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This field book contains 5 years of field notes from 15 February 1950 to 5 February 1955 on the birds of the Arlington and Fairfax areas of Virginia. Notes do not document collecting, but rather bird observations. Weather conditions and temperatures, types of songs, behavior, sometimes sex, quantity, and common names of birds are listed.

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Feb 15, 1950

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Feb 05, 1955

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SIA RU007342

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James W. Eike papers, 1927, 1950-1983

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First Road So. Arlington and Glen Carlyn Park [[double underline]] 1950 [[/double underline]] "The woods" First [[underline]] Robins [[/underline]] about [[underline]] Feb. 15 [[/underline]] (1 or 2) following [[red underline]] warmest January in all Weather Bureau history [[/red underline]] 79[[degree symbol]] top temp., with about 5 successive days in upper 70's. Warm period followed by cold February (latter half) & early march. Down to about 16 - 18[[degree symbol]] once or twice. March 12, 1950 - Several Robins around - starting to sing a little - whisper songs. Saw first [[underline]] Myrtle Warblers [[/underline]] (2) around woods at W. & O.D. R.R. track, on walk with Susan. ^[[insertion light blue ink]] on 3/4/50 [[/insertion]] Yesterday (3/11) and today several Myrtle Warblers were around the yard, calling. Killdeers flying overhead, calling. March 18, Saturday. First [[underline]] Purple Grackle [[/underline]] calling on top of electric pole back of Woolford's house. Cold and very windy.
March 19. Sunday: Several times today I thought I heard a Brown Thrasher near the woods, but am now convinced it was the Mocking Bird. Robins singing- again mostly whisper style. Heard Grackles at intervals during the day- once saw four flying over low, heading North East. [[underline]] Dove [[/underline]] cooing repeatedly- first time. March 23 [[strike]] Friday [[/strike]] Thursday Frogs singing- Arietta says they have been singing for some time. March 25- [[strike]] Sunday [[/strike]] Saturday [[underline]] Phoebe [[/underline]] calling at the W + O.D. R.R. tracks. March 26- Near Fairfax-25 Robins in area 20 feet in diam [[?]] on Lee Blvd - Oakton road - on yard of Cobb's house. Probably 100 or more about- many Song Sparrows on burnt-over ground. Mocking birds. Frogs singing.
1950 March 28, Tuesday Warm Sunday (also Sat.) 79[[degree symbol]] yesterday, 70[[degree symbol]] this A.M. at 7:00. Gently misty drizzle. Pair of [[underline]] Purple Martins [[/underline]] off 2nd. Street So., just past old Glebe Road, as Claire drove me in to work. April 1- Saturday Cool the last few days- to -30[[degree symbol]] at night in 40's and 50's in afternoon. Frogs singing on milder nights. Star + Soulangeana magnolias beginning to bloom, Forsythia doing fine, some early spirea, etc. Many gulls up in parks last week. To woods briefly in afternoon (12:25-1:15) with Susan - no binocs. Phoebes, several Brown Creepers, Robins, one or two Myrtle Warblers, Downies, Jays, Grackles, Song Sparrows, etc. Houses nearly complete at our old parking place. New path cut through
1950 a hillside above "The little pond in the woods", bisecting the hillside between upper and lower paths, ruining (I'm afraid) one of favorite nesting places of Oven Birds, [[insert]] + Wood Thrush [[/insert]] and choice migration haunts of Olive-Backed and Gray-Cheeked Thrushes. April 6, 1950- Thursday. On leave today, celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary. Fine day, somewhat cool. Susan and I went to the more "civilized" section of Labber Rua Park in the afternoon. Titmice were calling at the Western end, then we heard the sweet song of one or more [[underline]] Ruby-Crowned Kinglets [[/underline]] ,and from up on the Northwest hillside, the song of a [[underline]] Pine Warbler [[/underline]]- quite a surprise for me here. He sang repeatedly for ten minutes or more. When we got home we looked out back, and saw
1950 a [[underline]] Brown Thrasher [[/underline]] hopping up Stevens' back yard from the fence row, with that ever-alert wary look. April 8, Saturday Went to see Carl + family today. Got to pond with Lee about 11:00 A.M. First noted [[underline]] many [[/underline]] White-Throated Sparrows about yard and in field, also Juncos. At Pond saw Crows, one Red-Tailed Hawk, and singing and call[[strike]] ed [[/strike]] ing happily up in swamp near Dark Earth, a pair of [[underline]] Louisiana Water Thrushes [[/underline]] They were very tame in actions, staying nearby, and one hopping about on a limb about 25 feet away for a while in good light. A few Song Sparrows about. Back home saw. Broad-Winged Hawk circling overhead calling.
1950 Lee said he killed one at house this morning. Purple Martin flew overhead. Titmice called nearby. Forsythia blooming wonderfully, but past peak. Spirea blooming nicely-many Jonquils. In woods, many anemones and a few bluets. [[underline]] Red Winged Blackbirds [[/underline]] high over head. April 9. Sunday. To woods about noon. Heard song and scolding chatter of Ruby Crowned Kinglets. Saw one [[underline]] Golden-Crown [[/underline]] above G.W. Survey marker-appeared to be male. Several Brown Creepers, Titmice, Chickadees, Flicker, Downy, Cardinals, Carolina Wrens. One Winter Wren hunting along ravine up to Glen Carlyn. Many Robins. Found more fresh park-paths chopped thru woods. Phoebes.
[[underline]] 1950 [[/underline]] [[left margin]] [[double underline]] April 18 [[/double underline]] [[/left margin]] As we returned home on First Road South, a [[underline]] Chewink [[/underline]] called at the end of the block. Two or 3 Chewinks in woods today (4/9) April 13 - Thursday Still rather chilly this morning, as it has been for several days - has been below freezing. Heard [[underline]] Yellow Warbler [[/underline]] singing [[strikethrough]] cheel [[/strikethrough]] cheerily on grounds of Pan-American Union, by old annex building. April 15 - Saturday Duty officer for OEX today - had to work half-day - actually in office 8:30-2:15. Before I left home 4 male [[underline]] Cowbirds [[/underline]] appeared on the back porch, then onto feed shelf. Down to 19 [[image: symbol for degree]] yesterday A.M. at Fairfax - 24 [[image: symbol for degree]] in D.C. coldest April 14
on record. In woods middle of afternoon Chewinks in woods- Brown Creepers, Kinglets, Titmice + Chickadees. In undergrowth between big Maple Bend + R.R. track I heard a [[underline]] Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher [[/underline]] calling. Had Susan with me, as couldn't locate him. Several Phoebes. White Throated Sparrows. April 16, Sunday To Woods with Susan again. At [[strike]] park [[/strike]] Picnic area where once the Jacks-in-Pulpits grew, near the stream + R.R. track, we found the Gnatcatcher, feeding very tamely within 10 feet of us. Another called nearby. Broadwinged Hawk. Phoebes, Kinglets, Creepers, Chewinks. [[underline]] 2 Hermit Thrushes [[/underline]] across stream from Gnatcatcher- one sat quietly for 5 minutes while I watched.
[[underline]] 1950 [[/underline]] April 19. -Wed. Male + [[underline]] Female [[/underline]] Cowbird on feeding shelf this morning. Others nearby. April 22, Saturday. Should have been the first day of my 3 weeks vacation, but our "Bold, New Program" killed that. To woods at 6:30 A.M. [[underline]] Chipping Sparrow [[/underline]] singing in Arlington Forest. Crossed Lee Blvd. bridge over R.R. tracks, turned down woods, up to Glen-Carlyn, then on down thru woods. Ruby Crowned Kinglets; Phoebes, Cardinals, White-Throated Sparrows, Crows, Jays, Many Robins, etc. Several Myrtle Warblers. Going down gravel road from "Observatory Point" or "Lookout Point" to Jack-in-Pulpit Clearing, I came across a [[underline]] Blue-Headed Vireo [[/underline]], flitting about from 2-8 feet above ground. He soon
flew across the track in the direction taken by another bird which may have been a second Vireo. Went up stream side path toward Gravel-pit area,(now Apartments) and found male [[underline]] Black-and-White Warbler [[/underline]] singing gaily along ravine up to open fields. He stayed within 10 feet of ground, several times going on ground. A male Ruby-Crowned Kinglet was here also, and Titmice and Chickadees. Along the stream-side path an [[underline]] Oven-Bird [[/underline]] hopped through the bushes and on the ground, and a Louisiana Water Thrush called and flitted about near the Black + White Warbler. All morning a Kingfisher rattled up and down Lubber Run. Twice a Broad-Winged Hawk flew over, once pursued by a Crow. Doubled back to Jack-in-Pulpit area and up to tracks. A Gnatcatcher
[[underline]] 1950 [[/underline]] called, and Kinglets sang, also Goldfinches sang and called. On a hickory opposite the high clay banks along the track, a very pale female [[underline]] Sapsucker [[/underline]] circled about 25-30 feet up, digging out an old row of sap holes almost completely circling the tree. The "scar-lips" about the holes were perhaps 3/4" high. When I returned later she was going from hole to hole, systematically probing for sap, then flew to another hickory nearby where the scar tissue above and below the ring of holes [[strikethrough]] whic [[/strikethrough]] was piled 1" to 1 1/2" high. These apparently had been renewed, as she probed quickly for sap, then sent to a small 1" limb and probed a small, fresh hold, then on to other freshly-bored holes on the small limbs, occasionally calling. Forgot to mention one
Hermit Thrush up streamside path. Saw 6-8 more before going home, along tracks, near Beech Bend, etc. Chewinks called frequently; heard several Cowbirds. Red-Bellied Woodpecker high in tree tops near Beech Bend, calling often. Purple Martins. seen near home late in day. Field Sparrow near tracks, and back in marsh patch across from the path up to my old parking places calls attracted my attention to a male [[underline]] Swamp Sparrow [[/underline]] about 10 feet from me, beside the tracks. Several Myrtle Warblers and Kinglets near the Sapsucker. Two Winter Wrens farther down track, opposite Dark Pool. In woods 6:30-9:00 - Cool, in low 40's at start. In 50's later. Light breeze, sunny.
[[underline]] 1950 [[/underline]] April 23, 1950 - Sunday To woods about 6:00 a.m. - all usual birds, but of the [[underline]] new [[/underline]] arrivals seen yesterday, only two were seen today - the Chipping Sparrows and the female Sapsucker, [[strikethrough]] boring [[/strikethrough]] probeing the first row of holes I saw her at. Numbers of Hermit Thrushes. Field Sparrows. Had to come home about 8:00 a.m. Cool, cloudy ^[[at first]]. On way back home, passing Buckingham, heard a [[underline]] Catbird [[/underline]]. A few minutes after arriving home, a [[underline]] House Wren [[/underline]] arrived in the back yard, singing happily on thru day. April 25 - Tuesday Worked until 11:50 P.M. last night on "Bold New Program" - so today, with the "Dream Budget" put to bed, I went home on time, riding with Bill Robey. Over New State Bldg. (21st + Va. Ave., N.W.), a flight of [[underline]] Chimney Swifts [[/underline]] suddenly flashed
by overhead. April 27- Thurs. Claude Mahoney of WTOP reports [[underline]] Whip-poor-wills [[/underline]] arrived at this farm [[strike]] near [[/strike]] Fairfax [[underline]] last night. [[/underline]] April 28 Friday. Left for woods at 6:00 A.M. Very slight breeze, sky overcast at first,light fog in woods at first, visibility very poor, because of poor light and glare overhead. At first picnic area near Lee Blvd., heard what I first was sure was a Red-Eyed Vireo. However, after climbing up the very steep hillside to the Glen Carlyn houses, I could find only a Solitary Vireo, although numbers of birds were in the high tree tops, and I couldn't identify them. Saw one bird 20-30 feet up that seemed to me must be a Yellow Palm Warbler, which
I haven't seen in years [[superscript insertion]] noted yellow underbody + "pumping" tail [[/superscript insertion]]. It flew towards the brushy ravine near the pony field; I followed there, and in a few minutes saw a [[underline]] Yellow Palm Warbler [[/underline]] flying about in the low undergrowth. I was able to approach within 30 feet or less, and get good view of the crown, under-body, and of course, the twitching tail. On two more occasions down through woods, saw [[strikethrough]] to [[/strikethrough]] what may have been same bird close up. Just before identifying the bird, I heard the sharp calls of a [[underline]] Wood Thrush [[/underline]] up the brushy ravine. High in the very tall trees in the Pony meadow, 12-20 Purple Finches sang softly. Cutting across on new hillside path, on to old one along top of park, saw Ruby-Crowned Kinglets, later saw more, and one Golden-Crown. Many Myrtle Warblers sang all thru the woods, everywhere- not in great numbers, but yet quite a few. Saw [[strikethrough]] J [[/strikethrough]] Brown
Creeper, in course of walk, heard 2 or 3 more Wood Thrushes. Just past Jack-in-Pulpit clearing, I heard the strident calls of a [[underline]] Crested Flycatcher [[/underline]] and almost immediately heard the repeated song of a [[underline]] Hooded Warbler- [[/underline]] took me about 2 minutes to remember name of the singer. Later saw one male. Several times heard two singing at once. Down near lower picnic area ran into another wave of migrants as I saw on first entering woods, + midway down. Many Myrtles, Kinglets, several Solitary Vireos (saw probably total of 20 or more for day, several times 2 or 3 together) the most I've ever seen in one day. Several [[underline]] Barn-Swallows [[/underline]] flew by overhead, twittering. Then heard and located one [[underline]] Red-Eyed Vireo [[/underline]]. Several Black & White Warblers here, & just before hearing
the [[strikethrough]] the [[/strikethrough]] Red-Eye, I heard the oft-repeated song of a [[underline]] Black-Throated Green Warbler [[underline]], but couldn't locate it, even tho the light was improving, seen breaking through, and I thought I had the tree located several times. This happened repeatedly until I finally located one male across the "Dark Pool" beside the tracks. Back to tracks, then down to Dark Pool - birds everywhere - numbers of Chewinks, Swifts, Wood Thrushes singing (forgot to mention near Beech Bend, a pair of L. Water thrushes, one carrying large dead oak leaf for nest - carried for several minutes, acting very wary & nervous - lost it in flight). Near two tall columnar tulip trees a sudden brilliant flashing in the air near the stream turned out to be a male [[underline]] Redstart [[/underline]] down near the stream in a wonderful display of insect catching.
He sang prettily several times. Near Dark Pool, a no. of White Throated Sparrows fed near the tracks. Doves cooed in the distance - many swifts, Phoebes and Flycatchers, one [[underline with small vertical lines crossing it]] Nuthatch. [[/underline with small vertical lines crossing it]] This seems like Parula time - have a hunch tomorrow is it! April 29, Saturday - First new arrival was upstream - side path, almost to point where path turns up to former gravel pit. A [[double underline]] Veery [[/double underline ]] hopped along the path ahead of me, then up hillside. On my return he left path, flew across stream, and hopped quietly up tiny rivulet, in & out of water. Nearly a [[underline]] Yellow-Throated [[strikethrough]] Warbler [[/strikethrough]] Vireo [[/underline]] sang. Near the S. W. Survey Marker a [[underline]] Parula Warbler [[/underline]] sang in the tree tops past the island. Back at Jack-in-Pulpit glade, a [[underline]] Scarlet Tanager [[/underline]] sang and called. Later heard another
1950[underlined] near Dark Pool. To right of track, near twin Tulip Trees, a [[underline]] yellow Breasted Chat [[/underline]] called and sang, and flashed through undergrowth, and a few yards farther on a [[underline]] White-Eyed Vireo [[/underline]] called and sang, flitting about as I tried "wren scolding" notes. A [[underline]] Kentucky Warbler [[/underline]] sang once in the distance beyond the end of Dark Pool. Returning along tracks, an [[underline]] Empidonax Flycatcher [[/underline]] flitted about in alders and in willows & cottonwoods 15 feet up, near S.W. marker - calling vigorously "swip", "swip", with vigorous tail-twitches. Quite small; white eye-ring, faint whitish wing bars, grayish with suggestion of faint green tinge on back, white on throat, whitish grey underbody; distinctly dirty-whitish edges to primaries, showing as he sat. Must have been Alder or Least - I'm inclined to say [[/underline]] Least [[/underlined]. A [[underline]] Maryland Yellowthroat [[/underline]] sang
on the little hillside near path up to former parking place. One afternoon drive, we saw a [[underline]] Kingbird [[/underline]] near Fairfax Golf & Country Club. In addition to 10 new arrivals, saw these: several Red-Eyed Vireos, Bl. Throated Green Warblers, Wood Thrushes, 2 or 3 Crested Flycatchers, 2 Catbirds opposite Dark Pool, 2 Broad Winged Hawks in same area, cruising tamely about and alighting on trees beside tracks; many White-Throated Sparrows, many Myrtle Warblers, several Black & White Warblers (incl. 1 [[female symbol]]); Flock of Purple Finches opposite Lookout Point; Barn Swallow, Swifts, Kingfisher, Chipping Sparrows (seen in great numbers on afternoon drive), many Cowbirds in woods, several Ruby-Cr. Kinglets, many Goldfinches, Juncos, many Towhees, no. of Hooded Warblers, Gnatcatchers, 1 male Redstart; one male Black Throated Green Warbler with a
[[underline]] 1950 [[/underline]] totally different song. - a weak soft warble or twitter. 6:00 a.m. to 8:15. cold, clear after first hour one Hairy Woodpecker - 2 Downies. April 30 - Sunday 6:15 - 8:15 a.m. Cool (quite brisk at first), cloudy, then clearing briefly; brief, light drizzle twice, then heavily overcast. Thought I heard a Worm-Eating W. on hillside near first picnic area, but couldn't confirm it - heard only once. Nothing new until coming back down stream side path, up hillside to right as I came back, saw scattered wave of migrants in tree-tops - light drizzle at time (7:00 - 7:30) and had to work through light underbrush. Saw one Male [[underline]] Black-Throated Blue Warbler, [[/underline]] silent throughout the 10-15 minutes he was nearby. I
then saw one female. On hillside where I once saw a Brewster's W. on the Red-Letter Day (Golden Wing, Blue-Wing, & Brewsters) a [[underlined]] Grey Checked Thrush [[underlined]] was busy eating the fruit of a Cat brier, about 15 feet above ground. In addition saw these: [[underlined]] Many [[underlined]] Myrtle Ws., singing, White-Thr. Sparrows, Goldfinches, several Tanagers (saw 2 males), 2-3 Parulas singing, several Bl.-Thr. Green & Black & White Warblers, at least two Solitary Vireos, two Yellow-Throated, 2-3 Red-Eyed Vireos, one White-Eyed singing at same spot as yesterday, 8-10 Ovenbirds, 2-3 Louisiana Water Thrushes, one Maryland Yellowthroat singing, Kentucky Warbler sang lustily once down near tree that once held a long rope for swinging across stream, several Hooded Warblers, saw 2 Crested Flycatchers, number [[end page]]
[[underline]] 1950 [[underline]] of Cowbirds; 2 Veerys along Lubber Run near "Sitting Rock", One Hermit Thrush up streamside path, many Fowlers, Mourning Doves calling (saw two flying together), Flickers, 1 Red-Bellied Woodpecker, Downise, 2 Gnatcatchers, Juncos, No. of Wood Thrushes. May 1, 1950 - Monday 6:15-9:00 Rather chilly this A.M., overcast at first, clearing and bright later. Intermittent rains yesterday, mostly drizzles of varying degrees, and rain almost all night, harder than during day, East wind during night. On path along top of hill, near old Red House, at least two [[underline]] Warbling Vireos. [[underline]] Makes me wonder how often I've not even looked these up, thinking I was hearing a softened Red-eye
song - as these sounded. [[strikethrough]] At edge of [[/strikethrough]] Here too I heard a brisk little song "swee-d-dd-zzzzz" to me having the sound of rapidly clicking ball bearings together. It was a lovely [[underline]] Blue-Winged Warbler [[underline]], in brilliant sunlight about 40 feet up. At the edge of Jack-in-Pulpit clearing, a sweet, clear song led me to a male [[underline]] Chestnut-Sided Warbler [[underline]], about 30 - 40 ft. up. This was about 7:00 A.M. With my glasses I followed a small bird up the giant tulip tree here (3 - 4 feet diam.), and saw what I took to be a black pigeon (or Rock Dove) sitting in a fork 100-120 feet up in the Tulip tree. The small bird flew near the larger just as I spotted the larger, and he gave a slight peck at the small bird (forgot his species now). I first noted the birds
[[underline]] 1950 [[underline]] [[margin]] [[underline]] Florida gallinule [[/underline]] [[/margin]] glossy dark breast, getting darker about the neck & head. On watching him closely, I noted a red patch at first looking like a flat, wide comb from the bill up the forehead, though not looking to me as wide as it appears in the books. The bill was yellow or whitish-yellow, appearing to extend less than inch in front of the red. I circled up the steep hill in back of the tree (which is at the foot of the hill) and got 50-60 feet up hill where I could see he was standing in the fork with feet spread about 3 inches apart on opposite sides of fork; legs appeared green or greenish-yellow, although from back he was silhouetted against source of light; they seemed about 5 inches or so long. There was something on the rump giving appearance of lighter color, perhaps ruffled [[end page]]
feathers. Short stumpy tail turned down. He was standing on his toe-tips each time I was in a position to see his feet- toes were quite long. I went up on the R.R. tracks [[insert]]^ later [[/insert]] and out on the trestle, giving me perhaps 30 feet more elevation, and together with the long viewing angle gave me further good views of the bird, including being able to see daylight under the bird and observe its legs, etc. It was in the same spot when I came back by about 8:15, and watched him for a few minutes. Along the path about half-way from J-in-P clearing to G.W. Marker, I found two [[underline]] Olive-Backed Thrushes [[/underline]], later saw a few more, perhaps half-dozen in all. Here too I heard a little song and found a [[underline]] Golden Winged Warbler [[/underline]] feeding very actively- but no more so
[[underline]] 1950 [[underline]] that the Blue Wing who was in constant motion. Later, down the tracks in Dark pool, I heard a splashing and saw a pair of [[underline]] Wood Ducks [[/underline]] swimming across the Pool, now much enlarged by all the rain. The male followed the female with his beautiful crest showing. About 5:00 Susan and I took a quick trip to see if we could find the Florida Gallinule. We didn't, but up [[strikethrough]] on the [[/strikethrough]] overhead a pair of [[underline]] Rough Winged Swallows [[/underline]] twittered and chased each other about with a great fluttering of wings and spread tails. When we went up on the trestle and I spotted a small Warbler on the topmost twigs of the very tall oaks nearest the trestle. Just as I got the glasses on him the rays of the low sun struck the fiery orange-red breast of the [[underline]] Blackburnian [[/underline]]
[[underline]] Warbler [[/underline]]. It flew on into the woods. In a few minutes we [[strikethrough]] saw [[/strikethrough]] met a Mr. Fuller, a bird student (with his wife) of three months duration. A very nice chap. May 4, 1950 - Thursday Rose-Breasted Grosbeak on Skyline Drive. Raven here also. Grass-hopper Sparrow along road on trip. Prairie Warbler heard at Fairfax Theater & several places from there on. Golden-Winged W. at home. 2 Blue-Winged Ws. " " [[ditto for 'at home']] - singing. Another Rose-Breasted Grosbeak at home (Park) Saw Bl. Thr. Green, Black-Throated Blue and Chestnut-Sided on Skyline Drive. 2 Female Prairie Horned Larks on Drive near Big Meadows. [[underline]] Cliff Swallow [[/underline]] at home.
[[underline]] Insert: [[/underline]] May 1, 1950 -Continued. 3-4 Hermit Thrushes; 2-4 Veeries; half-dozen Blackburnian Warblers singing "sweedle - sweedle - zee-ee-ee" very much like Black & White W., - 2 more Veeries (2-4 were in A.M.); several Olive-Backed Thrushes, [[underline]] 1 Blackpoll [[/underline]]; [[underline]] 1 Empidonax [[/underline]] (Jack-in-Pulpit clearing) - [[underline]] Acadian [[/underline]] singing "sevee - zee - up"; 6-8 Scarlet Tanagers in 2 trees, including one female; Kentucky Warbler within 10 feet (or less) of me, calling very loud chips; 1 White-eyed Vireo; 1 Solitary Vireo; what I [[underline]] believe [[/underline]] were 2 - 3 Tennessee Warblers; 3 - 6 Blue-Winged Warblers, twice had two singing at once, near each other; half-dozen Black-throated Blues; great numbers of Myrtles singing; 2 male Chestnut-sides;
female Redstart; Kingbird; Purple Finches. May 2, 1950- Tuesday Caught in rain at 8:15. Number of Olive-Backed Thrushes (8-10); 2-3 Hermit Thrushes; 2 Veeries; 2 Blue-Winged Warblers; 4 Blackburnians; Blackpol,[[strike]] 1 Kentucky W. [[/strike]] on hillside down from old Red House; 1 Kentucky W.; 1 Chestnut-Sided; May 3, 1950-Wed. Overcast. Saw 2-3 Bluewinged Warblers and most of those seen yesterday.
May 9- [[underline]] Bay-Breasted W.- [[/underline]] Blackb.? 1 Golden Winged-M? 1 Blue Winged 1 male Magnolia near twin tulip trees + Dark Pool 10-20 Bl. Thr. Blues Many Myrtles 8-10 Bl. Thr. Greens 10-15 Ch. Sided (all male) 2-3 Blackpolls (over) [[light blue "x" mark over message]]
Pool-1 near old [[? paper torn here]] same trees as yesterday. Male + Female [[underline]] Indigo Bunting [[/underline]] in White oak which had great popul. yesterday. Rose-Br. Grosbeak calling Many White -Thr. (met Mr. Hoover- said he saw [[strike]] Horned [[/strike]] Pied. Billed Grebe in Dark Pool 2-3 days ago- appeared to be caught by something. Br. Winged H. calling from pine. [[underline]] 3 Peeewees [[/underline]] - near S.W. Survey marker- near Buck Bend- near Brewster W. area. Rough Winged Swallow? Gnatcatchers 2-3 [[lower right corner]] Vireos: Red-Eyed Wh-" 1 solitary [[/lower right corner]] [[light blue "x" mark over message]]
May 7, 1950 Near Lee Blvd. and Glen Carlyn- [[underline]] Nashville [[/underline]] Warbler singing repeatedly "Sweedie, sweedie, sweedie, chipper, chipper, chipper." Saw him over a span of 20 minutes in bright sunlight. Saw 8 to 10 [[underline]] Cape Mays [[/underline]] ([[male symbol]]), starting in this area. One male Golden-Winged Warbler here. Here also- near Lee Blvd. + Houses at edge of park (top of hill) -one Olive Backed Thrush was singing softly and tentatively. Many more were throughout the woods. One Kentucky Warbler 8-10 Blackpolls, 6-8 Chestnut-sided Ws., countless Myrtles, several Redstarts, 3 male Yellowthroats together, a Warbling Vireo 10 feet away and 3 feet above the ground,
calling sharply. A Sapsucker, noticeably darker than the other, at the same place as the first. Two male [[underline]] Baltimore Orioles [[/underline]] along the track near Dark Pool. One Solitary Vireo, two White Eyed Vireo, one Red-eyed, one Yellow-throated, Many Parulas and Black Throated Greens; one [[underline]] Canada Warbler [[/underline]] near the G.W. Survey, in the clearing. [[underline]] Pine Warbler [[/underline]] (at Pine Crest) Juncos and White-Throated Sparrows in Park. Biggest day (for numbers) ever in these woods.
[[blank page]]
[[underline]] 1950 [[/underline]] May 8, 1950 - Monday. Brilliant clear day - quite cool in A.M. In high 40's, but breeze made it seem cooler, also kept young leaves in constant motion. Humidity, down to 27º this A.M. Didn't wake up until 6:15 - away to woods at 6:30-6:35. Entered from Lee Blvd. & went up path paralleling Lee Blvd. toward new Houses where I saw so many birds yesterday - incl. the Nashville W. Only a few birds in tree tops here today - bathed in bright golden early sunlight. First located three Cape Mays high in tree tops - along with Myrtles. Olive - Backed Thrushes all about - in fact abundant everywhere throughout the woods, calling "puk! puk!" often, and again one singing softly. Many Myrtle Warblers everywhere also a no. of Wood Thrushes, etc. Kentucky Warbler called ^ [[insertion]] & sang [[/insertion]] up ravine at Glen Carlyn, later another up [[end page]]
[[strikethrough]] trail-side [[/strikethrough]] stream-side path (to old gravel pit), another near Dark-Pool, and another near Beech Bend. In tree above path near Lookout Point, a male [[underline]] Baybreasted Warbler [[/underline]] fed carefully and quietly through an oak tree in bright/and now slightly warmer) sunshine. For five minutes or so he fed about, and in that time gave two short slightly buzzy calls. One or two Black-Poll Warblers were near the pony field, also near Beech Bend, & later in oak tree I will speak of shortly. Many White Throated Sparrows scattered all along tracks, & in underbrush along stream. No. of Cardinals - once two [[strikethrough]] ?? [[/strikethrough]] singing loudly at same time within 20 feet of each other. No. of Towhees, 4 - 6 Scarlet Tanagers singing. Saw 2 males. Near Jack in Pulpit clearing & again heard a Rose-
[[underline]] 1950 [[/underline]] Breasted Grosbeak call - but couldn't locate it. Later, I heard one calling between Dark Pool & J in P clearing, & finally located it - a beautiful male, calling occasionally and moving slowly about in a tulip tree (same type tree as previous calls.) Near Beech Bend loud, ringing song led me to a male Canada Warbler. Acadian Flycatcher called here, Olive-Backed Thrushes flew everywhere, a Broad-Winged Hawk flew over, Hooded Warblers & Oven-Birds called and sang, Black & White Warblers sang, Wood Thrushes called, Phoebes flew about. Went down track to Dark Pool & back, just west of Dark Pool a wide-spreading White oak perhaps 60 feet high grows near the track, with cleared ground (except for low underbrush) in front of it, and the mixed
hardwoods in back of it. The leaves on the tree averaged perhaps an inch long, and the blooms or catkins were all over the tree. In the tree, but about 80% concentrated in the [[insertion]] branches & twigs of [[/insertion]] one big spreading limb was a great congregation of birds, all feeding very busily, appearing to be picking at the oak blooms for insects or something on the bloom. All species named except the Blackburnian were seen within the first five minutes of viewing the tree. After that 5 minutes more birds began arriving, in some instances stirring up much darting and flitting about, some leaving, and causing so much restless shifting about the tree that I no longer counted numbers. The numbers shown were seen within
[[underline]]1950[[underline]] first 5 minutes (except Blackb.) 1 Golden Winged W. (1) Blackburnian Ws. (2)- [[underline]]later[[underline]]. Red-Eyed Vireos (2) Solitary Vireo (1) Cape May Warblers (at least 3) Myrtle Warblers (20 or more) Magnolia Warblers (1♂, 1♀) Black-Poll Warblers (2) Canada Warbler (1 male) Parula Warblers (2) Black-Throated Blue Warblers (2) Black-Throated Green Ws (2 or 3) Chestnut-Sided Warbler (2♂) Redstart (1♂) Purple Finches (all I located were 3 or 4 females singing) Farther up the track I saw another Blackburnian, and a Baltimore Oriole sang as he hunted about in the top of an oak near Dark Pool.
I later saw more Cape May Warblers, to total 8-10 for the day; total of 3-4 Blackburnians. Near the new houses at my old parking spot, in a tree beside the track, a Blue-Winged Warbler sang repeatedly, and came down to limb-tips within 20 feet of me. Near him a Yellow Warbler hunted (within a few feet of him) and sang once. The first Yellow W. I can ever recall seeing in the Park. At home in the afternoon an Orchard Oriole sang in the back yards, including Gannon's pear tree, then flew toward 3rd. Street.
