#587-#778; #1316A-#1448 A. A. S. Hitchcock : British Guiana, 1919-1920, Washington, D.C., including SI and Rock Creek Park; Cuba; Colorado and Wyoming, 1918

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The photograph album contains images compiled by A. S. Hitchcock from collecting trips. Images are numbered consecutively and have captions detailing subject matter, location, and sometimes date. Subject matter includes examples of trees and other vegetation identified by common name; agricultural fields; landscapes; structures and residences at towns and gardens visited; portraits of local people; and ports and sailing vessels in the Caribbean. Places documented include: Caribbean islands (Antigua, Martinique, St. Thomas, St. Croix); Guyana (Lamaha canal, Georgetown); Colorado (Leadville, Royal Gorge); Wyoming (Jackson Hole); Washington D.C. (NMNH, Rock Creek Park in 1920); New Mexico (Santa Fe in 1926); and Cuba (Viñales, Baraguá).

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  • Baraguá
  • District of Columbia
  • Cuba
  • Viñales
  • Wyoming
  • New Mexico
  • United States
  • Colorado
  • West Indies
  • Guyana
  • Rock Creek Park
  • Georgetown


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SIA RU000229

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United States National Museum, Division of Grasses, Records, 1884, 1888, 1899-1965

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1 photograph album

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Smithsonian Institution Archives


Box 19

BOOK 1 587-778 (See Bk. 2) 1316A-1448A
[[back cover]]
[[image: left]] [[photo of tree]] 587. Flame tree. [[image:center]] [[photo of tree]] 588. Cannon Ball tree. [[image: right]] [[photo of tree]] 589. Avenue of Saman trees.
[[image:left]] [[photo of house]] 590. Fan palm. [[image:center]] [[photo of tree]] 591. Frangipani [[image:right]] [[photo of fence]] 592. Hibiscus
[[image: top left]] [[photo of bookshelf]] 571. Book case in office. [[image: top right]] [[photo of garden]] 574. Bed of Cannas--Smithsonian Grounds. [[image: bottom left]] [[photo of statue]] 572. Statue of Joseph Henry--Smithsonian grounds. [[image: bottom center]] [[photo of building]] 573. New National Museum. [[image: bottom right]] [[photo of building]] 575. New National Museum.
[[image: top left]] [[photo of building]] 576. Corner in Smithsonian Building. [[image:top right]] [[photo of garden]] 577. Travelers Tree-- Promenade Garden [[image: bottom left]] [[photo of gate]] 578. Flame tree--Promenade Garden. [[image:bottom right]] [[photo of path]] 579. Walk. Promenade Garden.
[[image: top left]] [[photo of tree]] 580. View. Promenade Garden. [[image: top center]] [[photo of house]] 581. Park Hotel. [[image: bottom left]] [[photo of house]] 582. St. Huberts [[image: top right]] [[photo of five children in front of tree]] 583. Cannon Ball Tree
[[image: left]] [[photo of children in front of tree]] 584. Cannon Ball Tree [[image: center]] [[photo of houses with tree in front]] 585. Star apple. [[image: right]] [[photo of house]] 586. Residence and palm (royal palm).
[[image: left]] [[photo of fence]] 593. Bread fruit. [[image:right]] [[photo of estate grounds]] 594. Saman.
