Solving the unsolved

Himantura signifier (Stingray), 2002, by Sandra J. Raredon, Digital Radiograph, National Museum of N

The Smithsonian is hosting an online conference about problem-solving which will look at how we are working on solving some of our most complicated issues, from stereotypes to biodiversity. Although we can't promise to solve your specific problems, a host of historians, researchers and other experts will be available online to share how they disentangle some of the challenges in their field. Some click! photography changes everything stories and videos will be featured, including Edwin Schupman (National Museum of the American Indian) who looks at the ways photography changes how cultural groups are represented and Giovanni Fazio (Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory) who examines how photography changes what we can see in the universe.

To register for the Problem-Solving with Smithsonian Experts conference which takes place on April 13-14 and April 28-29, 2010, visit this website.

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