Indian Elephants at National Zoological Park, 1973, by Francine Schroeder, Accession 11-009, Image No. 73-6925, Smithsonian Institution Archives

Link Love: 10/19/2018

Link Love: a weekly post with links to interesting videos and stories about archival issues, technology and culture, and Washington D.C. and American history.

The Theodore Roosevelt Papers are now digitized and available online through the Library of Congress Digital Collections. Don't try browsing all at once—there are over 450,000 images! [via Library of Congress]

Theodore Roosevelt, by Unknown, c. early 1900s, Smithsonian Archives - History Div, 2002-32244.

With the help of ground-penetrating radar, the Norwegian Institute for Cultural Research has discovered a thousand-year-old Viking ship burial near Oslo. [via National Geographic]

The National Museum of African American History and Culture will host the first ever Smithsonian African American Film Festival from 10/24 to 10/27. You can get your tickets here! [via NMAAHC]

In a letter to the New York Times, two archivists at Purdue University argue for open public access to archives. Read about the myriad ways in which the public has used Purdue's Neil Armstrong papers. [via New York Times]

The British Museum has digitized over two hundred Anglo-Saxon manuscripts dating before 1100, including some (very old) notes on (very old) cheese. [via British Museum]

Smithsonian Libraries' new exhibit, Game Change, explores historical attitudes towards conservation through rare books on elephants. [via Smithsonian Libraries Unbound]

Indian Elephants at National Zoological Park

Nearly two million digitized books for users with print disabilities are now available through the Internet Archive. [via Internet Archive Blogs]

You can appreciate the intricate carvings of food artist Takehiro Kishimoto on Instagram, or be hypnotized by the video below! [via Colossal]


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