Poetry in Pictures

The Winter Wonderland set we uploaded to the Flickr Commons is inspiring digital art, crafts, and now, free word association.  It is always a wonderful surprise when someone “riffs” on an image (see this inspired history free image association in the Flickr Commons fan group). A little while ago, I stumbled on a secret message attached to this microscopic image of a snowflake captured by Wilson A. “Snowflake” Bentley:

Snowflake Study, by Wilson A. Bentley, 1890, Smithsonian Institution Archives, Image ID# RU 31 Box 1

Flickr member, “Miquelet,” posted a passage from French writer,  Maxence Fermine’s,  novel, Neige (Snow).

"La neige est un poème. Un poème qui tombe des nuages en flocons blancs et légers. " (Translation: "Snow is a poem; a poem that falls from clouds in light, white flakes.")

It is a wistful, beautiful image to think of as the white flakes are showing up around the world. Cheers to riffs!

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