Thanks for your Help!: Women’s History Month Summary

Throughout the month of March, the Smithsonian Institution Archives posted about interesting women from our collections in honor of Women’s History Month. Last month we asked for your help in identifying a new group of women we added to the Flickr Commons in honor of Women’s History Month. Well, you did that and then some!

While there are still quite a few mystery folks remaining in our “unidentified” set (which you can still help us ID, even after Women’s history month!), you did help us identify the mystery profession of one female scientist in that bunch, and many of you completed some detailed research on lesser known women uploaded to our “Science Service” set and cross-posted to our “Women in Science” set during March.

A few of your nifty finds? Kinsey Institute for Sex Research translation staff: Henry Remak; Mrs. Leser (who translated German Some of you provided obituaries (a sad, but helpful way to learn more about individuals’ lives and their careers); added our images to Wikipedia to flesh out entries there; and provided contemporary images of some of the individuals in our Science Service set. Flickr User OrangeCats provides a contemporary photo and background info on the late Henry Remak, pi Others got very specific. For example, Marisa Bourgoin helped us discover that Marian G. Hogan (sp.) was actually Marion Geraldine Hogan Ingram, the president of Weather Services, Inc. in Boston, Massachusetts (not Wealter Services as we’d thought before from the difficult-to-read photo inscription). Though I haven’t been able to find out much more about Hogan, it seems as though she might be a 1946 MIT alum, and was a private meteorologist. Marion Geraldine Hogan Ingram (1919-1995), by Bradford Bachrach, Black and white photographic print, And Brenda Anderson completed detailed family tree research and fleshed out great bio detail on a handful of our images (like this one and this one). Brenda Anderson provides detailed family tree history for psychologist Helen M. Hierholzer on the Fl


(left to right): Sidonie Matsner Gruenberg (1881-1974) and Bird Stein Gans (1868-1944), by Unidentif And finally, a special shout-out to Penny Richards, our Flickr friend and scholar extraordinaire. Her contributions over the last month are too numerous to count, but here are a few highlights:

Penny Richards discovers a book inscription from Sidonie Gruenberg to Bird Stein Gans, both of whom

Handwritten note.

Penny Richards' upcycled purse featuring an image of (left to right): Sidonie Matsner Gruenberg (188 To Penny, Brenda, Marisa, and everyone else—thank you! Your contributions make every day a wonderful discovery on the Flickr Commons.  I’ve learned so much from you over the past month about the incredible women and men in our Science Service collection, and I’ve been inspired to do my own research. Everyone at the Archives looks forward to continued collaboration, and in fact, we’ll be asking you about what we can do to make your Smithsonian Flickr Commons experience more exciting and rewarding. Stay tuned for more.

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