The Archives Contributes to a new Website on the Burgess Shale

Charles Doolittle Walcott Excavating Burgess Shale

The Royal Ontario Museum and Parks Canada have created a beautiful new website about the Burgess Shale, a paleontological site located in Yoho National Park, which is part of the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks World Heritage Site. The area is of particular importance to the Archives, because paleontologist and former Smithsonian Secretary Charles Doolittle Walcott was noted for his discovery of the Burgess Shale fossils in Canada in the early twentieth century. In addition to holding many of the papers of Walcott, the Archives also has some of the beautiful images Walcott took of the Burgess Shale, some of which were included in the new website.

Read more about the Archives' contributions to this new website at our sister blog at the Field Book Project. 


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