Link Love: 3/25/2011

"EXIT" sign in the Smithsonian Institution Building (i.e. "The Castle Building"), by Adam Gerard, Cr

  • We agree, Adam! The Smithsonian “Castle” takes the cake for vintage details. Via @voteprime on Twitter: “I am fascinated by this EXIT sign I saw at the Smithsonian ‘castle’: I especially love the curly ‘T’ and ‘E’.”
  • The letters archivists find . . . In found correspondence, former Museum of Fine Arts Boston curator calls out artist John Singer Sargent: “Sargent – Museum will take no nonsense from you  Robinson” Why so terse? An MFA archivist’s sleuthing explains all.
  • Mike Edson, the Smithsonian’s Director of Web and New Media Strategy, apparently has the incurable Smithsonian-itus disease and needs your help! Hear more about his affliction below, and then learn more about how you can lend a hand to Mike, and your web and new media/museum/library/archive/etc. colleagues, on the Ignite Smithsonian wiki:

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