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Various postcards of exhibitions and objects at the Smithsonian museums over the years, including the First Ladies Gowns, the first Teddy Bear, and airplanes from the National Air and Space Museum. These exhibits were in the Arts and Industries Building (A&I), the National Museum of Natural History (NMNH), the National Museum of American History (NMAH), and the National Air and Space Museum (NASM).      exhibits1x.jpg - 22327 Bytes
Dinosaur Hall, NMNH, 1930s
exhibits3x.jpg - 22840 Bytes
Hansom Cab, 1900,
in A&I, c. 1940s
     exhibits2x.jpg - 20232 Bytes
Virginia Indians &
Capt. John Smith, NMNH, c. 1955
exhibits4x.jpg - 22434 Bytes
Dinosaur Hall, NMNH, 1990s
exhibits11x.jpg - 21486 Bytes
Dress of Martha Washington,
First Ladies Collection, c.1930-1944
exhibits10x.jpg - 23807 Bytes
Dress of Sarah Childress Polk
First Ladies Collection, c.1930-1944
exhibits9x.jpg - 21557 Bytes
Dress of Mary Todd Lincoln
First Ladies Collection, c.1930-1944
exhibits14x.jpg - 18040 Bytes
First Ladies Hall, NMAH, 1990s
     exhibits8x.jpg - 20271 Bytes
Spirit of St. Louis, in A&I, 1930s
     exhibits15x.jpg - 26274 Bytes
Spirit of St. Louis, in NASM, 1990s
exhibits5x.jpg - 21412 Bytes
Hughes H-1 Racer in
NASM, late 1970s
     exhibits12x.jpg - 18535 Bytes
Arrow Makers Exhibit in
NMNH, c. 1955
     exhibits7x.jpg - 24549 Bytes
The Colonial Room,
NMNH, c. 1930-1944
exhibits6x.jpg - 28100 Bytes
Slater Spinning Frame, 1790,
in NMAH, c. 1969
exhibits13x.jpg - 17167 Bytes
First Teddy Bear,
in NMAH, c. 1990s
     exhibits16x.jpg - 18802 Bytes
1401 Pacific-Type Locomotive, 1926,
in NMAH, c. 1990s

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