Puma Cub, 1905, Smithsonian Institution Archives, Acc. 14-167, Image no. NZP-0210/

Link Love: 8/30/2019

Link Love: a weekly post with links to interesting videos and stories about archival issues, technology and culture, and Washington D.C. and American history.

DCist has published a guide to this weekend’s Library of Congress National Book Festival. [via DCist]

The DC History Center has reopened! [via infoDOCKET]

A blog post from the University of Florida Architecture Archives focuses on an underappreciated document genre: the napkin! [via UF Libraries]

Perspective of the Smithsonian Institution Building's Northeast Tower

The Washington Post profiles two public historians whose walking tours discuss the legacy of Charlottesville’s Confederate monuments. [via NCPH]

Education Week features a summer school program for history teachers that foregrounds Native perspectives in archival collections. [via Amy Katzel]

Archaeologists in British Columbia recently uncovered a shell in a thousand-year-old trash heap that could affect modern-day fisheries policy. [via Smithsonian]

Puma Cub, 1905, Smithsonian Institution Archives, SIA Acc. 14-167 [NZP-0210].

...And here is another archaeological find from waste, this time from puma feces! [via Ars Technica]

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