[[image: left]] [[photo of trees]] 595. View of Promenade Garden [[image: center]] [[photo of garden]] 596. View of Promenade Garden [[image: right]] [[photo of flowers in vase]] 597. Vase of flowers
[[image: left]] [[photo of park]] 598. Street in Georgetown [[image: top right]] [[photo of park]] 599. View in Promenade Garden. [[image: bottom right]] [[photo of road]] 600. Entrance to Botanic Garden
[[image: left]] [[photo of tree]] 601. Cannon Ball tree. [[image: bottom center]] [[photo of fence front of house]] 602. Pride of Barbados [[image: right]] [[photo of road]] 603. View in Promenade Garden
[[image:left]] [[photo of path]] 604. View in Promenade Garden [[image: center]] [[photo of man in front of tree]] 605. Young coconut and Edward Stewart [[image: right]] [[photo of park]] 606. View in Promenade Garden
[[image: left]] [[photo of tree]] 607. Travelers tree. [[image: center]] [[photo of path]] 608. View in Promenade Garden [[image:right]] [[photo of park]] 609. View in Promenade Garden
[[image:left]] [[photo of park]] 610. View in Promenade Garden [[image:center]] [[photo of park]] 611. View in Promenade Garden [[image:right]] [[photo of road]] 612. Street Georgetown
[[image: left]] [[photo of trees]] 613. Cactus--Promenade Garden [[image: center]] [[photo of park]] 614 View in Promenade Garden [[image: right]] [[photo of park]] 615 View in Promenade Garden
[[image:left]] [[photo of park]] 616. View in Promenade Garden [[image:center]] [[photo of brush,tree]] 617. Eta Palms [[image:right]] [[photo of vegetation]] 618. Eta Palms
[[image:left]] [[photo of tree]] 619. Eta Palms [[image: center]] [[photo of tree]] 620. Eta Palms [[image:right]] [[photo of tree]] 621. Eta Palms
[[image: top left]] [[photo of tree]] 622. Eta Palms [[image: top center]] [[photo of flowers in vase]] 623. Lilies in vase--Georgetown [[image: top right]] [[photo of group of people]] 624. Lamaha Canal-Transfer station [[image: bottom left]] [[photo of group of people]] 625. Lamaha Canal- Transfer station [[image: bottom right]] [[photo of group of people]] 626. Lamaha Canal-Transfer station
[[image: photo of building]] 627. Lamaha stop-off Govt. station [[image: photo of body of water]] 628. Eta palms [[image: photo of building on body of water]] 629. Lamaha Canal--Breakfast station. [[image: photo of body of water]] 630. Lamaha Canal [[image: photo of tree]] 631. Mango on dike--Andropogon bicornis in foreground. [[image: photo of vegetation]] 632. Trumpet tree
[[image: top left]] [[photo of trees]] 633. Cassava plantation [[image: bottom left]] [[photo of vegetation]] 634. Deep forest [[image: top right]] [[photo of body of water]] 635. Lamaha Canal [[image: bottom center]] [[photo of building]] 636. Remains of fort-- Kyk-over-al [[image: bottom right]] [[photo of tree]] 637. Kartabo-Forest by river
[[image: top left]] [[photo of road]] 638. H.M. Penal Settlement. Cabbage palms. [[image: top center]] [[photo of road]] 639. H.M. Penal Settlement. Cabbage palms. [[image: top right]] [[photo of trees] 640. Thatch palm [[image: bottom left]] [[photo of vegetation]] 641. H.M. Penal Settlement-mangroves [[image: bottom right]] [[photo of vegetation]] 642. H.M. Penal Settlement-mangroves
[[image: top left]] [[photo of trees]] 643. Mucka-mucka-H.M. Penal Settlement [[image: top right]] [[photo of vegetation]] 644. Grassland with jungle in rear [[image: bottom left]] [[photo of grassland]] 645. Growth of Sagittaria-H.M. Penal Settlement [[image: bottom right]] [[photo of grassland, buildings]] 646. H.M. Penal Settlement-- General view.
[[image: top left]] [[photo of trees, building]] 648. Colony House [[image: top center]] [[photo of vegetation]] 649. Climbing fern--Bartica [[image: top right]] [[photo of group of individuals, boat]] 650. Convicts- H.M.P.S. [[image: bottom left]] [[photo of building, body of water]] 651. Storage shed-H.M.P.S.
