It's #followanarchives day!

Hi folks. While we here at the Smithsonian Institution Archives (don't yet) have a Twitter account, we wanted to give a shout-out to fellow archives around the world today, November 12th, which is officially the first #followanarchives day.

Inspired by the wild success of #followamuseum day back in February 2010, archives colleagues in Denmark and the Netherlands decided that archives deserved a day in the sun as well. Thus, #followanarchives day was born.  All participating archives are listed @followanarchives on Twitter, and I'm encouraging our fans to pick a new archive or two that looks interesting to follow on Twitter today. Spread the word on Twitter by using the #followanarchives hashtag, and tell your friends and colleagues how archives inspire you, what interesting find you've made in an archive recently, or your favorite archive in the world. Also, consider following Archives of American Art, the only Smithsonian archive on Twitter:

As the #followanarchives team put it, "If more people follow an archive more people will get involved in their own history, in the history of their ancestors, in the history of their town, their country, in the history of the world and mankind!"

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