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Dust jacket
From the dust jacket.

The main goal of the Joseph Henry Papers Project is to publish a selected edition of Henry's papers. Thus far the project has completed ten volumes of The Papers of Joseph Henry. Vols. 1-5 were edited by Nathan Reingold et al., 1972-1985; vols. 6-10 were edited by Marc Rothenberg et al., 1992-2004. For information on ordering the volumes, please see the home page of our publisher, Science History Publications.

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Click on facsimile of Henry letter
Facsimile, Henry to parents.

For selected transcriptions and facsimiles, see the "Sample Documents" section. This section marks the first time Henry documents have been available in an electronic medium.

In another effort to make Henry documents more widely available to the public, the Joseph Henry Papers Project joined the Model Editions Partnership, which is sponsored by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission and the University of South Carolina. The partnership is exploring how best to create electronic editions that meet the standards scholars have come to expect from printed editions. In November 2000, fifty-one Henry documents from volume 7 of The Papers of Joseph Henry became available on the Model Editions Partnership web site.

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