[[image: top left]] [[photo of building]] 652. Colony House [[image: top center]] [[photo of wooden dock]] 653. Old Dock--Vreed-en-Hoop [[image: top right]] [[photo of boat on water]] 654. Ferry-boat Vreed-en-Hoop [[image: bottom left]] [[photo of building]] 655. Mrs. Sheppard's- Georgetown
[[image:left]] [[photo of tree]] 656. Sand box. Georgetown [[image:center]] [[photo of tree, building]] 657. Mahogany. Georgetown [[image:right]] [[photo of building]] 658. Mrs. Sheppard's -Georgetown
[[image:top left]] [[photo of fountain]] 659. Mrs. Sheppard's - Georgetown [[image: top center]] [[photo of vegetation]] 660. Roots on beach. Bartica [[image:top right]] [[photo of vegetation]] 661. Panicum (maximilianum) Bartica [[image: bottom left]] [[photo of four men standing in front of trees]] 662. Papayas- Kyk-over-al [[image: bottom right]] [[photo of two men]] 663. Sam [[crossed out]] e [[/crossed out]] and Edward [[insertion]] at left[[/insertion]] -- Kartabo
[[photo on left]] [[photo of road with man on left]] 664. Road through primeval forest - Bartica [[photo in center]] [[two men standing in front of round structure and building in background]] 665. Sam Christopher & Edward Steward, H.M. Penal Settlement. [[photo on far right]] [[interior view of hallway with wicker chairs]] 666. Gallery at Colony House
[[photo on left]] [[dirt road with trees and bushes]] 667. Panicum maximilianum) Bartica [[photo in center]] [[tall grass on sand]] 668. Panicum (altum) - Beach at Bartica [[photo on right]] [[palm trees and bushes]] 669. View from rear of Colony House.
[[photo upper left]] [[photo of leaves of trees with fruit]] 670. Bread fruit- H. M. P. S. [[Photo upper right]] [[photo of palm and other trees with water in background]] 671. View from front of Colony House. [[photo in lower left]] [[photo of house with steps]] 673. Cottage at Akyma where I lived. [[photo on lower right]] [[photo of man sitting beside rocky ground]] 674. Bauxite quarry-Mackenzie
[[image: left]] [[photo of people]] 672. Edward and Sam-H.M.P.S. [[image: top center]] [[photo of quarry] 675. Bauxite quarry.-Mackenzie [[image: bottom center]] [[photo of hut]] 677. Native-hut-Akyma [[image: right]] [[photo of tree]] 676. Wild coco-Akyma
[[image: top left]] [[photo of train]] 678. Engine on Ry. Wismar [[image: bottom left]] [[photo of tree]] 681. Mors tree with vine. Tumatumari [[image: center]] [[photo of waterfall]] 679. Washerwoman Falls-Tumatumari [[image: right]] [[photo of tree]] 680. Mora tree with vine. Tumatumari
[[image: left]] [[photo of tree] 682. Mora tree with vine. Tumatumari [[image: center]] [[photo of plant]] 683. Gesneracius shrub. Tumatumari [[image: right]] [[photo of person]] 684. Edward Stewart near Washerwoman Falls
[[image: left]] [[photo of person]] 685. Edward Stewart Issorora. [[image: top center]] [[photo of dock]] 686. Mackenzie [[image: bottom center]] [[photo of house]] 688. Rest House, Issarora [[image: right]] [[photo of person]] 687. Edward Stewart. Issorora
[[image: left]] [[photo of woodland]] 689. Bridge of tree trunk on trail, Akyma [[image: center]] [[photo of woodland]] 690. Bridge of tree trunk on trail, Akyma [[image: right]] [[photo of people]] 691. Boatmen at Yarakita Police Station
[[image: left]] [[photo of woodland]] 692. View from Yarakita Police Station. Trumpet Tree. [[image: center]] [[photo of building]] 693. Yarakita Police Station [[image: right]] [[photo of building]] 694. Rest house where I stayed - Yarakita Police Sta.
