Link Love: 10/15/10

  • Noras Conservation Bag, courtesy Nora Lockshin.

    New guest blog posts from our own over at the Smithsonian Collections blog: Sarah Stauderman on why the Smithsonian hasn’t digitized all of our collections yet, and conservator Nora Lockshin on what’s in her bag (hint: it’s not lipstick).

  • History Happens Here!: a new augmented reality project using historical photographs and Flickr from the National Archives.
  • A clothing trend I’ve noticed lately: clothing design inspired by a company’s archives. The most recent: Laura Ashley and Levi’s Jeans [via Marvin Heiferman, SIA].
  • Graffiti backwards: artist Brad Downey and professional conservator Magdalena Recova to uncover 15 years worth of graffiti on a wall in Vienna [via]:

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