click! photography changes everything: FINAL CALL FOR ENTRY

    * Encouraging Curiosity for Man and Animal, Photograph courtesy of Zac Henderson.

About a year ago, we asked you to reflect on the ways photography has changed your life. We heard from Ellen Hyatt, an English teacher in South Carolina, who uses photographs to inspire her student’s creative writing projects. Reya Mellicker, a body worker and photographer in Washington D.C., told us how photography opens new worlds for her, while Dwight Pinkley, a U.S. Foreign Service Officer in Switzerland, told us how photography grounds him more firmly in this world.  Zac Henderson, a student in Georgia, told us a lovely tale of how his camera bridged the language gap between human and dolphin. Greg Graham, a writing composition teacher in Arkansas, told us how a snapshot of him and his four siblings mirrored his family’s dynamics. Bob Rogers, a photographer and writer, told us how his father used photographs to create new family histories.

Found Objects and Robert, Photograph courtesy of Bob Rogers.

Whether personal or philosophical, fictional or truthful, or somewhere in between, we hope to hear from you during the final click! call for entry which ends December 31st.

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