I'm Falling for You

A love story found in the Archives.

Florence E. Meier at work at the Radiation Biology Laboratory in the basement of the Smithsonian Cas

You may not think to look to archives for love stories, but there is indeed romance found amongst the diaries, letters, and other assorted collections. Whether it's an anonymous poem sent to the Smithsonian's first Secretary's daughter, Mary Henry (rumored to be from this handsome crew), or the tale of botanist Dr. Florence E. Meier (1902-1978) who worked in the Radiation Biology Laboratory. The day she came to work at the Smithsonian's Castle in 1937 promised to be like any other day, except it wasn't. I won't reveal the ending, but encourage you to listen to the Smithsonian Historian, Pam Henson, describe Meier's fateful day.

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