6 Questions Answered at the Archives

A couple of months ago, the Smithsonian launched a national advertising campaign to highlight the “Seriously Amazing” research, discoveries, and stories across the Smithsonian’s museums, research centers, libraries, archives, and the National Zoo. Brightly colored billboards posed quirky questions whose answers can be found at the Smithsonian. Answers to some of the questions can be found hidden in the collections of the Archives.  

See what you know and if you get stuck, search in the collections for clues!

1.  Which Smithsonian museum also served as a bachelor pad for rowdy young scientists?

Smithsonian Explorers, The Megatherium Club

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2.  What would my great-grandfather have seen at the Smithsonian in 1855 when it first opened?

Apparatus Room in the Smithsonian Institution Building, 1857

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3.  What did Alexander Graham Bell know about the dead body in the Smithsonian Castle?

Tomb of James Smithson in Italy

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4.  What is one secret the Smithsonian might never uncover?

Exterior View of Castle

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5.  What real-life monster mystery was solved at the Smithsonian?

The body measures 18 feet in length by 10 feet in breadth…"

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6.  What cutting-edge 19th Century military intelligence technology did the Smithsonian help pioneer?

Thaddeus Lowe's Balloon Ascent

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