[[underlined]] 1950 [[/underlined]] May 9 - Tuesday - 6:30 - 9:00a.m. Brilliant chilly morning - in high 30's, I believe. Entered from Lee Blvd. Located male [[underline scratched out]] Bay-Breasted Warbler [[/underline scratched out]] high in white oak up near new houses in Glen. Carlyn. Watched him for 5 minutes or so, in bright light, enjoying the fine view of this comparatively rare (for me) bird. Thought I heard a Blackburnian W. singing here, but could not locate to make identiy positive - thought same near Lookout Point, but again no luck. Found one Golden-Winged Warbler, apparently a male, from dark coloring; also I heard a Blue Winged Warbler singing repeatedly. I saw 10-20 Black-Throated Blues (all but one, males), heard several more singing. [[strikethrough]] Several [[/strikethrough]] 8-10 Black-Throated Greens, 10-15 Chestnut Sided Warblers, all males; many Myrtle Warblers throughout
woods. Saw & heard 2 - 3 Black-Poll Warblers. And everywhere there were Olive-Backed Thrushes. Throughout the rectangular area of possibly two miles, [[strikethrough]] th [[/strikethrough]] I was never out of sight of one or several of them, or out of hearing of the rich "puk-puk" calls. I checked every one I could, but saw only one which might [[underline]] possibly [[/underline]] be a Gray-Cheeked Thrush - finally, in shaft of [[underline]] bright [[/underline]] light decided it was another Olive-Back. Heard two or three Kentucky Warblers; saw and heard 4 - 6 Hooded Warblers, 1 male Canada Warbler, 1 male Redstart, one male Magnolia Warbler near twin tulip trees, between them & Dark Pool. Here I met a Mr. Hoover, who said he saw a Pied-Billed Grebe struggling violently in western end of Dark Pool a few days ago; thrashed & struggled length
[[start page]] [[underline]] 1950 [[/underline]] of pool, then appeared to break loose & disappeared. Hoover believed he was caught in a trap, or held by a turtle. Saw one male Baltimore Oriole at dark Pool, and one in same trees as yesterday, near old parking place. A male & female [[underline]] Indigo Bunting [[/underline]] fed in the top of the white oak which had the great population yesterday. A Rose-Breasted Grosbeak called here. [[underline]] Many [[/underline]] White-Throated Sparrows singing everywhere. On way down in woods, a Broad-Winged Hawk sat in the top of a pine near S.W. Survey marker, about 50 feet up, calling repeatedly. Near this spot I saw the first local [[underline]] Peewee [[/underline]], another near Beech bend, another near Brewster W. area. Heard 2-3 Gnatcatchers. Saw what I believe was one of the Rough Winged Swallows near "Little Pond in Woods." [[/end page]]
[[start page]] Saw perhaps [[strikethrough]] 6 [[/strikethrough]] 10-12 Red-Eyed Vireos today, 2-3 White-Eyes calling; saw [[underline]] one [[/underline]] Solitary. Heard & saw perhaps a dozen Parulas, 6-8 Black & White Warblers, etc. [[strikethrough]] May 12, 1951 - Sat. Copied later from notes written up 5/12/51. Six male [[underline]] Canada Warblers [[/underline]] - first one seen was flycatching - 2 or 3 more heard but not seen. Song is a rather loud, rich, "jingling" song - heard "Little Pond in the Woods", seen at new house at edge of park and several places thereafter. [[underline]] Chebee [[/underline]] (see - [[underline]] whiff [[/underline]]!) - two, quite small. Two Solitary Sandpipers. Three Rose-Breasted Grosbeaks, one near Lookout Point, [[/strikethrough]] [[end page]]
[[start page]] May 12, 1950 To woods 6:35 - 9:00a.m. Overcast; temp 40-50's, no breeze. New arrivals: 1. [[underline]] Evening Grosbeak [[/underline]] (1) "screech - screech- clink" over and over; very nervous actions; rapid flight about pony field, up to old house with stained glass windows, then over to ravine. Watched it for several minutes in good light, as close as 35-40 feet. First I've ever seen. 2. [[underline]] Yellow- Billed Cuckoo [[/underline]]- in Jack in Pulpit clearing at 7:45 and 8:45, at tent caterpillar's nest. 3. [[underline]] Wilson's Warbler [[/underline]] - across tracks from Dark Pool, where I sat with Hoover. [[end page]]
4. [[underline]] Black-Billed Cuckoo [[/underline]] - along tracks near bridge at J in P clearing - about 50 yards from yellow-billed cuckoo which I then took Hoover to see. 5. [[underline]] Hummingbird [[/underline]] - near Rough-winged Swallow area. ?6. [[underline]] Least Flycatcher [[/underline]] - quite small, definite "se-bec" or "che-bec" call - observed close up by Hoover & me. 7. [[underline]] Veery [[/underline]] Saw & heard: Half-dozen Rose-Breasted Grosbeaks (saw 2); 4-6 Kentucky Ws. 2 Bay-Breasted Ws. (showed 1 to Hoover at Sapsucker Trees); 2 Blue-Winged Ws; [[underline]] many [[/underline]] Olive Backed Thrushes; 1 Cape May W.; several Magnolias (all males, near Glen Carlyn and near Dark Pool); 1 Blackburnian
[[underline]] 1950 [[/underline]] 5/13 - Rain most of yesterday & most of last night - dark morning - to woods 6:30 a.m. Home at 9:00 a.m., Sky heavily overcast until [[strikethrough]] ?? [[/strikethrough]] almost 8:00 a.m. Sun broke thru about 8:15. Light very poor earlier - have recorded only birds positively identified. Bay-Breasted - 1; Chestnut-sided, 30 - 40; Myrtle - none; Cape May - 1; Parulas - 6 - 10 or more; many Olive- Backed Thrushes; 2 Veeries - one near Beech Bend, one up Alongside R. R. track; half-dozen Magnolia Ws all but one male; half-dozen Redstarts, several Hooded; Saw [[underline]] one [[/underline]] Golden-Winged; two Blackburnians; Kentuckys - 2 (at least), several Bl. Thr. Greens & Bl. Thr. Blues; 2 - 3 Bl. & White; heard [[strikethrough]] Black-Thr. [[/strikethrough]] Blue-Winged singing; heard & saw several Blackpolls; one Yellow-Br. Chat seen close up on way back up track to car; heard several Rose Br. Grosbeaks - saw one; [[strikethrough]] 2 [[/strikethrough]] 3 Canada Warblers - 2 [[male symbol]], 1 [[female symbol]]; one female Baltimore Oriole; about 5:30 p.m. at home, as we sat in backyard, a male Orchard Oriole hunted in tallest pecan tree & in Paul's Scarlet, 15 feet from us; female Hooded W. in yard again; 2 Hummingbirds; 2 Broad Winged Hawks; many White Throats still here; several Red-Eyed Vireos, 2 White-Eyed; one Black-Billed Cuckoo; several Sc. Tanagers; Kingfisher; Acadian, Peewee, Phoebe, & Crested; Downy (1 [[female symbol]]), Flicker, Red-Belly - met Fuller, who says a Red-Head is nesting near his home.
5/12/50 in tree with Bay-Breasted near Sapsucker tree; 2 Black Throated Greens in same tree - saw several others; many Chestnut sides; several Black Polls; 1 [[underline]] Veery [[/underline]] in Pony Field, rather tame; 1 male Canada W.; m. + f. Redstart; Baltimore Oriole; number of Myrtles; many White Throated Sps; May 13, 1950.
1950 May 14, 1950 - Sunday - Mother's Day. Got breakfast for Claire - being Mother's Day - so didn't get to woods until about 9:30 a. m. - then had Susan with me, so didn't see much. [[underline]] Many [[/underline]] Olive-Backed Thrushes - Parulas, Many White-Throated Sparrows, Chestnut-Sided Warblers, Magnolia W. (1) heard several Black-Throated Green, also Black-Throated Blue Warblers; one Cape May W., heard several (2-4) Black-Polls singing, no. of oven-birds, 3-4 Kentucky Warblers; Hooded Warblers, Redstarts, Maryland Yellowthroats, Tanagers, etc. Saw Male Indigo Bunting at first picnic area, near fountain - showed him to Susan within 10-15 feet of us. For first time Susan was able to drink from fountain without being lifted up - [[underline]] growing up! [[/underline]]
May 15, 1950 - Monday - Didn't get to woods today - rain almost entire day, then spent much time checking Pine Ridge, Oakton school, etc. At Pine Ridge house, Chipping Sparrow made many trips to + from nest in Pfitzer Juniper outside door. Saw several Male Scarlet Tanagers on trip. May 16, 1950 - Tuesday. To woods - arriving about 6:25 a.m. - returning about 9:00. After rain almost all day yesterday & almost all night, there was still an almost imperceptible mist this morning. Heaviest overcast yet - for quite a while after entering woods it seemed as dark as about 4:30 a.m. or so. Wood Thrush sang with most unusual song near new houses in Glen Carlyn, near Lee Blvd. - sounded very [[underline]] slightly [[/underline]] similar to Olive-Backed Thrush, which was singing softly
1950 nearby. The Wood Thrush sang many times as I watched. Located a Blackburnian singing here, also what I thought might be a Golden-Winged Warbler from song and appearance, but light so bad I couldn't be sure. During trip saw these: Broad-Winged Hawk (2), Cuckoos (saw two, couldn't get glasses on either to identify. One near where Hoover and I saw Black-Billed, another flew from Brewster Warbler area to tops of tall trees above Jack-in-Pulpit clearing. Saw him several times, but couldn't get in glasses); many Chimney Swifts, Humming-birds (2), Red-Billed Woodpecker (1), Phoebes; Acadian Flycatcher, Least Flycatcher(?), many Jays, Crows, Titmice, Carolina Wren (1 singing within 15 feet as I stood in dark woods at 6:30), Catbirds (several), Wood Thrushes, Many Olive-Backed, small flock of Cedar Waxwings, several Red-Eyed Vireos, Parula
11 To Woods = Glen Carlyn Park Arlington, Va Warblers (several), Yellow Warbler (at home), Black-Throated Blue W (1 or 2 singing), [[underline]] No [[/underline]] Myrtles, 2 or 3 Black-Throated Green Warblers, 1 Blackburnian (as noted above), several Chestnut-sided Warblers, 2-4 Black-Poll Warblers, no. of Oven-Birds, Louisiana Water Thrush singing, several Maryland Yellowthroats, several Hooded Warblers, several Redstarts, Cowbirds, Scarlet Tanager, Rose-Breasted Grosbeak (one calling), Indigo Bunting singing, many Towhees, [[underline]] many [[/underline]] White-Throated Sparrows, Song Sparrows, Gnatcatchers (2) May 17, 1950 - Wednesday To woods 6:30, back 9:00 P.M. Light not too good at first - better later. Saw and/or heard these: two Blacksburnian Warblers, one Grey-cheeked Thrush (close up - 15 ft. - in good light), 2 Humming birds, 2 Veeries. Also:
[[underline]] 1950 [[/underline]] Broad Winged Hawks (2), Yellow-billed Cuckoo (1), Crested Flycatcher, Swifts, Phoebes, Acadian Flycatchers, Peewees, White-Br. Nuthatch, Titmice + Chickadees, Catbirds 5-6, Wood Thrushes, Many Olive-Backed Thrushes (although seemingly fewer than in recent days) Red-Eyed Vireos, 2-3 Black & White Warblers, several Parulas, 1 Yellow (at home), 2 Magnolias, 3-4 Black-Throated Blues (all seen were males), 8-10 Chestnut-sided Warblers, 2-3 Black-Poll warblers singing, no. of Oven Birds, 3-4 Kentucky Warblers, Maryland Yellowthroats (2), several Hooded Warblers, 2 Canadas, 6-8 Redstarts, Baltimore Oriole (1), no. of Cowbirds about woods & at home; half-dozen Scarlet Tanagers, including two males flying at unhurried pace as one chased (?) the other across the woods, high across the tree tops; several Cardinals, Rose-Breasted Grosbeak calling, Indigo Bunting singing,
many Towhees, no. of White-Throated Sparrows (but fewer than recently). In fact, throughout the entire woods, there was much less bird life than usual. Met Hoover yesterday, who commented on same thing. White-Eyed Vireo (1) [[underline]] Four [[/underline]] Olive-Backed Thrushes singing during walk. May 18, 1950 - Thursday Jessie and Susan leaving for Michigan late this afternoon, so didn't go to woods. Saw Cowbirds at home, and Hummingbird. Real "Cloudburst" on way home from Station about 7:15 P.M. [[underline]] May 19, 1950 [[/underline]] Friday Awoke at 6:00 a.m. - dark, heavily overcast- decided no point in going out until later got up about 7:10 a.m. & got dressed - a drizzle had started. Had breakfast and got away about 8:20 a.m. Still heavily overcast, light very [[strikethrough]] birds [[/strikethrough]] bad - birds in trees again were mere silhouettes.
[[underline]] 1950 [[/underline]] Will again list birds [[strikethrough]] as [[/strikethrough]] seen and/or heard in check list order: Broadwinged Hawk (1), Swifts (many), Hummingbird (2-3), Crested Flycatcher, Phoebe (2), Acadian (2-3) Peewee (1), Chickadees, Carolina Wren, Catbirds, Thrashers, Wood Thrushes, [[underline]] several [[/underline]] Olive-Backed Thrushes (probably not over 4-6 at most), one Gray Checked Thrush (close-up, in good light about 10:00 A.M. ), heard one Veery calling in undergrowth by Lookout point; one Yellow-Throated Vireo, several Red-Eyed; these Warblers: Black & White (2), Yellow (1 at home), 3-4 Black-Throated Blue, one Female Black-Throated Green, 2-3 Chestnut-sided, Black-poll (1), Oven-Bird (4-6), Kentucky (3-4, including one female up close, chipping loudly), Yellow-Throat (1), Hooded (3-4, incl. 2 females), Canada (3 - one male seen singing, other 2 heard), Redstart (4-6), Cowbirds, Indigo Bunting, Goldfinches (several, as every day), Towhees (4-6),
White-Throated Sparrows (about a dozen), Song Sparrows. [[underline]] Almost [[/underline]] certain I heard the call and song of a Myrtle Warbler up ravine near Glen Carlyn. If so, it would be first in several days - since I didn't see bird, won't say positively. May 20, 1950 - Saturday Rather dark again this morning. Didn't get away from home until after 6:30. Nothing in area near Lee Blvd., except Wood Thrush. Followed usual route through woods, [[insert]] and [[/insert]] up to Glen Carylyn on first, 2nd., + 3rd. gravel roads. Saw very few birds until nearly 10:00, back on track between Jack-in-Pulpit clearing and clearing where I once saw Brewster Warbler. Here I met a teen-age boy named Kerr, from Westover, also
[[underline]] 1950 [[/underline]] birding. Seemed to know them rather well. Going through woods (incl. 'way up to apartment buildings on old gravel pit area, plus side-trips in this area, up Honeysuckle stream, etc.) - saw and/or heard these: Broadwinged Hawks (more active than ever, up near first picnic area, and all down thru woods. In fact, thought there [[underline]] might [[/underline]] be two pairs), Swifts, Hummingbirds (near boggy area up towards old gravel pit), Flicker (1), Red-Bellied (1), Downy (1), Crested Flycatcher (1), Phoebe (2), Acadian Flycatcher (2), Peewee (2), Chickadees, etc., Catbirds, Wood Thrushes, Olive-Backed Thrushes (3-4), Red-Eyed Verios (6-8), Bl. + White Warblers (2), plus these warblers: Parula (6-8), Black-Throated Blue (2-3), Black-Throated Green (2-3 seen + heard), Blackburnian (3-2 seen with Kerr, one heard earlier on 1st Glen Carlyn road)
Chesnut-sided (6-8), Black-poll (1), Oven-bird (6-8), Kentucky Warbler (2), Yellow-Throat (1), Hooded (3 or 4), Canada W. (1), Redstarts (6-8), Cowbirds (10-12) Scarlet Tanager (4-6), Indigo Bunting (1), Towhee (several, including one heard & observed for 10 min. 'way up Honeysuckle Stream, with a very unusual song "yelp, yelp, willa-willa waa"-the last part the usual ending, but the "yelp-yelp" very different.) Couldn't stir up a single White-Throated Sparrow despite my usual imitation of the song all along the track. May 21, 1950 - Sunday To 7:30 Mass - into woods about 8:15 - left woods about 10:45. Brilliant sunshine, slightly cool in A.M. - rather warm in sun later. Glorious day. Met Mr. & Mrs. Fuller and two children, girl 7, and boy 2 1/2,
[[underline]] 1950 [[/underline]] near Dark Pool. [[strikethrough]] Sand [[/strikethrough]] Saw and/or heard these today: 2 Broadwings, Swifts, Hummingbirds (2), Flickers, Red-Bellied Woodpecker, Hairy, Kingbirds (2), Crested Flycatcher (2), Acadian (3-4), Peewee (2), Phoebe, Empidonax (3-4), Barn Swallows (several), Jays, Crows, Chickadees, etc., Catbirds, Wood Thrush (several), Olive-Backed Thrush (6-8, one singing), Gray-cheeked (4-6), Yellow-Throated Vireo (2), Red-Eyed V. (8-10); these warblers: Black & White (1-2), Parula (6-8), Magnolia (1 [[male symbol]]), Cape May (1 [[male symbol]]), Black-Throated Blue (3 or 4 singing & seen), Myrtle (saw one, 2-3 others singing), Black-Throated Green (1), Blackburnian (6 - saw 2 [[female symbol]] near Lookout Point, two above tracks while with Fullers, heard two others singing), Chestnut-sided (4-6), Bay-Breasted (1 male near Lee Blvd,
above path near white house on hill in Glen Carlyn), Blackpolls (3-4 singing), Oven-birds (half-dozen singing + seen), Louisiana water Thrush (1 up Honeysuckle Stream, 2 near Beech Bend), Kentucky (3-4 - saw one male singing repeatedly 25 feet up in a tree as I walked up beneath him, watched a while, and walked away), Hooded (4-6), Canada (1 [[male symbol]]), Redstart (8-10 [[male symbol + female symbol]], Cowbirds, Scarlet Tanager (8-10), Indigo Bunting (1), Towhees (10-12); [[underline]] thought [[/underline]] I heard White Throats call ([[underline]] not [[/underline]] sing) May 27, 1950 - Saturday Haven't been out since Sunday due to working early and late. Another wonderful day - cool enough to necessitate my leather jacket earlier, quite warm by time I completed shopping,
1950, business at bank, etc (10:30) Wonderful atmosphere in woods, air clear, brilliant sunshine, very gentle breeze, fragrant air. Birds rather scarce, except for Blackpolls, which were heard all through woods at all times. Saw and/or heard these: Broadwing(heard!), Swifts(few), Ruby Throated Hummingbirds(2 - one male near Dark Pool lit on a small bush about 18m above ground & 5 feet from me, facing me) , Hairy Woodpecker(male near Lookout Pt.,very noisy),Red Bellied atop very tall tulip tree with dead stub, near Dark Pool, Kingbirds(2), Crested Flycatcher(2), Empidonax (2 - Acadian?) , Peewee(1-2), Barn Swallows(few), Jays, Crows , Titmice, Catbirds (4-6), Wood Thrushes(2-3), Olive Backed Thrush(one singing rather loudly near Lookout Point), Yellow Throated Vireo( 2 at Lee Blvd. bridge, 2 near G.W Survey
marker), Red - Eyed(3-4); these warblers: Black & White(3-4- saw one male),[[underlined]] not a single parula [[/underlined]], yellow(at home), thought I saw one Magnolia(not positive), Blackpoll(30-40 or more), Oven Bird(3-4), Hooded W.(2-3), Canada(1 [[male symbol]], Redstart(6-8 mostly female), Scarlet Tanager(heard 2), Indigo Bunting(1), Towhee(8-10), Song Sps. [[underlined]] Notably absent [[/ underlined]] - Gnatcatchers, Parulas, Bl. Thr. Blue & Green, Chestnut-sided, Kentucky. May 28,1950 - Sunday Went to 6:30 Mass, registered Susan for kindergarden, got to woods about 7:30. Beautiful morning , mild temperature, got cloudy by 10 or 11, & there was occasional mist until 8, then a drizzle. Saw and/or heard these:
1950 Crows, [[underline]] Spotted Sandpiper[[/underline]] (as on every day recently I have looked for this bird. Today, one flew past me at Survey Marker, going downstream. A little later I came out within 50 feet of it without startling it, near the "Swing tree," and watched it as it bobbed about, very noticeable bar of white down flanks - spots very obvious, bobbing motion & other marks also. When it first passed me the very shallow wing-beat - from the ends of the wings - was seen); Mourning Dove calling, Cuckoo flying by ( [[underline]] probably [[/underline]] Yellow-Bill), Swifts, Hummingbird, Male Hairy (at same tree, again very noisy and nervous in action - couldn't locate a nest-hole), Kingbirds, Crested Flycatcher, Phoebe, Acadian, Peewee, Jays, Titmice, Nuthatch, Catbirds, Woodthrushes, Olive-backed Thrushes (one very close
up, one calling), Gray-cheeked Thrush (one, along path near old red house, in good light. In laurels, then hopping along path, while an Oven-Bird made several furious "passes" at it), Yellow-throated Vireo (2 - 4), Red-Eyed (6 - 8); Warblers: Black & White (3 - 4), Yellow (1 in Gannon's pear tree, then in my young sycamore), Black-Polls (no. - about as yesterday, perhaps lower), Oven-bird (4 - 6), Kentucky (2), Yellowthroat (2 [[male symbol]] ), Yellow-breasted Chat (1 on Honeysuckle Creek, singing frequently), Hooded Warbler (3 - 4, [[male symbol]] & [[female symbol]] ), Redstarts ( 4 - 6, saw 2 [[female symbol]] ), Cowbird (1 calling), Tanager (1 calling, 1 singing), Towhees, Song Sparrows.
[[strikethrough]]Sep[[/strikethrough]] May 28 , 1950 [[Note: Cont'd]] After coming home from woods, had breakfast - at 10:05 a.m got call from Claire & Clyde in Battle Creek. Claire's mother died this morning - entirely unexpectedly. Apparently heart just stopped about 4:00 a.m. Must leave for B.C tomorrow - will stay to Saturday June 7, 1950 - First fireflies of season. June 25, 1950 [[underline]] Bewicks [[/underline]] Wren - first I've ever seen in this area, on wires over Lindy's [[Not sure?]] back yard - with loud chippering song. Flew towards woods. June 28, 1950 Heard song of Bewicks Wren out back in morning and evening June 30 - Heard Wren again
[[underline]] Fall - 1950 [[/underline]] Sept 30, 1950 - Saturday To woods about 9:30 a.m - using only Susan's 3X glasses. Number of Towhees; many Robins, especially around & on dogwood trees, several [[underline]] Black.Poll Warblers[[/underline]] ; one immature [[underline]] Black-Throated Green Warbler [[/underline]] ; Titmice & Chickadees. Tortoises mating. [[underline]] Rose Breasted Grosbeak [[/underline]] heard in woods near home & at park [[not clear]] in pulpit clearing. October 7, Saturday: Finally started vacation one week late, after working most nights last week and 8:45 to 2:00 P.M today. October 9 - Monday. First bird trip of vacation - didn't get out until about 9:00 a.m. Towhees, Robins, Swifts, Cardinals, Chickadees, Titmice, Nuthatches, etc. Many Jays
found a number of [[underline]] White-Throated Sparrows [[/underline]] beside the R.R. tracks near the path I formerly used to come down from the old parking place. The little new houses here are now occupied, and a white picket house fence extends across the yard under the oaks where I always walked from the car. Oct. 10, 1950 - Tuesday. About same as yesterday - lovely day. Out 9:30 to 12:00. Saw same birds. Few Black-Poll Warblers seen close enough to identify. Got a quick glimpse of a [[underline]] Cape May Warbler [[/underline]], and at what [[underline]] may [[/underline]] have been a Chesnut-Sided. The latter appeared to be the right shade of green, but I couldn't get any real
observation on it. Managed to line up my old glasses so that they can be used. October 11, 1950 - Wednesday. Another fine day - cool (mid-40's) in A.M., up to 60's in afternoon. Quite warm in sun in afternoon each day. Heard Black - Polls - saw several birds in tree tops which probably were Black - Polls. Many Goldfinches all along tracks on seeds of wild lettuce plants and what I believe is Motherwort (Leonurus Cardiaca - Reed's Flower Guide) which grow to 4 feet or more in great numbers here. Towhees everywhere, many Robins, Cardinals, etc. [[underlined] Ruby Crowned Kinglets. [[/underlined]] Oct. 12 1950 - Thurs. Susan has no kindergarden today, due to Columbus Day. We went
to the zoo. Oct. 13, 1950 - Friday. Beautiful day. Saw usual birds, no migrants - except, of course, that a large part of the Towhee and Robins here may be the migrants. And - the white Throats are here. Oct. 14, 1950 - Saturday. Fine day - saw one [[underline]] Grey-Cheeked Thrush [[/underline]] near Lookout Point in very good light, later saw a least 3, possibly 4 more a short way up Honeysuckle Creek, at bend where dead pine trunk juts out over stream. Saw one Black-Poll Warbler, Cardinals, many white throats, many Jays, flock of Red Winged Blackbirds flying over, calling; many Goldfinches; Swifts
cruising over. Oct. 16 1950 - Monday [[left margin]] copying error [[/left margin]][[strikethrough]] Very foggy when [[/strikethrough]] I woke about 6:20 a.m. Got away about 6:35. [[strikethrough]] Not too bad in woods at average "bird seeing" distances. [[/strikethrough]] Many [[underlined]] Juncos [[/underlined]] calling and flitting about near the "Little Pond in the Woods" near where I formerly parked; House Wren seen later beside tracks near twin Tulip trees. I observed it closely for a few minutes at 15 feet distance to guard against error, since I have seen any lately; color, length of tail, etc., made it definitely the House Wren. I saw briefly a [[underlined]] Yellow Palm Warbler [[/underlined]] twitching his tail and calling - later in the day one appeared in
the back yard in the little cherry tree (at 3708 First Road So.). Saw several [[underlined]] Myrtle Warblers [[/underlined]] along the tracks, calling and flitting along. Large flock of Red-wings flew over, calling. Half-dozen Cardinals; many gold-finches, as every day. One Field Sparrow flew up from the grass to a young alder by the marshy area near the "Little Pond." Killdeers called overhead. Chimney Swifts flew over, two Red-Bellied Woodpeckers called & flew about. Saw 2 or 3 Phoebes, number of Towhees, one Catbird. October 17, 1950 - Tuesday. Fine day - as usual, rather "brisk" - in 40's - warmed up during the day. Got away about 6:40-6:45. Usual birds along way;
heard, and then saw, the first [[underline]] Winter Wren [[/underline]] beside the tracks between the twin tulip trees and the other two tall tulips opposite Dark Pool. He scolded here, with his little tail cocked over his back. Near the White Oak, that attracted so many birds last Spring, I heard the sleepy call of the [[underline]] Golden-Crowned Kinglets [[/underline]] and found a number here with Ruby-Crowns, perhaps 10-20 in all. Phoebes called & hunted near the stream & over Dark Pool. Red-Bellied Woodpeckers were noisy, as were many Jays, Titmice, & Chickadees. Many Robins were around, again especially around dogwood trees. A [[underline]] Solitary Vireo [[/underline]] softly scolded and sang between the R.R. track and a point on the stream opposite the G. W. Survey
marker; a number of Myrtle Warblers were about, a large flock of Red-Wings flew over heading N.W., as every day. An immature Maryland Yellow Throat appeared along the tracks - side near the nest - hickory, coming quite close at my imitation of of a wren scolding. Saw many Juncos, many White-Throats, several Song Sparrows, many squirrels. Many Goldfinches. * In copying notes I made an error - the opening statements of 10/16/50 about fog belong to 10/18/50. October 18, 1950 - Wednesday. Awoke about 6:20, got away about 6:35, as I've been doing last few days. Quite foggy, but not too bad in woods at average "bird-seeing" distances. Didn't clear up entirely until after 9:00 A.M. Nothing but
[[underline]] 1950 [[/underline]] Jays, Chickadees, + Titmice until Honeysuckle Creek. Then found one Grey-Cheeked Thrush 100 yds. up the "creek". Along the R.R. trucks the high clay banks where the kids play, to Dark Pool, there were many Kinglets of both types, Titmice + Chickadees, one Black-Poll Warbler, one Winter Wren singing and "chattering" along the stream (had to hunt for him a while), many White-Throats, Juncos, Cardinals, Jays, Robins, several Myrtle Warblers, flock of Redwings, Towhees, Song Sparrows, one Hairy Woodpecker, two Downies; thought I saw a Cape May Warbler, but not sure. October 19, 1950-Thursday Slightly foggy early- 6:30 on: Became very foggy about time I got home-8:35- caught up
with Claire + Susan going to bus, and waited at Third Street with them. Could barely see bus a block away- it was late- arrived 8:50. Fog was lighter in woods than it was yesterday. Many White-Throats, many Goldfinches, Towhees, Chickadees, etc. Heard very faint whisper song and scolding notes of a Solitary Vireo, and finally got a quick look at it alongside the track near the White Oak noted before. Ruby Crowned + Golden-Crowned Kinglets were here. Then heard the sleepy call of a [[underlined]] Brown Creeper [[/underlined]] - after searching for several minutes, I saw it fly across the tracks at the bridge near the Jack-in-the-Pulpit clearing, to other side (nearer to Arl. Forest homes) where it lit on a tree and
1950 hitched up a warp, then flew. Saw one Grey-Cheeked Thrush, and one other which [[underline]] appeared [[/underline]] to be an Olive -Backed, but the light was not good enough to be sure. Caught glimpses of 2 others. Saw Cardinals + Song Sparrows, and Killdeers called overhead. October 20, Friday Went out with Susan about 3:45- left woods again [[smear]] at about 5:00 P.M. Saw a [[underline]] Hermit Thrush [[/underline]], close up, at 4:30 P.M. Nothing else worthy of note today. October 21, Saturday Saw one Yellow-Palm Warbler close up, twitching tail and calling; also both types Kinglets, Brown Creeper (1), several Myrtle Warblers, many Red-Wings flying over,
a flock of Grackles, one Winter Wren, Thrushes (Grey-Cheeked); many Goldfinches, as well as Titmice + Chickadees on seeds of Motherwort + Wild Lettuce; saw many Juncos, + White Throated Sparrows, several Song Sparrows, many Jays. One male + 1 female Cowbird sat in the dead top of big Tulip tree between Dark Pool + White Oak, Make calling + spreading tail. Seen over 15 min, period Oct. 24, 1950- Tues. Didn't get out Sunday- nor Monday, rain all day Mon. Temp. this morning 59[[degree symbol]]- not to go above 62[[degree symbol]], per weather report. Overcast. Saw all usual birds, including 1 Brown Creeper + two Winter Wrens together near twin Tulip Trees. Cutting across from stream near G.W. Survey Marker to come out at R.R. track, I came out about 20 feet from a Solitary
1950 Vireo about 6 ft. from ground in a young oak. He chattered a bit, but sat rather tamely for a few minutes. Saw several Hermit Thrushes together in Dogwood trees beside tracks- they quickly flew down toward G.W. Marker.
[[underline]] 1951 [[/underline]] Feb. 24, 1951- Sat. A few Jasmine flowers in the back yard. Raymond Stevens' yellow crocus (1 brush of 4 or 5 blooms) blooming in back. Lovely warm day- in 60's. Feb. 25, 1951- Sunday. Coming from 7:30 mass about 8:15, Claire, Susan and I saw a big male [[underline]] Robin [[/underline]] on the front yard of the Rectory on Glebe Road. First I've seen- looking very chipper. At home there were several in sight and calling frequently in our back yards, especially towards the ditch. Went to Woods 1:30-2:20. Several Red-Bellied Woodpeckers, Golden Crowned Kinglets (near Geo. Survey Marker), Titmice,
Chickadees, White-breasted Nuthatches (several) Winter wern, cardinals Song Sparrows, Juncas. Wonderful day, birds very active and cheery. Hoped for Phoebes or Fox Sparrows, but no luck Feb. 26, 1952 - Mon. As on week-end, birds active. steady concert from Song Sparrows and Cardinals. Killdeers calling overhead. Feb. 27, 1951 - Tues. Robin singing Spring song March 3, 1951 - Saturday, While in Sears-Roebuck parking lot off Wilson Blvd. in Clarendon, a large flock of 50-75 Red-Winged Blackbirds flew overhead, flying North-Eastx at [crossed oot]
March 4, 1951. sunday. [[underline]]Purple Grackle[[underline]](1) called near home in the morning- in the back yards. Susan and [[strikeout]]white [[strikeout]] I went to the woods in the afternoon. [[strikeout]]Saw[[strikeout]]]Heard [[underline]]Phoebe[[underline]] calling near the Lee Blvd. bridge over the Old Dominion R.R. tracks. Near the bridge, I heard the call of a [[underline]]Cowbird.[[underline]] A few seconds later, I saw one flying high over- head, heading due North above Arlinton Forest, calling. Golden Crowned Kinglets, Nuthatches, etc. March 11, 1951. Sun. Grackles are now here in Small numbers. Went to woods in afternoon, using Susans' Glasses, since mine are being collimated at Micro- Mart. Saw and heard one
[[underline]]Myrtle Warble[[underline]]above Glen Carlyn ravin, near pony field. March 18, 1951 - Sun. Working regularly every Saturday this year. Robins singing often. Song Sparoows every day. Weeping willows [[strickeout]]turned[[strickout]] showed green on March 5. Forsythia blooming, & Jasmine. Didn't get to woods. March 24, 1951 - Sat. Magnolias soularyears.[guess] at Rawhims[?] Park blooming beautifully Jonquils blooming in back yard Thought I heard Brown Thrasher last Sunday, but probably was Mockingbird.
