Greetings from the Smithsonian

Freer Gallery of Art

Assorted postcards of the Freer Gallery of Art show it not long after it opened in 1923. It was the first Smithsonian museum for fine arts. The building was designed by Charles A. Platt in the Italian-Renaissance-style with a central courtyard enclosed by interior corridors and gallery spaces. Grass, as seen in the middle postcard below, replaced the brick paving of the museum's courtyard in 1928, in an effort to cool the galleries in the days before air conditioning.      freer1x.jpg - 20986 Bytes
c. 1928
freer2x.jpg - 21813 Bytes
c. 1923-1930
     freer3x.jpg - 17276 Bytes
c. 1928
     freer4x.jpg - 21103 Bytes
c. 1990s

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