] Sparrows in bushes surrounding fallen maple here. Song Sparrow on lot. Kinglets (R.C.) in apple trees at home - Juncos [[end page]]
[[start page]] Nov. 7, 1931 - Sat. [[underline]]3 bl. vultures[/underline]] sailing very low over woodbridge - over Riley's mostly - one or two Turkey-vultures Here also many Turkey Vultures - sailing down Southern R.R. track in dir. of Manassas, just past tower on Southern. [[end page]]
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[[start page]] Nov. 8, 1931 - Sun. Gloriously beautiful day - a little wind blowing, but hardly cool - brilliant sunshine - leaves of every color. Kinglets in Big Oak. Huge Red-tail Hawk soaring low over orchard, castle woods, crab pond + across Bubb's House. Flock of 2 or 3 doz. [[underline]]Rusty Blackbirds[[/underline]] lighting in corn-field, later going up into persimmon trees - one male [[end page]]
[[start page]] II trying to eat a grain of corn he found - kept dropping it from his bill. Many Juncos here - one [[underline]]Chipping Sparrow.[[/underline]] in lane. Juncos calling, chipping, + occasionally singing, as in spring. Kinglets, Chickadees, + Nuthatches are here also, but can't locate them -- Nuthatches calling are [[underline]]Red-breasted [[/underline]] [[underline]]Sliders[[/underline]] out on logs in the pond. [[end page]]
[[start page]] III Juncos in [[strikethrough]]tops[[/strikethrough]] fallen top of big tulip tree broken by lightning, also in nearby bushes. Yellow butterfly (1 1/2") flying by. Many Juncos in upper marsh, near big Maple - Nuthatches calling over in hollow. Small yellow butterfly about size of Little Blues - Brown spots on wings + on tips of wings, Song Sparrow calling alders in marsh -- beside pond. [[end page]]
[[start page]] IV Out in marsh here there is a clump of several little willow trees - now bare. In them are three [[underline]]song Sparrows,[[/underline]] two side by side about six inches above the ground one about 3 inches above ground. In pines down near pond were several [[underline]]Red-br. nuthatches[[/underline]] - Some titmice, chickadees, + Kinglets. [[underline]]Red-br.[[/underline]] nuthatches in back of Carls - Many Juncos here. [[end page]]
[[start page]] Nov. 15, 1931 - Sun. Heard kinglets outside window this morning. Juncos around oak tree - [[underline]]Song Sparrow[[/underline]] in bottom of lot. Mocking bird on top of tool house. Juncos by persimmon trees. Goldfinches calling. Red-breasted nuthatch in young pines - let me walk to with 6 or 8 ft. of her (?) as I called. Others calling all about in large pines. [[end page]]
II In open birch + Oak woods on run to old mill (mill race) there were White-Breasted nuthatches, chickadees, titmice, Juncos, & one [[double underline]] winter wren [[/double underline]] on crooked, large, grapevine near ground, then in briers. Woodpecker hammering up near pond (Downy?) Kinglets here. Slider out on logs in lower ^[[insertion]] end of [[/insertion]] pond - papa saw a Box tortoise Thursday.