April 1, 19521-Sunday Returned from Cincinatti this morning. Left here last Monday night, arriving there Tuesday a.m. Beautiful day in D.C. Didn't get to woods until early afternoon. Saw three Phoebes, one Myrtle Warbler, 15 or 16 Cedar Waxwings, Winter Wren, Carolina Wrens (2), and several [[underline]] Towhees [[/underline]] Forgot to say that I heard the first one of the season singing ludly at the N.W. corner of Lee Blvd + Glebe Road, as I got off the bus at 9:00 a.m. Star Magnolias in full bloom. April 2, 1951-Mon. Staying home a few days to cure up head cold. Saw one [[underline]] Myrtle Warbler [[/underline]] up Glen Carlyn ravine, by little bridges, One [[underline]] White-Crowned Sparrow [[/underline]] may have been here. Unusual amount of white + black of a White Throat. Couldn't be certain.
Several Bronw Creepers, Titmice, Chickadees, several Towhees, many Robins. Bluebird flew from hole in stub in stagnent Pool. Saw Phoebe for first time. April 3, 1951 Three Myrtle Warblers, Towhees, Brown Creepers (3-4), Towhees, Cardinals, etc. Noted yesterday all trees cut for some distance from W.&O.D.R.R. near stagnant pool, & [[strikeout]]who[[strikeout]] all woods cut clean to ground down over hill for Arlington Forest to Pool, apparently for a street- so there probably will soon be a double row of houses in some of the last big woods remaining. Several Phoebe April 4, 1951 - Wed. Two or 3 Myrtles, Many Robins, several towhees, 2-3 Phoebes, Brown creepers, Many Whitle Throated Sparrows, Cardinals.
April 8, 1951 - Mon. Couldn't get out yesterday. Took freshly - collimated and cleaned binoculars out [[strikeout]]late[[strikeout]] Sunday Afternoon, 4:00 to 5:00, after a rain start[[strikeout]]ing[[strikeout]] about 12:00. Aa 2:00 P.M. I happened to look out back door at the drizzle, and saw a [[double underscore]]Fox Sparrow[[double underscore]] fly up from S.E. corner of my yard, nearest Gannon's Pear tree. He sat on the top Fence rail for several minutes While I studied him, then flew to Fuller's fence, or into Dickerson's hedge - not sure which. Parked at Road at 3rd & Jefferson in Glen Carlyn, near Ravine. Many Robins & White Throats, also starlings. Going down gravel road, just past little bridge. I found an unusaully colorful male [[underscore]]Yellow Bellied Sapsucker{underscore]] on a young hickory.
He circled around the tree, about 25 feet up. [[underscore]]Mourning Doves[[underscore]] called, and later two flew over. Red Bellied Woodpecker called. Saw one Hairy & one Downy; Carolina Wrens, & later 1 Winter Wren. Several Phoebes. Many Juncoes, as every day. First [[underscore]]Brown Thrasher[[underscore]] positively identified singing in top of tree on Jefferson Street in Gen Carlyn. Have thought several times in past 3 weeks that I heard on singing at Arlington Hall. Field Sparrows. Grackles. April 5, 1951 [[underscore]]Chipping Sparrow[[underscore]] singing near bus stop on Second Street. April 14, 1951 - Chipping Sparrow song at dusk outside Elliott's. appartment at Barcroft just before dinner. Claire, Susan & I visiting.
1951 April 15, Sunday Beautiful day, but Susan and I didn't get away until 10:30. Usual birds along way. When we got to Lookout Point, we walked right up on a [[underline]] Hermit Thrush [[/underline]], within 15 feet. He hopped and fed about on the completely bare ground ahead of us for several minutes, while Susan and I watched him thru our glasses. He then worked West along the edge of the tracks. We saw a black-snake at the bend in the trail near Honeysuckle Stream- 3-4 feet long- not too active. Here at stream, about 100 feet from G.W. Survey Marker, I heard the "chips" of a warbler, above the sound made by two big boys at the Falls shooting slingshots. I found a male [[underline]] Black and White Warbler [[/underline]] feeding along about 10 feet about the
ground. He fed at times to within 3 inches of the ground. Myrtle Warbler seen later Saw Towhees, Carolina Wren, two Brown Thrushes, etc. At home later I heard the calls of a [[underline]] Purple Martin [[/underline]] and located a male flying high above Highland Hall, at the intersection of Glebe Road and Lee Blvd. April 16- Thought I heard song of Purple Finches near Bus stop- in maples nearby. Brown Creepers. April. 21, 1951. Saturday To woods about 2:50 P.M. Lovely day- quite warm. One Black + White Warbler (male) near Glen Carlyn; [[strike]] later [[/strike]] further on, near Lookout Point another ^[[insert]] male [[/insert]] sang, then I found a female joining him. The two hunted along about 15-20 feet apart, singing and scolding. Saw two [[underline]] Broad Winged Hawks [[/underline]] circling low above the tree tops near
[[underline]] 1951 [[/underline]] spot where I saw the Sammer Tanager a few years ago. Winter Wren up Honeysuckle Stream- Black + White Warbler sang nearby. Two Hermit Thrushes in laurels near G.W. Survey Marker. Myrtle Warbler in tall oaks. Chewink (male) singing near stagnant pool. [[red asterisk]] Coming back up tracks I met a young "birder" of one years' experience, Nick Kerr of the Washington Audubon Group. He knows Commander Fuller, Hoover, etc. He had been to the C + O canal in the morning for a bird count. Said he had seen a [[underline with dashes]] Blue-Headed [[/underline]] Vireo today along W. + O.D. tracks and a [[underline with dashes]] Palm Warbler [[/underline]] near the G.W. Survey Marker. He (Nick) had 3 younger members of family along
We watched 4 (at least) Purple Finches in tops of big trees April 22, 1951- Sunday- Myrtle Warblers - 2 or 3, calling in woods. Brown Thrasher singing at Glen Carlyn- later saw two in back yard at home. Saw and heard a total of 4 or 5 Black and White Warblers, calling and Singing. Hermit Thrush. Phoebe. Many Robins- Jays, Crows, etc. Broad Winged Hawks. Winter Wren up Honeysuckle Stream. Red-Winged Blackbirds overhead. Juncos. White-Throated Sparrows. Near Lee Blvd. Bridge an [[underline]] American Bittern [[/underline]] flew low overhead, in a straight line, heading North-West.
4/23-Swifts over D.C. 4/22- Bittern- April 23, 1951-Mon. [[underline]] Chimney Swifts [[/underline]] flew low over the intersection of 17th + R Sts. N.W. as I waited for a bus home about 6:40 P.M. April 28, 1951- Sat. 17th Annual [[insert]] V.S.O. [[/insert]] Trip -Danville, Virginia. Second term as President. Fine trip,all went remarkably well. will fill in species here soon- 92 species.
1951 April 28, 1951 - Sat. At night, as I pulled up in yard at 9:08 P.M., I heard the call of a migrating warbler overhead, followed by the chirp of a thrush. April 29, 1951 - Sunday Two [[underlined]] House Wrens [[/underlined]] at home, at nesting box Raymond Stevens left. Heard others in Glen Carlyn. Several Black and White Warblers in woods (did not get out until after 6:00 P.M. - E.D.T.). Several [[underlined]] Hooded Warblers [[/underlined]] singing & calling - first heard scolding near new house, others toward Honeysuckle Stream. Heard [[underlined]] Black-Throated Green Warbler [[/underlined]] sing over near R.R. tracks beyond Beech Bend, while I was on the path toward Honeysuckle Stream [[insertion]] 30 min [[/insertion]] later located a fine male in the spot from
where the song had come. Shortly after [[strikethrough]] the [[/strikethrough]] I heard the song of the Black-Throated Green and was studying the tree from a distance of perhaps 200 feet, I spotted a beautiful male [[underlined]] Blackburnian Warbler [[/underlined near the top of the oak by the R.R. track, brilliant in the setting sun's rays. A [[underlined]] Wood Thrush [[/underlined]] sang near Beech Bend - in course of walk heard 2 or 3 - saw one. When shortly past Beech Bend, I heard the Wild song of the [[underlined]] Louisiana Water Thrush [[/underlined]] near the G.W. Survey Marker. One sang repeatedly near the marker. Immediately after I heard the song of an [[underlined]] Oven Bird [[/underlined]] (and another later) - then immediately
[[underline]] 1951 [[/underline]] the song of a [[underlined]] Parula Warbler [[/underlined]] - two or three were heard. Back up at the tracks, just across the first trestle on the way to Dark Pool, I heard the [[underlined]] very low [[/underlined]] whisper song of a [[underlined]] Scarlet Tanager. [[/underlined]] Finally located the adult male sitting close beside the track in an oak - later I located another (or the same one, probably) sitting very quietly in a thick spot in a pine further down the track, calling. Between these two views, two Tanagers flew overhead - silhouetted - recognized flight only. Just past the trestle I heard calling, and found a [[underlined]] Prairie Warbler [[/underlined]] within 10 feet of me, at eye level, in the low growth beside the track, very pretty in bright light. Near the double tulip tree
two [[underlined]] Catbirds [[/underlined]] sang. Noted that since last Sunday the great [[insertion]] oak [[/insertion]] limb (fully 12-15 inches thick) in which so many warblers congregated last year had snapped off near the trunk, and lay among the scrub growth - buds quite large and ready to open. May 1, 1951 - Tuesday 6:00-8:00 P.M. Three [[underlined]] new [[/underlined]] arrivals: [[underlined]] Nashville Warbler [[/underlined]] - one fairly good look, and song I know from last year - near Glen Carlyn parking spot. [[underlined]] Kentucky Warbler [[/underlined]] on stream across track from Dark Pool. ? Forgot this one. 2 Doves. Most of other birds
[[underline]] 1951 [[/underline]] seen on April 29. May 3, 1951 - Thursday. 3-4 [[underlined]] Red-Eyed Vireos [[/underlined]] at least 5 (seen) [[underlined]] Olive-Backed Thrushes [[/underlined]] - probably 8-10 here - in Glen Carlyn. 1 male [[underlined]] Black-throated Blue W. [[/underlined]] up Honeysuckle Stream. [[strikethrough]] 1 male Bla [[/strikethrough]] [[underlined]] Rose-breasted Grosbeaks [[/underlined]] at Warbler Oak - at least 4 males - and that many or more females - probably 10-12 in 3 big oaks here. 1 male [[underlined]] Indigo Bunting [[/underlined]] flew from tracks to woods by Dark Pool. Male Purple Martin low over trees near Black-throated Blue W. & Olive Backed Thrushes. 1 Crested Flycatcher on Honeysuckle Stream. (over
Male Blackburnian W. near the houses nearest track - near Jack-in-Pulpit clearing, singing "sweet-sweet-sweet-swee-e-e-e-e", somewhat resembling Black & White W. - 30-40 feet up. Hundreds of White-Throated Sparrows. 1 [[underlined]] Kingbird [[/underlined]] calling and flying above over house on 1st. Road So. 1 [[underlined]] Blackpoll Warbler [[/underlined]] - the unmistakable song came from the trees near the track, across from Lookout Point. 8-12 Myrtle Warblers. May 5, 1951 - Saturday Rain all after-noon, stopping at 6:00 P.M. Susan and I went to woods, even tho there were little showers while we were in the woods. We saw all the usual Wood Thrushes, etc. Nearing
[[underline]] 1951 [[/underline]] Lookout Point we heard a Yellow-throated Vireo across the tracks, then within space of 1 minute saw in the tall trees there : 1-2 male [[underline]] Redstarts [[/underline]]; 2 or 3 male [[underline]] Chestnut-Sided Warblers [[/underline]]; 1 male Blackburnian. Later, near the G.W. Survey marker, we heard the song and call of the [[underline]] Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher [[/underline]]. 12-20 Olive-backed Thrushes were seen- they were all through the woods. Saw Carolina Wrens feeding their young.
May 6, 1951 - Sunday Drizzling rain this morning, letting up about 11:00, when I went to woods. Parked in Glen Carlyn at 3rd St. and [[blank]]. Just as I left car and entered woods I heard a song & didn't identify at once - investigation led to a male [[underlined]] Golden Winged Warbler, [[/underlined]] singing about 50 feet up in the big oaks at the edge of the clearing, right over the road. His song was something like "swe-e-e-e-zeu-zeu-zeu", with something of the quality of a Redstart and something of the Black-Throated Blue. As I walked down past "Susan's Bridge", a Yellow-Billed Sapsucker (♂) flew from one hickory to another, at spot where I recently saw one. Went up path past old red house and new luxury house -
here saw several Olive-Backed Thrushes, then a group of migrants in the trees including two Black-Poll Warblers singing, two more Golden-Winged Warblers, two Male Blackburnian Warblers, Yellow-Throated Vireo, Red-Eyed Vireos (2) two [[underlined]] Warbling Vireos, [[/underlined]] one [[underlined]] Blue-Headed (Solitary) Vireo, [[/underlined]] one [[underlined]] Blue Winged Warbler [[/underlined]] heard singing, Bl. & White Warbler (2-3), several Parulas, one Nashville Warbler (heard and seen - "sweedie-sweedie-sweedie- chipper, chipper, chipper) - another heard & seen at Lookout Point, 2 or 3 Myrtle Warblers, one Black Throated Green (singing at a little distance), 2 or 3 Chestnut Sided Warblers (♂), and a Rose-Breasted Grosbeak called, then one sang softly
over the path toward Lookout Point - a lovely male. At the Point another flight of 20-30 birds in 2 or 3 trees included several Chestnut-Sides [[insertion]] one Golden Winged [[/insertion]] Red-Eyed Vireos, one Nashville Warbler, Parulas, Bl. & Whites, [[strikethrough]] another [[/strikethrough]] two more male Blackburnians, etc. [[insertion]] One [[underlined]] Empidonax [[/underline]] - perhaps [[underline]] Least [[/underlined]]? (Pep! Pep!) [[/insertion]] Scarlet Tanagers called, and saw one pair. Many White-Throated Sparrows still around. Olive Backed Thrushes were all thru woods, seen flying & heard calling. Of 8-10 observed carefully, [[underlined]] all [[/underlined]] were Olive Barks. Wood Thrushes were all about. Above path just past Beech Bend, another flock of migrants included two Blackburnians, one Blue Winged Warbler heard singing, one Golden-Winged Warbler, Perulas, Red-Eyes, [[strikethrough]] etc [[/strikethrough]] Chestunut Sided Wr. (2 or 3 ♂)
Hooded Warblers called and sang all along way - observed one male. Saw & heard Flickers. Crosses stream at G W Survey marker and went down tract od Dark Pool. White Throats here. Back on track near Beech Bend I heard the rolling "swee-e-e-e-e-z-z-z-z-z." song of the Blue Winged Warbler between the track and the stream. Turning downhill from treeless I saw him in the lower part of the undergrowth, about 3 feet from the ground - a beautiful male - his head glowing. He flew across the little path under the power lines, and sat nearer the stream about 4 feet from the ground, within 15 feet of me and sang repeatedly. Back at the picnic area nearest Lee Blvd, as I
turned down from the track, I heard a new song. I found a fine male Golden-Winged Warbler singing a "different" song repeatedly for several minutes as he sat in a little tree in the clearing. He then shifted into the more usual "swee-e-e-e-e-zeu-zeu-zeu". A very pretty bird. Claude Mahoney says Whip-poor-wills arrived at his Fairfax farm on April 24. May 7 1951, Monday. While dressing at 7:05 a.m. (E.D.T.) near the front window, I heard a warbler song in our elm out front. Saw a [[underlined]] Cape May Warbler [[/underlined]] (♂) on the limb - tips nearest the house. I hurried down for the glasses and double-checked as he sat still singing. Ten minutes
later he was still hunting about in the elm. As I went up to Buckingham to the bus, a Killdeer called loudly on the large expanse of gravel at the Lee-Glebe intersection, where the house was torn down and the hill bull-dozed down. May 8, 1951 - Tuesday - Left for woods at 6:45 P.M. Stopped in Glen Carlyn & entered woods from 3rd. St. Near little Wooden Bridge a small brown bird flew from near bridge, where two young girls had been noisily tossing rocks at each other, across road to side of little ravine above stream. I walked up within 15 feet, and found the [[underlined]] Worm Eating Warbler. [[/underlined]] It fed tamely along the bank, then across
1951 the stream on the other bank, while a Wood Thrush bathed in a little pool, and an Olive-Backed Thrush flew to a sapling above the Warbler. Then a [[underlined]] Swamp Sparrow [[/underlined]] hopped from under low-hanging undergrowth, and fed along near the Warbler. After ten minutes I went on my way, with both birds still there. Myrtle Warblers (1 or 2) called, and as I got to stream near Beech Bend, where I planted Forysythia, etc., three Thrushes flew up from ground, two going across stream into thicket. Noted that one remaining bird (only glimpsed) was redder than Olive-Backed, not nearly so much so as Wood Thrush. Located it where it had flown down again to stream-edge - a [[underlined]] Veery [[/underlined]] or [[underlined]] Wilson's Thrush. [[/underlined]]
believe the other two were the same. Near Beech Bend Olive-Backs flew up the hill-side, and suddenly came the short spiraling songs of 3 or 4 birds. Later they sang near Warbler Oak. A Kentucky Warbler sang loudly almost to G.W. Survey Marker, and an Empidonax called loudly. It seemed more the "che-bec!" of a [[underlined]] Least Flycatcher [[/underlined]] than the "see-whiff!" of an Acadian but can't be sure. Met Comdr. & Mrs. Fuller & Son, who went to find Worm-Eating W. Told me of a shore-bird they had flushed. As I left Dark Pool, it came back then, flushed from stream by them. Noted deep wing beats, then observed all markings
1951 for 5 minutes as it fed on edge of Dark Pool. It later flew, showing large amt. of white in tail, and deep stroke again, calling "peet-weet". Noted it bowed or nodded - [[underlined]] Solitary [[/underlined]] Sandpiper. Heard Crested Flycatcher, saw Phoebe, heard Bl. & Wh. Warbler, one Black-Poll at Glen Carlyn as I entered woods, Catbirds, etc. Many Olive-Backed Thrushes, and great concentration of [[underlined]] White-Throated [[/underlined]] Sparrows in laurels near [[strikethrough]] Beech Bend [[/strikethrough]] G.W. Survey Marker, & later along track up [[scribble]] near Arl. Forest Homes. Heard Chestnut-Sided W. sing. Saw pair of Oven Birds together on ground, heard others. Heard Water Thrush, Hooded W., Cowbird, Cardinals (seen also) Towhees, Song Sparrow. White-Throats may leave tonight
May 9, 1951 - Wed. Took 10-D bus at 2nd., just off Glebe Road at 7:55 A.M. As I waited, an [[underlined]] Orchard Oriole [[/underlined]] sang loudly and cheerily in the tall trees at 2nd. & Old Glebe Road, near the Esso station. Purple Martins over the house in the evening. May 12, 1951 [[strikethrough]] Wed. [[/strikethrough]] Sat. Copied later from notes written up 5/12/51. Six male [[underlined]] Canada Warblers [[/underlined]] first one seen was flycatching; 2 or 3 more were heard but not seen. Song is a rather loud, rich, "jingling" song - heard near "Little Pond in the Woods". Also seen at new house at edge of park and several places there - after. [[underlined]] Chebec [[/underlined]] ("see-[[underlined]] whiff!") [[/underlined]] - two - quite small. Two Solitary Sandpipers; 3 Rose-Breasted Grosbeaks, one near Lookout Point,
5/12/51 one male in "warbler Oak," one female backof it. One male [[underline]] Magnolia Warbler [[/underline]]. Two or three male Redstarts, 3 or 4 female. Ten or twelve Olive-Backed Thrushes. Wood Thrushes; 6-10 male and female Towhees; 5-6 catbirds, one Crested Flycatcher, at Dark Pool; Carolina Wren; one Winter Wren; Cardinals; several Hooded Warblers; 6-8 Myrtle Warblers; 2 female Black-and-White Warblers; 2-3 male Chestnut-sided Warblers; one Blue-headed Vireo; 2 Red-eyed Vireos; 4 male Black-Throated Blue Warblers; 1 Black-Throated Green Warbler singing; 6-10 Oven-birds; male and female [[underline]] Maryland [[/underline]]
5/12/51 [[underlined]] Yellowthroat [[/underlined]] at Dark Pool; Kingfisher; 75-100 [[underlined]] Bobolinks [[/underlined]] out on farm near 30th and Westmoreland Drive in Fairfax Co. (where we were looking for a Crestwood Rambler); [[underlined]] Grasshopper Sparrow [[/underlined]] here. May 13, 1951 - Sunday. Glorious day; brilliant sunshine, light wind, pleasantly cool, warm in sun, air fragrant after the rain of Friday. Killdeer; 2 or 3 Solitary Sandpipers (at Dark Pool) Dove, Swifts, 3-4 Flickers, Downy Woodpecker, Kingbird, Crested Flycatcher (2), Phoebe, Acadian Flycatcher ("squee-gee-eeeff!") Least (?) - calling "see [[underlined]] whiff!" [[/underlined]] or "che-bec!" -
5/19/51 white underbody, faint eyering, puffy wingbands, small; [[underlined]] Wood Peewee [[/underlined]] at Glen Carlyn and at Dark Pool; Blue Jays; 20-30 Crows; chickadees; titmice; White-Breasted nuthatches (2); House Wrens; Carolina Wrens; Mockingbird; 6-8 Catbirds; Thrashers, many Robins; 6-10 Wood Thrushes; Olive Backed Thrushes (15-20); Gnatcatchers; Starlings; 3-4 Yellow-Throated Vireos, (2 together near men's toilet), Red-Eyes (3-4); Black and White Warblers (2-3); Golden-Winged (2-4, singing "zeee-[[underlined]] zee-zee-zee", [[/underlined]] with a great deal of buzz), [[underlined]] Tennessee [[/underlined]] (2 on hillside between Beech Bend and G.W. Marker, singing very loudly, later located singing bird in trees across track from "Warbler Oak" - looked
5/13/51 like Warbling Vireo or Redeye in coloring); several Parulas; [[underlined]] Yellow Warbler [[/underlined]] (first?) at home 6:50 a.m. heard twice later in day; one male Cape May in tall trees above first picnic area; 10-15 Black-Throated Blues, all males; 8-10 Myrtle Warblers; 2 Black-Throated Green (one male seen); fairly sure I heard one Blackburnian, 15-20 Chestnut-sided (heard and/or seen); 4-6 Black-Polls (saw 2); 8-12 Oven Birds; 1 Louisiana Water Thrush; 1 Kentucky W.; 2 M. Yellowthroats singing, one in woods, one near home in A.M.; 8-10 Canadas - all seen were males; 8-12 Redstarts (male and female), Baltimore Orioles - one singing at
[[scribble]] 5/13/51 home, and saw brilliant male close up, singing loudly in trees over Dark Pool, not far above eye-level; Grackles; Scarlet Tanager (6-8 males); Cardinals; Goldfinches; Towhee; still many White-throated Sparrows around; Song Sparrows. * Watch for song of Tennessee Warbler - one of loudest Warbler songs I've heard. Very sharp and emphatic. Close up, it seems almost as loud as the Oven Bird. The Louisiana Water Thrush and Hooded may perhaps be louder. Forbush puts it about as I would - "Twipiti, twipiti, twipiti, twipiti, twipiwipiwipiwipiwipi, wipi"; the start is ringing and the ending is a quick twitter.
May 15,1951 - Tuesday About 7:00P.M (E.D.T) & heard the repeated "peevt" [[?]] calls of a [[underline]] Nighthawk [[/underline]] somewhere above 3rd or 4th street apparently. I could not locate the bird from my back yard, though unmistakeable. May 16, 1951 - Wed. Left home 6:15 a.m. (on leave today & tomorrow) - to Glen Carlyn [[?]] - arriving about 6:25. Heard and/or saw these during walk (6:25-8:35) One solitary Sandpiper at Dark Pool(probably second one there also), Swifts, Flickers [[? good guess?]] (3-4), one Downy, Kingbirds, Crested Flycatchers(2), Acadian Flycatcher? (grayish underneath, eye ring faint- if at all- fluffy wing bars, lower mandible horn color - call "squee - gee - reff" - almost snapping head off at each call) , Peewees(3-4), Purple Martins, Jays, Crows(15-20), Chickadees(2-3), Titmice(2-3), Nuthatch(1), House Wrens(3-4), Carolina Wren(2)
Mockingbird, Catbirds (6-8), Thrashers, Robins, Wood Thrushes (8-10), Olive Backed Thrushes (6-8), [[underlined]] Grey-Cheeked Thrush [[/underlined]] (2) - first one seen in [[strikethrough]] pool [[/strikethrough]] poor light (semi-silhouette) giving sharp "peee-urt" call by path near new house; late heard call way up Honeysuckle Stream and saw the Gray-Cheeked in perfect light across stream, near where path turns up to Apartment Houses. He flew tamely down to stream edge & hunted like a Water Thrush (also here), then to stump 20 feet ahead of me, then hopped along path ahead of me for 25-30 yards, then off into laurels to right of path as I was coming back down stream; Gnatcatcher calling, Starlings, Yellow-Throated & Red-Eyed Vireos, Black & White W(3)*, Tennessee W., at same point along path as two days ago - singing loudly & somewhat
ventriloquilally - could not find it as I came back up tracks later, it sang [[strikethrough]] at [[/strikethrough]] near Beech Bend - no luck; Parulas (3-4 - saw one); Magnolia W. (one male beside track near J-in-Pulpit clearing); Black-Throated Blues (6-8, all males - 2-3 heard singing but not seen), Myrtles (4-6), Blackpolls (8-10, heard & seen), Oven-Birds (8-10); Louisiana Water Thrush - one up Honeysuckle Stream, one above Dark Pool, then down beside Solitary - repeatedly giving a song I'd never have recognized as L.W.T. - nearer an Indigo Bunting than anything else. Watched it sing for several minutes; Kentucky W. (3 - 1 near Glen Carlyn - saw two up Honeysuckle Stream at bend in path - they were in boggy spot in heavy ferns & undergrowth; Yellowthroat - 1 male in back yard (at home; [[underlined]] Hooded [[/underlined]] W - (4-6 - incl. female by Kentucky W's, busily gathering a huge beak - full of
grape-vine bark for a nest; Canada W. (2 males seen one or two more heard); Redstarts (10-12, male & female); Balt. Oriole, Grackles, Tanagers (several), Cardinals, White-Throated Sparrows (10-12) [[underlined]] still [[/underlined]] here; Song Sparrows. Weather perfect - brisk in A.M. - hot in afternoon. Almost finished attic. 1 Cooper's Hawk. May 17, 1951 - Thurs. To woods 6:30-8:05 A.M. Only new arrivals today were: 1) the [[underlined]] Hummingbird [[/underlined]] - one up Honeysuckle Stream at Boggy area where path turns away. Another later alongside tracks near the houses where I saw a Blue Winged W. a few days ago. 2) [[underlined]] Cuckoo [[/underlined]] (species - ?) flushed from worm-infested wild cherry trees where houses are near tracks.
5/17/51 3. [[underlined]] Northern Water Thrush [[/underlined]] - at Dark Pool. Saw [[underlined]] no [[/underlined]] Solitary Sandpiper today - a few White-Throated Sparrows. Birds seen and/or heard: [[underlined]] Cuckoo; [[/underlined]] Swifts; [[underlined]] Hummingbirds; [[/underlined]] Flickers; Kingbird; Crested Flycatcher; 1 Phoebe; Acadian (?) Flyc.; 4-6 Peewees; Martins; Jays; Crows; Chicadees & titmice; 1 Nuthatch; House & Carolina Wrens; Mockingbirds & 6-8 Catbirds; Robins; 8-12 Wood Thrushes; 8-12 Olive-Backed Thrushes; Waxwings (heard); Starlings; 2 Yellow-Throated Vireos; 6-8 Red-Eyed Vireos; 2-3 Black & White Warblers, 1 Tennessee Warbler; 4-6 Parulas; 6-8 Black-throated Blues (5 males seen); 12-15 Blackpolls, 6-8 Ovenbirds; 1 Louisiana Water Thrush; [[strikethrough]] and [[/strikethrough]] 1 [[underlined]] Northern [[/underlined]]
[[underlined]] Water Thrush [[/underlined]] (at Dark Pool): 1 Kentucky Warbler; 3-4 Hooded Warblers; Canada Warblers (saw 3-4 males, heard 1-2 others - or same - singing); 8-12 Redstarts; Baltimore Oriole; Cowbird; Grackles; Tanagers (4-6; 1 ♀); Cardinals; 1 Grosbeak calling near Jack-in Pulpit clearing; Towhees; Song Sparrows. May 19 1951 - Sat. To woods 2:15 to 4:00 P.M. Rather quiet - comparatively few birds - listed in order: Swifts; 1 female R.T. Hummingbird flew overhead, sitting briefly on a pine twig; Kingbirds (2); 1 Crested Flycatcher, 1 Phoebe; 3-4 Empidonax Flycatchers; 2 Peewees; Jays; Crows; House Wren; Carolina Wren; 3-4 Catbirds; Robins; Wood Thrushes (6-8); 2-3 Olive Backed Thrushes;
5/19/51 [[underlined]] thought [[/underlined]] I saw one Gray-Cheeked Thrush but could not be certain because of light; Starlings; 2 Yellow-throated Vireos; 2-3 Red-eyed Vireos; 1 Black and White Warbler; 2 Parulas; 2-3 Black-throated Blues (saw 1 ♀); 4-6 Blackpolls (heard & seen); 4-6 Oven Birds; 1 Louisiana Water Thrush; 1 Kentucky Warbler; 2-4 Hooded Warblers; 1 Canada W.; 2-3 Redstarts; 2-3 Tanagers; Towhee, Song Sparrows. May 20, 1951 - Sun. To woods about 2:15 - back 3:40 P.M. Same as yesterday, but fewer birds.
Sept 8, 1951 - Sat To woods with Susan 10:30 - 12:30. Wonderful weather. Saw only one migrant, a [[underline]] Blackpoll Warbler [[/underline]] near the "Little Pond in the Woods". Saw and/or heard Cardinals, 3 yellow-throated Vireos, one Red-eyed Vireo, Swifts, Carolina Wren, one house Wren, Catbirds many Robins all thru woods, Crows,[[strikethrough]] one Oven Bird [[/strikethrough]], Grackles, One Tanager (called), Goldfinches,[[stikethrough]] one male Towhee [[/strikethrough]] , Song Sparrows, two Peewees. Sept. 9, 1951 - Sun. Another wonderful day - brisk in morning. To woods with Claire and Susan, 11:00-12:30. Saw and/or heard Swifts, Hummingbird, Flicker,
9/9/1951 Peewees, Jays, Crows(3), Chickadees, Nuthatches, Titmice, House Wren, Catbirds, Thrasher(singing [[underline]] very [[/underline]] low whisper song in big apple tree in back yard at home - barely audible at 15 feet), many Robins, two wood Thrashes [[??or thrushes??]], one Oven Bird, at least 3 Yellow Throated Vireos, two Red-Eyed Vireos scolding, two Blacks Poll Warblers(in back yard at home), one male Hooded Warbler, one female(or young male) Redstart, Cardinals, Goldfinches(in woods & at home singing), one male Towhee near S.W Survey Marker, Song Sparrows. Bl & wh. W. singing jointly [[not clear]] in woods. Sept. 10,1951. Mon: At home, looking after Claire, who has badly infected tonsils, requiring shot of penicillin.
