Lonnie Bunch presents site info at NMAAHC town hall meeting, 16 November 2005, by Donald E. Hurlbert. Smithsonian Institution Archives, Acc. 11-009, Image no. 2005-34486

Link Love: 5/31/2019

Link Love: a weekly post with links to interesting videos and stories about archival issues, technology and culture, and Washington D.C. and American history.

An animal behaviorist found the fossilized remains of a fifty million-year-old school of fish—while on vacation in a dinosaur museum! [via New York Times]

Smithsonian Magazine profiles the U.S. National Tick Collection, currently housed at Georgia Southern University. [via Smithsonian]

The Washington Post discusses the historic implications of Lonnie Bunch's upcoming Secretaryship. [via Washington Post]

Bunch Presents Site Info at NMAAHC Town Hall Meeting

The National Museum of Natural History’s new fossil hall will open Saturday, June 8! [via Washington Post

Paleontology Laboratory, USNM, by Unknown, 1926, Smithsonian Archives - History Div, MNH-4886B.

American Libraries Magazine explores the advantages of library-in-laundromat initiatives. [via American Libraries]

Diana Marsh, Caitlin Haynes, and Gina Rappaport review the ethical challenges surrounding access to Native archival materials at the National Anthropological Archives. [via Society of American Archivists]

Watch as the UK’s National Gallery tours a 17th-century self-portrait in women’s prisons. [via Future of Museums]

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