[[image: left]] [[photo of building]] 695. Benab--near Portage on way to Yarakita Police Sta. [[image: center left]] [[photo of trees]] 696. Tree trunk with vine. Tumatumari [[image: center right]] [[photo of tree]] 697. Base of mora. Tumatumari [[image: right]] [[photo of tree]] 698. Base of mora. Tumatumari
[[image: top left]] [[photo of water]] 699. Washerwoman Falls [[image: top center]] [[photo of water]] 700. Washerwoman Falls. Tumatumari [[image: top right]] [[photo of person]] 703. Sand scrub-Rockstone Edward [[image: bottom left]] [[photo of railway]] 701. Sand scrub-Rockstone. [[image: bottom right]] [[photo of bushes]] 702. Sand scrub-Rockstone
[[image: top left]] [[photo of ship]] 704. Morawhanna [[image: top right]] [[photo of village]] 705. Morawhanna [[image: bottom left]] [[photo of village]] 706. Morawhanna [[image: bottom center]] [[photo of building]] 707. Rest House-Tumatumari. [[image: bottom right]] [[photo of plant]] 708. Bromeliad-Tumatumari
[[image: top left]] [[photo of tree]] 709. Cannon Ball tree-Barbados [[image: top center]] [[photo of town]] 710. Saman trees-Georgetown B. G. [[image: top right]] [[photo of town]] 711. Street scene--Barbados [[image: bottom left]] [[photo of park]] 712. Park. Barbados [[image: bottom right]] [[photo of animal]] 713. Ze[[strikethrough]] hn [[/strikethrough]]^[[bu]]- Antigua
[[image: top left]] [[photo of building]] 714. Old Mill--Antigua [[image: top center]] [[photo of village]] 715. Antigua [[image: top right]] [[photo of village]] 716. Antigua [[image: bottom left]] [[photo of market]] 717. Market--Guadeloupe [[image: bottom center]] [[photo of ship]] 719. Steamer at Barbados [[image: bottom right]] [[photo of ships]] 718. Harbor, Barbados
[[image: top right]] [[photo of boats]] 720. Lighters by steamer- Barbados [[image: top center]] [[photo of boat]] 721. Lighters by steamer-Barbados [[image: top right]] [[photo of shrine]] 723. Wayside shrine--Martinique [[image: bottom left]] [[photo of trees]] 724. Bot. Gard. Dominica. [[image: bottom center]] [[photo of city]] 725. Dominica from Morne [[image: bottom right]] [[photo of harbor]] 722. Harbor--Martinique
[[image: top left]] [[photo of trees]] 726. Bot. Gard. Dominica [[image: top center]] [[photo of boat]] 727. Boat passing through draw bridge-- Guadeloupe. [[image: top right]] [[photo of oxen]] 728. Oxen--Guadeloupe [[image: bottom left]] [[photo of ship]] 729. Our steamer [[image: bottom right]] [[photo of trees]] 730. St. Thomas
[[image: top left]] [[photo of building]] 731. St. Thomas, Coralita [[image: top center]] [[photo of people]] 732. St. Thomas. [[strikethrough]] Coralita [[/strikethrough]] [[image: top right]] [[photo of cabin]] 734. Cabin Korona [[image: center right]] [[photo of deck]] 735. Deck Korona [[image: bottom left]] [[photo of ship]] 733. St. Thomas. [[strikethrough]] Coralita [[/strikethrough]] [[image: bottom right]] [[photo of ship]] 736. Manchuria, N.Y.
[[image: top left]] [[photo of gardens]] 737. N. Y. Bot. Gard. Mus. [[image: top right]] [[photo of deck]] 738. Deck of Korona [[image: bottom left]] [[photo of trees]] 739. St. Kitts [[image: bottom center]] [[photo of animals]] 740. St. Kitts [[image: bottom right]] [[photo of building]] 741. St. Kitts Old mill and bull
[[image: top left]] [[photo of boats]] 742. St. Kitts [[image: top center]] [[photo of boats]] 743. St. Croix [[image: top right]] [[photo of grasses]] 744. St. Croix. Andropogon bicornis [[image: bottom left]] [[photo of tree]] 745. St. Croix. Tree with flat pod [[image: bottom right]] [[photo of tree]] 746. St. Croix. Tamarind
[[image: top left]] [[photo of person]] 747. St. Thomas--Ruin [[image: top center]] [[photo of road]] 748. St. Thomas [[image: bottom left]] [[photo of town]] 749. St. Thomas. Harbor [[image: bottom center]] [[photo of town]] 750. Street-Barbados [[image: bottom right]] [[photo of building]] 751. Residence of Mr. Williams, Director Botanic Garden, Grenada.