9/10/51 and Empirin-Codeine from Dr.Cape. At home in afternoon, three Black-poll Warblers and two [[underlined]] Magnolias [[/underlined]] showed up in the back yard together. In Sycamore, apple tree, mulberry, etc. Magnolias showed yellow under body, wing bars, greenish-yellow rump, white in tail, fairly heavy streaking on body. Toward evening a flight of perhaps 100 Grackles flew south-east, dropping into tall trees at foot of Second & Third Streets. Another flock of about 20, together with 30-40 Starlings joined them a few minutes later. Sept. 11,1951-Tues. Home with Claire again today. Several Black Polls
9/11/51 were in the back yard, and later in the front yard. Now (1:50 P.M.) I hear their calls down toward the woods. [[strikethrough]] Nov [[/strikethrough]] Sept. 12, 1951 - Wed. Claire still confined to bed. Got to woods after taking Susan to school. Saw and/or heard: Killdeers, Cuckoo (Yellow-Billed?), Swifts, Red Billed Woodpecker, Flicker, Downy (male), 3-4 Peewees, Crows, Jays, Chickadees, Titmice, Nuthatch, House Wren, 2 Carolina Wrens, 2-3 Catbirds, Mockingbird (at home), Robins, 4-6 Wood-Thrushes (incl. 4 eating fruit of black Gum tree), 2 Yellow-Throated Vireos, 3-4 Red-Eyed Vireos, 1 male Bl. & White Warbler, 1 female [[underlined]] Black-Throated Green W., [[/underlined]] several Black-Polls., 2 Hooded Ws., Male Redstart, 1 Tanager in "green" plumage, Cardinals,
9-13 - 2 R Br. Gros. 1 Ch. Sid Wi. 9/12/51 Goldfinches, 1 Towhee (♀), Song. Sp. Sept. 13, 1951 - Thursday Claire able to be up a bit today. Went to work at noon. Another fine day. Saw every bird seen yesterday, plus one [[underlined]] Chestnut-sided Warbler [[/underlined]] and two [[underlined]] Rose Breasted Grosbeaks. [[/underlined]] Heard one of the latter calling near the "Little Pond in the Woods", and another in Jack-in the Pulpit clearing. Saw this second bird, a male, as it flew from the tops of the tall oaks near the tracks, back into the woods. Sept. 15, 1951 - Sat. Peewees, Phoebes, Carolina Wrens, Catbirds, few Robins, Wood-Thrushes, Red-eyed & Yellow-throated Vireos, Blackpolls
Hooded Warblers, female Redstart, Towhee, Song Sparrows, 2 Parulas. Sept. 16, 1951 - Sun. Same as yesterday, plus [[underlined]] one Magnolia Warbler [[/underlined]] across tracks from Dark Pool; one Blackpoll W. pecked away at a ripe wildcherry in yard at home. Several Parulas. Sept. 22, 1951 - Saturday Usual, every-day birds plus these: Black & White Ws (2), Parulas (2), Magnolias [[underlined]] (at least [[/underlined]] 5 in one spot just west of Dark Pool, near Warbler oak, eating in giant weeds along tracks - whick I thought of as a giant ragweed, but may be black snakeroot, altho it runs up to 12 feet tall.), 1 Black-Throated Green, 1 Chestnut-sided, 2-3 [[underlined]] Bay-breasted warblers, [[/underlined]] few Blackpolls, 1 Oven bird, 2 Hooded
1951 Warblers, 1 male Redstart, Yellow-throat, Grackles, Goldfinches, Towhees. Sept. 23, Sunday. Same as yesterday - 2 or 3 Magnolias, 4-6 Bay-breasted Warblers, few Blackpolls, Wood Thrushes, etc. Sept. 29, 1951 - Sat. Glorious day - new arrivals were: [[underlined]] Ruby-Crowned Kinglet [[/underlined]] (1 near G.W. Survey marker), [[underlined]] Brown Creeper [[/underlined]] (2 in same area), [[underlined]] White-Throated Sparrows [[/underlined]] (several along tracks near Warbler trees). One Magnolia W., few Blackpolls (have heard them and/or seen them everyday since first seen. Appear in yard at home just about every day.
Sept. 30, 1951, Sun. 1 Tanager, pair cowbirds (♂ & ♀ in top of tall oak tree above track by small Brayhill houses), few Blackpolls, 1 Black-Throated Green W., 1 Magnolia, many White-Throated Sparrows. [[strikethrough]] and Juncos [[/strikethrough]] Oct. 5, 1951 - Fri. Began vacation this morning. To last through 10/21 if lucky. Brilliant day, wind perhaps 15-20 m.p.h. (?) most of time, keeping tree tops in vigorous motion. At first bend in Honeysuckle Stream, where path follows very edge of bank, a Black & White W. (♂) hunted about in a pine, about 30 feet up. With him were a [[underlined]] Red-Breasted Nuthatch [[/underlined]] (first I seen in several years, I believe),
1951 and a Black-throated Green Warbler. The latter flew down near the stream, where i spotted a [[underline]] Northern Water Thrush [[/underline]] sitting quietly on a horizontal limb 2 feet or less from the ground, across the stream, pumping his tail. He was [[strike]] very [[/strike]] deep buff about the head and body. A little further up the stream I saw the [[underline]] Winter Wren [[/underline]] Also three large tortoises along the stream. One was about to slide off the path, down a three foot bank. I set him away, but a few minutes later found him in the water at that point. It was shallow, and the other bank had a gradual slope, as I didn't worry about him. A few yards further down stream [[strike]] ab [[/strike]] a big one, still damp, was stymied part up the
steep bank. I lifted him to the path. a few yards farther on, the third was on the path by the stream edge. At the point where I cross, I [[strikethrough]] foun [[strikethrough]] or rather [[strikethrough]]15[[/strikethrough]] 20 yds. down toward G.W. Marker, I found a 2 ft. Garter Snake. Struck repeatedly at a small limb I pushed at it - picked it up a time or two. Wild ageratum blooming beautifully here and there, as for the last two weeks. Catbirds along tracks near Dark Pool, 1 Myrtle Warbler there. Later on I saw one [[underlined]] Olive-Backed Thrush [[/underlined]] in fine light on the path near the Little Pond in the Woods. A flock of [[underlined]] Juncos [[/underlined]] called in the Pony Field. 94° today. Hottest day of year (June) was only 96°.
October 6, 1951 - Sat. Beautiful day. Top today was 93°. Saw Garter Snake again today, at rocks where I cross Honeysuckle Stream. Turkey Vulture (1), Flickers (3-4), Downy (1), Phoebes (2), Jays, Crows (flock, apparently after an owl up on the hillside above Honeysuckle Stream), Chickadees, Nuthatchers (2), Titmice, Brown Creepers (2); Ruby Crowned Kinglets (2), Carolina Wrens (3-4); Wood Thrushes (2); Robins (several); Black & White Warbler (1); Myrtle W. (1); Black-Throated Green W. (2); Goldfinches, Towhees (2); Song Sparrows; many White-throated Sparrows. [[scribble]] Oct. 7, 1951 - Sunday. Another wonderful, warm day, although cooling off in afternoon, becoming heavily overcast, ending in thunder-
storm with much thunder & lightning & heavy rain Sunday eve, just after we hurried back from a visit to Don & Mary's. Leaves had wonderful fragrance, newly-fallen to ground. In A.M. saw usual birds. Many White Throated Sparrows, and flock of Juncos up steep path to Glen-Carlyn homes near Lee Blvd. Myrtle Warbler (1), Blackpolls (saw 2-3, heard several others) Wood Thrushes (2), Several Flickers, 1 Hairy, 1 Downy, 2 Phoebes. One female [[underlined]] Yellow Bellied Sapsucker [[/underlined]] on pine tree at Eastern end of group of hickories & oaks where I have seen Sapsuckers several times. Oct. 8, 1951 - Monday. Much cooler, but fine day, windy. Jays, Crows, Nuthatches, etc., R-C. Kinglets (3-4); B. Creepers (2-3), Many White Throats, 2 Black Throated Grackles.
Oct. 9, 1951 - Tuesday. Very fine day - somewhat windy in tree tops, but clear and crisp. Everything fresh after good rain Sunday night. Not many birds in flying trip - 9:00 A.M. to 10:00 A.M. Flickers (3-4); Hairy (1), Jays, Crows, Chickadees, Titmice, Nuthatch (1), Brown Creepers (2) Winter Wren (1 - about 15 away, very tame on open twig near Dark Pool), 3-4 Carolina Wrens, Mockingbirds at home; Catbird (2 at home, in Elm tree); Robins (several), Bluebirds at home; Blackpoll Warblers (several, in woods and at home); Cardinals, Goldfinches (several at Dark Pool) Towhee (1); Song Sparrows (4-6 at Dark Pool);
In new home on 2/21/52 - at 3307 N. Tuckahoe St., Falls Church, Va. March 12, 1952 - Wed. Coming home from work, riding with Bill Robey and Loudins Hall, about 6:15, I saw the first [[underlined]] Robin [[/underlined]] pitch down into the young pines at Lee Blvd. and Pershing Drive, coming in from the South East. He was just a silhouette against the twilight, but was unmistakable. The weather has been milder for several days. Up to 50's and 60's. [[underlined]] Heard cowbird [[/underlined]] about 3/2/52. March 13, 1952 - Thurs. [[strikethrough]] Coming h [[/strikethrough]] Going to work, a Robin flew across in front of me on Williamsburg Blvd. at Trinidad, or rather in the next block toward Sycamore. First Thunderstorm this afternoon. Lots of brilliant Lightning, and moderate
rain. March 14, 1952, Friday [[underlined]] Five [[/underlined]] Robins on lawn of Carl Hall's house on Winchester Way, Falls Church - across from Bill Robey's house. Going up Little Falls Road, across the W.O.D. R.R. tracks, I heard the final [[underlined]] Spring Peepers [[/underlined]] were calling in the lowlands to the West of Little Falls Road. This is always about the most delightful music I know. March 15, 1952 Saturday Many Robins everywhere. This afternoon a small flock of [[underlined]] Grackles [[/underlined]] flew over calling, heading due north - about 15-20.
March 16, 1952 - Sunday. On way back from St. James, ([[underlined]] My [[/underlined]] first mass there), saw small flock of Grackles (about 6) on a lawn, all puffed up. [[underlined]] Very [[/underlined]] windy today, most uncomfortable. March 27, 1952 - Thurs. [[underlined]] Redwings, Chipping Sparrow. [[/underlined]] April 2, 1952 [[underlined]] Brown Thrasher [[/underlined]] April 3, 1952. [[underlined]] Tree Swallow [[/underlined]] at the Tidal Basin while Clyde, Ann, Clara Louise and Robert. We were near the Jefferson Memorial, looking at the first few cherry trees almost fully open. April 5, 1952. [[underlined]] Purple Martins [[/underlined]] at Hechinger's in Falls Church.
April 6, 1952. [[underlined]] Towhee [[/underlined]] calling on my way to St. James, off Little Falls Road.
April 22, 1952. [[underlined]] Redstart [[/underlined]] singing on Little Falls Road, near Broad Street as I drove down to Bill Robey's. April 23, [[strikethrough]] Re [[/strikethrough]] Redstart singing. [[underlined]] Scarlet Tanager [[/underlined]] singing in woods near Pershing Drive and Lee Blvd. as Bill Robey, Lorraine Hall and I drove [[strikethrough]] into [[/strikethrough]] in to work about 8:00 A.M. [[underlined]] Maryland Yellow-throat [[/underlined]] singing on Little Falls Road.
[[blank page]]
One male [[underlined]] American Merganser [[/underlined]] flying west above the W. & O.D. R.R. tracks, unmistakable. May 3, 1952 - Sat. Arrived in old woods (Glen Carlyn Park) at 6:45 A.M. Even with cotton T-shirt & green wool shirt, I felt rather cool while in the shade. Light breeze, brilliant blue sky with occasional wispy white clouds, and the entire woods filled with fragrance - don't believe all the fragrance could be from dogwood and wild azalea - perhaps other trees also. Oaks have been blooming, but are now losing their Catkins. As I parked in usual place, again heard the little song of the Cape May Warbler, sounding [[underlined]] somewhat [[/underlined]] like a Bl. & White song in quality. One was in the maple tree in the corner of the garden of the old church-like home, right above the car. It flew down the street a few yards, where it joined another Cape May in
the maples over the street. Here they sang repeatedly, and flitted rapidly about. Later I saw another down at the picnic area 100-150 yds. away. As I walked into the woods a Louisiana Water Thrush sang loudly nearby - on the edge of the ravine, then up the hillside toward Lee Blvd. I heard the song of the [[underlined]] Black Throated Blue Warbler [[/underlined]] from several spots, and quickly [[strikethrough]] tw saw [[/strikethrough]] saw three [[insertion]] males. [[/insertion]] Then a [[underlined]] Parula sang. [[/underlined]] The entire area bounded by the gravel road, the W. & O. Dominion tracks, Lee Blvd., and the homes in Glen Carlyn was [[underlined]] seething [[/underlined]] with migrants, with a considerable overflow across the gravel road. There were hundreds of Myrtle Warblers, many singing - one of those days when you felt you couldn't afford to pass up any movement, yet perhaps 95% were Myrtles. One could point the
[[drawings of two beaks]] binocs at random anywhere in the trees, and find one or more birds - as I did. Once, caught a flash of white, as love male [[underlined]] Rose Breasted Gosbeak [[/underlined]] flew into range. A slight move of the glasses picked up two more males. Soon the song of a [[underlined]] Black-throated Green [[/underlined]] warbler sang out, although I didn't see him; then the songs of two [[underlined]] Yellow-throated Vireos [[/underlined]] near the tracks. A male Black and White Warbler hitched around an oak, while another sang up near the houses. Two Nuthatches made repeated trips in and out of a nest hole 50 feet up in an oak, where a limb had been. Heard the distinctive "Swee-ee-d-d-d-d-z-z-z" song of a [[underlined]] Blue-winged Warbler [[/underlined]] repeated several times but could not locate it.
Then, high in top of an oak about 100 feet in from Lee Blvd., above the road leading from near the end of the bridge, I saw a lovely male [[underlined]] Blackburnian Warbler, [[/underlined]] just for a moment in full sun. Breathtaking, as always. Two Oven-Birds sang here, several Cowbirds, Wood Thrushes, one young Scarlet Tanager (♂) with yellowish-red areas on lower body & sides; Towhees called and sang, Barns Swallows twittered overhead, two Phoebes flew about, and White-throated Sparrows called and sang, Jays called. Two or 3 Hooded Wr. Going down through woods, I saw a Turkey Vulture overhead; many white throats; several flickers along way; Chimney Swifts overhead; forgot to mention Kingbirds over our new home when I left and Purple Martins along way; one Crow; Chickadees and Titmice; another
nuthatch; two House Wrens; Carolina Wrens singing; 4 Catbirds near Dark Pool; Cooper's Hawk being chased by a Starling near Warbler Oak; Mockingbird in Glen Carlyn; 1 Brown Thrasher; many Robins; perhaps a dozen Wood Thrushes; Bluebirds at home & Glen Carlyn; one Ruby-Crowned Kinglet singing loudly; many Starlings, several pairs nesting in woods, one pair feeding noisy young near rustic bridge. Near Lookout Point a [[underlined]] Red-Eyed Vireo [[/underlined]] sang steadily - did not see it. As I came down into Jack-in-the-Pulpit clearing, actively caught my eye, about 25 feet up in a beech tree. A [[underlined]] Worm-Eating Warbler [[/underlined]] hunted busily about the mass of brown leaves forming a squirrel's nest, hanging head down, and rummaging about, then went on two [[strikethrough]] two [[/strikethrough]]
other bunches of dead leaves in the same tree, one a nest, the other a wind-fall, I believe. Another Cape May near here. Several Hooded Warblers sang & called. L.W.T. scolded and darted into the underbrush near Beech Bend. Yellow-throats called, & I saw one male alongside the track. Several cowbirds were near the G.W. Survey Marker, also Hooded Warblers, & Louisiana Water Thrushes, & Cowbirds. Near Darls Pool the ringing song of the [[underlined]] Kentucky Warbler [[/underlined]] could be heard far & wide, also the calls of a female Red-Bellied Woodpecker on a dead stub over the pool. Cardinals called; many White-throats called & sang. Then I had a [[underlined]] thrill [[/underlined]] - to the right of the track, opposite the West end of the Pool, there
[[diagram with "sun", "bird", and "me" displayed]] are two large Tulip trees. About 45 feet up, but about 30 feet from where I stood atop the embankment, I saw a little [[margin]] *** [[/margin]] [[underlined]] Hummingbird [[/underlined]] sitting on a dead twig. He was in brilliant sunlight, the sun coming in at a 90° angle from me, at 8:15 A.M., E.D.T. I first noticed the lack f the flashing throat, so examined him closely for 5 minutes: [[strikethrough]] throat [[/strikethrough]] bird appeared appreciably smaller than a Ruby-Throat, tho' had no basis of comparison right there; chest & under-body sooty-gray, upper chest & base of throat lighter, almost white; gorget appeared black, altho once I thought I had an impression of ^ [[insertion]] deep [[/insertion]] maroon; bill was long, slender, and slightly decurved; tail deeply forked, [[margin]] See picture two pages back. [[/margin]] very noticeable when closed or spread; did not get good
look at back, but it appeared to be black or brownish black; sat still, turning head from side to side, spreading tail a few times, beady eyes flashing. He darted several feet away and furiously "buzzed" a Parula several times as it fed along a limb, then swang in a beautiful pendulum arc of abut 20 inches radius for perhaps ten or 15 flashing swings, before returning to same twig. After a moment or two, he flashed away north, across Dark Pool, disappearing in the woods. [Bill slightly shorter than R.T.] Ten minutes later, going west on the track, toward Lee Blvd., almost to the trestle at Jack in Pulpit clearing, I heard the twittering of a [[underlined]] Ruby Throated Hummingbird [[/underlined]] in back of me. He poised before wild
azaleas, then flashed toward me and then turned toward Beech Bend. Even with the sun at his back, the blazing ruby throat picked up glints of fire - noticeably different, also larger. May Apples blooming. Left woods at 8:35. One or two Hermit Thrushes. May 4, 1952 - Sun. Woke up later. Got in woods at 6:55. Slightly cloudy, at first, and cooler, but soon as wonderful as yesterday. Not quite so many birds. Many Myrtles, but perhaps not the hundreds of yesterday. Will try to be busy: Saw these: Swifts, Flickers, two Red-Billed Woodpeckers (near Little Pond in woods - male in nest hole high in an oak limb, head out, female outside, both battling starlings. Fight went on
from 6:55 to 8:40 when I left woods); 1 Downy; Kingbirds (2), & [[underlined]] Crested Flycatcher [[/underlined]] called near second trestle from Lee Blvd., several Phoebes, many Barn Swallows, Jays (some drifting north-east, very high, as yesterday), Chickadees & Titmice, two House Wrens at track near Beech Bend; Carolina Wrens (2-4); Mockingbird; several Catbirds; Robins; 12-20 Wood Thrushes; one [[underlined]] Olive-Backed Thrush [[/underlined]] with a Wood Thrush & other birds near one of the feed trays at the house built a year or two ago; Starlings; one [[underlined]] White-Eyed Vireo [[/underlined]] singing in J-in-P Clearing near Beech Bend - heard and seen; One [[underline scratched out]] Solitary Vireo near the Warbler Oak; Red-Eyed & Yellow throated singing; Black & White W. singing; heard Blue-Winged Warbler sing in low second-growth along track just West
Excuse brainstorm - it was a [[underlined]] Brewster's! see next day - [[/underlined]] of Lookout Point - found a pretty male probing into a rolled up dead leaf on a young beech, singing as he hunted; several Parulas; Yellow-Warbler singing on way down to Broad Street, & in Glen Carlyn; 10-15 Black-Throated Blues singing - all seen were males. Many Myrtles; 8-10 Black-Throated Greens - two or three males seen; one lovely male [[underlined]] Chestnut Sided Warbler [[/underlined]] singing his little jingling song a few feet from the Blue-Wing; 8-10 Oven Birds, one within a few feet of me; several Louisiana Water Thrushes, three in wild courtship chase; two Kentucky Warblers singing - saw one fly across tracks near Dark Pool; 1-2 Yellow throats; 6-10 Hooded Warblers ([[male symbol]]); heard wild, ringing song of a [[underlined]] Canada Warbler [[/underlined]] near Little
pond, but couldn't locate it; 2 male Redstarts; Engl. Sparrows; Meadow-larks at home; Cowbirds; 2-3 Sc. Tanagers; Cardinals; 3-4 Rosebreasted Grosbeaks Calling - one singing; Towhees - one with unusual song: one Junco near Sapsucker Hickory, but across Tracks. Two [[underlined]] Rough-Winged Swallows [[/underlined]] chasing each other noisily above tracks near Dark Pool. May 5, 1952 - Monday On leave today. Light rain in night, and brisk shower when I awoke about 6:15, so went back to bed. Got to woods about 12:55 P.M., to get in a trip before getting Susan at St. Thomas more. Will list birds in check list order: Killdeer in N. Tuckahoe cul-de-sac this afternoon, on gravel yet to be black-topped. [[underlined]] Spotted Sandpiper [[/underlined]] at G.W. Survey Marker, flew downstream, flashing white wingstripes; Doves; Swifts; 1 Ruby-Throated Hummingbird
calling; one [[underlined]] Belted Kingfishes [[/underlined]] near Grey Rock at stepping stones; Flickers; 1 Red-Bellied Woodpecker; 1 Kingbird at home; One Crested Flycatcher calling near Lookout Point, and two together [[strikethrough]] about [[/strikethrough]] ranging 10-25 up in trees at bend in Honeysuckle Stream, near fallen birch (above honeysuckle from which I named it), hopping and flying about very tamely as tho' nest hunting; 3-4 Phoebes; an Empidorax which must have been the [[underlined]] Least Flycatcher, [[/underlined]] near the Crested - smaller than a Myrtle Warbler sitting near it - it was very quiet - no calls; two Prairie Horned Larks were on Evans' front yard this eve, then flew to his unsodded back yard, where one sang from a clod; many Barn Swallows, skimming lawns and street at home, calling everywhere; 2-3 Martins; Jays; 1 Crow; 2-3 Titmice; 1 Nuthatch; 4-6 House Wrens along tracks; 4-6 Catbirds;
8-10 Wood Thrushes; one [[underlined]] Gray Cheeked Thrush [[/underlined]] in good light, along Honeysuckle Stream, on bank, & along sand & rocks of stream, later this or another one called its "peee-unt" with the nasal tone as I watched a [[underlined]] Veery [[/underlined]] along this stream; [[scribble]] the veery flew tamely along to where I saw the flycatchers (here also were Hooded Warblers, Myrtles, [[underlined]] Golden Winged Warblers; [[/underlined]] Blue Winged, Bl. & White, Parula, & Ovenbirds); Bluebirds at home; two Ruby Crowned Kinglets at point where I saw flycatchers, then nearer Survey Marker; Starlings (15-20 on lawn [[strikethrough]] where I park car [[/strikethrough]] at Williamsburg & Westmoreland), 1 White-Eyed Vireo near Survey Marker (where I was caught in a brief shower after earlier ominous & heavy thunder had passed by. Took shelter against a big white oak & remained dry); one Red-Eyed Vireo; one Solitary
Vireo near point where I cross Honeysuckle Stream; several Black and White Warblers; one [[underline]] Golden Winged Warbler [[/underline]] by stream, in low ironwood trees; 4-6 Blue-Winged Warblers singing in laurels and low trees between Honeysuckle Stream Crossing + Lubbes Run- saw one; saw another near ground. Alongside tracks near Jack-in-Pulpit trestle; another on hillside at white house above rustic Bridge; another near Beech bend; 2-3 Parulas; 8-12 ^[[insert]] or more [[/insert]] Black-Throated Blue Warblers scattered along way- all seen were males- 4 or 5 were at Honeys. Stream Crossing + near Flycatchers; many Myrtles; 3-4 Black-Throated Green Warblers singing - saw one male; two male Chestnut-Sided Warblers; 6-8 Oven Birds; 3-4 Louisiana Water Thrushes- saw 2; heard one Kentucky Warbler; saw one male Yellow throat; as I
hurried to the car to get Susan, I turned across the rustic bridge and up by the White house to check a Blue Winged Warblers song to see if it might be a Brewsters' since I realized that yesterday I had seen a [[underline]] Brewsters' [[/underline]] but my mind registered [[underline]] Blue-Winged [[/underline]] because of the song! As I climbed the path, a [[underline]] Yellow-Breasted Chat [[/underline]] began to sing and mimic loudly about 20 feet from me, beside the white house; probably 8-10 or more Hooded Warblers, including one female near the Grey Rock; Meadowlarks at home; Grackles; 8-10 Cowbirds; 3-4 Tanagers; Cardinals; 4 Rose-Breasted Grosbeaks- one [[underline]] male [[/underline]] between the house with bird feeders + Lookout Point, one [[underline]] female [[/underline]] and another unseen bird above gravel road from Lookout Point up to GlenCarlyn, and another farther on;
Goldfinches (3-4); Towhees (8-10); several Chipping Sparrows at home + in Glen Carlyn; Many White Throats; several Song Sparrows. 6:35 a.m. to 8:40 a.m. May 7, 1952-Wednesday Briskly cool this morning, with a strong wind keeping the tree-tops in continual motion. The only new arrival today was the [[underline]] Wood Peewee [[/underline]] Heard one calling across tracks from Lookout Point, and later another farther down the tracks. Black Vulture flew across Westmore Gardens today- flying almost due north- in a hurry. [[underline]] Sparrow Hawk [[/underline]] on top of the topmost dead stub in the tulip tree nearest Warbler Oak (Saw a [[underline]] Pigeon Hawk [[/underline]] about
a week ago. Killdeers calling at home; two Spotted Sandpipers on the graveled field between 31st + 32nd streets across Underwood from the Crestwood homes (at 6:35 a.m.) flew about [[in left margin]] spotted chests very noticeable [[/in left margin]] on graveled patch then bobbed tails as the hunted about; Doves; Swifts; Flickers; Hairy Woodpecker near Lee Blvd. trestle. then at Rustic Bridge; Kingbirds; 1 Crested Flycatcher; Phoebe; [[underline]] Peewee [[/underline]] Horned Larks eating grass seed at home and singing from roof tops, etc.; many Barn Swallows, down to ground; Jays; 1 Crow; 1 Titmouse; 6-8 House Wrens; 1 Carolina Wren; several Catbirds; two Thrashes; Robins; many Wood Thrushes; 4-6 thrushes, either Olive Backed or Gray-cheeked, never able to get adequate look;
Bluebirds beginning nesting in my box today; 1 Ruby Crowned Kignlet; Starlings; two Yellow Throated Vireos; two Red-Eyed Vireos; 3-4 Black + White Ws. singing, one seen; 2-3 Parula Warblers singing; 4-6 Black-Throated Blues; 10-15 Myrtle Warblers; 2 Black-Throated Green; 1 Chestnut-side singing; 8-10 Oven Birds; 3-4 Louisiana Water Thrushes; 2 Kentucky Warblers, one singing tamely on hillside at edge of J in P clearing- hunting on ground, and flying to perches foot off ground to sing- the other sang on Honeysuckle Stream; one Chat sat 20 feet up in a tree over Dark Pool, all windblown, called a few times; 10-15 or more Hooded Warblers, male + female, all courting; Redstarts (2-3); Grackles; Cowbirds(8-10);
2-3 Tanagers singing; Cardinals (4-6); 2 Rose-Breasted Grosbecks calling and one singing softly; Towhees; Chipping Sparrows; Many White-Throats; Song Sparrows. May 8, 1952-Thursday [[underline]] Nashville Warbler Tennessee Warbler [[/underline]] "sweet-sweet-chipper,chipper, chipper, dizzle, dizzle" - above gravel road near Lookout Point. Two Male Cape May Warblers; Female [[underline]] Baltimore Oriole [[/underline]] above new house which has 3 bird feeders; 3 Blackburnians; 3-4 Olive Backed Thrushes; [[underline]] 1 Warbling Vireo [[/underline]] singing for 10 min. at Jack in Pulpit clearing. 2 Solitary Vireos; 1 Purple Finch (♀); 1 Blue Winged Warbler; 1 Parula; 1 [[underline]] Magnolia Warbler [[/underlined]] (♀) 6-8 Black-Throated Blues,
1952 8-2-3 Black-Throated Greens, 1 male Chestnut Sided W. at Lookout Point; Ovenbird; 2 [[underlined]] Louisiana Water Thrushes [[/underlined]] Hooded Warbler; Redstart; [[strikethrough]] several [[/strikethrough]] Rose-Breasted Grosbeaks (3 - one male singing); 1 male [[underlined]] Swamp Sparrow [[/underlined]] at Dark Pool; one [[underlined]] Hairy Woodpecker. [[/underlined]]
[[blank page]]
May 9, 1952 - Friday Left home about 6:25 A.M. Crisply cool, but somewhat milder than yesterday. Brilliantly clear sunlight, in contrast to the frustrating glare in the overcast yesterday. Will note birds in order of Checklist: Broadwinged Hawk calling near G.W. Survey marker; Bob White called near home; Killdeer flew near 32nd. & Underwood; one [[underlined]] Solitary Sandpiper [[/underlined]] feeding on mud at Dark Pool, and across logs, very tamely - did not fly at all - sooty breast in marked contrast to that of the Spotted seen a few days ago; two doves at 33rd. on wires near Eady's home; Swifts; Hummingbird heard twittering at 3 different places in woods; 4-6 Flickers; Kingbirds; **** 2 Crested Flycatchers, calling all morning; Phoebe; Least Flycatcher at spot where I saw one the other
day, very distinctly calling his "chebec, - chebec", in somewhat different way than I had expected - like "jee-begk; jee-begk". Later one called over near tracks across from G.W. Survey marker, another farther west on the tracks, and [[underlined]] three [[underlined]] were seen calling near the trestle nearest Lee Blvd., - certainly the best day I ever had on the Least - and positive identification!; Peewee; Horned Larks at home; many Barn Swallows; Jays, flying N.E. at fairly high altitude, as every day recently; Titmice (2); 6-8 House Wrens; Carolina Wren; Mockingbird; 6-8 Catbirds; Robins; many Wood Thrushes; probably [[underlined]] 25 [[/underlined]] Olive Backed Thrushes identified; saw [[underlined]] no [[/underlined]] Grey-Cheeked, unless some of those in distance were this species; two (2) Veeries up on hillside by gravel road above the gray rock; another near that rock,
one up Honeysuckle Stream, and two in undergrowth across stream from gray rock - 3 were calling their "churrr" call note; flock of Waxwings near Survey marker; Starlings; 2 Blue-Headed (Solitary) Vireos; 6-8 Red-Eyed; 1 Warbling Vireo; [[insertion]] at least [[/insertion]] 3-4 Tennessee Warblers (all light underneath, constantly singing the ventriloquist "sweeet-sweet-chipple-chipper-chipper-dizzle-dizzle" song - very restless, and most difficult birds to locate that I've ever seen. Song such as I wrote down for Nashville last year, & as Forbush says, but the markings of these birds are those of the Tennessee. Could get only [[underlined]] one [[/underlined]] worthwhile look today, although the birds [[underlined]] seemed [[/underlined]] everywhere I went - constantly on move in tops of trees, from end to end of woods; [[strikethrough]] one Nash [[/strikethrough]]
4-6 Parulas singing; 10-15 Magnolia Warblers, only two adult males, singing as they hunted; two (2) male Cape May Warblers; 8-12 Black-Throated Blues (all seen were males); 30-50 or perhaps up to 100 Myrtle Warblers; 6-8 Black Throated Green Warblers - including one especially lovely male; 2 Blackburnians; 4-6 Chestnut-Sided [[margin]] ** [[/margin]] - all males; [[underlined]] 4-6 Blackpolls [[/underlined]] Warblers - heard first one on Westmoreland, and song didn't sink into my consciousness until I heard another at parking spot at 3rd. & Jefferson - others near "Bird feeder" house, & Honeysuckle stream; 8-12 Oven Birds; 3-4 Louisiana Water Thrushes, 2 Kentuckys; one male & one female Yellow-throat - not together, [[strikethrough]] Y [[/strikethrough]] Chat - at white house on hill, both going & coming to car; 2-3 Hooded, Warbler; 8-12 Redstarts, including 2 females; Engl. Sparrows; Meadow Larks; 2 Baltimore Orioles, one singing, one calling; Grackles
[[underlined]] 8-12 Cowbirds; [[/underlined]] 4-6 Scarlet Tanagers - thought I saw one female; Cardinals; 6-8 Rose-Breasted Grosbeaks - two males seen, others calling, two singing; 10-15 Towhees; [[margin]] ** [[/margin]] one Junco along tracks near Warbler Oak with [[underlined]] many [[/underlined]] White-Throats; Chipping Sparrows; hundreds of White-Throats; 2 Swamp Sparrows, one near Rustic Bridge, one at Dark Pool by Spotted Sandpiper; 10-15 Song Sparrows. Two Ruby Crowned Kinglets yesterday & today. May 10, 1952 - Saturday Susan went to woods with me, so I didn't go nearly so far, nor see so much. Went up Honeysuckle Stream only to sandy spot where I saw the Flycatchers, and did not go on R.R. track at all, so missed walk to Dark Pool & did not leave paths.
