Link Love: 11/11/2016

Thomas Downing, Center Grid, circa 1960.

The CIA’s abstract art collection are accessible to the public for the first time [via Hyperallergic]

Leave your complaint at the Tate’s new “Complaints Department” installation by the Guerrilla Girls. [via spiked]

A student project at a Georgia high school has been recording a disappearing Appalachian culture for the past 50 years. [via NPR]

Eek! Is the plague still alive in musty 14th-century tomes? Excuse us while we wash our hands…[via The New York Times]

Grace Coolidge and Rebecca, her pet raccoon.

Inside the collections of the now-defunct Presidential Pet Museum. [via Atlas Obscura]

The Carnegie Museum’s collection of preserved species (many of which are now extinct) plans to open to the public. [via the Tribune-Review]

A look at some out-of-this world Space Age designed 1960s record players. [via The Vinyl Factory]

Defense Department personnel are assisting the National Archives in transferring hundreds of millions of records to what will be the Obama Presidential LIbrary in Chicago. Check out photos of their progress. [via NARA Flickr]

Presidential Materials Move 2016

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