Everything you wanted to know about digitizing your photo album, but were afraid to ask!

Photograph album of travel through Indonesia, 1930, by Alexander Archipenko, Alexander Archipenko pa

Welcome to Throwback Thursday!  This holiday season, I hope to inspire you to take a trip down memory lane to the land of erstwhile and bygone days of the family photo album.  What better time to pull these one of a kind treasures off the shelves than during the family festivities!  Recently over the Thanksgiving holiday, I rediscovered my own family’s quasi-prehistoric, long-forgotten photo albums.  As I flipped through the pages looking at photos of my mom, tan and beautiful on a beach somewhere before I was born, or at my younger sisters giggling at birthday parties, and awkward middle school outfits and family photos, I thought what a great gift it would be to share this album with my siblings. If only my parents had used a digital camera- then I could just click and share! So simple, right?

And yet, even though with the ability to share my digital photos so easily, they are scattered throughout the internet, on computers, phones, flash drives, and attached in emails.  Not to mention the preservation issues with digital images. Perhaps this is why it is refreshing to view these unique hand held albums of carefully chosen and collected photographs that tell a story in a cohesive pattern.

Walt Kuhn's photograph album of famous paintings, 1913, Walt Kuhn, Kuhn family papers, and Armory Sh

So, this holiday season, if you too have the urge to dust off those family photo albums and share them digitally with your loved ones, then this post is for you!  Or better yet, digitize them, and then create a physical copy to give as a holiday gift, just like the original.  You could even supplement the facsimile with your new digital photos to add to the legacy!  To help you, my colleagues and I have assembled some useful tips on how to digitize your family/travel photo album or family book (or even your grandmother’s handwritten cookbook) and make a physical facsimile:

Walt Kuhn photograph album, Nova Scotia, 1912, Walt Kuhn, Kuhn family papers, and Armory Show recor

Happy holidays and happy digitizing!

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