Morning cool and clear - tho' I got up at 6:10, did not waken Susan to 6:25, & got to woods about 6:55. when nearly back to car - about 9:10 - met Kerr of D.C. Audubon Society, who said that at Bluemont Junction on Wash. & Old Dominion R.R., he saw 2 Lesser Yellow-legs, several Wilson's Snipe, and 20 or so Solitary & Spotted Sandpipers. He was doing the "second Saturday in May count" for the D.C. Club. Here goes, in check list order: Broadwinged Hawk, Sparrow-Hawk calling, Killdeer (3-4); 3 Spotted Sandpipers (two on the graveled area at 32nd & Underwood, one alighting beside a little pool in the road at 31st & Underwood, about 30 yds. from others); 2-3 Mourning Doves (2 at home); [[underlined]] Yellow-Billed Cuckoo [[/underlined]] (2) - one heard in distance in Glen Carlyn
after we parked, the other about an hour later when we were at S. W. Survey Marker; Swifts (many); 2 Hummingbirds; 4-6 Flickers; one Downy; 2-3 Kingbirds; 2-4 Crested Flycatchers, 2 Phoebes; 3 Least Flycatchers; 2 Peewees; 10-20 Horned Larks around home; many Barn Swallows; Martins; Jays (10-15); 2 Crows; Titmice (2-3); Nuthatch (1); 4-6 House Wrens; Carolina Wrens (2); Mockingbird (2); Thrasher (1); Robins - many; 6-10 Wood Thrashers; 10-15 Olive-Backed Thrashers; 1 Veery; Bluebirds (2); Ruby-Crowned Kinglet (2); Starlings (many); 1 Solitary Vireo; Red-Eyed Vireo (6-8); At least 4-6 Tennessee Warblers (along path in woods and later one in big oaks across Rochester Street in back of house. Twice had good looks at the singing
birds while Susan waited patiently - watched one for 10 minutes in bright sunlight, about 50 feet up - for 5 minutes it sat in one spot and sang repeatedly - its "sweet-sweet-sweet-chipper-chipper-chipper" song, with slight variations ); 2-4 Parulas; 3-4 magnolias; [[strikethrough]]2[[/strikethrough]] Cape May ( [[female symbol]]); 6-8 Black-Throated Blues; 2-4 Black-Throated Greens; one Blackburnian ; 3-4 Chestnut-sided Ws.; 8-10 Blackpalls; 8-10 Oven-birds; 3-4 Louisiana Water Thrushes; 2 Kentuckys; 1 Yellow-throat; 1 Chat; 3-4 Hooded Warblers (ind. on female); [[underline]]1 male Canada Qarbler[[/underline]] high in an oak on the hillside directly opposite Beech Bend, singing frequently; 4-6 Restarts (ind. 2 females); 1 Engl. Sparrow; 8-10 Meadowlarks at home; 2 Baltimore Orioles singing & calling (saw one male at Survey Marker), Grackles; 3-4 Scarlet Tanagers; 3-4 Cardinals,
2 Rose-Breasted Grosbeaks calling (saw one male); Goldfinches; 6-10 Towhees; Chipping Sparrows; many White Throats; Song. Sp. May 11, 1952 - Sun. - Mother's Day Because we had expected to have breakfast early & go to 9:00 Mass, to have time to get ready for visit of the Elliotts, did not get to woods. [[underline]]Very[[/underline]] light sprinkles of rain occasionally during day. During morning I was in back yard, and because conscious of repeated song of an [[underline]]Indigo Bunting[[/underline]] across Rochester Street in edge of woods. In afternoon a [[underline]]Nighthawk[[/underline]] called his "peent" [[good guess?]] note, and circled above our lot. Other usual birds.
May 12, 1952 - Monday. Did not get to woods - about 12:30 we all (Susan had holiday today - due to dedication of convent chapel) went out for ride - out Lee Highway to turn-off to Front Royal. Almost to Front Royal & [[scribble?]] back. Had picnic lunch at old stone bridge - here saw one Spotted Sandpiper on back of Bull Run - one Gnatcatcher - 2 Red-Eyed Vireos, Titmouse. Also saw doves, turkey vulture, etc. on way - 4 Bob Whites (2 pairs) May 13, 1952 - Tuesday Took Susan to school, then on to woods, getting there about 9:00 (or 8:45). Wonderful day - clear, sunny, cool. Two Broad-winged Hawks; Killdeers (at home); Doves (2-3);
one Cuckoo flew rapidly overhead - East along the tracks - the Yellow-Bill, I believe; Swifts; Hummingbird; several flickers - one female sat near a large nest hole while a Starling went in, brought out a bill - full of nest material, and dropped it; 1 Red-Bellied Woodpecker; one Downy and one Hairy, near Lookout Point; 3-4 Kingbirds; 2 Crested Flycatchers; 4-6 Phoebes; [[underlined]] Acadian Flycatcher [[/underlined]] seen for first time today - two - the first near Gray Rock, the other near Jack-in-Pulpit clearing; several Peewees; Horned Larks at home, but very little singing for last few days; many Barn Swallows; 8-10 Jays; 2 Crows; 1 Chickadee; 2-3 Titmice; 3-4 House Wrens; 2-4 Carolina Wrens; Mockingbird; 4-6 Catbirds; 1 Brown Thrasher;
Robins; 10-15 Wood Thrushes; 10-15 Olive-backed Thrushes; 2 Bluebirds at nest stub up gravel road from Lookout point to the parking lot (nuthatch popped into hole & out); Starlings at 4-6 nest sites in woods; 2-4 Red-Eyed Vireos; 3-4 Parulas; 3-4 Cape Mays; (incl. 1 ♀) 4-6 Black-Throated Blues; perhaps 15-20 Myrtles; 2-3 Black-Throated Greens; 6-8 Chestnut-Sides; [[insertion]] (1 ♀) [[/insertion]] 10-15 Blackpolls; 6-8 Ovenbirds; 2-4 L. Water Thrushes; 2 Kentucky Warblers; 1 Male Maryland Yellow-throat; 3-4 Hooded Warblers; saw [[underlined]] 7 [[/underlined]] male Canada Warblers - heard several more singing; 6-8 Redstarts (incl. 2 females); English Sparrows near R.R. track at J. in P. trestle; Meadowlarks; Grackles; 6-8 Cowbirds; 3-4 Scarlet Tanagers (incl. 2 females); Cardinals; 2 Rose-breasted Grosbeaks calling; Goldfinches;
12-15 Towhees; Chipping Sparrows; 15-20 White Throats; 3-4 Song Sparrows. May 14, 1952 - Wed. Late - got to woods about 7:30 - out about 9:15. Another glorious day. met Mrs. Hoover at Dark Pool - wife of the man I've met a no. of times here - they plan to see as many birds as possible here this morning, go to Ocean City this afternoon & stay tomorrow - to run up a list. T. Vulture; 2 Broad-winged Hawks Whistling, then flew thru trees near Beech Bend; Killdeer; Solitary Sandpiper at Dark Pool; 2 Doves, one at a bird bath in Glen Carlyn; Swifts; Hummingbird; several Flickers; 1 Red-Bellied & 1 Downy woodpecker; 2-3 Kingbirds; 2 Crested Flycatchers; 3-4 Phoebes;
2 Acadian Flycatchers; 3-4 Peewees; Barn Swallows; 8-10 Jays; 3 Crows; Titmouse; 4-6 Wrens; 1 Mockingbird at home; 4-6 Catbirds; Robins; 8-10 Wood Thrushes; 10-15 Olive-back Thrushes (one softly singing whisper song on hillside beside gravel road to Glen Carlyn - toward Lee Blvd., Bluebirds; 1 Gnatcatcher; Starlings; Red-eyed Vireo (8-10); 3-6 Parulas; one Yellow Warbler above parking place; 3 Cape Mays; 2-3 Black-throated Blues; 6-8 Myrtles; 1 Black-Throated Green; 8-10 (or more) Chestnut-Sided Warblers (all males); 15-20 Blackpolls; 6-8 Oven Birds; 3-4 Water Thrushes; 2 [[underlined]] Kentucky [[/underlined]] Warblers; 1 Yellow-throat; 6-10 Hooded Warblers - 3 at one point beside track near Sapsucker Hickory;
6-7 male Canada Warblers - several more singing; 6-8 Redstarts (2-3 ♀); Eng. Sparrows; Meadowlarks; Red-wings; Grackles; 8-10 Cowbirds; 4-6 Tanagers (2 ♀); Cardinals; 2 Rose-breasted Grosbeaks - one [[underlined]] male [[/underlined]] singing long rich warble going on for 10 minutes in top of tall oak down hill from Lookout Pt.; 1 male Indigo Bunting near twin tulip trees; Goldfinches; 8-10 Towhees; Chipping Sparrows; [[underlined]] few [[/underlined]] White Throats; 3-4 Song Sparrows. May 15, 1952 - Thursday. Bright clear sunrise - as I arrived at Glen Carlyn Park about 6:50 it had clouded over, and a few scattered drops of rain fell. In a few minutes it cleared up into another glorious day - bright & sunny, yet I
was not too warm in T-shirt, wool shirt & leather jacket. Left woods about 8:35. Broadwinged Hawk whistled near Survey Marker; Killdeers flew over Westmore Gardens; 2-3 Doves; Swifts; 1 Ruby Throated Hummingbird; 2 Flickers; 3-4 Kingbirds; 2 Crested Flycatchers - widely separated; 2 Phoebes at the Park Rest House, where they have a nest atop one column and a partial nest atop another, and 2-3 others at other points; 3-4 Acadian Flycatchers; 3-4 Peewees; Horned Larks calling at home; many Barn Swallows; Jays; 1 Chickadee; 2 Titmice; 1 Nuthatch; 1 Carolina Wren; 4-6 Catbirds; Robins; 6-8 Wood Thrushes; 15-20 Olive Backs - perhaps more - sharp "puk" call came from many points - every dark-backed thrush I saw was an Olive-back;
Bluebirds returned to nest box this eve; 10 Cedar Waxwings flew over near Dark Pool; Starlings; 1 Yellow-Throated Vireo; 6-8 Red Eyed Vireos; 1 Tennessee Warbler singing loudly near Beech Bend as I hurried back to the car; 3-4 Parulas; 1 male Magnolia sing constantly at Beech Bend; 2 Black-Throated Blues; 1 Black-Throated Green; 1 male Blackburnian singing as he hunted about in the extreme top of the Giant White oaks at the edge of the Pony pasture; 3-4 Chestnut-sided - all males; 10-15 Blackpolls; 8-10 Oven Birds; 2 Water Thrushes; 2 Kentucky Warblers; 3-4 Hooded Warbles; 3 Canada Warblers; 2-3 Redstarts; Engl. Sparrows; Meadowlarks; 1 Baltimore Oriole singing; Grackles; 6-8 Cowbirds; 2-3 Tanagers;
Cardinals; 2 Rose-Breasted Grosbeaks calling -one sang also; Goldfinches; few White-throated Sparrows; 4-6 Song Sparrows. May 16, 1952, Friday Very pleasant morning, but light rather poor until it was nearly time to leave the woods. Occasional scattered rain drops - very few and far between. To woods about 6:50 (at parking place on 3rd & Jefferson, Glen Carlyn) - left town about 8:50 - stopping to have '41 Chevy inspected on way home. Cooper's Hawk circling (flapping vigorously) over Lubber Run at Columbia Pike as Claire, Sason and I left the big Safeway there; Broadwinged Hawk in Glen Carlyn Park; 2 Kildeers on gravel at 32nd & underwoods as
I went to woods; 1 Solitary Sandpiper at Dark Pool; Mourning doves; 4 Yellow-Billed Cuckoos (3 in Glen Carlyn Woods, 1 flying across Westmore Gardens); Swifts; 2 Hummingbirds; 2-3 Flickers; 2 Red-Bellied Woodpeckers at nest hole in young oak (about 6" in diam. at level of nest - 35-40 feet up) on road from J-in-P. clearing up to Parking lot - almost directly across road from nest stub Bluebirds have been at. Male sighted beside hole, and female popped out & flew away. Guess they gave the other hole up to the Starlings; 1 Downy; 2 Kingbirds on two gate posts to East of our house as we pulled into yard about 4:15; 3-4 Crested Flycatchers - two in Park; 4-6 Phoebes - one sitting on nest on left columns of Rest House; 2-3 Acadian
Flycatchers; 2-3 Peewees; Barn Swallows; Jays; Chickadee at nest tree at Dark Pool; 2 Titmice; 1 Nuthatch; 2 House Wrens; Carolina Wren; Mockingbirds; 6-8 Catbirds; Robins; 10-15 Wood Thrushes; probably 20-30 Olive-Backed Thrushes, two singing soft whisper versions of their song; 1 Veery calling the sharp "churrr, churrr" call note; Bluebirds - our two busily nest building in the box; Starlings; 1 Yellow Throated Vireo calling in woods across Rochester Road; 8-10 Red-Eyed Vireo; 1 male Black & White W. on Honeysuckle Stream - first I've seen in several days - flew down to stream about 10 feet from me as I stood up on the bank - drank several swallows of water; 4 Tennessee Warblers - first one singing in big oak on 2nd house from 31st St., on Westmoreland Drive - toward Lee Hiway, others in Park - one studied at some length in trees across stream from J-in-P
clearing, near tracks - elusive as ever, continually changing trees & returning frequently to same two across stream - finally sat for several minutes in good light, 50 feet up, singing while I observed it; 3-4 Parulas; 2 Magnolia Warblers singing - both males; 1 Cape May (?) - couldn't be sure; 2 Black-Throated Blues - one ^ [[insertion]] ♂ [[male symbol]] [[/insertion]] near Bluebird stub repeatedly sang a variation - "sweet-sweet-sweet--zheew-zheew" the final two buzzy notes the usual ones - once or twice he changed to usual song; 3-4 Myrtle Warblers, calling but not singing; 1 Black-throated Green; 3 male Blackburnians, all singing; 4-6 Chestnut-sided; 1 female [[underlined]] Bay Breasted Warbler [[/underlined]] 20-40 Black-polls - everywhere one went today one heard one or two singing; 6-8 Oven-birds; 2-3 Water-Thrushes; 2 Kentucky
Warblers; 1 Yellow-throat; 3-4 Hooded; 3 Canadas - all males; 6-8 Redstarts, male & female; Engl. Sparrows; meadowlarks; 1 Baltimore Oriole; Grackles - one at Dark Pool; 3-4 Cowbirds; 4-6 Tanagers (2 females); Cardinals; 1 Indigo Bunting; Goldfinches; Towhees; Chipping Sparrow on front lawn; 1 Field Sp. singing; 3-4 Song Sparrows. Over Dark Pool one Starling sang in a tree while another a few feet away made 4 trips (as I watched) into a hole in a limb, each time bringing out a huge bill-full of green leaves, scattering it in the air from the same spot each time on a limb a few feet from the nest. As I wondered whose nest it was tearing up, it flew to a nearby tulip tree, stripped off a
big beak - full of green leaf pieces, flew to the nest-hole - changed its mind and flew again to the "dumping spot", and shook the leaf particles from its bill into the air. May 17, 1952 - Sat. Beautiful morning, somewhat cool. Enough wind to keep tree tops in constant motion, although not violent. Met Nick Ken on trail. Said that his count last Saturday was 100 species. 1 Turkey Vulture; 2 Killdeers; 1 Spotted Sandpiper on gravel at 32nd. & Underwood; one Solitary at Dark Pool; 3-4 Doves; 3 Yellow-Billed [[margin]] * [[/margin]] Cuckoos and [[underlined]] 1 Black-Billed [[/underlined]] - first saw the Black-Billed in a sapling oak beside R.R. track near Trestle nearest Lee Blvd. - at the picnic area. He caught
a large caterpillar (taul[[?]]) - about 2 inches long & was striking it on the limb, when a yellow-billed suddenly burst through the leaves from another part of the little tree (20 ft. high), darting at Black-billed, who moved about 2 feet quickly, then hunted up through the tree. The y-B soon darted at him again, and he moved a foot or so away, then both went on hunting; Swift ; 3 Hummnigbirds - 1 female sitting on a twig, two other birds heard twittering;3-4 Geckers; 2 Red-Bellied Woodpeckers; 1 Hairy; 1 male & 1 female Downy - not together; 3-4 Kingbirds; 2 Crested Flycatchers; 3-4 Phoebes; 2-4 Peewees; (Kerr saw an Olive-Sided Flycatcher just across the tracks from Lookout Point today); Horned Larks; Barn Swallows
Jays; 2 Crows; Chickadee at nest hole in birch stub over Dark Pool; 2 Titmice; 1 Nuthatch; 1 House Wren; 1 Mockingbird; 4-6 Catbirds; 1 Thrasher; Robins; 8-10 Wood Thrushes; 20-30 or more Olive-Backs, 3 singing softly; one Veery calling his "churr" call; and [[margin]] * [[/margin]] one Gray-Cheeked Thrush calling his "peee-[[strikethrough]] unn [[/strikethrough]] unt" call; Bluebirds at nest hole in woods & at home; 16 Cedar Waxwings flew into tall Tulip trees near Warbler Oak; Starlings nesting in almost every hole in the woods; 6-10 Red-Eyed Vireos; [[underlined]] at least 3 [[/underlined]] Tennessee Warblers, all singing lustily; 3-4 Parulas; 2 Yellow Warblers - one with rather unusual song in oak at East end of Dark Pool; 3 Magnolia Warblers; 2 Cape Mays; 2 Black-throated Blues; 2-3 Myrtles; 2 Black- [[scribble]]
throated Greens - one lovely [[margin]] * [[/margin]] male at Dark Pool; 2 Blackburnians; at least 4-6 Chestnut-sided; perhaps 30-40 Blackpolls - their songs were everywhere today; 8-10 Oven birds; 3-4 Water Thrushes; 2 Kentucky Warblers; 1 Yellowthroat; 3-4 Hooded Warblers; [[underlined]] 1 Wilsons [[/underlined]] [[margin]] ** [[/margin]] [[underlined]] Warbler, [[/underlined]] singing ^ [[insertion]] calling [[/insertion]] and hunting for a long while at stream beside J-in-P. clearing, at point where Susan often throws rocks; 4-6 Canada Warblers; 4-6 Redstarts; Engl. Sparrows; Meadowlarks; Grackles; 4-6 Cowbirds; 4-6 Tanagers (2 females); 3-4 Cardinals; 1 Rose-Breasted Grosbeak near Lookout Point; male Indigo Bunting near Dark Pool; Goldfinches; 8-10 Towhees; 2-3 Chipping Sparrows; 1 Field Sparrow; 3-4 White Throats (Kerr
says he saw some White Crowns near Bluemont); [[underlined]] 1 Lincoln's Sparrow [[/underlined]] - west of Dark Pool & across tracks. (Kerr said he [[strikethrough]] saw [[/strikethrough]] thought he saw one at Dark Pool - a few minutes before I arrived - so I was alert for it, and found it - watching it for several minutes in perfect light - first for me); several Song Sparrows.
Aug. 2, 1952 - Office party at new home. Aug. 17, 1952 - Sunday. Atmosphere humid. Great numbers of Barn Swallows feeding at great speed right down to grass tops across [[insertion]] all [[/insertion]] the yards, and over the streets. Believe there were a few Cliff Swallows too, but did not check them carefully. They were about the neighborhood all day, continually within a few feet of us - Brad, Claire, Susan and I. Half-dozen [[underlined]] Night Hawks [[/underlined]] flying above the house toward late afternoon. Aug. 23 - Saturday - No Swallows since last week, but one Purple Martin (♂) flew over. Aug. 31 - Sunday. Several Purple Martins flying high above home area.
Sept. 5, 1952 - Friday Heard the call of a Migrant Warbler overhead, flying due South. Sept. 14, 1952 - Sunday As Claire, Susan and I relaxed in the back yard in afternoon, a warbler flew overhead calling, and alighted on the chain-link fence between Jack Swan's yard & his next door neighbor. Purely by chance, I had the binoculars with me, and picked up the bird at once - a mostly yellow - bird, wagging its tail constantly - a [[underlined]] Yellow Palm Warbler. [[/underlined]] It then flew into a dead tree in Kennedys yard, twitching its tail, and soon flew on. [[this paragraph marked in margin with bracket]] This A.M. I noted sunrise - the sun coming up slightly to the left of the front gable (brown) of the house across Trinidad from Kennedys? Last May during bird season it was slightly to right of point of water tower
Sept. 27, 1952 - Sat. Couldn't get to woods today - too much to do before Mary, Don, Peg & Bill arrived for my early Birthday dinner. Probably 200 Cowbirds, about evenly divided between male & female, were out on the front lawns, [[strikethrough]] all [[/strikethrough]] working around the cul-de-sac. Later two Starlings joined them. For past several weeks we have had large mixed flocks of Cowbirds & Starlings 100-200 or so probing all lawns, inch by inch. Wave of Yellow (?) Palm Ws. going through today - no wing bars - buffy stripe over eye, yellow under tail coverts & upper tail coverts, under-body grayish - faint yellow tinge. Blue birds eating grain from feeder. Many goldfinches at bid feeder. Many Swifts. ** Number of [[underlined]] Lincolns Sparrows [[/underlined]] in back yards. Noted crown, gray rumps, etc.
Sept. 28, 1952 7:40-9:15. Perfect day. Go woods, arriving about 7:40 a.m. Delayed by Susan getting ready, and had snack before going. Saw what was either Blackpoll or Baybreast in oaks over old house where I parked care--against light so couldnt be sure Cardinals & Robins. Red-Bellied Woodpecker called on hillside above grove of dogwood trees opposite fountain, I spotted a small warbler at some distance, high in oaks in fine light - bloue back, white underbody, white wingbars - unquuestionally a [[underscore]]Cerulean Warbler[[underscore]], even though I forgot whether I noted chest - band. Later saw another along tracks beyond Jack in Pulpit clearing, flying furiously after a male cardinal for some distance, about 60 feet up.
Identfied perhaps a dozen Baybreasted Warblers, and believe many more were among migrants seen and/or heard at a distance. On female [[underscore]]Sapsucker[[underscore]]. Brown Creeper calling near the new house near pony lot. Female [[underscore]]Rosebreasted Grosbeak[[underscore]] on fallen log near falling limb of Warbler oak, about 1 1/2 feet off gound, [[underscore]]appearing[[underscore]] to be eating seeds of Orange Jewel Weed - perhaps eating insects. Went on for five minutes or more. Will record other birds in alphet order: Red-Winged Blackbird (two small groups - hour apart); Cardinals, 4-6; Catbirds - 4-6; Female Towhee; 2-4 Chickadees; many Cowbirds at home; Crows; one Yellow-Billed Cuckoo (having fun calling in big oaks near home all Summer); 1 Flicker, flying high above Westmore Gardens.
southwest; several Phoebes, at home & in park, many Goldfinches at home; Grackles -10-20; many Jays; Killdeer at home; Mockingbird; Wite-Breasted Nuthatch; 1 Redstart Robins; Chipping & Song Sparrows; [[underscore]]White Throated Sparrows[[underscore]]; Starlings still nesting; many Swifts; femae Sc. Tanager eating dogwood berries in little clearing across tracks from J in P clearing; two [[underscore]]Olive Backed Thrushes[[underscore]], one other uncertain, due to poor light in theishet[guess] 1 Wood Thrush on ground after fallen dogwood berries; Titmice 2-3; 1 [[underscore]]Solitary Vireo[[underscore]] near Warbler Oak; 2 Turkey Vultures; no. of Bay-Breaste WS (see above); 1 male [[underscore]]Black-throateed Speen[guess][[underscore]] near Wild Cherry trees opposite J in P clearing, & to East - along with 3-4 Bay-Breats; 1 female Bl. & White; [[underscore]]3-4 Tennessee Warblers[[underscore]] near Lookout Point. 1 Down Woodpecker; several Caroline Wrens, rather
quiet; 1 male Maryland Yellow- Throat. Sept 29, 1052 - Monday My birthday started out with perfect weather-brisk (lower 50's) in A.M. - Warmed up nicely, but became overcast in afternoon, and rather cool near dusk. Susan has no school today or tomorrow- teacher's conference. Left home 6:25 A.M. - arrived home about 8:50 A.M. Broadwinged Hawk (1) near Dark Pool; Killdears (over house in P.M.) Mourning Doves (2); Many Swifts; 1 Flicker near Dark Pool; Red- Bellied Woodpecker calling; Downy Woodpecker (1 female) with Brown Creepers hitching by within a few inches of her; Phoebes (2); Jays (12-20); Crows (6-8); Chickadees (several); Titmice (3-4); Nuthatch (1); Brown Creeper (1);
House Wren (1) beside track; 2 Caroline Wrens; Mockingbird (2-3); Catbird (4-6); Robin (several); Wood Thrush (one called where I saw the one yesterday - on hill above Grey Rock - then two tore by calling bird, one in mad pursuit of other); 2 Olive-Backed Thrushes; Bluebirds at home all day - 4 together; many Starlings-especially around every nest-hole in woods; 1 female Black & White Warbler; Magnolia Warblers (4- near Dark Pool); Chestnut-sided W.(2-3); Bay-Breasted WS (10-20); Blackpoll WS. (2); Oven-birds (2 scolding furiously up hillside back of new comfont [guess] house - could see no cause for it; later two more down stream); Maryland Yellow throat (1); Meadowlark (3 at home) 1 Grackle; Cowbirds (several in woods, 10-20 at home - on rooftop most of day); 1 female Scarlet Tanager; 8-10 Cardinals
Goldfinches (many at home & on tangle of weeds & poke bushes near little houses where I used to park car - eating various seeds); Towhee (1 calling); Vesper Sparrows (Several at home): Chipping sparros (8-10 or more at home), Song Sparrows at home & in woods. Sun now rising far to right (south) of Kennedys home over [[strikeout, then over written]]Trinidad Street[[strikeout, then over written]] Williamsburg Blvd where it tops the hill Sept. 30, 1952 - Tuesday Absoletely perfect weather - cool enough to be comfortable in T-shirt & wool shirt in morning - warm enough for just shorts later. Up at 6:00 A.M., but waited for Pioneer Laundry man, who usually is here at 6:30. He was late, so I got away about 6:55. We were planning to go to zoo, so got back home
about 8:55 - being in woods 7:10-8:40. Saw and/or heard these: Many wild Black Vultures sitting & flying about at Zoo; Killdeers (2-3); Yellow-Billed Cuckoo (2) near Lookout point; many Swifts, 1 Flicker; Hairy Woodpecker (1 female), Phoebe- (1 at home); Jays (many); Crows (3-4); Chickadees & Titmice (few); Nuthatch (1); House Wren (1), beside tracks near Dark Pool-now dry; Carolina Wene (several); Catbird (4-6); Robin (several); Wood Thrush (3-4); Olive-Backed Thrushes (2-3, no other calling); Possible Gray-cheeked Thr. - not sure; Bluebirds at home; many Starlings; 1 female Bl & White W.; Magnolia WS (2-3); Cape May WS. (2 males-1 half-way between J in P cleaing & Dark Pool, the other spotted high in the air, pitching into the very top of a tall Sycamore over Dark Pool, & wWorking down - he came in from due East); Chestnut-sided (1?)
Bay-Breasted WS (10-12); Black-Poll (2-3); [[strikeout]]Yellow-throut (1)[[strikeout]] 1 Grackle, this time flying [[underscore]]south [[underscore]] over Dark Pool- reverse of yesterday; Cowbirds (at home-8-10); 1 female Scalet Tanager at home, flew from 'phone wire to eaves above front door to catch some insect then back to wire for few mintues; [[strikeout then over written]]later[[strikeout]]earlier saw one I heard another in woods; several Cardinals many goldfinches; pairi of Towhees beside track near Dark Pool; many Chipping Sparrows at home, a pair even feeding on front step; Song Sparrows. Realzed this was not right - on checking, this was a female [[underscore]] Connecticut Warbler[[underscore]] all-over olive on back-rather yellowish - and all over yellow below, slighty clouded. Tiny eye-ring. It was in the thick mass of briars, weeds & cut brush beside tracks. flushed out at 10 feet, and
[[strikethrough]] sat [[/strikethrough]] stood very quietly for 2-3 minutes, only tipping its body up & down a little as it stood rather erect, then moved into undergrowth again. This was on hillside by tracks, approximately across from Sapsucker Hickories, nearer Dark Pool. Oct. 1, 1952 - [[strikethrough]] Tues. [[/strikethrough]] Wed. Took Susan to School at 8:20, intending to go on to woods - however, Claire had a stiff shoulder & needed help on laundry, so returned home. Bluebirds & Chipping Sparrows about place all day, as always. Heard occasional calls of Palm (or yellow P.) Warblers - too busy to notice of they were about. Three meadowlarks flew across back yards. Oct. 2, 1952 - Thurs. Up at 6:05 A.M. - rather foggy and a light wind, so did not hurry about getting under way. Finally got away about
6:35. By the time I got to the woods, it was a lovely day, sun breaking through, and getting warm - even for T-shirt & light-weight blue sport shirt. Almost no activity until 8:15, then did better. Mourning Dove (1) flying due north over "Little Pond in the Woods"; Swifts, Flicker (1); pair of Red-bellied Woodpeckers high atop the dead stub of a tulip tree at the west end of Dark Pool; thought I heard an Acadian Flycatcher call several times - probably mistaken; Jays (10-12); Crows (3-4); Chickadees (3-4); Titmice (2); Brown Creepers (2 calling); Carolina Wren (2); Mockingbird (2); Catbird (3) at Dark Pool; Robin (10-20) after dogwood berries, chiefly; Olive-Backed Thrush (2); [[underlined]] Grey-Cheeked Thrush [[/underlined]] (2 in every good light, calling their soft "pee-unt" note at wild cherries across from Sapsucker hickory); Bluebirds
at home all day - as many as 4 at a time around nest box, as every day lately; Starlings; [[underline]] White-Eyed Vireo [[/underline]] (one at Wildcherries, at point where Arlington Forest houses are quite near tracks); Philadelphia Vireo (1-same place-not certain); Tennessee Warbler (1-close up, in good light); Parula Warblers (at least two in little clump of Sycamore trees beside tracks at East end of Dark Pool, working from rear ground to top of young trees, 8 feet up, eating aphids from under leaves. Parulas were beautiful in sparkling light at 15 ft.); Magnolia Warbler ([[strike]] 1 over Dark Pool [[/strike]] in Sycamore); Black-throated Green Warblers (3-4) here at Dark Pool + up near White-eyed Vireo; Palm Warblers- many about yards + houses all day, as in previous days;
may have seen Bay-breast or two- [[underline]] not sure [[/underline]]; Saw small bird in same bushes where I saw Connecticut 2 days ago, but couldn't get good look; English Sparrows; Cowbirds (20-30 at home); Cardinals (4-6); Goldfinches (many -along tracks + at home); Towhee (4 together); many Chipping sparrows at home; Song Sparrows (1-2) Oct. 3-4-5 Friday-Sunday Did not get to woods these days-although weather was fine. Claire ill since Tuesday with severe neck + shoulder pains, accompanied by nausea after taking medicine prescribed on Friday by Dr. Curtin. Had X-rays at Dr. Brooks also evidence of infection Saturday did go to meeting of O.S.O.