[[start page]] III Crawfish about 2 1/2 in. long in eddy behind big mass of honeysuckle roots at falls + stirring up mud. Chickadee over in big pine down stream, Forget-me-nots blooming (bluets) beside Big black Oak at pond. Violets blooming in little marsh. Large Dragon fly flying about - lit on my cap. Pair of small [[end page]]
[[start page]] IV ? Red-bodied dragonflies - scrambling all about on leaves + in air about 1 1/2 in long -- one or 2 red-brown spots on edges of wings -- Little red one chasing large dark one -- Pair of Song Sparrows in alder near fallen pine -- Goldfinches calling -- Titmouse hammering away like a woodpecker in dead pine, just above water -- others in trees. Two cardinals in alders over stream - Large brown katydid -- [[end page]]
[[start page]] V flew from bush to side of tree. Juncos hunting in tops of two tall pines 4 ft apart, + continually flitting back + forth between the pines, performing evolutions in the air like a fly catcher, + apparently catching small flys which can be seen flying about tops of trees. [[underline]]Red-br.[[/underline]] Nuthatch + one kinglet in top of same trees. Sweet clover [[strikethough]]bl[[/strikethtough]] blooming everywhere - very pretty yellow blooms. [[end page]]
[[start page]] VI Goldfinches calling all about. Several Sliders and a frog up in little pool where large eel stayed. Pair of [[underline]]Golden-Cr. Kinglets[[/underline]] in hollow near "Dark Mud". Others calling. Many Juncos in trees. Song Sparrows calling in next woods, on [[strikethrough]]stream[[/strikethrough]] left stream from pond, + in hollow leading from dark mud -- Call-sounds like small hawk - can't see anything. [[end page]]
[[start page]] VII on path home, where fallen trees lie around, + large pine leans into another - nuthatches calling - Kinglets -- two downies - [[underline]]winter[[/underline]] wren in fallen trees. Many [[underline]]Red-br.[[/underline]] Nuthatches in back of Carl's - Kinglets calling in several places also. [[end page]]
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[[start page]] Nov. [[strikethrough]]30[[/strikethrough]] 22, 1931 - Sun. Very Beautiful day - as they have been for 2 or 3 weeks - brilliant sunshine - warm - just a trace of coolness to make it finer - Red-breasted nuthatch on road into Ft. Humphreys - Juncos Back of Carl's - Cardinals eating seeds of giant tulip tree - Many Juncos everywhere - [[underline]]Wh. Br. [[/underline]] Nuthatch on Tulip tree - Female Downy on oak behind me - other Nuthatches [[end page]]
[[start page]] II calling - Song Sparrow singing - Juncos singing also Field Sparrow. Another Downy in little hollow on small tree, only 6 or 8 in. above ground. Chickadees - many Goldfinches. Sliders out on bank of pond - Song Sparrows out in marsh - Nuthatches calling on both sides of pond - Crows cawing. Kinglets calling near Dark Mud + Nuthatches + Song Sparrows calling all about upper marsh [[end page]]
[[start page]] [[strikethrough]]Mon[[/strikethrough]] Nov. 23, 1931 - Mon. About 20 ducks flying over house at dusk. Thus. Nov. 25, 1931 [[strikethrough]]Thurs.[[/strikethrough]] Wed. Juncos at House. Juncos at pond. Small red-bodied Dragonfly floating in pond. Colder today - ice at home. Song Sparrow calling + singing. Titmice in trees over pond. Chickadees + [[underline]]kinglets[[/underline]] calling - within a radius of 2 or 3 yds. here beside right stream, near [[end page]]
[[start page]] II upper muskrat hole, there are 3 or 4 mice or shrews running all about under leaves, but never showing themselves. Downy Woodpecker drumming steadily nearby. Chickadees + kinglets calling steadily. Juncos hunting about in tops of tall pines. Goldfinches calling + flying about in a large maple - seem to be eating buds. Number of Song Sparrows in alders over stream. [[end page]]
[[start page]] III Juncos chipping here, woodpecker drumming up right stream. [[underline]]Red-br.[[/underline]] Nuthatch in pines up near stricken Tulip tree. Grasshoppers flying all about in open + along road. Kinglets (G.C.), Chickadees + nuthatches calling all about. Bluebirds calling, + song sparrows also. [[end page]]
