Link Love: 8/27/2010

The Mona Lisa, between 1503 and 1505, by Leonardo da Vinci, Oil on poplar, The Louvre Museum.

  • Have you ever been in an exhibit (or reading the newspaper, or a book . . .) and wondered what was happening across the world at a given date in history? The British Museum tackles that question with a series of interactive world timelines [via Scout Report].
  • Hey mobile phone users: the Chandra X-Ray Observatory run by the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory needs your help! Take their "Aesthetics and Astronomy" mobile survey, which aims to understand and improve how best they can best present their gorgeous astronomical imagery to the public.
  • Check out this Smithsonian Magazine video, which details the continuing archival and art preservation work the Smithsonian is involved with in earthquake-devastated Haiti:

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