Case Closed on Bird Stein Gans

In a post by Smithsonian Institution archivist Tammy Peters, she challenged us to help her identify a few of the women in the women scientists group we posted on the Flickr Commons. We received some great leads, including one from Flickr user Carolyn, aka 'vintage pix'. To correctly identify social scientist Bird Stein Gans (SI Archives had identified as Mrs. Howard S. Gaus based on some handwriting on the photo), Carolyn overlaid a passport application photo from The National Archives with the Smithsonian portrait to see how their faces compare.

U.S. Passport Applications 1795-1925 (Film Series #M1490, Roll 2419, Certificate #367137), signed 24
Bird Stein Gans (1868-1944), Smithsonian Institution Archives


Bird Stein Gans overlaid on Mrs. Howard S. Gaus, by Flickr User vintagepix Although not pretty, I'm impressed by her photoshop detective work! And thanks to Carolyn, "The Case of the Mis-identified Mrs. Howard S. Gaus" is closed.

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