[[image: top left]] [[photo of road]] 752. View on road, Grenada. [[image: top center]] [[photo of harbor]] 754. View of inner harbor, Grenada [[image: top right]] [[photo of town]] 755. Town and harbor, Grenada [[image: bottom left]] [[photo of town]] 753. Harbor, Grenada [[image: bottom right]] [[photo of deck]] 756. Deck of Maraval
[[image: top left]] [[photo of ship]] 757. Deck of Maraval [[image: top center]] [[photo of ship]] 758. Deck of Maraval [[image: top right]] [[photo of ships]] 759. View in New York Harbor [[image: bottom left]] [[photo of harbor]] 760. View in New York Harbor [[image: bottom right]] [[photo of Statue of Liberty]] 761. Statue of Liberty, New York Harbor
[[image: left]] [[photo of street]] 762. View from residence, Washington [[image: center]] [[map of South America]] 763. South America with position of British Guiana [[image: right]] [[map of British Guiana]] 764. British Guiana
[[image: top left]] [[map of British Guiana]] 765. Northern part of British Guiana [[image: bottom left]] [[photo of park]] 766. View in Rock Creek Park, April 1920. [[image: right]] [[photo of park]] 767. View in Rock Creek Park, April 1920.
[[image: top left]] [[photo of trees]] 768. View in Rock Creek Park, April 1920. [[image: top right]] [[photo of bridge]] 769. View in Rock Creek Park, April 1920. [[image: bottom left]] [[photo of road]] 770. View in Rock Creek Park, April 1920.
[[image - black and white photograph of park road]] 771. View in Rock Creek Park, April 1920. [[image - black and white photograph of park road]] 772. View in Rock Creek Park, April 1920.
[[image:left]] [[photo of path in park]] 773. View in Rock Creek Park, April 1920. [[image:top right]] [[photo of man on bridge]] 774. View in Rock Creek Park, April 1920. Bridge and Edward. [[image: bottom right]] [[photo of bridge in park]] 776. View in Rock Creek Park, April 1920.
[[image:left]] [[photo of park]] 775. View in Rock Creek Park, April 1920. [[image: right]] [[photo of path in park]] 777. View in Rock Creek Park, April 1920. [[image: bottom]] [[photo of plants]] 778. Paspalum attenuatum--Between Wismar and Rockstone, British Guiana.
[[image:top left]] [[photo of park]] 1316A. Royal palms. Pine forest in background. Pinar del Rio, Cuba. Nov. 1926 [[image:top right]] [[photo of hilltop]] 1317A. Hills with pine forest. Pinar del Rio, Cuba. [[image: bottom left]] [[photo of tree] 1618A. Royal palm. Pine forest in background. Pinar del Rio, Cuba. [[image: bottom center]] [[photo of pine trees]] 1320A. Royal palms. Pinar del Rio, Cuba. [[image: bottom right]] [[photo of trees]] 1319A. Pine forest on hills, Pinar del Rio, Cuba.
[[image:top left]] [[photo of trees]] 1322A. Palm on limestone cliffs. Vinales, Cuba. [[image: top center]] [[photo of street]] 1325A. Street. Pinar del Rio, Cuba. [[image: top right]] [[photo of trees]] 1323A. Face of limestone cliff from mouth of a cave opposite Vinales, Cuba. [[image: bottom left]] [[photo of road]] 1321A. Road through a gap in limestone hills. Vinales, Cuba. [[image: bottom right]] [[photo of store,with horse and young boy]] 1324A. Roadside shop near Vinales, Cuba.
[[image: top left]] [[photo of house]] 1326A. Harvard House. The laboratory building at Soledad, near Cienfuegos, Cuba. [[image: top center]] [[photo of plants]] 1331A. Papyrus. Botanic Garden, Soledad. [[image: top right]] [[photo of trees and house]] 1328A. Royal poinciana in fruit. Park, Soledad, Central. [[image: center left]] [[photo of palms]] 1327A. Coconut palms center, Ficus religiosa at left, Royal Poinciana next, bamboo at right, Soledad, Cuba. [[image: bottom left]] [[photo of house]] 1329A. Mrs. Atkin's house, Soledad Central. [[image: bottom right]] [[photo of trees]] 1330A. Royal palms. Park, Soledad Central.
