Link Love: 5/28/2010

    Untitled (In the Movie House Watching Haunting of Hill House), ca. 1950, Weegee, Gelatin silver prin
  • Weegee on news photography: “I will walk many times with friends down the street and they'll say, ‘Hey, Weegee. Here's a drunk or two drunks laying on the gutter.’ I take one quick look at that and say ‘They lack character.’ So, even a drunk must be a masterpiece!” (and while you’re at it, go check out Carol Squiers’ click! story that features his photography).
  • A new way to track down all the squinty-eyed, taken-by-surprise, unflattering pics of yourself on the Internet. TinEye, a “reverse image search engine” allows you to upload an undesirable example and then uses layered comparison to find photos of you that you don’t want around. [via Effie Kapsalis, SPI]
  • A bibliography that covers everything you ever wanted to know about digital curation and preservation. [via Ten Thousand Year Blog]

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