2010 Top Ten

As I wrap up my first year with the Smithsonian Institution Archives, I’d like to take a moment to pay homage to some of my favorite images. While the title “Photograph Archivist” might suggest I spend a lot of time looking at pictures, the truth of the matter is that I spend a lot of time manipulating and creating data that will make these pictures discoverable and accessible over time. A lot of this process involves scale and the application of global metadata, detecting and exploiting patterns in metadata, and establishing and implementing standards. Have I lost you yet? I do get to see some pretty amazing images though, and would like to afford those with more than a mental note. The following slide show of images simply contains things that make me happy, for no other reason than that I find them visually pleasing. I look forward to collecting many more favorites in the new year and sharing with you the rich visual history of the Smithsonian Institution and its vast collections.

10 ten image slideshow.

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