Link Love: 9/9/2011

Guard house and cell-block, la Central, Coiba Island, Panama, 1956.

  • Among the many photos in the Archives' collections are images from the Panamanian island, Coiba, where former Smithsonian Secretary Alexander Wetmore, conducted ornithological research. We've featured some of these images on the blog before, and I always wondered about their captions, which mentioned that Coiba was a penal colony. The history is now revealed: over at the Field Book Project blog is a history of Coiba, its penal colony, and some of Wetmore's scientific research there.
  • From the Internet Archive, the archaeology of a hard drive, and their adventures in attempting to remove data from a Cray-1 computer--a very old machine (I've definitely never heard of it!), and one of the most difficult computers to find still functioning today.
  • And speaking of old, obsolete stuff: the very interesting Museum of Obsolete Objects [via Swissmiss]. So useful to help explain mix tapes, for example, to future children!
  • The Library of Congress answers the question, what is digital preservation (an oft-asked question at the Archives as well!) in a helpful blog post, as well as this handy-dandy video:


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