[[image: top left]] [[photo of house]] 1332A. Mr. Gray's house, Botanic Garden, Soledad. [[image: top right]] [[photo of garden]] 1333A. Botanic Garden, Soledad. [[image: bottom left]] [[photo of trees]] 1334A. Traveler's tree. Botanic Garden, Soledad. [[image: bottom center]] [[photo of trees]] 1336A. Screw pine (Pandanus), Botanic Garden, Soledad. [[image: bottom right]] [[photo of plants]] 1335A. Sugar cane in flower. Botanic Garden, Soledad.
[[image: top left]] [[photo of tree]] 1337A. Large white flowers of a leguminous tree. Botanic Garden, Soledad. Camoensia maxima [[image: top center]] [[photo of train car]] 1339A. Motor car on sugar railroads. Baragua, Cuba. [[image: top right]] [[photo of trees]] 1338A. Casuarina equisetifolia. Baragua, Cuba. [[image: bottom left]] [[photo of house]] 1340A. Laboratory of Tropical Plant Research Foundation. Baragua, Cuba. [[image: bottom right]] [[photo of field]] 1341A. Palmetto savanna. Hyparrhenia hirta in foreground. Baragua, Cuba.
[[image: top left]] [[photo of field]] 1342A. Grua for weighing cane. Baragua, Cuba. [[image: top right]] [[photo of three men in field]] 1342A. Johnston, Scientific Director of United Fruit Co.; Van Dine, Director of Laboratory , Tropical Plant Research Foundation; Earle, of Herradura. [[image: center left]] [[photo of field]] 1344A. Playa. The coastal marsh near Baragua, mostly Panicum virgatum cubense. [[image: bottom left]] [[photo of river]] 1347A. River banks with Tillandsia usneoides, Baragua. [[image: bottom center]] [[photo of trees]] 1343A. Palmetto woods, Baragua, Cuba. [[image: bottom right]] [[photo of tree]] 1345A. Prickly belly-palm, Baragua.
[[image: top left]] [[photo of field]] 1346A. Royal palm with thin top due to flooding. Baragua. [[image: top right]] [[photo of field]] 1348A. Sugar cane plots from laboratory, Baragua. [[image: center right]] [[photo of tank and houses]] 1349A. Caterpillar tank, Guaro, Cuba. Agricultural headquarters of United Fruit Co. [[image: bottom left]] [[photo of crane]] 1350A. Unloading a caterpillar tank. Guaro. [[image: bottom right]] [[photo of house]] 1351A. Office of Mr. S. M. Walker, Agricultural Director, Guaro.
[[image:top left]] [[photo of trucks]] 1352A. Caterpillar tanks in motion. [[image: center left]] [[photo of horse and cart]] 1353A. Cart at Ciego de Avila, Cuba. [[image: bottom left]] [[photo of houses]] 1354A. Scene from Railway station, Ciego de Avila. [[image: top right]] [[photo of trees]] 1355A. Mixed pine and palm forest. [[image: bottom right]] [[photo of field]] 1356A. View from Sierra Nipe (mine) looking north to Preston and Mayari.
[[image: top left]] [[photo of trees]] 1357A. Pine forest, Sierra Nipe (mine). [[image: center left]] [[photo of oxen pulling cart]] 1359A. Caterpillar cart with oxen. [[image: bottom left]] [[photo of trees]] 1362A. Large water jars, Mr. Sanchez's ranch, Camaguey, 5 or 6 feet tall. [[image: top right]] [[photo of plants]] 1358A. Sierra Nipe (mine). A [[strike]] composite [[/strike]] Euphoria shrub in foreground. [[image: center right]] [[photo of man on horse in field]] 1360A. Pasture of guinea and para grass. Camaguey. [[image: bottom right]] [[photo of jars]] 1361A. Ceiba and Royal palms. Mr. Sanchez's ranch, Camaguey.
