Avington, the author's dog, in her favorite co-worker spot.

And They Called it Puppy Love <3

In honor of National Dog Day, let's take a look at the furry friends from the Archives' staff.

Pupper, doggy, hound, bowwow, beastie, pooch. No matter what we call dogs, they have always been our best friends. In honor of writing the third National Dog Day post, let’s take a look at the pooches from the Archives' staff (both past and present). Some of these doggos are home helping Archives' staff while we continue working remotely. Can we get an all around "Goooooood Pupper!" for all the dogs keeping a close eye and wet nose on the staff? And maybe throw in an extra treat for all the four-legged friends hard work!

Stella is digital archivist Lynda Schmitz Fuhrig’s Australian Cattle Dog (aka Red Heeler) and is a great work-at-home companion.

Kadi was reference archivist Ellen Alers' greyhound. Kadi was the best girl!

Lady (named after Lady from Lady and the Tramp) was web developer Andrew Whitesell's childood dog. She was a lab-beagle mix, and also a good girl.

Sasha is administrative officer RoseMaria Estevez's best co-worker and tiny fluff ball. What a good girl!

Soloman is RoseMaria Estevez's other best co-worker. He gives great hugs and is such a good boy!

Bentley is reference archivist Deborah Shapiro's goddog. He's the best boy....even if he gets anxious sometimes. Three cheers for Bentley!

Takata was digital media coordinator Kira Sobers' first and only doggo. Kira is more of a cat person today, but this doggo deserves a 10/10 for cuteness.

Avington is the author's yorkie. She goes by Avi and likes to use this photo as her official headshot. However, she does not realize she isn't the boss of the house.

Finally, Avington and the author enjoying some safe R&R. Avi and the author love to coordinate outfits.


These images are all from personal collections. They are not available for reproduction or publications.

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