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[[start page]] Dec. 4, 1931 - Fri. Mama thot she saw a Red-headed Woodpecker in locust-tree - fog too thick for her to be sure Sat. Dec. 5, 1931 -- Juncos -- Song-Sparrows in Garden - Brilliant male Cardinal in Yard. Bluebird. Sun. Dec. 6, 1931 -- Beautiful day -- Juncos everywhere. Many " [[ditto mark beneath "Juncos"]] at persimmon trees. Kinglets calling low, + sleepily in trees here. [[end page]]
[[start page]] II Many Juncos in marsh. Chickadees here too, all calling + singing -- Kinglets (G.C.) calling over at Gnatcatcher Pt. Female Downy W. going up tall birches, while White-Br. Nuthatch hunts on nearby dead pine which contains Woodpecker holes - Goldfinches in trees, calling, Red-Br. Nuthatch dived at [[underline]]Wh. Br.[[/underline]] with hissing, grating sound + chased him down trunk - other nuthatches all about. [[end page]]
[[start page]] III Large slider's head poked out from under leaves in bottom of Eel Hole - quickly withdrawn. Little Frogs hopping all along streams. In mouth of little stream draining flooded upper marsh into right stream - Very Large slider coming out 2 or 3 ft. from mouth - Smaller slider going in. Over road beside pond - up near muskrat lead - Red-Br. + Wh.Br. [[end page]]
[[start page]] IV Nuthatches -- Chickadees, Juncos, and a [[underline]]Brown Creeper[[/underline]] on a dead pine, squeaking as it hitched up. Another [[underline]]Brown Cr.[[/underline]] or perhaps same one, going up birch tree above one [[underline]]Red. Br. -[[/underline]] 'hatch, + below another one. See a Br. Creeper now in an oak nearby, may be same one. Chickadees, Wh. Br. -- Nuthatches + Goldfinches here. [[end page]]
[[start page]] V Song Sparrows calling steadily out in marsh. [[end page]]
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[[start page]] Dec. 13, 1931 - Sun. Juncos chipping around house - Cardinals also - very dark day - occasional showers - heavy mist now. Kinglets calling near pond - over falls - Chickadees here too, calling + fussing. Pair of Song Sparrows + many Juncos on shore of pond near outlet. Pair of Hairy Woodpeckers in top of giant oak down below falls. Titmice with chickadees + kinglets - [[end page]]
[[start page]] II Water newts + Bl. water bugs out in pond -- Red-br. Nuthatches in pines beside "grove" of young holly trees. [[underline]]Hermit thrush[[/underline]] eating holly berries here -- I heard him calling "put"-"put" for several minutes, + thot it was a blackbird. Slider in "eel-pool" - diving for cover. Song Sparrows calling near here. At home -- Many Juncos in garden + [[end page]]
[[start page]] III little apple orchard. Five [[underline]]Field sparrows[[/underline]]in sight on garden fence at one time. One [[underline]]Song Sparrow[[/underline]] -- one beautiful Male [[underline]]Cardinal[[/underline]]. One Starling in full winter plumage, tho the day feels like spring. I was out this morning for an hour or so, with my shirt sleeves rolled up. [[end page]]
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[[start page]] Dec. 20, 1931 -- Sun. Juncos + Song-Sparrow at spring. Many Juncos here. G.C. Kinglets calling in McMahons Woods. Cardinal Chipping -- Chickadee calling -- All at London Bridge. Junco's in Leary Place - In woods near Grait ^(Great?)^ pine - G. Cr. - Kinglets - Pair of [[underline]]Br. Creepers[[/underline]] - Red-Br. Nuthatches. [[end page]]
[[start page]] II Cardinal in woods here - on little stream near pretty Holly tree. Winter Wren up stream in McM's woods - near Hog wire fence. [[horizontal line]] At pond about 2:30 - Song Sparrows calling in marsh. Cardinal chipping in alders over stream. Chickadees calling -- Many Juncos, especially near Holly trees. Slider swimming in eel pool. [[end page]]
[[start page]] III [[underline]]Yellow-bellied[[/underline]] - Sapsucker in beech tree beside Dark pool - tree is right in back of tree on which one did so much excavating last spring - This one hung upside down from the tip of a slender beech twig, like a chickadee - eating [[strikethrough]]at[[/strikethrough]] beechnuts - then flew yard or two to tall persimmon [[end page]]
[[start page]] IV tree - remaining opposite side - Numbers of titmice + Chickadees here - Many minnows swimming about in pond + in stream. Kinglets calling. [[end page]]