[[image: top left]] [[photo of tree]] 1375A.Pines, Santa Fe. [[image: top center]] [[photo of tree]] 1376A.Pines, Santa Fe. [[image: top right]] [[photo of horizon]] 1377A.Mesa, near Santa Fe. [[image: center right]] [[photo of horizon]] 1378A.Mesa near Santa Fe. [[image: bottom left]] [[photo of automobile]] 1380A.Mesa near Santa Fe. [[image: bottom right]] [[photo of horizon]] 1379A.Mesa near Santa Fe.
[[image: top left]] [[photo of horizon]] 1381A.Vicinity of Santa Fe. [[image: center left]] [[photo of horizon]] 1382A.Vicinity of Santa Fe. [[image: center]] [[photo of cactus]] 1383A.Vicinity of Santa Fe. Cholla cactus. [[image: bottom left]] [[photo of two men]] 1384A.Brother Arsene (at left), Brother Benedict. [[image:right]] [[photo of cactus]] 1390A.Cholla cactus, Santa Fe.
[[image:top left]] [[photo of building]] 1365A.Mr. Earle's house, Herradura. [[image: top right]] [[photo of building, drying rack]] 1363A.Drying meat, Mr. Sanchez's ranch, Camaguey. [[image: bottom left]] [[photo of trees]] 1367A.Royal palms. [[image: bottom center]] [[photo of building, tree]] 1364A.Mr. Earle's house, Herradura. [[image: center right]] [[photo of horizon, plants]] 1366A.Belly palms, Herradura. [[image: bottom right]] [[photo of axle, wheels]] 1368A.Cart for hauling logs, Herradura.
[[image: top left]] [[photo of trees on horizon]] 1369A.Royal palms, Herradura. [[image: top center]] [[photo of trees]] 1370A.Pine forest, Cowles, New Mexico, June, 1926. [[image: top right]] [[photo of trees]] 1371A.Pine forest, Cowles, New Mexico, June, 1926. [[image: bottom left]] [[photo of forest]] 1372A. Pine and aspen forest, Cowles. [[image: bottom center]] [[photo of tree]] 1373A.Spruce, Cowles. [[image: bottom right]] [photo of buildings]] 1374A.Hotel Mountain View, Cowles.
[[image:top left]] [[photo of river]] 1391A.Royal Gorge, Colo. [[image: top center]] [[photo of train]] 1392A.Royal Gorge, Colo. [[image: top right]] [[photo of vegetation, trees]] 1393A.Sage brush and lodgepole pine, Leadville. [[image: bottom left]] [[photo of tree, horizon]] 1395A.Sage brush and lodgepole pine, Leadville. [[image: bottom right]] [[photo of town]] 1396A.Mt. Massive, from Leadville.
[[image: top left]] [[photo of trees]] 1394A.Sage brush and lodgepole pine, Leadville. [[image: top center]] [[photo of plant]] 1401A.Larkspur, Uinta Mts. [[image: top right]] [[photo of building]] 1397A.Whitney Ranger Station, Uinta Mts. Utah. [[image: center right]] [[photo of horizon]] 1398A.Grassland, Whitney Ranger Station. [[image: bottom left]] [[photo of building]] 1400A.A ranger station in Uinta Mts. [[image: bottom right]] [[photo of horses]] 1399A.Uinta Mts. Pack train.
[[image:top]] [[photo of mountain]] 1440A.Jackson Hole, Mt. Two Oceans. [[image:center]] [[photo of mountain]] 1441A.Jackson Hole, Mt. Two Oceans. [[image:bottom]] [[photo of mountain]] 1442A.Jackson Hole, Mt. Two Oceans.
[[image:top left]] [[photo of boat on river]] 1435A.Ferry boat, Jackson Hole. [[image:top right]] [[photo of wetlands]] 1436A.Yellowstone Park, West Thumb. Calcareous algae around hot springs. [[image: center left]] [[photo of man in uniform]] 1436A.Yellowstone Park, West Thumb, Hot Springs. [[image:bottom left]] [[photo of cars outside of building]] 1437A.Yellowstone Park, West Thumb. Party of tourists. [[image:bottom right]] [[photo of body of water]] 1439A.Yellowstone Park, Lewis Falls.
