Common wombat, 1910. Smithsonian Institution Archives, Acc. 14-167, Image no. NZP-0354.

Link Love: 02/12/2021

Link Love: a weekly post with links to interesting videos and stories about archival issues, technology and culture, and Washington D.C. and American history.

National Museum of American History curator Frank Blazich Jr. discusses the museum’s “rapid response collecting” in the aftermath of January 6. [via Smithsonian Voices]

Listen to an instrument that is fancy, old, and French: a conch from 18,000 years ago! [via Smithsonian Magazine]

Common Wombat, 1910, Smithsonian Institution Archives, SIA Acc. 14-167 [NZP-0354].

Gizmodo offers a close look (but not too close) at wombats’ dicey poop. [via Gizmodo]

The Atlantic explores efforts of the 19th and 21st centuries to collect and preserve archival materials reflecting Black history. [via the Atlantic]

Impressive flex: the Beinecke Library plans to digitize and digitally publish the Frederick Douglass and Douglass Family Papers before the month is up! [via Yale Daily News]

The National Museum of African American Music has opened in Nashville, TN! [via AP News]

Check out a mesmerizing visualization of an actual bird migration. [via American Bird Conservancy]



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