Autumn in the SI Collections

Nehemiah Hubbard Homestead, fall leaves on the mossy terrace, Middletown, Connecticut, by Elizabeth

It’s October already and the beginning of full-fledged fall in D.C.
Autumn is . . .

Great Basin National Park, Nevada, by Len Jenshel, 1987, American Art Museum and its Renwick Gallery

Crisp skies and fog—the air just starts to look cold, no?

Branch of Leaves of Mercurialis perennis, by William Henry Fox Talbot, 1839, National Museum of Amer

The beauty of changing leaves and their pleasant wet smell in the air.

Evolution of the Sickle and the Flailâ€

Harvest time, marking the end of the growing season . . .

Our County Fair contest on Iowa corn, W. H. Martin, ca. 1910s, Gift of Charles Isaacs and Carol Nigr

. . . and the beginning of Fall festival season (featuring giant corn wagons??).

Portrait of Thomas Smillie, by Unidentified photographer, 1900, National Museum of American History,

“Spirits” in photographs . . .

Crab Nebula: The Spirit of Halloween Lives on as a Dead Star Creates Celestial Havoc, by Chandra X-r

. . . and in the sky.

Short-Tailed Bat, Jessie Cohen, November 1, 1979, National Zoo.

Spooky things (or cute things, depending on your outlook)— like bats (!) . . .

First Aid to Autumn Beauty! [Print advertising.] McCalls. 1942, by Procter & Gamble Company, Smithso. . . and eerily smooth skin.

Kermit, by Kenneth McGowan, 1979, American Art Museum and its Renwick Gallery, Smithsonian American

Pumpkins, and masks, and of course . . .

Childrens Halloween party / 12th St. YMCA, ca. 1940s?, Scurlock Studio Records (Washington, D.C.),

. . . Halloween parties (complete with cowgirls, clowns, and colonists)!

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