Link Love: 11/4/2016

Pieces of a plate, circa 1818-1830.

The remnants of 20th century New York City, now digitized by the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission. [via Slate Vault]

How, exactly, does the Museum of Modern Art clean the dust off a Picasso painting? [via The New York Times]

President Obama was the first President to login as @POTUS. How the White House and the National Archives plan to archive the administration’s multi-platform social media footprint. [via The White House]

1999 NTT DOCOMO emoji and the 2016 iOS emoji

OMG! The original set of emojis--developed for cell phones in 1999--have been added to the Museum of Modern Art Collection! *heart-eyes-emoji* [via Medium]

The symbolism behind a fall favorite--apple bobbing! [via NPR]

Read while you enjoy that leftover Halloween candy: the story of the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. [via Atlas Obscura]

Over 100 years ago, former President Theodore Roosevelt went on an expedition to Africa with the Smithsonian. The lion he shot is about to go back on display at the National Museum of Natural History. [via The Washington Post

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