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The Department of Botany was established in 1947 as part of a reorganization in the United States National Museum (USNM). At that time, the Division of Plants, USNM became the new Department of Botany. The Department initially consisted of Divisions of Cryptogams, Grasses, and Phanerogams. Other divisions were established at later dates and included Ferns, 1948; Woods, 1960 (abolished in 1962); Plant Anatomy, 1962 (abolished in 1990); and Palynology, 1974. Around 1991, divisions ceased to exist as administrative structures within the Department of Botany. Ellsworth Paine Killip, Curator in the Division of Plants, USNM, was appointed the first Head Curator of the Department of Botany in 1947. In 1964, the title of the administrative head of the Department was changed to Chairman. Head Curators and Chairmen of the Department of Botany have included Killip, 1947-1950; Jason Richard Swallen, 1950-1965; William Louis Stern, 1965-1967; Mason E. Hale, 1967-1970; Edward S. Ayensu, 1970-1976; Dieter C. Wasshausen, 1976-1982; Mark M. Littler, 1982-1987; Laurence E. Skog, 1987-1992; Warren Lambert Wagner, 1992-1997; and W. John Kress, 1997-. Curators and research staff of the Department of Botany since 1991 have included Pedro Acevedo-Rodriguez, Associate Curator, 1991- ; Robert B. Faden, Associate Curator, 1991- ; Maria A. Faust, Associate Curator, 1991- ; V.A. Funk, Curator, 1991- ; W. John Kress, Associate Curator, 1991- ; David B. Lellinger, Curator, 1991- ; Mark M. Littler, Senior Botanist, 1991- ; Dan H. Nicolson, Curator, 1991- ; James N. Norris, Curator, 1991- ; Joan W. Nowicke, Curator, 1991- ; Paul M. Peterson, Associate Curator, 1991- ; Harold Ernest Robinson, Curator, 1991- ; Stanwyn G. Shetler, Curator and Botanist Emeritus, 1991- ; Laurence E. Skog, Curator, 1991- ; Warren Lambert Wagner, Curator, 1991- ; Dieter C. Wasshausen, Curator, 1991- ; J.J. Wurdack, Botanist Emeritus, 1991-1998; Elizabeth A. Zimmer, Associate Curator, 1991- ; Paula T. DePriest, Associate Curator, 1992- ; Laurence J. Dorr, Associate Curator, 1992- ; and Ernani G. Menez, Curator and Botanist Emeritus, 1992-.





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