1 Black + 2 Turkey Vultures 18 miles North of Richmond. Executive Comm. at Hotel Raleigh in Richmond. Excellent meeting- 10:00-3:45 P.M. Eleven present Hostetter, Hague, Pryor, Watson, Favour, Scott, Mc Ilwaine- (left after 10 min for funeral in Alea). Eike, Steirly, Rountree, Perkins. Gave Fred Scott my dead Palm Warbler (caught on 9/28) by "Orangey")- definitely identified as Western Palm W. White frost Sat. AM- I covered tender plants about 11:30 Fri. nite- but harmed nothing , even uncovered. Oct. 6, 1952-Mon. Took Susan to school got to woods about 9:10 A.M. Wonderful day, warmed up very fast- but [[strike]] about [[/strike]] 77[[degree symbol]] at 4:00 P.M. absolutely perfect weather. Birds identified- Killdeer (saw one over Broad St. + Lee Hiway, heard 2-3 others);
Yellow-Billed Cuckoo (at least 1- pulled caterpillar off oak leaf + ate it- believe another cuckoo was right beside first when I first saw it- however second bird flashed out of sight); many Swifts everywhere; this was Woodpecker day- 1 Flicker at G.W. Marker; at least 4 downys here also; pair of Sapsuckers on dead stub near G.W. Marker, and in nearby trees, male always following female closely; two Hairys nearby; two Red-Bellied Woodpeckers calling nearby, later seen near Dark Pool where I again saw several Downies and a Hairy-believe perhaps 20 of family seen on trip; Phoebe calling; [[strike]] nay [[/strike]] Jays (8-10); Crows (2-3); Chickadees (4-6); Titmice (3-4); Nuthatches (3); Mockingbird (1-2); many Robins (40-50) chiefly about dogwood trees, + along
streams; Olive-backed Thrush (1); Bluebirds (8-10 about home at one time); [[underline]] Ruby-Crowned Kinglets [[/underline]] (2 at Western end of Dark Pool- in Cohosh(?) ). - heard them calling before locating them; [[underline]] no [[/underline]] Starlings seen in woods today; Parula Warbler (2 feeding very close to ground and in lower limbs); [[underline]] Myrtle Warbler [[/underline]] (1) at Western end of Dark Pool; Black-Throated Green (2); Black-poll Ws (20-40) seen all along way, 10-20 at Dark Pool + along tracks to west, feeding in lower track-side; Western Palm Warbler (perhaps 8-10 noted while working today, at home); Cowbirds (pair on Swans TV antenna, several more on our back yard); Scarlet Tanager (1 male high in a tree top); Cardinals (4-6); Goldfinches (10-20); [[strike]] wh [[/strike]] Chipping
Sparrows (10-20 at home); White-Throated Sparrows (3 at West end of Dark Pool, showing much excitement at mt invitation of their song -one replied softly); several Song Sparrows. Forgot to note above that one Blackpoll Warbler sat beside a pokeberry bunch and drive its bill in a deliberate, spaced manner, a half-dozen times [[strike]] to [[/strike]] into one or more berries. At 20 feet the juice could be clearly seen two-thirds or more to the base of the bill. Oct. 7, 1952-Tuesday Took Susan to school, + got to woods about 9:25 A.M. Temp. this morning 57[[degree symbol]] at 7:00 A.M. (official), but 20-30 mph wind made it seen colder. Wore leather jacket over wool shirt, and felt quite
comfortable. Left woods about 11:00 - overcast entire day, except for a short time about 2:00 - 2:30, when the sun broke through. Temp. supposed not to go above 55 [[symbol for "degree"]], but it was 57 [[symbol for "degree"]] at 7:00 tonight. These birds were identified: Swifts (many); Red-Bellied Woodpecker (2 heard); Downy woodpeckers (2-3); [[underline]] Least Flycatcher [[/underline]] (1 - very small, noticeable white eyering, soft "pep" call, sitting in excellent light at eye-level about 25 feet from me, to south of tracks, west of Dark pool, as I came back towards car - watched for 3-5 minutes as it sat, and darted after insects twice); Jays (10-15); [[end page]]
Crows (2); Chickadees (3-4); titmice (4-6); Nuthatches (2); Brown Creeper (1); Carolina Wren (2) across track from Warbler Oak; Mockingbird (1) at Jefferson St., where I parked; Catbird (1) at Dark Pool; Robins (3-4); Olive-Backed Thrush (2); Bluebirds (8-10) at home; Ruby-Crowned Kinglet (4-6) along tracks opposite Dark Pool, with Warblers; no Starlings; probably 6-8 Tennessee Ws. along tracks to South of Dark Pool, watched all along way to Jack-in-Pulpit clearing (noted coloring, white under tail coverts, etc., also 10-20 Nashville Warblers, white eye ring, entire yellow under body, including ^tail^ coverts, all feeding along in a mixed group, chiefly below me, along R.R. embankment, [[end page]]
along with Ruby-C. Kinglets & others as noted below; Parula Warblers (at least 2), with Nashville & Tennessee Warblers; one Magnolia Warbler with others; Cape May W. (1) immature male [[strikethrough]] over [[/strikethrough]] in trees above other warblers; [[underline]] Black-Throated Blue [[/underline]] (male & female hunting together near site of ^ [[insertion]] [[strikethrough]] tropical [[/strikethrough]] [[/insertion]] honeysuckle Honeysuckle[[s]] for which I named stream, and [[strikethrough]] and [[/strikethrough]] an hour or so later a male over by Sapsucker Hickories, above other Warblers; Black-poll Warblers (8 - 10) along north of track by Dark Pool in Black Cohosh (?) and at other places, as with other Warblers; Western Palm Warblers (2 - 3-) at home; Connecticut Warbler, (1) with other Warblers --
noted eye-ring, brownish hood (across chest), yellow under tail coverts, olive green back; Cowbirds (2-3) at home; Cardinals (2) in woods, 1 at home; Goldfinches (6-8) near new houses where I used to park, eating weed seeds - 3-4 at home; Towhee (2); Chipping Sparrows (many) at home; Song Sparrows (2-3); Oct. 8, 1952 - Wed. Did not go to woods - took Susan to School - did things around home. Few Western Palm Warblers around home. Bluebirds and Chipping Sparrows also, and few Cowbirds. Oct. 9, 1952 - Thurs No woods today - Susan [[end page]]
to school, did some more painting on back steps (put up yesterday), took Claire to Dr. Brooks for another set of X-rays, then to Kanns' for lunch and shopping - shirt & socks for me, skirts + [[strikethrough]] blouses [[/strikethrough]] sweaters for Claire. Very light rain at intervals. While at breakfast this morning the Bluebird were milling about the bird house as so often for past two weeks, [[strikethrough]] At [[/strikethrough]] There were as many as [[underlined]] 10 [[/underlined]] visible around the box several times- do not know total, as they shifted continually between the box several times - do not know total, as they shifted continually between the box, the mimosa and dwarf apple nearby, the roof of the house, and the fence - with one to three constantly [[strikethrough]] hang [[/strikethrough]] hovering in the air about the box - a la humming-
birds. After a bit I counted 9 on the wires in front of Eady's house while about 6 still fluttered about the box. Could not see how many were on house, grounds, etc. Oct. 10, 1952 - Friday. Awoke before 6:00, but it was dark & heavily overcast that I stayed in bed until 6:15, then did not hurry at dressing - more or less killing time to 6:35 - then on to woods. Sky heavily overcast, [[strikethrough]] but [[/strikethrough]] with quite a bit of sky-glare at times. Later it became rather bright when I was up on the tracks from before 8:00 until a little after 9:00, but still with glare, making identification difficult unless the angle was right. Other than hearing a Myrtle Warbler at 3rd. & Jefferson as I [[end page]]
got out of the car, there was almost no bird life until I got to Honeysuckle Stream near G.W. Survey marker. Here I heard calls and located a female Black-throated Blue Warbler across the stream, about a foot above the ground, in the undergrowth. Another bird darted near her - perhaps the male - could not get a look at it. Went up to bend in stream - heard or saw nothing that way, so went [[strikethrough]] back [[/strikethrough]] up to tracks. As I entered the woods this morning I thought this might be the day I'd see the first Juncos. Now, as I came up from Lubber Run at the Sapsucker Hickories, three [[underlined]] Juncos [[/underlined]] burst up from the other side of the track, going into the bushes beside the track. Birds identified: [[underlined]] Canada Geese [[/underlined]] (Flock crossed above
Dark Pool, headed due South, calling steadily, shifting from two V's to one with a long and short arm - [[sketch]] - I first counted 51, then 53 on a second count - couldn't be certain due to shifting. This was at 8:00 a.m. At 2:00 a flock of 30-40 flew from West to East, turning South-East, above Arlington Hall, as I stood at 3708 First Road South, talking to ^tenant^ Mrs. Glenn Stevens); one Turkey Vulture over Westmore Gardens; 3 Mourning Doves - two over Roosevelt St., near Lee Hiway, one at Park; two Red-Bellied Woodpeckers flying over Warbler Oak, Downy Woodpeckers (3); Jays; Crows (saw part of flock above trees at crest of Glen Carlyn Park - 19 counted. Later saw 13 in part of flock farther West over park. Each time milling and cawing as tho after a hawk); Chickadees (4-6); Titmice (3-4); [[end page]]
Nuthatch (2); Carolina Wrens (6-10); Mockingbird (2 - home & 3708-1st. Rd.); Catbird - 1 on [[strike]] Lee [[/strike]] Glebe Road, killed by a car; Robins (4-6); heard soft [[underline]] "churrs" [[/underline]] of a [[underline]] Veery [/underline]] repeated a number of times at West end of Dark Pool; Bluebirds (6-8) at home; Golden-crowned Kinglet (8-10) all along tracks; Starlings - 3 atop dead stubs of giant tulip tree at Dark Pool; Solitary (Blue-headed) Vireo (1) beside tracks near G.W. Survey Marker beside him hunted another that certainly [[underline]] appeared [[/underline]] to be the Warbling Vireo ([[underline]] too late [[/underline]] in season?), but it disappeared to quickly; Tennessee Warblers (2) near Sapsucker Hickory & Dark Pool; Parula Warblers (at least 3-4); Magnolia Warblers (6-8); Black-throated Blue (2 or 3 - 1 on Honeysuckle Stream, one female by tracks opposite G.W. Marker 1 1/2 hours later); Black-throated [[end page]]
Green (3-4); Black-poll (20-30); Connecticut Warbler (at least 2 males close up in good light); number of other Warblers, Nashville or Connecticut, constantly on move, and could never make positive identification; Cowbirds (6-8) at home; Cardinals (6-10) including 2 young on Great Ragweed; Goldfinches (6-8); Towhees (10-12); [[underline]] Juncoes [[/underline]] - (10-20); Song Sparrows (4-6); White Throats (100-200) Oct. 12, 1952 - Sunday. Cool in a.m. - in 50's - scheduled to go to 65 [[symbol for "degree"]] or so. We are at Mary & Don's last evening, not getting to bed until 1:30 a.m., so I did not get up until 7:25 - arrived in woods about 8:10 - left them about 10:30 a.m. Sky somewhat overcast at first, later good light. Saw scattering [[end page]]
of birds along way and near G.W. Survey marker there were a number. Along tracks were many, and the Dark Pool area literally seethed with birds. Spent more than a hour and a half here checking birds repeatedly and almost tearing out my hair over these, especially: Nashville, Connecticut, Wilsons, Tennessee, and Maryland Yellowthroats (the latter no problem on a good look, but on quick glimpses much like Connecticut. Turkey Vulture (1), Cooper's Hawk (1) darting over Dark Pool into woods, causing brief alarm notes and momentary quiet; Mourning Dove (1); Swifts (many); Flicker (1); Red-bellied Woodpecker (at least two) - one male being followed up a limb of an oak in east [[end page]]
end of Dark Pool by a female Sapsucker - when he flew to west end of pool, she followed a yard or two behind him in flight, but dropped into tree next to his; Downy Woodpeckers (3-4) - one starling near the top of a Great Ragweed which was lying at an angle, the topmost part a foot or two off ground - backing down it, tapping at main stem every few inches; Jays (4-6); Crows (2) on top of trees beyond falls - toward Columbia Pike; Chickadees 8-12, mostly around Dark Pool; Titmice (4-8); Brown Creeper (1); Carolina Wren (2-3) - repeatedly giving chittering notes; Mockingbird (1); Catbird (1) in heavy growth of dodder (?) on underbrush near Warbler Oak - perhaps same one in same spot on my return; Robin (1) Veery (1) calling near Dark Pool - toward Warbler [[end page]]
Oak; Bluebirds - several at home; [[underline]] Gold-Crowned Kinglets [[/underline]] (6-8) - first one near Sapsucker Hickory, others at Dark Pool; Ruby-Crowns (10-20) along tracks and at Dark Pool; mostly quite low in weeds & underbrush, as were several Golden-Crowns; Starling (1) at Dark Pool; Tennessee Warblers (at least 3-4) perhaps more at Dark Pool (now dry); Nashville Warblers (2 certain) - several more probable in and around Dark Pool; Magnolia Warblers (3-4); Myrtle Warblers (1 at Dark Pool) - 2-3 others heard calling; Black-throated Green (2 - 1 at Dark Pool); Black-poll (20-30 - mostly around Dark Pool); W. Palm Warbler (2-3 at home); Connecticut Warbler (6-8 positive) believe number more around Pool and up hillside [[strike]] under [[/strike]] on electric wire right-of-way, now [[end page]]
heavily grown up in polk bushes, Great Ragweed, other weeds, and scrub growth; Yellow throats (3-4, at least); Wilson's Warbler (1 bathing in little stream now diverted from Dark Pool, then preening busily for a few minutes - front portion of black crown somewhat obscured, back part dark - several females or immature here also - olive green above - almos "chestnut-side green", all clear, unstriped yellow below, no eye-ring, no wing bars, very active; Redstart (1 female over Dark Pool, in the tops in center of Pool, flirting tail & wings; Red Winged Blackbirds (50-100) over Dark Pool, flying from N.E. to S.W.; Cardinals (8-10), mostly at Dark Pool, including dark-billed young; Goldfinches; Towhees (8-10 - at Dark Pool); Juncos (1) [[end page]]
at west end of Pool; White-throated Sparrows (200 or so - heavily concentrated about Dark Pool & all over it); Song Sparrows (10-20 - mostly at Pool. Oct. 13, 1952 - Mon. Arrived at woods about 7:20 - left there about 9:30. Weather entirely perfect today. Breeze varying from light to medium starting about 10:30 a.m. Before that the air was still, crisp and cool in a.m. - probably low 50's warming up as I went along. Supposed to be in 70's today. Brilliant sunshine through-out my walk. At bend in road going down to Lookout Point I was noting the insistent calling of several Jays in the [[end page]]
woods towards the R.R. track - could see them flying about, then two crows (which had not made a sound) flew from the spot. Then a Cooper's Hawk flew out and down to Jack-in-Pulpit Hollow, alighting about 70-80 feet up in a tree above the new comfort station there. As I walked a yard or two forward to get a better look at this one thru an opening in the trees, a second Coopers flew up from the ground, bursting through the laurels with a great clatter of wings. Could find no trace of what he might have had on ground. Later there were mild alarm calls at Dark Pool, and a Broad-winged Hawk flew over. Ten Starlings circled into sight over the trees, followed [[end page]]
him and made two passes at him before he disappeared over the hill to the South. Later perhaps the same Broadwing flew back north, flapping and sailing. One Turkey Vulture seen. Other birds: Mourning Dove (1); many Swifts; Red-bellied Woodpecker (2); [[underline]] Red-Headed Woodpecker [[/underline]] (1); immature bird atop atop farthest west of the 3 large tulip trees with dead tops at west end of Dark Pool (north Side of tracks); Sapsucker (1) at Sapsucker Hickory, probing what appeared to be new holes; Jays (10-20); Crows (2); Chickadees (8-10); Titmice (6-10); Nuthatch (2); Carolina Wren (5-6); Catbird (1); Robin (10-20); Bluebird (9 at one time at home); Golden-Crowned Kinglets (10-15); Ruby-Crowned Kinglets (15-20); Starlings (10 in one flock - later, 1 in tree over [[end page]]
Dark Pool; Solitary (Blue-Headed Vireo (at least 4) - two by Sapsucker Hickory, one continually singing very low whisper song; at least two at Dark Pool, [[strike]] both [[/strike]] singing and one scolding a few times); Tennessee Warblers (at least 3-4 - 2 adult males) at Dark Pool; Nashville Warbler (3-4 - two adult males, showing yellow throats & other markings; Parula Warblers (2); Magnolia Warblers (6-8); Myrtle (2-3 heard calling); Black-throated Green (4-6) - one female came up to within four feet of my face as I stood still beside the track viewing Dark Pool, studied me intently for 2-3 minutes as she moved up, then flew beneath my left elbow, her wingtip almost touching my jacket - at the same time a Ruby-Crowned [[end page]]
Kinglet had moved up to within 5 feet of my fact then down to ground and to withing 18 inches or so of my toe, before flying; Black-poll Warbler (20-30); Western Palm Warbler (two among strawberries about 10:30 a.m.; two in Susan's Weeping Willow Tree about 3:30 P.M. others about during day; Connecticut Warbler (at least 2) at Dark Pool; Wilson's (Pileolated) Warblers (2-3) at Dark Pool; Cowbird (1 female, caught by "Orangey", injured but turned loose by Claire; Cardinals (6-8); Goldfinches (several), Towhee (4-6); Chipping Sparrow (8-10) at home; White-Throated Sparrow (50-60); Song Sparrows (10-15). The birds were not present at Dark Pool in [[end page]]
numbers such as yesterday - in fact there were very few there until nearly 9:00 - they began to appear at the East end of Dark Pool about that time, then the train came along - driving almost all over into heavy undergrowth on the power line right-of-way. By the time they were getting over the tracks again, it was nearly time for me to leave. Found lost or deserted little gray tiger cat at first [[strikethrough]] park [[/strikethrough]] picnic area near Lee Blvd. Very friendly & affectionate. I took up near houses and left her. Oct. 14, 1952, Tuesday. Weather perfect again today. Up at 6:20, but - things to do,
and didn't get to Woods until 7:30 - left there about 9:00. Brilliant light pleasantly cool. Temp. well up in 70's by afternoon. Had quick glimpse of what I believe was a hawk flashing through woods West of Dark Pool. Several times after that birds gave alarm notes along tracks, but saw nothing. Killdeer(1) calling over house at 8:00 P.M.; many Swifts; Flicker(1); Red-bellied Woodpecker(2); Red-headed Woodpecker(1) calling; Sapsucker(1); Hairy Woodpecker(2); Downys(3-4); Phoebe(1) calling; Jays(15-25); Crows(3-4); Chickadees(6-10); Titmice(6-8); Nuthatch(2); Brown Creeper(1) calling; Carolina Wren(3-4); [[underlined]] still no Winter Wrens [[/underlined]]; Mockingbird(2);
Catbird(1) calling and huddling low in the dodder again; Robins - many, perhaps 100-200 along tracks, very active everywhere, calling, darting after each other, continually shifting between trees, undergrowth and ground, several flying high overhead at park; Bluebird(1) at Park, near little houses at old parking place, 10-15 at home; Golden Crowned and Ruby-Crowned Kinglets - 10-20 of each; Starlings - perhaps 6-10 at Dark Pool and near little houses; Blue-headed Vireos(2) along tracks, singing - across from Sapsucker Hickory (where a squirrel is building a nest - 20 feet up, with much rustly carrying of leafy things) hunting busily; Tennessee Warbler (2 adult males at Dark Pool;
Nashville Warbler(1?); Magnolia Ws(3-4); Myrtle (2 calling); Black-Throated Green(2); Black-poll - 15-20 or more; Western Palm Warbler - all over back yard - during 20 minutes or more I took painting west window of Susan's room, from 6 to 9 at a time were in a little space about 10 x 30 - from gate to strawberries - on fence, tomatoes, all over ground, very active; Yellow-throat (1 female); Wilson's Warbler(2-3); Redwings (58 flying over Dark Pool - later several flew over; Cardinals(6-10); Goldfinches (10-20); Towhees(6-10); Chipping Sparrows (10-20) at home; White Throats (50-100); Song Sparrows (10-20)
Oct. 15, 1952 - Wed. Foggy but bright in early morning, but cleared up beautifully about 10:00 A.M. for another perfect fall day. I started out for woods after delaying to have breakfast with Claire and Susan - so it was about 8:30. Felt there was too much to be done at home, so shopped at Westover & returned home, for painting, etc. Western Palm Warblers about yard all day - all over ground, on fences, tomatoes, shrubs, roof-tops (occasionally), etc. Constantly on the move, calling often, very unafraid. Two let me walk within 10 feet in the back yard. We picked Susan up at
12:00 oclock, and we went on to Great Falls for a picnic and walk. Had fine afternoon - Susan wild about a big blue-gray Tom Cat there - followed us all along on walks. Heard Kinglets here - only bird life, despite many Virginia Creeper berries and other berries. Chipping Sparrows and Bluebirds at home. [[underlined]] Oct. 16, 1952 - Thurs. [[/underlined]] Another wonderful day. Arrived in woods about 7:20, left about 9:10. Many Swifts; Flicker (1); Red-Bellied Woodpecker (2 - male & female - female on dead stub over Dark Pool, male pitched down from a tall tree nearby to alight gracefully within a few
NEW T[[?]] Gia[[?]] Reg[[?]] O[[?]] NEW
Posture [[photograph of woman]] -United Press Telephoto. The International Chiropractors Assn. chose Barbara Osterman, 21, of Oakland, Calif., as "Miss Good Posture of 1953." It then hasten to announce that May 1-7 be considered Good Posture Week. Anyone object?
inches of her, where both tapped lightly); Hairy Woodpecker (1 [[male symbol]]); Downy (pair); Phoebe (1 at home); Horned Larks calling at home; Jays (20-30 in all); Crows 2-3; Chickadees (8-10); Titmice 6-10; Nuthatch (2); Carolina Wren (3-4); Mockingbird (4-6 in course of day - 3 chasing each other about on the street as we took Susan & Kathy to Kathy's house); Catbird (2); Brown Thrasher (1) flew hastily away from foot of embankment at West end of Dark Pool, down embankment to East, first I've seen in some time; Robins (30-40); Bluebirds (2 at dead stub in marsh at "Little Pond in the Woods", 10-20 at home); both Kinglets (10-15 of each);
Starlings (5-6 at D. Pool); Black and White Warbler (1 female at Sapsucker Hickory); Tennessee W. (2 immature in weeds at Dark Pool); Myrtle (2-3 calling); Black-Pool (4-6 calling); W. Palm Warblers about back yards all day, several at a time; Yellowthroat (1 adult male at Dark Pool); Redwing - several overhead at Dark Pool; Cardinals (6-8 - mostly around Dark Pool); Goldfinch (10-15); Towhee (6-12); Juncos (10-12); Chipping Sparrows (10-20 at home); Field Sparrow (at least one by small houses where I used to park car, feeding with Goldfinches); White-throated Sparrows (50-100); [[underlined]] Swamp Sparrow [[/underlined]] (1 immature
at Dark Pool - East end); Song Sparrows (10-20). Oct. 17, 1952 - Friday Another perfect October day. Pleasantly cool in morning - probably 40[[degree]] or so. Warmed up wonderfully during. Quick trip to woods, so as to get at painting. Arrived in woods 7:35 - home at 9:10 A.M. Cleaned windows until 1:30 or so. Had to go out at 3:30 for hair cut. Turkey Vulture (1); Swifts; Red-Bellied Woodpeckers (2); Hairy (1 [[female symbol]]); Downy (1 [[female symbol]]); Phoebe (2); Jays (20-30); Crows (2-3); Chickadees (6-10); Titmice (5-6); Nuthatch (2); Brown Creeper (2 calling); Carolina Wren (4-6); Mockingbird (2-3); Robins (20-30); [[underlined]] Hermit Thrush [[/underlined]] (2 in clearing near G.W. Survey Marker; worked slowly up
to near the top of a red oak, 80 feet up. One came down by easy stages to about 20 feet from the ground. The other then dropped like a rock in a straight line to alight very close to the other one). Bluebirds at home; both kinglets (10-15 of each, at most); Starlings (5-6) at Dark Pool; Myrtle Warblers (2-3); Blackpoll Warblers (3-4 calling); Western Palm Warbler (few calls around house - too busy and in house too much to check them; Cardinals (4-6) Goldfinches (8-10); Towhee (4-6); Junco (6-10); Chipping Sparrows (10-15); White-throated Sparrow (30-50); Song Sparrows (8-10). Rather quiet morning - and fast trip.
[[blank page]]
Dec. 20, 1952 - Sat. Two Robins calling in "Thrush Grove", near Holly Trees at Pond. Also one Hermit Thrush. Dec. 21, 1952 - Sunday. Red-shouldered Hawk wheeling in the sun, over Westmore Gardens; chiefly above large white home on few acres, just off Rochester St. Jan. 3, 1953 - Saturday. Four Robins flew over our home at 3007 No. Tuckahoe St., heading S by SE, calling. Jan. 4, 1953 - Sunday. About 25 Juncos in back yard today, around feeder, after peanut hearts. Feb. 9, 1953 - Monday. Heard first Bluebird song of season today. Heard a
Song Sparrow sing one day last week, with temperature in upper 50's. Feb. 12, 1953 - Thursday: Have been at home since Monday, when Dr. Amole performed 3 minor operations. Removed a mole from inside left big toe, a thorn of a Barberry Juliana from my right forearm (in since last November) and a Black Locust thorn from right upper arm (in since I was 8-10 yrs. old). To go back Monday for removal of stitches. Heard first Cardinal song of season back on Rochester St., about across from Gahley's house. Saw a female on our back
fence yesterday. She did not get to sunflower seeds and peanut hearts in feeder, unfortunately. Feb. 21, 1953 - Saturday Should be first day of nice 3-day holiday, but a budget crisis had us in the office all day - Bill Robey & me from 10 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. - R. Humphrey, Lindy and Ginny Navos for somewhat shorter time. Temperature hit 75° today - broke record for this date [[strikethrough]] Feb. [[/strikethrough]] set on Feb. 21, 1930. Feb. 22, 1953 - Sun. Cooler - only to about 53° or so. Horned Larks calling overhead.
Feb. 23, 1953 - Monday. Nice day - cool, but pleasant. Two Robins called in the top of a tall tree across the road from 814 Great Falls Road, Falls Church, where we were getting clothes poles. Song Sparrows sang. Feb. 24, 1953 - Tuesday. Had to go to the Lundholms at 9404 Mintwood Drive, Silver Spring, to get a memorandum we needed (Lindy was ill). At the corner - a few houses toward Hamilton, several Purple Finches sang gaily in the tree tops. Cardinals sang, & Song Sparrows.
Feb. 25, 1953 - Wednesday. Several Killdeers circling over the new Westmore Garden Homes at Westmoreland Drives, over the land on which they were still able to nest last year. Song Sparrows singing, also a Cardinal at 212 Winchester Way, Falls Church (Robey's house). March 5, 1953 - Thurs. Heard first Spring song of a Robin on Geo. Washington Univ. Campus. March 9, 1953 - Mon. Heard song of Purple Grackles on G.W. Campus. Saw 9 atop building on side toward 20th. St. - strutting about tin roof.
March 13, 1953 - Fri. First "Spring Peepers" at intersection of Fairfax Drive and Westmoreland Drive, in marshy ground at edge of pine and pasture land. March 15, 1953 - Sunday First Thunderstorm of season in early evening. March 16, 1953 - Mon. Clear this morning, after 1.23 inches of rain yesterday, and total of 1.5 inches since Saturday night. [[underlined]] Chipping Sparrow [[/underlined]] (first) on back fence near bird feeder.
March 17, 1953 - Tues. St. Patrick's Day. [[underlined]] Phoebe [[/underlined]] calling stridently across Roosevelt Road. Heard song that seemed to be Thrasher, but may have been mockingbird. Grackles along Lee Highway. March 18, 1953 - Wed. Magnolia Soulangeana in full bloom everywhere. Also Redbud trees, plums, some flowing crabapples (single) about to bloom, also some flowering cherries. March 19, 1953 - Thurs. Great chorus of birdsong out back and across Roosevelt at 6:30 A.M. No new ones identified.
March 21, 1953. Sat. Chipping Sparrow singing all day, around home. March 22, Sun. Chipping Sparrow singing, also Meadow Larks, Robins, & Blue Birds; Killdeers calling. Visited [[strikethrough]] Howard [[/strikethrough]] Arthur Fast's home at 4924 Rock Springs Road, Arlington. He is a trapper & bander. In the traps at the feeding tray outside the rear picture window were one [[underlined]] Pine Siskin [[/underlined]] and one Goldfinch, while a number of Siskins and Finches were on the trays. A Bluebird came to eat peanut hearts from a coconut feed tray, while all about, on trays & in traps were
white-throated Sparrows, Juncos, Cardinals (none in traps), Song Sparrows, Bluebirds (none in traps), Jays (same), two Doves in Hemlock tree over house, etc. Fine visit. Brown Creeper here also. March 23, 1953 - Mon. Small flock of [[underlined]] Red-Winged Blackbirds [[/underlined]] flew above 212 Winchester Way, Falls Church, calling; at 7:50 A.M. March 27, 1953 - Fri. One Red-Wing flew over Westmore Gardens. March 28, 1953 - Sat. Lovely day, but little shower from 3:30 or 4 to 5:30.
[[underlined]] Cowbird [[/underlined]] sang at home today. Pair of Song Sparrows apparently intending to set up housekeeping in our white spruce. Today we bought a 12-15 ft. White Ash from Campbells Nurseries beyond Annadale. Will be delivered week after next - $16.00, planted and guaranteed. To shade West Gable of house. Chipping Sparrows singing - Phoebe calling. Robins singing all about. Temperature back up in 50's today, after quite chilly weather Thursday & Friday - dropping to 39° on Thursday morning.
April 1, 1953 - Wed. As we drove in Lee Highway this morning, a [[underlined]] Towhee [[/underlined]] called alongside the busy road. April 2, 1953 - Thurs. Home today - one day of leave. Towhee called in woods across Rochester. Bluebirds carrying nest material in box. Song Sparrows have been giving indications of nesting in the White Spruce, and now I see they have been roosting in it. Chipping Sparrows singing all day - Cowbirds calling. April 4, 1953 - Sat. Fine day. Towhees singing all day long across Rochester. Cardinals, Cowbirds, Chipping & Field Sparrows, Killdeers.
