Flickr Commons: Summertime Set from the Field Book Project

Reminiscing of summers past always conjures sensations of sticky, ice-creamed fingers; sweet lemonade; tangled hair from wild somersaults; and scents of backyard barbeques and freshly-cut grass.

Continuing on that summery theme, the Field Book Project has contributed a set of images to the Flickr Commons, the André Goeldi Field Notes Collection. This set contains a variety of botanical specimens, primarily grasses, photographed by Brazilian botanist, André Goeldi.

Unidentified botanical specimen

More about these images can be read in the Field Book Project’s blog post, André Goeldi Flickr Set: The Journey from 1920 to 2012.

Although many of the featured specimens in this set are unidentified, several active members of the Flickr Commons’ community have already begun offering potential indentifications!

Flickr users comment on a possible identification of the plant pictured above.

We’re currently working with the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History, Department of Botany to further identify these specimens. Please check back soon, as new information develops.

This summer, while tending to your gardens, before pulling those pesky grasses from the ground (like our Flickr friend Mark in NOVA), I encourage you to take a closer look. They’re really quite beautiful. 

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