Link Love: 8/20/2010

South Beach, Miami, Florida, 2004, Courtesy of the TypArchive:

  • Brian May's collection of stereoscopic photographs will rock you. May, who is better known for his role in Queen as a guitarist and songwriter, is an academic and recently published a book about the work of Thomas Richard Williams (1825-1871) [via the Huffington Post].

A Gossip by the Way, c. 1850s, by T.R. Williams, stereoscopic photograph.

  • Lots of anxiety about too much information lately . . . A new(ish) report estimates that the information universe will increase by a factor of 44, and claims that this kind of information overload can lead to poor decision making, and thus, economic problems [via resourceshelf]...
  • "Magellans of the Sky": the National Archives' YouTube channel has a new "Inside the Vault" series, including this short on the group of US Army airmen that set out to be the first people to fly around the globe:

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