Link Love: 3/4/2011


Uncle Beazley being unloaded at the Smithsonian’s Office of Exhibits Central model shop,

  • The National Museum of the American Indian's blog has lots of advice to share on researching your Native American roots, as well as links to more general genealogical resources on the web.
  • A “minibar for the mind.” A new shop in London offers, among other things, sessions with a “bibliotherapist” who listens to your literary history and prescribes titles to fill the holes in your knowledge.
  • An exciting new Smithsonian website for photo and animal lovers: Smithsonian Wild documents hundreds of thousands of camera trap images from around the world.
  • What websites do students want to save for future generations? The Library of Congress and the Internet Archive are asking just that question with their K12 Web Archiving Program [via What’s New at the Internet Archive]:

K12 Web Archiving Program Students, Courtesy of the Library of Congress and the Internet Archive, from the Internet Archive.

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