April 5, 1953 - Sun. Another beautiful day. Six o eight cowbirds flew over, going from roof-top to roof-top, one pair alighting in yard. All birds quite active. Phoebe calling. April 7, 1953 - [[strikethrough]] Sat. [[/strikethrough]] Tues. About 8:15 A.M. as we crossed Key Bridge on way to work, a [[underlined]] Brown Thrasher [[/underlined]] crossed the bridge, flying East, down river - recognized in silhouette by size, manner of flight, and outline. [[circled]] See April 10 [/circled]] April 11, 1953 - Sat. Bird song all day - temp. up in 60's in shade. (78° official on Friday)
number of Cowbirds, Song & Field Sparrows, Meadow Larks, Robins singing in great numbers, Redwings calling, Chipping Sparrows singing all day, Cardinals singing across Rochester Road (rain song). April 10, 1953 - Fri. Forgot to put this in proper order. Walking to car in town, I heard [[underlined]] Chimney Swifts [[/underlined]] above 20th. and Penn. Ave., N.W. As I came out of Cavalier Trail (from Bill Robey's house) onto Lee Highway, I saw two birds high in sky above Hechinger's store. Guessed Martins at quick glance - as I pulled out on Lee
Highway, I was able to get a better look - two [[underlined]] Purple Martins [[/underlined]] now dropping lower - then several more. As I pulled in at a little store the little shopping center just north of Hechinger's (Amoco station), about 20-30 Purple Martins flew low overhead circling and twittering above two small, weather-beaten Martin houses back of the little store. They were creating quite a stir. Fish Crow. April 12, 1953 - Sunday. This morning I made the first Spring trip to the woods. In the cool 40's - wool shirt and
leather jacket feel quite comfortable until late portion of trip. Left home at 6:55 - in woods at 7:15 A.M. Back to car at 8:45 A.M. Found a new auto road cut the entire length of the Park (Glen Carlyn) along the route of my favorite paths - ruining some of best bird nesting areas, and fine groves of dogwood trees - also some of finest spots of underbrush manicured completely out. Will list birds in order: One Turkey Vulture, one Mourning Dove (seen at same place on Roosevelt, between Lee Highway & Wash. Blvd., on each trip - to & from Park), 1 Belted Kingfisher near bridge for Arlington Blvd (formerly Lee)
over W & O Dominion tracks - flew twice along stream to West, then later turned back East (down stream) past me; half-dozen Flickers in park - three at one time; 1 Red-Bellied Woodpecker; 1 Hairy; [[underlined]] not a single Phoebe; [[/underlined]] several Jays; 1 Fish Crow, Chickadees and Titmice; 1 Nuthatch; several Mockingbirds in Glen Carlyn and along way; 6 Brown Thrashers - first on wires at corner of 33rd. & Trinidad, two along Roosevelt, two in Glen Carlyn, one in Park; Many Robins everywhere; one Hermit Thrush calling about 50 feet up in a tree over South-East edge of Jack-in-Pulpit clearing; Bluebirds
at home; one [[underlined]] Gnatcatcher [[/underlined]] singing and calling near Dark Pool & Warbler Oak (not seen); Cedar Waxwings, small flock calling; Many Starlings-especially at nest holes all through Woods; thought I head a Vireo song, but couldn't be sure, ^ [[insertion]] Solitary, I believe, [[/insertion]]; [[underlined]] Black and White Warbler [[/underlined]] singing faintly far up hill to Southeast of G.W. Survey Marker - later two to left of tracks [[strikethrough]] almost du [[/strikethrough]] beyond Dark Pool, about opposite falls, but off in distance; [[underlined]] Myrtle Warblers [[/underlined]] (not seen) calling and singing across from Lookout Point; [[underlined]] Louisiana Water Thrush [[/underlined]] singing first at Beech Bend, later seen about 60 feet up in at oak near G.W. Marker & [[strikethrough]] gray [[/strikethrough]] seal Rock -
then about 40 feet up in an oak nearer G.W. Marker - later 60-75 feet up in large oak beyond Dark Pool, singing constantly; Meadow larks (at home); Red-wings; Grackles; many Cowbirds - those in Park putting on courtship display twice; 8-10 Cardinals; 30-40 or more [[underlined]] Purple Finches [[/underlined]] - 15-20 in top of very tall beach across from Lookout Point, and about same number near Lookout Point (just off the point, to East) and across Gravel Road, [[underlined]] on the ground, [[/underlined]] busily feeding - including most brilliantly colored male I've ever seen - made other males look dull - later several more in trees up near big new
house close to entrance, many Goldfinches - perhaps 20-30 in Park, and as many more in tall tree tops at corner of Washington Blvd & Roosevelt Road; many Towhees (15-20) - including one female; Many Juncos, mostly Singing; several Chipping Sparrows; several Field Sparrows singing beautifully; many White-throats singing; 8-12 Song Sparrows. April 13 - Mon. Rain steadily since Sun - 11:00 A.M. / 10-15 Chipping Sparrows on Holloran's Lawn. April 15, 1953 - Wed. [[underlined]] House Wren [[/underlined]] singing this morning on way to work. Thought I heard a single burst of song from one last Saturday, but was not sure.
April 16, 1953 - Thurs. Cooper's hawk circling low over Lee Highway not far from Evan's Coffee Shop. Purple Martins over Falls Church in the evening. April 17, 1953 - Friday. Hermit Thrush in shrubbery border at 20th & Virginia Ave., N.W. (around Parking lot - hopped in under a parked car. April 18, 1953 - Sat. Left house at 7:00 A.M., arriving woods at 7:15. Left woods about 8:50. Cloudy, with little light rain for a time - not enough to bother me, just dropped glasses inside leather jacket. Later in day it began intermittent drizzles & showers, then a real rain for a while around 6-8 P.M.
Everything coming out beautifully in woods - as on last week end, there were many kinds of violets, bluets, wild geraniums (buds just opening last week) and others. Found six young forsythia plants started from cuttings I put in last year. Saw these birds: Killdeer (heard one calling); one Mourning Dove; Chimney Swifts over the house; 4-6 Flickers; two [[underlined]] Yellow-Bellied Sapsuckers [[/underlined]] (one up near house with many bird-boxes and feeders, other across tracks near [[strikethrough]] little [[/strikethrough]] point where houses are fairly close); 2 Phoebes; Martins; Jays; 2 Crows; number of Chickadees and Titmice; 2 Nuthatches; 2-4 Brown Creepers; 2 House Wrens singing; one
Winter Wren called; several Mockingbirds; 3-4 Thrashers singing; many Robins (very active & noisy); 6 Hermit Thrushes - 5 of them along Honeysuckle Stream - one singing very soft, tentative, whisper song at marshy ground well up stream; Bluebirds at home; 2-6 Blue-Gray Gnatchers (3 times saw a pair - [[underlined]] may [[/underlined]] have been same birds working along the R.R. tracks); [[underlined]] Ruby-Crowned Kinglet [[/underlined]] - several singing - saw one; several Cedar Waxwings near Dark Pool; many Starlings; two [[underlined]] Blue-Headed or Solitary Vireos [[/underlined]] - heard song of last week, and located first bird at G.W. Survey Marker - another seen later. Black & White Warbler (2 heard - one near G.W. Marker, other up Honeysuckle Stream, near open field); several
Myrtle Warblers heard, and seen, flying over as well as in trees at their house in Glen Carlyn, at Survey Marker, Dark Pool, etc.; 2 Louisiana Water-Thrushes singing; 2-3 meadowlarks at home; 1 Redwing at home at dark; several Cowbirds; several Cardinals; Goldfinches; many Towhees; many Juncos; many Chipping Sparrows; 2 Field Sparrows; many White-Throats; 10-15 Song Sparrows. April 18, 1953 - Sun. Because of church etc., did not get to woods. Chilly today - to about freezing in A.M., and high in high 40's. First [[underlined]] Barn Swallow [[/underlined]]
cruised across front yard in morning, from East to West. April 20, 1953 - Mon. Had a day off today. Delayed to get gas - didn't get to woods until 7:20 - out about 9:15 A.M. Chilly morning, again supposedly about freezing. Bright sunshine. Heard and/or saw these birds: Turkey Vulture (1); [[underlined]] Broad-Winged Hawk [[/underlined]] (2) - first near Arl. Blvd., second (or same) near G.W. Marker; Killdeer (2); Mourning Dove (3 together on lawn (on Roosevelt St.), Swifts (2-3); Flickers (3-4); Downy Woodpecker (1 ♀) Phoebes
4/20/53 (3); Horned Larks calling overhead at home; Purple Martins (4-6); Jays (8-10); Crows (2); Chickadees (4-6), singing and calling constantly; Titmice (4-6); Nuthatches (2-3); Brown Creepers (2 - one right at head level as he popped around a big oak beside me); House Wrens (3 - one just under my feet as a I stood on a big log at overhanging edge of trail. He went in under the log, then burst out); Winter Wren (4 - 3 along Honeysuckle Stream); Carolina Wren (2); Mockingbird (2-3); Thrasher (2-3); Robins (many); thought I saw one [[underlined]] Wood Thrush [[/underlined]] - just a flash of russet, with Thrush flight - on Honeysuckle Stream;
Hermit Thrush (close to 20 - 5 along Honeysuckle Stream, then 6-12 in marshy ground and hillside in back where one sang Saturday, then 2 more later); Bluebirds (2 at home); Gnatcatchers (2-3 or more, singing and calling); Ruby-crowned Kinglet (3-4 singing); Starlings (many especially at every tree-hole); Solitary Vireo (two on Honeysuckle Stream, later 2 more along track); Myrtle Warbler (3-4); [[underlined]] Ovenbird [[/underlined]] (first one - singing one short burst of song up on honeysuckle-covered hillside); Louisiana Water Thrush (2 or 3 singing often - one let me approach within 20 feet) English Sparrow ([[strikethrough]] many [[/strikethrough]] several)
Meadowlark (2); Red-winged Blackbird (2-3); Grackle (15-20); Cowbirds (8-10); Cardinals (2-4); Purple Finch ^ [[insertion]] singing [[/insertion]] (2) ; Goldfinches (15-20); Towhees (10-15); Juncos (many); Chipping Sparrows (4-5); Field Sparrows (3-4); White-throated Sparrows (15-25); Song Sparrows (6-8). April 25, 1953 - Sat. Very warm day - up in 80's in afternoon - 85 [[degrees symbol]] or above. In 40's or 50's when I went to woods at 7:00. Perfect morning - bright sunshine and very soft breeze. It was only towards noon that it stepped up to 30 m.p.h. or so. Many, many birds
in woods - activity everywhere. Will list them in check-list order: Broad Winged Hawk (1), circling near little Broyhill houses - missing center tail feather; [[underlined]] Ospreys [[/underlined]] (2), heading about due north across tracks near Broyhill houses; Killdeer (2) at home; Mourning Dove (4) - one on Roosevelt [[strikethrough]] Rd.[[/strikethrough]] St., two in Glen Carlyn, another in woods; Swifts seen and heard all day; several Flickers; Phoebes (3-5); Purple Martins - several heard over woods at upper end of trail along Honeysuckle Stream; Jays (20-30), very noisy; Crows (2-3); Nuthatch (1); House Wren (3-4 singing, [[strikethrough]] one [[/strikethrough]] two seen along R.R. track; Winter Wren (1);
Caroline Wren (1 calling); Mockingbird (3-4); [[underlined]] Catbird [[/underlined]] (2) - [[underlined]] first one [[/underlined]] heard calling near falls on Lubber Run; one seen close up, by "Little Pond in Woods"; Brown Thrashers (4-6); Robins, - many; [[underlined]] Wood Thrush [[/underlined]] (4 - first one heard calling near Jack-in-Pulpit clearing, two scolding sharply at stream by Picnic area in hollow back of Broyhill houses, one singing in woods across Rochester Street in afternoon; Bluebirds (2) at home; Gnatcatchers (3-4 along tracks); Ruby-Crowned Kinglets (3-4), Cedar Waxwings (9 flew over home in afternoon); Starlings - number seen; [[underlined]] White-eyed Vireo [[/underlined]] - (1 - first one of season heard singing at Roosevelt St. & 19th. St., on way home about 9:30); Blue-headed
Vireo (4-6 singing and all seen); Black & White W. (4-5 - two males seen); [[underlined]] Parula Warbler [[/underlined]] (3-5 - first one heard singing as I entered woods, & seen 80-90 feet up in oak near fountain - across path - others along way, & one seen at eye-level 20 feet away from trestle near where I saw first); Myrtle Warblers (perhaps 100 - scattered thinly throughout entire woods, singing); [[underlined]] Black-throated Green Warbler [[/underlined]] (3-4 - first one, a beautiful male, located singing near new homr with all bird feeders, etc. - several others heard, & one other male seen); [[underlined]] Prairie Warbler [[/underlined]] (1) singing near first Bl. Thr. Gr.); Oven birds, (3-4); Louis. Water Thrush (2-3) one singing overhead on Honeysuckle Stream; [[underlined]] M. Yellow-throat [[/underlined]] (1 male across tracks from
Dark Pool); [[underlined]] Hooded Warbler [[/underlined]] (3-4, first one heard singing in woods at Roosevelt St. and Sycamore St. at 7:05; 2-3 more in Park, one male seen close up); Meadowlark (2 at home); Grackles (several); Cowbirds (6-10); * Cardinals (6-8); Pine Siskins - (flock of 6-10 lit in top of tall tulip tree near trestle nearest Arl. Blvd, repeating "shreee-e-e-e" notes, flew after 5 minutes); Goldfinches (several heard, one male seen); Towhee (20-30, mostly males); Chipping Sparrows (2-3); White-throated Sparrows (30-50); Song Sps. (3-4).
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Dark Hawk 5/2/53 May 4, 1953 - Monday Got Susan off to bus about 8:40 - dropped V.S.O. program to be printed, got to woods about 9:25. Glorious morning - in mid-50's. Saw and/or heard these birds: Turkey Vulture (2); Broad-Winged Hawk calling; Killdeer (3-4 at home, in gravelled street & cul-de-sac, in back yards, etc.) Dove (2-3); Swifts (many); Flicker (3-4); Downy (?) drumming; Kingbirds (4-6); Crested Flycatcher (2); Phoeb (2-3 - one on nest atop pillar of comfort station in park); Acadian (?) Flycatcher (2 - with "whit-cheee-uff" call). [[underlined]] Wood Peewee [[/underlined]] - first at Jack in Pulpit clearing; Barn Swallow (many); Jays (8-10); Crows (2-3); Chickadees (2); titmice (3-4); House Wren (2-3 - two in woods); Mockingbird (several) Catbird (4-6); Thrasher (1); Wood Thrush (8-10); Olive-Backed Thrush (10-12 - one singing in lowland near
"Little Pond in the Woods"; Bluebirds (4-6 - two nesting at home); Gnatcatchers (3-4); Starlings (many); White-eyed vireo (2 across from Dark Pool); Yellow-Throated Vireo (2 heard); [[left margin]] [[underlined]] sun [[/underlined]] [[/left margin]] Red-eyed Vireo (2); Black & White Warbler (2-3); Parula (2-3); [[left margin]] Sun. [[left margin]] Yellow (1) at parking spot in Glen Carlyn; [[underlined]] Black Throated [[/underlined]] (2-3 - one male heard & seen as soon as I entered woods); Myrtle (6-8); Black-Throated Green (1); Chestnut-sided Prairie W. (1 - along Route 7 in afternoon); Oven-bird (3-6); Louisiana Water Thrush; Kentucky W. (1) - Yellow-throat (1); Hooded (2-3 - saw one male); Redstart (1 singing at parking spot); Engl. Sp.; Meadow-lark (3-4); Baltimore Oriole (one male heard & seen in a wild cherry near parking place); Grackles (10-12); Cowbirds (6-10_; Scarlet Tanager (2-3); Cardinals (3-4);
2 shrews Rose-breasted Grosbeak (2 heard - one male seen. This one was calling above parking place when I arrived, and was there 1 1/2 hrs. later when I got back); Gold finches; Towhees (10-20); Chipping Sparrow; White Throated Sp. (many); Song Sp. May 12, 1953 - Mon. Clear, beautiful day - no breeze in morning. Temp. up to 88 or 90 degrees in afternoon. When I got to the woods I found the gravel road near the first little wooden bridge washed out in gullies more than two feet deep, leaving the large steel pipe under the road fully exposed. Later I found other evidences of terrific rainfall affecting the Glen Carlyn area. The place where I have crossed Honeysuckle Stream since 1941 had changed completely, stream diverted, and piled up gravel caused such a wide stream of
water to flow between the crossing rocks that I could no longer cross there. As I went on up stream (after crossing below the usual spot), I saw that the stream had been up on the bank which is normally 5 feet above the stream. Saw and/or heard these birds: Turkey Vulture (1); Killdeer (2-3 at home); Swifts (small numbers all day); Hummingbird (1); Flicker (2-3) - one female looking out nest hole in dead tree across tracks from Broyhill houses); Downy (1); Kingbird (3-4); Crested Flycatcher (2); Phoebe (2 - one near Comfort Station where she has her nest); Acadian Flycatcher (3-4); Peewee (2); Barn Swallows (many); Martens (2-3 over house); Blue-Jay - (5-6); Crows (1); Chickadee (1); Titmouse (2); House Wren (2-3); Carolina Wren (1); Mockingbird (2-3); Catbird (4-6); Brown Thrasher (2); Robins (many);
Wood Thrush (8-10); olive-Backed Thrush (30-50 - half-dozen or more singing); Veery (8-12 or more - several singing - one aet quietly 20 feet up over Jack-in-Pulpit clearing singing with bill parted slightly - perhaps 1/8 inch - in contrast to Hermits who sang with [[strikethrough]] pa [[/strikethrough]] barely visible opening of bill); Bluebirds (3-4); Gnatcatchers (1-2) Waxwings (several calling); Starlings (10-20 during day - including first squalling young); Red-eyed Vireos (4-6); Black & White Warbler (2); thought I heard a * Worm-eating in the usual place, but couldn't locate singer; Parula (1-2); Myrtle (2-3) Black-throated Green (1 singing); Chestnut sided (2-3 singing, one male seen); Black-poll (20-30 or more singing - all high in tree-tops, one seen); Ovenbird (3-4); Louisiana Water Thrush (2); Kentucky (1); Hooded (2); Engl. Sp. (2-3); Meadowlarks (2-3); Red-winged Blackbird (2); Orchard Oriole (1); Balt. Oriole (1 male); Mrs. Hoover commented on scarat R.B.
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May 10, 1953 - Sun. Did not get to woods today - went to the Rule's home in Pine Ridge, arriving there about 4:35 and leaving about 8:00 P.M. Beautiful day - temp. in mid-80s - very light or no breeze - fluffy white clouds. Saw and/or heard these birds: Turkey Vulture; Killdeer (at home); Mourning Dove (1); Yellow-Billed Cuckoo (1); Swifts (10-20); Downy Woodpecker (1); Kingbird (2-3); Crested Flycatcher (2); Phoebe (1); Peewee (2); Barn Swallows (20-30); Jays (8-10); Crow (1); Chickadee (2-3); Titmice (2-3); Wh. Br. Nuthatch (1); House Wren (3-4); Carolina (1); Mockingbird (3-4); Catbird (3-4); Brown Thrasher (3-4); Robins (many); Wood Thrush (6-8); Olive-Backed Thrush (20-30); [[underlined]] Gray-cheeked [[/underlined]] (1) - on fence 15 feet away; Veery (2); Bluebird (4-6); Gnatcatcher (1); Waxwings (15-18); Starlings (8-10); Red-eyed Vireos (3-4); Black & White Warbler (1 singing); Parula (2); Black-throated Blue (1 female);
Chestnut-sided (1 [[male symbol]]); Black-poll (3-4 singing); Prairie (2 singing); Oven-bird (2-3); Louisiana Water Thrush (1); Kentucky Warbler (1 at Prosperity Ave. & Arlington Blvd.); Yellowthroat (1); Yellow-breasted Chat (1); Hooded Warbler (1); Meadowlarks (2-3); Orchard Oriole (1); Grackle (1); Cowbird (2-3); Scarlet Tanager (3-4, one female); Cardinals (2-3); Rose-breasted Grosbeak (2 - 1 female); Indigo Bunting (2); Goldfinch (2-3); Towhee (2); Chipping (2-3); White-throated Sparrow; Song Sparrow (3-4). May 12, 1953 - Mon.
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May 13, 1953 - Tues. Arrived woods about 6:55 - left about 8:45. Brilliant sunlight - warm. One Cooper's Hawk, Killdeer (2-3), Dove (3), Chimney Swift (many), Humming Bird (2 - near G.W. Survey marker); Flicker (4-6), Kingbird (3-4); Crested Flycatcher (2); Phoebe (2); Acadian Flycatcher (2-4); Peewee (2-3); Barn Swallow (many); Jays (4-6); Crow (3), Fish Crow - (1 - flying over house); Chickadee (2-3);
Titmouse (2); House Wren (2-3); Mockingbird (3-4); Catbird (4-6); Brown Thrasher (1); Robins (8-10); Wood Thrush (8-10); Olive-backed (20-30; 6-8 singing); Veery (two singing, one I watched for 3-5 minutes); Bluebirds (3-4); Gnatcatcher (1); Starlings (20-30); Yellow-throated Vireo (2 heard); Red-eyed (6-8 heard & seen); in woods across Roosevelt either a Nashville or a Tennessee sang a number of times - I believe it was Nashville - "sweedie-sweedie-sweedie" - "chipper-chipper-chipper" - quite loud; Parula W. (2); Magnolia W. (1 male near Arl. Forest houses nearest track); [[underlined]] Bay-breasted [[/underlined]] (1 male near Survey Marker); Black-poll (20-30 singing - finally saw first ones - four of them, near Bay-breasted); Ovenbid (3-4); Louisiana Water Thrush (1); Hooded W. (1); Kentucky W. (1); Redstart (2 [[female symbol]]); Grackles (2
bathing at first picnic area); Cowbirds (2-3); Scarlet Tanager (3-4; saw one male and one female); Cardinals (2); Goldfinches (3-4); Towhees (4-6); Chipping Sparrow (2); White-throated Sparrows (many); Song Sparrows (2-3). As yesterday, a very skimpy day for birds. May 13, 1953 - Wed. Another brilliantly clear day - temp. 88-90 degrees. Thunder shower in evening. Got to woods about 10:00 A.M. - out about 12:15. These birds seen and/or heard; Turkey Vulture (1); Broad-winged Hawk (1) calling; Killdeer (1-2); Doves (3-4); Yellow-billed Cuckoo (1 calling); [[underlined]] Nighthawk [[/underlined]] (2 calling over Westmore Gardens) about 6:00 P.M.; Chimney Swifts (many); Hummingbird (2); Flicker (3-4); Kingbird (4-6); Crested Flycatcher (3-4 - in Park and [[scribble]] / in woods across Rochester St.;
Phoebe (2-3; one near nest at Comfort Station, and one baby head showing in nest); Acadian (2-3); Peewees (2-3); Barn Swallows (many); Jays (6-8); Crows (2); Chickadees (2-3); House Wren (2-3); Mocking Bird (3-4); Catbird (4-6); Robins (20-30); Wood Thrush (8-10); Olive-backed (30-50; 8-10 singing - or more - one singing across Rochester); thought I saw one Gray-cheeked; Veery (probably 8-10; heard 4 singing - watched two); Bluebirds (3-4); Gnatcatcher (2); Waxwings (several calling); Starlings (many); Yellow throated Vireo (2); Red-eyed (6-10); Black & White (1); [[underlined]] Tennessee [[/underlined]] (1 - at first parking area - first one unless that very loud, frequently repeated song yesterday - see Peterson - was Tennessees); [[underlined]] Nashville [[/underlined]] (at least 1 male - perhaps two). First seen where I saw Magnolias yesterday, then watched for 10 minutes or more along track - in sight almost all the time, mostly at or
below eye level - as close as 20 feet); Parula (2-3); Magnolia (4-6; two males where I saw pair yesterday); Black-throated Blues (3 males, one female); Blackburnian (at least one male at first picnic area. First seen singing at eye level 10-15 feet from where I sat on the table near the fountain - one here two hours later - perhaps same one); Chestnut-side (1 male); Prairie W. (1 singing); Ovenbird (4-6); Louisiana Water Thrush (2 singing - one seen); Kentucky W. (2); Yellowthroat (1 male ten feet up in tree); Hooded (2-3) including one across Rochester); Canada (2 males, seen singing); Redstart (3-4; two females seen); Engl. Sparrow (6-8 bathing at bend of stream with Scarlet Tanager); Grackle (1 bathing); Cowbirds (4-6); Scarlet Tanager (4-6) - one male bathing at bend in stream at second (Arl. Forest) picnic area;
Cardinals (3-4); Indigo Bunting; (2 - 1 lovely male by two Magnolia Warblers; another singing at home); Goldfinch (4-6); Towhee (6-10); Chipping Sparrow (2-3); White-throated Sparrow (many - 30-50); Song Sparrows (6-8); May 14, 1953 - Thursday. Didn't go to woods today. Almost got away in afternoon, but decided too much to do. Prepared about half of space Claire wants for flower border out front. These birds today: Bob-white; Killdeer (1-2); Doves (2); Cuckoo (1); Swifts (many); Kingbirds (3-4); Barn Swallows (many); Mocking Bird (1-2); Robins (8-10); Wood Thrush (in woods across Rochester - 2-3 singing); Olive-backed thrush (1-2 singing across Rochester); Bluebirds (pair at our nest box); Starlings (few); Red-eyed Vireo (1-2 singing across
Rochester); Black-throated Blue W. singing across Rochester; Black-poll warblers (2-3 across Rochester); Ovenbird (same place); Meadowlarks (2-3); Cowbirds (1-2); Chipping Sparrows (1-2); Song Sps (1-2); May 15, 1953 Fine morning, warm day, but rain in [[underlined]] late [[/underlined]] afternoon. Had long walk in Glen Carlyn Park, arriving there about 7:00 and leaving about 10:15 or so. These birds heard and/or seen: Bob-white (1) calling in large vacant lot bordered by trees & underbrush on Fairfax Drive; Solitary Sandpiper calling over house about 9:00 P.M. "peet-weet-weet" repeated several times as it circled in darknes; Mourning Dove (3-4); Yellow-billed Cuckoo (2 calling) - 1 near home, one in Park; Night-Hawk (1 calling over home); Chimney Swifts (many); Hummingbird (3); Flickers (3-4; one drumming loudly);
[[left margin note]] One Thrasher singing in very topmost twig of giant tulip tree at Jack-in-Pulpit clearing where I saw Florida gallinule. [[/left margin note]] one Downy Woodpecker; Kingbirds (4-6); Crested Flycatcher (3-4; two came from woods across Rochester, into the back yards, on Eady's fence, in his weeping willow, then up on wires in front of his house, calling); Phoebe (2 adults; 4 downy young showing heads in nest atop column at Comfort Station); Acadian Flycatcher (3-4); Peewees (2-3); Barn Swallows (many); Jays (8-10); Crow (1); Chickadees (1-2); Titmice (1-2); House Wren (1-2); Carolina Wren (1); Mocking Bird (2-3); Catbird (3-4); Brown Thrasher (1-2); Robins (many); Wood Thrush (8-10); Olive-backed Thrush (75-100; many singing and calling);
Aug. 22, 1953 - have seen no swallows since Aug. 20 - Thursday. Aug. 23 - 1953 - Sun. - Two Martins calling above house, flying high. Sept. 1, 1953 - Tuesday. Heard [[underlined]] Olive-Backed Thrushes [[/underlined]] calling as they flew over at night, about 10:00 P.M. Sept. 6, 1953 - Sun. Heard Olive-backs calling again about 9:00-10:00 P.M. Sept. 7, 1953 - Mon. - Labor Day. Heard Olive-backs and then the "churr" of a [[underlined]] Veery [[/underlined]] in evening. Sept. 8, 1953. Tuesday. Heard the call of a [[underlined]] Western Palm Warbler, [[/underlined]] then aw one in the back yard. Sept. 10, 1953 - Thursday. Saw Western Palm W. in back yard again. Tonight Mrs. Peacock of Pine Ridge called me to say that she had been getting numbers of migrants in her nets. At one
time, in one net, (9/8/53) she had the following: 1 Tennessee Warbler, 1 Magnolia W., 1 Yellow-throat, 1 Baybreasted, 2 Song Sparrows, 2 Indigo Buntings, 1 Red-eyed Vireo, and several Goldfinches. Called Jim Watson and invited him out for Friday nite & Saturday A.M., and arranged to see Mrs. Peacock and the Rules. Sept. 12, 1953 - Sat. Up at 5:45 E.D.T. Began to rain just as I got up. Plugged in coffee, then woke Jim. Had Coffee, soft-boiled eggs and toast. Arrived at Peacocks a few minutes after 7:00 A.M. Intermittent showers from then on until we arrive back home abut 11:00 A.M.
9/12/53 Sat out one shower on the Peacock's screened porch, having coffee and fried ham on rye, while watching robins, towhees and others in dogwood trees, and listened to a [[underlined]] Least Flycatcher [[/underlined]] beside house. Temp. was 65-70 degrees throughout. Saw these birds: Osprey (1), Mourning Dove (1), Hummingbird (2) near old orchard beyond Rule's; Flicker; Red-bellied Woodpecker in bird bath at elder Mrs. Rule's; Downy Woodpecker; Least Flycatcher (1 calling beside Peacock's); Blue Jays (number); Crows (several); Chickadees, Titmice, House Wren (1); Carolina Wren; Mocking Bird (several) Catbirds (2); Brown Thrashers everywhere about field grown in tall weeds, next to Mrs. Rule's (elder) - 6 were
in sight [[underlined]] at one time [[/underlined]] in a fallen tree top - the most Brown Thrashers I've ever seen in one place; Robins (many, especially at the Dogwood trees); Blackbirds (6-8 at home, several at Pine Ridge); Starling; Yellow-Throated Vireo (1 immature caught in net and banded); Tennessee Warblers (4 beside road in low saplings and bushes, then flew on into tall pines), Western Palm Warbler at home; Black-throated Green Warblers at Pine ridge; Bay-breasted Warblers (2); Maryland Yellow-throats (2); Yellow-breasted Chat (1 beautiful adult in net with Vireo - banded); Redstart (1 male); Grackle [[strikethrough]] [[?]] [[/strikethrough]] (several); Cardinals (several); Rose-breasted Grosbeak (1 female near [[strikethrough]] nets [[/strikethrough]] net, then near house); Indigo Bunting (1); Goldfinch (1 immature bird in net);
Towhee (1 in net - young - several after dogwood fruit); Vesper Sparrow (1 - in weed-grown field); Field Sparrows (several); Song Sparrows (several). Sept. 19, 1953 - Sat. Saw Western Palm Warblers 2-3 times in past week - 1 or 2 at a time. Arrived in Glen Carlyn Park about 7:25 A.M. Heavy overcast with a glare, which made identification in the tree tops almost impossible. The temperature at the start was about 60 degrees - warmer when I left the woods about 9:30. Saw these birds: Turkey Vulture (1 over old Dominion Drive later in day); Cooper's Hawk (1 flying by in afternoon); Mourning Doves (2-3); Chimney Swifts (number); Red-bellied Woodpecker (3); Downy Woodpecker;
found "Dark Pool" completely filled in & leveled out with bulldozers. Wood Peewee (2); Blue Jays (many); Crows (6-8); Chickadee (2-3); Titmouse (2-3); [[underlined]] Brown Creeper? [[/underlined]] - heard what I believe was a creeper call - couldn't be certain; House Wren (1); Carolina Wren (4); Mocking Birds (4-6, here & at home); Catbirds (4-6 near Dark Pool) Robins (small number); Wood Thrush (2-3); had a brief look at one thrush which appeared to be an Olive-back; Bluebirds (6-8 at home); Starlings (10-15); Black-throated Green Warbler (believe I saw one); [[underlined]] Chestnut-sided Warbler [[/underlined]] (1); Black-poll (several calling, and seen high in tree tops); Maryland Yellow-throat (2); Red-winged Blackbirds (50-75); Cowbirds (probably 200 on our lawn and others in the neighborhood); Cardinals (3-4); Goldfinches (15-20 in weeds near little Broyhill homes, and at home);
Towhees (several); Chipping Sparrows (4-6 at home); Song Sparrows (6-8 - at home & in Park). Sept. 21, 1953 - Monday Did not go to woods yesterday. Left for woods about 7:00 - out of woods about 9:30. Temperature at start 68 degrees - heavy overcast, light rather bad in upper levels. One Turkey Vulture; Broadwinged Hawks [[underlined]] (500-1000. [[/underlined]] Came out of house about 5:15 - washing windows - saw three Broadwings down low over back yard, then looked up, counting 31 before I gave up, seeing the sky was dotted with them at all levels from tree tops to great altitudes where they were mere specks to the unaided eye. For about 30 minutes or more they came by
Every bird was Broad-wing from North-East to Southwest into the teeth of a wind of perhaps 40 m.p.h. They soared, flew in very crow-like manner, and performed wonderful maneuvers in the strong wind, sometimes "stooping" great distances, almost into the tree tops, then up and away. Susan, Clair and I marveled at them as I hurried with the window washing (and tying up west morning glories) before the rain broke. They made a glorious picture among the heavy, tumbling black clouds); Mourning Doves (4); Chimney Swifts (few); Red-bellied Woodpecker (1); Downy (1); Wood Peewee (1); Blue Jays (several); Crows (2); Chickadees (2-3); Titmice (2-3); Carolina Wren (2); Mocking Bird (5-7; two in Park, others at home); Catbirds (2); Robins (many); Wood Thrush (2); Bluebirds
(several at home); Starlings (several at Dark Pool, several at home); Red-eyed Vireos (2); Black and White Warbler (1 male, one female); Parula Warbler (2); Magnolia Warbler (1); Chestnut-sided Warbler (1 adult male with quite a bit of chestnut on flanks); Bay-breasted Warbler (2-3); Hooded Warbler (1 singing); Cowbirds (about 200 at home); Scarlet Tanager (2-4, in complete winter plumage); Cardinals (4-6, including immature birds); Goldfinches (many along tracks and at home); Towhee (1); Chipping Sparrow (6-8); Song Sparrow (4-6); (on leave today and tomorrow). Sept. 22, 1953 - Tuesday. To Glen Carlyn Park, arriving about 7:35 out of park about 10:30. Clear, bright day, chilly at start, 56 degrees, with 15-20 m.p.h. wind.
