Check Out New National Air and Space Museum Photos

AIR TRANSPORT, AIRLINES, USA., 1950s, by Rudy Arnold, National Air and Space Museum, Archives Divisi

As my colleague Effie mentioned back in April, the Smithsonian has been working hard to provide the public with a way to search across the Smithsonian’s diverse digital collections. New photographs are being added to this search engine, the Smithsonian Institution Collections Search Center, all the time.

Most recently, some of the National Air and Space Museum’s collections were added, and you can now search and browse through over 300 of their photographs here.

The photos, as shown in a slideshow sampling below, reflect the broad interests of NASM. I found some gems when I searched through, including photos of kids horsing around on a crop dusting helicopter (note the “Danger” and “Keep Away” warnings); an early rocket bomb; a happy family living it up in first class seats with an enviable amount of leg room; and two stunt flyers who set a women's refueling endurance record all while advertising Outdoor Girl cosmetics!

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