Owls "Increase" and "Diffusion" in the Castle Tower, 1977, by Michael Johnson. Smithsonian Institution Archives, Record Unit 371, Image no. 96-929.

Link Love: 8/07/2020

Link Love: a weekly post with links to interesting videos and stories about archival issues, technology and culture, and Washington D.C. and American history.

Catch up on the events of the Society of American Archivists annual meeting, held this week in the virtual realm. [via Society of American Archivists]

Celebrate International Owl Awareness Day with owl recordings and illustrations from the British Library! [via British Library]

Owls "Increase" and "Diffusion" in the Castle Tower

Experts on Vincent Van Gogh and trees have discovered the spot depicted in his last painting. [via Hyperallergic]

Fold an origami lotus for the Rubin Museum of Art—and explore the rest of Met curator Andrea Bayer’s virtual museum picks. [via NYCgo]

A new podcast on emergency preparedness explores the Boston Public Library’s pandemic response. [via Institute of Museum and Library Services]

Smithsonian postdoctoral fellow Kelly Speer presents the case for parasites. [via Smithsonian Voices]

The We Here Community School shares the syllabus from its first course, “Just What is Critical Race Theory and What's it Doing in LIS?”. [via Libraries We Here

This fox has a lot of shoes. [via BBC]

Ann Miller Posing with Her Shoes

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