[[image: left]] [[photo of road]] 1426A.Jenny Lake, Jackson Hole. Road through lodgepole pine forest. [[image: top center]] [[photo of lake]] 1430A.Leigh Creek, a party of tourists. [[image: bottom center]] [[photo of mountain]] 1431A.Leigh Creek [[image: right]] [[photo of mountain]] 1427A.Jenny Lake, Jackson Hole. Road through lodgepole pine forest.
[[image: top left]] [[photo of mountain lake]] 1428A.Jenny Lake, Jackson Hole. Road through lodgepole pine forest. [[image: top center]] [[photo of trees]] 1434A.Leigh Creek. Wind swept pines near tree line. [[image: top right]] [[photo of river]] 1429A.Jenny Lake, Jackson Hole. Road through lodgepole pine forest. [[image: bottom left]] [[photo of mountains]] 1432A.Leight Creek, Teton Range [[image:bottom right]] [[photo of mountains, vegetation]] 1433A.Leigh Creek, Dwarf pines.
[[image: top left]] [[photo of trees]] 1414A.Jackson Hole [[image: top center]] [[photo of low vegetation]] 1415A.Rocky slope with Festuca confusa. [[image: top right]] [[photo of trees]] 1416A.Jackson Hole, Heracleum at right. [[image: center right]] [[photo of road, cabins]] 1417A.Jackson Hole, ranger station. [[image: bottom left}} [[photo of forest]] 1419A.Jackson Hole, ranger station. [[image: bottom right]] [[photo of forest]] 1418A.Jackson Hole, ranger station.
[[image: top left]] [[photo of mountains]] 1420A.Tetons, Jackson Hole. [[image: top center]] [[photo of forest, mountain]] 1423A.Jenny Lake, Jackson Hole. [[image: top right]] [[photo of chair]] 1425A.Jenny Lake, Jackson Hole, chairs of elk antlers. [[image: center left]] [[photo of lake]] 1421A.Jenny Lake, Jackson Hole. [[image: bottom left]] [[photo of forest,lake]] 1422A.Jenny Lake, Jackson Hole. [[image: bottom right]] [[photo of cabin porch]] 1424A.Jenny Lake, chairs of elk antlers.
[[image: top left]] [[photo of cabin]] 1402A.West Fork of Black Fork Ranger Station, Uinta Mts. [[image: top center]] [[photo of low vegetation]] 1403A.Poa wheeleri in lodgepole pine woods, Uinta Mts. [[image: top left]] [[photo of trees]] 1404A.Poa wheeleri in lodgepole pine woods, Uinta Mts. [[image: center left]] [[photo of open plain]] 1405A.Near the top of Mt. Tokewanna, Uinta Mts. [[image: bottom left]] [[photo of horizon, mountains]] 1406A.View from top of Mt. Tokewanna. [[image: bottom right]] [[photo of horizon, mountains]] 1407A.View from top of Mt. Tokewanna.
[[image: top left]] [[photo of horizon, mountains]] 1406A.Jackson Hole, Wyom. Town of Jackson. [[image: top center]] [[photo of trees]] 1411A.Aspen wood. Jackson Hole. [[image: top right]] [[photo of low vegetation, branches]] 1413A.An uprooted tree, Jackson Hole. [[image: center left]] [[photo of mountainside]] 1409A.Jackson Hole. [[image: bottom left]] [[photo of cabin]] 1410A.Ranger Station, Uinta Mts. [[image: bottom right]] [[photo of horizon, grasslands]] 1412A.Sage brush mesa, Uinta Mts.
[[image: top left]] [[photo of mountainside]] 1443A.Medicine Bow Mts. Wyoming. [[image: top right]] [[photo of horizon, mountains]] 1444A.Medicine Bow Mts. Wyoming. [[image: center left]] [[photo of low vegetation]] 1445A.Medicine Bow Mts. Wyoming. [[image: center right]] [[photo of valley]] 1446A.Medicine Bow Mts. Wyoming. [[image: bottom left]] [[photo of valley]] 1447A.Medicine Bow Mts. Wyoming. [[image: bottom right]] [[photo of valley]] 1448A.Medicine Bow Mts. Wyoming.
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