Link Love: 3/5/2010

  • Appalshop, Inc. Photo Survey Project, Date unknown, by  Shelby Lee Adams, Gelatin silver print, Smit Being from Appalachia myself, one of my favorite photographers (who alternately delights and shocks me) is Shelby Lee Adams. He is featured in this month’s issue of Smithsonian Magazine. See some of his photos in SI collections.
  • What does it mean to “curate”? Is the term so ubiquitous now that it’s meaningless? Of course, we don’t think so, but it’s interesting to hear the debate, which was kindled back in 2009 at the NY Times, discussed at Museum Audience Insight, and more recently at eyecurious and  edward_ winkleman.
  • The muse-ings blog looks into what are most likely the first photographs taken during actual combat, taken by a one Captain James Peters during the 1885 North-West Resistance in Canada (Fenton and Brady took photographs of the aftermath of war).
  • In light of the new fad of Chatroulette, play photo roulette with the iPhone app PhotoZen, which allows you to swap a photo with a complete stranger, and see what you get in return. [via Susannah Wells, SPI]
  • More privacy issues emerge with Google Street View: the EU has insisted that Google delete Street View pictures after 6 months.
  • I feel as though I would be remiss if I didn't mention the ongoing debate about what constitutes plagiarism and the work of David Burdeny and Sze Tsung Leong at Conscientious and muse-ings.
  • Temple Grandin, who was diagnosed with autism as a child, talks about “visual thinking” and "thinking in pictures” in her inspiring TED talk. [via Toxico Cultura]

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