Wonderful Women Wednesday: Carolyn E. Jones

Each week, the Archives features a woman who has been a groundbreaker at the Smithsonian, past or present, in a series titled Wonderful Women Wednesday.

Carolyn E. Jones was the director of the Smithsonian’s Office of Human Resources between 1996 until her retirement in 2003. She initially joined the Institution in 1983 as a financial analyst and at various periods worked as the director of parking and as the chief financial officer for the Smithsonian’s mail order distribution division. 

Jones served as the chair of the Smithsonian Institution Women’s Council between 1985 and 1987. 

Jones earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration and management from the University of Maryland and a master’s degree in finance from Southeastern University. 

Portrait of Jones. She is wearing a formal white jacket with black accents on the collar, buttons, a

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