[[underlined]] N-N.E. or N - to South [[/underlined]] Turkey Vulture (1); Broad Winged Hawk & flight of 42 from N-N.E., over little Broyhill houses, across park & Glen Carlyn, some flying very low - none at all high. One circled repeatedly low above tracks, with tail spread like a fan, displaying stripes); Killdeers (2 calling at home in early morning); Mourning Dove (1-2); Chimney Swifts; Humming Bird (1 flying above tracks); Flicker (1 calling); Red-Bellied Woodpecker (2); Hairy Woodpecker (pair); Phoebe (1 at Jack-in-Pulpit clearing). 1 Empidonax Flycatcher - looked quite greenish, perhaps Acadian; Wood Peewee (2); Blue Jays (many); Crows (4-6); Chickadees (2-4); Titmice (2-4); Nuthatches (2); House Wren (1); Carolina Wren (2); Mocking Bird (2 over Park, one flying far above trees from Dark Pool to Glen Carlyn near Blvd.; 4-6 at home); Catbirds
(2-4 near Dark Pool); Brown Thrasher (2-3); Robins; Wood Thrush (2 - one calling in Park; one at home, calling across Roosevelt Road); again saw what appeared to be an Olive-backed Thrush, but view was too fleeting; Veery (Wilson's Thrush) - 1 alongside gravel road just after I parked car and started into woods; Bluebirds (4-6 at home); [[underlined]] Ruby-crowned Kinglet [[/underlined]] (1); Starlings (6-10); Red-eyed Vireos (2-4); Tennessee Warbler (at least one, probably 2); [[underlined]] Nashville [[/underlined]] Warbler (1 in [[underlined]] good [[/underlined]] plumage in Great Ragweed, near Tennessees and Red-eyed Vireos); Parula Warbler (1 at Great Ragweed); Magnolia Warbler (1 above Dark Pool near Ragweed); [[underlined]] Cape May Warbler [[/underlined]] (1 at Dark Pool, in birches near Ragweed - in good plumage); Black-Throated Greens (2-3, at Dark Pool and at last trestle near Arl.
Blvd); Chestnut-sided Warbler (1 between Ragweed and Warbler Oak); Bay-breasted Warbler (3-4, at Dark Pool & near Survey Marker); Black-Poll Warblers (several seen and heard along path, and near Dark Pool); Western Palm Warbler (at least 2 at home); Oven-bird (one, walking along log, then flying up into undergrowth); [[underlined]] Connecticut Warbler [[/underlined]] (1 in [[underlined]] good light [[/underlined] on bushes near Great Ragweed. Pale hood clearly visible, and appeared to have complete eyering; believe I noted long under-tail coverts); Maryland Yellowthroat (2); [[underlined]] Canada Warbler [[/underlined]] (2) - down beside tracks, near last trestle at point of land between track & stream); Redstart (1 male); English Sparrows (4 at home, with 1 Cowbird pecking in sawdust around White Ash
at west end of house); Red-winged Blackbirds (20-30 ) frying from East to West above tracks - heard others from time to time while I was in woods & could not see them above tree-tops); Cowbirds (40-50 at home bathing in bird bath at Bebles’ & under Hollorans Sprinkler); Scarlet Tanager (1 female 1 male); Cardinals (4-6); Gordfinches (10-20_; Towhees (2-4); Chipping Sparows (4-6 at home); Song Sparrows (4-6 home & woods). Sept. 26, 1953 - Saturday Clear and Warm - temp. in morning probably 68 [[degree symbol]]. Arrived woods about 7:35 - left woods 10;15 a.m. (Glen Carlyn Park). Killdeers (2-3 calling at home). Yellow-billed Cuckoos L4-three in trees over hanging stream just west of G.W. Survey Marker, heading west on stream as they fed along; and a fourth
at West end of Dark Pool); Chimney Swifts (many milling around over the corner of Rochester & Trinidad Streets, making many fluttering "passes" at the Kennedy's chimney, and a few at the chimney of the adjoining house on Rochester); Red-billed woodpecker (1 calling in woods across Rochester); pair of Downies at east end of Dark Pool; Blue Jays (many); Crows (6-10); Chickadees (several); Titmice (several); Nuthatch (3); House Wren (1 along tracks); Carolina Wren (2); Mockingbird (several - 4-6 at home, two at little Broyhill homes); Catbirds (2); Brown Thrashers (2 - at Dark Pool, near Catbirds); Robins (many); Bluebirds (4-6, at home); Ruby-Crowned Kinglet (1); Starlings (several at Dark Pool & Broyhill houses); Red-eyed vireos (4) - one had yellowish under-
tail coverts); Black and White Warbler (1 male, one or two females, probably two); Tennessee Warbler (1 in good light at Great Ragweed - excellent view of all markings); Magnolia Warblers (3 females or imm. birds in bright color); Chestnut-sided Warbler (1); Bay-breasted Warbler (2); Black-poll Warbler (2); Western Palm Warblers (1 or 2 birds about house all day long, on ground, fences, swing, etc. - calls could be heard at all times - birds quite unwary); Hooded Warbler (1); Redstart (2 females); English Sparrows (small flock at home, 10-20); Red-winged Blackbird (probably 300 or more flying west along tracks and over nearby woods in several small flocks of 8-10, and other flocks of 20 to 50 or more, all during time I was in Park); Cowbirds (40-50 at home);
Cardinals (6-10 at home in Park); Rose-breasted Grosbeak (1 calling near Dark Pool); Scarlet Tanager (1 at East end of Dark Pool); Goldfinches (3-4 near Broyhill homes); Towhees (2-3); Chipping Sparrows (2-3 at home); Song Sparrows (4-6, at home & in woods). Sept. 27, 1953 - Sunday overcast during trip -temp. in low 70’s - warm. Arrived woods about 7:15 EST (first day of Daylight Saving), & left about 9:15. Cooper’s Hawk (1) Mourning Dove (3 together at 3rd & Jefferson, where I park); Chimney Swifts (many); Crows (12 together flying West over Survey Marker; later 4 flying
east over Dark Pool); Chickadees (8-12); Titmice (8-12); Nuthatch (1); Carolina Wren (3); Mockingbird (6-8 at home & Park); Catbirds (2-3); Brown Thrashers (2); Robins (Many); Bluebirds (6-8 at home); Ruby -crowned Kinglet (2); Starling (10-15); Red-eyed Vireos (3-4); Black & White Warblers (3 females); Tennessee Warblers (2 near Warbler Oak - near Bl & Whites); Parula W. (1); Magnolia Warbler (at least 3); Black-throated Green W. (1); Chestnut0sided W. (2-3 near Dark Pool & W. Oak); Bay-breasted Warblers (6-8, near Dark Pool & West along tracks); Black-poll Warblers (6-8, same locations as Baybreasted); Western Palm Warblers (4-6 at home); Maryland Yellow-throats (one adult male, two female or immature); Hooded W. (1 calling); Canada W. (2); Redstart (3-female or immature); Engl. Sparrows (10-15 at home); Red-Winged Blackbirds (100 or more flying west in small flocks);
Cowbirds (50 or so at-home). Cardinals (6 - 10, home & at neat(?) Ragweed); Rose-breats Grosbeaks (2 calling near Dark Pool); Goldfinch (6-10); Towhees (3-4); Song Sparrows (4-6 - home & woods). Sept. 28, 1953 - Monday. Awaked at 5:30 (EST) by squeals of young rabbit girlie had caught. As I west to the back porch to look at the lovely rosy pre-sunrise blush in the sky, many calls of Olive backed Thrushes came from low and nearby- apparently over [[strikeout]] 33rd [[/strikeout]] Trinidad & Rochester. While the flight calls continued, I took a quick look with my old binoculars, but could not pick up any birds. At the same time, a Wood Thrush called in the woods across Rochester. I walked to the front
door in time to hear the call of one Blackpoll Warbler, flying above the front yard. In the afternoon, two Western Palm Warblers were in the yard. Sept. 29, 1953 - [[scribble]] Tuesday. My birthday. Several weeks ago received a zainch Cooper Cyclo - mo rotary lawn mower, from Claire. Today received from Susan a large "Father" coffee cup - hand-painted - [[scribble]] holding about 3 regular cups. Nice cards from Claire, Susan, Mary, Peggy, Tess, Lottie, Helen Gamba. Western Palm Warblers in yard. Phoebe on clothes pole. Temp. today 89 degrees - still very dry. Sept. 30, 1953 - Wed. Olive-backed Thrushes. Western Palm Warblers. Temp. 92 degrees - hottest Sept. 30 on record. Swifts.
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Jan. 24, 1954 - Sun. Many birds came to bird feed in back yard, Starlings, Juncos, English Sparrows, several Song Sparrows, and one [[underlined]] Tree Sparrow, [[/underlined]] first seen in Susan's Weeping Willow. Feb. 15, 1954 - Mon. Temp. up to 61 degrees yesterday, after being down to as low as 19 degrees a few days ago. Top temp. today was 76 degrees, 1 degree short of record set for this date in 1949. Saw a Robin in a tree over Little Falls Road (heard one call just two days before last 6.5 inch snow, after a few mild days). Saw a [[underlined]] bat [[/underlined]] flying about above [[underlined]] G [[/underlined]] St, N.W., between 18th. & 19th., as I headed for the car, about 5:55 P.M.
Feb. 16, 1954 - Tuesday. Up to 78 degrees today, Lowest was 57 degrees this morning. Heard a [[underlined]] Purple Grackle [[/underlined]] call near Little Falls Road, between Ohio St. & Lexington Street, and another along Old Dominion Drive, almost to Lee Highway. Killdeers calling tonight. Listened for Spring Peepers, but heard none, perhaps due to 20 mi. per hour (or so) wind blowing. They should be singing, but the nearest spot is at Fairfax & Westmoreland Drives, a mile away - and can barely hear them at best. [[strikethrough]] March [[/strikethrough]] Feb. 21, 1954 - Sunday Nice mild day. Heard first [[underlined]] Spring Peepers [[/underlined]] across Roosevelt Road; apparently there is a low damp spot at the edge of
"Spring is Coming Early this Year" - Johnny Johnson - Capitol Records the woods. Feb. 28, 1954 - Sunday. Clair reported a small gray bird in the mimosa on the front yard, which flew into the back yard. I hurried there, and saw the first [[underlined]] Phoebe [[/underlined]] on the back fence, pumping his tail. Later in the day, I heard him calling from the woods across Roosevelt Road. Susan says that two or three days ago, near St. James, she heard one calling his name "Fee-bee!", "Fee-bee!". March 2, 1954 - Tuesday. As Bill Robey and I came up Bolling Road about 8:00 A.M., at the turn of the road near the motel fence, a [[underlined]] Fox Sparrow [[/underlined]]
flew up with several Juncos. This afternoon, as we came along the Memorial Highway, approaching Key Bridge, about 200 [[underlined]] Red-winged Blackbirds [[/underlined]] flew over from West to East. This was about 6:00P.M. Spring Peepers in evening. March 6, 1954 - Sat. Quite chilly this morning - down to about 26 degrees at airport. Got only up to 42 degrees today. About mid-morning, I saw the first [[underlined]] Chipping Sparrow [[/underlined]] on the terrace near the Blue-bird box, hopping about among the roses, then out on the lawn. About noon, I heard the calls of a [[underlined]] Myrtle Warbler [[/underlined] out front, and saw it on the wires, calling repeatedly. It
then flew slowly off to the West, across George Evans yard. About 6:15 P.M., a Robin called sharply from the woods across Roosevelt Rd., while a mockinbird sang in the distance. Today a Bluebird flew from the nest box to the fence and ate some of the nightshade berries, now mostly quite dried up. Song Sparrows are at my feeding spots frequently, as are Juncos, English Sparrows and Starlings. The male Cardinal came twice to feed. March 7, 1954 - Sun. 38 degrees this morning - up to 52 degrees by afternoon - only a light breeze in contrast to chilly 20-30 mph. of yesterday. Heard Spring peepers
during day, on drive to the Blow's near Annadale. Bluebirds quite active, Juncos, Song Sparrows, House Sparrows, and Starlings Male Cardinal at feeder twice today & once yesterday - no female seen for about ten days. One Purple Grackle flew by fairly high overhead, headed northeast. In afternoon two Robins also flew over our lot, headed northeast, about 60-80 feet up, calling, and dropping low, circling Swan's house & flying toward 32nd. & Tuckahoe. Heard a Cowbird call along Roosevelt Road. Cardinal sang several times today, as he has for several weeks. March 8, 1954 - Monday. Low 38 today - high in low 50's. Male Cardinal under Weeping Willow, feeding with Juncos & Song Sparrows. Bluebirds at box.
As Bill and I came home, I again saw about 100 or more Red-winged Blackbirds flying N.E. (about 6:00 P.M.) - the sexes being easily distinguished in the bright light of the setting sun - just disappearing behind the Arlington hills. Many Herring & Ring-billed Gulls along the River. Mrs. Peacock has been banding a number of Fox Sparrows and Myrtle Warblers. Mrs. Rule says many Myrtles have been coming to feed tray for suet and peanut butter. March 13, 1954 - Sat. Had preliminary get-together to plan a Northern Virginia Chapter of V.S.O. Present were: Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Rule, Mrs. M. Brantley Peacock, Mr. Arthur H. Fast, and Jim Watson - all at our house. Mr Fast brought a pair of banded Purple Finches in a trap, and Mrs. Peacock
brought a Fox Sparrow. After a while, we turned them loose from the back porch, about 3:00 The Finches flew to Susan's Weeping Willow, and stayed there until after 5:00 P.M. The female went to the ground for bird feed several times as I took occasional looks out the window. The male moved about, occasionally picking at the band on his leg. Neither bird seemed to note the bird-cake (mixed seed in suet), altho they sat near it. The Fox Sparrow, when released flew with legs dangling directly over Halloran's house, and dropped out of sight beyond - either alighting in the thick broom-grass or flying on to the woods. Rain most of night. March 16, 1954 - Tues. First Spring Song of the Robin - rich & clear. Number of Robins about. Saw several Grackles. Many Juncos singing in yard, & Song Sparrows.
Cowbird called nearby. Bluebirds busy at bird-house. Phoebe callng in woods. Dick Kloeber has put up a number of bird houses and a feed-tray. March 20, 1954 - Sat. Temp. got up to 63 degrees in early afternoon, then got very windy and colder as I planted new shrubs and trees, using sawdust I got this A.M. at sawmill I heard Nuthatch, Chickadees, Titmice. [[in left margin]] [[underlined]] See 3/22 [[/underlined]] Grackles about, also Robins, Song Sparrows, many Juncos, Bluebirds. Jays calling in woods across Roosevelt Road. Spring came in 10:54 P.M. Many Hylas singing last nite. March 21, 1954 - Sun. Very windy, cold, especially unpleasant in afternoon, altho temperature got to low 40's. Went to Pine Ridge, got Mock Oranges and two Dogwood trees (gave Rules half-dozen nightshade vines).
Saw 1 Titmouse & 1 Chickadee at feed tray on window, also Song Sparrow. Mocking-bird in rose against chimney, then on roof, & all about. Finished planting in afternoon, plus some other chores. Magnolias (Soulangiana & Star) are now blooming, also Flowering Peach, many Plum Trees, etc. March 22, Mon. Ice in water along hiway today - official temp. at airport 33 degrees. Supposed to get only to about 40 degrees today, but got much milder, to about 60 degrees. Robins singing. Susan had last performance of her operetta, "Kathleen", yesterday. Forgot to note that on March 20, as I drove along Old Dominion Drive to get sawdust and passed the big home "Sanbercal", I saw the flash of a bird i leaves & shrubbery on the grounds of a home just across the road from
"Sanbercal" & a little beyond. As a second bird flew I saw the flash of colors of a male [[underlined]] Towhee. [[/underlined]] Believe both birds were Towhees. March 26, 1954 - Saturday. First Spring bird "outing". Went to Glen Carlyn Park. There was a heavy overcast, and it was rather cool - in low 40's probably. I was shocked to see the "manicuring" that had taken place during the winter. The entire area along the north bank of Lubber Run from the bridge at Jack-in Pulpit Clearing all the way to the Falls near the Apartment houses at Columbia Pike, has been cleared of [[underlined]] all [[/underlined]] undergrowth, all young trees, shrubs (such as spice bush & other moisture-loving bushes), vines & plants - all out, together with lower limbs of trees. This is the area where I usually see the Blue-winged Warbler, the White-eyed Vireo, occasionally Chats & Kentucky Warblers, and always the
Towhees, Wood Thrushes, Maryland Yellowthroats, White-throated Sparrows, etc., etc. The area on the right bank of Honeysuckle Stream - once a wonderful damp thicket of honeysuckle, cat-briars and other undergrowth, interspersed with small trees and May Apples, is all destroyed. Even the beautiful Fringe Tree (Chionanthus Virginica) [[left margin]] 10-12' [[/left margin]] with the Coral Honeysuckle climbing through it, is gone - just bare ground and the larger trees. Here I could always find (in season) Winter Wrens, Hermit Thrushes, Wood Thrushes, Oven-Birds, Louisiana Water Thrushes, White-Throated Sparrows, Kentucky warblers, and so on. The Dark Pool, where I saw the Sandpipers (Solitary & Spotted) often, rarely the Wood Ducks, and always found many birds near the stand of Great Ragweed, has all been filled in with fill dirt - even the undergrowth
in the area of the G.W. Survey Marker (now placed upright & fenced in) has been largely removed. Saw these birds: One [[underlined]] Duck Hawk [[/underlined]] flashed by low overhead, heading North East, shortly after I passed the "Little Pond in the Woods," got a good look at shape, flight, size, etc.; 1 Bob-white calling; several Mourning Doves; 1-2 Flickers; 1 Red-bellied Woodpecker; [[underlined]] 2 Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers [[/underlined]] flew from North side of tracks as I came back toward car, going across toward Beach Bend; 2 Downies; 2 Phoebes; Blue Jays; 2-3 Crows; several Chickadees; several Titmice, 1-2 White Breasted Nuthatches; at car, as I entered woods, I heard a delightful little song I couldn't place - finally located [[underlined]] Brown Creeper, [[/underlined]] singing repeatedly; [[underlined 1 Winter Wren [[/underlined]] near R.R. tracks; 1 Carolina Wren; Mockingbirds; many Robins; 2-3 [[underlined] Golden-Crowned Kinglets [[/underlined]]
near G.W. Marker; also 2-3 Ruby-Crowned Kinglets; Starlings; 1 Myrtle Warbler, I believe; House Sparrows; Many Grackles; several Cardinals; many Juncos, singing; many White-throated Sparrows, some singing; Song Sparrows singing. April 3, 1954 - Saturday: To Glen-Carlyn Park about 7:00 A.M., Clear, windy, mild at first, but getting rather chilly about 7:15. 1 Killdeer at home; 6-10 Mourning Doves; 1 [[underlined]] Belted Kingfisher [[/underlined]] above stream at Beech Bend, fly West, close to me - "rattling"; 2 Flickers; 3 Red-bellied Woodpeckers; 5 Downies; 2-3 Phoebes; many Jays; Crows (4-6); Fish Crows (2) near Beech Bend; Chickadees; Titmice; [[underlined] at least [[/underlined]] 2 Brown Creepers singing & flitting about over area where Fringe tree & coral honeysuckle were cut out; 1 Winter Wren on stream here; 1 Carolina
Wren calling and frisking about; Mocking birds; many Robins; 3-4 Bluebirds at home; two * [[underlined]] Blue-Gray Gnatcatchers [[/underlined]] hunting about in tops of birches and young locust tree near the stand of White Ashes opposite dark Pool, only called once or twice; two Golden-crowned Kinglets with the Brown Creepers & Titmice & Chickadees; Starlings; House Sparrows; 4-6 Meadow Larks; many Grackles; several Cowbirds, 4-5 Cardinals; Purple Finches singing over Jack-in-Pulpit clearing - could not locate them, as I was in a hurry; Slate-c. Juncos (many); 3-4 Chipping Sparrows; Field Sparrows (several); many White Throated Sparrows; Song Sparrows. April 4, 1954 - Sun. Fine morning - rather mild until mid-afternoon, when it got cooler. When Susan and I arrived home from Church
about 9:00 A.M., I saw birds fly from near the front of the house, across to the edge of our yard, and some on Eady's lawn, across the Barberry Juliana. Caught the flash of white tail feathers. * There were 6-10 [[underlined]] Vesper Sparrows, [[/underlined]] quite tame. In a few minutes I spotted several [[underlined]] Northern Horned Larks [[/underlined]] with them - the yellow eye-stripe quite noticeable. Later saw a half-dozen Chipping Sparrows and many Juncos on Holloran's back lawn; also Song Sparrows about; Bluebirds nesting, pair [[left margin]] nest-building [[/left margin]] of Cardinals; Starlings, many Cowbirds; many Grackles & Red-winged Blackbirds during day; [[strikethrough]] etc. [[/strikethrough]] Doves, Meadow Larks, etc. Mrs. Rule told me she heard the Louisiana Water Thrush sing today at the Manassas God & Run Club, then located it teetering on a log. Also many Purple
Martins circling over the lake there. April 7, 1954 - Wed. Temp. 80 degrees yesterday, after cold-snap [[strikethrough]] Monday [[/strikethrough]] Thursday & Friday. 81 degrees today - nice gentle rain last night. Cherry blossoms past their peak, also Forsythia to some extent (blooming for 3 weeks); Daffodils beautiful everywhere, as they have been for two weeks; many red tulips for past week; Japonica somewhat past peak after several weeks of bloom; also Magnolia Soulangeana past peak & fading fast. Great increase in numbers of birds about. Steady breeze from South all day today. April 8, 1954 - Thursday. Temp. 65 degrees at 6: A.M. Hit 83 degrees at 11:1 A.M., but then a brief thunder-storm & winds
dropped the temp. Two of our tulips were partly open this afternoon when I came home. When I looked out the front door at 6:40 A.M., a beautiful [[underlined]] Yellow Palm Warbler [[/underlined]] was walking about on the grass by the little pink dogwood, feeding along & wagging [[strikethrough]] his [[/strikethrough]] its tail. Caught several insects as I watched, then flew into backyard. Very bright colored. There were about a half-dozen Chipping Sparrows in back yard - also pair of Cardinals, Juncos, Song & House Sparrows. Saw Grackles & Red-winged Blackbirds during day. April 10, 1954 - Saturday. Had first get-together of a Northern Virginia Chapter of V.S.O., at Pine Ridge this A.M. Met at 7:00 A.M. at Rules, & broke up at about 2:00 P.M. Those present: Mr. & Mrs. Rule, Mrs. Peacock, Mr. Stevens, Mr. Sawyer & Mr. Gallagher, Mrs. Scott, Danny Peacock, Claire, Susan, & I, and Jim Watson.
Had a fine clear day, rather cool at first, but warmed up to fine day. Saw 40 species: Turkey Vultures (4); Cooper's Hawk (1); Red-shouldered Hawk (1 screaming); Killdeer (several in open field; Mourning Dove - 6-10 in course of day - several in open field, where recently plowed & disked; Flicker (several seen & heard); Red-bellied woodpecker (2); Downy (2-3); Phoebe - (several); [[underlined]] Prairie [[/underlined]] Horned Lark (several on freshly-turned earth, calling & singing quite close to us; one singing flight song as it "sky-larked" directly overhead); Blue Jays (several); Crows (several); Chickadees (10-12); Titmice (4-6); Brown Creepers (2-3, singing high in trees along Accotink Creek, where countless Dogtooth Violets were in bloom, also other violets; [[underlined]] House Wren [[/underlined]] (heard one sing in Pine Ridge as we were heading home); Winter Wren (1 on Accotink Creek); Mocking Bird (several);
Brown Thrasher (several at Rules & later); Robins (many); Bluebirds (many); Gnatcatchers (1 calling at Accotink Creek); Golden Crowned Kinglets (3-4); Starlings (many); Myrtle Warblers (3); Louisiana Water Thrush (2 - 1 on Accotink Creek, one on Rule's stream); English Sps (many); Meadowlarks (6-10 in fields); Redwinged Blackbirds (several flocks); Grackles (many during day - dozen or so with Cowbirds in field); Cowbirds /[[underlined]] many [[/underlined]] - perhaps 200 in flock on freshly-turned ground, with Grackles in flock - all maneuvered as one bird. Other Cowbirds heard & seen all day); Cardinals (4-6); Purple Finches (many - Mrs. Peacock banded several while we were there. Others sang all about us, all around Peacocks & Rules houses & feeders, etc); Towhee (1 male on Scott's yard with White-throats); [[underlined]] Savannah Sparrows [[/underlined]] (6-10, or more,
4/18 - Ch. Swifts along fence rows is field - relatively tame); Juncos (many); Chipping Sparrows (many); Field Sparrows (10-20); white-throats (many) Song Sparrows (10-20). April 13, 1954 - Tuesday. Glorious day. 10-20 [[underlined]] Purple Martins [[/underlined]] at boxes in back of Safeway on Lee Hiway at Hillwood - calling & darting about. Dogwoods open 3/4 inch wide; Crab-apples are breathtaking now.
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April 20, 1954 - Tuesday First day of an abbreviated [[strikethrough]] Easter [[/strikethrough]] Spring vacation - to last thru April 30. Awoke about 5:45 - got into woods about 6:20. A brilliantly clear morning, with a light wind. Cool at first, so that my leather jacket felt good over a flannel shirt. By the time I got back to the car at 8:45 A.M., I was quite warm. It was a glorious day, with birds everywhere. A [[underlined]] Wood-Thrush [[/underlined]] sang beautifully about 30 feet up in an oak in back of the old house at my parking place. A Phoebe called, Mockingbirds sang nearby, Jays and Starlings called, and a Ruby-Crowned Kinglet sang - all near the car. As I got down near the fountain, I heard the sweet song of a [[underlined]] Black & White Warbler [[/underlined]] up on the hill near Arlington Blvd. Then I heard a frantic
commotion about 40-50 feet up in an oak over the Spring, as two Downy Woodpeckers fought 3 Starlings for possession of a nest hole. The Downys were keeping up a continual wild rattle of calls as they fought. I threw a rock up into the tree, and the Starlings moved. As I got in back of the old red-house, I heard the sweet song of a Vireo, like a Yellow-throat, but softer. Finally located a [[underlined]] Solitary Vireo [[/underlined]] - high in the tree top. I spent 15 min. or more, locating him, and trying to be certain of my identification. I later saw and heard at least 3 more Solitarys. Two were bathing, with Myrtle Warblers, a Cardinal, several Yellow Palm Warblers and a [[underlined]] Prothonotary [[/underlined]] W. in the ripples just below the G.W. Survey Marker.
The bathing technique of the Solitary was to fly down at a 45 degree angle from a perch about 2 ft. above the water, hitting it with a big splash about 4 ft. away, and immediately arising to shake itself. As I crossed Jack-in-the Pulpit clearing, a [[underlined]] Broad-winged Hawk [[/underlined]] flew West above Beech Bend. I later saw another flying about in the trees and calling, up Honeysuckle Stream. Later I saw one, perhaps the first one, circling high above the Northwest end of the Park, as I near J-in-P clearing on way home. Then I heard the song of an [[underlined]] Ovenbird [[/underlined]] on the hillside back of J-in-P clearing. Later I heard a second one sing. Three or four Parulas sang near the G.W. Survey Marker, and here I saw a brilliant yellow bird
perhaps 50 feet up, with whitish or light parts under the tail, no stripes or wing bars, bluish wings - then could see it was a [[underlined]] Prothonotary Warbler [[/underlined]] - first I've seen in many years. Later I saw another in shadow, then in brilliant sunlight, at 30 feet distance, sitting about a foot above the water, where it had been bathing with the Vireos. As I watched the Prothonotary, an [[underlined]] Osprey [[/underlined]] flew by, just above the tree tops, flying west. Then I located 3 or 4 Yellow Palm Warblers about 60-70 feet up in the oaks in the clearing near G.W. Marker. Later I saw 2 or 3 bathing with the other birds. I walked with 8-10 of one as it preened. Later, about noon at home, a [[underlined]] Kingbird [[/underlined]]
Bobolinks 50 - [[underlined]] Sun. 4/18 [[/underlined]] came out of the South, from the direction of Westmoreland Drive, Falls Church flying above 33rd. St. & over our place giving his ringing "battle cry" continuously as he flew, over a period of 1/4 mile. A complete list follows:
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Feb. 5, 1955 - Saturday. Last Sunday (Jan. 30) Irston Barnes called to say that a [[underlined]] Brown-Capped Chickadee [[/underlined]] had been seen at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Benington, at Wellington, South of Alexandria and just off the Mt. Vernon Memorial Highway. Today, Mr. Fast and I went down, and found Barnes and Shirley Briggs there, waiting to get photographs. Mr. & Mrs. Benington were home, and later Ross Summers and Elsie Meyer of the D.C. Audubon Society (formerly of the Mass. Audubon Soc.) arrived. We had very fine views of the "Brown-cap" from 1:00 until 3:30 P.M., when we had to leave. It came to the tray feeder by the porch door repeatedly while several of us stood within 10-15 ft., talking, and also came to the hanging post feeder
in a tree while Shirley Briggs sat in a car almost directly beneath, taking color photos with a telephoto lens. The bird was quite distinct, we thought, and easily identified. I have since seen color motion pictures taken of the bird by Ralph Lawrence at a later date. The following birds were also seen and/or heard: Flicker, Red-bellied Woodpecker, Downy, Blue Jay, Crow, Black-Capped Chickadee (several), Carolina Chickadee (several), Titmouse, White-breasted Nuthatch (3-4), Red-breasted Nuthatch (2-3), Carolina Wren, Mockingbird, Starling, Myrtle Warbler (3-4), English Sparrow, [[underlined]] Rusty Blackbird [[/underlined]] (one heard calling & singing, then we observed it in the oaks at the bottom of the ravine - first I've seen since I left Woodbridge), Cardinal, Purple Finch (8-12); Goldfinches, Juncos, White-
throated Sparrows, Song Sparrows. Dr. Barnes was almost certain the calls [[strikethrough]] he [[/strikethrough]] we heard overhead were White-winged crossbills, but we were not sure.
4/3/55 Red-Wings 50-75 Brown Thrasher over house Phoebe in woods across [[underline]] Roses [[/underline]]. 4/2/55 - 150-200 Canada Geese flying [[insertion]] N- [[/insertion]] Northwest, over house. Tuckahoe St. F.C. 4/4 - Cowbirds, Redwings - Flicker calling - Juncos singing. Temp 70 [[degree symbol]]. 4/9/55 - Sat. Thot I heard a Chipping Sp. at Home. 4/10 - Sun. - Chipping Sparrow singing in front yard [[preprinted]] MONDAY MAY 1953 4 [[/preprinted]] in Mimosa. - Then several during [[underline]] day [[/underline]]
[[blank preprinted page from schedule planner book]]
April 2, 1955 -
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1950 - Dates of first arrival, spring.
N.B. 1950 Notes for next Spring migration: 1. Always get out early - in woods by 6:00 or 6:30 a.m. 2. Any song resembling Black White Warbler in quality, but shorter, not so singing, and not quite the "normal" Black + White song, check closely- [underline] may be Blackburnia Warbler, actually high in the tops, especially White Oaks. 3. Look for Blue - Winged Warbler Song - "Sweeee -d-d-d-3-3-3-g-g" with end of song sounding to me like [strikethrough] like rapidly clicking Ball-Bearings - (see May 1, 1950). [Unknown Word]song. 4. Evening grosheak [?] - normally here only in occasional winters - "screech - screech - clink!" 5. Watch for song of Kentucky Warbler-if listened to carelessly, may be mistaken for Carolina Wren. 6. Nashville W. - Sweedie, sweedie, sweedie, chipper, chipper, chipper"
7. Around May 12 or 13 watch for Tennessee W. - very loud, rich song - colored like Warbling Vireos (See May 13, 1951) 8. Gray-Cheeked Thrush-sharp "peee-unt" call. 9. Olive Backed Thrush-sharp "puh! call. 10. Veery - a distinctive "churrr!" "churrr!" 11. Tennessee (see 7 above) - loud persistent, ventriloquial, "sweet-sweet-sweet-chipper, chipper, chipper, chipper"- the "chippers" very fast. High in tree tops - extremely elusive.